Many Padded Occasions

This is a story born out of a girl giving up on the notion of finding that one perfect role-playing partner (mostly through my own failings) and finding precious few works of fiction that tick off all of the boxes I need in order to engage myself in a story (and there are too many). In short, I’m a picky thing and decided to put my money where my mouth is and just write my ideal story. It requires a small bit of suspension of disbelief, but most of the stories here do. I hope it’s good.

Chapter One: The Exam

The day Bailey’s life changed for the weirder, she had no idea it was even happening. It was strange, she would muse later, how such drastic shifts in the paradigm of things could just slip by unnoticed, to be reflected on later with a rueful smile (or, if things shifted for the worse as they often did, a painful stab of regret). Today, the only portent of her fate was a commercial she was only half paying attention to while meticulously painting her toenails. Her older sister’s wedding was in two days, and while she wasn’t in the wedding party (by her own volition, citing Morgan’s much closer friendships with her coworkers and classmates), she still wanted to look good, both for her sister and to just feel good about herself. She didn’t draw a lot of attention at school, being a bit on the slim side in every department, so if she could doll herself up, toss a few pictures up on Instagram, and even get a few token comments (“Looking good, girl!”), it would be quite the stroke to her admittedly fragile ego.

But what girl of fifteen didn’t have a fragile ego?

Dabbing one last little layer of emerald green onto her pinkie toe, Bailey leaned back and gave her toes a happy wiggle. Perfect, no smudges. All of that time in Mrs. Coleman’s art class had finally paid off. She took up her iPhone (not the most current model, but she didn’t need to bug Mom and Dad for a new one every couple of years) and opened up Snapchat, humming as she took a pic of her newly-painted nails.

‘Nails are a go for the big day!’

She added it to her story and made sure to send it along to Morgan, who would probably like any assurance at all that someone was actually preparing for the wedding. Apparently, one of her bridesmaids had been acting a bit flaky recently, which was the stuff of nightmares for any bride-to-be. She hoped there wasn’t too much leg in the picture; they had garnered a slew of remarks about being “pasty” and “typical ginger legs” the last time.

Of course they were typical ginger legs; she was a typical ginger! Everything from her actual ginger-colored hair (not red; the distinction was there) to the freckles covering every inch of her body (every inch) screamed ginger. No one was accomplishing anything by pointing it out!

Maybe she was a bit self conscious. There was certainly a market for gangly ginger girls (Reddit had sure taught her that), but wherever it was, it wasn’t in this part of the world. Sporty brunettes who enjoyed hunting and acting “country” like it was an adjective were a dime-a-dozen around here, but it seemed like every guy had dimes to spare.

“We know that not every child is done with diapers at the same time. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes training pants or adult incontinence supplies just don’t cut it. Sometimes, our little ones still need a diaper. Introducing Pampers Royals. Specially-designed to fit around your growing child’s legs, hips, and waist, Pampers Royals are perfect for your older child or teen, with a size and absorbency tailored to the active lifestyle they live.”

Looking up from her phone with a raised eyebrow, Bailey found herself letting a single nose-breath of a laugh. Wow. Diapers for your pants-wetting middle-schooler? She bet it was a punishment tactic in disguise. Bad grades? Back to diapers. Being a bully at school? Diapers for you. The commercial itself was just a bunch of active, happy-looking kids playing sports or hanging out with their parents. What a way to break into the acting industry.

“They don’t all grow up at the same speed. For those that just need a little more time, pick Pampers Royals. Available in Princess and Prince varieties.”

Were they going for understanding or patronizing? Bailey thought they were toeing the line a bit, dipping a bit more heavily into patronizing. Are you just a little baby? Keep wearing diapers, little baby. Everyone else is growing up around you, but it’s okay if you don’t.

Child psychologists were probably having a field day with this one.

Minutes later, with the TV still droning on in the background (she wasn’t even really watching it, just keeping it on for noise while prodding at her phone), she received a Snap from Kacey, one of her best friends from school. It was actually a short video of the commercial, captioned ‘Yo, WTF?’

She let a singular laugh and smiled as she sent a chat back.

Me: ‘I just saw the same commercial! Are you on channel 14?’

Kacey: ‘Yeah I’m all about that Judge Judy life.’

Me: ‘You know that show’s older than both of us, right?’

Kacey: ‘I know I like watching hot messes more white trash than me argue over arbitrary bullshit’

Me: ‘I have no argument for that. Carry on’

Kacey: <3

Kacey was Bailey’s best friend, and had been for as long as she could remember. She didn’t come from as…privileged a background as Bailey, but that never came between them. In fact Bailey’s parents allowed Kacey carte blanche to come over whenever she wanted, no-questions-asked, something Kacey took advantage of often during the summer, when her own mom was out with her…boyfriends.

At the moment, though, Bailey had more pressing things to ponder than her best friend’s mother’s proclivities. She had just finished a fresh coat of polish on her toenails and was now dealing with a full bladder, courtesy of her second cup of coffee of the day. Coffee always went right through her, a fact she probably ought to have considered before settling in for an activity that would leave her feet out of commission for at least a half hour. Cursing her lack of foresight, she grumbled and got to her feet, hobbling along on her heels so as to elevate her toes. She probably looked ridiculous, but she was alone in the house, meaning no one got to giggle at her predicament but herself.

And laughter at your expense was only good when it was your own laughter.

She made it to the bathroom, carefully sliding her shorts and undies down and plunking down, making sure her clothes didn’t brush the drying polish. Fortuitously, the downstairs bathroom was arranged with the toilet across from the large vanity mirror over the sink, meaning she got to have a little staring contest with herself while she peed. Pale, freckles, a crow’s nest of wavy ginger hair, and the flat expression of someone who forgot her phone in the bathroom. With as much coffee as she enjoyed drinking (and the requisite water she followed it up with, lest she dehydrate herself), she spent a lot of time in here.

One would think she’d remember to bring her phone more often.

“We know that not every child is done with diapers at the same time. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes…”

“Oh, shut up, Pampers!”

To say that the commercial was some manner of foreshadowing of her own real life would be assigning the universe itself a little more agency than she was comfortable with it having, but it was certainly timely, or it would end up being so on retrospect. Aside from school wrapping up in a matter of days (classes were actually over, leaving only final exams to slog through), there was a wedding on the horizon. That wedding, being a traditional Lutheran affair, was bound to be upwards of forty-five minutes, edging closer to a full hour. It was also to be rather early in the morning, an hour before Bailey was even used to getting out of bed during the summer. She would need a cup of coffee to even stay awake and then would need to sit through an hour-long ceremony.

Hopefully no one would mind if she slipped away during the proceedings to use the toilet. If not, she would be the one in need of a Pampers Royal.

“Why does my Facebook keep showing me ads for those weird-ass Pampers?” Kacey asked as she and Bailey spent a free period between two exams lounging in the school’s gymnasium. All around them, other students were milling about, bouncing a ball around or otherwise occupying themselves. “Like I’m just gonna shit my pants during an exam or something?”

Kacey was every trashy Midwest high school girl stereotype rolled into one beautiful mess. With bleached-blonde hair, baggy sweats, and a loose-fitting zippered hoodie open over a snug-fitting t-shirt, she was a lit cigarette and a pregnant away from being a clone of her mother. But while Kacey embraced most of the aesthetic, she had long since rejected the footsteps left behind by Natasha Hanes and thrown herself into her studies with gusto. Thanks to dedication to her schoolwork, and in spite of nearly everyone’s expectations, she had passed her freshman year with a 3.2 GPA, which was nothing to sneeze at.

But it didn’t mean that she wasn’t a foulmouthed little punk at heart.

“I dunno, but it feels like I’m seeing that commercial everywhere,” Bailey said with a shake of her head as she tossed an empty bottle of Starbucks coffee toward a recycling bin. “It’s even been popping up on YouTube on my PS4.”

“I actually went and found them at Walmart the other day,” Kacey told her. “They’re huge.”

“Well, yeah, they have to fit…you know, us,” Bailey laughed. “Are they expensive?”

“Not really,” Kacey said. “More than a baby diaper, but not bad. Why, you gonna get some?”

She said the last part jokingly, but Bailey just shrugged, prompting a shocked look.

“Bailey, no way!” she said with a cackle. “Oh my gosh, is that your thing!?”

“Yes, I’ve been a secret diaper fetishist this whole time,” Bailey snorted. “And I’ve been cleverly hiding it from you, my only friend in the whole world who I tell literally everything to.”

“Hey, you never know,” Kacey shrugged asa well. “This could be like something new you just discovered. And for the record, I would have been super supportive. Like…way extremely confused but super supportive.”

“You literally laughed at the idea forty seconds ago,” Bailey deadpanned.

“Supportive laughter!” Kacey added, still giggling. She fell silent for a moment, looking around at the assembled students. “You think someone here is wearing one? Don’t wanna have to worry about going to the bathroom during the exams?”

“Well, it’s not a bad idea,” Bailey admitted. “It’s hard, when you get to the last few questions and you just gotta pee real bad.”

“Be nice to just be able to go right there, right?” Kacey asked. “Clear your head, you know?”

The two fell silent, lost in their own thoughts. The more Bailey thought about it, the less insane the idea seemed. Or perhaps that wasn’t quite correct; it certainly still seemed insane, but it was doable. They were allowed to leave school grounds during off periods–both of them had obtained signed permission slips to do so–and there was a Walmart within walking distance….

She turned to Kacey, finding her blonde friend staring back at her with wide eyes, having wordlessly reached the same conclusion.

