Making the Best of It: A Tale of Love and Acceptance in Two Acts [Diaper Dimension]

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 16-20 (Updated 6/26)

I don’t mind discussion on other topics, everything will go mostly back on-topic when I post another segment. I just don’t want people to fight and be sad/mad at each other. I just want everyone to be friends :smiley: <3

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 16-20 (Updated 6/26)

Part 21

“Lisa!” I exclaimed as the door opened and I lunged at her legs and wrapped myself around them. April had put me down at the door so I could stand on my own two feet when Lisa greeted us. “Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa! I’m a sloth!”

“You are much, much too fast to be a sloth! You’re some kind of sloth-predator in disguise,” Lisa bent down to tickle me and worked in a diaper-squeeze. She was so indelicate! April had the decency to ask instead of just squeezing my crotch. I shook off the irritation, I liked Lisa too much to have my mood spoiled by something so small, “Show me your best sloth crawl.”

I dropped to all fours and slowly… slowly… slooooowly crawled forward, until I heard Melanie giggling from the couch. I fell over laughing and rolled on the floor to a point where I could see her.

“She’s in a good mood,” I heard Lisa say quietly to April.

“We had some sad when she woke up this morning, but she just needed some love. She’s been a joy ever since,” April responded, equally as quiet. Lisa shut the door behind us after April was in.

Melanie struggled to climb down off the couch to join my laughing form on the floor, I got a big view of her ruffly butt as she did so. Her diapers were so thick! Trying to move in that would be torture. Melanie had her hair braided in two low pigtails that hung on either side of her face… they made her chin look too pointy, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. She was wearing just a snap-crotch onesie, covered with princesses and unicorns and hearts. It was white with red ruffles at the shoulder, red trim, and a big red bow on her butt sitting above four rows of lace ruffles. I knew Lisa didn’t pick that out, Melanie had the worst taste!

“I love your PJs,” she said after finally making it to the floor - the last few inches were a drop onto her well padded butt, but she didn’t seem to mind at all, “they’re so cute! Ohmygosh, they have mittens! I’m so jealous! Do you like my onesie?”

“It’s very cute!” It wasn’t technically a lie, it was cute but it was so, so babyish. I wouldn’t want to wear that, ever! “You look so happy in it.”

“This one is my favorite! I begged mommy to get it for me and she did!”

She called Lisa ‘mommy’ so casually. I looked up to April and saw that she noticed, too… I felt guilty.

“…cared if you dolled up or not?” I drifted back into listening to Lisa talk to April.

“I don’t get dressed up for Gwen’s benefit, darling - I like looking good for me,” April responded with a smile, it was hard to make out all of her words, but it was easy to tell that she was mostly happy.

“Is Kimmy over the fact that you’re going out? You said she took it pretty hard,” Lisa was asking. I pretended I wasn’t listening and started my slow crawl again, which made Mellie laugh.

“I think so. She was just afraid that Gwen might replace her in my heart, it’s just a fear of not being loved. Poor Littles, they need so much love… You shouldn’t have to worry about that though, she seems fine emotionally today. Just make sure she’s in bed on time.”

“Oh believe me,” I could hear Lisa’s smile even though I couldn’t see it, “I’m never making that mistake again. Mellie has a similar problem, but it’s 8:15 instead of 7.”

I slow crawled over to Mellie and started tickling her, her uncontrollable laughter was contageous, soon everyone was laughing with her. By the time I stopped, she had tears in her eyes… and her diaper was warm, which made me blush. A timer went off from the other room as she was catching her breath.

“Juice time!” Lisa declared, scooping the panting puddle of Melanie up in her arms. “Hang out just a minute, April? The book says that we have to follow a strict schedule if we want this to work well.”

“The book?” April groaned, “I thought we learned this lesson?”

“It’s fine,” Lisa said as she strapped Melanie into the swing in their living room, it was the exact same as the one I had! “Mellie wants this,” she continued as she strapped a device to Melanie’s face… it was a tube very similar to the one the RoboNanny forcefed me with that awful day at the LittleGarden and I watched in horror as Lisa turned the pump on and started forcefeeding nearly two gallons of what looked like a flavored water into poor Melanie.

“No!” I cried out, “Don’t!”

I struggled to my feet and tried to run to save Mellie, but I was scooped up from behind by April, who buried my face in her breasts.

"Shhhh, shhhh… " she held me tightly, "It’s okay, look… " she turned me around slowly, walking over to the swing, which was gently rocking Melanie… who looked worried, not scared. “Look, Mellie is okay. It’s not a robot, it’s not hurting her.”

"But… " I started.

“Mellie wants this,” Lisa said softly, Melanie nodded, still drinking the juice, “this is untraining… Melanie doesn’t want to have to worry about her bladder any more, she wants to be done with the full feelings and needing to let go. She kept waking up in the middle of the night to go and couldn’t get back to sleep. This is supposed to fix that, her bladder is supposed to just give up and go whenever it needs to without her having to wet herself on purpose.” Lisa stroked Melanie’s hair as the swing gently rocked her.

That sounded awful! That was the exact opposite of what I wanted, it was the very thing I was upset about this morning.

"But… " I started again.

“Shhh, Kimmy, not everyone is the same as you, not everyone wants the same things you do, and that’s okay. You don’t have problems at night, Melanie does. That doesn’t make you wrong or her right or the other way around… it just is. We love Melanie and we want her to be happy, and this is what she wants. We’re not going to do this to you, but we’re also not going to stop Melanie from trying to find her own happiness… she isn’t hurting anyone, is she?”

"No… " I agreed.

“Why don’t you color in your book while Melanie drinks, and you two can play when she’s done.”

I watched Melanie in the swing, she looked very relaxed. She didn’t look scared… her eyes were closed gently, not scrunched and she wasn’t restrained… other than the buckle to keep her from falling out of the swing. She could pull the tube and pacifier out of her mouth if she wanted to. She… didn’t want to. April sat me on the floor and pulled my activity book and crayons out of the diaper bag and set them in front of me.

“I’m sure she won’t be long, don’t worry sweetie, she’s okay.”

I nodded and started coloring, trying to put my focus into my art. Melanie was okay. Melanie was okay. Lisa would never hurt her, Lisa loved Melane and Melanie loved Lisa.

“Are you sure you can do this?” I overheard April asking Lisa quiety, “I can cancel on Gwen, it won’t be the end of the world.”

“No, I’ve got this. I can handle Kimmy, we’ll be fine. I want you to have a good time, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… actually, do substantially less than I would do.”

April laughed and hugged her, then knelt down next to me… I’d barely colored, I was having trouble focusing.

“I’m going to go, sweetheart. I want you to be a good girl, okay?”

I was on my feet and in her arms in a flash.

“I love you,” I said softly in her ear. I was standing on her thighs with my arms wrapped around her neck, and for a moment… with my cheek pressed against hers like this… I liked this. It felt normal. For a moment I could close my eyes and imagine that we were the same size as I spoke softly in her ear, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Kimberly,” she squeezed me tightly and for a long moment, the world was perfect. I didn’t break the embrace… I wouldn’t. I wanted this hug to last forever and ever. I… I wanted to kiss her.

“You two are so cute!” the sound of Lisa’s voice followed by a camera shutter brought me back to reality. I blushed at the openness of my affection and looked into April’s big green eyes, so full of love as always. The urge was still there… just lean forward and kiss her.

She sat me down on my diapered butt and planted a kiss on my forehead… and I felt tears welling up.

“Oh sweetie,” she drew me close again, “I’ll be back before you know it. I’ll… I’ll be here when you wake up!” She squeezed me.

“You need to go,” Lisa said softly, as if I couldn’t hear her, “you don’t want to be here if she melts down, you’ll miss your date. I can handle this.”

“I can’t!” April had such sadness in her voice, “Can’t you see she’s hurting?”

“Of course I can, April… but she needs to be okay if you have to leave her alone for a bit. It’s not good for her if you have to be there all the time and you know it.”

“I’ll be okay,” I said quietly, “I’m sorry I got sad… I’m going to have lots of fun with Lisa and Melanie.”

“Don’t ever apologize for your feelings,” April said, squeezing me hard, “It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to have all kinds of feelings. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m going to miss you too, Kimmy. We’ve had such a wonderful time together lately, I don’t want to leave you for a moment.”

Then why are you going? I wanted to ask, but I didn’t… it would just make things harder and that wasn’t fair.

April gave me one more squeeze and sat me back down, standing up and looking down on me from her towering height. She’s so beautiful from every angle, it hurt to watch her go as she blew me a kiss and walked out the door, leaving me behind.


Part 22

“Well, we’ve got a few minutes before Melanie is done with juice time,” Lisa was kneeling next to me, I never even heard her approach, “Let’s see what your mommy packed for you.” She pulled the soft puffy diaper bag down from the couch and opened it up.

“Here’s Harry,” she said, handing me my beloved friend. I hugged him tightly, my emotions still felt a little unstable. “You brought… tattletale diapers? Three of them? Do you want me to put you in one of these?” Lisa sounded surprised.

“No,” I laughed, “They’re for Mellie! Don’t you think she’ll like them?”

“Oh gosh,” Lisa laughed, “Mellie will probably ask me to pour warm water down them, just to see how big they can get!” She laughed for a good long moment at the thought, and what I assumed was a mental picture. I blushed a bit at the thought, I really didn’t understand Melanie sometimes.

“You really love Melanie, huh?”

“I really do,” Lisa looked down at me, smiling, “Thank you for showing me how sweet and wonderful a Little can be. I can’t imagine life without Melanie at this point, she’s… she’s my precious Little girl.” Lisa sounded a little choked up, I laid a tiny hand on her thigh in what I hoped would be seen as a comforting gesture.

She set the electronic toy down without a word as Melanie’s autofeeder beeped just then. She stood up and retrieved Melanie from the swing.

“My goodness,” Lisa said as she lifted Melanie, “Did you pee the whole time you were being fed? You’re soaked!”

"Mooommmyyy… " Melanie whined and covered her face with her hands, “Kimmy’s here!”

“Okay, you’re forcing my hand,” Lisa said. She set Melanie down near me. “Say, ‘I have very wet diapers and I’m not sorry’.”

“Please mommy!” Melanie begged, “I’m embarrassed!”

“That’s why you need to do this, Melanie. It’s not healthy for you to hide, you spend so much time blushing and scared that someone will know you like it. Kimmy already knows and nobody else should care. Now go on.”

“I… have very wet diapers,” she blushed deeply as she said the word ‘diapers’, I felt embarrassed on her behalf, “and I’m not sorry.”

“Are you going to try to hide the fact that you like being a Little again?”

"No… "

“Kimmy, do you think Melanie is weird or wrong for liking being a Little?”

“No! Of course not,” I said quickly, “Melanie is my friend and she wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t like it.”

Melanie was beaming at this point… her diaper was dangerously swollen though, the snaps on her onesie seemed to be straining a bit.

“Now crawl your cute butt into the nursery so I can change you,” Lisa said with her hands on her hips. Melanie dropped to all fours and crawled out of the room, her ruffled bottom swaying the whole way.

“You,” Lisa said as she picked me up, “April told me about your cookie stealing adventure. I don’t have a playpen or a bouncer, so do you want to go in the swing or the crib?”

“I’ll be good, I’ll sit and color and not move!”

“Not happening, sugar. You’re a little emotional already, and I’m not taking any chances on our first ever sleepover. Swing or crib?”

I looked at the tube of the autofeeder dangling near the swing…


We made it to the nursery just as Melanie finished crawling there, her ruffled butt sticking out way beyond anything that looked comfortable to me.

Melanie’s nursery was… pink. Everything was pink or white. It was a spoiled princess’ room with a gleaming white crib which had a gauzy pink canopy. Stacks and stacks of pink diapers were on the shelf under the changing table. A pile of pink stuffed animals sat next to a glossy white glider chair. The pillows and blankets in the crib were pink, the curtains were pink, the princess stickers dancing on the walls were pink. Lisa deposited me in the crib and lifted Melanie onto the changing table and proceeded to unsnap Melanie’s onesie.

“I’m not looking!” I called loudly after I had sat down with my back to them. Melanie was always embarrassed, she would probably be really upset if I watched her get changed. I slipped my hands into the sloth mittnes and picked up… “Duchess Fuzzbutt!” Melanie had Duchess Fuzzbutt in the crib!

“Yeah,” Lisa laughed, “Melanie wanted to sleep with your present last night, I think you did a good job picking it out.”

I hugged Duchess Fuzzbutt and laughed. Knowing that I made Mellie happy made me happy. April had asked me to think about what I wished I had from the beginning… Harry Otter made me feel better. I think it’s important for a Little to have a companion. Someone to hug when you’re sad, someone to talk to when you’re not sure of something, someone to drag around with you… I was glad I had Harry, though I did wish I had him right now. He was on the floor in the living room.

I was on my feet on the floor before too much longer, standing next to Melanie who had on a fresh thick diaper under her onesie and a smile on her face. Lisa reached down and squeezed my crotch again.

“You don’t need a change yet. Both of you go play, I’m going to go start dinner. I’m trusting you both, don’t get into any trouble. I want you to have a fun sleepover, I don’t want to have to lock you in the nursery.”

“We’ll be good,” I promised. I took Melanie by the hand and toddled back into the living room. Lisa passed by us and headed to the kitchen. I wanted to show off my coloring book to Melanie, it was one of the best toys April had given me, it was very stimulating.

“What’s this?” Melanie said, picking up the electronic toy.

“It looks like one of those memory games, do you want to play it?”

“Sure, those are fun,” she said, pushing the ‘on’ button. It made a loud beep and played a musical sequence.

“Can you take that into the nursery?” I heard Lisa call, “I don’t really want to listen to a bunch of beeping.”

“Sorry!” I called. We turned the toy off and headed back to the nursery, sitting down on the floor and turning it back on. It did its beep and music again, and the pads lit up. It was a black circular piece of plastic with four large pad-like buttons big enough for you to put your whole hand on. Two were lit up blue and the other two were lit up purple. There was a central display that had the word READY written on it.

“Um, isn’t it supposed to play music and we copy it?” Melanie asked, the toy didn’t seem to be working. She pushed down on one of the pads, but it didn’t chime.

WAITING FOR PLAYERS, the central display declared. Otherwise, the toy remained unchanged.

“Maybe if we push all 4 buttons at once so it knows we’re ready,” I suggested, putting my hands on the two blue buttons.

The buttons changed to a white color, and Melanie put her hands on the purple ones, which also turned white.

CALIBRATING, the toy declared. The central display changed to read, PLAYER ONE, TELL THE TRUTH: WHAT COLOR IS THE SKY.

“Blue,” I said, confused. This didn’t seem like a music toy, but now I was curious as to what it was. Neither April nor Lisa had been worried about it when they handled it, and April had bought it so it was safe, it wasn’t going to grab me or hypnotize me or anything.


“Green,” Melanie giggled. Even if this was a child’s quiz-game, she was going to have fun with it.


“Twenty-six,” I said with a smile. Melanie having fun made me happy.


“Thirty-two,” Melanie said softly.


“Pink,” I laughed. This game was silly.


“Orange,” Melanie laughed as well.


“Um,” I said, “What color… are Lisa’s eyes?”


“Brown! They’re the prettiest brown,” Melanie said with a smile. The buttons under her hands lit up green and the display read TRUTH, then changed to PLAYER TWO, ASK A QUESTION. Melanie’s buttons returned to white. “Ohhh, um… who’s your favorite person?”

“April!” I declared, laughing as the buttons turned green under my hands. It was my turn again, “Do you like to wet your diapers?”

“No,” Melanie blushed and her buttons turned red and the display read LIE.

“Mellie, I already knew,” I said to her and my buttons lit up green. This technology was amazing… something like this would have been incredibly useful back home and they used it for a Little’s toy here.

“Do you like wetting your diapers?” Melanie asked me in return.

“No, but I don’t hate it anymore.” TRUTH. “Um, what’s your favorite color?”

“Pink,” Melanie answered but was met with LIE, “Wow, okay… it’s purple.” TRUTH.

“Mellie! Does Lisa know?”

“No,” Melanie blushed. TRUTH. “I… I told her I liked pink and she got all that pink stuff and I don’t want to hurt her feelings or upset her… Hey, it’s my turn! Does April know you love her?”

“Yes of course,” I said. LIE. “What? She knows I love her!” LIE. “I say ‘I love you’ all the time to her.” TRUTH. “I think this thing isn’t working right,” TRUTH. “Maybe we should stop?”

“No please, I’m having fun,” TRUTH. “Let’s play a little longer? It’s your turn.”

“Um,” I thought for a moment, wanting to get back to more fun questions, “What was your job back home?”

“I worked retail,” TRUTH. “I didn’t like it very much.” TRUTH. “My turn. Would you go back if you could?”

“Yes,” I answered… I didn’t like this game any more. LIE. “I don’t like it here.” LIE. “I… miss my freedom.” TRUTH. “What? How can I possibly want to stay and miss my freedom at the same time? That doesn’t make any sense.” TRUTH. Melanie wanted to play hardball. Fine. “When did you find out you were a girl?”

“I was fourteen. All the rockstars had long hair and so did I… then the girls at school started painting my nails and I found out I really liked it. I wanted to be cute, not tough,” TRUTH. “My turn. What’s your favorite thing about April.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

“How beautiful she is, how smart she is, and how much she loves me,” I couldn’t help but smile. TRUTH. “Did you come to this dimension voluntarily?”

"No, I… " TRUTH. She didn’t finish answering, she trailed off.

“Wait - I really thought you did! How did you get here?”

“I… Kimmy, I died.” TRUTH.

“You WHAT?” I rocked back on my butt, the shock sent me reeling, “What do you mean you died? You’re not dead. I’m not dead!”

“I took the whole bottle of pills and went to sleep. I… I couldn’t do it any more. I couldn’t take it any more.” The machine stopped working, my hands weren’t on it any more. "I woke up as they pulled me through the portal… they got the pills out of me… and… I was in Lisa’s arms an hour later. I… " Melanie was starting to cry, “Lisa saved my life.”

I realized that I couldn’t remember coming here… the last thing I remembered was getting too drunk at a party, and then April. What if…

“LISA!” I was panicking, tears were forming in my eyes, “LISA!” Melanie was starting to bawl.


Part 23

Lisa rushed into the room to find us both sitting on the floor, crying our eyes out.

“Oh no! What happened? Who’s hurt?”

We both started talking at once through our tears, trying to explain what was going on. Lisa looked overwhelmed… then she spotted the toy.

“Did the truth toy make you two cry? What in the world were you talking about?”

“Lisa! Am I dead?” I wailed. The color drained out of Lisa’s face. She dropped to her knees and pulled us both in for a tight hug, but it was impossible to console both of us at the same time, we were blubbering messes.

“Shhh, girls… girls, it’s okay. Nobody’s dead. You’re not dead. You’re both here, everything’s fine.” She scooped us both up, one in each arm and carried us to the living room. My eyes were full of tears, I couldn’t see straight, the world was spinning.

And then my mouth was full of milk… the sweetest, most wonderful taste ever. It was stunningly good, it put everything else to shame… it tasted like… love. Lisa was wiping my eyes and I could see that I was not sucking on a bottle… I was latched on to her nipple! I started to pull away but she held my head in place gently and whispered a soft shush. I looked up… well, sideways, but up to me, and there was Melanie on her other breast. She was breastfeeding us both at the same time… and her milk was so… good. I felt instantly calmer, centered. She was stroking my hair and making a long “shhhhhh”. I’m not sure how long I nursed… after a while I didn’t want to stop but the milk eventually stopped coming. She popped me off of her nipple with her finger, Melanie was still suckling with her eyes closed. Lisa shifted me into a sitting position and pulled me close.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Lisa asked me. I felt strange sitting next to her giant, exposed breast.

"I um, yeah… " I blushed, looking away, "I’m okay… I just… I don’t remember how I got … how I ended up with April. She’s never told me and… "

“Shhh,” Lisa stroked my hair, “we aren’t going to talk about that. It’s not my place. We can tell your mommy that you have questions when she gets here in the morning. Let’s try to put it aside for now and have a good time, we’re going to have a nice dinner and play some games. I know you’re upset,” she continued… but I actually felt really calm, “and it doesn’t seem fair, but please… let’s just try to have some fun.”

I nodded as Lisa popped Melanie off her other nipple and sat her up. Melanie rubbed her eyes sleepily while Lisa tucked away her breasts and pulled her shirt down.

“It’s yummy, isn’t it?” Melanie asked with a sleepy grin. Both she and Lisa were looking at me intently, I wasn’t getting away without answering.

“Yes,” I blushed fiercely and looked down, “it’s really good. Thank you, Lisa.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. I’m just glad you’re calm. Hopefully I didn’t spoil your dinner just there. Speaking of which,” she scooped us both up, carrying us to the kitchen, “it’s time to eat!”

I got the highchair and Melanie got to sit in Lisa’s lap… Melanie’s highchair was a lot different from mine. It had wrist cuffs both above and below the tray, and ankle cuffs underneath as well as a full carseat harness instead of just a buckle.

“Do you want me to buckle you in, Kimmy?” I knew that Lisa was teasing, she couldn’t help it… but I blushed anyway.

“No thank you.”

She chuckled lightly as she grabbed our dinners from the counter. She made…

“Normal-sized sushi!” I cried out at the small plate she placed on the highchair tray. “Did you make this yourself?”

“Little-sized sushi,” she corrected, “and yes. I felt bad that you cuties didn’t get to have any last night. It won’t be as good as the restaurant’s, but I hope you like it. It’s really hard to make rolls this small!”

She sat back down at her kitchen table with Melanie’s plate along with her own and ate a sandwich while Melanie dug in.

“It’s good!” I smiled, it wasn’t great. It was better than what you’d get at a grocery store, but it didn’t come close to restaurant quality, “Thank you so much, Lisa.”

After dinner, we played for a while. Lisa really was a lot of fun, she chased us around and tickled us, and we played hide and seek, and she let us climb on her and try to tickle her… not that it worked. She gave us horsie rides and we all had a great time. When she got tired, we settled in and watched some TV. I watched the Littles Shopping Network with them… Melanie loved the show, she kept begging for all sorts of arcane torture devices. At least she was relaxing around me. I had no idea why she’d want a rocking horse with cuffs on it, though.

It seemed like no time at all before it was declared to be our bedtime. Melanie had to go to bed early because my bedtime was before hers. I apologized, but she said she didn’t mind. Lisa changed us into nighttime diapers… April had forgotten to pack a nighttime diaper for me, so I was going to borrow one of Melanie’s… it was incredibly thick.

“Lisa, can I wear one of Melanie’s thicker daytime diapers instead of this nighttime diaper?”

“Nope, it’s nighttime so you need a nighttime diaper,” Lisa grinned as she pulled the thick padding up between my legs, forcing me bow-legged on the changing table. She taped it securely and helped me sit up. My legs stuck out at a funny angle and the padding was so thick I couldn’t squeeze my legs together at all. “Besides, the thicker the diaper, the cuter the Little. That’s what I always say.” She zipped my sloth jammies back up and placed me into Melanie’s princess crib where Melanie was already waiting in her pink bunny jammies.

“Now, it’s 7 PM. I let you stay up right to your bedtime, I expect you to go to sleep.”

“Yes Lisa,” I said, looking up at her. This was a view that would never, ever become normal. I was sitting down in a crib. The white bars extended so far up there was no way I could climb them, especially not with a diaper as thick as I had on now, and there was a giant woman smiling down at me. I rarely felt as smaller than when I did sitting in a crib, being looked at by an Amazon. She laid us down, foot-to-head and covered us with a blanket. She handed Duchess Fuzzbutt to Melanie and I got Harry Otter. Seeing Melanie cuddle the toy I picked for her made me feel good.

“Do you need a paci to sleep, Kimmy?” Lisa asked after popping Melanie’s paci in her mouth… a yellow one, how many pacis did this girl need?

“No, Lisa,” I yawned, “I don’t sleep with a paci.”

“Okay, well you two go to sleep. We had a good end to the evening, let’s not get all riled up now, okay?”

Melanie and I both agreed, and Lisa walked out of the room, flipping off the light.

“This is nice,” Melanie said, "I’m glad you came over tonight. It’s been fun. I’m sorry about… "

“Let’s… let’s not talk about that, I don’t want to cry again,” I said, banishing the thought.

“You’ll get breastmilk again though,” Melanie teased, “Are you going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you?”

My mind was filled with a vision of snuggling against April’s breast the way I had been with Lisa… with Lisa it was a little weird because she’s my friend, but the milk tasted heavenly. I bet April’s would be even better. Something in my wanted that very, very badly and I felt my lips twitch at the thought.

“Kimmy?” Melanie called quietly, breaking me out of my fantasy, “Did you fall asleep?”

“No,” I was blushing, I could feel it, “I… I really want to ask April to breastfeed me, but what if she says no?”

“That,” Melanie laughed softly, “is exactly what my mommy has been trying to break me of since the moment I got home.”

Mommy. Home. Melanie was more at home here than she had ever been… she was in a place where she could be herself without any apology or excuse. She wanted diapers, she wanted to be babied, she even wanted to be ‘forced’ into it in a way. She loved it… I was strangely jealous of her. She and Lisa were so happy.

“Kimmy,” Melanie interrupted my thoughts again, “You have to tell your mommy. You have to look her in the eye and say, ‘Mommy, will you please breastfeed me? I want to be closer to you.’”

“But what if she says no?” I repeated, a little louder, my emotions flaring, “If she said no… I’d fall apart.”

“What if she’s waiting for you to ask? What if she’s afraid of asking you? How is she supposed to know you want it? She loves you, Kimmy. You can see it in her eyes. It was really hard for her to leave tonight just because you were sad,” Melanie continued, we were both sitting up and looking at each other now, “It’s not fair to expect her to read your mind. She can’t give you what you want if you don’t ask for it.”

“Are you going to tell Lisa -”

“My mommy,” Melanie interrupted, “Call her my mommy, don’t call her by her name.” Melanie was strangely serious. I felt a little uncomfortable.

“It’s weird, Melanie… she’s my friend.”

