Made To Be Broken

“Now now, thats enough of that” Bill said. “Do you want me to get your teddy bear and pacifier again? Right here in public?”

Michael sniffed and shook his head. “No.”

The two stood outside a tall, multi leveled glass building. Both of the pair wore dark suits and blue ties which were nearly identical and which most of the people milling around the building wore. However, Michael’s jacket was shorter and his pants were looser, though not lose enough to hide a thick bulge around his waste. Finally, in a more subtle difference many didn’t notice, Michael’s tie was a slightly lighter pastel shade of blue. Bill, a black haired man and the taller of the two, leaned over the shorter brunette and pointed up at the one of the levels.

“Now, you march right back up there and apologize for your behavior! You say you are sorry, tell them I spanked you for it, and say you’ll behave from now on.”

“But I don’t want to tell them that!” Michael said, balling his fists and shuffling from foot to foot. "They’ll laugh at me again. "

Bill sighed. “I told you, they are only doing that because they think its cute.”

“They’re mean to me!”

“They aren’t mean to you, they are teasing you. I also told you that you need to stop whining or the testing board will fail you in that area as well. Do you want to have to suck a pacifier and carry a teddybear everywhere you go?”

“That’s not fair!”

“Michael, that is whining too. We already have them now for ‘emergencies’, but one more slip up and it will be a permanent part of your wardrobe. Sound fun?”

Michael looked down. “No…”

“Good. Now, same goes for running like that. You ran right out during traffic. If they reported that, you could find yourself being led by a leash and harness everywhere you go, or even tied in a stroller. Fun?”


“Good. Now, if you go up on your own, it will look far better then if I take you. Do you think you can manage, or do I need to hold your hand?”

Bill looked down into the wide, blue eyes of his ward, and tried to keep his face still. The fact that he could never tell Michael was a huge, and growing part of him wanted Michael to say yes.

He remembered back long before when Michael was first demoted. He was still in diapers at age 26, which was odd enough, but not so much that Bill cared. They were plain white, he was only wetting and still able to change them himself, and he was testing his way out. Then there was the accident in the cafe, with Michael unprepared and unable to take care of it himself… his emotional outbreak, crying in public… and in a few weeks he was in printed diapers, expected to mess and to ask for a change, with a pacifier on hand to keep him quiet if he began to cry. Bill was stunned at first. He never expected to have to be changing diapers of his adult boyfriend. It was a burden he was willing to do for someone he cared about, but a burden non the less.

However… over time his feelings began to change. At first it was something in his venerability, in his need for help, that changed his feeling. He loved Michael and would help when he needed, but was surprised to find that he loved the act of helping him as well. Every time he saw Michael blushing and squirming as he was led by the hand for a diaper change, Bill had to hold himself back from smiling and kissing him. Once he got used to seeing Micheal’s printed diapers and pacifiers, he began to see them as cute as well, and though he would never tell Michael, he looked forward to the chances he could help Michael out of his work clothes and see him blushing in his underwear. Even the punishments he was now required to give added to the feeling, holding the boy over his lap and admiring the adorable prints of his diaper or growing red of his backside was a guilty pleasure. He steeled himself from it, and only did what was required, doing everything he could to avoid abusing his power and humiliating Michael- he could never forgive himself if he did. He even tried to hide the slight smiles that crept up during some of his duties, and the adoring laughter he would give each time he dressed or cuddled him. He couldn’t imagine what he’d say if he heard what Bill thought of it all.

And now, he stared into Micheal’s eyes and had to do the same. They both knew what would happen if Bill had to led Micheal back up to his office. It would show lack of discipline, lack of emotional control, acting up… strikes in multiple categories. Micheal could require a leash or even a stroller, as he said, and the level of punishments Bill could give would undoubtedly go up. He was already borderline to requiring a pacifier at full times, along with several other signs of emotional immaturity, all of which would humiliate Micheal. At the same time, the thought of Micheal blushing and asking for help, scared of what might happen and of getting lost, and of leading him by the hand, comforting him the entire and rubbing his head, helping him through his apology… then later, the same thing, but instead having him tied close by, pacifier in his mouth and cuddling a teddy bear, with so much more of his well being up to him… it was a tantalizing thought.

He shook his head. He could never do that to Micheal. He was still staring up at Bill, considering what to do, and truthfully, BIll hoped he’d be strong enough. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his head.

