Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

Salvage Lucky 2
Steve……STEVE! Came the shout over the 1MC (first main, inner ships wide, com).

“Uh … Steve here”, came the sleep reply.

“Get suited up! You’re needed in the airlock in 15”.

Steve throws his pillow at the com in protest but quickly got up and dressed. Steve was part of a small crew on board the Salvage star vessel Lucky two. No one knows what happened to Lucky one but the word back at outpost zada 6 was that it had autopilot problems and flew into an asteroid belt and was destroyed.

“Morning Becky”, Steve said as he walked into the airlock. “What’s the Captain got for me today, love of my life”.

Beck was beautiful and no nonsense woman that had no time for small half-pints that were too big for their britches, Becky would say. “Funny pip-squeak”, Becky shot back at Steve. True Steve was small. Everyone miss took him for a kid but that’s how he kept out of trouble. They were always looking for an adult so Steve got away with a lot.

It did lead to some embarrassing times, like the one time at largest mail in the universe, Steve was held in the child’s lost and found, because of some trouble he had started in the food court, until Becky came and got him out. He was so embarrassed he could have died. He was put into one of those child leases for their remaining time at the mail as a condition for his release to Becky and she made the most of it calling Steve baby and feeding him lunch while he was sitting on one of those food court highchairs. Well needless to say, Steve knew better then to push his luck with Becky. She, after all, was his life line should anything go wrong while working in space.

“We’re on a small noon in sector 13”, Becky said. “Scanners have picked up a large craft and the captain wants you to check it out”.

“Any signs of life”, Steve asked?

“No and the markings aren’t like anything we’ve seen before so be careful”, Becky said in a motherly tone.

Steve replied with a smile, “always my love” as he stepped into the outer airlock and put on his helmet. Becky always talks to me like I’m her kid, Steve thought. He smiled one of these days I’m going to respond; Yes mother. The captain had already put Becky in charge, because Steve like to play around and couldn’t seem to act his age, as she put it.

Oh, did I mention Steve was the only male on the ship as well as the youngest by a good 10 years. You see the captain Cristina was from a plant where the women were great warriors and strong leaders. She has short sandy colored hair and an air of strength and confidence that makes you want to fallow her lead. The Engineer Sue was top of her class at the academy but was discharged because of a mishap on a star destroyer, that her jealous supervisor caused to keep her from getting his job. She has short red hair and the temper that seems to go with the color red, if you know what I mean. The Operation officer, who you already met, Becky. She is a knockout bomb shell of a blond that seemed to be able to quite a room just by walking into it. Well that leaves me, Steve. I am just an inch under three feet tall. I have a problem taking anything serious as no one seems to take me for anything other than a little kid.

Well the ladies said they needed a kid for entertainment value. You know to keep everyone from getting bored. I think they just like having someone they can push around as I am small. I don’t even come up to Sue’s waste and she the shortest of the ladies. All of them can take me with little trouble. I cannot count the number of time I was spanked because I said; “No way, I’m not doing that!” Well that’s always the wrong thing to say! Needless to say I would always end up doing what I was told, how-be-it, with a sore bottom. Most of the time I was being sent to bed after doing something stupid or saying something I shouldn’t have.

You know I always feel like I am a little kid living with Mom and two older sisters. I am always out numbered. Don’t get me wrong I have it made. All my meals are fixed for me. Someone does my laundry. I do have to clean my room and it gets inspected from time to time to make sure I am doing a good job and not sneaking food into my room. I guess you could say I am treated like I act! And let’s face it, I acted like a little kid.

Becky, “can you do a vitals check?” I hated this suit. It was a little kid’s suit. It has a nursery print on it. You know Pooh and the gang. Pooh is my favorite but I would never tell the ladies that. I would die if someone, outside the crew, was to see me.

“All sensors show green squirt. Now don’t take any chances. If something doesn’t look right you get your little butt out of there and back here on the double”, Becky said.

“Yes mommy”, I said with a childish whine, not knowing she had me on open mic and patched into the whole ship. I heard laughter in my headset. Then it hit me……“I …Ah….I mean Bwecky!” Too late, I was doomed. I would never live this down.