“She’s my mommy. I’m her Little. I know she’s not my mother, it’s not like that. I don’t even like my mother, she’s a selfish, thoughtless person. But my mommy, she’s wonderful. She loves me and I love her in a deeper and more meaningful way than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life. Kimmy, you don’t know what it’s like to never be able to be yourself… and when you try, people tell you you’re awful or wrong or sinful.” Melanie had tears in her eyes and I leaned forward and held her tight. “Kimmy, my mommy loves ME. All of me, every bit of me, for who I am. It doesn’t matter that I’m not a boy, it doesn’t matter that I want to wear diapers and drink from a bottle… she loves ME.” Tears were streaming down Melanie’s face. I wiped them away with a fabric sloth-claw… slowly. Melanie couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you going to tell your mommy that purple is your favorite color?”

“Yes,” Melanie blushed, “If you promise you’re going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you.”

“Deal, I’ll ask April-”

“Kimmy,” Melanie said with a sudden intensity, “say it.”

“Mellie… I can’t, she’s… April.”

“You’re a Little, she’s your mommy. That’s the way it works here! It doesn’t mean you’re not in love.”

"But it’s not the kind of love I want! I want a long walk on the beach, I want… " I blushed, “more… I want to kiss her… I’m in love with her.” I was flustered. I loved April. Deeply, in a very real way.

“Kimmy,” Melanie smiled softly, “nobody is saying you can’t. Those feelings you have… that’s love. You love April, she loves you. Love… isn’t quite the same here as it was in the other place. You need to get out of your own way, Kimberly.”

I looked down, resting my hands in my lap… on top of my thick diaper, hidden under my sloth PJs. The cute PJs that April picked out for me. I remembered how I felt while she held me up in the air and we rubbed noses… she did love me. Just as deeply as I loved her… would that kind of love be enough?

“Say it,” Melanie urged softly, “Stop fighting it. She’s not your mother, she’s not trying to be your mother. It’s not the same thing. April is your mommy. Your mommy. She loves you.”

“April is,” I felt soft tears rolling down my face, “my mommy. My mommy loves me. She swings me around and tickles me, she carries me and cares for me. She dresses me and feeds me and protects me. She loves me. My mommy loves me.” My heart felt full to bursting. “My mommy loves me!”

“Yes she does,” Melanie grinned at me, “Your mommy loves you. And you’re going to ask her to breastfeed you, right? Don’t you want to feel that close to her?”

“Yes!” I stood up, “I’m going to ask my mommy to breastfeed me.” It sounded so weird out loud, but the feelings felt… right. Genuine, true. She wasn’t my mother, she was my mommy. She loved me in a way I never knew was possible, she’d do anything for me. She’d do anything just to spare me a bit of pain, "I’m going to ask and I hope… "

The lights flipped on in the nursery.

“Okay you two,” Lisa’s voice sounded mostly amused, but there was a hint of grumpy in there, “This doesn’t sound like sleeping to me.”

“Sorry mommy,” Melanie hid under the blanket… I was abandoned, standing up in the crib.

“I’m not honestly surprised,” Lisa said, walking over, “You are two cuties at a sleepover. Oh, Kimmy… what’s wrong?” She wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Nothing… Aunt Lisa,” I said. Her jaw dropped, “I’m okay.”

“Oh… kay,” Lisa said slowly, “How are you feeling?” She brushed my hair back and looked closely at me.

“Little,” I smiled, answering simply.

“I see,” Lisa chuckled, “I’m glad you two are having a good time together. But I’m serious, if you don’t go to sleep, I’m going to put you both in sleepsacks and breastfeed you until you pass out.”

Melanie sat bolt upright. Lisa laughed, realizing the folly of her threat.

“Now Mellie, I don’t think Kimmy would like that as much as you would.”

“Mommy?” Melanie said softly, “I have something to admit but I’m afraid you’ll be upset at me.”

“Oh sweetie, what’s up?”

“Mommy, my favorite color is purple… not pink.”

"You… " Lisa laughed, “You thought I’d be upset about that? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why did you tell me it was pink in the first place?”

“Because girls are supposed to like pink! I mean, I do like pink… but purple is my favorite. And you bought all this stuff already… I didn’t want to seem ungrateful.”

“Melane, sweetie,” Lisa said, reaching into the crib and stroking her cheek, “You’ve never seemed ungrateful to me for even a moment. I’m sorry you were worried about telling me, I’m glad you did. I want you to tell me all the things that make you happy, all the things you want. You have to tell me what you want, I want to make you happy.”

Her words rang in my ears… those were almost the exact same words that April… my mommy… the exact same words my mommy had said to me. My job was to be happy, she wanted to make me happy. Amazons got joy from happy Littles, and they got the most joy from Littles who were… well, Little. I thought of all the happiest moments I’d had with my mommy. They were all the times I was acting silly and Little and just having fun… when I was just being happy. It was the same with Aunt Lisa, it was even the same with Miss Michelle. The Amazons in my life just wanted happy Littles, who didn’t worry about things… because things were already taken care of.

“Tickle fight!” I yelled, jumping on Melanie and tickling her mercilessly.

“Kimmy!” Lisa shouted, surprised by my attack. Melanie was kicking her feet and squealing. I was going to win this tickle fight. "Kimberly Morris, it is bedtime, not playtime… do you want me to have to… " Realization spread over Aunt Lisa’s face and she grabbed me and pushed me down onto my back on the mattress… and started tickling me. And Melanie! She was tickling us both, we were squirming and squealing and laughing. She didn’t stop tickling us until we were having trouble breathing, tears streaming down our faces.

“I guess I have no choice,” she said gravely, “It’s sleepsacks and breastmilk for the two of you.”

“Oh no!” I laid my forearm over my face, panting for breath, “Not that! Oh puh-lease Aunt Lisa don’t make me drink your breastmilk! I may not survive!”

“Yeah mommy,” Melanie joined in, “Don’t put us in sleepsacks where we’ll be super comfy, that would be terrible!”

Lisa was shockingly deft at getting Littles into sleepsacks - in a matter of moments Melanie was stuffed inside a pink unicorn and I found myself inside a pink teddy bear. She slid my feet in, then my arms into the sleeves inside and zipped it up. I couldn’t move an inch, I was totally helpless. I squirmed in the sleepsack, I was completely at Aunt Lisa’s mercy. The sleepsack didn’t seem to activate the hypnotic trigger Lisa had given me… maybe because it wasn’t wrapped like a swaddle, maybe because she wasn’t rocking me yet, I wasn’t sure. I was calm and happy, and the fact that I didn’t immediately shut down caused me to give a sigh of relief.

“Not the breastmilk!” I cried out, “Anything but that!”

Melanie couldn’t do anything but giggle.

“I hate to do this to you two, but you forced my hand. If you’re not going to behave and go to sleep on your own, I’m just going to have to breastfeed you like the Littles you are until you drift off to dreamland.”

“No no!” I cried, laughing, “We’ll be good.”

“I know you will, darling,” Aunt Lisa smiled, “You’ll be asleep!”

She carried the two of us Little-stuffies to the living room and sat down on the couch. She laid out pillows so we could lay on them while we nursed and laid us on them, the tops of our heads facing each other. The sleepsack was actually surpringly warm and comfy if you could get over the sense of confinement. I opened my mouth welcomingly as she guided her giant nipple between my lips. It still felt a little awkward to me, but honestly… this was really nice. I was surrendering completely to Aunt Lisa, trusting her to take care of me… and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never let me down.

Her delicious milk flowed into my mouth again… and I was asleep very, quickly.

When I awoke, it was morning and I was staring into the beautiful green eyes that followed me into my dreams.

“Good morning, mommy,” I smiled sleepily to her. A splash of water fell on my face, she was crying.

“Good morning, my darling Kimmy,” she said softly, “I missed you.” My mommy was beaming down at me with all the love in the world.

“Mommy, are we going home?”

“Soon my sweet girl, soon.”

“I love you, mommy. You’re the best mommy ever,” I yawned and closed my eyes.

“And you’re the best Little anyone could ever ask for.” She squeezed me tightly… and I drifted back off to sleep in her arms. The best place in the world. The best place in any world.


This is the end of Act 1. Act 2 takes a seriously dark turn. If you love this story because it’s sweet and gentle and nothing really bad happens, stop here. There is more story, but it has a lot of sad and scary feelings that Act 1 just didn’t have.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping here. You can love this story and pretend it ended right here… if you think you can take the darkness, the sad and scary, keep going… but it can get pretty bad. I think it’s worth the journey, the message shines through at the end, but it’s a trip.


Part 24

I drifted back to consciousness and found myself on Aunt Lisa’s couch, still in my sloth PJs but apparently with a fresh diaper. I stretched, and roused to see April hugging Aunt Lisa very tightly.

“Thank you so much, you and Mellie both,” she said softly, but her voice carried.

“It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, April - she wants to know how she got here. Melanie told Kimmy her arrival story.”

“It was going to happen eventually,” April sighed, “but I feel like we’ve turned an important corner. I think we’ll be okay.”

I yawned loudly, in hopes that they wouldn’t realize I was eavesdropping. April knew how I got here, and it was something that she thought I would take poorly…

“Good morning, sleepyhead. You slept through your morning change,” she smiled down at me as she scooped me up, “I was worried it was a hypnotic sleep, but Lisa told me that you drifted off naturally. We’ve got a lunch date today, sweetie. Gwen is meeting us at the Pasta Palace. It’s a beautiful day, I thought we’d eat out on their terrace.”

My stomach did a little flip-flop at the news of the lunch date. I wasn’t sure I wanted to meet Gwen. I wanted to pretend it would just be April and me forever, just the two of us in this new special kind of love we had found… I felt a little shaken, like that newfound love was threatened. The look on April’s face said everything would be fine, however. She hadn’t been wrong yet, there was no reason to think she would start now. The key to finding happiness was to surrender to her, to be her Little, to follow where she guided me. I didn’t know what was best for me, she did. It made my heart hurt a bit, but I had to trust her.

“Let’s go home and get you in a pretty dress, say goodbye to Lisa. Mellie is still asleep, you’ll see her again soon, I’m sure.”

“Bye Aunt Lisa,” I smiled and waved over April’s shoulder as she hoisted me up, holding me to her by my diapered bottom. “Thank you for everything, it was a super fun sleepover.”

“Goodbye, Kimmy. You are a good girl, I’m glad you had fun.”

April carried me to the car and buckled me in, handing me Harry Otter.

“Bottle please!” I smiled cheerfully after I was buckled. She laughed and handed me a bottle of juice from the diaper bag, “Are we sure she didn’t slip you something, cutie?”

“I’m sure,” I said as I took the bottle from her, “I just had a really good time, mommy. How many pacis does Mellie have? She seems to have a different one every time I see her.”

Mommy beamed at me again, she was really, really happy that I called her ‘mommy’.

“I’m glad you had a good time,” she said, ignoring my question and closing the back door to the car and taking the driver’s seat. “Let’s hit the road, cuteness.”

Once we got home, I got another diaper change… I seemed to be going more often than I did before, and noticing it less. Honestly, it didn’t seem to matter. If I was going to be happy, I had to stop caring about stuff like that. I wasn’t going to find a toilet and April would always make sure I got changed… so I just went when I needed to go, I never bothered to hold it any more. She picked out a dress for me, it was a sleeveless sundress with a white top half showing a floral print, and a bright red gauzy skirt that fell to my calves. There was a little blue bow at my left hip, which hung down to my mid-thigh. It was so cute!

I got a pair of light blue sandals to wear with it, and we sat down on the couch, with me in her lap.

“So, tell me about what you and Melanie talked about last night,” she said, seemingly perfectly calm. My pulse accelerated a bit, I didn’t want to get in trouble.

“We… I asked Melanie how she got here, and she said she died and it scared me and,” I felt the words pouring out of my mouth, “I thought maybe I was dead too.” I stopped for a breath, “But she told me she wasn’t actually dead, that Aunt Lisa saved her and they got the pills out of her and… I was scared. I can’t remember how I got here, I just remember waking up.”

“You and some friends,” April sighed sadly, pulling me closer, “decided to drink a lot of a neurotoxin and drive your car entirely too fast for the roads you were on. You were in the back seat of the car, one of your friends was driving, a girl named Stephanie, one of your friends was in the passenger seat, a girl named Joy.” She stroked my hair softly, “Stephanie got scared by an animal and drove the car off the road, off the side of a very, very steep hill. None of you were going to survive.” She paused, squeezing me tightly.

“How… how did you save me? What about Steph and Joy? Did they get saved too?”

“Here on Albion, this is how we get Littles… we take you when we know you aren’t going to make it, and we try to give you better lives. We try to take damaged Littles and make them whole. Your dimension reads about an hour behind ours… so if we see something happen in time, we can do something about it. Your dimension is a harsh place, sweetie. There are a lot of damaged Littles living there, needing love.”

“What about my friends?”

“They were also brought here and adopted,” mommy’s voice was halting. There was something she wasn’t saying.

"Can we go visit them? I didn’t know any of my friends came here, too… "

“Sweetheart,” mommy squeezed me, “Stephanie came through as a five-month, she’s… she’s probably got a lot of healing to do before she can play with anyone. She was apparently in an abusive relationship that was… it was really bad, sweetie. Joy came through as a fourteen-month. Both have been adopted by now, but I’m afraid I don’t know where either of them are, sweetie.”

On the one hand, I was happy that my friends were okay… on the other hand, I never thought for a moment that the three of us would have been pulled into this dimension together. Poor Steph was stuck, probably as a crawler, for who knows how long.

“Is there anything we can do?”

“I doubt it, Kimmy - adoption records are often sealed. Short of running into them, you don’t have a very good chance of finding either of them. Don’t worry, sweetie,” she stroked my hair, “Albion is a mostly gentle place. You and Melanie are happy, right?”

I nodded, hoping she was right. I hoped Steph and Joy found as much happiness as I have… but I also worried.

“That’s why I can’t go back ever, isn’t it? I’m… I’m dead there.”

“Oh sweetie,” mommy hugged me close, stroking my hair softly, “I was hoping you wouldn’t want to go back any more before you found out. I want you to be happy here.”

I thought about what the truth toy revealed to me… I missed my freedom, but I really didn’t want to go home. I could choose to sulk and be sad, or I could embrace the wonderful woman who was trying her best to console me.

“I’m okay, mommy,” I smiled up at her, craning my neck to look into her eyes, “I’m home.”

The Pasta Palace was a Little-friendly establishment… they had 27 different kinds of mac and cheese! Apparently this particular section of Albion had a lot of Littles, specifically a lot of Littles belonging to progressive Amazons like April. They had special booster seats that slid into the table so Littles could sit at the same level as their Amazons, without needing highchairs. Every spot at every table had interchangable seats to accommodate any combination of Amazons and Littles. As we were being seated we were walked through the restaurant since we were wanting to eat outside on the terrace. I saw a Little birthday party going on, the entire table was nothing but Littles, probably 20 of them, with clapping Amazons nearby. They looked really happy. I saw the birthday girl, dressed in her frilly pink dress and a tiara, holding up a puzzle book triumphantly. Looks like someone got what they wanted for their birthday. I smiled, thinking about how birthday parties were the best when you were young. And now birthday parties would be the best when you were Little. It made me look forward to my own birthday, I wondered what April would do for me… Mellie would have to be there, of course.

April sat us down at a table where a woman was already waiting. She stood up when we arrived… I examined her closely. She was a pale, heavier-set woman with blonde hair that fell to her squarish chin, but one side of her head was shaved… and the tips of her hair were dyed pink. She had on a dark lipstick and eyeliner, and a nosering. She had some kind of animal tooth earring dangling from the ear exposed by her shaven head. She had very large breasts that stretched out the band logo on her t-shirt, and an ankle-length black skirt with lace around the hem. Combat boots laced with bright pink laces which dangled down peeked out from under the hem of her skirt.

“Gwen!” April gave the lady a hug and a kiss on the cheek… which meant I got smushed into her large breasts.

“Hello gorgeous,” Gwen smiled and then looked down at me, “And you must be Kimmy, I’ve heard so much about you. You are April’s favorite thing to talk about.”

“I’m not a thing,” I crossed my arms over my chest… but I was squealing with laughter in just a moment as Gwen’s strong hands found my ticklish spots.

“Of course you aren’t, you’re a beautiful Little girl, and you’re the apple of your mommy’s eye. You know that right? She can’t go ten minutes without telling someone how wonderful you are.”

April blushed, and I did too.

“May I hold her?” Gwen asked.

“Of course,” April answered without even asking me, and handed me over to Gwen. With Gwen holding me up, I was almost eye-level with April, Gwen was very tall. And she smelled like strawberries. Her hands felt strong, but soft and she had baby pink painted nails. I found her very confusing… she was girly and not girly at the same time.

“Hmm,” Gwen mused, turning me this way and that, "She’s pretty cute, but I’m not sure… " She rotated me so that she was looking down at the top of my head. She flipped me upside-down and my skirt fell up, exposing my diaper and making me squeal, “Is she ticklish enough?”

“No!” I squealed, but Gwen was already tickling my exposed legs. I had no idea how she was even holding me up at this point considering I was upside-down, kicking and squealing and laughing, all while she tickled my legs. Each of the fingertips on her left hand had thick callouses that made the tickling even more intense. She gave me a swat on the diaper and flipped me back over, “Okay, I think you should keep her. She is pretty cute.”

“I like your bow,” Gwen whispered in my ear as she sat me down in a Little-ready chair between her and mommy and tied a bib around my neck. I unconsciously touched the blue bow on my dress and smiled. Gwen was funny, I could see why April liked her.

“So sweetie,” April spread the Pasta Palace menu out in front of me, “What would you like for lunch?”

“Oh, I hope it’s nothing too sweet - I’m getting diabeetus from being too close to this sweet Little.”

“Gwen!” I giggled, “You’re silly. There’s no such thing as too sweet.” I stuck my tongue out at her and pointed at a truly wonderous concoction on the menu… “French Toast Mac & Cheese”.

“Oh. My. Goodness,” Gwen stared at the picture, mouth agape. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope! And you hafta try a bite,” I said firmly. I didn’t know why, but it felt immediately okay to joke and tease with Gwen. She had this way about her that just set you immediately at ease. She was big, she was strong, she looked like she was the sort of person who would take a stand at a moment’s notice… but she was also soft and gentle and funny.

“Hey,” Gwen leaned down and whispered to me, “Is it okay if I kiss your mommy?”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this. This was actually what I had been worried about this whole time. I loved April in a way I’d never loved anyone before. How would it feel to see someone else kissing her? On the other hand, Gwen seemed very nice…

Gwen leaned in and gave April a soft kiss on the lips, gentle, tender, caring. This was not their first kiss. The two of them were so opposite… Gwen was so out there, so take-me-or-leave-me, so unapologetic, and April was… mommy. Kind, sweet, gentle, beautiful… and seeing them kiss felt… nice. It didn’t feel bad like I thought it would. You could see how happy it made them both, and I wanted April to be happy. When they broke the kiss, April looked at me to see if I was okay. I smiled at her and she lit up like the sun. I had a feeling she would have broken it off with Gwen then and there if I had asked… but honestly, Gwen seemed interesting and I wanted to get to know her better.

Gwen ordered a cajun chicken mac and cheese, mommy ordered the traditional, and I got the French Toast kind. It was just as wonderful as I had hoped, and Gwen did try a bite of mine… she hated it just as she expected, but she tried it just the same. Through peals of laughter they took turns feeding me bites of my French Toast Mac, they kept it coming so fast that it was hard to keep up. Before I was done with a bite, there was another fork waiting. They were doing it on purpose! When I finished, the bib was covered in fallen noodles and sugar. Something about the fun while eating made it taste even better.

“May I?” Gwen asked, holding up a bottle. She was asking me, not April. I nodded and found myself cradled in her arms. She stood and held the bottle to my lips. I closed my eyes and accepted the nipple, washing down the tasty lunch with the sweet juice. Resting in Gwen’s arms felt different, it felt solid - like a comfy hammock made out of the softest steel cables. Gwen felt reliable, like she’d never drop me, but at the same time she was gentle. Her strawberry smell floated over me and I smiled… her heart was beating fast. Gwen was nervous? Why would she be nervous?

When the bottle was empty, I just smiled up at Gwen. I felt bad that she was nervous… she pulled the bottle away and put my over her shoulder, and started patting my back gently.

"Gwen, you don’t have to… " I started to protest… and then I burped. “Um, thanks.” I blushed a brilliant red and buried my face in her neck.

“She’s so tiny,” Gwen cooed as she set me back in the Littles’ seat, “She’s smaller than Joanne’s Little.” She stroked my cheek, “She’s a sweetie, April.”

“Who’s Joanne?” I asked, April just smiled, looking proud.

“Just a friend of mine, sweetie. I don’t actually know too many people who have a Little, and April’s certainly the first one I’ve dated. Most musicians can’t devote the time a Little needs.”

“What instrument do you play? Are you a studio musician like mommy?”

“I play the bass,” Gwen smiled at me and sat down, making eye contact with me while she talked, “And no, I play in a local band, mostly for fun. I’m a hair stylist to pay the bills.”

“Oh, I bet you’re good at that,” I smiled back, “Your hair is really cool!” April was just watching us interact with a small smile on her face. I could tell that she was very happy that Gwen and I were getting along. “So, am I the first Little you’ve held?”

“No, I’ve held Joanne’s Little Will a few times, but you’re much smaller than he is. I’m… pretty big,” Gwen had a bit of sadness in her smile there, I could tell she was a little sensitive about her size. “It’s strange to hold someone so small. You’re also much more of a conversationalist than Will, he doesn’t really like talking to anyone but Joanne.”

“Oh,” I frowned a bit, “everyone says I talk better than they expect, but I don’t understand it… how else would I talk? I’m an adult, or at least I was where I’m from. All Littles are, aren’t they? Melanie talks just fine, too.”

“Sweetie,” April stroked my hair, “Most Littles come here very damaged. Emotionally or physically or both. We don’t decide what size you come to us as, you do. Generally the smaller the Little, the more damaged they are, the more care they need… and most your size have a lot of problems with anger and sadness. That’s why the regression foods are so popular… some Littles need help letting go before they can heal. I’m glad you haven’t, you’re progressing nicely all on your own. You’re blooming with just love. And Melanie only talks to us, Lisa says she’s totally silent around other Amazons and Littles alike.”

“Oh,” I felt bad for Melanie, I knew why she was sad and hurting. I wondered what was wrong with the Littles at the daycare.

“She is too sweet, April,” Gwen fawned, taking a turn to stroke my hair as well, “Look at those little wheels turning, she really feels for her fellow Littles, doesn’t she?”

“All of them could if we let them,” April said softly.

“You’re such a prog, it’s one of the things that makes you so wonderful.”

“Prog?” I asked.

“Progressive, sweetie,” April smiled softly, “there’s a lot in this area - we think that Littles need love and understanding more than control and correction. Lisa wasn’t one of us until she met you.” She winked at me.

“I’m a prog, but for different reasons,” Gwen looked at me, “I don’t have a Little and I’ll be honest, I don’t know many so I don’t exactly march for Little Rights… but I’m genderfluid and that’s something that still isn’t easily understood by most.”

“Oh, what’s that mean?”

“I don’t consider myself male or female, I’m something in between. It’s hard for a lot of people to comprehend. Sometimes it makes things hard, it’s tough when people don’t understand you.”

April reached for Gwen’s hands and held them gently. Her heart was so big, she loved everyone. Was there something about her that drew her to people who were hurting? My heart was swelling with love and admiration for her, she never judged a book by its cover, she always seemed to look deeper to the person beyond the surface. She always tried to understand every perspective… and she was really good at it. I thought back to all the times she had calmed my outbursts and explained how other people saw things. I wished I could be like her.

“Well, that was a good meal - how about a trip to the park?” Gwen stretched, “There’s one with a Little-safe playground not far from here. I see it on my way to work.”

“It’s early yet, I think that sounds nice,” April smiled, squeezing Gwen’s hand, “Are you sure you don’t mind us monopolizing your time?”

“I can’t think of a better way to spend it,” Gwen looked down at me. The park really didn’t sound great to me, Littles playing on a playground in public, Amazons watching over them… plus, I frowned a bit as I flooded my diaper again. I needed a change, and a public one did not sound like fun. “If that’s okay with you, Kimmy?”

"Um, I um… " Gwen looked crestfallen as I stammered, “Can I get a change before we go?” I blushed, looking down.


Part 25

It turned out that Gwen rode a motorcycle, a great big loud one. Honestly, when she started it up it was terrifying. She had on a pair of shorts under her skirt, which she hiked up while climbing on to the bike. I had asked her why she wore a skirt at all, she had just smiled and said because she wanted to. In a way, I envied her - she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted and she wasn’t going to let anyone stop her from pursuing it. Of course, she looked like she could knock a person’s head off with a well placed punch, so that probably helped with the self-confidence.

The park was pretty packed, there were lots of Amazon mommies and a few daddies wandering around with their Littles. Thankfully April changed me in the trunk of the car before we came here, there were a lot more people here than there had been near the restaurant. I was very thankful for her investment into the diaper bag. April still had me drinking 4 of those huge bottles each day, and I seemed to be wet basically all the time. Messes were still very unpleasant, but April worked to make sure I never had to deal with it for long.

April carried me on her hip to a rare clear bench in the crowded park… well, crowded was probably an overstatement. There was still room to play, but most of the seating was occupied and there were at least a dozen Littles running around. Gwen and April took a spot on the bench and set me down on my feet.

“Okay, sweetie - go and play, we’ll be right here if you need us,” April smiled at me and linked hands with Gwen, “Remember, you’re trying to learn how to interact with other Littles, try to remember that you’re a Little yourself and don’t fight it. Just have fun.”

Just have fun, I thought, that should be easy, right? Because I’ve done such a great job of it so far.

I nodded and toddled off toward the playground. It was huge, the centerpiece was a giant “tree trunk” made of plastic that was hollowed out and had a ladder inside. The treetop was a platform that led to slides and other platforms and was enclosed by large bars so no one could fall. It was probably twenty feet tall… it had four slides and various staircases coming out of the platforms, one straight, one tube, one long and twisty, and one that looked bumpy. The treetop seemed to be the popular place, there were several Littles running around up there, laughing and going down the slide just to climb up again via the stairs or the treetrunk. That looked too busy to me, so I wandered over to a large sandbox where it seemed like more calm Littles were playing. I sat down next to a girl who was wearing a pair of shortalls over a pink shirt and a cute butterfly sun hat.

“Hi, I’m Kimmy. Can I play with you?” I asked, honestly unsure how I should proceed.

