Mary's Rescue

This is the sequel of my earlier story Wive hunters

Part 1:

“Uahmn uhopfnfh ahng gahg”

Mary opened her eyes and cursed; however the curse was muted by the ballgag in her mouth. She pulled on the ropes but they were as tight as every day. Her arms were tied to the upper bedposts and her ankles were tied to the lower bedposts, so she was spreadeagled.

The gag made her drool and her mouth was dry after the long night. The remnants of her saliva were running down her chin. On the other hand, the thick cloth diaper package between her legs was wet, cold and unpleasant. She had peed in her diaper several times in the night.

She remembered the day Jack brought her back to Allan. Allan helped her dismount and was about to lead her inside when Jack asked him:

“Do you allow me to change my other captive?”
“Of course I do but I can do it for you; it would be good training for me.” Allan grinned. Susan stared at them wide eyed. Jack helped her dismount and Allan led them inside.
“Now let’s put her on the bed … and tie her legs to the bedposts,” Allan and Jack forced her onto the bed.
“Lift her skirt and pull down the tights,” Jack grinned and explained the procedure to Allan.
“Bring a pail with warm water but you can use cold water as well,”
“Unlock and open the pants.”
“Untape the diaper and pull it down. Wipe away the poop.”
“Take a rag and clean her crotch.”
“Put a new diaper on her.”
“Lock the pants, pull up the tights and rearrange her skirt.”

Allan kept grinning while doing everything Jack told him. Susan was crying and so was Mary when she had to watch it.

When Allan finished changing Susan, Jack took her away and Allan turned to Mary:
“You’ve just seen the treatment you get, dear. Lie down!”

Mary couldn’t do anything but obey; Allan tied her ankles to the bedposts, untied her arms and tied her wrists to the upper bedposts.

“Jack told me he had taught you some obedience. Is it right?”
Mary didn’t react; she was angry at Jack and Allan.
“Okay, I let you cool down a bit,” he left the room.

Mary struggled violently but the ropes were unyielding. She was used to the upper hand but the ropes prevented her from it. Moreover, the messy diaper between her legs caused an intensive itching. When her bladder voided itself, the pee soaked her tights, skirt and bed.

About an hour later Allan returned and grinned at her: “Hey, did you change your opinion?”
He removed her gag: “I’m listening.”
“Could you change me?”
“I’ve peed and pooped myself.” Mary had to bite her lip but she didn’t have any option left.
Allan lifted her skirt and noticed the soaked tights and skirt:
“What the hell did you do? You will pay for all the mess and workload!”

He pulled down the tights and removed her skirt; however he was careful and untied only one leg so she couldn’t defend herself. Finally he unlocked the pants and untaped the overfilled diaper.
When she was naked from the waist down, he took the rag and started cleaning her with cold water.

“You thought you had the upper hand but you are terribly wrong. Now you will have to beg for every feeding and diaper change. And … don’t think that your filthy sex would be a pleasure for me.”

A younger woman entered the room and kissed Allan:
“Hey, love; is this the disobedient slut that ran away from you?”
“Yeah, this is her.”
“Good morning, dear, my name is Priscilla but you can call me Mistress,” she grinned and leaned down to Mary. Her fingers moved to Mary’s breasts and naked crotch.
“Get used to the ropes and I can add something more. Give me your belt, love.”

Tears of pain and embarrassment ran down Mary’s cheeks when Priscilla spanked her thoroughly.
After spanking they rediapered and redressed her into clean clothes and tied her to the bed again.

The next days have been almost the same. Mary spent most of her time tied up. She was freed only to do chores and Allan with his girlfriend were watching her the whole time.

Allan embarrassed his wife even more when he kissed and hugged Priscilla or had sex with her while Mary was tied up and helpless on the second bed.

When Mary was allowed to leave the house, her hands were tied up and she had a thick diaper package between her legs. Allan led her to the saloon and he met his friends to drink and play cards. Mary was locked in the back room and tied to the chair and had to wait until Allan finished his game and drinking.

The thread of Mary’s memories was interrupted by Allan entering the room. He walked over to her and pulled out the gag.

“I’m listening slut.”
“Can you change my diaper please? I peed myself.” Mary hated the tone and words and she still was dreaming about vengeance when she would be free.
“Wonderful dear,” Allan noticed the rage in her eyes and clenched fists.

He changed her diaper in a skilled way, locked the rubber pants and untied her arms from the bedposts:
“Dress yourself quickly and come to the kitchen; remember that I have my gun ready.”

Mary sighed only. Her body was stiff and she needed several minutes to be able to stand up and dress herself. She was alone but the window was secured by an iron grid and the only door led to the kitchen.

The thick package between her legs made her waddle when she walked towards the stove and started making breakfast. Allan was sitting at the table and waiting.