Becky shot back; “did you go potty before suiting up baby?” Ha, Hee, Ha. Laughter filled my head set again.

I didn’t answer.

“Stevie”, Becky said, “If you wet that suit again, I’ll put you in diapers for a month!”

Great, I thought, I did have to go a little. Well no time to waste. “Yes mommy” I said again. “Open the outer door plwease!”

“You did forget to go before you suited up didn’t you! Outer door open”, Becky replied.

“Yes”, I said softly. I could tell by Becky’s tone she was serious.

“I knew we should make you wear a diaper when you are suited up”, Becky said.

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t say anything. Becky came back on. “OK…… Time to focus on the job little one. Take a deep breath……Relax…… That’s better. Camera on”, Becky said as she flipped the switch to record.

There was something about Becky’s voice that always calmed me down. It’s hard to explain. It had a motherly tone that seemed to make all my problems go away.

I made my way over to the ship. It was huge! I had never seen anything like it. “Hay mommy…… I uh……Becky”, I said, “are you getting this. A hatch just opened in front of me. Are you sure there’s no one home?”

“Still no signs of life”, Becky came back.

Just then Sue came on. “Hay guys I reading a small power surge. Looks like the ship is coming to life”. “Captain, Sue again, we are being scanned”.

I heard as I stepped into the hatch. Would you look at that! I had entered an elevator. The only problem was I couldn’t reach the buttons without jumping. Just then the door closed and I felt the elevator pressurize. Mommy, I said, “are you getting this?”

“Yes Steve. It breathable but hold on, keep that helmet on till you get to one of the floors.”

“Ok” I said as I felt the elevator start to move up. My heart rate jumped through the roof when Becky came back on.

“Stevie”, she said, “did you wet your suit again. I’m seeing elevated levels of moisture in your suit.”

Oh…. Great… “Yes mommy”, I said softly kicking the ground. Great…. Just great. This was the third time. Just then the doors opened and I felt myself being lifted into the air. “Hay what the”……Was all Becky heard.

“Steve……STEVE!..… Captain I have lost contact with Steve. Sensors show his heart rate up.”

“Stay there Becky”, the Captain said. “Sue, meet us in the airlock.”

With all three together the captain explained that she had received a call from the ships computer. It would seem that this ship was a rescue ship of sorts. It would take people from dying worlds. Put then in cryogenic sleep. Find new uninhabited world. Terraform these new worlds and then help the people start anew. This ship can terraform a whole planet in 7 years, Cristina said, given the planet has the right building blocks, like water and minerals.

The ship had been monitoring or com traffic and well…. Steve, as luck would have it, has been taken to the nursery by the ships computer. To the people who build this ship he is the size of a baby and we are the size of teenagers. Oh and with the banter that Steve had with Becky the ship took Steve to be her baby. Laughter again filled the airlock.

"So, you mean…."Becky tried to stop laughing.

“Yes”, replied Cristina, “he has been diapered per your orders and is being put down for a nap as we speak.”

“Oh the pour baby”, Becky laughs. “It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving kid.”

“OK…. OK”, Cristina said; trying to stop the laugher. “The computer said the ship was damage and needs us to fix it. I told the computer we would. The autopilot is flying us to a docking port. It’s more of a hangar so our ship will be inside and well protected. We will have the run of the ship. The Computer would like us to crew her. I told the Computer well talk about it and let it know.”

“Sue, I need a status report as soon as you can. Becky, after you calm down your “baby” and get him to sleep, I need you to learn the ships systems and see how the ships stores are. I would like to know what we will be eating. I’m going to review the logs and see if I can learn how to fly this ship. The computer told me we have only two weeks to get underway or a world, that needs relocating, will die. Its sun is about to go nova on them. Any questions”, Cristina asked? “No…… Then let’s get a move on it. There’s a world out there that needs saving.”

When Becky opened the door to the nursery, she heard the cries.

“Plwease no…… I not a baby”, I cried.

Becky walked over to the crib that I was in. “It’s ok baby, mommies here.”