“Hi Kimmy, I’m Susie,” she smiled at me. She had shoulder length blonde hair, pulled into a side ponytail. Her smile looked sleepy and there was something wrong with her blue eyes, they looked a little cloudy, “I’m building a castle. Wanna help?”

“Okay,” I agreed. Her “castle” was a couple of mounds of sand with a stick poking out of the top of one, but this seemed like a nice calm thing to play, so I started digging a moat.

“So Susie,” I started, trying to find a way to start a conversation, “What’s your favorite food?”

“Mommy milk,” Susie giggled, “It makes me feel tingly.” She didn’t even look up from scooping the sand as she talked. “Do you like mommy milk?”

“My mommy doesn’t breastfeed me,” I conceded, “But I want to ask her to.”

“It’s the best,” Susie assured me, “Better than anything else ever ever.”

“How old are you?”

“11 months,” Susie answered without a pause.

“No, I mean… how old were you before you came here?”

“I’m 11 months,” she frowned, “I don’t before.” Her face scrunched and her second sentence came out broken.

“You don’t before?”

Susie climbed to all fours and went red in the face. I sat puzzled for a moment, and then the smell hit me.

“Did you just…?” I asked, concerned.

“Before make my head hurt,” she complained, “Need milk.” And she started crawling off, leaving me with a lump of sand with a trench dug halfway around it. I looked around, unsure of what to do next. Susie seemed to have some sort of block preventing her from talking about her previous life. I started to wonder if maybe that subject wasn’t a great one to cover with other Littles. April had said that most of us were damaged, I knew that was true for me but maybe I was less damaged than most? I knew that in the other place I didn’t love myself and I didn’t feel loved, but it didn’t hurt to think about.

I stood up and went to find someone else to play with. There was a group of Littles playing tag, but that looked too rough, I didn’t want to get shoved. I walked over toward the swingset, it was nothing but those baby swings that a Little would need help getting in or out of. There were three swings on the swingset, two were occupied by squealing Littles being pushed by Amazons, one daddy and one mommy. They looked happy… I wondered what that felt like.

As I was pondering that question, I felt someone scoop me up from behind and I started to panic.

“No!” I kicked my feet, realizing how helpless I was. Was I being kidnapped!?

“Whoa there,” Gwen’s smooth voice came from behind me, “I didn’t mean to scare you, tater tot. You looked like you wanted to swing, may I push you?”

“Gwen!” relief flooded my body as she flipped me around to face her, “Yes please,” I blushed, “it looks fun.”

It was, actually. It was a lot of fun. Gwen slid me gently into the baby swing, which was comfier than I expected thanks to the padding of the diaper, and she pulled me way, way back before letting me fly forward. I was flying through the air, it was basically a thrill ride with the push she gave me. I reached ten feet in the air easily at the apex before swinging back again to feel her strong hands on my back again. I couldn’t remember the last time someone had pushed me on a swing, and I laughed gleefully as I gripped the chains. It was scary at first, but once I surrendered and trusted Gwen, it was fun. She wasn’t going to let anything happen to me and she wouldn’t be pushing me this way if she thought it was dangerous. I started waving to April who was still sitting on the bench at the height of the forward swing.

“Hi Mommy!” I waved vigorously, “Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy!” I laughed, greeting her each time I reached the end of the forward swing before returning to Gwen.

“Okay, tater tot,” Gwen laughed and scooped me out of the swing, “Why don’t you go play tag with those Littles over there?”

“I don’t wanna get shoved,” I frowned, cuddling into Gwen’s arms. “That looks too rough.”

“Oh, are you a delicate porcelain doll?” Gwen tickled me with her calloused left hand, “Are you going to break?”

“No!” I laughed, squirming, “I just don’t wanna get hurt.”

“If you never risk getting hurt, you miss out on a lot in life, Kimmy. Give it a shot for me? If you fall down, if you get hurt, I’ll be there to pick you up. Okay?”

I nodded and Gwen carried me over to the Littles who were playing tag. It looked to be two girls and three boys, only one of the girls was wearing a skirt besides me.

“Can Kimmy come play tag with you?” Gwen asked the group of Littles.

“Okay!” one of the girls responded, “but she’s it!” She giggled and started running away.

Gwen set me on my feet and I chased after her. I never even noticed Gwen wandering off, I was focused on the game. And it was fun, we were all full grown adults running as hard and as fast as we could. Everyone seemed to be in great shape, and if you fell on your butt you had a cushion ready to break your fall. There were lots of laughs and I was ‘it’ many times before April called me away. Playing something as simple as tag was surprisingly fun if you let it be, adults didn’t get to run as hard as they could with no fear of consequences and nothing to gain but fun very often.

When April called, I said goodbye to the other Littles and wandered off… the group had grown and shrunk during the game, many faces had changed but the fun had stayed the same. I hugged April’s legs when I got back to the bench.

“That was fun,” I admitted, “More fun than I thought.”

“I’m glad you had fun, sweetie. Are you wet?”

“A little,” I admitted. I had to pause at one point to go during the game of tag, which had made me ‘it’ again. It hardly seemed fair.

“You’re very fast,” Gwen complimented me, “you looked like you were having a lot of fun. Did you make any new friends?”

“It was fun! They’re all my friends now.”

“What are your new friends’ names?”

“Um,” I thought about it, I hadn’t actually caught anyone’s name but they were definitely my friends. I’d play with them again happily. “I don’t know!” I laughed, realizing how silly it was to have a friend whose name you didn’t know.

“We need to go home, Kimmy,” April said, stroking my cheek, “we need to get some dinner in you and get you to bed, it’s getting close to your bedtime.”

“Let me help you get her in the car,” Gwen offered. April agreed and she grabbed me by the ankles and carried me upside-down to the car, I was kicking my feet and laughing the whole way.

“Stop! You’re showing everyone my diaper!” I complained, but my protest was just met with tickling fingers. Wetting my diaper while upside-down was certainly a new experience, but thankfully it was only a little and nothing leaked.

I was panting as Gwen buckled me into the carseat and popped a pacifier she grabbed off the seat in my mouth.

“I had a lot of fun with you today,” she smiled at me, “I hope we can play again. Is it okay with you if I kiss your mommy again?”

I nodded, both to the hope for another playtime and to her affection for April. I felt very honored that she wanted my permission. Gwen was a good person. She didn’t have to ask me anything, I was just a Little and had no say over who April kissed… but she knew how important April was to me and she asked me anyway. It was incredibly sweet.

I watched as Gwen drew April close and gave her a long, loving kiss, sliding her fingers through April’s hair. April wrapped her arms around the taller woman, one hand at the shoulder and one hand at the waist. They were both incredibly feminine as they embraced and I smiled at how happy they both seemed. A part of me wanted to kiss April like that, but I think I knew that I could never make her feel quite the way that Gwen did. Gwen could make her feel small and protected, Gwen could be both powerful and soft at the same time. I could make her feel needed and loved, but I could never make her feel protected. Our love was different than her affection for Gwen. I… didn’t feel jealous of Gwen. She provided something that I couldn’t, and she couldn’t provide what I did. It felt like there was enough April for both of us… and there was something very comforting about the way Gwen held me too.

I yawned in the carrier, hoping I would get to see Gwen again soon. She was something special.

After their kissing was concluded, Gwen rode off on her motorcycle, promising to see April again soon.

“Well sweetie, this was a pretty good day, huh? Let’s go eat some dinner and get you to bed. I’ve got to go to the studio again tomorrow, so we’ve both got a big day.”

Tomorrow was going to be a LittleGarden day for me.


Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 16-20 (Updated 6/26)

I posted the next section a little early, I’m not sure if I’ll be around tomorrow to post at all.

I tried several times to get an alternate font working for the game’s responses, but it didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Pretend it’s in Courier New instead of being underlined for those parts please.

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 11-15 (Updated 6/25)

Actually, the way the replay of the incident is written, it made sense to me. April doesn’t start watching the scene until Kimmy is already in Michelle’s arms and the little boy comes up and tugs on the pant leg. What the boy says isn’t audible, so the only thing April would have seen and reacted to was Kimmy’s sudden outburst. April simply didn’t see the runup to the meltdown, or any of those other things that helped nudge Kimmy over the edge into her tantrum. It’s also very easy for me to accept in this context that Kimmy might have reacted instinctively, with aggression, and yet not remembered anything afterward. The caregivers at the day care (Michelle and Rachael) were obviously aware of the other events, but they wouldn’t have had any reason to think those other events were out of the ordinary, or would cause that level of stress.

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-25 (Updated 6/27)

A fair counterpoint.

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Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-25 (Updated 6/27)

This has been a very sweet story so far. I’m looking forward to discovering what the darker parts are. :wink: Or was it how the Littles come into the world that was the dark part?

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 11-15 (Updated 6/25)

[QUOTE=donbiki;69666]Avatar is a scifi version of Dances with Wolves, or The Last Samurai. They’re all stories where the protagonist is thrown into foreign land, and the native peoples seem at first nasty and barbaric. After living among them, the protagonist learns that the native culture is actually far superior to his own. I included the quote mainly to shame fans of the movie (like kerry) but also because I thought your story formed an interesting parallel!

Seriously though, if you’d written a mineral named Unobtainium into your story, my critique might’ve been a little different… :)[/QUOTE]

While I agree that “unobtainium” is a monumentally stupid name for a mineral, the rest of what you wrote as a description of the movie actually sounds like a praiseworthy description to me.

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-25 (Updated 6/27)

At first when you said “darker” I was worried it might have something to do with Gwen’s acceptance of Kimmy, but that’s clearly fine. (Phew!) Now I wonder about whether it has to do with the fates of Kimmy’s real-world friends…

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-25 (Updated 6/27)

Yep, we haven’t gotten to the darkness, but the few parts after the warning are enough to entice someone to keep going, so I wanted the warning nice and early… that and the line preceding “the end” felt really good to end on :wink:

The darkness is coming… you’ve been warned :slight_smile:

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-25 (Updated 6/27)

Part 26

“Welcome to LittleGarden,” Miss Rachael greeted us as we entered, I smiled weakly at her. “Welcome back, Kimmy, it’s good to see you.”

She didn’t know about the brush I had with Miss Michelle. Good. I scanned the room for Miss Michelle but didn’t see her anywhere. It was just Miss Rachael and the other two younger Amazon caretakers, who I hadn’t really met yet.

“Kimmy will be here until 4 PM today, I’ll come get her then. She’s been doing very well with other Littles lately, she had a great playtime in the park yesterday, so I’m hoping for a good report today.” That last part was addressed to me more than Miss Rachael.

“That sounds wonderful,” Miss Rachael agreed, buzzing me in, “Come on in Kimmy, let’s take off those shoes and wash our hands, okay?”

“Yes, Miss Rachel,” I agreed, “Goodbye mommy, I’ll miss you!” I said sadly as I toddled into the play area to follow the LittleGarden ritual of shoes, wash, nametag. Miss Rachael had me prepped quickly and went off to help other Littles. I watched April leave and steeled myself for another day in this rotten place when I heard a familiar voice say my name.

“Kimmy!” It was Melanie! She was at LittleGarden today! Mellie was dressed in her usual thick diaper, which was peeking out a bit from the hem of her short blue floral dress. It had no sleeves and ruffled straps, it looked very cool and comfortable, but very babyish. I was wearing a sleeveless dress too, but the hem of mine came to my knees and the straps were much wider. Mine started out white and faded to pink and had strawberries and kittens all over it. I ran and hugged her, maybe today wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Oh look, it’s Crybaby Kimmy,” Sadie’s voice stabbed into me from behind and I tensed up, still holding on to Melanie. “Gonna cry for us again today, crybaby?”

“Oh look,” Melanie responded for me before I could even turn around, “The daycare brat. Now I know who not to play with.”

I was frozen, Mellie was standing up for me.

“Who’s your friend, crybaby? Is she a big crybaby like you are?”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I couldn’t help it. Why did she have to be so mean, I never even did anything to her.

“Why don’t you go find a place to poop yourself,” Mellie retorted and wrapped an arm around me, walking us away from Sadie. A few other Littles had stopped to watch, but none of the Amazons had noticed the altercation. The LittleGarden was packed today, there were easily 25 Littles to just the 3 Amazon caretakers.

Sadie sensed that she could get away with starting some trouble, so she came right at Mellie, ready to shove her over. Melanie let go of me and crouched a bit as Sadie advanced, and she moved in a way that surprised me several times over… Sadie reached out to push Melanie and with a small twist and turn, Melanie was standing but Sadie was flat on her back. Melanie crouched down over her.

“You will leave Kimmy alone, or I will make you hurt, brat,” I heard Melanie growl in a low, male tone that I had never heard from sweet little Mellie before.

Sadie started crying and Melanie tried to help her up.

“Sadie, what happened?” Miss Rachael was coming back over.

“She fell down Miss Rachael, is she okay?” Melanie asked sweetly, her voice back to normal.

“That bitch pushed me!” Sadie growled and was scooped up quickly.

“Sadie Jean,” Miss Rachael said, sounding exasperated, “You are getting a time out for language. We don’t use those words and you know it. You should know it better than anyone with the amount of time you spend in time out, you stubborn girl.”

Sadie was carried off and I hugged Melanie tightly, my tears chased away.

“Thank you so much, Mellie, I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Hopefully Sadie won’t bother you any more,” Melanie returned my hug, “Let’s go do some crafts. I want to make a big heart for my mommy. Will you help?”

I nodded and we headed off to craft time.

Crafting with Melanie was fun, I made an “otter” out of pipe cleaners and bits of paper, and a big heart that said “I LOVE MOMMY”. We were having fun when all of a sudden the whole room went crazy. Littles were clapping and cheering out of nowhere when a loud female voice called out.

“Who’s ready for some fun time?”

I spun around to see what the commotion was, and was greeted with a strange sight. There was an Amazon woman standing in the play area. She had long raven black hair that was tied in two high pigtails with big pink bows, she wore a pair of denim shortalls with yellow daisy patches stitched to them, and a lime green shirt underneath. She had knee-high socks that didn’t match at all, one was purple with pink flowers all over and the other was a duck tessellation in yellow, and she wore no shoes. She… honestly, she looked like a giant Little. I stared hard at her butt, trying to determine if she was diapered. Did they even make diapers for grown Amazons?

“MISS ANABELLE!” the room cheered, twenty plus Littles screaming for joy in unison. “It’s Miss Annabelle!” The room chattered, delighted.

“Who’s Miss Anabelle?” I asked a Little boy who was standing with us at the craft table.

“She’s the best Amazon ever!” the Little boy, Marcus - or at least that’s what it said on his nametag - cried happily. “She comes and plays with us sometimes, she is the most fun ever!”

“Let’s have some fun!” Miss Anabelle shouted and suddenly there was pop music playing throughout the daycare. Miss Anabelle started throwing gauzy scarves in the air and shouted, “Don’t let them touch the ground!” She danced around the Littles, throwing the scarves and making sure each Little had a chance to grab one. We would grab them and throw them back up in the air just to watch them float down slowly again. It was a silly game, but for some reason she was so excited about it that it was fun.

We did that for a while before she collected them and led everyone in a dancing game. We would dance and she would pause the music and if she caught you moving, you had to sit down. I didn’t understand the rules at first, so I was eliminated pretty quickly - so was Melanie, but it was still fun to watch everyone else dance. There was something infectious about Miss Anabelle’s energy. She looked to be genuinely having fun. I spent a lot of time watching her move after I was out of the freeze dance game, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a diaper. She really did seem to be having fun, though.

Finally, she led us through a game of “Miss Anabelle says” where we had to follow her tricky instructions. She had Littles running in circles and contorting themselves into pretzels and the room was filled with laughter. Her energy was incredible, it seemed limitless. The game ended with “Miss Anabelle says lay down and close your eyes”, and the entire room of Littles laid down… and took a nap.

When I came to, Miss Anabelle was gone and I was sad about it. I never got to introduce myself or talk to her, she was just a whirlwind of playtime that blew through and filled us all with joy and laughter and blew out just as quickly, leaving us sleepy and contented. I awoke to find it was lunchtime and I was once again given my beloved peanut butter sandwich. I looked around for Melanie during lunchtime, she was also in a highchair, feeding herself a bowl of mush with a plastic spoon and getting it all over her face. I giggled and immersed myself in the peanut butter goodness. Today was a good day.

The rest of the day was equally good. Somehow I managed to have a day at LittleGarden without incident. April came to pick me up before Lisa came to get Melanie. I hugged her goodbye and rushed off to greet April the moment the gate clicked open.

“MommyImissedyouIloveyou,” I squeezed her legs and she lifted me up.

“How was she today?” April asked Miss Rachael.

“Kimmy was a very good girl today Ms. Morris, there were no problems at all. She made these for you,” she handed the pipe-cleaner otter and the heart over to April, “She did a good job playing with others and did not fuss during diaper changes.”

“Oh Kimmy, these are beautiful. I’m so glad you had a good day today,” she squeezed me tightly and we headed for the car. “Thank you, Miss Rachael,” she said on the way out the door.

“So today was a good day?” April asked me as she started the drive home.

“Oh yes, Melanie was there and we had a great time, she’s good at being a Little. And Miss Anabelle came today, she’s the strangest Amazon ever, she dresses like a Little and comes and plays. I honestly thought she might be wearing a diaper, but she wasn’t. She had two different socks!” I rambled about my day and April listened intently. It felt really good to have an entire day where nothing went wrong.

“Sorry, baby, hold on - I want to hear more about your day,” April paused my rant because the phone was ringing. I hoped it was Lisa or Gwen, I wanted to tell them about Miss Anabelle. “Hello?”

“April, sweetie,” a male voice came through the car speakers, “I’ve got great news for you. The Smash want you on their new album, they asked for you specifically. Apparently word got around that you’re knocking it out of the park on your current sessions. They say your energy has never been higher!”

“Things are going really well for me on the home front, Marty - this is great news!” April sounded really happy, “What are the details?”

“I already said yes, I have your flight booked for Thursday. You’ve got to finish your current sessions with Star and hop a plane to Barcelon. The Smash want you for one week - this will be a great boost for you.”

“That’s great news,” some of the energy had fallen out of her voice, “I’ll get packed. Shoot me the tickets and the hotel info.”

“You’re the best, April - this is really great for you!”

“Shit!” April cursed as soon as the phone was hung up, “Shit shit shit!” Before I could ask what was wrong, she had called someone and was waiting for them to answer.

“Hello?” Lisa was on the phone now.

“Lisa! Thank goodness,” April sounded upset now.

“What’s wrong sweetie? Did Kimmy have another bad day?”

“No - no, she had a great day. I’m having a great day too, honestly - I got some really good news. The Smash wants me to fill for their new album, Billy’s wrist must still be bad.”

“That’s great news! Oh my gosh!”

“In Barcelon on Thursday.”

“Oh. Oh… oh! What are you going to do with Kimmy?”

“That’s the problem, what am I going to do with Kimmy?” April sounded concerned, and I was confused - what did she mean.

“What about Gwen? Can she watch Kimmy?”

“I’ve been dating Gwen for like two weeks, I can’t just say, ‘This has been great, can you watch my Little for a week?’ We’re not at that stage yet, it wouldn’t be fair.” Watch me? For a week? I was going to be away from April for a week? I started to panic now. I found my pacifier and stuck it in my mouth and started sucking on it, me interrupting wouldn’t help anything.

“What about your mom?”

“Hell no, who knows what she’d do to Kimmy if she had her for a week alone. She’d do it with the best of intentions, but I want my Kimmy exactly as she is.”

“April, I would watch Kimmy for the week if I could, but Mellie is going in for surgery soon and she’ll need my full attention for her recovery.”

“Shit, shit! What am I going to do?”

“I… I guess you might have to take her with you, April.” I wanted to go with her, why wouldn’t she want me to go with her? "Unless you want to leave her in a RoboNursery for a week… "

“No!” I screamed around the pacifier. Not that, anything but that!

“Shhh, shh baby, I won’t do that,” April soothed me and I returned to sucking furiously on the pacifier. “I can’t, Lisa - she’s too scared of robots, it would be cruel.”

“So will a trip to Catalon, April.” Catalon? The place with the mean Amazons? Where they didn’t even care if the Littles liked the food? Oh, I didn’t like the sound of this.

“I know… I know, I don’t know what to do.”

“What about a sitter service?”

"I haven’t used one yet, I don’t know if I can trust one with Kimmy for an entire week, she’s so fragile Lisa… " April sighed, I felt a little guilty, "She’ll… just have to come with me. I’ll keep her close… I can’t pass up this opportunity, if I skip this one my career is over. No one will want to work with me if I snub the Smash. Shit… "

“I’ll be good, we can go to Catalon,” I said softly, “I’ll be the perfect Little, I won’t get punished, we’ll be fine. Right?”

“She’s gotten much better, April - you’ve either got to trust her with a RoboNanny or trust her in Catalon.”

“Please mommy, not a week in a RoboNanny… please take me with you, I’ll be the best Little ever.”

“Okay,” April sighed, “We’re doing this. Thanks Lisa, sorry to bother you at work.”

“You just saw me an hour ago, silly. You bother me at work as part of your job.” I could almost hear Lisa sticking her tongue out over the phone.

“You know what I mean… I… thanks. You’re a good friend.”

“You’re the best, April. I love you.”

“I love you too. Thanks again. We can do this. We’ll be fine, right?”


Part 27

The week went by too quickly. Sadie was leaving me alone at LittleGarden and I got to play with Melanie each day, but Miss Anabelle hadn’t shown up again. I really wanted to talk to her. April and I didn’t get to spend a ton of quality time together, there was a lot of running around to do when she wasn’t in the studio. We had to go to the doctor and I had to get a shot, but the Littles doctor she took me to was very nice about everything. The only snag we hit was at the ID office.

“Here’s the passport for your Little, Ms. Morris,” she smiled, “And she is a cutie. Look at that photo!”

I had smiled my biggest, happiest smile for the passport photo. April beamed.

“There’s just one more thing, we highly recommend that because you’re travelling to Catalon, you get the coded collar that matches the passport.”

“My Kimmy doesn’t need a collar, ma’am,” April declined the older woman’s offer politely.

“Have you been to Catalon recently? You mentioned you’re headed to Barcelon itself, right?”

“Yes, that’s right… but no, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been there.”

“They passed a law requiring all Littles to be collared or tagged, Ms. Morris, I highly, highly recommend that you get the coded collar. You can encode it to only unlock with your DNA scan. Your Little will be much safer. If not… the Albion Embassy doesn’t cover Littles, I’m afraid.” She looked scared on my behalf, and I was positively terrified.

“I’ll wear the collar, mommy,” I said softly, “I don’t want to get in trouble there.”

“What a good Little you have, Ms. Morris - please, listen to her. It’s just a necklace. When you get home, it can come off and no one will ever be the wiser.”

“All right,” April sighed, holding me tightly, “Kimmy, what color should we get?”

“I’m afraid it’s got to be pink, Ms. Morris. You have a female Little, so Catalon law states that your Little must wear a pink collar when visiting. We’ll put the Albion red and white near the clasp. But you do get to pick what name is printed on it,” she offered, hoping to appease April.

“‘Kimmy Morris’ is fine,” April said, “And thank you for looking out for us, we really appreciate it. You’re right, I would be positively heartbroken if something should happen to my little Kimmy. She’s very important to me.”

I smiled and snuggled into her arms. I wasn’t happy that I’d have to wear a collar, but honestly - it wouldn’t be that bad. It was just jewelry, and if it would keep me out of trouble in Catalon, I was all for it.

“It’ll be okay, mommy,” I assured her, “It’s just jewelry.”

“Aww,” the clerk melted a bit, hurrying off to prepare the item that I hoped would keep me safe on my visit.

We sat together in the back seat of the car and slowly opened the box. It was a collar. Like you’d put on a pet, it was a soft pink leather with a steel plate that read “Kimmy Morris” and had the Albion flag near the clasp.

“We should,” April hesitated, obviously uncomfortable, “We should try it on before we leave the documentation office, just in case there’s something wrong. We should test it to make sure it works.”

I nodded and held my hair out of the way, leaning forward as best I could in my unbuckled reclined sitting position in the carseat. April gently pulled the collar around my neck and tapped the clasp. There was a small beep and a tiny hiss… the collar was tight but not too tight. I could breathe, I could turn my head and flex, but I was very aware of it.

“Try to take it off,” April instructed me. I nodded and started fumbling at the clasp. I tried prying it open, I tried finding a seam, I tried tugging hard at the clasp to get it to pop… there was no way I was getting this off myself. April nodded, her face grim and tapped the clasp gently. It beeped twice and let go, falling into my lap. I let out a small sigh of relief.

“It’s not so bad, mommy,” I laid my hand gently on hers, she was trembling a bit. I picked the collar up and handed it back to her so she could put it in the box. “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Oh Kimmy,” she smiled weakly down at me, “You’re such a good girl. When we get home from our trip, I will take you to the store and buy you anything you want. We’ll have quite a check coming from this one.”

“Actually,” I blushed, "There is something I want… " My cheeks burned.

“What is it, sweetheart? You’re such a wonderful girl, I’ll give you anything I can.”

"I was wondering… when we get back… if we could… " my face felt hot as I stammered, I clenched my eyes shut and blurted it out, “Will you breastfeed me please?”

April’s soft, musical laugh greeted me and I opened my eyes slowly. She was beaming down at me, the whole car was lit up by her love.

“Of course, my darling. I didn’t know you wanted that,” she smiled at me, stroking my face, “I would love to be that close to you. I’ll get the necessary medicines the moment we get back.”

“Thank you,” I said quietly, “I would like that.”

She kissed me on the forehead and buckled me in, and we were off for one more night at home before we started our next adventure. It was strange, but I felt I was going to miss my crib.

After dinner and once all the bags were packed and everything was ready, it was time to get ready for bed. I was dressed in a simple white nightgown with my usual nighttime diaper… and April carried me to her room.

“I know it’s best for Littles to sleep in their cribs, it’s safest… but I really want you close to me tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day and I could really use some extra snuggles. Is that okay? Will you stay still in bed with me?”

“Of course, mommy. Snuggling with you is the best,” I smiled at her, “I’ve got no reason to go anywhere at all.”

I wished strongly that she were ready to breastfeed already… that would be the best way to go to sleep. But falling asleep in her arms, in her bed… that was a pretty close second. She laid down, her arm under my head like a pillow and I snuggled into her breasts. She smelled wonderful, the soap smell from her freshly cleaned face mixing with the minty toothpaste, I breathed it in and relaxed. She stroked my hair slowly as I drifted off.