“Shit,” she muttered, getting to her feet and checking her phone for the time as Bailey followed. “Forty minutes.”

“That’s enough time,” Bailey said, the two making their way toward the doors. “Are we really gonna – “

“Not talk about it?” Kacey cut her off. “Uh, yeah, we’re sure not.”

As one, they took the front door and nearly fell down the steps in their haste, all but running to Walmart.

It was a cool day, at least, with a breeze that made the light jog to Walmart infinitely more bearable. Most of the town of Hammond Bay was situated along one road, which Bailey was told was hell to drive on but made walking anywhere a pretty simple matter. Traffic was light in the middle of an early summer day; most everyone was still at work, and summer vacation didn’t officially start for a few days. The trip was made in almost complete silence, save for a small exchange made when the time came to cross to the other side of the three-lane main drag.

“Hand,” Kacey said, holding hers out, and Bailey took it, feeling the way her friend’s palm was sweating a bit. “Go, go, go!”

Another hazard of Hammond Avenue being very much the only main street in the entire town was crossing the thing, which had precious few dedicated crosswalks and generally left you at the mercy of gaps in traffic. Bailey often hesitated to go for it herself, relying on Kacey to bodily drag her along.

It was a pretty perfect reflection of their entire friendship, really.

They crossed the Walmart parking lot, spotting a few other students that had braved the trip to get a drink or grab a quick lunch from the deli’s hot food counter. Bailey saw a few familiar faces but couldn’t put names to any of them.

She was awful with names.

“What if someone sees us?” she asked Kacey, whose eyes were also darting around from face to face.

“We’ll just…be discreet,” she said.

They stepped into the wash of cool air, passing through the entryway and into the store proper. Tinny pop music played from the ceiling, and a low hum of activity met Bailey’s ears, along with the intermittent beeping of the registers ringing up customers. Still holding onto her hand, Kacey led Bailey straight to the back, past aisles of groceries and the clothing section. Bailey paused for a moment when she saw a cute summer dress that she actually really liked, but Kacey dragged her onward.

“We don’t have time,” she said, though she sounded amused.

“I wanna come back and get that dress, though,” Bailey shot back, and Kacey rolled her eyes over her shoulder.

“You’re such a basic white girl sometimes,” she said.

“And you’re basic white trash, but I love you anyway,” Bailey told her, earning only a wink from her blonde friend.

“You’re fuckin’ right,” she said.

The baby needs section was empty when they reached it, which was lucky for the pair, at least. Kacey knew right where to go, leading Bailey down the aisle and past rows of packaged diapers. On the end, with signage on the shelf pronouncing it a new addition to the section, the Pampers Royals sat in extra-large packaging. There were several varieties, for preteens all the way to mid-teens. Any older, Bailey mused, and they might as well have been adult diapers. The packages all bore age-appropriate children smiling and looking rather pleased with themselves, though Bailey noticed that none of them were visibly wearing the diapers. No doubt that would have been a bit much for the prospective client base to look at.

Kacey spent a moment poking at her phone before pointing down the aisle.

“Grab some of that A&D stuff and some powder,” she said in a quiet voice, reaching for the pink packaging of the Princess variety in the largest size. With a jolt, Bailey realized that this was all really happening. They were going to buy these diapers and actually wear them. “Bailey!”

“Right,” she said, scrambling over to pick up a small screw-cap tub of A&D ointment and a canister of powder. “So, we ninja over to a self-checkout?”

“Let’s cut through the clothing department,” Kacey said. “If we see someone we know, we just ditch the stuff and say we were just killing time.”

Feeling a bit like they were robbing the place (and probably drawing the attention of a Loss Prevention worker), they did just that, slipping through the juniors’ clothing section and then the intimates before darting toward the self-checkout. Kacey was up first, scanning the diapers and then stuffing them in a bag with hands that Bailey noticed were shaking. She more sedately scanned the ointment and the powder (which were pretty innocuous on their own), slipping them into a separate bag before drawing out her wallet. In short order, the items were paid for, and Bailey took a deep breath. At least the worst part was seemingly over.

“Alright,” Kacey said, letting out a breath of her own. “Alright. Family restroom?”

“Yeah,” Bailey said with a fervent nod. Time to actually put these things on. “Family restroom.”

They left the self-checkout area, passing a mildly perplexed associate who just shrugged and watched them go by. Past the jewelry counter, through the electronics and into the smaller section in the back that housed the bathrooms and seemed to change purposes every week. Currently, it was just stacked with decrepit cardboard boxes of unknown origin. Bailey didn’t really spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, as she was unceremoniously yanked into the family restroom by Kacey.

“It probably looks like we’re coming in here to fuck or something,” the blonde observed with a nervous laugh, shutting the door behind them and locking it.

“Some security guard is gonna see that video and let his imagination go nuts,” Bailey agreed.

For a few seconds, they just stood there, neither sure what to do first, before Kacey abruptly went for the package of diapers, ripping it open.

“Fuck it, let’s do this,” she said. “Get the stuff out. Pants off. No time to be shy, we’ve seen it all anyway.”

It was true; between gym class and the innumerable sleepovers the pair had had at Bailey’s place, there were no secrets between them, so Bailey took a deep breath and pushed down her jeans. After a moment’s hesitation, she wriggled out of her panties as well, stuffing them in her purse which she tossed on the counter. She looked over to see Kacey’s pale bare bottom already out for the world to see as she crouched and retrieved two diapers, passing one over to Bailey. It was soft, and as she unfolded it, it rustled quietly. The whole thing was pristine white, with little pink crowns and royal scepters across the front. Truly a diaper worthy of being called the Princess. It looked just like the diapers her little sister Danielle had been in not too many years ago, though obviously substantially bigger.

“Did you ever change Dani’s diapers?” Kacey asked, and Bailey shook her head.

“I watched Morgan do it a few times,” Bailey said, taking up the ointment and scooping some out. The scent of it reached her, reminding her of Danielle’s room back when it had been her nursery. Mirroring what Morgan had done with Danielle, Bailey smoothed the dollop of ointment over her groin, coating the area where it met her thighs, down between her legs, and up between her buttocks.

“Not perving, just watching what you do and doing it,” Kacey said, and only then did Bailey realize that she had a captive audience in the form of her best friend, who was mimicking her every move. She just giggled softly and wiped her hands on a paper towel before going for the diaper. It took a small bit of maneuvering, but the pair eventually found that they could wedge the backs of their diapers between them and the wall, enabling them to pull them up between their legs. Bailey grabbed the powder, dusting the inside of hers before giving a quick couple of puffs over her skin. Morgan had once said that as long as you didn’t go too overboard, a generous amount of powder was best. Passing the canister to Kacey, Bailey took a deep breath.

And then she pulled the diaper taut between her legs.

The thick core pushed up against her as she pressed the front tightly to her stomach, and the left tape came free with a noisy ripping sound when she pulled at it. She fixed it in place, doing the same with the right side. Just like that, she was wearing a diaper.

“Woah,” she breathed out, glancing over to see Kacey looking at her with an expression that probably didn’t look too different from the one she was wearing. Awe mixed with embarrassed excitement, wide eyes and a disbelieving smile.

“Oh my gosh,” she giggled. “Dude, we’re – “

“I know,” Bailey breathed. “We have to get back.”

Kacey went for her sweats, and Bailey crossed the bathroom to get her jeans. Each movement set off a low crinkling sound, and she could feel the thick padding shifting between her legs. It was like having a pillow stuffed down there, with a blanket wrapped tightly around her butt, clinging to her. When she pulled her jeans over the diaper, the sensation only intensified. Buttoning them up, she smoothed her shirt out and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Can you tell?” she asked Kacey, who gave her a long look before shaking her head.

“Nah,” she said. “Me?”

Bailey spared her a look, but her baggy sweats were working in her favor today, hanging so loosely that even the relative thickness of her diaper disappeared under them.

“You’re good,” she said. “Ready to get back?”

Walking in a diaper was a strange endeavor. While Bailey didn’t waddle along like a toddler, there was the constant presence between her legs–like she had stuffed her panties with the most maxi of maxi pads–and the gentle but reassuring grip over her bottom. The diaper never let her forget that it was there, ready for her to…well use it. The closer they drew to the school, the more nervous Bailey began to feel. A glance at Kacey proved that she seemed to be feeling the same.

“We’ll be fine,” Bailey said softly. “You can’t tell I’m wearing one, and I can’t tell you’re wearing one, so…how would anyone else know?”

“Maybe because we’re carrying a bag of them with us?” Kacey asked wryly, and Bailey bit her lip.

“My locker is right by the back doors,” she said. “We can stuff them in there for…later.”

For when they needed to change their diapers, she pondered but didn’t say out loud. The prospect of not only using them but changing into a fresh one felt…strange to think about. That two able-bodied girls were saying no to toilets out of mere convenience and not necessity was only slightly more than extremely embarrassing to ponder for too long.

They reached the school, strolling among the crowd as it converged on the building for the next round of exams. No one paid the pair any mind as they waltzed right in with a Walmart bag full of diapers and crammed them into Bailey’s locker. Luckily the Hammond Bay High School’s lockers were quite spacious, allowing for their supplies to fit without much fuss.

“I’ve got Bio next,” Bailey said, looking up at Kacey, who wore a matching nervous smile.

“Trig for me,” she said. “Text me how it goes?”

“The exam or the…?”

“Both,” Kacey giggled softly. “See ya.”

She turned and strode away, and only because Bailey was listening for it, she heard the ever-so-quiet rustle of her diaper as she walked. It was sort of cute, knowing her tough-as-nails punkish friend was wearing such an infantile undergarment. Her own diaper rustled softly as she turned the opposite direction and made for the Biology room.