I looked up through my tear filled eyes. “Bwecky! Help…. Plwease…… Help!”

Becky dropped the side of the crib and picked me up. She thought to herself, he seems liter and smaller then I remembered. Well she hugged me to her breast. One hand under my diaper bottom the other patting my back while she made mothering sounds to quite me downing. I sniffed then said, “I not baby…. I sobbed…. I not baby.” After a minute I quitted down.

Becky picked up the bottle of formula and a blanket from the crib. Walked over to a rocking chair and preceded to rock and nurse me. At first I struggled, but one look from Becky and I settled down and started sucking. Becky started patting me on my diapered behind and cooing at me. Tears fill my eyes as I realized this was my punishment for wetting in my suit. Oh great, I thought, not a month of this. The formula was warm and I really did like the taste but still a month! As I drained the bottle my eyes grow heavy and before I knew it I was sound asleep. Becky kept rocking and humming till she saw my eyes moving under my eye lids. I was in deep sleep and she knew it was safe to put me down.

“Computer”, Becky said, “Can you keep him in the crib and let me know when he wakes up.” “Yes Becky”; came a computerized female voice. “Thank you”, Becky said as she headed to the bridge.

I awoke not knowing where I was. As I looked around I saw bars? Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement above me. I quickly turned my head. The light was din but I could make out star and moon or planet shapes slowly moving around as in an orbit above my head just out of reach even if I was standing. What the…… Then I caught a whiff and noticed my crouch felt funny. That’s when it hit me! I’m in a crib. I went to get up but my balance was off and I fell forward hit my head on the bars to the crib. It hurt, and I started to cry out in pain. Just then the lights came on as the door opened. It was Becky I saw through my tears. Oh great, I thought. Just what I need now.

She walked over to the crib lower the side and sniffed the air.

“Smells like someone need their diaper changed”, she said with a grin.

That didn’t help my bawling any. I couldn’t seem to stop crying.

Becky picked me up and held me close. “It’s ok baby……its ok, mommies here” she kept repeating as she padded my back.

It worked I started too calmed down. I was only sniffling a little now. Becky laid me on the changing table and went to work. I tried to sit up but Becky had put a strap over my chest. This made me mad but when I tried to tell her I don’t need help, all that came out is; “I not baby!”

With that Becky push a pacifier into my mouth and said “It’s ok baby, mommy will get you cleaned up and after we get you diapered and dressed then it din din time”, she said in a sing song tone. I had made a big mess and it took Beck a while to get me clean.

After I was diapered, Becky asked the computer if there were any clothes that would fit me. With a simple “yes” from the computer, a draw to Becky’s left opened. I was in for it now. First she put out and put a onesie on me. It was white with a teddy bear on it.

Then she said, “well its just dinner. Let’s go like this. You look so cute”, and with that she picked me up and headed out the door.

I was in shock! I must look like a baby! I started to cry. Becky pulled me tight to her breast and patting my back, she made motherly noises at me to calm me down. As a result I didn’t see the looks on Cristina’s or Sue’s faces when Becky carried me into the dining room.

“Ah, Look at the cute little baby”, I heard. Needless to say that didn’t help me calm down. Into a high chair I went. Still not able to keep up with what was going on. It was like I was still half asleep. Becky put a bib on me. Strapped me in and then put the tray on in front of me. I looked up with a questioning look….“I not baby”, I cried mostly muffled because of the pacifier.

Becky just stroked my hair and said with a smile, “its ok baby… its dinner time”.

Cristina said, “Becky, while you feed him let get the status reports meeting over with. Sue what do you have?”

“The main drive is going to take a week at best to fix. I was able to get the life support systems up to 100%. Auxiliary drive is back on line so after we complete the haul repairs we could get under way. That could buy us an extra day or two should repairs to the main drive take longer then I think.”

“Good, thanks Sue, Becky?”

Becky was just about to push another spoon full of something green into my mouth. With her attention now on her report more of it missed my mouth then got in. “This ship has a food synthesizer. We can have whatever we want. It looks like the builder of this ship ate what we do. The computer can control about 90% of the ships systems but requires someone to start the terraforming. It must be a safety check to make sure there is no life on the planet. Com systems are good. The computer is changing everything over into our language. That should make it much easier for us to interact with the ship.”