When I awoke the next morning, April was carrying me out of the house. I was dressed in shortalls and a shirt, with a nighttime diaper underneath. I had no idea if it was the same one or not, but it was dry. She was laying me down gently in the carrier and buckling me in, the sun wasn’t up yet.

“Shhh,” she said softly, pushing my pacifier between my lips, “Go back to sleep, it’s too early for you.” It wasn’t hard to do. I closed my eyes and sucked the pacifier… I may or may not have been imagining it was April.

I awoke again, but this time we were standing in a long line with lots of people… at the airport, I was guessing. I was strapped into the carrier, my face was a little wet from drool. I grabbed my pacifier, it was clipped to the front pocket of my shortalls and popped it in my mouth, looking around. We were in a sea of Amazons. If I hadn’t already felt tiny, this would do it for sure. April was carrying me and a small bag, her guitar and the big bag we packed must have already been checked. Security didn’t seem as crazy here as it was where I was from… the airport flowed smoothly and people were just interested in getting to their destinations. I yawned and stretched, it didn’t look like too many other Amazons were taking their Littles on this flight. Honestly, that worried me.

“Mommy,” I called softly after we had taken a seat, waiting to board the plane, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, sweetheart,” April laughed quietly, “You’re not supposed to worry about me, silly. It’s my job to worry about you.” She picked up the carrier and set it in her lap, so I was facing her, her face filling my view. Her smile was the sun, I was warmed by it.

“I love you, mommy,” I smiled up at her, my heart full of love.

“Oh my goodness! What an adorable Little you have! How did you train her to say ‘I love you’ like that? It was perfect!” an Amazon woman had sat down next to April and was joining our moment uninvited. Her lipstick was the wrong shade for her skin and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a tight bun. I couldn’t see much more of her than that.

“Love,” April smiled, “Littles need lots of love. If you love them openly, they will love you back.”

“Ohhh,” the woman nodded, “you’ve got her addicted. She’s not twitchy at all, she’s really adorable. You’ve done a good job.”

“No,” April frowned, “Kimmy isn’t addicted to anything. She’s lucid and free-willed. Talk to her, if you like.”

“Hi,” I said to the lady, waving, “My name is Kimmy, what’s your name?”

“Hi Kimmy, I’m Natalie,” the woman said, obviously skeptical, “You are a cutie, how old are you?”

“Ten months, ma’am,” I say, knowing she has zero interest in my actual age, “My mommy says I speak well for my age.”

“I agree with your mommy, cutie pie. What’s your favorite food?”

“Peanut butter and jelly!” I lie, Lisa’s milk is much better than that, but I’m keeping that to myself. The cookies taste better, but I’m probably never eating another one of those, ever. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to answer that April’s milk is the best thing ever, but for now peanut butter will do.

“Oh Littles do love that, don’t they. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Little who didn’t like peanut butter,” she was staring intensely at my eyes.

“I’m not on any regression formula, ma’am. I drink mostly apple juice,” I smile.

“Oh, she is a sharp cookie, isn’t she?” she looks back to April, “How did you get her to be so compliant? She’s not screaming, she’s not fighting, and she’s not drugged - how do you do it?”

“Mommy loves me, ma’am,” I answer politely, “I… I used to be angry and sad, but she helped me. It wasn’t always easy.”

“Love,” April smiled, “Littles need lots and lots of love. If you can help them through their damage, they are wonderful companions.”

“I will say this, I am envious of you. My Little would never have a conversation like this. He’d either pop off with something rude or refuse to talk at all. I’m impressed. Maybe all that hippy stuff isn’t complete nonsense, huh?”

“Maybe,” April smiled kindly, ignoring the woman’s probably unintentional insult. “Maybe it’s not too late for you and your Little, help heal the damage from his old life and maybe he’ll bloom.” April stroked my cheek as she smiled down at me, and I put the pacifier back in my mouth.

"Love… " the woman said, her voice distant.

The crew for the plane announced we were boarding, so we were separated from Natalie. I hoped she’d give her Little a chance.

Before long, the carrier was strapped down to an airplane seat and we were prepping to take off. April had a bottle handy for me, and my paci, and Harry Otter, and a book to read. I hadn’t flown often in the place I was from, and flying while strapped into a baby carrier in a wet diaper was certainly new. Takeoff was a breeze in the padded carrier, and I was able to relieve the pressure on my ears easily by drinking from the bottle. This was probably going to be the most pleasant flying experience I had ever had.

Part 28

“We’re beginning our final descent into Barcelon, the temperature on the ground is a warm and dry 26 degrees. Thank you for flying Albion Air, we appreciate your business.”

“Mommy,” I said softly, "we should probably put on the… you know… "

My nighttime diaper was soaked after the long flight and I was now asking the woman I loved to put a collar around my neck. My life had changed a lot in the past six weeks… but it felt mostly good. This trip would be over before either of us knew it and we’d be back home, laughing about how we were worried about nothing. April pulled the small box out of her purse and I did my best to pull my hair out of the way. She slid the collar around my neck gently and tapped the clasp. Once again, it sealed with a tiny hiss and I was wearing a constant reminder of April’s protection.

“It’s okay,” I laid my hand on April’s, who was frowning, “it actually makes me feel protected. We’re in a different place, and this says that I’m your Little and no one else can touch me.”

She returned the smile but didn’t reply, looking nervously out the window.

We landed and headed to the baggage carousel, waiting for April’s big purple suitcase and her reinforced guitar case. I felt bad, I wished I could help… she had to carry me too. A giant bag, a guitar, a carry on, and a Little in a carrier wasn’t going to be easy to handle.

“Ow!” a cry came from the carousel as… a cage fell onto the conveyer. There was a Little inside, bound hand and foot to the walls of a dog carrier. He was dressed in a footed sleeper and had a pacifier strapped to his face, and a very thick diaper on underneath. I looked on in horror as he rotated slowly away from us, only to be picked up by a large Amazon man.

“You will be quiet,” the man growled as he picked up the cage-carrier and walked off with his other bags. April laid a hand on my stomach as she watched. Catalon was worse than I had imagined. How was it even legal to transport a person in a cage like that!? The trip could not be over soon enough. April loaded all the bags and my carrier onto a rolling cart and started pushing us towards the transportation exit. I don’t think I saw a single walking Little in the airport, they were mostly in carriers and strollers… thankfully I didn’t see any more cages either. I breathed a sigh of relief, maybe that guy was the anomaly and not the rule.

The hotel shuttle came reasonably quickly and the driver helped us load up. There was a lone Amazon woman traveling, and a man with a Little girl in his lap. She had a collar on too, a pink one with black trim. She stared blankly into space. She was wearing just a light blue onesie and her diaper was very thick, her legs were spread apart by it, each of her legs were draped on either side of one of the Amazon’s, who had one hand wrapped around her waist and resting on her tummy. She blinked slowly, but didn’t appear to be looking at anything… her eyes were very cloudy, like Susie’s at the park but worse. A thin line of drool escaped the corner of her mouth, wet and shiny coming from behind the shield of her pacifier.

“Daddy,” her voice was soft, but it carried in the quiet shuttle, “I love you.” She didn’t blink, she didn’t smile as she said it. He kissed the top of her head.

“I love you too, my little doll.”

I shuddered and tried not to stare… that could have been me. I stayed completely silent during the trip, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, my pulse quickened with fear for the Little girl. The only sound that came from me the entire trip was a soft hiss from my diaper. I stayed “asleep” as April carried us in and someone helped her with the bags.

“May I help you?” It was disorienting to pretend to sleep, I could only imagine what people looked like. The voice was female, young… bored.

“Yes, I’d like to check in. The reservation should be under April Morris, arranged by Marty Walker,” April sounded nervous. I didn’t blame her, I wanted to get to the room, too.

“Welcome Ms. Morris, I just need your initials here and your signature here. Would you prefer a crib or a cage to be provided to your room for your Little?”

“Crib, please,” April’s voice was wooden as she responded.

“When would you like the complimentary nanny service? It’s good for one hour per night, we’ll watch your Little in your room.”

“No nanny, thank you.”

“Are you sure? It’s one of the most popular amenities here.”

“Absolutely sure, thank you.”

“All right, Ms. Morris. Everything is ready to go, here is your key. Just a reminder, Littles in the rooms must be silent after 11 PM, or they must be confined to the hotel nursery. You can check your Little in any time you’d like, we have the latest and greatest RoboNannies.”

I clamped my teeth down on the nipple of the pacifier to keep silent. I’d made it so far, I didn’t want to cry out now.

“Thank you very much. I’m quite tired from the flight, I’ll be heading to my room. Please have my bags sent up?” April carried just me and what I was betting was her guitar, she wasn’t letting either of us out of her sight.

“Of course, Ms. Morris, I hope you enjoy your stay!”

I heard the elevator door close and peeked my eyes open a bit… we were alone. I looked up at April, she was obviously agitated. I felt bad again that she had to carry me, this would be easier if she didn’t. I wondered if she’d be happier if I had stayed in a RoboNursery back home… I felt awful that she was so miserable.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. She just smiled down at me and pressed a finger to the shield of my pacifier and shushed me quietly.

Once we were safely in the room, she set the carrier on the bed and breathed a heavy sigh.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated, louder, pulling the pacifier from my mouth, “You should have been able to check me into a RoboNursery back home, this is so hard on you!”

“Oh Kimmy,” April smiled sadly, reaching down, unbuckling me, and pulling me out of the carrier. She picked me up and put my chin over her shoulder, holding me tight to her body and rocking back and forth. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders as best I could and closed my eyes, “My little Kimmy, you’re so sweet. Don’t feel bad that you came along, don’t feel bad that there are things you are afraid of. I love you and I’m glad you’re with me. It’s scary, but if you were so far away from me I’d spend all my time worried that you were okay. We chose to bring you with me together, please don’t feel guilty about it. I’m here for you and I’m glad you’re here with me.”

“I love you, mommy,” I said softly into her ear.

“I love you too, my precious Little girl. You are so wonderful.”

She stood there, holding me, rocking, the two of us in a loving embrace for what seemed like an eternity and no time at all.

“I need to take a shower, I feel yucky from all the travel,” April said to me as she put me down gently on the bed. “Do you need a change first?”

“Yes please,” I poked the diaper through the shortalls, it was pretty full. She smiled and laid me down, I closed my eyes listening to the “pop pop pop” of the snaps along the inner seams of the shortalls. All of my clothes that weren’t skirts or dresses had them, and something about the sound of the snaps popping open, something about the feeling of being fully dressed but still exposed to the woman who loved me made me feel very comforted. I popped the pacifier back in my mouth and suckled loudly for her, making a happy sound in my throat.

“Oh, someone likes getting a fresh diaper, huh? You were such a good girl on the plane, and in the airport, and on the ride, and in the lobby. You have come a long way, my sweet girl. Thank you for being cautious and smart about what you say and when. This place is definitely not as safe as home.”

I nodded - it was hard sometimes, but I had to trust April, she wouldn’t steer me wrong. The wet diaper was gone and a fresh one was being pulled over me, pillow soft and smelling nice. The sounds of the tape ripping and fastening as they sealed me into yet another diaper was oddly comforting as well. It felt good to be in a comfy, dry daytime diaper as opposed to the wet nighttime one she removed. I was a Little, I was April’s Little, and she would always keep me safe and comfortable. As the last of the snaps closed, I opened my eyes and reached for her, opening and closing my hands. April laughed and leaned down, giving me a big hug where I lay. I wrapped my arms around her again, determined not to let her go… but she gently pushed me back to the bed with one huge hand.

“I’ll come snuggle you after my shower, sweetie. Sit here and read your book, I’ll only be a moment.” She handed me the book of Little Tales, it was a collection of stories all centering around Littles finding love in the arms of an Amazon. It was nice. I identified with a lot of the Littles, and there was always a happy ending. April headed off to the bathroom and closed the door, followed by the sound of the gushing shower. I laid back on the enormous bed, just a single pillow would make a reasonably comfortable bed for me, and enjoyed my book.

Until there was a knock on the door.

“Housekeeping, we have your bags and the crib for your Little.”

“Mommy,” I called, “the people are here with your bags.” I didn’t think she could hear me. The people would just have to come back. It would be an ordeal just for me to get off the bed, there was no way I could let them in.

And then the door opened, and an older woman with dark brown hair in a bob wearing a hotel uniform came in, wheeling a crib in.

“I’ll just… Oh my goodness, look at you!” She rushed over to the bed and scooped me up, “Oh, you almost fell you poor thing. Did your mommy leave you on the bed all by yourself? That’s awful!”

"I’m fine, really, she’s… " The pacifier silenced my words, and she pumped it five times! My jaw ached a little as the rubber nipple forced my mouth open and held my tongue down. I whimpered. I tried to call for April, but I was completely silenced.

“This just won’t do, it’s a good thing I brought your crib. It would have been awful to find you crying on the floor. Let’s just put you in here where you’ll be safe.”

The crib was solid steel with a thin matress and teddy bear sheets. She held me to her hip with one arm, rolled the crib into the corner, and lowered the bars. She laid me down… and started fastening cuffs around my wrists. I pulled against her and was rewarded with a slap on the skin of my thigh. It hurt! She was so strong. I went limp, tears coming to my eyes from the stinging pain.

“Bad girl,” she put a finger to the collar around my neck, “Bad Kimmy. You should know better than to fight. You’re in your crib, you’re going to lay down safely until your mommy is done with her shower, you naughty thing.”

I didn’t struggle further as she secured my wrists and ankles, my thigh hurt a lot where she slapped me.

“There, your mommy will be much happier now that you’re in your proper place,” she leaned in close and stared at my eyes, “Oh dear, it looks like your formula wore off. I’ll remember to keep a treat for you in my pocket for next time.”

My eyes shot wide open and I shook my head.

“Oh, I see… your mommy doesn’t know you fought it off, huh? Naughty girl. I’ll remember you, naughty Kimmy.”

She raised the bars to the crib and finished wheeling April’s bags in and left. I thrashed in the bonds, but there was no way I was getting out of this. I just hoped April finished her shower before the maid came back. I felt thoroughly trapped, I was in a steel crib, wearing a collar, my arms and legs were restrained to the point that all I could do was wiggle, and in this position, the ever present diaper felt confining as well. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long.

“Kimmy!” April cried as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She rushed over to the crib and lowered the side, looking to soothe my whimpering. She deflated the pacifier and started undoing the cuffs. “My poor Kimmy, what happened?”

“The maid came with your bags and the crib, I tried to tell her I was fine but she overinflated the pacifier and strapped me down… it hurt. She said she’d have a treat with a regression formula when she came back. I’m scared, April.”

“I’m so sorry I left you alone, sweetie,” she drew me into her arms and hugged me tight, “I will be more careful with you. I’m so sorry this happened to you, sweetie.”

“It’s okay,” I breathed in April’s scent, enjoying the feel of her bare flesh, “I’m okay. I’m okay, I’m sorry.”

“Shhh,” she rocked me gently, “I’ll tell the front desk you’re allergic to the regression formula, we’ll make sure the staff doesn’t try to give you any. Everything will be fine. You have nothing to be sorry about, you didn’t do anything wrong.” She moved me to the bed and kissed my forehead. “We’ve had a long day already, and we still need to get some dinner. I don’t think you’re sleeping in that crib tonight, I want you close to me.”

That was fine with me.


Part 29

We decided on fast food, something April really didn’t believe in, on the grounds of convenience. I was back in the carrier for the short walk, we were just going to get a couple of burgers and take it back to the room to eat. The restaurant was pretty normal as compared to things where I was from, we stood in line and I pretended to sleep. April ordered a meal for herself and a Little-sized burger and a lemon-lime soda for me, and we headed back to the hotel. People seemed to leave a “sleeping baby” alone, so I had a feeling I’d be faking sleep a lot on this trip.

Once we were safely back in the room, I “woke up” and April sat on the floor with me and started distributing the food. Her burger was enormous, the size of a dinner plate - I could eat it for a week and still have leftovers. Her soda was a gallon easily, probably a gallon and a half. Mine were much more reasonably sized, it looked like a good meal. April fiddled with her phone a bit and played some music for us while we ate. It was mostly a comfortable silence… it made me think of a half-remembered saying about love being the ability to sit with someone and say nothing at all.

I hadn’t really had any soda since I became Little, it had all been milk and juice so this was a real treat. The bubbles tickled my nose as I drank, taking a long draw of the cold beverage, guzzling it quickly.

“Thank you for dinner, mommy,” I smiled up at her. Even sitting on her rump on the floor she towered over me. "This is really nice… " My face felt warm, my skin felt fuzzy. Something was wrong. “Is it hot in here?” I put a hand on my crotch, I was wetting my diaper with no warning at all. “Um, mommy… I fink somefing is wrong.”

“Shit!” April cursed, leaning close into me, “They laced the food. Of course they laced the Little menu, fucking Catalon!” She snatched the burger and the soda away from me. Her outburst scared me for some reason and I couldn’t help but cry. “What am I going to do? How are we going to get by here without you getting drugged or abused? We can’t even trust the food!” I wasn’t used to April having emotional outbursts and my own emotions felt completely out of control. I buried my face in her chest and sobbed. We sat there for a long moment, taking comfort in each others arms.

Then April stood up quickly, a look of determination on her face. She strapped me back into the carrier and we headed back out into the streets of Barcelon.

“Where we go?” I struggled to ask, my brain felt fuzzy and I couldn’t get my words to do what I wanted. April looked down at me sadly and slipped my pacifier between my lips. She didn’t inflate it… but for some reason, I couldn’t spit it out anyway. Every time I tried, I ended up sucking on it instead. My limbs felt heavy and I couldn’t get comfortable. When we stopped, it looked like we were in a pharmacy.

“Excuse me, hi,” April smiled to a male pharmacy tech behind the counter, her voice sounded a little strange to me, “I’m having a bit of an emergency, I’m hoping you can help me.”

“Hello ma’am,” he smiled back, “What’s the trouble?”

“My Little has been in the hospital for the past few days… I got her the implant that rejects solid food,” I squeezed my eyes shut to prevent the look of terror on my face from showing. How was that a thing? “But I didn’t plan on her being in so long, they kept her for observation and my supply dried up. I need a lactation booster, one that will have her feeding tonight. I do not want her on formula, not my princess.”

"Oh, those are getting popular. I hear the newer models can even disallow most liquids except for breastmilk. We have just the thing, ma’am. He grabbed a box from behind the counter. “No prescription required, and your Little will be completely addicted to your milk within 3 feedings. She’ll do absolutely anything for a feed after that, it’s so adorable when they beg for it.”

“Oh dear, she’s allergic to the addiction additive, I tried that when I first got her. She was so fussy. After the second feed, she couldn’t stop vomiting everywhere and there was blood in it, no no. We’re not doing that again. She’ll behave or else. Do you have a non-addictive booster?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, ma’am. Littles coughing up blood is so distressing. Poor things,” he put the box away and grabbed another one. “This one has the least number of additives - it will make her wet more often, that’s the best I can do. That part should be out of your system in three weeks. It’s probably best if we avoid all we can since she had such an extreme reaction to the addiction additive. This one is as safe as they come.”

“Thank you so much,” April said, a small edge in her voice. I kept still as we started moving again. April checked out and we were on our way again. I opened my eyes when we were back on the street, but I felt dizzy and warm… I felt so thirsty. Once we were back in the elevator of the hotel, I tried telling her.

“Mama,” I said softly around the pacifier. I still couldn’t spit it out, it felt really hard to talk, “Drink pwease.” I hated the way my voice sounded, but I couldn’t help it. The words wouldn’t come out the way I wanted.

April rocked me gently and I felt soothed. I sighed sleepily and smiled. The moment we were back in the room, April set the carrier on the bed and took the medicine she bought.

“Mama,” I called again, “Drink pwease. Firsty.”

“My poor baby, oh you’re soaked,” April said, pulling me out of the carrier. “Shh, shh, it’s okay.” She stroked my hair. Oh, how I wished I hadn’t drank so much of that soda. Why was it hitting me so hard? How did Catalon Littles even function at all? “Let’s get you changed.”

“Firsty, firsty,” my mouth felt so dry as she laid me down and started popping the snaps of my shortalls again.

“Let’s keep you in nighttime diapers for now, until this wears off sweetie, we’ll get you changed and we’ll get you a drink.” Her tones were soothing, I loved her so much. I don’t think I ever loved her more than I did in that moment. The warm feeling I had was a little tingly now, and her fingers felt cool where she touched me. “There we go, Kimmy. All dry and comfy again.” She was babytalking me… she didn’t normally do this, and I was really enjoying it, although some small part of me knew that I shouldn’t. She laid me back down in the carrier and walked out of my vision. I felt unbelievably sad the moment I couldn’t see her… and I started to cry. Loudly. I just couldn’t help it, it felt like I had been abandoned, like she was never coming back and I’d be alone forever.

“Mama!” I called out, hoping she could still hear me from her faraway place.

“Shhh, baby,” came her voice and I felt better, “The medicine says I have to drink a lot of water for it to work, my darling.” She came back with a large glass of water for herself and a bottle of juice for me. Seeing her was like seeing the sun rise after a month of darkness. It was beautiful and precious and I savored the moment. “This is the last bottle we brought with us, I hope that the medicine works before you get thirsty again.”

I took the bottle and sucked greedily at the nipple, the juice felt cold and soothing on my throat, I felt parched - like I had just run ten miles, it didn’t make any sense. As I drained the bottle, April picked up the carrier and set it back on the floor. She resumed her dinner, eating the very large and now probably cold burger and drinking as much of the water as she could. I was still quite hungry, I hadn’t gotten but a bite of my own burger. I was breathing through my nose and chugging the bottle as best I could, I didn’t want to stop until it was completely gone, I felt so thirsty. When it was empty, I felt better… the thirst was lessened, but it was definitely still there.

“Tanks,” I said, pulling the empty bottle from between my lips, "I… " I struggled to focus, everyone was always commenting about ‘fighting the formula’, so that’s what I had to do. I struggled to be coherent, “I feel betta. I don know why I got so firsty.”

“Because,” April smiled sadly, “the formula they slipped in your soda is making you pee out all your fluids.” She squeezed the front of my shortalls gently, “I just changed you a few minutes ago and you’re already wet. Did you not feel yourself going?”

“No,” I said, a little distressed, "I… " I reached down and pressed my hands to my diapered crotch. Now that I was focusing on it, I could feel that I was still going right now! “I’m peeing right now,” I frowned. I focused all my will on my bladder, focusing to stop the flow. Thankfully, it did. “I feel a lil’ betta.”

“Let it all out, don’t try to stop it. Getting those fluids out of you will help,” April stroked my face and took another large gulp from her water glass. I nodded and relaxed my bladder… and I was going again in a moment. The diaper grew warm and heavy between my legs. After a few moments, it stopped naturally.

“I feel… better,” I said, focusing on my pronunciation, “Wow, that was awful. How do the Catalon Littles deal with it?”

“Well sweetie,” she said, picking up my soda cup, “You drank almost all your soda at once and you had never been exposed to the regression formula before… I’ve heard that taking a heavy dose the first time can lead to some distressing effects. I’m going to assume that wasn’t quite what they consider a ‘heavy dose’ but it certainly affected you. I’m so glad you’re coming back to me, I missed you.”

“Me too, mama,” I frowned at the word, “Mommy. It made everything feel different, more extreme.”

“You should try and take a nap, sleep the rest of it off. We need to run to the store, thankfully just about everything is within walking distance of the hotel. You sleep and I’ll pick us up some supplies.”

“I’m not sleepy,” I objected.

“Oh sweetie… I don’t think you’re correct,” she smiled, pulling me from the carrier and holding me against her, my chin over her shoulder. “Close your eyes,” she said softly, and began rubbing my back and rocking side to side, singing a lullaby.

“Not sleepy,” I yawned, relaxing in her arms.

“Then don’t sleep, just relax and let me hold my perfect Little Kimmy,” she paused the lullaby long enough to tell me I didn’t have to sleep, then resumed. I relaxed further, going completely slack in her arms. She held me so easily, so tenderly. I was ten feet in the air and perfectly safe. A smile crept across my face as I bathed in the words to her song. Her voice was so beautiful to me, so perfect.

It wasn’t long before I was asleep.


Part 30

When I awoke, I was in the carrier in a shopping cart. The multicolored flowers of the sunshade smiling at me from the padding, the view of store shelves gliding by beyond them… the sight was familiar and comforting It felt right. I yawned and stretched and popped my pacifier in my mouth. I looked around, trying to figure out what store we were in.

The diaper aisle looked different. The sweet pictures of happy Littles didn’t grace the fronts of the packages. Instead, there were Littles wearing pacifiers strapped to their faces, ridiculously thick diapers around their waists, their adult breasts hanging out uncovered. I was still in Catalon. I saw April take one of the packages of ridiculous diapers down from the shelf and place it in the cart.

“Oh, good morning sweetie. You’re awake,” she smiled at me and stroked my cheek.

I melted under her touch. She was safety and comfort, she was joy incarnate in a place that sought to destroy the wills and minds of people like me. Catalon was terrible, and I was beginning to realize exactly how lucky I was to have been rescued by April. April was a gem even among the progressives of Albion, a guiding light of love to those she encountered. She had turned Lisa into a prog like her, after all. I smiled, thinking of Lisa and my friend Melanie, safely back home. Here in this place, April could be the patron saint of Littles, a folk hero. I laughed to myself at the thought.

“Oh you’re in a good mood,” she looked critically at my eyes. Her lips were smiling but her eyes weren’t. I pulled the pacifier from my mouth quietly and whispered to her.

“The formula is wearing off, I think. I feel fine… just happy to be with you and loving you a lot.”

“Oh Kimmy, I love you too. I’m glad that the formula is almost out of you.”

“Why are we getting those super thick diapers? Mellie would love them, but I don’t think I will.”

“The medicine I took is going to make you wet more, or so the pharmacy tech said,” she ran a fingertip across my eyebrows… it was incredibly relaxing, “If it’s anything like what the soda did to you, we’re going to need extra protection. That package was actually your new daytime diaper, I’m afraid.”

Daytime? How thick were the nighttime ones going to be?

“Let’s go see if we can find one of those body carriers you wanted, it will be easier to get around here with you on me, then I’ll have two hands to carry things.”