She was seated just in time for the bell, hoping no one else heard the muffled fwump as her padded bottom settled into the seat. It sounded like she had a particularly vocal candy wrapper in her pocket as she leaned down to withdraw a pencil from her schoolbag, though she imagined it had more to do with how conscious she was of her whole situation and less with the actual racket the diaper was making. No one around her seemed to be looking for a telltale source of the noise, meaning they couldn’t hear it or simply weren’t bothered. Despite the fact that she felt like she must have been wearing a sign proclaiming ‘I’M WEARING A DIAPER!’, not a single one of her classmates seemed any the wiser to the fact.

The exam commenced.

Biology was one of those subjects Bailey seemed to have a knack for despite lacking any real interest in the subject. The terms and phrases were all rather distinct, and the connections to their functions and definitions came easily in her head. The word associations got her passing grades, though she tended to flounder on essay questions asking her to explain a certain process or posit a theory of any kind. Thankfully, if there was one thing the American school system taught its students, it was how to bullshit an answer using buzzwords. After a slew of easily-handled multiple-choice questions, she moved on to short answer and extended response. She left a few blank to mull over later, but for the most part, she felt confident in her chances.

Then came the essay questions.

There were two of them, one about the various phases of mitosis and the other discussing the differences between DNA and RNA. Bailey knew she could string together a couple of solid responses, though she had one small problem. The coffee she had had earlier was making itself known in the form of a rather urgent pressure on her bladder.

It was time for the moment of truth.

Shifting in her seat, Bailey spared a quick look around, though she was as covert as possible lest Mr. Palmer think she was attempting to cheat off of a neighbor. Everyone was absorbed in their exams, though she didn’t see how anyone would even notice what was about to happen if they were looking. She adjusted her feet apart a bit, taking a deep breath. This was exactly why she had taken this plunge, the whole reason for going for this insane plot. She had worn a diaper to her exams with the express intent of using it to keep her focus and not be distracted by a full bladder.

Why, then, was it so hard to empty the damn thing!?

Of course, thirteen years of potty-training was likely to blame, her bladder muscles telling her that the middle of a classroom was not the ideal place to relax and empty out. To some degree, she agreed; the idea of wetting herself here, surrounded by peers that were perfectly capable of holding their bladders until after the exam, filled her with a shivering sort of embarrassed feeling that she would probably have to confront later, as it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. For the moment, though, she had an exam to complete and the distraction of a full bladder to overcome. All she had to do was relax enough to get the flow started….


Her eyes fluttered, and she barely choked back a sigh of utter relief as she felt a stream begin, flowing silently out of her. There was a brief moment of panic as a few unconscious parts of her mind realized what was happening, but it was too late to clamp down. Things had already been set in motion and wouldn’t stop until she was emptied out.

It was a curious thing, wetting herself. Normally, she would hear the echo of the bowl, the quiet trickle of her stream hitting the water. Instead, it was oddly silent, and the thing that stuck out the most to her was the growing warm wetness between her legs as her diaper soaked everything up. There was no reason to panic, no mess to worry about. There was just an exam to complete, free of distractions.

She could get used to this.

Half an hour later, as the students filed out of the classroom, Bailey stood next to her desk and checked her phone, finding a message from Kacey already.

Kacey: ‘Did you do it?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You?’

Kacey: ‘I’m freaking out a bit. Yeah. Did yours soak it up?’

Me: ‘All of it. It’s fucken wild.’

Kacey: ‘Do you wanna meet up and change?’

Me: ‘They can probably handle more. We only have one more exam, so let’s go back to my place after.’

Kacey: We gonna just change out of these or into another?

Me: I have no idea. We’ll figure it out

There wasn’t much more time for chatting, and Bailey mused that even if they’d wanted to change their diapers between exams, they wouldn’t have been able to. Making her way to the door, she emerged into a sea of students moving between classes, and she was all at once extremely conscious of her urine-soaked diaper.

No one could tell, she had to keep telling herself. The padding felt swollen between her legs, still a bit warm from her body heat, and it was all too apparent to Bailey herself that instead of a toilet she had opted to remove all sense of urgency and just deal with it later. That was something she would have to contend with later, but for the moment, no one could tell.

Her final exam of the day was for AP English, a class she enjoyed simply because the teacher was so passionate about literature and storytelling. Mr. Redmond was young, for a teacher–only in his late twenties–and he fell victim to the “fellow kids” mentality sometimes, but he was engaging and friendly. A few of his students had even suggested he start up a YouTube channel or a Twitch stream, but he maintained that he “used all the good stuff on you guys”.

He was charming, Bailey thought, and supportive of Bailey’s hobby of penning the occasional fantasy story.

“Just so you guys all know, I don’t intend to flunk anyone just because they did bad on an exam,” he says. “Most of this is going to be creative writing, so if you at least show me an ounce of creativity, you’re good. Tyler, no cuss words.”

“Aw, why you gotta stifle my creativity, Mr. Redmond?” Tyler laughed from the back, and Bailey found herself giggling along with several others. Tyler was a magnetic personality and had managed to draw at least a few crush-like feelings from nearly every girl in his grade, Bailey included.

She was suddenly a lot more self-conscious about her diaper….

“Bailey, I expect great things from you,” Mr. Redmond said as he passed out the exams.

“I’ll do my best,” Bailey replied with a smile.

The room fell silent as the bell rang, and it was testing time again, the brief moment of levity over. True to his word, Bailey found that Mr. Redmond had structured most of the questions to be answered in the form of an example or short story. Bailey found herself constructing a narrative around two girls going on a post-apocalyptic adventure, each plot device or narrative serving as the framework for the next chapter. By the end of the exam, she wondered if she could ask Mr. Redmond for a copy later; she’d really liked where the story had been going.

She hadn’t had to use her diaper during the exam, absorbed in her work as only writing could make her, but when she stood, she felt the pressure on her bladder, only just noticing how much she had to go. Still, it wasn’t unbearable, and there was a bathroom just across the hall. Feeling pretty confident in her chances of making it to the toilet, she went for the door, not noticing as Tyler did the same thing until he bumped gently into her.

“Oh, hey, sorry,” he said with a small smile, stepping back to let Bailey through. “Ladies first.”

“Thank you,” Bailey smiled back at him, cursing her fortune. Why did today have to be the day she finally got a chance to talk to the boy!?

“Any plans for summer?” he asked, strolling up next to her and pausing in the hallway as students escaped the halls in droves, happy to be done with one more day of testing. “Kinda weird, it’s almost over, you know?”

“No real plans,” Bailey said with a shrug, trying to act casual and not think about the pressure. The more she tried to ignore it, though, the more apparent it was, worming its way into her conscious thoughts and demanding her attention. “But yeah, it’s…not sunk in yet. We’re almost sophomores.”

“Well, hey, if you’ve got nothing going on, maybe we can hang out sometime,” Tyler said. “You on Facebook? Snapchat?”

“Y-yeah!” Bailey said with a bright smile, getting her phone out. “I’ll add you on Snapchat. I’m always adding a bunch of stupid shit.”

“I’d love to see what kind of stupid shit you add,” Tyler told her. While he got out his own phone, Bailey shifted a bit. It would be a simple matter to excuse herself and go use the bathroom…but she was wearing a bathroom, sort of. Would it be so awful to use it, pee her diaper instead of interrupting the conversation she had going on? “Here, show me your icon thing.”

He held out his phone, and Bailey shifted a bit, feeling a warm blush suffuse her face as she managed to get a steady stream going into her diaper, standing right there in the hallway. Just as before, it flowed out silently and soaked right into her diaper, spreading up the front and back as it was wicked away. She fought of a swell of shame at opting out of using a toilet that was ten feet away, but again, it was what these things were for, she told herself. She could have used the toilet, it was just…more convenient not to at the moment. She held her phone out to show Tyler the code to add her to Snapchat, and he grinned as she was added to his list.

Bailey felt a small pang at the amount of girl names she saw.

“Awesome,” he said. “Expect like way too many updates from me, I’m a whore for this app.”

“Looking forward to it,” Bailey laughed as he turned and strode away. She felt the stream of urine taper off, leaving her sighing with relief and performing a quick check to see if there had been any leaks. The diaper was thirsty, though, soaking up every last drop. With one last glance toward the bathroom, she felt her face heat up a bit before heading for her locker.

By now, the hallways had emptied out a bit, so it wasn’t quite a chore for Bailey to get to her locker. She saw Kacey there already, leaning against the door with a faraway look on her face. She could be lost in thought, but Bailey suspected….

“Are you peeing?” she asked softly, and Kacey nodded.

“Might as well get the most out of it, right?” she said with a smirk. “How’d it go?”

“I shouldn’t fail freshman year, at least,” Bailey said, nudging her out of the way so she could get into her locker. She withdrew the bag of diapers, making sure no one was watching, and the pair made their way into a breezy summer afternoon. “And no, like…leaks or anything.”

“Are we gonna do this tomorrow, too?” Kacey asked. “I mean, I’m down to.”

“I guess today proves we can get away with it,” Bailey nodded. “I just can’t believe….”

“I know,” Kacey snorted as they exited the school, strolling along the short walk that would take them to Bailey’s house. “We wore diapers. We’re wearing diapers. It’s like…holy shit. And no one even, like – “

“No one had any idea!” Bailey laughed as the absolute absurdity of the thing caught up to her. The wracking nervousness she didn’t know she’d been suppressing the entire time she had been in school was suddenly gone, lifted from her shoulders and replaced with a giddy sort of relief that they’d gotten away with it. “Dude, I…wet myself right in front of Tyler Harrington.”


