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So a couple of years ago went out and bought some goodnights I wore them for about a straight week and noticed that I had wet a couple times without knowing it and it took awhile to stop that without my folks finding out.

So I was just wondering Has anyone else ever accidently lost bladder control before?

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When I was wearing 24/7 for a while, I noticed I had quite a few close calls when I stopped.

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I actually just tried hypnotism today via mp3 recording. I was shocked how well it worked on me, actually. It was super relaxing. And I actually was in a different mental place, like I was an actual baby and someone that means a lot to me was taking care of me.

When it got to the part saying, “you will pee your pants despite the consequences,” I felt my body relaxing and trying to pee (and I’ve never been able to wet laying down.), but my bladder was empty. And when I was in the aware but regressed state (I’ve also never regressed before) they leave you in, I only crawled around, I thought I couldn’t walk, and raced to dig my Paci out and almost cried for it. I also, without trying to, started to mess myself, which I did not want to do since my housemates would smell that quickly. I had to consciously stop that, which brought me out of the regressed state.

TL:DR: I can’t believe how well it worked, but I was exhausted and I only did stuff I wanted/was okay with.

Sorry if that jacked the post topic. I just saw the hypnosis part and wanted to share

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Where did you get the recordings? I wouldn’t mind trying hypnotism sometime.

I remember there is/was a site years ago that had some ABDL hypnotism recordings, but I can’t remember the address of the site for the life of me.

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Yep, that’s the site I was thinking of. Thanks.