We headed to the carrier aisle, the carseats here were terrifying. There were carseats with built-in wrist and ankle restraints, one even had a head strap. There were carseats with autofeeders built in… the scariest one claimed to have “dynamically inflatable compartments to immobilize one or more limbs at the push of a button”. Amazons here had previously unimaginable tools to control their Littles. But the gentle body carrier was nowhere to be found. Instead, they had cage-carriers in that spot, like the one that poor Little boy was trapped in back at the airport.

“Excuse me,” April called to a clerk, “Hi. Do you know where the body carriers are? You know, the ones where you can wear your Little on your front?”

“Oh,” I heard a female voice say derisively, “You’re one of those. Those don’t sell, lady. You’ve got to go to one of those hippy stores if you want something like that for your spoiled princess.”

“Excuse me?” April said, offended.

“You heard me,” I could practically hear the sneer on the clerk-girl’s face, “I’ve seen your kind before, judging how everyone else treats their Little. ‘Oh you’re cruel’,” she said in a mocking tone, “not every Little is as easy as your princess. Some of them can be downright mean and they need things like this,” I saw a thin hand with painted nails pat the armrest of the carseat with the inflatable compartments, “to teach them how to behave. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with that, but don’t pass judgement on those of us who do.”

“Well,” April said sharply, “I actually didn’t pass judgement at all. I simply asked where a particular item may be located and you assumed quite a lot about both myself and my Little from that one piece of information. I understand that some Littles are difficult and I’m thankful that mine isn’t. I just want both my hands free when carrying her, you are the one who appears to be passing judgement on me. Perhaps we should take this up with the manager?”

"I… " the woman stammered, “You’re right, I’m sorry.”

“Having a rough day with your Little?” April asked understandingly.

“Actually,” the woman sounded embarrassed, “Yes. He tried to bite me this morning and I’m pretty upset about it. I’m very sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I hope you can work things out with your Little. They tend to do things for a reason, even if that reason doesn’t always make sense. Their feelings are pretty big for such small packages.”

“You’re right, here. I’m sorry for judging you, I hope you have a great day.”

“You as well,” I could hear April’s smile. My April, my mommy. I was always so proud of her, she always considered how others felt, it was almost like she could read their minds. “Now,” I heard her say quietly in my direction, “Let’s find one of these hippy stores. I bet we’ll feel more at home there, huh?”

She wheeled the cart to the checkout and we were on our way. It turned out that the clerk woman had given April a pretty good coupon for the diapers.

The door to the small shop had a bell that rang when you entered. April had a little trouble with the door, she had a bag with two packs of diapers in one hand and my carrier in the other.

“We should have come here first,” she muttered as she struggled her way inside.

“Welcome to Love Your Little,” a friendly voice came from around a corner. We stepped further into the shop and a woman a bit older than April greeted us. She had long, long brown hair that fell to her waist and thick-rimmed green glasses framing her brown eyes. She wore light makeup and was wearing a knee-length almost cocktail dress, white with a floral pattern. There was a Little girl holding on to the hem of her skirt, wearing a yellow sundress that looked a lot like something April would put me in, “How can I help you today?”

“Hello,” April’s friendly voice came from high above me. I waved to the other Little who smiled and waved back. “We’re looking for a body carrier, preferably one that can be used to carry a Little on your front or back. Do you have anything like that?”

“We certainly do, the shelf is a little narrow though, I don’t think your carrier will fit. You can put your bag over here and leave your carrier next to the counter. Let’s look at what we have and then make sure it’s comfortable for your Little.”

“Kimmy, I’m going to leave you right here for now. I’m going to unbuckle you, call if you need me.”

“Okay mommy,” I smiled to her as she unbuckled me. I relaxed in the carrier as the Amazons walked away and the other Little came up to me.

"Hi… " she said, a little shyly. “My name is Alice, what’s yours?”

“Kimmy,” I smiled, “Your mommy seems nice.”

“She is! She’s wonderful. She’s the nicest mommy in the whole world. She runs this whole store for other nice mommies!”

“How long have you been with her?” I asked, choosing not to defend April’s title as Nicest Mommy Ever for the moment.

“Seven birthdays,” Alice held up her fingers, which made me study her eyes… but they looked clear, “She rescued me.”

“My mommy rescued me too! I’m so lucky to have her.”

“Oh no,” Alice frowned, “You had a bad first daddy too?”

“No… my mommy rescued me from my old world… I was… I was going to die there. You had a bad daddy?”

“Yes,” Alice frowned, “He paid a lady to take me from my old world. He was mean, I don’t want to think about him.”

“I’m sorry,” her experience sounded much worse than mine, I didn’t want to cause Alice distress, “Tell me about your mommy. What’s a birthday with your mommy like?”

“Oh, last birthday was the best birthday ever. Mommy called some of her best customers and we all had a party in the park, she got a bounce house and we all jumped around and it was amazing!” Alice’s eyes lit up as she described her birthday party to me, it was something I hadn’t given much thought to, birthdays… I hadn’t really thought about being here that long. I wondered what April would do for my birthday? I smiled, imagining Mellie at my birthday party with a silly party hat on. I wonder if Miss Anabelle would go to a Little birthday party? Alice waxed poetic about her birthday party and how nice her mommy was. She was happy and didn’t look like she got to talk to too many other Littles, so I listened intently until April came back.

“Okay Kimmy, let’s try this out,” April came around the corner wearing a harness with a pocket in the front. She lifted me out of the carrier. “Should she face inward or outward?”

“Well, that’s up to you. If she’s inward it’s easier to sleep and breastfeed, if she’s outward then she can see and interact with more of the world. It’s up to you.”

“Inward please,” I smiled up to April. She smiled back and started working my legs gently into the harness. It was strange, my legs dangled free on either side of the fabric and I was pressed close to her body. She smelled amazing… there was a new scent there that wasn’t there before, I couldn’t put my finger on it. She pulled a flap of fabric over my head and I heard the sound of snaps as the world went dark. I snuggled my arms into my body and rested my head on her giant breast like a pillow.

“Oh, you don’t have to snap the cover up all the time, you can rest it behind her head and secure it that way, the cover is to give you privacy when feeding or to help your Little sleep.”

April rocked side to side, her arms wrapped around me. I was smiling ear-to-ear, this was even more wonderful than I had hoped. I could hear her heartbeat with my head pressed against her and her scent was incredibly comforting. One hand started patting my diapered bottom gently.

“That feels so good,” I said, hopefully loud enough that she could hear me. I couldn’t see much, if I turned my head just so I could see out from under the cover, but I only had a small triangular window with which to see the world.

“I’ll take it,” April said to Alice’s mommy.

“Fantastic,” Alice’s mommy responded, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“I hope so, actually. We had a scare today. We’re from Albion, Kimmy had never been exposed to the regression formula and I took her to Big Burger without even thinking about it and got her a soda.”

“Oh no,” Alice’s mommy sounded really worried.

“Yeah, it was pretty awful. She lost some of her speech, she was wetting until she was completely dehydrated, and her emotions were out of control.” My cheeks burned as April described my episode to Alice’s mommy, “How can I avoid the regression formula while we’re here? We have to eat.”

“Breastfeeding is your best bet,” Alice’s mommy set a rattly bottle of pills on the counter, “Supplement with these to make sure she’s getting the nutrients her brain needs, it will actually give her some resistance to the formula as well, though not much. There’s an organic grocer about three blocks from here, you can get unmodified vegetables there. I’d keep her away from meat of any kind while you visit, they pump the animals full of hormones that the Littles react to. Actually, you should stay away from meat as well while you’re breastfeeding… it can have side-effects on some Amazons who aren’t used to it as well.”

“Oh dear,” April frowned, “I finished my burger today.”

“Keep an eye out for signs, between that and the breastfeeding, your mothering instincts might be stronger than you’re used to.”

“Thank you so much for the advice, Donna. You’ve been a lifesaver. Oh, can you recommend a daycare within walking distance? I still have to work starting tomorrow, I’ll be here about a week.”

“No, not nearby I’m afraid… the best one is a 30 minute drive from here, but there’s no way they’ll have an opening with such short notice. Whichever one you end up using, make sure you tell them that your Little is to be fed your milk only.”

“Oh… how is she going to get lunch while I work?”

“You’re going to have to pump, dear. Do you have your pump with you?”

“No… I’ve never breastfed before. I took the booster a few hours ago, it’s supposed to kick in tonight.”

“You’ll know when it does,” Donna frowned slightly, “Let’s get you a pump. Try to control your feelings tonight, you might not feel quite yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it affects different Amazons differently… some feel an insatiable urge to be close to their Littles, some feel the urge to… well, regress their Littles. Just try to keep in mind tonight that your feelings are being affected by a lot of different hormones that you’re not used to.”

“Thank you so much for all the advice and information. You are so wonderful.”

“It’s my pleasure. I wish everyone could love their Little like you do, the world would be a better place.”

We bought the carrier and the pump and we were on our way… riding on April’s chest was amazing, it was dark and comfortable and I felt safer there than I ever had before in my life.


Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 26-30 (Updated 6/28)

Oh, goodness. My heart was in my stomach for a good deal of this. And now Kimmy’s going to need to fight off April’s mothering instincts too!

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 21-37 (Updated 6/29)

Part 31

“Oh Kimmy,” April complained as we got back to the hotel, “My chest hurts so much… is this what Lisa is always complaining about?” My tummy chose that very moment to growl loudly. “Sounds like I’m in luck. Let’s lay down.”

April pulled me from the sling and hugged me.

“Oh, I do like carrying you around that way, my little princess,” April booped my nose. I smiled but it was very odd for her to call me ‘princess’. “Let’s get you out of that soggy diaper and get you fed.”

“I would like that mommy, thank you,” I smiled to her. She slipped my pacifier into my mouth… and inflated it! She silenced me, I couldn’t even remember the last time she had actually done that.

“Shh, princess, no talkie. Let’s get you in one of these,” she pulled out the package of new “nighttime” diapers… they looked easily twice as thick as my usual nighttime diapers, I didn’t think I’d be able to walk in those at all. I shook my head as she tore the package open. Something was wrong, April didn’t act this way. I lay still as she stripped my shortalls from me, then my shirt, then the diaper. “Oh, you are so tiny and cute, you’re perfect. Just perfect.” She said as she wiped me down. “Ohhh,” she groaned, holding her right breast, “That does not feel good. My little princess will have to help mommy with that.” She unfolded the ridiculously thick diaper… it had four tapes as opposed to the usual two. She lifted my ankles with one hand and laid me down on it… it was like laying on a pillow, my bottom was so far off the bed. I shook my head and looked at her pleadingly. She ignored me and continued, her smile never faltering. “There we go,” she said as she pulled the pillow diaper between my legs, forcing them wide apart. She fastened the four tapes and I felt incredibly trapped. I wiggled my legs but I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Let’s see,” April said to herself, “I’m sure I packed it… Oh.” She lowered the bars to the crib and put me in it, snapping the rails back in place. I was naked except for the thick diaper. I pulled myself to my feet using the bars. Something was very, very wrong. April was acting… like an Amazon, not like April. She went to the big purple suitcase and started going through it. I was trapped. My legs were spread shoulder-width by the diaper and I was silenced by the pacifier. I couldn’t do anything but wait for her to come and get me.

“Here we are,” she said in a sing-song voice, holding up… the mittened sleeper. Why did she even pack that? I hadn’t had to wear that forever! She came back and slid the bars down, manipulating me into the sleeper. I couldn’t stop her, I shook my head and wiggled in her grip but there was nothing I could do. The back was zipped up, and my hands were useless. “Okay, time for din-din, princess.” She scooped me up and laid down on the bed, removing her shirt and bra. I wanted to breastfeed from her… but not like this! I wanted my April, I wanted to feel close and loved… this felt wrong, I didn’t like it. She removed my pacifier and pulled my face toward her breast. I was hungry… and it smelled good… that’s what that new smell was, I could smell her milk. I opened my mouth and felt my lips close around her nipple.

“Good girl,” April said softly, “Help mommy out. It hurts, princess.” I didn’t want April to hurt, even if she wasn’t quite herself at the moment. I started sucking at her nipple like I would a baby bottle but nothing came out. “Ow sweetie, not like that. Gentle.” She stroked my hair and I tried again. I figured out that I had to lay my tongue flat and use my mouth to squeeze at her nipple… it was almost like having to lick and suck at the same time. Once I figured out the trick, the milk started flowing into my mouth steadily… it tasted every bit as amazing as I had ever hoped. Better than Lisa’s, better than anything ever. This was ambrosia. I felt my body twitch as I gulped at her milk, my skin felt tingly everywhere… it was euphoric. I sucked greedily and was rewarded by milk and praise. “Oh good girl, princess. That’s good, drink it all gone. Get nice and full and make a wet diaper for me, you cute Little thing.”

I felt my face flush, I wanted my April back, not this Amazon woman. It wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying the milk, however. I sucked greedily, the milk filled my belly, warm and wonderful in a way I had never felt before. After a while, I popped off the nipple, feeling incredibly full.

“Full mama,” I heard myself say… and felt my bladder let go. No! The formula in the meat was getting to me through her breastmilk! The thing that was supposed to be protecting me was dooming me. “Wet!” I heard myself announce. This was worse than before, I didn’t seem to be able to control my words at all. “Wuv you!”

“Aww princess, I love you too,” she patted the front of my diaper, “But you’re not done yet. The left one still hurts. Can you help mommy with that?”

She rolled over, flipping me over her body and guided me to the other nipple. I felt so full, but I couldn’t stop myself from drinking more. My lips and tongue had left my control and I felt the milk flow into me again. No! I screamed in my head. This is wrong! This isn’t what I wanted! I felt myself grow more tired as I grew more full, and before long, I started to nod off.

“Oh no you don’t, princess,” April’s voice floated to me in my near-dream. I felt a sharp pain in my thigh… she pinched me! “It’s not sleepytime for you yet. If you go to sleep now, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night fussy and I won’t get any rest. No, we need to keep you up for a bit.”

“Mama mama,” I heard myself say as my body woke up again. April swung me through the air, causing me to giggle wildly.

“Mama loves her princess,” she smiled at me. She was still in there somewhere, “Tell me you love me.”

“Wuv!” I heard myself say automatically. My skin felt fuzzy again, but was starting to wear off already. I had to focus, I knew I could fight it off. “I… love… you, mama.” So close.

“You’re so cute! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, princess. I just love your lisp right now, too. It’s adorable. And look at you in that thick diaper. Can you walk?” She set me down on my feet and took a large step backwards and held her hands out to me. “Come on, princess. Walk to mommy.”

I reached out and took a shaky step forward. I had to pivot my whole body, my hips were useless in the thick diaper. I didn’t like this. I took another difficult step forward… and she stepped back again, her hands moving farther from my reach.

“Come on sweetie, show me you can walk. Oh, you’re so cute!”

“I don’t wike dis,” I frowned, focusing on my words. “Please.”

“You don’t like walking? You can crawl if you want. Can you show mommy your best crawl?”

“No,” I frowned, poking the ridiculous padding, “Too thick!”

“No such thing, princess,” April smiled at me… her smile was off, it was wrong somehow. “Maybe we need to put two of these on you?”

I was so shocked by her statement that I fell flat on my butt, though I didn’t feel it. The padding had me lifted several inches off the ground. Two of these? She’d only double-diapered me that time in the store… that awful leak.

“Go ahead sweetie, tell me they’re too thick again. We’ll put you in a second one and then you’ll know that these are just right.”

Her words sent a shock through my body. I was stunned. This wasn’t April. I didn’t know this person!

“I want my mommy!” I wailed. I really did, I wanted my mommy. I wanted my April, my mommy, to snuggle me and hold me tight and make me feel good. This didn’t feel good.

“Oh, my poor sweet princess,” she said, scooping me up. Suddenly the pacifier was back in my mouth and inflated, “You poor Little girl,” she rocked me, patting the ridiculous crotch of the diaper, “I know, it’s so close to your bedtime. You can’t control yourself at this time of night. Such a shame, I wish I could keep you awake and baby you for hours. I don’t think you’ve ever been this cute before. I wish we had your bouncer or a walker to put you in. It’s a shame we’re not at home, I’d rush out and buy you a new walker right now, watching you toddle around in that, surrounded by cute little toys… I want to keep you just like this forever. I wish I had brought more outfits with mittens. You don’t need your fingers… but it’s too late now to go out and buy any, you’d be a sobbing mess by the time we got back.”

My eyes were wide with horror. Catalon had changed April. The hormones in the food were turning her into an Amazon mommy… my mommy was gone! My emotions spilled over and I bawled, mourning my mommy.

“Oh fine, let’s put you to bed,” she sounded irritated. I sobbed as she laid me down in the crib… and started cuffing me to the bed, just as the maid did. I didn’t have the energy to fight. I just cried, I have no idea for how long… I cried until I passed out.

When I woke up, I couldn’t move. My wrists and ankles were bound, and I was in the crib. April was snoring heavily in the bed… and I was trapped. The diaper was cold and soggy between my legs and felt uncomfortable. I was comforted by the fact that I actually needed to go, so I released my bladder into the soggy diaper and felt it grow warm again. That was more comfortable, at least.

“Mommy?” I called softly, “April? April are you… are you in there?” I called sadly. I wanted my April back so badly, I wanted her to hug me close and tell me everything was going to be okay. I never wanted to hear her call me ‘princess’ again.

I couldn’t see a clock, and the curtains were drawn, so I wasn’t sure what time it was. I’m not sure how long I laid there before April’s alarm went off. That was strange too, she was usually an early riser.

“Ohh, my head,” April groaned, “I feel hung over… and my chest hurts. Kimmy?” she looked around, sitting up topless in bed. “Kimmy! Why are you in the crib? Why are you cuffed?”

She rushed to the crib and lowered the bars.

“Oh April, is it you?”

“Kimmy, what… did I do this to you? Last night feels so hazy.”

“Mommy!” My heart swelled at her return, she was okay! “The formula affected you too! You kept talking about how I didn’t need to walk or needed more mittens, how I needed thicker diapers… I thought you were gone forever!”

“Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry,” she said softly as she uncuffed me. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what came… actually, I do. Donna warned us about this but I didn’t realize it was going to be so intense. I am so, so sorry my sweet Little Kimmy.”

“Oh mommy, I was so scared,” I felt myself starting to cry, “I thought I lost you!” I wrapped my arms around her as best I could as she held me close.

“I’m here, Kimmy. I’m still your mommy. I’m definitely vegetarian for the duration of this trip, though. Suddenly Catalon makes a lot more sense to me, if people are pumping their bodies full of those hormones all the time. I couldn’t control myself, I just wanted… I wanted you to be as little as possible. It felt… so good,” she frowned, “I’m so sorry. That was my first interaction with it as well, I guess I have no resistance either.”

“It’s okay, mommy. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I was really worried.”

April carried me to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of milk.

“Let’s dump this one out, hopefully all of that is out of my system,” she said flatly as she carried both myself and the bottle to the bathroom sink. I watched her dump the delicious smelling milk down the drain. There was no way I should want to drink that, I knew it had the regression formula in it, but I couldn’t help being a little sad as it drained away. “How hungry are you? I’d prefer to pump and dump one more time, I think. I don’t want to risk you being drugged at the daycare today.”

“I’m okay, I think. There’s… there’s no way I can join you for the recording? I promise I’ll be quiet.”

“Oh Kimmy,” she hugged me so tightly, “After the day we just had, I wish so badly that we could. But there’s no way they’d let me bring you in, sweetheart. They’re much less understanding here than at home. We’ll be using the studio daycare, but we’ll be telling them that you are only to be given my breastmilk. I don’t think I’ll be able to pump again before lunch, so we’ll have lunch together. I’ll eat while you eat,” she laughed and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Promise you won’t use my head as a plate?” I teased. I needed to get things back to normal. I wanted to forget that last night ever happened. That wasn’t April. April was not like that, April would never say or do those things… My April was right here.

“Hmm, I don’t know… we’ll see. It will be nice to be guaranteed a lunch break, and I’ll get to check in on you. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of faith in the Catalon daycares.”

“Me either, I’m pretty scared.”

“Me too, sweetheart. I’ll be very, very glad when this week is done and we’re back home. Let’s get you changed, okay?”

“Thank you mommy, this diaper is ridiculous.”

“That diaper is full, darling. You needed it. You’re going to be wearing these at night for at least three weeks, maybe more. I’m sorry. How thirsty are you?”

Now that she mentioned it, I was pretty parched… my head hurt a bit too, like a hangover.

“I think I’m dehydrated,” I frowned, “I feel a little icky.”

“We have enough time to check out that organic grocer that Donna mentioned, hopefully they’ll have some juice for you. You need to take that supplement we got as well. Do you want to be inward again, or outward?”

“Inward, please.”

April changed me into the new daytime diapers, which were still thicker than my old nighttime diapers but I should still be able to waddle around without too much trouble. She helped me into a green gingham sundress, which had big white ruff with pink flowers all over it for the skirt, and a big pocket with the same white and pink flowers. It was a little younger than she usually dressed me…

“Mommy, are you feeling okay? This is… a little more babyish than usual.”

“I’m afraid I packed you more babyish items than usual. I thought it would make things easier on you here, sweetie. Sorry. Now, you sit tight and read while I pump, okay?”

I nodded as she sat me down on the bed and she sat down in the chair in the hotel room. I watched her attach a strange machine to her breasts, which when turned on was sucking the milk out of her. I felt my mouth water at the sight of it, which took me by surprise. My body wanted that milk very badly. I turned away, listening to the rhythm of the pump stealing the most delicious foodstuff ever so she could throw it away. It made my skin crawl a bit at the thought, it was shocking how badly I wanted it. And this was without the addiction additive! I hoped, anyway.

I focused on my book of Little Tales again, picking up where I left off before the maid had imprisoned me the day before. It hurt a bit to hear the milk going down the drain, but it would probably be worse on me if I drank it. She set the bottles back on the pump and turned it to a self-cleaning mode before donning the carrier and smiling down at me.

Her smile was the sunrise, and I felt myself smiling in return. My April had come back to me. Last night had been terrifying in a way I had never even considered before. It was something I never, ever wanted to relive. I knew at that moment that without a single doubt, I wanted to be with April, my April, forever.

She loaded me into the front carrier again and I was held close to her warmth and love, and we were off.

Part 32

The trip to the grocery store was nice, but hurried. We picked up some fruits and veggies that would fit in the fridge of the hotel and keep, and a several gallons of juice. The thought of carrying all of those groceries myself was daunting… but for April it was simplicity. The size difference between us really was staggering, of course I thought that at the same time as I was strapped to her midsection, using her breasts as a headrest. We headed back up to the hotel, I swear April poured a gallon of juice down me until I was positively floating, I was given the supplement we bought at Love Your Little, and then we were off for the daycare. Just April, myself, a diaper bag, and a guitar.

“Good morning, welcome to Little Care,” Do all daycare workers sound exactly the same? I wondered to myself as we were greeted by a young Amazon girl. She was bright faced with shortish blonde hair and a nude makeup style. Her smile appeared to be genuine… but I didn’t trust that here. “What can I do for you today?”

“Hello, I’ll be working in the building today, we’re visiting from Albion,” April smiled to the girl. She had removed the sling carrier and was holding me on her hip so I could see over the counter. “Marty Walker should have called ahead.”

“One second,” she paused to tap on a few keys to her computer at the high counter. “Ah, Ms. Morris. And this is Little Kimmy?”

“Good morning, miss,” I smiled to her, following April’s lead. “I hope we have fun today.”

“Oh, what a ray of sunshine you have there, Ms. Morris!” the girl beamed at me, “Hi sweetie, I’m Nanny Tina. I hope we have fun today, too.” She looked back to April, “You have a very cute Little, Ms. Morris. Are there any special instructions you’d like to note?”

“Yes,” April said with a smile, I could tell that she was glad that Tina asked first, “Kimmy is on a strict diet. She’s being breastfed only, excepting this organic juice in her diaper bag. She has a very delicate stomach and may vomit if given anything else. I didn’t have time to pump this morning, so I will be stopping by around lunchtime to feed her. She is also robophobic, so please keep her away from automated caretakers.”

“I see,” Tina frowned a bit, I guess the specifics were a hassle to her, “That’s quite a lot, let me make a note here. One moment, Ms. Morris.” The keys of her keyboard clicked and clacked as she wrote down notes. “Does she have a shock unit in her collar or any other disciplinary implants?”

“No,” April said firmly, “Kimmy behaves very well if one takes the time to talk to her. As I said, we’re from Albion… have you ever worked with a wholly unregressed Little?”

“You mean,” Tina looked surprised, “She’s not on the formula at all? Like, none?”

“Absolutely none. She reacts very poorly to it, and I do not want her on it at all.”

“But… how do you control her if she’s not on the formula and she has no zapper?” Tina stared at me as if I were a unicorn. I waved again… I couldn’t help it.

“I talk to her, it’s really that simple.”

“I don’t want to make a fuss,” I chimed in, “I love my mommy and I want to have a good day.” Tina leaned in closely to stare at my eyes, I just smiled at her.

“Are… are all the Littles in Albion like this?”

“Many are,” April smiled, “Albion handles Littles a bit differently both in how we find them and how we treat them, at least where I’m from.”

“May I… talk to her today?” Tina held out her arms, offering to take me.

“Of course,” April laughed, “Absolutely. She’s a joy to talk to. Just please, be very careful with her diet. And no videos for her, either. They’re bad for the brain.” April handed me over to Tina… it was a strange feeling. They both knew I was intelligent and aware, but I was still being handed over just like that, and now I was in Nanny Tina’s care. “Be a good girl, Kimmy. I’ll see you at lunchtime.”

“Bye mommy,” I waved. I remember feeling so sad when she’d leave me at the LittleGarden. Honestly, I should be upset and terrified, but something had me pretty well at ease. April seemed so calm, like everything would be fine no matter what… her confidence washed away my fears. “So, am I supposed to call you Nanny Tina? You look too young to be a nanny.”

“You little stinker,” Tina laughed. I actually put my hands to my rear, with the way things had been going lately… I couldn’t remove loss of control there from the list of the possible. “Yes, you may call me Nanny or Nanny Tina, either is fine.” She patted my head. Tina was wearing a salmon t-shirt with the words “Little Care” in black and some logo that didn’t make sense to me. They apparently got to wear jeans to work, unlike the LittleGarden employees. “So you’re completely unregressed? How… how old are you?”