Becky had stop feeding me during her report and well I was hunger so I let out a squeal to get her attention. “Oh sorry baby”, Becky said as she went back to feeding me. I felt a little embarrassed when the Captain asked me if I had a good nap! I went to say yes with a mouth full of food and well, down the chin it went. I ended up just shaking my head yes as Becky tried to recover as much as she could and get it back into my mouth.

"Well then{, said Cristina “I have looked at the logs and our last crew stayed on the last world. They we getting old and sent the ship on to the next world that needed to be saved in hopes of finding a new crew there. The computer recorded that it was attacked by pirates. The ship was able to get away but not before it had been damaged. So we all need to decide! Do we crew her or just get her back on her feet and let the next world provide a crew. It would seem these world pay very well to be rescued. I need you all to think on that and let me know in the morning. Keep in mind we will need a bigger crew if we stay. On the plus side, this ship is equipped so we could have families on board if we wanted.”

“Well enough about that. Let’s eat!” Becky quickly finished feeding me then started to eat her dinner. I sat there, trying to figure out why I had let her feed me like that? It’s not like I had a choice! I looked over at Becky and heard myself say, or should I say whine, “I thwersty!”

Becky looked over at me and said “sorry baby here you go.”

She held out a baby bottle full of formula. I had a dumfounded look on my face. What, she cannot be serious I though. Becky saw my hesitation. She put down the bottle. Picked me up out of the high chair and put me on her lap. “No….pwease….No” I cried. But before I could stop her, Becky had me lying back against her arm and the nipple in my mouth. I found myself nursing for the second time with tears in my eyes. How could this happen to me? I’m not a baby I keep thinking as I slowly drained the bottle.

Once Becky was done eating, she sat back and started to tickle me while making baby sounds at me. I tried not to laugh but it was no use. I am very ticklish and she knows right where to touch. After I finished my bottle, Becky held me up to her breast with my head just above her shoulder. She had one hand under my diapered bottom and was patting my back with the other one. I was just about to ask what she was doing when a big burp erupted out of me! I was so embarrassed that I wet my diaper without even noticing it. How could this be happening to me! I need to stop this before it goes any farther! Becky got two more small burps out of me before she stopped.

Setting me back on her lap she took a finger to see if I was wet. It was then that I noticed I was.

“Well, well”, said Becky, :It looks like we have a baby that needs to be changed."

Cristina and Sue start to laugh.

All I could do is start balling. “I not baby….Mommy….I not baby!” Becky laid me back on one arm and started to rock me while patting my bottom and making motherly noises to calm me down. I couldn’t figure out what was going on! I was a young man. I tried to say something but no sooner than I had opened my mouth then Becky pushed my pacifier into it. It was like someone had taken all the energy out of me. I felt helpless!

"Computer,’ Becky said.

“Yes Becky”; came the now familiar female computer voice.

“Why does Steve seem smaller to me?” Both Sue and Christina look up from their meals at Becky.

“No change could be made to the baby”, said the computer. “I have corrected the defects in your DNA.”

“All of us” Christina asked?

“Yes all of you”; replied the computer.

“What effects will that have on us”, asked Sue.

“Each of you are now bigger and stronger except for the baby. I have extended your lives by 10 fold. Ten years are now the same as one of your old years. The life span is the same for the baby but I could not correct for his height defect. He will be as he is”, said the computer. “The attempt to correct his DNA has caused a few problems. It may be three or four years before he will be able to talk fully and be potty trained again.”

Laugher fill the dining room as I started to cry, hearing I would be short was bad enough but hearing I would be a baby for three or four years…….Well that was just too much.

Becky started running her hand through my hair and cooing at me. “Its ok baby, I love you! You are still my little lover boy”, she said, trying to calm me down. “I will take care of you”, she said with a smile. “It’s ok baby…….It’s ok”.

“Computer where are our quarters”, Sue asked.