Note: This story is in the world I used in “Tested.” You don’t need to read that to understand this one, just know that is effectively a dystopia where people are continuously tested on their life skills and abilities, then demoted or promoted based on the results. Failing means being given restrictions along kink lines. Progress with life skills is also kept slower, so people are often kept in diapers into their 20s, basically having to go through levels of thinner and thinner diapers, or regressed into thicker and thicker. This couple, Bill and Micheal, are established as having to be in what amounts to a sub/dom relationship because of Micheal’s behavior. Link is here:Tested - #32 by ABAlex )

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Micheal stared up at Bill and wondered how far he could push it.

Bill was right that he was grumpy, but he had the reason all wrong. Bill seemed to think he was upset he’d been spanked, in reality he was upset Bill had stopped at 15. Running away from his office should have at least been 30, and the entire business of taking him off the main road for some privacy was something he’d have gladly avoided. Whats the use of being in adorable printed diapers if you don’t get to show them off publicly once in a while, all while pretending you can’t stand being seen but are being forced on the lap of your big, strong caretaker? Aside from using them and being changed that is, and a longer spanking would have given him the chance to do just that, then act surprised as Bill publicly declared him messy. Then a humiliating change in a public bathroom, followed by being dragged by the hand up for an apology which, with any luck, would land him on a leash and pacifier gagged this time next week. Whats a guy gotta to earn a REAL spanking? Or a REAL punishment of any kind? Hit him? He could never do that, but leather dress shoes and thick plastic diapers were a hard combo to run away in, and he wished Bill would be more strict. Perhaps if he tried crying? Like really, loudly screaming and crying, none of this ‘tears welled up’ thing that normally happened when he was embarrassed or spanked. That was sure to earn SOMETHING, but he wasn’t sure if he could do it convincingly enough. He noticed he cried more easily during spankings now, or when people teased him, which was a start.

Part of him felt guilty about all this. Everything was within the law, but it wasn’t exactly what the law was meant for. When it all started back at that cafe, he hated it, and he hated being a burden on Micheal. However, over time he learned to love being taken care of, and the strong, stern voice of his boyfriend made him feel warm inside. It was a comforting feeling knowing he’d always be taken care of, and an exciting one knowing Bill had so much power over him. He even began to love the look of it all- himself, standing head and shoulder’s shorter then Bill, clutching his hand with a pacifier in his mouth and diaper on display as his boyfriend opened the back of his underwear and pronounced his sentence- and loved it when it happened in front of the mirror. He loved waking up in the morning and waiting for Bill to come with his fresh diaper so he could see what cute prints were on it that day. In public they were more discrete and pants were required, and he wished that could change so more people could see. He did everything he could to restrain himself though. It was one thing to enjoy something that was required by law anyway, another to try to exploit it. Worse still, he’d be exploiting Bill, something he could never do. He acted up in ways that kept him in place or made small changed. He really didn’t think carrying around a pacifier was that big an issue, but, say, having to spoon feed him would be, so he wouldn’t go down that road. Still, f Bill found out how much he enjoyed all this… he shuddered at the thought.

Right now Bill was waiting for an answer. He bit his lip. He might be able to go up himself of course. He knew the way and generally knew the proper apologies. However, he would be embarrassed and perhaps a bit scared, and he found he had become more emotional since he became reliant on his boyfriend and legitimately less able to handle himself, but he knew the way. Holding his hand would help.

More importantly, what would happen if he did? He already decided the pacifier wasn’t that big of a hassle for a caretaker, the leash a big more… Immediately he fought back a shudder as the thought of being led around on a leash filled him with excitement. He tried his best to hide the feeling and keep his face in a confused pout. Was there a slight hint of surprise in Bill’s eyes? What did he notice? If it was there, it was gone a second later.

“Micheal? You have to tell me sweetie.”

Another restrained shudder. That word, ‘sweetie.’ In a way so sweet and normal, and at the same time, it could carry a note of adoration and even a bit of condensation. Not out of place when speaking to a boyfriend, but also not out of place when speaking to a child. His excitement doubled.

“Well? What do you want cutie pie.”

This time he did shudder. Everything else left his mind, he couldn’t help himself. “Yes, please help me,” he said. He prayed he’d find himself in a wet diaper by the time they reached the top floor.

The pair walked through grey lined hallways past groups of people walking by in similar dark colored suits and skirts. A few stopped to look at the strange sight, a pair of men, both holding hands, one of them clearly clutching on for emotional support, but those who knew them understood and moved on.