“I’m… I mean, I was twenty-six years old. Here, I’m considered ten months.”

“That sounds about right, you’re so light and so cute!” She booped me on the nose and I smiled, “But you wear diapers voluntarily? You play with baby toys and want to be treated like an infant?”

“I don’t really wear diapers voluntarily,” I admitted, “I was upset about it for a long time, but it’s not something I’m getting out of. So I accept it. The world isn’t built for people my size, and mommy will always try her best to make sure I’m clean and comfortable. Honestly, I had a really hard and draining job in my old life. The toys that mommy gets for me are stimulating, creatively and intellectually… I have this amazing activity book with dot-to-dots that have hundreds of dots! I’m not stuck playing with toys that teach you the alphabet or anything. The best part is how much my mommy loves me.”

Tina started walking into the main area of the Little Care facility… the contrast to the LittleGarden was stark. Several Littles here sat in playpens, chewing on toys with vacant expressions. Another group of Littles were sitting on the floor together, staring at a bright screen. There was no crafting, no reading… there was no one dancing, no slide. I looked over and I did see a group of Littles stacking blocks… but they didn’t look like they were having fun. On the far wall, there was a big steel door with a small window in it. The room was clinical, cold.

“Um, Nanny Tina… why do all of the Littles look so unhappy?” I gripped more tightly to her, I didn’t really want to go play with them.

“What do you mean? They’re having fun! Look, they love that show… oh wait,” she turned me away from the screen, “Your mommy said no videos. Those Littles over there loooove to chew things, they’ll just chew all day if you let them. They’re pretty heavily regressed though. The really heavily regressed Littles have the best laughs when you tickle them.” She wiggled her fingers, tickling my tummy and I squirmed in her arms. I couldn’t help but squeal a bit… Amazons could always seem to find my ticklish spot. “They don’t look happy to you?”

“No,” I admitted, “They look sad… no one is singing, no one is dancing.”

“Littles don’t sing,” Tina laughed, “Littles have no rhythm, no musical ability at all. Littles can’t focus on anything long enough for that.”

“I can sing,” I assured her. “May I sing for you?”

“Sure,” Tina laughed at me, she didn’t believe me, “Show me your singing, Little Kimmy. I’m listening.”

I sang for Tina, I picked a sad, slow song that April would sing with me on a rainy afternoon. I wished I had my ukulele, I’d play for her too. Tina stared at me, open-mouthed as I finished the song.

“You… that… that was very pretty, Kimmy. You sang the whole song, you didn’t stop for anything. Do you want to go play with toys?” Something in her voice told me she wanted me to say no.

“No thank you, Nanny Tina. Can we talk more? I like talking to you.”

“I like talking to you too, Kimmy. Are all Littles like you where you’re from?”

“Well, lots of the Littles at the daycare I usually go to are this way - none of us like diapers, but we wear them because we love our mommies and daddies… well, except for my friend Melanie. She really likes wearing diapers, like a lot. I don’t understand it.”

“So you talk to other Littles while you’re at the daycare? What do you talk about?”

“Oh, you know, what foods we like, what we did for fun the previous day… some of them gossip about who their mommies are dating. My mommy is dating a beautiful lady named Gwen who plays in a band. Gwen is super nice!” I blushed, realizing that I was gossiping now. Tina just stared at me, fascinated. Looking at her daycare, I could tell why. The Littles didn’t interact with each other much. They mostly played alone… every now and again there was a fight over a toy that had to be broken up by another daycare worker. Tina wasn’t letting me go, so she seemed to be pawning off some of her tasks to the other workers.

“Do you want Gwen to be your mommy too?”

“Um,” my blushed deepened much further at that thought, I hadn’t really considered it. I would have two mommies… but I would probably not get to sleep in April’s bed any more. Would she snuggle me as much? “I don’t know… I love my mommy a lot… Gwen is really fun, but… I don’t know. I like it being just mommy and me.”

Tina held me for hours, we just talked… about everything. Art, history, cartoons, toys, boys… Tina had a crush on one of the artists that worked in the studio. From her description, I was betting he was a session musician like April. She said it felt really strange to get dating advice from someone in diapers, which made me laugh.

When April came by to get me at lunch, I was feeling really, really thirsty. Tina and I had spent the whole morning talking, she forgot to give me a bottle and I didn’t think to ask. We found a bench in a sunny spot outside and laid down. I felt really uncomfortable knowing she was about to pull out a breast and stick it in my face in public… but it was the way things were done here. Nobody cared about breastfeeding in public since it was a positive thing to make your Little as little as possible. April had a salad she’d prepared this morning, she rolled up the carrier harness and laid it across her lap, then laid me down as well. After some fiddling with her bra, her breasts were free with an “Ouch!” from poor April. I felt bad that her taking care of me this way was causing her pain. This is what I had been looking forward to. I was pretending that last night never happened, this was the first breastfeed from my beloved April. I felt my mouth water, the smell from her chest was so mesmerizing.

She cradled my head and brought me close to her, and soon I was latched on, the wonderful milk filling my mouth and my belly.

“Oh, my hungry girl,” April laughed lightly, “I think it’s going to be hard to eat as well, that’s such an… interesting feeling.”

She stroked my hair softly and started in on her salad. It was very strange to know that she was eating… and I was eating from her. I greedily drank until there was nothing left from the first breast, to April’s great joy, and she moved me to the other, shifting around to continue her lunch as well. When the other breast had nothing left, I popped off with a contented sigh.

“So, my darling Kimmy, is it everything you wanted?” She smiled down at my heavily blinking eyes.

“Yes mommy,” I grinned sleepily up at her, “I love you. It’s so good… and I feel so close to you.” She reached down and stroked my cheek.

“Good, I’m glad. Don’t go to sleep on me now. Tell me, how is your day going?” April helped me to a sitting position and steadied me on her lap. I looked up to her lovingly, feeling her one hand cover the majority of my back.

“It’s been really good, actually. Nanny Tina is really nice and really curious, we’ve just been talking this whole time. She really thought that Littles needed to be regressed to be happy, but I think I’m changing her mind. I like her. How’s recording with the band? Is it fun?”

“It’s intense,” she smiled warmly down to me, I could see the excitement in her eyes, “They need absolute perfection. Billy - the guitarist I’m filling in for - is breathing down my neck, but honestly I think he’s impressed.” Her proud smile lit up her face.

“You’re the best, mommy.” I put my hand on her leg and looked up at her in what I was hoping was proud or reassuring, but I’m sure it just looked silly, seeing as how I was in a diaper and a sundress sitting in her lap. She grinned and gave me a big hug.

“Thanks sweetie, you’re pretty wonderful too. I’m glad to hear you’re spreading the word that love conquers all. Maybe Tina will look at Littles a bit differently now. This was nice, I’d like to do this with you again tomorrow.”

“I would like that a lot!” I didn’t even mean to, but I found myself bouncing up and down on her lap a little in my excitement. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her, and she carried me back to the building, holding her to me with one arm and carrying the harness and her remains from lunch.

“Tina,” April smiled as she handed me back over to Tina at the Little Care, “I’m so glad to hear that you and Kimmy are having a good time.”

“We really are Ms. Morris, I had no idea it could be so much fun to talk with a Little! Kimmy is really funny, and she sings really well.”

“Thank you, she’s pretty special to me. I just have one tiny favor to ask. You’re not in trouble, I love the special attention you’re giving my Little girl, but please don’t forget to give her the afternoon bottle.” April had the sweetest smile, but a look of horror crept over Tina’s face.

“Ms. Morris, I am so, so sorry. We talked so much I forgot to give her a bottle, I’m so sorry!”

“Tina, Tina… it’s okay. I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful talk. Unfortunately, she gets dehydrated and won’t think to ask for a drink. Please make sure she’s a good girl and drinks her juice.”

“Yes Ms. Morris, I’m very sorry. I won’t forget again.”

“It’s no big deal, Tina,” April assured her, “I’m not upset, she’s not hurt, everything’s fine. Please have another wonderful time with her. I’ll pick her up in five or six hours.”

“I’m sorry I forgot to ask for my juice,” I said sheepishly as April walked away. “She’s not mad, really.”

“It’s not your job to ask for juice, silly girl. It’s my job to make sure your needs are taken care of. I imagine you’re not thirsty yet though… so where were we? You say that everyone at your daycare likes to sing and dance?”

“Oh sure, it’s wonderful. We sing songs together, I love it especially when they play music that I know my mommy is playing the guitar in. That’s extra special to me.”

We picked up right where we left off. Tina did remember to give me another gallon of juice and changed my diaper. We laughed because our conversation didn’t even stop while she cleaned me up and rediapered me. Diapers were just a thing we had to deal with, they didn’t stop us from being friends at all. It was really nice. I didn’t even notice the time pass, I was surprised when April was back to get me. She looked tired.

“Welcome back, mommy! Tina and I are good friends now!”

“That’s wonderful, sweetie! Let’s go back to the hotel and you can tell me all about your day.”

“Ms. Morris, Kimmy is an absolute delight. Thank you so much for bringing her in, she’s honestly changed the way I look at Littles. You are an amazing woman!” Tina gushed at April, who looked as proud as I felt.

“I firmly believe that every Little can respond the same way that Kimmy has. If you love them, if you show them that you love them, if you try to hear them and understand them, and if you can help them through the pain that they left behind in their old lives… they can be happy. Truly happy, not the artificial happiness that some are forced to take.”

Part 33

The next two days were much of the same, breakfast from April, lunch from April, dinner from April, supplements to go with it and lots of juice. The nighttime diapers were always completely soaked and swollen in the morning despite their ridiculous bulk. The days were spent just talking to Tina. She was on a Little-oriented career path, she wanted to care for Littles professionally in a greater capacity. Meeting me had actually changed a lot for her, she was planning to reinforce the status quo before meeting me… now she wanted to be an agent of change, to help more Littles find happiness the way I had. I told her about the Love Your Little store, and Donna and Alice, and everything I could think of about how April and Lisa handled Littles, and how wonderful it could be. I don’t think my feet actually touched the ground more than a handful of times in my first three days at Little Care, I was constantly being held by Tina and talking the whole day… unless I was drinking juice or at lunch with April. It was honestly really good. April and I didn’t go out, we didn’t really want to “soak in the atmosphere” as it were. We would sit and talk in the hotel room, or watch a movie, or just snuggle and read together. It was really nice… I slept in her arms every night and I don’t think I’d ever felt closer to her.

But when we came to the Little Care on the next day, Tina wasn’t there. I hadn’t actually talked to any of the other nannies there… I was really nervous again all of a sudden. Little Care had become a safe place, and I didn’t know if it was going to be that way today. The girl behind the counter had black hair, long with bangs in the front. She wore very mature makeup, and her nametag read “Nanny Beth”. She had a smile on her face… but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“Good morning, where’s Tina today?” April asked, feeling me tense up.

“Tina doesn’t work Sundays, ma’am,” Beth smiled to her, “I run the show for her on Sunday.” Had I seen her before? I didn’t really pay attention to anything but Tina when I was here. “Don’t worry, Ms. Morris. I’m already aware of all of Kimmy’s restrictions.” I felt panic rise in my chest as April handed me over to Beth.

"Mommy… " I whined softly, reaching back to April.

“Sweetie,” April said, looking a little pained, “You like Little Care, you’ll have a great day like always. We’re well past the halfway point on recording, we’ll be going home soon. Be a good girl today, okay?” I nodded. April’s phone buzzed and she looked down, “Oh sweetie, I don’t think I’ll be able to have lunch with you today like we have been. There’s a bottle of my milk for you in the bag for your lunch today. I’m so sorry.”

“Have a great day, Ms. Morris,” Beth said as she began carrying me back into the main area. The moment the door had closed behind April, Beth held me up to her eye level, lifting me up under my arms. She stared into my eyes and her smile turned mean, “Well well well, if it isn’t Princess Kimmy who needs to be held all the time. You’ve made my job really hard this week, Kimmy. Tina hasn’t done squat except play with you all day while I picked up all the slack.”

“I’m so sorry, Nanny Beth. What can I do to make it better? I want to be friends,” I pleaded to her, dangling helplessly in her arms.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking all morning about what you can do for me. I’m going to have a nice, relaxing day,” her smile grew as she carried me toward that foreboding steel door, “You’re going to the kennel today, you don’t get to be a princess today, you get to be a kitten.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I couldn’t help but start crying, “I didn’t do anything to you! Please don’t!”

The other side of the steel door was terrible. We were in a narrow hallway, the left side was a sheer wall with only a recessed cubby interrupting the otherwise unbroken surface, the right side was a wall of cage doors. I couldn’t see in to any of them from this angle, but I could hear several whines as Beth strode down the hall. On the far end of the hallway was another steel door.

“Nanny Beth please!” I pleaded as she sat me down on a shelf in the cubby, it was difficult to see through my tears, but I felt her taking my dress off, “Please I’ll be good, please put me in a crib. I don’t like this!”

“Spoiled princess isn’t getting what she wants,” Beth mocked in an ugly sing-song tone.

I felt her forcing my hands into mittens and then there was some sort of mask pulled over my face. It didn’t cover my eyes but it covered my nose and mouth, as she forced it over my face I felt her squeeze my face and a pacifier-like bulb invaded my mouth. She buckled the mask behind my head, and there was a thick collar attached to it that fit over the collar that April had put on me. I felt trapped! I put my mittened hands to the mask, but I couldn’t feel anything. I tried to plead, but a soft “meow” came from the mask instead.

“Much better,” Beth grinned down at me, wiping my eyes, “Little kitten, you get to spend the day in here. And if you say a word to your mommy about it, I’ll make sure tomorrow is much, much, much worse. You’re getting off light here. We have the best RoboNanny in the other room… I could instruct it to feed you until you can’t hold it and you poop your Little diapers full and then I’ll set it to give you a spanking for an hour. How’s that sound? Or I could leave it on the exercise routine all day and have it run you - have you ever peed yourself while running, little Kimmy? I bet you’d love that. Four hours of that and you’d be begging to be a kitten.”

My eyes were wide with horror. Beth was evil! My protests came out as sweet meows from the mask.

“Are you going to tell your mommy? Maybe we should just start the RoboNanny in on spanking you now.” I shook my head vigorously. I would absolutely tell April all about this, but I wasn’t going to let Beth know. “Good kitten, you spend the day right here. I’ll come hook your bottle up to your mask at lunchtime… but you probably aren’t getting changed until your mommy comes for you. Have fun!” She closed the barred door to the cage and I was left alone, cold in a small cage. I looked down at my hands, they were mittens that looked like cat paws, with no claws of course. I tried my best to feel around the mask… there were ears on top of my head, and the mask protruded from my face, I could see the end of it, I’m sure it looked like a cat’s mouth. I was naked except for the diaper, which was wet already, stuck in a small cage where I only had enough room to turn around. The other side of the cage was clear plastic, where I could see into a room.

I have no idea how long I sat in that cage, I laid down and cried - all I could do was watch out of the window at the people coming and going in the room. Every now and again, someone would come in with a Little wearing a mask that made them look like an animal and a big puffy diaper with a tail poking out of it. They were handed over and shortly after, I could hear them being loaded into a cage. It was a daycare for Little pets… I didn’t even know Littles were kept this way! It was awful. At least as babies we were loved and held. Being stuck in a cage, unable to talk at all was the worst! The Amazons going in and out were all dressed in suits or pantsuits… they all looked like business professionals, bigwigs. I was betting that the Catalon fashion at the moment was to have a Little pet… Oh, how I hated this place!

I had nothing to do but watch the awful Amazons and listen to the cries of my fellow Littles for hours… until a fat Amazon man with an Amazon preteen came in. I hadn’t seen too many actual children since I arrived in this dimension. Some at the stores we visited, but it seemed most Amazons had Littles instead of children. But this girl was surely taller than I was. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a light blue blouse - a small blue purse slung over one shoulder, her dark brown hair was tied in a side ponytail. Her giant father in a pinstripe suit with shined shoes. The girl was pointing at me. What did that mean? I backed into a corner against the bars, hoping they wouldn’t see me… but the cage behind me was open and a young adult Amazon male, an awkward boy with an awful haircut to his dingy brown hair was pulling me out of the cage. I squirmed and protested, but it all came out as meows. He was carrying me to that far door, opposite the one I came in. He was wearing a dark blue uniform shirt, he certainly wasn’t part of Little Care.

“Oh, that one doesn’t have a tail on her diaper, Daddy,” I heard the Amazon girl complain, “We have to fix that.”

“You say you’re not sure where this one came from?” the man was asking the employee. My eyes went wide and I started thrashing.

“No sir, she’s not in the registry… I’m not sure how she got here.”

“I’ll take her then,” he stated plainly. His daughter cheered and hugged him. I screamed for all I was worth, but it came out as a purr.

“Oh, she likes that Daddy, hear her pretty purr? Oh, she’s the cutest kitten ever. She’ll make the best playmate for Sunshine. What’s her name?”

I felt the attendant pull back the collar of the mask… he’d see my tag! He’d know I was April’s, I’d be okay! They couldn’t take me, the collar made me safe.

“Oh,” the boy said, “it seems she’s owned - by someone from Albion. Her name is Kimmy Morris.”

“No! I want her!” the girl was furious, “Daddy, I want her! She’s perfect! Her hair looks so soft!”

“But she’s not in your system, she’s not checked in.” The man had a sly tone to his voice that I absolutely did not like.

“No, sir.”

“I’ll give you ten thousand right now if you look the other way. You never saw this kitten, and she certainly didn’t go with us.”

I felt the employee’s pulse quicken. He couldn’t! I squirmed and protested, but the girl seemed to be pleased with the meows that came from the mask.

"I shouldn’t… "

“Fine, fifteen thousand.”

And then I was being handed to the girl. She was only a few feet taller than me, I should be able to escape. I shoved her and squirmed.

“Daddy, she’s too wiggly, she’s going to hurt me,” she complained, “And she doesn’t have a tail. Make her less wiggly and fix her tail for me, daddy.”

Suddenly I was being hoisted into the air by my armpits. The man thumped me on the head and I saw stars… I was so dizzy, he hit me so hard!

“Bad kitty, you belong to Bella now. You will behave or else.” He handed me back to the clerk, “Get her a tail to match her ears, and give her a sedative please. We’ll take her home now, along with Sunshine.”

“Kimmy’s a dumb name for a kitty,” I heard the girl saying as the employee took me back to the cubby… I was being changed into another diaper, thicker than the already too thick daytime diapers… it taped backwards… it was a crawler! This one had a tail poking out of the back of it, but the inside felt the same. I knew from experience I wouldn’t be able to stand in this. I felt a sharp stab in the back of my thigh… and suddenly I felt very sleepy. He drugged me!

Time seemed to be a slideshow between heavy blinks… the attendant’s grinning face, a wad of cash being handed over, being loaded into a cage carrier… and another girl laid on top of me… and then I was out.

Part 34

When I came to, I was laying on a soft bed… it had walls all around, maroon, and a hole for a doorway, it was big enough for me to stand in… I tried to stand, but remembered the crawler diaper. I was stuck on all fours… and the mask was still there. I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes, but the mittens prevented me from doing so. I climbed to all fours and crawled out of the hole… into a child’s bedroom. Well, a giant child. It had a four poster bed with a canopy, a vanity, a dresser and wardrobe, a toybox overflowing with toys, posters on the walls… this girl had everything she could possibly want. The walls were a soft lilac, most everything else was white with lilac trim.

There was another Little waiting for me, she wore a red kitty mask and ears that matched her probably naturally red hair. She had a ridiculously thick pink diaper that had darker pink pawprints all over it… except in the crotch, where they had obviously faded. There was a red tail poking out that matched her haircolor, and she had mittens on her hands… and kneepads that looked like feet as well. Her actual feet were bound to her thighs, there was no way she could even sit down. As I emerged from the maroon cube, she came and rubbed against me… there as a purr coming from her mask. I felt so badly for her, there was no way of knowing how long she had been like this. I sat down on my butt to look at her, my legs splayed out in front of me. Her eyes grew wide and she shook her head. Her purring stopped and a soft meow came from her. She turned and wiggled her feet… her actual feet at me.

It clicked, I got it. She was trying to tell me that if they caught me sitting like a human, I’d end up bound like her. I climbed back to my hands and knees just as the door to the bedroom opened. The other Little knelt and put her hands between her diapered knees and meowed up at the girl… my captor, Bella. The one who stole me away from April. Oh, I hated this girl already. She could just convince her Amazon daddy to get her whatever she wanted, no matter who it hurt. I turned and started crawling back to the hole in the soft box I crawled out of.

“Daisy, no,” Bella said. After another moment she said, “Daisy, bad kitty!” I felt a sharp pain in my neck and heard a loud buzz and I collapsed. “Daisy, come sit next to Sunshine.”

Oh no. I was Daisy. I was still hurting from the shock, laying there on the floor when it buzzed again.

“Daisy! Bad kitty, I said come sit! Now, Daisy.” I scrambled to my hands and knees and crawled over to the other Little, kneeling and putting my hands in front of me like she was. I felt shaky and my vision felt a little fuzzy. “Good kitty,” Bella said. I flinched a bit as she reached down, but when she stroked my hair, I felt something in the collar… and my whole body tingled and felt warm. It felt amazing. Like the best massage in the world, or just sinking in to a hot bath. I couldn’t stop myself from craning my neck to enhance her touch. When her hand was withdrawn, I hated myself. “Good kitty, Daisy. When you’re a good girl, you’ll get pets. When you’re a bad girl, you’ll get shocks. You should purr when I pet you, too. I’ll forgive you this time, but I expect my kitties to be purring, happy kitties. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head… and got a zap. I fell to the ground, groaning… which came out as a soft mew.

“We don’t nod, do we Sunshine?” Meow. “Sunshine’s a good kitty, be like Sunshine and you’ll be happy. Right Sunshine?” I struggled back to my kneeling position as Bella reached down and started stroking the other Little’s hair. She started emitting a loud purr right away. “That’s a good kitty. Who’s ready for din-din?”

Sunshine gave a loud meow and rubbed herself against Bella’s leg… I felt my stomach turn. Bella reached over to her dresser and picked up two baby bottles.

“Sunshine knows to purr when she eats. Daisy, I expect you to purr for me too.” I didn’t know how to purr… the only time I had done it before was when I was screaming… was Sunshine screaming this whole time? Sunshine knelt again and tilted her head up, and Bella slipped the nipple of the bottle into a hole in the mask. I listened to Sunshine suckle and purr at the same time… she couldn’t be screaming, she couldn’t do that and drink at the same time. I knew I didn’t want to drink. Normal food in Catalon wasn’t safe, even soda and hamburgers. There was no way that the stuff in that bottle wasn’t going to do something to me. I laid down with my knees underneath me and my hands in front of me, like I thought a cat would.

“Don’t worry Daisy, you’re next. Sunshine, you’re being such a good girl.” This was awful. I didn’t want to be Daisy, I wanted to be Kimmy, and I wanted my mommy. I buried my face in my hands, afraid to crawl away from this girl. “Okay Daisy, your turn. Come drink your bottle. It’s all you’re getting.” I tried to whine, and it came out as a pitiful mew. “It’s okay Daisy, drink your bottle like a good kitty and then you can go play. I’ll give you pettings and love.” She started stroking my hair again and that tingly, warm feeling came back… it felt so good. So comforting… it felt incredible. Involuntarily, I let out a “mmmmm” of pleasure… which came out as a purr. “Oh, Daisy likes being stroked, doesn’t she? Show me who’s a good kitty, Daisy.”

I flopped on my side. That was a kitty thing to do, maybe she would get the hint. I tried to make a sad sound… it came out as a sad meow.

“Aww, is Daisy not hungry? You’re probably still feeling yucky from the medicine, huh?” She started stroking me again, and I closed my eyes. I tried making a soft “mmm”, as lightly as I could. It came out as the smallest purr. I was starting to get the hang of this. “Okay Daisy, you don’t have to drink your bottle this time, poor kitty. Do you want to go rest in your kitty bed?” I mewed and crawled toward the maroon cube, fearing the shock. I made it in safely and laid down. I watched Bella play with Sunshine, she held a stick with a long string of feathers and waved it around. Sunshine started swinging her mittened hands at the feathers, causing Bella to giggle. Is this what life was like for an Amazon pet? I wanted my mommy so badly. I kept hoping she would come storming through the door and pick me up. Was she done recording for the day? Had she discovered I was gone? I laid and watched Sunshine play until Bella got bored and sat down, pulling the poor Little into her lap and stroking her. Sunshine’s purr was loud, she laid in Bella’s lap and closed her eyes.

“Sunshine, you’re so funny,” the girl giggled, “Your diaper is getting warm, silly kitty.” She reached back and patted Sunshine’s diapered bottom, still stroking her head with the other hand. Sunshine’s purr got louder. There’s no way she could actually like this, right? She was still human, she warned me about the risk of getting my feet bound. How long had she been here? What was her real name? How long had it been since she ate solid food, or spoke a word? I felt terrible for her. Did she ever know the joy of someone loving her unconditionally? I hoped April would find me soon. “Daisy, do you want some pettings?” Bella was looking at me. Sunshine looked up at me too. I crawled backwards into the cube.

“Oh, that means you need to come snuggle. No hiding, Daisy. Hiding means a kitty is sick, and you don’t want that.” After a moment, her large hand was reaching into the hole and she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out. I followed as best I could, I didn’t want to get a shock. She pulled Sunshine back into in her lap and pulled me down next to her. I felt very awkward, Sunshine was also naked except for her mask, mittens, and diaper. Our skin touched… and she purred. Bella started stroking our hair, one Little for each hand, and we were both purring loudly. “There’s my good kitties. Oh, I’m so happy Sunshine has a friend now. She was getting lonely. Kitties should have friends. You’re going to be such a good kitty for me, aren’t you Daisy? So much better than real kitties, you won’t bite or scratch, you’ll purr and play when I want. I love Little kitties.”

“I hear-ed you gots a new kitty,” the voice of a Little came from the doorway, she was purposefully mispronouncing “heard” and using poor grammar, “Can I play with her big sis?” Bella’s back was to the doorway and I was facing forward in her lap, so I couldn’t see the newcomer. “Oh, she gots a full bottle, I betcha she’s soooo hungry.”