“I was talking to him,” she said, “and I peed.”

“What was that like?” Kacey asked. “I know you kinda like him, right?”

“Who doesn’t?” Bailey giggled. “It was…weird. There’s this low-key like…embarrassment. Do you get that, too?”

“Like you’re kind of a special case?” Kacey asked. “You got demoted or something?”

“Yeah, basically,” Bailey agreed, her stomach giving a little churn as they walked. “How did this even happen? Seriously. We were just talking about it, and….”

“It just felt so…organic,” Kacey said with a little shrug. “Do you feel that, too? I mean, it’s so weird, but this is…nice, right?”

“I do, I…I like it,” Bailey admitted, her face heating up when she felt a pressure in her lower tummy. “Ooooh, but I don’t think I’d like this part.”

“What?” Kacey asked, looking over at her in confusion.

“I gotta poop,” Bailey admitted with a bite of her lip, looking up. Her house was down the street a ways, likely still a five minute walk from the block they were on. They had left the small downtown side of Hammond Bay and crossed into the suburbs, where the houses were small but nice, with neatly kept lawns and picturesque lighting filtering in through the trees.

“Oh, wow,” Kacey said with a small laugh. “You gonna…?”

“I dunno,” Bailey groaned. “I could make it home, I bet. But….”

“You’d have to be on lockdown the whole way there,” Kacey supplied for her. “No, I get it. Been there. Well, for once, you have options, at least.”

“Two of them,” Bailey agreed, and Kacey giggled.

“Two options for your number two,” she snorted. Bailey rolled her eyes and gently shoved her friend.

“Shut uuuup,” she groaned. “Boooo, get off the stage.”

“So, you gonna do it?” Kacey asked, and Bailey let a noisy sigh.

“Having to poop is so uncomfortable,” she whined.

“It is,” Kacey nodded.

“And I could definitely make it home, like…without actually shitting my pants,” Bailey went on.

“Definitely,” Kacey agreed.

“So, choosing to do it in…my diaper would just be…for the sake of convenience, you know?” Bailey questioned, shooting Kacey a glance. Her blonde friend nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Sure makes sense to me,” she said. “I’m not helping you clean it up, though. I love you, but that’s….”

Bailey paused on a corner, waiting for a singular Buick to drive by while feeling an almost painful pinch in her backside as the mess inside her pushed for release. There were four and a half minutes of sidewalk between her and the nearest bathroom she could use without imposing on some stranger’s afternoon with an outlandish request. Would she rather carry the mess inside her or carry it in her diaper?

She relaxed….

Let a quiet little grunting sound as she felt her bowels flex….

And then there was a soft, warm slide as the bottom of her diaper filled out with a mushy length, the padding tightening slightly around her as it was filled up. For two seconds, she was pooping, right on a quiet street corner in an Oregon suburb…. Kacey watched her with wide-eyed amazement.

“Did you just…?”

“Let’s just get home,” Bailey said, reaching into her backpack and pulling out the can of spray deodorant she carried around for gym class. She gave herself a once over with it, paying special attention to her full diaper, before setting off. She noticed the difference immediately as she crossed the street, feeling the messy load shift around in her diaper. But there was something else, too, a profound relief and sense of emptiness, a feeling of snug safety, of just not dealing with it right then.

“How’s it feel?” Kacey asked, her eyes seeming in danger of getting stuck permanently wide.

“Like I dumped a bowl of oatmeal down my diaper,” Bailey said, feeling a strange thrill at saying the words out loud. Her diaper.

“Not gonna lie, you stink a bit,” Kacey observed with a little smile. “Like…not bad, and it’s only because I’m right next to you. Hang on.”

She put a few feet of distance between herself and Bailey, taking a few slow breaths and shaking her head.

“Not bad at all,” she says. “You could probably get away with it at school. If you like…went to change right away.”

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll ever be doing anything like this at school,” Bailey laughed softly.

Soon enough, they arrived at Bailey’s house, a sizeable two-story deal at the end of a cul-de-sac. Having three daughters had necessitated the purchase of quite a large home for Bailey’s parents, as well as no small amount of ambition from Dad at his job as a data analyst at a local law firm. He’d gotten a degree, made a bit of a name for himself at the firm, and now he ran the entire IT department, which paid enough for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the nice side of town. Add to that Mom’s tenure as a sommelier at a hotel in nearby Portland, and the Barton household hadn’t found itself strapped for cash in Bailey’s living memory. She lived very comfortably, and she was glad that she had at least the self-awareness to know it. The same couldn’t be said for her sister, who often complained if she didn’t have the latest iPhone or the nicest clothes. Her latest scheme had been to attempt to get Mom and Dad to throw her a “Sweet Thirteen” party, ostensibly to celebrate her arrival into teen-hood but more likely to make a production out of her birthday and get more gifts as a result.

Thankfully, Mom and Dad had shut that down in a hurry.

“Where’s Dani?” Kacey asked as Bailey unlocked the door and stepped into the entryway. They both slipped out of their shoes as she shut the door behind them.

“Cheerleading practice,” Bailey said, unable to keep the disdain from her voice. “Turning into a little jock-bunny exhibitionist already.”

“Tell us how you really feel,” Kacey snorted, though she sounded proud at the mini-tirade.

The entryway of the house was a light faux-wood floor that extended to their right into the dining room (visible through a large archway) and the kitchen beyond. To their left, another archway (the house boasted an open floor plan) allowed them into the living room. A staircase directly in front of them led upstairs, and past the staircase was the downstairs bathroom, which sported a spacious shower. Upstairs were the four bedrooms and the larger bathroom, where the two were headed right now.

“You go ahead,” Bailey said to Kacey. “So you don’t have to deal with following my smelly ass upstairs.”

“How considerate,” Kacey smirked. Bailey couldn’t help but notice, in the quiet of the house, that their diapers could still be heard, rustling ever so softly. “So, are we changing back, or…?”

“I…don’t really know,” Bailey admitted with a little laugh as they crested the stairs. She ducked briefly into the bathroom to retrieve a towel and the package of baby wipes she used to get makeup off sometimes. “We still have exams tomorrow, so we’ll probably be wearing diapers then, too.”

“Yeah, we will,” Kacey agreed, looking the tiniest bit giddy as she said it. “We’ll be wearing diapers.”

“Dude, I’m like – “

“Freaking out!” Kacey burst out laughing. “Okay, if we’re getting weird, let’s commit. Diapers only until the end of exams. No panties. No toilet at all.”

“Are you sure about that?” Bailey asked, shutting the door to her room. She reached for her jeans and undid the fly, taking a deep breath before pushing them down. “Wow….”

“Damn, you did a number on it,” Kacey spoke quietly. “Two numbers, even.”

Bailey’s diaper was loaded up, no longer the flawless white it had been. The little crowns and scepters all along the front had faded away, and only then did Bailey realize that they were wetness indicators. Somehow that knowledge was what really nailed home how juvenile this all was. Here she was, a fifteen year old girl, studying the disappeared images on the front of her wet diaper. She couldn’t see the back, but she was sure there was a large brown stain from her mess as well.

“Well,” she said, unrolling the towel on her bedroom floor. “Here we go.”

She settled onto the towel, wincing a bit as her weight mashed the mess against her cheeks, and lay down on her back. The sound of Kacey opening a window met her ears, and she was glad her friend had thought to ventilate. Reaching for the tapes, there were two soft ripping noises as she undid them, and the diaper flopped open under its own weight.

“Oof,” Kacey said as the smell wafted out.

“Yeah,” Bailey agreed, reaching down with the wipes and setting to work.

It was a bit of a process, and it took a few wipes to get it all done, but soon enough, all of the mess had been swiped clean, and she stuffed the discarded wipes into her diaper, folding it up into a ball just as Morgan used to do with Danielle’s. Reaching over, she grabbed another diaper, unfolding it and sliding it under her.

“Going for another?” Kacey asked her.

“Yeah, fuck it,” she said. “I wanna see what it’s all about.”

She uncapped the ointment and doled out a generous amount onto herself, smearing it along her groin and thighs, all of the places she had been sure to get before. Another healthy dusting of powder, and she folded the new diaper up between her legs, pulling it taut just as she had last time. Twin ripping sounds announced the taping process, and then she was done.

“All set?” Kacey asked. Bailey sat up to a fresh chorus of crinkles, feeling very odd. She could only nod in response as she snagged up a spare Walmart bag and stuffed her diaper into it. A diaper change. She had just given herself a diaper change, out of a well-used old one and into a fresh one, to be used as well. No toilet, just the diaper strapped to her hips. As Kacey settled into a change of her own, Bailey found herself feeling a strange, fuzzy sensation in the pit of her stomach as she turned on the television.

“We know that not every child is done with diapers at the same time….”

“Oh, fuck oooffff!”


Not gonna lie, this is probably the best original fetish fiction I’ve read all year.

Thank you so much!

This is fantastic and original, I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

Very random point, but I like the way you included the text messages. Its not something you see often and gives it a different feel

I’m loving it so far! Thanks for sharing with us!

Bailey heaved a great sigh, though all of her classmates did as well, so no one noticed the extra note of relief to hers as she let a stream of urine into her diaper. It was the end of the final day of exams, the last few minutes of the school year were finally drawing to a close, and with the final bell came a chorus of exhausted noises followed by ecstatic cheer as the students burst from their seats. The well-wishings of a great summer from old Mrs. Friedman were drowned out as the hallways were swarmed in a scrum to get out the fastest. Bailey got up a bit more sedately, having never really enjoyed crowds in the first place but much less willing to deal with one in her presently padded situation.