Bill reached down and rubbed Michael’s hand. He reached toward his head, then stopped. Michael looked up at him sadly.

It was a few more levels to the office, Bill had decided to walk rather then take the elevator, and the stairs were spread out with the staggered levels. Bill spent the extra time looking down at his sniffling ward, smiling and looking away when he looked up.

They turned a corner toward the office, and Michael pulled away. Bill pulled him back, and Micheal pulled again.

“Michael are you trying to earn a spanking?”

“No!” Michael shook his head. He had the same expression he did when denying he forgot to do chores around their house. Bill eyed him.

“Alright then. I don’t think we have time to give you a good spanking now anyway.”

“Aww C…”

“What was that?”


Bill maintained a pokerface to keep from sighing. He knew Michael had been about to swear but had kept it in, which had spared him the trouble of needing to punish him. He tried to contain the part of himself that was disappointed. He imagined having to pull Michael to the side, watching him squirm, see him bent over… He shook his head. It wasn’t fair to find such things fun, it just needed to be done. Really he wanted Michael to be happy. After punishments, he always cuddled him closed and stroked his head… No, he shook his head again.

They walked a bit further. Bill lead them on a long path, and was walking slowly. He held onto his hand tightly but didn’t feel any more pulling. That made him glad. He hated the feeling that he was tugging him toward something he didn’t want to do. It wasn’t fair to him to be so harsh.

“Are your diapers dry?” he asked. He kept his voice quiet. He didn’t want to embarrass him by asking out loud, but also didn’t want someone else to end up finding out, which would be far worse. He couldn’t imagine how Michael would feel being checked in the hall where someone could walk by at any moment.

“Ummm…” Michael bit his lip and didn’t respond.

“Well? You should be able to tell me. Do I have to check you here in the halls?” He tried not to sound like he was scolding.

“I uhh… don’t know.”

Bill stopped walking and turned toward him. “Why not?”

It took a moment for him to respond. “I uhhh… I got nervous. I was scared when you were spanking me, not sure.”

Bill thought for a moment. He hoped to find some excuse to check Michael. He couldn’t just do it on a whim, that would be pointlessly cruel, but there was no shame in enjoying it if he had to. He imagined pulling his pants down to see the adorable printed diapers. However, he had been right over Michael’s rear during the spanking and got a good feel for it then, and he’d have noticed if he wet. “Well you were definitely clean then, so I guess if that is the last time you were scared you’re probably clean, and I can’t blame you for that.” He felt angry at himself. If he was spanking Michael enough to make him wet himself, he was doing to far.

“Tsk…” Michael began then stooped.

“What were you saying? And did you roll your eyes?”

“No!” Michael shook his head.

“Why do you seem scared all of a sudden? What are you hiding?”

“Nothing,” Michael said. They kept walking.

" LAAAAMMMME " he thought. What does he mean no diaper check? This was a perfect opportunity- someone could walk by and see at any time. Then he’d blush and look embarrassed, and Bill would talk soothingly to him. He even said he didn’t know and might have lost control. How more helpless could he seem?

It also wasn’t technically a lie. Technically. Michael was 99% sure he was dry. But, TECHNICALLY, it could have happened that he was distracted by the spanking and lost control. He didn’t want to lie to make Bill do something he clearly didn’t enjoy for no reason, so he had searched his mind for a reason not to be sure, and that was the best he could come up with. Of course, even then Bill didn’t want to do it. He must really hate doing it.

This walk was not nearly as fun as he imagined it. He hated to use Bill without his knowledge. It was obvious Bill hated punishing him, so he did try to keep out of trouble. Well, sort of his best. He tried his best to try his best, but too often the thought of Bill taking him in his strong arms, throwing him over his lap or a table somewhere, pulling down his pants… he tried to hide his emotions. Better still was the after care, when he stroked him and cuddled him. He really thought the tugging would do it. Again, it wasn’t exactly that he was acting up just to get punished. He really didn’t want to go, after all. And when that didn’t work, he thought for sure swearing, which was at least kind of a natural reaction, would do it.

What would a fair punishment for swearing be? Of course he’d have to suckle his pacifier after the punishment, and if he kept doing it he’d probably get straps added to tie the pacifier in place. Long term goals. But for the punishment itself, a spanking would be fun. Corner time to calm down? No, probably not unless he was shouting. He had heard of having soap forced into mouths to ‘rinse out the naughty words’, and he played with the idea in his head. Would probably taste awful, and he wasn’t sure if it would be fun or not. Certainly embarrassing enough, which was a plus.