“Go away Opal,” the Amazon girl said, “she’s my kitty and you can’t play with her.”

“I was just coming to tell you that mommy wants you, big sis,” the Little said softly, she sounded like she had hurt feelings.

“Ugh,” Bella groaned and gently lowered Sunshine and me off of her lap. Sunshine immediately started crawling for the Amazon’s bed, disappearing underneath it. I turned around to look at the Little. She was dressed in a bubble romper, pink with ladybugs all over it, her diaper bulge completely unconcealed. She had a red paci dangling from a clip attached to the peter pan collar of the romper. She had chestnut brown hair in a bobbed cut and a sad look on her face. She looked to be about my same size… if I could stand. “Fine, but stay out of my room and don’t touch Daisy.”

Opal watched Bella leave and walked over to me. I looked up at her, my eyes pleading.

“Oh, you poor girl. You weren’t a kitty before, were you? Is this your first day?” she asked as she laid a hand on my shoulder. I nodded. “Come on, I have some Little’s Chocolate stashed, I’ll give you some.” She walked next to me as I crawled. We left the bedroom… but once we got into the hallway she gave me a swift kick to the ribs, which knocked the wind out of me. “Ha! You stupid kitty. Why are all kitties so stupid?” she sneered at me, I couldn’t see well through the haze of pain. I collapsed on the floor, trying to catch my breath. “Only a stupid person would let themselves get turned into a kitty. Nobody’s going to help you, kitty. Nobody cares.” She kicked me again, in the stomach this time, and leaned in close. “I love kitties so much. I bet your cries will be better than Sunshine’s, we just have to help you find them. Kitties are the best,” she reached down and twisted my exposed nipple, it was agony! I mewled in pain, trying to curl up and hide, but she wouldn’t let me. “Oh Daisy, you’re going to be my new favorite, much better than Sprinkles ever was. You’ll cry for me, won’t you Daisy? Oh, I’m sure you will. You’ll be a good kitty for me, you won’t RUN,” she twisted again, renewing the pain, “like Sunshine does, will you? We’re going to be Such Good Friends.” She twisted and pinched hard with each of the final words before planting a wet kiss on my face, just below my eye. She then waddled off down the hallway, laughing. I laid there wheezing, wishing harder than ever that April would turn the corner and rescue me. But she didn’t. Bella found me curled up on the floor outside her room, tears streaming from my face.

“Oh no, Daisy,” she said pityingly, picking me up. “Opal got you, didn’t she. Mother didn’t even need anything.” Bella cradled me and stroked my hair, which felt calming and relaxing. Warmth flooded my body and I went limp in her arms… and started purring weakly. “Keep away from Opal, she hates kitties. She’s a brat. Whatever you do, don’t try to hurt her. She’ll tell mother and you’ll get in big trouble. You do not want mother mad at you, Daisy.” Bella carried me back into her room and laid down on the bed, laying me on her chest and petting me. A few moments later, Sunshine was rubbing her head against my cheek with a soft mew. I guess she was apologizing? I looked up at Bella, pleading with my eyes, and put my mittened hands to the kitty mask mouth and made a pulling motion.

“No, Daisy - I know it hurts at first and I’m sorry, but the muzzle never comes off. You’re a kitty, don’t think of it as anything but a part of you. This one is much nicer than the mask your old owner gave you.” I… felt her rubbing the ears on the mask. I didn’t know how I felt it, but I felt it, and it felt amazing. I felt her scruff the base of the ears, where it met my hair and I couldn’t help but purr loudly. “See, it’s starting to work already. Soon you’ll be able to move those ears - we don’t want to take it off, you’d have to bond to it all over again.” My eyes went wide at this… bond to it? It was bonding to me? How? Would I be able to take it off later? “Be a good kitty, don’t ask again. Okay, Daisy?” Bella resumed caressing the ears and that warmth flooded my body again. I melted in her lap and purred, I couldn’t help it.

That actually made me panic and I pulled away from her - the fear adrenaline broke through whatever the mask was doing to me and I crawled off of her.

“Aw, okay Daisy - come back if you want more love,” she actually sounded disappointed. Sunshine took my spot on her chest. I crawled to the foot of the bed and laid down, my midsection was aching, and I was hungry. My stomach growled, I couldn’t stop it. “Daisy, I can hear that you’re hungry. Will you drink your bottle? I don’t want to force you, kitty.” I just buried my face. I wanted April… and I couldn’t even tell anyone how badly I missed her. I felt my hair being stroked again, which was relaxing. “Poor Daisy. You’ll help her, won’t you Sunshine? Can you help her learn to be happy?” Sunshine meowed in response, “I knew you would. You’re a good kitty, Sunshine. I love you so much.”

“Bella, it’s time for dinner,” a female voice called from outside the room.

“Coming!” Bella called back, laying Sunshine down on the bed. She patted my diaper and left the room. I just laid there, my face buried… I felt Sunshine laying against me. Her naked breasts pressing into my back made me uncomfortable as she nuzzled against the back of my head. I felt my stomach cramp and I groaned… I’d been on an almost entirely liquid diet for days now, and it had done certain things to my digestion… Sunshine gave me room while I did my humiliating business. I wanted to cry so badly, I felt so helpless… so hopeless. I couldn’t even ask for a change, I’d have to wait for someone to find me!

Sunshine meowed and crawled over to a ramp I hadn’t noticed at the foot of the bed. She tilted her head and meowed, I guessed she was trying to get me to follow her. She waited patiently, kneeling like she did for Bella. I hadn’t noticed before how her tail wrapped around her hands and knees when she sat that way. Did she really have control over it? I got to my knees and crawled, feeling absolutely disgusting. I looked at the way Sunshine’s tail came out of her diaper… it wasn’t the same as mine, her pink diaper had a round hole in the back of it, it looked like the diaper was cut that way. It had an elastic band around the tail-hole just like the legbands. Sunshine actually had a tail! Were they going to do that to me? She led me down the ramp and out the bedroom door. I was on high alert watching for Opal as we headed down the hall. She led me to a flight of stairs going down, which had a ramp along one side for Sunshine… and me, I guess. I followed her down, she led us toward the back of this enormous house. She knelt outside an open doorway and started meowing softly. I peeked inside… it looked to be a laundry room of some kind. There was a woman, an older woman who was no taller than Bella wearing a simple dress with an apron, her grey hair braided down her back.

She turned around slowly…

Part 35

“Sunshine!” she smiled as she turned around, towering over us. “Oh, and you must be Daisy. Oh, I can see why Sunshine brought you to me. Sunshine’s such a good kitty.” She reached down and scruffed behind Sunshine’s ear, who craned her neck and started rubbing against the woman’s legs, purring the whole time. “Come on, Daisy. Let’s get you changed. You come to me any time you need a change, and I’ll take care of you, you precious thing.” She picked me up and scruffed my ears, which felt fantastic. She laid me down on a table and proceeded to clean me up.

“Oh my, you’re breastfed aren’t you? I can tell,” she said as she taped another betailed diaper around my waist, “You weren’t a kitty before, were you Daisy?”

I shook my head and pawed at the collar, making a pained sound, which came out as a hurt mew as I had hoped.

“Does it hurt much, poor Daisy?” she stroked my hair… which once again felt fantastic. It never felt this good when April stroked my hair, the mask must be doing something to me. I pawed and tapped at the collar where I knew my nameplate was hidden and whined. “There’s… you have a lump there, Daisy.” Hope surged in my chest as she peeled the mask’s collar back a bit.

“Your name is Kimmy?” she asked me, I looked into her eyes and nodded, pleading. “Did your mommy sell you?” I shook my head violently. “Does your mommy know where you are?” Again, I shook my head and gave a sad mew. “Oh, poor girl. Your mommy must be worried sick. Poor lady.” The old woman looked incredibly sad, like her heart broke just a little. “I’m afraid you’re Daisy now… I wish I could do something to help you, but my situation here isn’t exactly the best either.” She started scruffing the kitty ears, which caused me to purr. “The ears are already bonding with you, dearie. Stay away from Opal and you might enjoy yourself here. Sunshine does. Stay close to her, she’ll show you when and where it’s safe to go. I’m so sorry, Daisy.” She had a pained look on her face as she set me down on the ground and went about changing Sunshine as well. I got another white diaper with a tail, Sunshine got another pink diaper designed for Littles who had been modified to have their own tails. Catalon was awful. I laid on the floor and fought back tears. This woman knew my name and wouldn’t even use it.

When Sunshine was back on the ground, she meowed at me loudly and started rubbing herself on the woman’s legs, pausing only to meow again. I got the hint and rubbed against her as well. I had to say thank you to this woman if I expected her to help me out in the future.

“Oh, thank you Daisy, I hope we’ll become good friends. I’ve been taking care of Littles and kitties for a lot of years now. Sweet kitties like you are the best. Go on now, I have laundry to finish.” Sunshine trilled, a sound I wasn’t sure how to make yet and started walking off. I followed her, having no idea what else to do. She led us to some sort of living room… everything was plush and overstuffed. The furniture was enormous, even by Amazon standards. Most of April’s house would have fit in this room. I followed Sunshine to a Little-sized cat tower. Since they had Little-sized baby furniture and everything else, I shouldn’t be surprised that they had Little-sized pet furniture here. I watched Sunshine climb a winding ramp up to a carpeted cylinder with a soft ball dangling on a string at one end. She laid down and started absently batting at the ball with a paw. I crawled up the ramp after her and gave a questioning mew, which she answered with a trill. I laid down next to her, holding my feet up similar to the only way she could, our bare shoulders touching. I lowered my head and gave a soft purr, trying to tell her that I was thankful for her help. I could see a smile in her eyes as she looked at me and laid down as well, joining my purr. It wasn’t long before Sunshine was asleep beside me, her mask turning her soft snores into a gentle purr. I closed my eyes and tried to nap as well, but sleep wouldn’t come. My stomach grumbled, and I was very thirsty.

After a while, Sunshine’s ears twitched and she got up quickly and started crawling off. I watched her go, my stomach hurt too much to try to move quickly enough to keep up with her right now. She was almost to the doorway when Opal came running around the corner in a fast waddle. She ran right up to Sunshine and pulled hard on her pretty red tail, causing Sunshine to let out a horrible yowl.

“Opal! Let go of Sunshine’s tail right now,” came an adult voice from a different room. Apparently this happened enough that they knew what was going on without being in the room.

“It was an accident!” Opal called back, and she leaned in and said something quietly to Sunshine, whose tail was twice as thick as it had been before. Sunshine took off quickly around the corner as soon as she could. I curled up into a ball, hoping Opal wouldn’t see me. Nobody came in to scold Opal, or to punish her… that was apparently it. I heard Opal’s footsteps on the ramp to the tower. She had seen me! I tried to call for help, but they just came out as pitiful meows. “Oh don’t worry, Daisy. You’re still my favorite.” Her voice was coming nearer… I jumped as best I could from the tube, trying to land on my butt. I was successful, and the padding broke my fall, it didn’t hurt at all. I started crawling away, but Opal caught up to me quickly.

“Got you!” Opal yelled gleefully as she tackled me, knocking me over. I twisted and turned, kicking my feet and shouting, angry meows coming from my kitty mouth. Opal let go and started crying. Loudly. I noticed I was now staring at a pair of red high heeled shoes. “Mommy! Daisy kickded me, I just wanna pet her!”

A strong hand grabbed me by the hair and I was being dragged away. I tried to twist away, but the grip was unbreakable. She had my hair and my neck and I scrambled to keep up with her, it hurt!

“Bad kitty,” the adult voice from the other room said sternly. Opal’s mommy. “You’re getting your feet bound like Sunshine for that. I told Bella she should have done this already. I told her it doesn’t hurt.” I mewled pitifully as she picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. I was so high up, it was terrifying. She grabbed me by the face and forced me to look at her. Her skin was taut, she wore entirely too much makeup, and giant diamond earrings dangled from beneath her curled blonde hair. “You stay right here while I get the bindings. If you move from this spot, you will regret it.”

She walked off, her heels clicking against the kitchen floor, when I heard Opal’s voice come from below the counter.

“It’s too bad you don’t have a real tail yet, yours is hanging over the counter. I would pull it so hard you’d scream! It would be so funny. Your tail is no fun, you won’t cry at all if I pull it. You’re in trouble for kicking me.” Opal’s voice was full of a horrible glee at this. “You should just lay down when I want to pet you. I’m the baby, I get whatever I want. If I want to pet you, it’s your job to lay down and let me. If I want to make you cry, you have to let me do that too!” Opal laughed and manuevered so she could look up at me, “Oh Daisy, you’re such a pretty kitty. Bella did a great job picking you out. She always finds the most beautiful, stupidest kitties.”

We heard the the clicking of the heels returning.

“I want Daisy to like me!” Opal cried, “She’s such a pretty kitty. Pretty pretty kitty, I wanna pet her! Mommy can I pet her?”

“Of course, darling,” the Amazon woman said as she lifted Opal up and set her on the counter next to me. Opal grabbed a fistful of my hair with one hand and started stroking me with the other. “Be gentle, baby. Keep Daisy calm while I bind her feet like a proper kitty.”

“I will, mommy. I a good helper!” She was pressing so hard with her free hand, even the petting hurt… not to mention the hand that had a firm grip on my hair. I wanted nothing more than to shove her off the countertop, but something told me that would make things much worse. The Amazon moved around behind me and grabbed my left foot while Opal “consoled” me. I gritted my teeth and waited while I felt a band being tied around my left thigh and attached to my left foot, then repeated with the other… finally she started attaching the kneepads to my knees so I would still have “feet”. As she finished, Opal reached up and twisted my ear, causing me to cry out.

“Gentle with kitties, Opal,” the woman pushed Opal’s hands away and started stroking my hair… too hard. I purred to avoid punishment. “See? That’s the happy kitty sound. If the kitty is making that sound, it means they like what you’re doing. She likes being a kitty.” I didn’t! I focused on stopping the sound coming from my throat, and the woman started scruffing my ears… my body responded without my will, it felt so good I started purring again. I couldn’t stop!

“Mommy, why doesn’t Daisy’s tail move? Is it broked?”

“Daisy’s last owner didn’t get her a real tail, they’re rather expensive. Do you think we should get Daisy a real tail?” It was like they dumped ice water directly in my veins. I couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t protest, I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t want that! I didn’t want them to change my body! Where was April? Why wasn’t she saving me? I felt tears escaping my eyes, which caused Opal to grin viciously, but her mommy didn’t seem to notice. “I’ll call the vet and get her on the schedule. We’ll get her a nice pretty tail to match her hair and ears. Down we go, Opal darling. You did a good job petting Daisy. Here’s a candy, sweetheart. Go play with your toys.”

“You,” she said, picking me up carrying me under one arm like a football, “can go back to Bella’s room. If you hurt my Opal again, I will make you regret it.”

She dumped me on the floor inside Bella’s door and closed it behind me. Sunshine came out from under Bella’s bed, looking sad. She crawled over to me and rubbed against my cheek. I mewed softly in response, I wasn’t mad at her. I should have followed her lead and run when she did. She heard Opal coming and I didn’t - I felt bad for her, I wondered if her tail was still hurting. I really, really didn’t want them to attach a tail to me, just so Opal could tug on it to make me cry. I followed Sunshine back up the ramp to Bella’s bed and we laid down in a patch of sunlight. I felt hungry and weak after my ordeal, and my thighs felt strange where the bands were holding my feet. The binding didn’t hurt, but it was going to make it hard to sleep. Crawling was a little easier with the kneepads, though.

“Daisy, there you are,” Bella’s voice came from the doorway, I didn’t bother to look up… I didn’t feel well. My stomach rumbled loudly, tipping her off. “Okay Daisy, we really need to get some milk in you. I’ll get you another bottle, but I really need you to drink it this time.” She vanished and came back with two bottles. “Okay Sunshine, lay on your back and show Daisy how you can drink on your own. Good kitty.” Sunshine rolled over onto her back, her bound feet on the bed, her back kitty feet up in the air. She reached up with her mittened hands and took the bottle, it took both hands since she had no thumbs available to her. Bella helped guide the nipple into the mask and she started suckling on the bottle. I really didn’t want that… but I was so hungry.

“Your turn Daisy,” she said as she pulled me into her lap on the bed, laying me on my back. I couldn’t feel the nipple enter the mask, but I could feel the milk on my tongue. It was sweet and cold, but didn’t even come anywhere near the wonder that was April’s milk. I tried to turn my head away but Bella held me still. “Please don’t make me zap you, Daisy.” Bella actually sounded sad as she said it, “You need to eat or you’ll get sick. Drink your milk, please… I don’t want to zap you, Daisy.” I closed my eyes and gave in, sucking on the bulb that was jammed in my mouth by the mask and feeling the milk trickle down my throat. “Good girl, Daisy. Thank you.” She stroked my hair and caressed the kitty ears, which felt wonderful… but I hated it at the same time. April would never change my body, she loved me just the way I was. I wanted my mommy.

When the bottle was finished, I felt full and exhausted. Bella stroked my hair and after a bit Sunshine came up and snuggled me as well, I fell asleep feeling contented and horribly sad at the same time.

Part 36

I woke in the kitty bed, the maroon cube, to the sound of April calling for me.

“Kimmy baby, where are you?” Her voice was coming from beyond Bella’s door. My heart leapt and I struggled out of the bed, calling for her - but only meows came out. Mommy, I’m here! I’m here, I need you, I missed you! I tried to call, but the mask prevented human words. “Kimmy, I can’t find you!”

I crawled as fast as I could towards Bella’s closed bedroom door and scratched at it, meowing as loudly as I could. April! Mommy! April! I’m here! I’m in here! I meowed frantically, her voice sounded like it was getting closer. I scooted back and knelt as the door opened, and April was there. My April… she came for me! I held my arms up to her and she picked me up and held me.

“Kitty cat, have you seen my Kimmy?” she asked. I’m right here! I pleaded with her, but she didn’t understand my meows. She carried me a few steps… and I could see us in the vanity mirror. I was a cat. April was holding a real cat in her arms. A cat with pale yellow fur with darker stripes. Me. They changed me! I panicked and felt a claw dig into April’s arm, she cried out in pain and dropped me. I landed on my four paws.

“Ow!” April cried out, blood rushing down her arm in a waterfall. “That hurt! Why did you hurt me?” I’m sorry! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry mommy! I mewled at her. She pushed me away with a foot… right into Opal who grabbed me by the scruff and shook me.

“Bad kitty!” Opal yelled at me, and she yanked my tail hard. It was agony! Opal lifted me high and threw me across the room. As I flew through the air everything felt like it was in slow motion… April’s blood was everywhere, filling the room. I slammed against the wall…

And woke up sweating in the maroon kitty bed. It was a nightmare. I looked at my arms… they were still human. They ended in the yellow paw mittens, but I could feel my hands inside. I felt my heart racing… it was a dream. A terrible dream, but just a dream. I crawled out of the bed, it was nighttime… Bella snored softly in her bed. I spotted Sunshine sitting in the window, staring up at the moon. I gave a quiet mew to let Sunshine know I was awake, but not loud enough to wake Bella. She turned to face me and padded down to me, brushing against me. I nuzzled her in return and she purred, she put a paw on my chest and crawled under Bella’s bed. She came back with a ball and rolled it towards me and gave a soft meow. Bella’s door was closed, so we couldn’t go wandering… I batted it back to her. She pounced on the ball and squished it beneath her before rolling it back to me. I copied her and we spent quite a while just rolling the ball back and forth and chasing it around the room. Playing with Sunshine was actually fun, she was a really good friend to me. I shuddered at the thought of being trapped here without her. After we were tired from playing, we laid down together in the maroon cube, snuggled together. As I drifted towards sleep, I hoped desperately that I wouldn’t dream.

Unfortunately, I did dream of April again. It was a gorgeous day in the park, the sun was shining and giant puffy white clouds hung in the sky. Bella had brought Sunshine and me out on leashes to get some exercise. There were happy Littles being snuggled by their mommies everywhere I looked, Sunshine and I were the only pets around. There was a sad woman on a bench, she looked like she was crying… as we approached, I could tell… that was April! I don’t know how I knew from here, but I knew. I strained at the leash and meowed for all I was worth. Eventually as we passed, I got her attention. April looked up at me, she looked broken… like she had been crying forever. Her face was puffy and swollen. Bella asked her if she was okay, that maybe petting the kitties would help. April looked me right in the eyes as she stroked my hair… but she didn’t recognize me. My heart broke into a million pieces as she walked away after petting me and complimenting Bella on her ‘beautiful kitty’. Again I woke with a jolt. Sunshine was gone and I was alone in the bed.

“Daisy, here kitty kitty,” I heard Bella calling, “Come get your bottle. You can feed yourself or I can feed you today, whatever you want.”

I crawled out from the kitty bed. I didn’t want to kneel and be fed, and I didn’t want to lay on my back and drink, either… so I crawled to Bella’s legs and rubbed against them, meowing softly.

“Oh… Daisy,” Bella said, she sounded a little choked up. Did it really mean that much to her that I showed her a tiny bit of affection? She had everything she could possibly want. She scooped me up and carried me to the bed, cradling me in her arms. This was familiar, being held this way. This was comforting. I tilted my head back and mewed, waiting for the bottle. At least I could pretend I was a Little and not a kitty this way. Sure enough, Bella slipped the bottle nipple into the mask and I started drinking again. The second I took the first swallow, my bladder released involuntarily… but honestly, I wasn’t even worried about it. I was barely potty trained at this point anyway, it didn’t really matter if this milk took the last of it from me. I’d been in diapers from the moment I woke up in this dimension, and honestly I would give anything to be back home in my crib right now, regardless of the state of my diaper. “Daisy, I love you too,” Bella said sweetly, stroking the bare flesh of my tummy as she fed me. My mind wandered as I drained the bottle… I missed clothing. That thought made me remember Opal grabbing my nipples… and I felt my ears… no, not my ears… the mask’s ears twitch. “Oh Daisy, you moved your ears! Oh, that’s wonderful. I bet this will feel really good now.”

The world exploded with color, blues and greens everywhere… the pleasure from Bella stroking my… the mask’s ears… was so intense that it couldn’t be contained by just my sense of touch. It even smelled nice. I melted entirely in her arms… when the colors faded, I heard the loudest purr coming from me. Bella was beaming down at me… and I felt myself start to cry. I wanted April to be smiling down at me, not Bella! I wanted April to be feeding me, April to be snuggling me, April to change me… this girl took me from my April! Sobs wracked my body and I choked a bit in the mask. Bella flipped me over and stroked my back.

“Daisy, Daisy, shh… It’s okay, I’m sorry if I wasn’t gentle enough. I’m sorry if I hurt you, oh Daisy, I’m so sorry.” Suddenly, Sunshine was there by my side as well, leaning on me and purring gently. They loved me… even Bella loved me in her own screwed up way… but I wanted my mommy. I sobbed until I was exhausted, but they never stopped consoling me for a moment. I just wished I could tell them why I was sad. The milk once again made me sleepy, and after crying until I had nothing left… I collapsed in Bella’s arms. She laid down and snuggled me, Sunshine curled around me on the other side, her beautiful red tail draped protectively over my back. The fur on her tail was so amazingly soft… as I drifted, I hoped that it caused her to feel nice things, not just pain.

Some time later, Bella’s phone started buzzing.

“Ugh,” she leaned down and kissed me and then Sunshine on the top of the head, “I have to go to school. I’ll leave the door open for you two. Don’t get in trouble and stay away from Opal, okay?” Sunshine trilled, which I was starting to get was the sound she made when I was supposed to follow her, so I did, even though I felt exhausted. We walked a long way, down a flight of stairs, past the living room… I wasn’t sure I could find my way back. Sunshine squeezed between a shelf and something else… a large TV? I couldn’t tell what it was, and then we were in a dark tunnel. I followed the sound of her soft purring until we came to a small roundish opening, big enough for both of us to look out of. We were in some kind of crawlspace, maybe in the wall itself, I couldn’t tell… but the view was gorgeous. It looked down into a huge den, there were books everywhere, large leather chairs, a huge desk, various lamps… but the beautiful part was the aquarium that was just beneath the opening. We were peeking out of some sort of broken sconce or something similar… and we had a perfect view of the most gorgeous, serene freshwater fish tank. The fish swam about, thinking fish thoughts… it was very tranquil. I felt recharged by this cool, dark, beautiful place. Sunshine was sharing something special with me. I realized how special it was a few moments later.

“Oh here kitty kitty kitty,” Opal’s Little voice, the one she used when there was an Amazon listening, floated up to us from the study below, “Where da kitties? I wanna pet a kitty!” She had a menacing looking rattle in one hand, which I’m sure she was eager to “pet” one of us with, ever so gently. “Where are you kitties?” she dropped to a lower volume, the voice she hid from the Amazons coming through, “Daisy. I’m going to find you. You don’t know all of Sunshine’s hiding places. I’m going to find you and show you how much I love you, Daisy. I heard Bella tell mommy your ears started working, and they’re so, so sensitive. I can’t wait to feel how soft they are, Daisy.” She stalked through the study, looking under tables and desks, her voice low and menacing. She was in shortalls today, with a lemon yellow shirt, she was even more mobile than she had been the day before. It hardly seemed fair.

Sunshine’s tail caressed my back and I shivered. I leaned my head against her shoulder, too scared to purr for her. Eventually Opal wandered out of the study, calling, “Mommy! Where are the kitties? Zap them so they come to me please! Mommy!” At that Sunshine nudged me and I started backing out. Apparently Opal’s mommy was willing to zap Sunshine for hiding. I shuddered, was there no escaping? We crawled back out into the light of the hallway and started back… once we got to the stairs to the laundry room, I recognized the area. I followed Sunshine to the laundry room door and we meowed softly together. The old woman didn’t open the door… but Opal came around the corner, she must have heard us.

“Kitties!” she cheered and headed right for us. We turned and started crawling away as fast as we could, but it wasn’t looking good. I fell behind a bit, determined to protect poor Sunshine’s tail. “I told you not to run, Daisy. Don’t be a bad kitty, let me pet you!” Sunshine was meowing loudly as the three of us moved quickly down the hall. She took a sharp right and I followed, adding my voice to her cries. The small old woman stepped out of a doorway just as Opal turned the corner behind us and we hid behind her legs.

“Opal darling,” the old woman said, ignoring us, “Did you come to me for a change? Do you have some stinky pants, precious Opal?”