“They are by the nursery”; replied the computer. “The Captains is deck two, room 4a. It is equipped a direct turbo lift to the bridge. Sue your room is deck two, room 8c. It has a turbo lift that takes you to engineering. Becky you room is deck two, room 7. It is connected to the nursery. I am reconfiguring the wet nurse robots that will help with taking care of the baby.”

Great I thought. The first time I saw it, it looked like a bat or something when it pulled me out of the elevator and took me into the nursery. I was half scared out of my mind.

“Well” Christina said, “I think we should all turn in. We have a full day tomorrow and the baby needs his sleep.”

Laughter filled the room again as I felt Becky stand up. She did look bigger to me too. How could this be happening? It must be a dream! A really bad dream, I thought to myself.

Back in the nursery Becky gave me a bath. I kept trying to help but I could seem to control my arms and legs. I could have died, when she was done cleaning me and started playing with me and a little yellow duck, because I peed, yes that’s right I peed in the bath and couldn’t stop it. Becky laughed and picked me up out of the tub and started to dry me off.

Next came the getting me ready for bed. Becky had to give me a few swats on the rear to get me to hold still. I was so embarrassed that my hands and feet seemed to be moving on their own. Well finally I was diapered and in my baby blue footy sleeper. Becky clipped the pacifier to my sleeper so it would get lost and then put in a playpen and told me I could play for an hour before it was bed time.

There I was, sitting in a playpen trying to get a handle on what had happened to me when, before I could even stop myself, I had picked up a ring of plastic keys and was putting them in my mouth. What am I doing? I thought, but I could stop. It was like my body was in control not my mind! As I gummed the keys and part of my hand and fingers, I noticed I didn’t feel any teeth! How could this be? I had a full set of teeth! I brushed them three to five times a day! They were white and perfect, but now gone!

Just as I was getting my mind around my lack of teeth, Becky came back in and said, “it’s time to brush your teeth and get you down for the night little one”.

With that Beck picked me up and off to the bath room we went. As Beck knows that I kept my teeth clean and she wanted to make sure that they were done right for me. Well needed less to say it didn’t take long for her to see my lack of teeth.

“Computer”, Becky said, “what happened to Stevie’s teeth?”

“In trying you correct his DNA it was necessary to rejuvenate him back to a baby. His mind is still intact but his body is that of an infant”, said the now all too familiar female voice.

“Oh, I see” said Becky. “Do you have a bottle ready for him?”

“Yes” relied the computer. “It’s in the warmer by the crib.”

Well before I could get my head around all that was said, I found myself, once again, nursing while sitting on Becky’s lap. The last thing I remembered was mommy rocking and singing to me as I drifted off to sleep.

Well the next few day were ruff days for me as I was having a hard time coming to terms with what I was, too what I am now. Yep, a baby! My mind was there but that was it. I was completely dependent on Becky for everything! Soon I started to get into a routine. Becky was great. She did everything she could to make me feel loved and cared for. I had lost all ability to speak. If I wanted or needed anything, all I could do is cry. Soon Becky was able to tell what I needed just by the sound of my cry’s. I started to enjoy her touch and wanted to be held more and more. It was like I had become addicted to being held and putting things in my mouth and sucking. In short, I was becoming a baby again and there was nothing I could do to stop it!

Soon, Sue had the haul repairs done and we were off and headed for the first planet we would save. Well not me, as I could do nothing but eat, sleep and mess myself. Great I thought, we get our big shot and all I can do is fuss and cry.

The attention I was getting was nice. It didn’t take me long to get all three of the ladies wrapped around my little finger. All I had to do was cry and one of them would run to make it all better. I could really learn to like this I thought.

“Captain”, Sue here.

“Go ahead Sue”.

“We are ready to give the main drive its first test run”.

“Good Sue, I would like to get to Griffith (the world that needed saving) early if at all possible. I will let you know when we are ready on the bridge, Christina out.”

Well the tests went great and we made it to Griffith 3 days early. They were all set and we started to load everything we could. The ship was big but not big enough to hold everything so some hard choices had to be made. In the end we had everyone on board and settled in for the long sleep till we had their new home up and ready for them to live in.