Where had he seen that? He blushed at the thought. It was those stories he had been reading. Bill didn’t know, but he had been looking up stories, most of which he was sure were fake, of couples in relationships just like his. They were so much fun! All written by kinksters who really knew how to treat the ‘babies’. He smiled at the word, then tried to force his face still. “Daddy’s” and “diaper boys,” ‘littles,’ babies,’ or a dozen other terms. He’d love to be called them. The daddies in those stories wouldn’t have given some wimpy spanking, they spanked until their charges were bawling and kicking, then gave a few more for good measure. There would have been non of this passive “don’t pull my hand”, the first instance would have been a punishment and scolding, the second, a leash as the ‘daddy’ dragged him, whimpering, whining, and helpless, right up to where he belonged. He wouldn’t have had the chance to swear, he’d have already have been told ‘grown ups are speaking’, gagged with his pacifier, left to speak only when spoken too. Oh, and the best part- those daddies wouldn’t have waited as he paused and hummed and hahed over whether his diapers or wet, the first sign of being unsure would earn him a very public check. Any arguing would end with his pants and belt permanently over his shoulder, and the diaper he tried to hide visible for all.

He knew he shouldn’t be looking at stuff like that given his status, but it was only a few stories. And a few pictures, and a few vidoes… Bill didn’t have to know.

"Michael, why are you blushing?

“Um…” Michael said. Thinking quickly, he looked down at his diaper. He would have kicked himself, that was too manipulative.

Bill folded his arms. “Michael. Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

“No…” He looked down.

“Alright, thats it. Diaper check time.”

Now this was more like it. Authoritative, in charge, and treating him as he deserved. Michael could barely contain his glee, it was even in a public hallway.

Bill looked around. “There must be somewhere private.”

“Crap” he thought. “I mean… we’re going to be late. If you think we don’t have the time and you really have to just do it here, even if people see…”

Bill paused, then shook his head. “No, I couldn’t do that to you. I don’t want to embarrass you sweetie.”

“Oh wow how nice of you thanks.” Micheal gritted his teeth. Bloody goodie two shoes. He loved Bill, he just was so nice, but sometimes…

Bill’s heart was racing. He felt he was being to cruel, and knew he needed to be kinder to Michael. Sometimes, the thrill of it just took him away. Saying he needed to check him out loud was too far. He hated acting so authoritative toward him, like he was in charge. Michael didn’t deserve that.

He remembered a few days ago reviewing Michael’s internet search history. Michael didn’t know it, but being his caretaker had given him the right, and duty, to monitor his activity online. What he found scared him. All those stories of abusive, controlling caretakers… It was obvious Michael was worried he’d take it too far. He’d even begun to look up examples of abuse, presumably to know if anything they did qualified. Worse part was… he enjoyed some of the stories, and some of the pictures. So much of it seemed fun and adorable, but he couldn’t do it to his “baby”- something he could never actually use out loud. It would make him feel awful of Michael saw him that way, and he did his best to avoid acting like them. He had seen his ward blushing earlier, then seemingly trying to force a smile, and realized how difficult this situation must be.

“Come on, this way,” Bill pulled his hand, with his other, he reached down and patted Micheal’s butt hard, making a loud, plastic “thuck.” It was loud enough to get the attention of a passing man and a woman, who looked down Michael’s waist. He got angry with himself, that was too far. “Umm, sorry that was… the first check. Did it too hard.”

Michael made a sound like laughing. “Oh, its ok…”

“Ok? You aren’t upset? That’s better emotional control then usual.”

“Oh, it does make me upset. But still ok.”

Bill dragged Michael into an old janitorial closet and shut the door behind them. It was dark inside, but Bill pulled the string of a light and illuminated a room full of mops and cleaning supplies. Nothing would have been more of a thrill to just check him in the hallway and see him blush, like the ‘daddies’ in those stories, and techincally he was allowed to. However, that also would have been cruel.

“Alright sweetie, lets check that diaper. Wait, are you straining?”

“No!” Michael said, and relaxed. He had been hoping there would have been something in his diaper by this point, but it didn’t work out. Technically pushing wasn’t too bad, he’d end up getting changed eventually anyway.

“Ooookkk… Can you take your pants down so I can check your diaper?”

“Yes!” This was a good, innocent chance for Bill to “help” him. He reached down toward his belt and began to fiddle with it. It made a clicking nose, but remained in place. He fumbled.

