Making her Mine- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (Finally, I know.)
This story is rated-R, as it contains sexual references, If you don’t like it. Don’t read it.

Carl hadn’t slept much that night, especially not when he had Livy lying on his chest gently sucking on her pacifier. He had laid there all night enthralled; watching her chest slowly rise and fall, her level of calmness, her warm diaper pushing against his legs. Who could/ who would want to sleep with everything you want just laying in front of you ready to be taken? Livy stretched out on the bed, slowly becoming aware of the very wet diaper pressing between her thighs. She looked up at Carl slightly confused at the pacifier that was still resting peacefully in her mouth. Livy decided not to question it; Carl was watching her, patiently waiting for her reaction. And when she snuggled closer and continued sucking on the pacifier, she noticed how happy Carl was and how much love could see in his eyes. She would miss those eyes when he left.

Carl wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer; “good morning my baby girl, you were so restless last night, but after I gave you that pacifier you slept so peacefully last night. I guess it helped you calm down.” He laughed at his little white lie, “I love girls that have an oral fixation.” Livy giggled, she liked the double meaning. After all, the pacifier was still in her mouth, and it was strangely calming. “I ordered you and I some breakfast, room service should have it here in a half an hour or so.” Carl, reached around with his free arm to Livy, and pulled her pacifier out of her mouth “Now why don’t you show me how much you love sucking on things” Livy moaned and scrunched up her face, she wasn’t awake yet, “Reeaalllly?” she whined. Carl gave her a smooth smile, and gently pushed her down to his awaiting penis. Livy rolled her eyes as she shifted her weight and pulled the blanket over her head.

Livy started slowly, if he wanted it that bad, he could handle her teasing him a bit. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft slowly working circles, paying close attention to his breathing rate and his response. Livy then took his head into her mouth, working her way up and down his shaft rhythmically, circling her tongue around and around and around. She worked her tongue up and down, back and forth ad she continuously moved up and down his thick shaft. Got did she love sucking his cock, every time Livy could feel him ready to burst; she would stop what she was doing, slow down and let his orgasm build to an even higher explosion. After the second time Livy did that, Carl couldn’t control himself. He pushed Livy off him, and held her down to the bed. Carl didn’t even bother removing her diaper; he just pulled it to the side as he forced his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Livy gasped, she hadn’t expected that response from him, but she loved it. Carl told her to shut up and take it, and grabbed the pacifier from the bed where he had laid it. He told her to suck on it as he fucked her. Livy had never felt so turned on, so hot. She struggled to keep the pacifier in her mouth as she herself reached her climax. Carl held her in place, her head pinned to the bed with one arm, and her legs held apart with the other. As Livy began to orgasm, Carl could feel her legs shake and tingle and as the pacifier fell out of her mouth he exploded into her. Livy loved the feeling on his release into her, it was the most intense sexual experience that they had had yet.

Carl collapsed on to her; he pulled her already soaking wet diaper back on her, knowing it wouldn’t hold much more weight. Then the knock on the door came. Livy gasped and pulled the blankets over her. Carl looked at her sternly, “Nope, go answer the door, I’m exhausted.” He handed her his t-shirt and Livy looked scared as there came another knock at the door “Rooommm service;” Livy’s eyes begged Carl to go answer the door, Carl maintained his stern face “You want the shirt or not?” “Carlll” Livy whined and put on her best pouty face “mmmy diaperrr…” "You can have a dry one after we get breakfast, now put the shirt on and go answer the door. Livy knew she was defeated as he pulled the covers off her. She quickly put the shirt on and ran to the door, pausing and looking back at Carl before opening the door.

The loud knock startled her, as she slowly opened the door. Livy was standing there in nothing but a t-shirt and a sopping wet, saggy diaper. She tugged the shirt down and invited the hotel employee in. He pushed the cart in, pausing for a moment at the nearly naked girl in front of him. But the employee quickly regained his composure. "So- sorry to bother you folks, is there anything else I can help you with today? Livy blush deep red, and shook her head no violently. The employee waited. Livy looked to Carl confused. Carl reached to the nightstand and held a five dollar bill out for the tip; purposefully forcing Livy to move from the corner she had pushed herself into. As Livy walked to Carl, her diaper crinkled thunderously (at least to her it did), her face was as bright as a red apple. Livy grabbed the cash and handed it to the employee quietly saying thank-you and never looking him straight in the eye. As soon as he left the room Livy frowned at Carl “You’re a butt, you know that right?” Carl laughed “Give me my shirt back if you’re going to be calling me names” he said playfully. Livy giggled and rolled her eyes at his stupid little grin as she stripped back down to just a diaper; he loved to show off.