“Have a great summer, Mrs. Friedman,” she said brightly, and the stooped old woman fixed her with a toothy smile.

“You too, dear,” she said warmly. “Keep that friend of yours out of trouble.”

“I’ll definitely try my best,” Bailey giggled. “She makes it hard sometimes.”

“Those are the friends that get you into the most fun, though,” Mrs. Friedman said with an eye-crinkling smile. “Don’t be afraid to live a little. Enjoy your youth.”

“I will, Mrs. Friedman,” Bailey said, stepping out into the hallway, which had emptied out as rapidly as it had filled. There were still a few students mingling, making plans to meet up or saying last goodbyes before they were whisked off to some camp or summer vacation. Bailey just wanted to get home and change her diaper, which had grown sodden from the three good wettings she had given it. According to Kacey’s last text, she was in a similar state and might even have gotten a bit smelly by the time Bailey caught up with her.

It was strange, how easily the two had slipped into this arrangement. A diaper change in the morning before school, a quick one at lunch, and now they were on the way home, having not used a toilet once in the last twenty-four hours. Bailey had to admit, it was sort of fun, pretending if even for a short time that they were diaper-bound and unable to use a bathroom. There was still a level of embarrassment to it, but even that could be sort of a fun little thrill as long as it didn’t happen around –

“Yo, Bailey!”


Bailey turned and saw Tyler making his way toward her with a beaming grin on his face. He paused in front of her, and Bailey found herself smiling back at his infectious cheer.

“Hey, so I’m having a party thing on Wednesday,” he said. “Over at my place? I’m definitely gonna send you a Facebook invite, but I figured I’d tell you to, since I saw you.”

“A party thing?” Bailey asked with a dubious giggle, and he chuckled back.

“Yeah, you know the generic teen summer end-of-school party?” he asked with an airy wave of his hand. “Lots of stupid decisions, underage drinking, peer pressure, that kinda bullshit.”

“Golly, I just can’t wait,” Bailey said flatly, though the smile never left her face.

“Look, it’s gonna be fun, and you can drink or don’t drink or do whatever,” he said. “I just get the feeling you’re pretty cool to hang out with, so I’m inviting you.”

Well…that was flattering.

“I’ll definitely try to be there,” she said. “Is the time and stuff on the invite?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s gonna start at like seven or eight, just show up whenever,” he said. “My address and stuff is all gonna be on there. You’ll come, though?”

“I’ll try my best,” Bailey said with a smile. She had to be in Morgan’s wedding literally the next day, but that still gave her a few days’ recovery time to settle down from the hustle and bustle before braving Tyler’s party. She wasn’t normally one for social situations, let alone a full-blown party. Even being surrounded by familiar faces at a family function was tiring most times. But a girl was capable of doing a lot for the boy she liked.

At least she wouldn’t be wearing a diaper then.

“Well, see ya then,” he said. “Oh, and you can bring Kacey, too. She’ll have a blast.”

“Okay,” Bailey called after him as he headed down the hallway; she let another little sigh, turning and heading for her locker. Her full diaper shifted and pressed out against her thighs, filling the space between them with urine-soaked padding. The Pampers Royals had really shown off their absorbency today, this single diaper soaking up everything Bailey had had to give it for the whole second half of the school day. Hopefully Kacey had fared just as well.

Speaking of Kacey….

“Yo,” Bailey’s blonde friend said, trotting up to Bailey and bringing the ripe smell of a messy diaper with her. “Do you still have a spare diaper in your backpack?”

Bailey thought for a moment and nodded.

“Yeah, I brought a couple.”

“Okay, so the locker room off the pool should be abandoned, so…we could probably change there, right?” she asked.

“You wanna change at school?” Bailey asked, feeling her eyebrows shoot up. “I thought we’d wait until we got home….”

“Look, I don’t wanna walk all the way home with…all of this,” Kacey said, gesturing at her sweats before taking Bailey’s hand and leading her down the hall. “You only had to do a few minutes, I’d have to do the whole walk. No one’s gonna be in the locker room anyway.”

“Are you sure?” Bailey asked warily.

“Yeah, the swim team already cleared out their lockers yesterday,” Kacey said. “Abby Dunlap, she’s in my Chem class and she mentioned it to me. That’s where I got the idea. She says they have to leave the doors unlocked because of some fire marshal code or something, but no one’s technically allowed in there.”

“So, won’t some teacher see us and tell us to clear out?” Bailey asked.

“The teachers never actually check back there,” Kacey said. “Especially today, with clearing stuff out of their desks and stuff? We can slip in for a quick diaper change.”

“Dude, not so loud,” Bailey said, looking around, though there was no one in the hallway they were strolling down. Kacey grinned at her.

“What?” she asked. “It’s just kinda fun to say out loud, you know?”

Bailey rolled her eyes, though she had to admit her friend had a point. There was no denying she felt a bit of a thrill when she spoke aloud about wearing a diaper, especially referring to the various facets of diapered life with affected casualness. Something about the taboo feel of it all was…exciting.

“Well, let’s go…change our diapers,then.”


“Oh, hey, do you wanna go to a party at Tyler’s next weekend?” Bailey asked, sliding a new diaper under her butt and beginning to smear herself with some ointment. “He invited me and said I could bring you, too.”

“Is it gonna be like a boring ‘good boy’ party or an actual cool one?” Kacey asked. She was still cleaning herself up, and Bailey had to giggle at how cute she looked on her back with her legs in the air while she reached down to run the wipe along her skin. Between the strong scent of baby wipes, the aroma of ointment, and the thick cloud of powder forming as Bailey dusted herself with it, the locker room was beginning to smell like a nursery.

The faint odor of a dirty diaper only intensified the similarity.

Reaching down, Bailey pulled the front of her diaper up between her legs, taping it up tight and taking a moment to compose herself. The feeling of changing her diaper was still strange and new, as well as the oddness of associating with something so…infantile. She slowly got to her feet with a soft rustle, reaching for her shorts and pulling them on. They were a dangerous thing to wear with a diaper–if she crouched wrong, someone might get a peek–but it was warm today, and as long as she was careful, no one would be any the wiser to her choice of underwear. Since Kacey was still in the process of applying some ointment and powder of her own, Bailey obligingly collected their used diapers and tucked them into a plastic shopping bag, tying it up and tossing it into a garbage can.

“Do we need to stop and pick up anything at your place before we head to mine?” she asked Kacey as she climbed to her feet, her own diaper taped on snug.

“Nah, I’m borrowing one of your dresses, right?” she asked. “I don’t wanna wear one of my shitty Walmart dresses to your fancy rich-people wedding.”

“Actuallyyy,” Bailey all but trilled, smiling at her friend, “I have a dress that would look awesome on you. It’s this deep champagne red that clashes with my hair like no one’s business, but you would rock it.”

“And people actually pay money for fashion consultants,” Kacey winked, easing into her sweats. The girl never got warm, even on the hottest of days. “Oh, hey, you know what? We didn’t even need to put on diapers, did we? Exams are done.”

“Oh!” Bailey said, feeling her face heat up. “Well…we have them on already.”

“Didn’t you say the wedding was gonna take like…an hour or something?” Kacey asked. “Maybe we should just power through until Sunday in diapers. It’s kinda bad form to get up go to the bathroom halfway through a wedding, isn’t it?”

“I guess that’s true,” Bailey said, gathering up her backpack and walking from the locker room into the main pool area with Kacey. It was quiet, meaning the faint rustle of their diapers could be heard ever so softly. No one was around to hear it at least. “We’d need to buy more, though. Wanna make a quick trip to Walmart?”

“Sure,” Kacey nodded.

And just like that, the pair had signed up for a third day in diapers.


They spent the walk to Walmart in companionable silence, occasionally speaking up to trade stories about exam experiences. Apparently, Adam Hanson had let an extended and noisy fart in the middle of Kacey’s Life Skills exam, resulting in a five minute break to air out the classroom and give the students (and teacher) a chance to calm down from the uproarious laughter that had resulted.

Bailey wished she could have seen that.

“I think that’s how I got away with my full diaper, though,” Kacey went on. “Someone could have smelled it but just thought it was lingering fart stink.”

“Good strategy.”

“So, what’s up with Tyler?” Kacey asked with a smirk. “He’s been awful friendly lately, hm?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bailey said, trying for a nonchalant tone but feeling a blush bloom over her cheeks. “I know he and Caitlyn broke up a couple weeks ago.”

“Which Caitlyn? Kacey asked. “There’s like three of them.”

“Horse girl Caitlyn,” Bailey said.

“Ew, good,” Kacey said in a snide tone. “No girl is that into horses and actually worth spending time around.”

Bailey snorted, but she couldn’t disagree. They hustled across the street, Bailey tugging her phone out when she heard the soft chirping notification that she’d just received a Snap.

“Are you Snapchatting me when you’re right next to me again?” she asked Kacey, who shook her head.

“Really not me this time,” she said as they walked. “Maybe it’s your new boyfriend.”

“Pft, whatever,” Bailey rolled her eyes, but there was a message from Tyler, and she almost dropped her phone as a video started with him screaming out of the speaker.

“–ooooool’s! OUT! FOR! SUMMER!”

As he was singing, a cacophony of voices shouted around him. It looked like he and the other members of the basketball team were having some kind of celebration at the nearby ice cream shop. Kacey rolled her eyes as she watched the display.