“Can you get it?” Bill asked.

“Of course I can! I’m not a baby!” He went back to fumbling around unsuccessfully. He hoped using the word there would encourage Bill. Maybe if he said it along with some other bad words, or when throwing a tantrum.

Bill winced. There was that word. Hearing him say it almost made him want coo out loud, but he could never say it.

“I’m not saying you are! You know I’ve seen you do this before…” He continued to struggle. “Here let me…”
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He was, was he?

He was.

LOL thanks for pointing that out. It was initially “He could see he was having difficulty” but I changed the perspective of the scene and forgot to edit out that section.

“Awww but Bill!” Maybe more of a pout would help. Michael threw both his hands to his sides, giving up as his boyfriend reached down.

“Perhaps we should get you something easier to take off.”

Michael whined at the statement. That was too mean. It clearly upset him. There were plenty of outfits that fit the description, most of them horribly humiliating and childish. He had seen tons of them in ads and loved picturing Michael in them, the image was adorable to him, but he could never force him into one of them. Unless, of course, he needed it. Bill tried to think of all the things that could happen that would require them, but forced the thoughts out. Not fair to his ba… boyfriend. There was another whine as his pants were unbuclked and fell to the floor, exposing his baby blue printed diaper.

“Heheh,” Bill laughed, putting a hand to his face. He couldn’t help it.

“What?” Micheal’s heart jumped as Bill laughed. It was the sort of condescending but adoring action he loved to think about. Had he misread it?

He loved the idea of Bill making him wear embarrassing clothes. He loved watching adds with those wonderfully humiliating and childish outfits, imagining his Da… boyfriend towering over him as he wore them. He tried to think of all the things that could happen to require them, but he could never trick Bill into doing it. Not fair to him.

“I mean, I’m sorry, its just…” Bill paused to think. “I’m not laughing at you, its just some of these character’s always look… cute.”

Michael smiled and looked down. “Yes, its ok. I like them too.” He gasped and looked up. “Wait what?” Did that mean what he thought it meant? He hoped so.

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Should probably be “had led” or “had to lead”.

Multiple posts: Switching between Michael and Micheal

Probably should be “going too far”.


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Bill was in panic mode. He couldn’t let Michael realize what he meant.

“Its just the characters! The characters are cute! Nothing to do with… um… you having to wear it.”


Why did he sound disappointed? Did he not beleive it? Did he see through it?

He tried to think of something that would cheer him up. “You’re clean, so uhh… thats actually a pass for today. It’ll be a plus mark on your report.”

“Aww C…”

Bill stood up quickly. “Were you just about to swear?” He was sure of it this time. Why would that be a bad thing to him?

Michael shook his head. “No why would I be upset that’s good news!”

It was the same tone he used when telling him about his online searches. Why would he lie about…

“Oh,” he said. The realization hit him like… like… " Like my hand on this naughty boy’s diapered butt," he thought, and smirked. He wasn’t reading those because he was afraid of the characters. What were those names they would call their charges?

“Oh what? I’m not upset…”

He spanked Michael hard. “Don’t lie to me, baby boy.”

He gasped. “What did you say?”

“I said little diaper boys shouldn’t lie to their daddies, or else they’ll get a spanking.”

“Why are you talking to me like… oh.”

Bill took him into his arms.


He took a pacifier out of his pocket and pressed his hand into Michael’s diaper.


They arrived in the office soon after, and Michael gave a version of a ‘formal apology’ that wouldn’t have passed in an elementary school. Nervous, stumbling over words, sarcastic in tone, accidentally insulting people, having to be continuously corrected by his caretaker… it almost seemed designed to earn him more restrictions. Perfectly designed, in fact.

Micheal woke up and stretched his arms wide. He looked around his bedroom. To his left were the high crib bars, to his right and empty space where Bill slept, and beyond it, the sun shining through his curtains. It was morning. He snuggled back into the blanket and reached under the covers, luxuriating in the soft footed pjs buttoned snugly over his, now thankfully much thicker, diaper. He had been so excited when he was finally ‘made’ to accept onesies, rompers and footed pyjamas, as part of his regular non work outfits. They were all designed to make it easier for any ‘caretaker’ to check or change him and more difficult for him to remove them without help, while identifying his status. On top of that, they were both adorable and embarrassing to see himself in. Next step was to get some with straps.

He lay back down and closed his eyes. Despite it being morning and a work day, it was far from his job to get up when he should. In fact, he could be punished for it, and it would show a level of responsibility he didn’t want people knowing he had.