The hard part in all this was to find the right planet. The computer who we started calling Ailca (Artificial Intelligent Learning Computer Agro-industrial ship) has given us 14 worlds that look promising. All within 18 light years of their now doomed home world. It would take us 2 years to find the right planet and another 7 years to terraform it. The last year we would spend helping them build new cities and planting crops. In the end it was 10 years but true to Ailca word we had only aged the equivalent of one year.

With the new world complete, it was time for us to repair the ship and find additional crew to help with the work, but that’s another store.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

Please fix the spacing and punctuation. Walls of text make peoples’ eyes bleed. Dialogue needs quotation marks, and a change in speakers should create a new paragraph.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

I’m going to be honest: I’m not reading this until the paragraphs are fixed. I know for a fact that a lot of people here will do the same. It’s not the worst wall of text I’ve seen here but it’s still unreadable.

Does the title mean this is a round robin story?

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

This. Emphatically.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

You are not ee cummings. Use proper punctuation, especially how to use quotation marks and where to insert line breaks. I like sci-fi, but will not review until basic writing skills are implemented.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

re: the line breaks. Based on where they are in the post itself I’m betting we’ve got a Word 2007 or later user here that copy and pasted into the WYSIWYG editor and failed to notice the line breaks don’t match up because of how the more recent versions of Word create a visual separation of paragraphs that doesn’t actually exist.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

Thank you all for your help. Keep letting me know what I need to do to make this right. I know I am not a good writer but I really want to learn how to write.

I still need to figure out the “Quote” thing. Sorry for my not pasting this right on my first try. I should have looked at it closer before I hit save.

Please let me know if I have any spelling errors as I am one of the worst spellers out here. I have to use spell check for everything and still I get it wrong.

I hope some of you will pick this story up and keep it going. I tried to write the mall part of the story out but even I couldn’t understand it or even figure out where I was going. What you see here is almost three month of work and I still think it stinks. I just hope it sparks a good story out there.

Thanks again and keep letting me know what I need to do to make this right.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

You listened to the advice and went back to add in spaces and paragraph breaks. That’s a good attitude to have. :slight_smile:

People point out the problems so that you can realize it’s a problem/mistake, correct it and learn from it. That’s all part of learning how to write.

If you really want to learn how to write, you’ve come to the right board. People here give candid feedback. The only way to improve writing skills is, like any other skill, to practice. That means to keep on writing. Even if something isn’t your best work. There’s no magic pill to instantly improve skills. Time and effort, one step word a time.

My advice:

  1. First of all, learn formatting. This is a basic, before you even worry about quality of writing.
    example: Character speech is in quotation marks. Other posters have already commented on this.
    An example of this: Susie said, “Hello Joe”
  2. Mechanics aside, planning out your story before hand helps. Fill out a story map. It doesn’t have to be detailed or elaborate. Something as brief as: 1.characters 2. setting 3. problem 4. solution. Where does the story start? Where does it end up? The plot is the journey from point A to point B.
  3. Read books and articles on writing. This doesn’t have to cost money. There are many, many, many free websites full of writing advice. Go explore and learn. If you learn better from actual books, hit up your local library if available. If you’ve got money, then hit up the bookstore.

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

a Really good why to improve your writing skills is to read and, take notes on 2 books. first is The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. granted it is a book mostly concerned with the archetype of mythology writing, but is has a great overviews of all the main points to writing a story. the second is your basic grammar spelling and creative writing guide book.

also take your time, take your time, take your time
hope it helps

Re: Lucky 2 This is my first story. Please fill free to add to it

Thank you for the help. I am going to the library to see about getting the books. It will take me a long time to go through them as reading is not my strong suit. I have dyslexia so I have to take my time and focus or the words just seem to disappear. It just took me three minuets to find how to spell disappear. Spell check didn’t help me:-(. I just hope this turns out to be something that helps me overall. It is way to embarrassing to read in public.
Well I tried to but in Quote makes. Please let me know if I got any wrong. Thanks again for the help!