“We’re wearing diapers, and he’s still the weirdest person I know,” she said.

“Decent singing voice, though,” Bailey observed, and Kacey shrugged, conceding the point with a nod.

For the second time in as many days, the pair made their way into Walmart, Bailey moving to grab a cart this time. She wanted that dress she’d seen the day before, and if the pair were going to have a proper end-of-school slumber party, snacks were in order. They could stay up reasonably late; Morgan and her wedding party would be waking up at the crack of dawn to begin getting ready, but all Bailey would need was a couple hours or so to do her makeup and pin her hair up. With Mom and Dad both out, she and Kacey would be able to take over the large master bathroom and get ready together.

“Snack cakes,” Kacey said, pointing to an aisle ahead and to their left.

“Snack cakes,” Baiely repeated, steering them toward it. Kacey was a fan of Hostess’s Golden Cupcakes, while Bailey favored the classic Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, they tossed a box of each into the cart, along with some Zebra Cakes.

“I remember being so sad when I first saw those when I was like…four,” Kacey told her as they walked down the aisle. “I thought they used actual zebras.”

Bailey burst out laughing at that, turning briefly to collect a few boxes of K-cups for the Keurig at home.

“That is actually the cutest thing ever,” she said, snagging up a few of her staple flavors. Toasted graham cracker, butterscotch, and of course, Cinnabon cinnamon roll.

“Such a basic white girl,” Kacey told her with a shake of her head as she deposited the boxes into the cart.

“I’m aware of this,” Bailey said. “Dude, I even have a basic white girl name. The only way I could make it worse is to join the cheerleading team. Or cross country.”

“Shit, I’ve watched you run in gym,” Kacey snorted. “And you’d be an awful cheerleader.”

“Yeah, not much pep here,” Bailey said with a smirk, and Kacey winked at her.

“Plus, everyone’d see your diaper,” she teased her quietly, scurrying off as Bailey attempted a playful shove. “Oh! Didn’t you wanna get your dress?”

She pointed down the snacks aisle, and all the way down on the other end, the juniors’ clothing was visible, Bailey’s dress framed by the two rows of shelving. Bailey caught up to Kacey and gave her one little shove, causing her friend to giggle quietly as she followed.

As they neared the dresses, Bailey felt a push in her bladder. She hadn’t peed since the last several minutes of her final exam, and the little jog she had just done seemed to have shaken something up. Giving it only a moment’s thought, she paused next to the dress rack and released a stream of warm urine into her diaper, feeling it build up a good flow as she took up a dress and examined it. It was a soft, comfy fabric and looked like it would hang to about mid-thigh. Definitely not something to wear a diaper under unless she wanted to spend an evening with her thighs firmly glued together. Actually, it looked casual enough to wear to a party, and she had one of those on the agenda in her near future….

Picking through the rack until she found one in her size, she tossed it into the cart and moved on, feeling the flow of pee tapering off as she did. There was one detour to the bathroom averted, deposited between her legs for later handling. Her diaper had swollen up a bit, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as her last one had been at the end of the school day. It could handle a lot more.

As she leaned on the cart and wheeled toward the soft drinks aisle, she mused that by the end of the day tomorrow, she and Kacey would have spent three days straight wearing diapers. Or two and a half? Either way, that was a long time to spend picking the toddler’s solution to bathroom needs. Stranger still, it was…easy, easier in a way than using the bathroom. Sure, there were complications and cleanup to consider, but that could be done on her own time. Wearing diapers meant that she didn’t have to step away from a task for a time-consuming bathroom break, or in the case of tomorrow, commit the embarrassing social gaffe of leaving in the middle of a wedding because she couldn’t hold her bladder after drinking simply too much coffee in order to stay awake before eleven. She could just let it go and not have to spend the next hour squirming in discomfort, then take care of cleanup only when she decided to.

“You want Dr. Pepper?” Kacey asked, and Bailey jolted from her musings to nod. “Alright, I’m getting Cherry Coke.”

“How do you even drink that stuff?” Bailey said with a distasteful pout. “Yuck.”

“I’m sorry my refined palate is too impressive for your pedestrian tastes,” Kacey told her as she put a couple of two-liters in the cart. She peered ponderously down the aisle for a moment before selecting a large bag of garlic parmesan potato chips as well. “Alright, diapers next?”

“Yeah,” Bailey breathed, feeling the familiar thud in her heart at the affected casualness. Just some more diapers, no big deal. She spun the cart around and headed them toward the baby needs section, strolling down the diaper aisle. “Here we go.”

She drew out a package of the Princess diapers, depositing it in the cart and sliding her dress over the top to at least make an effort to hide them. She was surprised to see Kacey add another package, her blonde friend shrugging at Bailey’s questioning look.

“Why not stock up?” she pointed out, tugging at the dress to cover both packages. “We have all summer, we might wanna wear them again sometime, you know?”

“True,” Bailey agreed. “Did you wanna check anything else out, or are we good to go?”

“Nah, let’s go home,” Kacey said. “My Social meter’s on empty, and it’s too people-y out here.”

“And now I wanna play the Sims when we get home,”Bailey said with a smirk, aiming the cart toward the checkout.

“Yo, that means I can play some Red Dead,” Kacey said happily. “No bathroom breaks, just cowboy antics.”

“You should do commercials for Pampers,” Bailey laughed.


That evening, with Mom and Dad both out planning for the wedding the next day (Dad would be by in the morning to pick up the kids), Bailey and Kacey had the house to themselves, meaning they could enjoy all of the appropriate summer antics without interruptions.

Or, mostly without them.

“Bailey!” a voice called into the house as the front door opened, and Bailey heaved a little sigh.

“In the kitchen, Danielle!” she called. She tugged the fridge open and tucked a bottle of Dr. Pepper inside, having just refreshed her glass. Turning, she saw Danielle strolling into the kitchen, her face all done up with a rainbow on one cheek and her school’s logo on the other. She had a bunch of bangles on her wrists, and beaded necklaces nearly completely obscured the logo on her shirt. Bailey vaguely remembered her mentioning some kind of fair or carnival the teachers had been planning to put on at the middle school. Clearly, Danielle had had a lot of fun.

“Hey!” she said chirpily. “How long you been home?”

“Half hour,” Bailey said. “Did you go to Jessica’s after school?”

“Yeah, she’s leaving for some camping trip tomorrow really early, so we wanted to hang out one last time.”

“Aw, you’re gonna miss your little friend,” Bailey cooed, mussing her little sister’s hair. “Where’s she camping?”

“Some place in Canada,” Danielle said with a little wave of her hand. “It’s like a six-hour car ride, I guess.”

“Oof,” Bailey muttered, and Danielle snorted.

“Big oof,” she agreed. “Her parents got those Pampers Royals? In case she can’t make it to the next rest stop or something.”

“Oh, really?” Bailey asked. “How’s she dealing with that?”

“Well, she’s thirteen and they’re making her wear a diaper,” Danielle said wryly. “The only reason I found out is because I found them in her closet. She’s super embarrassed about it.”

“Probably wanted you to keep it a secret?” Bailey asked. “Not tell anyone, like your sister?”

“I–guess so, yeah,” Danielle admitted, looking properly abashed. “It’s not like you’re gonna tell anyone, though.”

“Yeah, no one I know really cares about middle-schooler gossip,” Bailey said. “Anyway, it’s not such a big deal, I think. Now she can relax and enjoy the car ride, you know?”

Bailey had to take a few seconds, busying herself with a sip of her drink, and appreciate the seven layers of irony to this conversation.

“She’s worried a bunch of people will notice or something,” Danielle told her as she got into the fridge and took out a Capri-Sun, popping the straw in and taking a long drink. “But, like…they’re not even that noticeable unless you wear like little shorts or a halter top.”

“They’re really low-profile,” Bailey agreed. “Plus, no one’s gonna look at her and be like ‘That girl’s probably wearing a diaper.’ Like, that’s never someone’s first thought. You could be wearing one right now, I’d have no idea.”

“Hah!” a nervous laugh bubbled from Danielle at that, and she shrugged, saying nothing more. Bailey fixed her with a curious look.

“Are you?” she asked, watching Danielle’s eyes widen as she shook her head.

“Well, no, I mean…I tried one on, just to prove to her it wouldn’t show underneath a pair of jeans, you know? It was…comfy.” she blushed a bit at the confession, and Bailey felt a small moment of…bonding with her little sister. She had thought that Danielle had been irretrievably on the path to becoming a carbon copy of Morgan, the oldest sister. Perky, athletic, vivacious, and popular, a combination set to alienate her completely from Bailey.

But the way she talked about trying on the diaper, like it had been weird-in-a-fun-way, not weird-in-a-weird-way, was…interesting. Bailey didn’t want to push the issue, though, not especially when she herself wasn’t entire sure where she sat with things.

“Comfy?” she asked, playing the part of ignorant but curious even as she found herself relaxing enough to release a warm stream of urine into her own padding. It seemed the Dr. Pepper had worked its way through her already.

“It’s hard to describe, I guess,” Danielle said, and Bailey could see that she was glad to be able to open up like this without facing ridicule. She had no idea that she was in good company. “It’s soft and like…super thick.”

“Did you pee in it?” Bailey asked, keeping her tone light and teasing even as she herself finished wetting her diaper. She was rewarded with a massive blush from Danielle, who shook her head vigorously enough to send her red hair flying.

“I was only in it for like…half an hour,” she said. “Her mom saw and was all understanding and stuff. She actually sent me home with a few.”