“So,” Bill said, “Do you need a diaper change?”

He put on an innocent face. “Well of course I don’t know, Daddy. How could I ever tell?”

Bill held up a sheet. "If you had an accident today and can’t tell, it be the 10th time this month, so you’d set any testing back six months.

“In that case, go shower, and come back and check later,” he smiled.

Bill laughed and pulled up the crib bars on his side of the bead. It was fine if he was sleeping with someone else to keep him safe, but the laws clearly stated that whenever Michael slept alone, he needed bars to keep him from falling, all as justified by the reports Bill had written. He walked off to the shower, leaving his boyfriend smiling in the bed.

Bill returned a few minutes later. He unwrapped his towel and hung it on the door. “So do you need a change?”

Micheal was staring.


"Oh sorry Daddy I didn’t hear you.

Bill laughed. “Did you fill your pampers diaper boy?”

He rolled his eyes and forced a shocked expression. “No of course not Daddy, how could you say such a thing! I don’t even need them, I’m a big boy!”

Bill lowered the crib bars and picked Michael up into his arms. The answer became obvious as soon as he moved the blankets away and a strong, pungent smell hit his nose, but he didn’t stop there. Moving deliberately slowly, he turned him over his lap, padded behind in the air. He opened the back of Micheal’s onsie, showing his diaper, once smooth and printed with blue rabbits, now lumpy and brown stained. He sniffed it, then clamped his hand down and began to squeeze. Micheal moaned and cringed as the slimy mush was pushed into him.

“Daddy why!?” he asked.

Bill smacked his bottom twice then went back to rubbing. “Ohh! Someone had an accident! I’ll have to record that! And you couldn’t event tell and argued! Bad!” He spanked Michael hard. “Stinky little diaper boy.”

“Hey! Names are mean!” came the reply of the boy grabbing onto his dominant’s leg. “That’s not nice daddy. And I’m pretty sure you don’t need to check 10 different ways.”

“And calling me daddy certainly isn’t appropriate, diaper boy. You aren’t at that level, and someone might think that you are actually enjoying this.”

“Mhmmm. Imagine that, Daddy.”

“One more argument and you might need a spanking.”

“How much time do we have?”

Bill looked at the clock on the table beside their bed. “We have about twenty minutes before the inspector is here. If we skip your diaper change we can fit in a good spanking.”

“Ummm… the inspector isn’t coming Daddy, you’re wrong.”


“You said one more argument…”

“Oh right. Bad baby!” He spanked Michael hard, who grunted in reply. He opened a drawer in their beside table and pulled out a long, wooden paddle with holes in it.

“Oww Daddy that one hurts!”

“No more whining! You were the one who wanted a spanking.” He raised the paddle and brought it crashing down. Micheal jumped and squirmed. He continued spanking, making sure to alternate between hitting the mess in his diaper and the back of his thighs, bringing out alternating groans and whelps from his charge.

He stopped spanking, put the paddle down and began to rub the back of the diaper with his hand. “You know, it is almost a shame when we use the paddle because I don’t get to feel your pretty little bum.”

“See that’s what I think too,” Michael said.

“Too bad.” He brought the paddle up and gave one more, loud smack, causing Micheal to shout, then sat him on his lap and began bouncing.

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Micheal cringed at the combined feelings of the mess piling into him and his sore bottom being bounced. “So, this means they won’t ask if I can move up in toilet training soon?”

“Yes, it should. We need to be careful though baby boy. A few more arguments over this and you’ll be put to the bottom level. You know, like that girl we saw in the nursery we passed, Jessica or something?”


“That would remove some of your other rights as well. Congrats stinky butt, you’ll now be near permanently at the lowest level of diapers possible without without actually being declared a baby. You can say you’re the biggest potty pants around.”

“Well I don’t think I’d ever say that out loud!”

He gave Michael a spank. “Say it now.”

Micheal rolled his eyes. “Fine. I’m a stinky butt and the biggest potty pants around.”

“Good boy,” Bill kissed him then placed him on the ground.

They both stood, Micheal in his arms and clinging to his shoulders, kissing for a moment. Bill lead him by the hand down their stair well and into their kitchen. The kitchen looked like any other, with plain white walls, cabinets and a black stove, with one difference: A large, adult sized high chair beside their table. This is where Bill lead Micheal. He lifted him up and sat him down with a loud squish.

