Many formatting issues are now fixed

I just ran a couple of tools to fix the formatting issues that were causing many of the stories to have scrolling boxes that made the stories difficult to read.

If you see any stories with formatting issues going forward, please report them in this thread and we will try to fix them as quickly as possible.


Thank you and the staff for all your hard work! :heartpulse:

I would like to second that, and add a big “You rock!” :+1:

Hey there !

Thank you for the hard work on the forum. I’m sorry to give you more but most of the chapters ( at least the first ones) of snuggles and tears from BabyButt have these kind of formatting issues with hard to read boxes.

It’s in quite old posts so I don’t know if you would want to fix them. Let me know if I should just keep reading as it is or if I need to wait a few days (maybe more I don’t know how long it take).

Thanks again.

Fixed it for Chapters 1-3. We’ll get to the rest when we can.

I think I will always be amazed at how fast you could have an answer from the technical support team here !!

Just awesome…


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Strictly speaking, @ally is part of the content team, not the tech team. :wink:

I need my eyes tested. I read that as “consent” instead of content.

LOL! Funny thing is, if I hadn’t caught it right after submission (and thus inside the editing grace period) you’d have seen exactly that. My laptop’s auto-corrupt is being more of an ass than normal when i use the touch screen keyboard.

Oh ! My bad :relaxed:

Sorry if I’ve offended anyone with the wrong team attribution.:pray:

Still an amazing work ( from all the teams :wink: anyway.

LOL! Trust me, you didn’t offend anyone. In fact I’m pretty sure @Ally and @WBDaddy weren’t aware that’s how I generally refer to the moderators in my private notes. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, handling the content moderation is generally their job. Mine is more the backend stuff like performing OS and forum software updates. Also, sometimes restoring threads that either didn’t import properly or not all due to technical issues or because they were in sections specifically excluded from being imported for legal reasons.

Fixing the formatting issues falls into both categories because some fixes (Like removing those huge runs of spaces and/or tabs that caused the worst issue) required both a content fix and a technical fix. It would have taken Ally, WBDaddy, and myself months to fix all of those. Hell it would have taken at least a week just fix Snuggles and Tears.

I don’t now much what need to be done to fix those formating issues but I can easily understand that it take a LOT of time.
Even if it’s less easy to read it’s still possible so that’s not such a bid deal. For proof I’m now at chapter 25 of the story and all chapters, except a few short ones, have issues.

Thanks for everybody work. Have a nice day!