“Well, that’s nice of her, hm?” Bailey said with a smile. “Maybe you should wear one to the wedding tomorrow, just in case it runs a little long.”

“Wouldn’t that be like super weird, though?” she asked, and Bailey shrugged.

“I don’t think so,” she said. “And anyway, you saw for yourself how easy they are to hide. You’d be wearing a ruffly dress, so….”

She could see Danielle pondering, but she didn’t want to push, lest she give away her own investment in padded life. The thought of her little sister actually giving this a go was…kind of adorable. Back when Danielle had been very little–no older than five or six–she and Bailey had been best pals, building forts and playing with LEGO and just doing fun kid stuff. As she’d grown older, though, Danielle had started to look toward their older sister as a role-model (which wasn’t bad; Morgan was a model student and going for a degree in Psychology) and drifted apart from Bailey.

Would she begin drifting back as Morgan grew more and more invested in building her own life as an adult?

Leaving her little sister to her thoughts, Bailey made her way back upstairs, the sounds of a rowdy gunfight echoing from her cracked door. Inside, she found Kacey frantically tapping buttons on her PS4 controller while Arthur Morgan got himself into an old-fashioned rootin’ tootin’ shootout on screen. Bailey spared the screen only a single glance, though, as her gaze was immediately drawn by Kacey’s lack of pants. She had probably just changed her diaper and never bothered to fully redress herself, which was adorable but a bit of a daring move right now. While it felt criminal to cover up the absolutely precious sight of her best friend’s bottom all wrapped in pale white padding, she scooped up a pair of pajama pants and tossed them in Kacey’s direction.

“Might wanna cover up,” she said, closing her bedroom door. “Dani’s home.”

“Aw, I was kinda enjoying rocking the Tommy Pickles look,” Kacey said, taking a few seconds to put down a last couple of enemies before pausing and tugging the PJs on. “How’s the little jock-bunny-to-be?”

“Actually, we might’ve been a bit off in that assessment,” Bailey said, flumping back into her computer chair and feeling her damp diaper pushing up into her, a perfectly padded seat. She briefly filled in Kacey on Danielle’s afternoon and her friend’s situation. By the time Kacey was explaining that Danielle might even be considering wearing a diaper tomorrow, Kacey was wide-eyed and smiling a bit.

“Dude, that would be actually pretty cool,” she said. “We’d be like the Three Padded Amigos or something.”

“Let’s just not get ahead of ourselves,” Bailey cautioned her, “or push her into anything. I don’t wanna be creepy about it.”

“Yeah, no, zero creepiness,” Kacey said. “We could even be like, ‘We decided to do it, too’ and show her we’re wearing them, you know?”

“And just not mention we spent the last day and a half of school in them, too?” Bailey pointed out, causing Kacey to let a quiet little giggle.

“We can probably leave that out,” she said.


“So, ever since you showed me alfredo sauce on pizza, I literally can’t even eat it with marinara anymore,” Kacey said, sitting on the floor with her back propped up on Bailey’s bed. “You’ve spoiled me.”

“You mean enlightened you to the magic of cheese,” Bailey said through a mouthful of pizza. “Cheese sauce, extra cheese, maybe some bacon, and crust stuffed with cheese.”

“No wonder you drink so much coffee,” Kacey said. “You need the natural laxative to make up for how much cheese you eat.”

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be,” Bailey nodded sagely, and Kacey rolled her eyes, taking another bite of her own slice. She reached for the waistband of her sweats, tugging them up and peeking down at her diaper. “You need another change?”

“Nah, I’ll make it ‘til bedtime,” Kacey said with a shake of her head. “How’s yours holding up?”

“I just changed before pizza got here,” Bailey said.

“Really?” Kacey asked. “I didn’t even notice.”

“You were screaming something about Micah being an idiotic asshole?” Bailey asked, and Kacey rolled her eyes.

“Dude, there’s foreshadowing, and then there’s just shoving it in your face,” she said with a shake of her head. “I hated that guy from the start anyway. Left him to rot in jail until I literally had to do the mission to keep the plot going.”

“But you cried over Lenny,” Bailey smirked, and Kacey put on an exaggerated pout.

“Don’t remind me!” she whined. “Lenny was precious! He’s my drinking buddy!”

“I wish I could have as much fun as a drunk outlaw in 1899,” Bailey agreed. “That mission was like…the best.”

“Okay, truth or dare?” Kacey asked, apropos of nothing, and Bailey found herself fumbling for a response to the question.

“Buh, truth?” she spluttered.

“Hm, do you really like Tyler Harrington?” Kacey asked, leaning over with a quiet crinkle to grab another slice of pizza. “Like, if he tried to get with you at the party, would you let him?”

“’Get with’ me?” Bailey asked. “Like, take me upstairs and…?”

Kacey nodded with an impish little smile, and Bailey bit her lip at the thought, her heart jolting at the idea that it was even a slim possibility. She wasn’t unattractive, though a boy like Tyler Harrington certainly had his pick of the crop of girls at school. He was tall, athletic, and absolutely charismatic. There were even Junior girls that had an eye on him. The idea of following him upstairs, of secluding themselves away in a bedroom and….

“Well…yeah,” Bailey said in a soft little voice, hunching her shoulders. “I’d probably let him, yeah.”

“Get it, Bailey!” Kacey said with a giggle, and Bailey tossed an empty Zebra Cake wrapper at her. Kacey simply stuck her tongue out and took another bite of pizza, while Bailey shifted and let a sigh as she wet her diaper. It was an easy, effortless thing to do, a far cry from the production it had been the first time during her exam.

As she peed, she wondered how Tyler would react if he ever found out about this venture into diapers, about her fascination with them. Because she was fascinated, enthralled by their soft, comforting embrace, the warmth and security they provided. Even the embarrassment she felt, the innocent little taboo of strapping such an infantile undergarment to her and using it instead of a toilet was strangely fascinating and not a completely unpleasant feeling.

If things did progress the way Kacey seemed to be imagining, what would Tyler think if he knew that the girl he took upstairs secretly enjoyed wetting and messing her diapers?



The grating, klaxon-like sound of her phone’s alarm ripped Bailey away from a peaceful dream, the details of which began to trickle away as soon as she awoke. She felt Kacey stirring in the bed next to her as she rolled over and tapped the snooze button on her screen, slumping onto her back and releasing a warm gush of urine into her diaper. She had fuzzy recollections of waking up once or twice in the night with the twinge of a full bladder only to empty it and go right back to sleep, so she was sure her padding was full to bursting. Her suspicions proved correct seconds later when she stretched her legs and found a thick bulk between them. The Pampers Royals’ absorbent core was living up to the boastings of the omnipresent commercial, at least.

“Ugh, we have to get up, Kace,” Bailey groaned, limply attempting to sit up and finding it oh so difficult. Her bed was extra cozy with the shared body heat of her best friend, and she resisted the urge to sink back under the blankets with considerable difficulty. Kacey was a snuggler, and if Bailey let herself get wrapped up in a warm embrace under toasty blankets, she would surely miss the entire wedding.

“What time is it?” Kacey asked sleepily, and Bailey sighed.

“It’s nine in the morning,” she said, prompting an almost angry huff from her friend.

“No self-respecting teenager should ever see nine in the morning during summer,” she groused even as she shimmied up to a sitting position. She had wormed out of her pajama pants in the night, leaving her smooth legs bare and her sodden diaper exposed. “Ugh, I need a shower before we go to this thing.”

“That’s why I set the alarm so early,” Bailey said. “Wanna share?”

“Sure, we already live up to a bunch of almost-lesbian-best-friend stereotypes anyway,” Kacey said. “It’ll be like gym class, just without Penny Roberts trying not to be super obvious that she’s way into girl butts.”

“Did you hear that rumor about her and Mr. Gable?” Bailey asked distastefully as they slowly clambered out of bed.

“Yes, and I’d completely forgotten about it until you reminded me, so…thanks for that,” Kacey said in a matching tone.

“Do you think she actually - “

“I’m not saying she did, but with the grades she gets, if I heard it was true, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Kacey said. “That girl is living every porno cliche.”

They reached the bathroom, and after quickly brushing their teeth, they undid the tapes on their diapers, folding them up and stuffing them into the garbage can under the sink. Bailey took the bag and tied it off, leaving it on the floor so she would remember to dispose of it later. It wouldn’t do for her parents to find it that night and start asking uncomfortable questions. Soon enough, they were stripped bare and stepping under the hot spray of the shower. The upstairs shower in the Connor household was a luxurious affair, with two separate showerheads and enough space for two people to stand comfortably. Supposedly, Dad had had it installed shortly after moving in, and if Mom was to be believed, the shower was the reason Bailey had a little sister in the form of Danielle.

She didn’t like to consider those implications at all.

Bailey supposed some friends might have found it awkward, showering together. Sure, they’d shared a locker room, but something felt different now that it was in the privacy of her home. Still, after watching each other change dirty diapers on a couple of separate occasions, there was little left for them to keep secret from each other. Bailey knew every inch of Kacey’s body, knew intimate details most friends never learned about each other, but rather than make things uncomfortable between them, she felt closer than ever to her best friend. They had shared so much, and they were sharing a strange new adventure now. Bailey doubted she would have ever even had the courage to tape herself up into a diaper without Kacey along for the ride. Now she was about to attend her sister’s wedding in a similarly padded state, still with Kacey by her side.

“Whatchu lookin’ at?” Kacey asked with a smile as they stepped out of the shower, having scrubbed and cleaned and shaved all the necessary bits in preparation. This was Morgan’s big day, but it was an opportunity for them to look damn good as well.