After they ate breakfast together, Carl stripped Livy’s diaper off and they hopped in the shower together. Carl took his time soaping Livy up and helping her wash her hair; and once he was finished with her, she turned around and soaped him up, rubbing her soapy body all over him. She loved it, and giggled as she rubbed her soapy tits over his firm sexy chest. After the shower Livy was diapered and dressed and all ready for work, Carl had put her in a thin diaper for discretion and reminded Livy several times to change whenever she felt herself even getting a little wet, so there would be no problems. Livy’s shift started at eleven, and since they had a early breakfast. Carl and Livy stopped at a doughnut shop on the way to work for a quick snack. Carl and Livy laughed and talked on the way in, and Livy ordered her favorite, a chocolate filled doughnut. "Can I have the long one with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! " Livy said so happy, she was almost bouncing from foot to foot. Carl paid for the doughnuts and they got a table. Carl loved her antics and her never fading smile. “Oh crap” he said as they sat down “I forgot my cell phone on the bike, can you be a doll and go get it for me?” Carl flashed a winning smile at Livy. She giggled “of course” and quickly ran out to the bike; long enough for Carl to slip an extra strength laxative into both ends of her doughnut.

They quickly ate so Livy wouldn’t be late for work. As per the usual the gas station was incredibly busy, and by the time Livy was clocking in and opening her drawer, there was a line forming out the door. The day seemed to go by quickly with the seemingly unending line of people. By the time Livy got her first break in-between customers, her diaper was quite wet. She felt confident as she ran back to the bathroom to quickly change, and took her spot back at the register. The hours dragged on, and Livy was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. The local construction workers wanted pizzas. Some old lady needed her gas pumped. The pumps kept running out of paper. Livy continued juggling the registers, the pizza, and the non-stop questions. Her co-worker was trying to re-stock the coolers, the first time Livy felt her stomach rumble. She could feel her diaper thickening between her legs, and she knew she needed to change. But everyone was busy. And she couldn’t leave the registers unattended. Her lunch break was only 45 minutes away. Then it hit her, a major cramp hit, and with no warning Livy messed her already wet diaper. Livy finished ringing the customer out. Yelled for Jason and ran to the bathroom. Every inch she moved her diaper was spilling a disgusting hot mess all over her. Livy turned around and looked in the mirror to survey the damage, and as she was already on the brink of tears; when she saw the horrible spots covering her legs and thighs she burst into tears and called Carl. Carl was anxiously waiting by the phone, the already packed a bag with fresh clothes and diapers sitting beside him, was walking out the door before Livy explained what happened.

Within fifteen minutes, he was back at the store. After Jason pointed him in the right direction, he knocked on the bathroom door. “GO away!” yelled an obviously upset Livy from inside. “Livy, its Carl open up.” Livy quickly cracked the door open and Carl slipped in. Livy standing in the bathroom with only her work shirt on, her eyes beat red from crying. She had tried to clean off all the mess, and had used paper towels to do so her bottom was bright red from the irritation. Messy diapers were not Livy’s favorite thing. She practically jumped on Carl; hugging him tightly, burying her face in his shoulder. “I’m sooo ashameed and humiliated. I just…. I just…” she sobbed, unable to vocalize what happened. Carl comforted her holding her close and rocking her “shh baby girl, it’s okay, it’ll be okay. I’ve had a stomach ache all day, it musta been something we ate. Come on my dear; let’s get you cleaned up, so you can go talk to Jason…” Livy’s eyes got big in horror. “I can’t face him Carl! This is the third time in two weeks. What am I going to do?!” she buried her face deeper into Carl’s chest and continued sobbed harder. “Well if you don’t try to talk to him, you are sure to be fired. And if that’s the case; what’s next? How will you tell your dad?” he pondered out loud, attempting to discreetly upset the child more. It worked; she continued sobbing until she could barely breathe.

“Oh shush my child it’s not the end of the world. It’s a gas station, nobody has to know. Walk out of here, and come home with me. I know you can’t see this. But I want you soooo bad. I want you. Only you. I want to hold you and to take care of you every day, every night. Come live me on the ocean. I want you. I want this. I want every part of you. Even you’re stinky diapered butt.” Livy laughed a little. Her tears slowing down as Carl held her tight. “Say the word. And we walk out of here together. You can be my baby girl. We can sit on the beach every night together Livy. You and I. Trust me. Please trust me.”

Livy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The dirty bathroom smelled horrible from Livy’s accident. She just nodded and took Carl’s hand. “I brought you a fresh diaper and something to change into. Lie down” he said as he took a small blanket out of his backpack and spread it on the ground. Ten minutes later, Livy and Carl walked out of that bathroom, Carl’s arm protectively over Livy’s shoulder. He had brought her a sexy pain of skinny jeans and a sexy low-cut top and a pair of heels. Although her face was still beat red, and her eyes still puffy from crying. She was the sexiest diaper girl that gas station had ever seen. Her thickly diapered butt swayed side to side and her head was held high as she walked out of the gas station.

“Thank-you” she whispered into Carl’s ear as he helped her onto the bike.

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This is easily one of my favorite stories-and there aren’t a lot of stories I like.

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Thank-you; that means a lot :smiley: I might do some mini-stories for this one… About her training and adventures… :smiley:

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I’ve always loooved your story’s this one is no exception :slight_smile: your story style seems a bit different but I still like it ik it’s been awhile since u posted buy I’d looove to read more! :slight_smile:

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