“Now you sit there stinky boy so I can finally breath while I make breakfast.” He handed him a stuffed bear,

“Har harm” Micheal said. “Say, Do you ever wonder if what we are doing is wrong?” He leanded back casually and played with the stuffed bear.

“What do you mean? The law is pretty clear, and this is all within it.”

“I mean like…” he tried to search his mind for the words, but couldn’t come up with them. “The law is there, but this isn’t what its meant for. Like, is it possible to be wrong, even if its legal?”

Bill paused. “No, I see what you mean. I really don’t know, its a weird idea.” He took eggs out of the fridge and cracked them into a pan.

“I mean, there is something beyond the law, right?” Michael asked. “Like, if we know the law is right, then we must know there is something outside the law that is right or wrong that we can use to test it, right?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve thought of that but I’m not sure.”

“Now,” Bill said. As the eggs cooked he took a back back up from beside the fridge and rifled through it. “Today you’ll need your diapers, along with your pacifier, collar, harness and leash. You can wear your suit over your diapers to work, but if you complain about the comfort of them again, you might have to wear your onsiies everywhere.”

He thought a moment, then made a scrunching face. “No, I like them being for home and fun trips. Showing up to work like that would be weird.”

“They still need to change you there.”

“Yes, but its kind of fun to pretend I can hid my diapers under my suit as you make them thicker and thicker.”

“Oh, so you noticed.” He took a diaper stuffer out of the bag. “Today I think you might need a third layer, just to be sure.”

“Oh darn,” Micheal said.

“Oh yeah. If you keep pulling on the leash deliberately, I can get you a stroller with straps on it. If you keep stumbling even as I hold you up, I can require you to crawl. Does that sound fun baby boy?”

His ‘baby boy’ shook his head. “Stroller yes. I’d rather not crawl though. Seems too inconvenient really.”

Bill nodded. “Yeah, I thought so too.” He went back to cooking the eggs. And put on bacon. He walked to the front and grabbed a newspaper that had been left.

“Here, read this while I finish.”

Micheal began reading the front page.

“Hey potty pants, remember we have the inspector coming.”

Micheal looked at him, then at the paper. He threw most of it to the ground, and kept the comics.

“Good baby.”

Micheal read for a moment. “You know,” he said, “I wish there was more variety with the comics. Like, I get that the eternal dominant empire is infinity just and right, they don’t need to emphasize it with every comic. I sometimes wish there were other points of view being show.”

Bill’s eyes opened wide. “You know, that is just the sort of talk that can get someone ball gagged, or punished for speaking.”

They both considered this for a moment. “Nahh,” they said in unison."

“Still,” Bill said, and walked over to Micheal. He took a pacifier and shoved it in Micheal’s mouth. "Honestly, you clearly need lessons in what to say and what not to say. That was a silly comment, obviously the most important topic is how infinitly just and right the eternal dominant empire is, and questioning it is ridiculous. All fun aside, this is probably why you’re in diapers and I’m not.’

Micheal pointed to his pacifier, and Bill nodded. “Yes, you’re probably right Daddy, I clearly just can’t figure these things out on my own. You should probably take note of that.” He paused, suckled the pacifier, then spoke again. "You know, i remember in college when we discussed alternate ideas. One guy was so far off he declared “I don’t know anything except that I know I don’t know anything.”

BIll laughed. “That must have been embarrassing.”

Micheal made a crooked smile. “Yes, but… I mean… Do you ever thing there is something odd with our laws? Like they are strangely fit for… for…”

“The laws seem perfectly made for fetishists?”

Micheal smiled and pointed at him. “Yes! That is it!”

“It does seem odd, doesn’t it? Its like they were written by some online creep for a bunch of other online creeps.”

“Well, I remember reading, and one of those ‘alternate ideas’ was that the entire world was created by a creepy genie trying to teach a rich girl a lesson. Honestly, it explains a lot of what we do.”

“I don’t know Micheal, that still sounds like bad talk to me. Questioning the empire? Just wrong. I know we have fun, but don’t let other’s hear it.”

“Yes sorry. As you said, there is a reason why you’re the daddy and I’m the baby.”

Bill came to his high chair with a plate of scrambled eggs. “By the way, if this happens to spill on the ground on this particular day, it will require straps to be added to your high chair to ensure you don’t knock them again. It will also give me permission to force feed you.”

The both paused and thought about that. Finally, Michael grabbed the plate and threw it on the floor. “Oh no! Look what happened!” he said.