“Lookin’ at my beeest frieeeend,” Bailey said with a grin, and Kacey rolled her eyes though with a wide smile.

“Sure fuckin’ hope so,” she said.

They wrapped themselves up in a couple of fluffy bathrobes, and Kacey went for the hairdryer while Bailey stepped into the hallway to go make sure Danielle was getting ready. The sun was up but still low in the sky, casting long shadows and golden beams along the hallway. The soft, distant sounds of morning birdsong were just audible, and all in all, it was a quaint, peaceful morning. Bailey made her way to Danielle’s room, knocking a couple times before poking her head in.

“Hold on a–oh!”

Danielle called out a few seconds too late, and as Bailey peeked in, she caught sight of Danielle hurriedly pulling a blanket over her legs, but not before she saw a glimpse of a pink Pampers Royal disappearing under the comforter. Biting back a little smile, Bailey decided to spare her sister the embarrassment of calling her out, simply smiling from the doorway.

“Just making sure you’re up and getting ready, kiddo,” she said. “You all good in here?”

“Yeah,” Danielle said quietly. Bailey caught a whiff of powder and ointment, so at least Danielle had done things right.

“Dad’ll be here at eleven, so make sure you get a little breakfast in you before then, okay?” Bailey asked.

“Okaaay,” Danielle said, sounding cutely exasperated as she got when Bailey Big-Sistered her. Ducking out of the room with another little smile, Bailey went back to the bathroom.

“What’s that smile for?” Kacey asked as Bailey returned, shutting the door behind her.

“Danielle’s wearing a diaper,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper, shushing Kacey when she looked about to cheer. “She’s really self-conscious about it, though, so we need to just let her be for now, okay?”

“All I need to hear now is that Morgan is actually wearing a bridal diaper, and my life will be complete,” Kacey said.

“Is a bridal diaper what I think it is?” Bailey asked, and Kacey nodded.

“Some of those wedding dresses are pretty complicated,” she said. “Why try to get it all out of the way to go to the toilet when you can just wear your toilet?”

“Okay, well, while you’re imagining me and my sisters all wearing diapers, can you get us some music going?” Bailey asked, and Kacey giggled as she got her phone out, poking around until Spotify came up. Bailey didn’t really like using Kacey’s phone for Spotify for the simple reason that Kacey didn’t have the premium version, which meant ads.

“We know that not every child is done with diapers at the same time.”



After bolting down some cereal and spending the next hour meticulously doing her hair and makeup, Bailey sat down on the toilet for the first time in a day and a half to get one last pee in before taping up another diaper. It felt strange to use a toilet after the past couple of days, and even the echo of her stream hitting the water was an odd sound to her ears. She looked up from her phone briefly to see Kacey already taping a new diaper up.

“Not gonna use the toilet first?” she asked, and Kacey shrugged.

“I’ll just use my diaper, no big deal,” she said. Bailey hummed thoughtfully, snagging up a wipe and cleaning herself up before standing and beginning to pull on a new diaper herself.

“Alright, I’m gonna go get my dress on,” Kacey said, stepping into the hallway with only a bra and diaper on.

“Uh, you gonna cover up?” Bailey asked, earning another shrug from her friend.

“We’re all diapered here, no need to freak out about it, right?” Kacey said. Bailey watched her make her way out to the hallway, hearing a shout of surprise from Danielle.

“Oh my God, Kacey!”

“Morning, sunshine!”

Well, hopefully Danielle wasn’t too scarred by the whole affair, Bailey pondered as she taped up her own diaper before heading for her bedroom to get her dress on. She supposed there was no point in covering herself up.

They were all in this together now.


“You could have told me you guys were planning to wear them, too,” Danielle grumbled as they waited near the front door for Dad to arrive and pick them up. They were all made up and dressed and prepared, and Bailey had packed makeup, spare shoes, deodorant, and other wedding reception necessities in a duffel bag, along with two diapers each for all three of them and a supply of wipes and such. They had all three mutually decided to just spend the whole evening, reception and all, diapered.

“Well, it was sort of a snap decision,” Bailey said, feeling a little bad for lying to Danielle. She wasn’t quite ready admit that this was to be her second full day in diapers, though. Maybe in time.

“Besides, we did tell you,” Kacey said with a wink, and Danielle stuck her tongue out at her.

“By walking up to me with your diaper all out and hugging me,” she huffed. “I’m gonna be traumatized.”

“You gonna be okay today, though?” Bailey asked with a warm smile at her little sister. She was wearing a simple but elegant black pinafore dress over a pale blue turtleneck that really made her baby-blue eyes pop. It was a cute but mature look belied by the fact that under the dress and out of sight, there lurked a pale white diaper. Danielle shot a wry smile back at her sister.

“I’m gonna be fine, Bailey,” she huffed.

“This is gonna be so wild,” Kacey laughed. “All three of us!”

Bailey smiled over at her, and she was once again struck by how good Kacey looked in her dress. It was a strapless champagne-red gown that flared at her hips, providing some much-needed cover for her diaper. She had swept her hair back with a matching headband, and a pair of ballet flats completed the look.

“What?” Kacey asked with a smirk, striking a little pose. “Do I look hot?”

“So hot,” Bailey grinned. She herself was wearing a simple black gown with thin spaghetti straps, her hair pinned back with a flowered barrette.

All in all, she thought the three of them were looking pretty good.

“Dad’s here,” Danielle’s voice cut through her thoughts, and Bailey made for the door, opening it and ushering the other two out before shutting it behind her and locking it up. Stowing her house key in a pocket in the duffel bag, she turned and saw Dad waiting in the driver’s seat of the family’s Chevy Suburban. The windows were up, but she could already hear the muffle sounds of Dad Rock playing inside. When Kacey opened the door, that was confirmed in the form of a blast of some classic rock song Bailey couldn’t place.

“Hey, girls,” Dad said, and he at least turn the volume down as Kacey and Bailey climbed in the back, allowing Danielle to ride shotgun. “Wow, you all look really nice.”

“Thanks,” Kacey chirped, and Dad set the car in motion.

Markus Connor was about the most stereotypical Dad Bailey had ever known of. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. He was kind, loving, cherished his wife and three daughters, and worked his butt off to make sure they lived happily. He also, according to Kacey and a few of the girls at school that had met him, wasn’t bad-looking for an older guy. He didn’t have the receding hairline most dads picked up in their early forties, and while his ginger hair was beginning to gray around his temples, he still had a youthful face and a boyish smile that turned to Kacey in the rearview mirror.

“Kacey, glad to see you could make it,” he said. “Are you all moved in for the summer?”

“Still need to get a hold of a U-Haul to get some furniture brought over, but mostly,” Kacey joked back at him. It was a running gag among the whole Connor family that Kacey pretty much lived with them during the summer, spending weeks at a time staying over at Bailey’s and only barely going back home to make sure her mother didn’t report her missing to the police. Not that that was a risk of ever happening; the sad truth was that Natasha Hanes probably enjoyed the time without her daughter. Kacey never seemed to mind it, though, citing the Connors as the only family she ever needed.

Bailey had almost cried the first time she’d said that.

The drive to the church was uneventful, all three girls spending the whole time prodding at their phones, taking a few selfies, and letting every social media outlet see them in their wedding best. Kacey leaned in and dropped her head on Bailey’s shoulder, taking a shot of the both of them, and a minute later, Bailey saw that she had made it her Facebook profile picture already. Giggling at her friend’s antics, she took a Snap of herself and put it up on her story, sending it along to Tyler as well with the caption ‘How do I look?’.

By the time they reached the parking lot, he had sent back a chat:

Tyler: Damn, looking good! What’s the occasion?

Me: My sister’s getting married today! So excited!

Tyler: That’s awesome! You still planning to come on Wednesday?

Me: Somebody never sent me an invite :wink:

Tyler: Give me a break I literally just got out of bed!

Me: Lazy bum!

Tyler: You’re supposed to be lazy during summer!

Me: Lazy buuuum!

Tyler: Aaaaah! XD

Bailey found herself giggling a bit as she tucked her phone into her duffel bag, figuring it would probably be rude to have it out and tapping away at it during the wedding. Dad obligingly opened her door, and she stepped out with the quietest of crinkles. As she and Kacey took up walking on either side of Danielle, her younger sister spoke up nervously.

“It sounds so loud,” she whispered. Indeed, with three of them together, the combined rustling of their padding was a bit more noticeable, though only because Bailey was listening for it.

“Don’t worry, it’s just because you know it’s there already,” Kacey said softly. “No one’ll be able to tell once we’re in there, and it’ll be way too loud at the reception to hear anything. And if anyone finds out, tell ‘em we bullied you into it.”

“I don’t think they’ll believe that,” Danielle said with a little smirk. “I’m the one who bullies Bailey.”

“Oh, you wish,” Bailey said, reaching out to tickle at Danielle’s sides.

“Noooo!” she whined out with a giggle, ducking to hide behind Kacey. Bailey just smiled and pulled her into a hug, Danielle squirming a bit to extricate herself. She hurried ahead to ask Dad a few questions about the wedding, leaving Bailey and Kacey to drift back again.

“Are you two getting along again?” Kacey asked, and Bailey shrugged.

“We never really weren’t getting along,” Bailey said. “I guess we were just…drifting apart?”

“Well, maybe you guys can bond over this kinda fucked up experience together?” Kacey suggested. “I mean, who else can she talk to about wearing diapers?”

“I think she barely wants to talk to me about it,” Bailey said with a wry smile. “C’mon, let’s do this thing.”


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