Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch8

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Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch 8.

Mum pulled me up onto my feet from the couch, she patted my bum through my Pyjamas and smiled as she said “Mandy lets go get this soggy nappy off” we headed up the stairs to my room where I took off my pyjamas and then mum laid me on the bed.

Mum stripped my nappy off and said “Mandy I need to go to the shopping centre for a few things, do you want panties on now or another nappy?”

I looked at my mum blushing and said “can I just have a nappy mum”

Mum pulled a disposable nappy out from my drawer and said “Okay Mandy lets get my little Girl safely in her nappy” I soon was having the tapes stretched and stuck to the front of my nappy and mum said “right honey stand up and step into your plastic panties, we don’t want any leaks now do we?”

I stood up and placed a foot through the first leg hole, then the second. Mum started to slide them up my legs and over my nappy and then mum said as she patted my bum “there we go honey, no need to worry about having an accident now”

I got dressed in a tee shirt and pair of dungarees and headed back down stairs to watch T.V. mum came into the sitting room and gave me a glass of juice and said “Mandy watch your cartoons and drink your juice while I get Katie changed and ready to go to the shops okay?”.

I smiled up at my mum and replied “Okay mum.”

Mum and Katie didn’t take long and we were soon in the car on our way to the shops, when we arrived and mum found a parking space, I started to get out of the car. We started to walk towards the shopping centre doors and I quickly felt a sudden urge to pee. I kept walking and said nothing and we were soon in M&S where mum was looking at some blouses. I soon feel my need getting stronger and stronger; before long I had to start holding myself and fidget, dancing a little next to my mum. My mum looked at me giggling and said “what’s up Mandy, does my little girl need a pee pee?”

I looked up and said “Yes mum, are you nearly ready so I can go to the toilet?”

Mum replied “Toilet! Mandy, little girls that wear nappies don’t need to go to the toilet”

I grabbed my crotch and said “but mum, I’m bursting, please.”

Mum smiled and said “don’t worry if you’re bursting to pee honey, looking at the way you are dancing around there you will be having an accident soon, then you won’t be busting anymore”

I felt a new much stronger urge to pee hit me and crossed my legs and grabbed my crotch in an effort not to wet myself but as my mum had predicted I soon felt the first spurt of pee overpower my bladder muscles and soak into my nappy. I soon felt another dribble escape and decided to just let it happen. I uncrossed my legs and stood with them wide apart, within seconds a powerful spurt of pee started to escape and I gasped and put my hand on the front of my dungarees more out of habit that to try to stop the flow. I soon felt that hot warmth spread between my legs and remembered why I loved wetting myself so much.

Mum looked at me and said “my little girls had an accident; just as well I put a nappy on her. Don’t worry honey I will change you when we get home okay”

I looked at my mum with a worried look on my face and said “but mum what if I need to go again?”

My mum said “Mandy honey that nappy will take another wetting at least maybe two you will be fine, don’t worry”

We continued with our shopping for a couple of hours, then we decided to go to the food court for lunch where I had a Mc Donald’s happy meal and played in the soft play area, soon mum was finished her burger and we headed back to the shops for another hour or so until I felt the need to go to the toilet. I waited until mum was finished in Next and as we left I told her I needed to go to the toilet.

Mum looked at me and said “Mandy its okay, your already wet honey, just pee your nappy again it won’t leak I promise!”

I started to blush a deep red and said “But mum I don’t just need to pee, I need to poop too.”

Mum said “Mandy I will only be ten more minutes can you hold on?”

I smiled and said “yes mum” glad that I was going to get taken to the toilet to poop.

Once mum was finished in WH Smiths she looked at me and said “Do you still need to go potty Mandy?”

I said “yes mum, I’m desperate”

Mum took my hand and we walked towards the shopping centre exit and headed to the car, I looked at her and said “mum where are we going the toilets are back the other way?”

Mum looked at me and said “Mandy I told you already little girls that wear nappies don’t need to go to the toilet”

My eyes went wide and I said “but mum!!! I need to poop as well as pee!!!”

Mum laughed and said “Mandy little girls that wear nappies don’t just pee themselves they poop themselves too. The only reason I asked you to hold on was so no one else would smell your dirty nappy. Now get into the car and by the time we get home I want my little girl to have pooped herself okay”

I started to argue but was cut off by mum saying “you wanted to be like Katie, well it you feel Katie’s bottom you will find she has pooped her nappy, I think you should learn how it feels.”

I got into the car and mum pulled my seatbelt tight and clicked it into place but the pressure was too much and I started to pee. I just relaxed and let it happed after all I like to be wet but soon having relaxed caught up with me and I felt a sudden urge to poop, before I could do anything about it I had started to fill my nappy. I soon smelt the poop in my nappy and so did my mum because I heard her say “Good girl Mandy, I will change that poopy nappy when we get home.”

Once home mum cleaned me up and said “it won’t be long to bed time Mandy I think we should just use another nappy okay?”
I smiled and said “can I have a real nappy mum?”

Mum smiled and said “I’m sure that will be okay” she started to slip the soft fluffy terry nappies under my bottom and then pulled it up between my legs and pinned it closed. She slid my plastic panties back into place and sat me up and said “okay baby, just put your Pyjamas on now any come down for dinner”

I played with my toys until dinner was ready and then went to the table. Half way through dinner I felt the urge to pee, I decided to just go in my nappy and soon I started to pee myself, I felt the warmth spread across my nappy but never let on I was wetting myself and mum and dad never seemed to notice. It was bed time an hour after dinner and once in bed mum came back into my room and said “oh Mandy I forgot, are you dry or do you need a change”

I looked at mum and said “I’m still dry mum, goodnight”

Mum left and I lay there in bed playing with my PSP and before long felt the need to pee again, I decided just to pee myself again and soon warmed my nappy up with a fresh wetting. I put my hand down the front of my Pyjamas and felt the warmth through my plastic panties and gave the front of my plastic panties a gentle rub, as I did I felt a tickling feeling between my legs, I couldn’t explain it but it was a good feeling and it made me want to rub my nappy more and as I did I drifted of to sleep.

To be continued.

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