“Bad baby! You’ll need a spanking for that later too.”

A loud ringing noise silenced their conversation. BIll put the pacifier back in Micheal’s mouth. “Remember, you’ve been trained not to speak when that is there.”

“No I haven’t!” Micheal pouted.

“The training I listed involved 15 mouth soapings. Want to actually go through with that?”

They both thought for a moment, picturing the punishment playing over and over.

“Eww no,” Micheal said.

“Yeah that is what I thought. So, no talking without pointing to your paci, and don’t call me Daddy when he can hear.”

“Awww ok.”

Bill walked to the door and opened it, letting in a tall, balding man in a suit. “Ah! Inspector Morris! Thank you for coming!”

“Yes, always glad to help,” inspector Morris said. Bill lead him toward the kitchen. "I’ve noticed the spilled eggs. I’m guessing he had another temper tantrum over healthy food. He’ll need straps added to his high chair.

“Yes, that is what I thought to. He was very bratty this morning.”

“Mnph,” Micheal grunted from behind his pacifier, and tried to look upset.

“Also, hea he seems to be reading the comics and has thrown the rest of the paper on the floor. Any comments on that, Bill?”

"Yes, he can read and understand the rest of it when I tell him too, but he is only interested in reading the comics.


“Mhmm,” the inspector said. “Lack of interest in mature topics. Still, he can understand them, so he is capable of working.”

He walked up to the high chair, then stopped and put a hand to his nose. “Oh! Did he do that just now?”

“No. He messed while he slept last night. He outright denied he had and didn’t seem to know until I pressed it into him. He then argued and complained about getting changed, so I figured sitting in his mess through breakfast would be a good lesson.”

“Mnph mnph!” Micheal grunted and glared at Bill.

The inspector raised his eyebrows. “Well its a good thing we have him in the extra thick printed diapers. That will set him back six months at least. Is he fine with his suits or is he complaining about them?”

“Oh, he is fine,” Bill said, and Micheal nodded.

“Great, then we will keep them for his work days for now. Anything else?”

They both looked at each other.

Micheal pointed to his pacifier and raised his hand. “Ummm” he said.

The inspector noted on his pad. “He raised his hand, which is good, but he said “ummm” before I said he could speak. We might need straps added to that pacifier. Yes?”

“I have a question, sir.”


“Say someone were to be caught deliberately breaking the rules because they enjoy the restrictions put on them. Is that wrong?”

The inspector reviewed his notes. "Yes, it seems you are still allowed to ask hypothetical questions, due to your high reasoning intelligence and professional ability, despite your… other traits. Yes, this has been discussed, and it has been reasoned that normal requirements still fit. If someone is immature enough to make themselves cry because they want a pacifier and a teddy bear, they probably need them. If they lack the self control to say “though I want to wear diapers, I won’t make myself have accidents just so I can wear them,” then they lack the self control to not be in diapers. If they act up because they want spankings, they are still acting up in their own way, and earned those spankings, and so on. "


“The eternal empire is truly wise in this matter,” he raised his hands in the air and looked up.

"“Right. Good! Wise empire and all that,” he raised his hands in imitation of the inspector. “That is all I asked for. Also Bill? Something smells funny, and I can’t tell what it is.”

The inspector noted the final comment. “Right, well, it is clear he needs help, but is in good hands. Than you both for your time. This is for you,” he handed Bill a booklet. “This will describe his restrictions and what to look for. Make sure he doesn’t read it or he could try manipulating the system to move up.”

He walked out. Bill gave the proper goodbye, Micheal waved wildly and shouted “bye bye!”, and he was gone.

Micheal dropped his pacifier and put it on the table of his high chair. “SO what do you think we will get?”

“With any luck, we might be close to the locking strollers and strapped gags. Next time try to take your onsie off and we can get locks for your outfits.”

“OOO good call. What does the booklet say?”

“Oh you aren’t supposed to ask that. Might need to record that and punish you for it.”


“It says you still have your professional levels but are sinking in the rest. Oh! If you keep arguing with me, I can require you to call me a “dominent name” of my choosing, and pick a “submissive name” to use for you when I act up.”

“Oh I wonder what that name might be, Daddy. Hey, what color is the sky?”


“No its green.”

“And that’s an argument. Nice work, Diaper Boy.”

They both high fived, and went back to breakfast.

(And thats the end to this one. Might do another side in this world, probably focusing on Becky and a punishment type story, we’ll see)