“No, Nanny,” Opal frowned, glaring at us, “I’m just wet. I want to pet the kitties. Please can I have them?”

“Let’s change your soggy diapers first, sweetie,” Nanny said as she walked to Opal, keeping herself between us and the horrible girl. Sunshine started off again and I took the hint.

“No Nanny! They’re leaving, let go! Daisy! Daisy I’m going to pet you so hard for running!”

“Up we go,” Nanny clucked her tongue at Opal, “Oh my, you’re so wet. Maybe you need a bath, sweetie.”

“No! Nanny, I don’t want a bath!”

“Opal, do I need to tell your mommy that you’re fighting Nanny again? What would she say?” That shut her up. We turned a corner and Sunshine led us out to a glass room that overlooked a green field. It was beautiful. There were chairs and tables arranged all around the room, and as we crawled inside, I could see that even the ceiling was glass. The field outside was enormous, it seemed to stretch forever in both directions. There were Amazons in the distance driving a tiny car in the field. There was a smaller area of the field nearby the house that was surrounded by a wrought iron fence just outside the glass room, which had a large blue swimming pool and a lounging area. Sunshine hopped up onto a lounging chair inside the glass room, and I followed her. I felt a little silly, like I was her shadow, but she seemed to know where it was safe to be. I would be so lost without her. I realized we weren’t alone in the glass room when we heard the sound of a voice coming over a phone speaker.

“Cancel the vet appointment, sweetie, we can’t get Daisy a tail.” Relief flooded my body at that, I wasn’t going to be modified!

“I promised Opal, dear - why can’t we get her a tail?”

“Our usual vet will cause problems for us if he sees her collar. We didn’t exactly get Daisy on the up-and-up. Bella saw her, she wanted her, so I got her. She belonged to someone else already but whoever it was didn’t have her registered properly at the kennel, so I used that to my advantage.”

“She’s not legal? She’s stolen?”

“Not stolen, dearest… found. The poor dear was unregistered in the kennel, who knows how long she had been there or how long it would be before someone noticed her. We did her a favor, but there’s a chance that taking her to the vet will alert the previous owner and that would make both girls sad. Bella really likes Daisy, she needed another kitty since Sprinkles passed.” Sunshine bristled at this, I nuzzled her, trying to calm my own nerves.

“Can you find another vet? I promised Opal we’d get Daisy a tail, I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“I’ll see what I can do, my love. I have to go - please cancel the current appointment. I’ll be home in time for dinner tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too, dear. Have a good day.” Opal’s mommy stood up… and spotted us. “Oh, good morning kitties,” she said as she strode over to us. I shivered a bit in her shadow. She stroked Sunshine’s hair gently and got a purr, then mine… and I purred as well. She squeezed Sunshine’s diaper, then mine. I blushed furiously, not that anyone could tell under the mask. "You are both too wet to be sitting on my loungers. If you leak, so help me… " she scooped us up in her arms, our heads resting on her shoulder. I could feel Sunshine’s tail tickle my feet as she walked back the way we came. “Nanny! I have wet kitties who need to be changed!” She peeked in the laundry room, but we knew that Nanny wouldn’t be there. “Nanny?”

“I’m bathing Miss Opal, madam,” Nanny’s voice came from down the hall, “Very sorry madam, I’ll get to the kitties right away!”

She dropped us in the laundry room and closed the door… we were trapped. I hoped that Nanny came and found us before Opal did… Sunshine curled up in a basket of towels and I, her shadow, joined her. Waiting quietly for Nanny and hoping desperately it wouldn’t be Opal who opened the door.

Part 37

It had been two weeks. I knew that because Bella was off school again yesterday, that meant today was Sunday. I had been here for fourteen days now, and I had figured out what was wrong with the milk. I needed it. The sun was just rising and I was laying on Bella’s chest and meowing softly. I needed the milk. If I went too long without it, my tongue itched and I felt irritable and twitchy. The milk made me calm. It also seemed to give me the ability to fall asleep very easily. Sunshine had been showing me all the best napping spots and it was so, so easy to just drift off when the two of us were cuddling. We went everywhere together. I had taken a couple Opal petting sessions so Sunshine could get away without getting her tail pulled, and Sunshine always comforted me and cuddled me afterwards. It wasn’t so bad as long as there was someone else in earshot. She would pet as hard as she could, forcing my face into the floor until it hurt, but she would only kick you or hit you if she caught you somewhere that she knew no one else was around. Opal could do pretty much anything she wanted as long as she went about it in a babyish way, the adults gave her all kinds of sweets and cookies, very rarely any kind of punishment. Mealtimes were the safest, when Opal was safely contained in her high chair we could go anywhere we wanted. Sunshine didn’t like it at first, but we had taken to throwing her toys down the stairs while everyone ate. She still hadn’t found where I hid her favorite stuffie, the stupid little giraffe with the hard eyes that she liked to hit me with. On the bright side, I had gotten pretty fast at crawling as a result of interacting with Opal.

Nighttime was the other wonderful time. We had the run of the house, and for some reason it was very easy to stay up after everyone else had gone to bed. Probably because I spent so much of the day napping. Sunshine and I would explore everywhere at night. The glass room at the back of the house was wonderful, we would snuggle together in a lounger and just watch the stars. I dreamed of April almost every time I closed my eyes. Most of the time, she was searching for me. Most of the time she found me and couldn’t recognize me. But the worst were the ones where she found me… and gave me to Bella forever, saying she didn’t want me now that I was too kitty-like. Those were worse than the dreams of Opal chasing me, or being trapped inside the walls of this house. April giving me up was my worst nightmare.

The realization that it had been two full weeks should have hit me harder… but I needed the milk. Why hadn’t she found me already? Was she still searching? Did she give up? Was she back on Albion? Did she get another Little to replace me? Bella stirred under me and all my thoughts vanished like a drop of water sizzling away on a hot pan. The need for the milk burned it all away. I mewled and purred, kneading at Bella’s chest, begging for the milk. Sunshine didn’t seem to have the same need I did. She never missed a meal, but she didn’t seem to fall apart without it the same way I did.

“Daisy, no… I’m sleepy,” Bella grumbled and rolled onto her side, knocking me off of her. I crawled up to her chin, rubbing my soft ears and the top of my head against her face, and I made the tiny mew that I could make and Sunshine couldn’t. Bella loved that tiny mew, it melted her. A smile spread across her face and she stroked my hair and scruffed my ears. I mewed again, Bella’s tiny mew, and laid my body over her shoulder, putting my full weight on her. “Daisy… fine. I’m awake, I’ll get your milk.” I rubbed against her again and gave a happy meow. Sunshine watched from the foot of the bed, she was content to let me do the work to get us breakfast. Bella got up and left the room and I pounced Sunshine, rolling around on the bed with her.

Sunshine was my constant companion. You could tell her moods by her eyes, they actually changed colors based on how she was feeling. She had the most gorgeous hazel eyes, when she was happy they were greener, when she was sad they were browner, and when she was feeling playful they turned almost yellow. Sunshine was always there for me, playing when we were happy, snuggling when we were sad… she never let me wake up alone, somehow she knew that the dreams always found me. I loved her. Over this past week, my love for her grew and I would do anything I could to protect her. Seeing her red tail curl around her paws made me happy. Her “come with” trill made my stomach flutter. We rolled around on the bed waiting for Bella to return, my laughs coming out as a series of short mews… she made a similar sound, I hoped she was laughing too. Sunshine laid on her back for her bottle, which was what she preferred… and I curled up in Bella’s arms. This was one of the few times I felt like I could still be a Little, when I was cradled and being fed. I purred for Bella the entire time I was drinking, of course.

When the milk was done, we played. Now that the milk-itch was gone, everything was good again. Playing with Bella was even more fun than playing just with Sunshine. Bella could move faster than either of us, so batting at things she moved around was more challenging than rolling the ball between the two of us. The weekends were nice, Bella really did love us and she spent as much time playing with us as she could. Last Sunday she had to go to some sort of practice, I was hoping she would stay with us this time. We played ball, we played chase, we cuddled. Bella was a sweet girl, she showered us with affection - I hadn’t been zapped by Bella since that first day, she really didn’t want to use it. Her mother had different feelings on the matter and would sometimes zap us just to help Opal find us. Bella had a sadness in her that I couldn’t seem to reach. She spent more time with us than her family, I basically hadn’t seen her father since he kidnapped me. Her mother was awful, she never had anything nice to say to Bella, and she let Opal get away with everything.

Bella liked to watch TV on Sundays with us in her lap, so we all went to the living room. The morning was relaxed and comfortable, I hadn’t seen Opal all day… so all in all, just about as perfect as a day could be here. TV was boring to me, it was always gossip about things I didn’t care about, so I slipped into a nap easily, with Bella gently stroking my hair. I woke from the nap once when Bella got up for a drink, but she came back quickly and I curled up and napped again easily. As the day wound on, I could feel the milk-itch rising, but I could also feel a pressure in my bowels. If I headed down and found Nanny now, I wouldn’t have to be in the mess very long. That was how I preferred to do things, I’d do what I had to do after I had located Nanny and she would make it better for me. I hopped down off Bella’s lap, her show wasn’t done yet - there wouldn’t be any milk until it was, and I headed down the ramp toward the laundry room. The morning bottle must not have been very full, the milk-itch was worse than usual for a lunchtime craving.

I was so distracted, I didn’t even see her coming until it was too late. Opal tackled me to the ground just at the bottom of the stairs… I mewled but we were too far away for Nanny to hear us, and certainly too far away for Bella to save me.

“Hi Daisy,” Opal smiled cruelly. She had her elbow on my throat, it hurt and I couldn’t move. I went limp. Sometimes if you didn’t show pain, Opal would get bored and go somewhere else. “I’m really sad that mommy won’t get you a tail. I keep asking and asking… I want you to know what it feels like to get your tail pulled, Daisy. I found out why… mommy’s afraid to take you to the vet! She’s afraid we wouldn’t get to keep you. Oh, wouldn’t that be so sad if you got to go back to your mommy? I have something for you, Daisy,” her grin spread as she held up a bottle, “I made it just for you. It wasn’t easy. Isn’t it your lunch time? I bet you want this baba so badly.” I certainly did not, anything Opal had prepared was bound to have a nasty surprise… but the milk-itch… part of me wanted that bottle more than anything. “Drink up, Daisy.” Opal held the bottle to the mask and slipped the nipple in, I could feel the milk on my tongue and my body took over, and I was sucking down the milk. When the bottle was gone, she let me up. Something wasn’t right… the milk felt wrong in my stomach.

“Time for you to go meet Sprinkles,” Opal grinned, watching me stumble around. “Maybe the next kitty will let me pet her more.”

I couldn’t find my feet… the world was spinning and my throat hurt. I started coughing, which wasn’t easy. I yowled for all I was worth… and I heard footsteps coming toward us. Opal took off down a hallway, leaving me alone at the foot of the stairs. My stomach was twisting inside me, my vision was getting blurry… my heart was beating like crazy.

“Daisy?” Nanny’s voice sounded a million miles away as my stomach started convulsing… I was vomiting into the mask. Something changed in the mask and the front opened, my sick spilling on to the ground, keeping me from choking to death. “Oh no, Daisy! Daisy! Oh dearie, stay with me.” The world was spinning as she scooped me up and she was running down the hall… I felt bad for getting my sick on her. My eyes were burning and everything felt heavy. When I opened my eyes, we were in the laundry room and Nanny was forcing me to drink water through the open mask. I couldn’t focus though… everything was white and hazy… and I lost consciousness.


Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

Well, now: this is something new. I have never before read a story in which a Little was kept as a pet. And even weirder: kept as a pet in a home in a part of the DD which devalued Littles almost completely, yet finds a Little receiving far more deference from the lady of the house than she gives her own actual daughter!

I love your descriptions here. It is clear, of course, that there’s something in the milk, but I think by now we also much suspect that Kimmy has the single most adaptive personality in the known universe. She is whisked out of normal, if utterly self-destructive, young woman’s life to become the baby of a giant, and within a very short time not only accept this but loves the woman whom she now thinks of as “Mommy,” finds pleasure in dot-to-dots, and has little issue with most of the other baby accoutrements of her new life that are not scary to her. Then she is kidnapped and made into a kitten, and within a couple of weeks is running around with the home’s other “kitten,” playing and pouncing and generally being all kitten-like. As I said: adaptable.

I’m enjoying the dark twists, bbykimmy. I sincerely hope that Opal gets some comeuppance here for poisoning Kimmy (and probably Sprinkles too). And I’m finding myself feeling sad for Sunshine and, bizarrely, for Bella too, when April finally does locate Kimmy. I expect there was video both in the daycare and in the kennel that, in these two weeks, has been thoroughly scrutinized to discover what happened that day. I expect that the daycare worker was fired (or worse), and that April has been searching for the man and girl, whose cash purchase left no records. It’s only a matter of time until she is able to show their photos to every vet in town, though…

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

Thank you kerry for always commenting, I really appreciate it!

You’re right, it would probably take a normal person much longer to adapt to these things… it’s funny you mention the dot-to-dot book, that’s in there because my real-life mommy-type lady that I’m married to bought me a dot-to-dot for adults and I love it! Each page is 300+ dots and you really can’t tell what the picture is until you’re halfway through it. I have a big problem with “baby toys” in littlespace, I can’t enjoy them. The dot-to-dot feels “little” but is still mentally stimulating, it’s a lot of fun.

I’m going to give the next chapter just because it answers some of the questions you have there… so here’s one just for you!

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

Part 38

My right hand ached and I swore that I was close to tearing off a callus on my left hand. These sessions were so demanding - Billy needed it to be perfect. They weren’t going to pretend it was him on the album, I was going to get the credit as the stand-in, but he wanted fans to experience as close to what they would get when he took the stage as possible. My chest hurt like never before, I didn’t pump at lunchtime and I couldn’t visit Kimmy today. I was really hoping I didn’t get a clogged duct, I was given to understand those hurt like crazy. The session had been grueling, I’d played that solo at least 50 times - the damn drummer kept wanting to tweak things. I couldn’t tell the difference between the “bass pedal hit” and the “super bass pedal hit”, but that’s what the argument had been about. I wasn’t technically “in the band” so all I could do was keep playing until they were happy.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought about snuggling my Little Kimmy and holding her close. I planned on taking her to our lunch spot and feeding her before we even went home, I needed relief. I couldn’t wait to hear about her day, I hoped she could charm this Beth the same way she had Tina. Honestly, the past few days had been amazing. I don’t think I ever felt closer to her than I had since we came to Catalon, it was so ironic. My smile was as big as the world as I strode into the Little Care, I couldn’t wait to have Kimmy in my arms. I pulled my borrowed jacket closed a bit to hide the wet spots on my shirt. I didn’t have a nursing bra yet, and I didn’t have any kind of absorbent pad. I hadn’t needed them so far.

Something had gone wrong though, both of the workers were going frantically around the room.

“Hi, Beth? April Morris, here for Kimmy!” I hated to place my problems above theirs, but my chest ached like crazy.

“One moment, Ms. Morris!” she sounded terrified. What was going on? I peeked around the counter and looked around the main area… nothing looked out of place.

“I’m not telling her that, it’s not my fault! You’re in charge, you go do it!” I heard a young man shout from behind a wall. Panic started to rise in my chest. Was Kimmy hurt? Beth approached the counter, looking scared out of her wits.

"Ms. Morris… I… we… " Beth stammered.

“Where is my Little? Is she hurt? Did you send her to a hospital?” A million scenarios flew by in my mind. They were supposed to call if something happened!

“No, Ms. Morris… I… we can’t find Kimmy.” A cold fear the likes of which I had never felt in my life filled my body. My chest was tight and my eyes were itchy, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

“What do you mean you can’t find her? She’s probably the most well-behaved Little you have in there! She doesn’t fuss about anything. Is she playing hide and seek?”

“No, Ms. Morris. I’m sorry!” Guilt was written all over this girl’s face and something twitched inside my brain. I was a calm person, I didn’t lose my temper. I was as level-headed and centered as they came, but something was clearly wrong here.

“What. Happened.” It wasn’t a question. It was a demand.

“Kimmy threw a giant tantrum this morning and I… I put her in the kennel. And now I can’t find her, she’s gone!”

You what!” the world had turned red, “What the hell is the kennel? Where is my Little?

"I’m sorry! She was only supposed to be in there a few minutes, I swear! I just wanted her to stop screaming and all her restrictions and… "

I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly I was on the other side of that counter with Beth’s shirt in my hand.

“Show me.” Beth was in tears as she led me to an ugly steel door that wasn’t viewable from the lobby. Inside were rows and rows of cages, diapered Littles wearing animal ears, naked otherwise, crying. Incoherent sounds of rage spilled forth from my lips, I couldn’t even form words, imagining Beth stuffing my precious, fragile Kimmy into one of these cages. “You put her in here?” I heard my voice ask, I was barely present.

"Y-Yes… "

“You stuffed my baby into a cage and walked away,” the red rage was gone, I had gone past furious into a cold stillness. I had never been this angry before in my entire life. “And now you don’t know where she is.” Kimmy’s dress was wadded up on the changing table in the room… seeing it washed away the rage with a torrent of despair. I rushed over to it and gripped it as though… as if I could just hold it tightly enough, Kimmy would be there. “Where’s Kimmy?” I wailed. “Where’s my Little?”

"I don’t know, Ms. Morris… we’ll find her. I’m so sorry, Ms. Morris… I didn’t mean… "

“You awful Catalons,” I sobbed into Kimmy’s discarded dress, “You can’t even see that they’re people! You drug them and beat them and cage them, manipulate them and parade them around, but they’re not animals! They’re people. Tiny, fragile, hurting people who need love!” I felt my legs give way and my back slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor, sobbing. “Kimmy… where are you?”

The door on the far end of the hall swung open and a balding man with a moustache walked through. He was dressed in a similar uniform, but he had on an ugly tie with it.

“What’s going on here? Why are you in here?” His expression softened as he recovered from his initial shock, “Ma’am, are you hurt? What can I do to help you?”

I sobbed into the dress, unable to answer. My entire world was a discarded dress in the white-knuckled grip of my shaking hands. Tears flowed freely down my face and my heart felt like it wasn’t pumping… just bleeding out into my chest.
“Sir,” Beth stammered a bit, “I… put one of the Littles in here as a timeout, and now she’s gone.”

“Beth!” the man looked angry, but not surprised, “These cages are for pets, not Littles. Ma’am, was your Little tagged?”

“Collared,” I managed to choke out, shaking my head, “Not tagged.” Tagging had seemed so cruel, so unconscionable… this was the diaper bag all over again. In my stubbornness to treat Kimmy as I would want to be treated, I had inadvertently harmed her yet again. I was dazed, barely functioning as the man helped me up and took me through the door he came from, leading me to an office in the back and pulling up a chair for me. I was a wreck, a sobbing mess, my world was shattered into dust and there was no hope at all of stopping the tears.

“Ma’am, we take missing Littles very seriously at LittleCare and PetCare, let’s fill out a Lost Little report and we’ll start getting to the bottom of this. I’m terribly sorry this has happened, let’s start from the beginning.”

When I left the PetCare I felt numb. I never stopped clutching Kimmy’s dress. I held it close to me as I walked toward the hotel. When I reached the hotel, I couldn’t even remember the walk. Had I stopped for stoplights? Had I interacted with anyone? It was like the space between the PetCare front door and the hotel lobby didn’t exist. It certainly didn’t exist in my memory. Honestly, nothing existed but the sad, empty dress clutched between my hands. When I got back to the room, I found myself staring at the empty steel crib, her beloved Harry Otter on the floor in front of it and I broke down again. My head ached from crying, my chest hurt, my stomach was growling. Everything was awful. I’m not sure how long I sat there on the bed staring at the fallen toy, sobbing into the dress… after what felt like days, I dialed up Lisa.

“Hello?” she answered.

“She’s gone,” I croaked, my voice hoarse from wailing, “Lisa, someone took Kimmy.”

“What? April, what happened? Who took Kimmy?”

“No one knows, Lisa. Someone took her from the daycare, someone kidnapped my Little… they erased the surveillance for the day, no one knows where she is and the kid who was working at the time is nowhere to be found.”
“Oh my stars, April… how are we going to get her back? What can I do to help?”

“I never should have brought her, Lisa. I knew what an awful place this was, it was so stupid of me to think everything would be fine.”

“Hey, hey… April… beating yourself up isn’t going to help, you know that. This is not your fault, you did not ask for this to happen. We need to stay positive. When was she taken?”

“Sometime this morning… maybe this afternoon, they’re not sure. The Catalons are treating this like a lost pet! There’s no police action, nothing. They fired the girl who caged and lost Kimmy, but that’s it so far. No one has any idea where she is.”

“Caged?” Lisa sounded horrified, “Shh, Mellie - don’t talk, your throat is healing. Eat your ice cream.”

“They have Littles dressed like animals here, Lisa. Ears and tails and diapers. They have kennels, the poor things can’t even talk… They have Littles that they force to be cats and dogs, Lisa!”

"That’s awful… "

“What if one of these sickos has Kimmy? What if she’s someone’s dog right now? Being kicked and smacked and eating from a bowl on the floor. My poor Kimmy… They’re monsters, Lisa… And no one knows where she is… I don’t know what to do!”

“Did you call the police yourself?”

"Yes, before I was even out the door of the daycare. The manager had already filed the report to the authorities, they won’t even talk to me further. They say they’re ‘looking into it’. Nobody here cares. I don’t know what to do… "

“Don’t give up. I’m going to do some research and see what I can find. You take care of yourself. Take a bath, eat some food. Kimmy’s going to need you when we find her.”

“Thanks, Lisa… I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I felt dead inside as I hung up the phone. I made myself a salad and some fruit from our groceries, and I stared sadly at the juice containers. Eating was mechanical, my body was on autopilot while my mind raced from hurt to hurt, a rat trapped in a maze of razor blades. Everything reminded me of Kimmy, everything hurt… everything was raw. It was like my whole body was covered in tiny cuts and I was swimming in a lake of salt.

I woke up on the floor, sunlight spilling in from the gap in the curtains, landing right across my eyes. I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I spent the whole night posting on “Lost Little” forums and trying to find any clue as to where Kimmy might be. I groaned, my body ached. I had pumped last night after another call with Lisa, but it looked like I needed to pump again. After I took care of that, I called in to the studio and explained that I wasn’t coming in. I couldn’t, part of me was gone. I apologized and told them I’d be happy to resume as soon as I’d found Kimmy. They agreed to postpone. It was actually Billy himself that fought the hardest for it, he wanted me to finish. Normally I would have been touched but honestly, I just felt… incomplete.

I hugged Harry Otter to me and laid down on the bed. It was going to be a long day. I was going to visit Donna at Love Your Little for advice, and go back to the daycare to see what I could learn about the kid who was on duty when Kimmy went missing. The police weren’t going to help, I was going to have to do this myself.

Donna had been consoling, but ultimately unhelpful. Her hopes weren’t high. Nobody’s were. The kid from the PetCare wasn’t answering his phone, he wasn’t home. He was just gone. Everything felt grey, hopeless. Without Kimmy, the world seemed to have less color.

I missed my flight home. I’m staying until I find her. I have to find her. I’ll find her if it kills me.

Kimmy, where are you?

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You’re welcome, everyone.


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[QUOTE=kerry;69723]You’re welcome, everyone.


(Please may we have some more?) ;-)[/QUOTE]

But if I give you more now, you won’t have any for tomorrow!

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

I didn’t see that twist coming. I feel bad for Daisy…err, Kimmy, and Sunshine but this is too delicious. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next. :3

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

I actually just accidentally ran into the story elsewhere and…well…[B][I]I couldn’t resist!

[/I][/B]I won’t spoil anything, of course. Except to say how shocked I was when it turned out that Opal was really a secret spy for the Amazon Society Seeking Holy Orders for Littles Everywhere, and that A.S.S.H.O.L.E. would turn out to be a scam religious group intent on the destruction of Amazon rights? And it really threw me when Sunshine revealed that all along she was actually…Sprinkles! and that Sprinkles had not died but only gone underground to expose Opal’s secret spy network, which relied on a secret drug called Flipanatorum that caused Bella’s mom to mistake her natal daughter for the Little she’d adopted and vice versa? Don’t worry: I won’t spoil any of that.

But I DO want to claim the honor of being the first to spot the way cool Easter Egg you left in Chapter 107, in which you describe Kimmy thusly:

I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know where anyone was. All I could do was take stock, and what I could see made no sense at all. I was seated splay-legged on the floor, my hands manacled and my paci held in by some kind of strap around my head. My ankles too were bound together by a length of black chain. I was dressed in blue, and I couldn’t even remember the last time I had been dressed in blue. Glancing down, I could see that the diaper I was in was enormous–not as huge as some I’d worn on Catalon, but still huge. I tried to call out, but all that got past the paci-gag was a muffled “HMPH.”

I mean: you didn’t really expect me to keep silent when I came across that, did you? I’m the first, right? No one beat me to it, right? Do I win a prize?

Re: Making the Best of It - Diaper Dimension - Parts 31-37 (Updated 6/29)

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll post the thrilling conclusion tomorrow.

[QUOTE=kerry;69726]I actually just accidentally ran into the story elsewhere and…well…[B][I]I couldn’t resist!

[/I][/B]I won’t spoil anything, of course. Except to say how shocked I was when it turned out that Opal was really a secret spy for the Amazon Society Seeking Holy Orders for Littles Everywhere, and that A.S.S.H.O.L.E. would turn out to be a scam religious group intent on the destruction of Amazon rights? And it really threw me when Sunshine revealed that all along she was actually…Sprinkles! and that Sprinkles had not died but only gone underground to expose Opal’s secret spy network, which relied on a secret drug called Flipanatorum that caused Bella’s mom to mistake her natal daughter for the Little she’d adopted and vice versa? Don’t worry: I won’t spoil any of that.

But I DO want to claim the honor of being the first to spot the way cool Easter Egg you left in Chapter 107, in which you describe Kimmy thusly:

I mean: you didn’t really expect me to keep silent when I came across that, did you? I’m the first, right? No one beat me to it, right? Do I win a prize?[/QUOTE]

:open_mouth: Cheater! If you read ahead, there’s no reason to post more of it today :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you also read ahead in my other story? “It’s the Little Choices”? I’m going to start posting that one after this one is concluded.