After breakfast Mary had to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Allan only kept sitting and giving her orders.

“Time to wash your dirty diapers,” he led her to the backyard. She was carrying a heavy pail full of dirty diapers. Allan locked an iron chain around her ankle and secured her to a wooden post. Her hands were free but she couldn’t run away or even change her own diapers.

Mary had to set fire, warm water and wash all her diapers. Meanwhile she heard laughing and talking from the house; Priscilla was there.

The breakfast made her guts move and she peed and pooped in her diaper shortly after she started washing; however she couldn’t ask Allan for a change before she finished her work.

The changing was as unpleasant as usual; she was tied to the bed and Allan cleaned her thoroughly with cold water; Priscilla was watching her:
“Hey, slut; how do you like diapers? Are they better than sex with your hubby?
Oh no; you clenched your fists again and you wish that you could hit me.” she leaned down and pinched Mary’s breasts.

Mary tried to spit in her face but the girl was quicker. She grabbed the ballgag and forced it into Mary’s mouth.
Allan finished diapering Mary and Priscilla grinned: “Love, is she ticklish?”

Allan nodded and a cold chill ran down Mary’s spine. She really was very ticklish. Priscilla leaned down and her fingers started on Mary’s ribs. Mary started a violent struggling and laughing but she couldn’t escape the tormenting fingers. Priscilla continued to her armpits, breasts, thighs and feet.

Five minutes later Priscilla reached under Mary’s skirt and checked the diaper.
“You haven’t peed yourself yet. I have to go on.”

Priscilla doubled her effort and her fingers moved from Mary’s feet to ribs and armpits. The poor victim kept struggling but the ropes held her and Priscilla’s fingers made her laugh more. Her bladder voided itself into the diaper and tears of embarrassment appeared in her eyes.

Priscilla reached under Mary’s skirt and grinned: “Okay, now wait until you are allowed to cook lunch for us.” She left the room. Mary struggled in vain and kept clenching her fists in helpless anger.


Thank you so much for starting a sequel. It’s good so far.


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Yay a sequel


That’s what I thought as well.

Part 2:

Allan appeared about half an hour later and untied Mary from the bed:

“Your relax is over; get up and go cook! We are hungry already.”

Mary threw daggers at him but she couldn’t do anything but obey. She still was gagged and didn’t have courage to remove the gag on her own. She stood up and waddled to the kitchen; the wet package between her legs irritated her.

Priscilla was waiting already and drinking coffee. Mary had to cook while they were having fun. When she finished, she had to lay the table and wait until Allan and Priscilla finished eating.

“Now you can eat the leftovers. Remove your gag and hurry up. We have to do later in the afternoon.”

Mary sighed, removed her gag and ate the leftovers; at least her stomach was full. When she finished the dishes, Priscilla turned to her:

“Hey slut; we’ll do some shopping for me; you will see my new beautiful clothes. After that, I’ll escort you to the saloon; I need relax and drink.”
Priscilla reached under Mary’s skirt and pressed against the diaper:
“Well, you might need a change. Love, help me tie her up.”

Allan and Priscilla tied Mary’s arms in a boxtie and Allan grinned:
“I’m listening.”
“Can you change my wet diaper please?”

Allan forced her onto the bed and he changed her diaper. She got a thick diaper package and Priscilla grabbed her arm: “Move on!”

Allan headed towards the saloon and Priscilla led Mary to a tailor shop:
“Look at the beautiful dress I will order,” Priscilla teased Mary. Mary, on the other hand, had to wear plain shirts and skirts.
While Priscilla was trying out the dress, Mary looked around and she noticed that the shop assistant was waddling just like she was.
“Miss, can I ask you?” she whispered to the shop assistant.
“What? If I was captured and brought back? Yeah; you can see it though.”
“Wouldn’t you like to escape again?”
The shop assistant shook her head and sighed heavily.
“At least you are not tied up.”
“It isn’t necessary; I don’t have anywhere to go and nobody helps me.”

“Hey, stop blabbering; time to have my drink,” Priscilla grabbed Mary and dragged her out of the shop. They headed towards the saloon. Allan was sitting at a table and playing cards with his friends. Priscilla led Mary to the back room and forced her to sit down on a chair. Mary’s legs and torso were tied to the chair; her ankles were tied to the chair front legs and her arms were trapped between her torso and the chair back.

To her surprise Mary noticed another woman tied to the second chair. She was familiar to Mary but she wasn’t able to recall her name. The second woman was tied up in the same position and they were sitting at a table, facing each other.

Priscilla got two cups of water and offered them to the captives: “You are thirsty for sure,” she grinned and left the room; the captives were alone.
“Hello,” Mary addressed her mate “You are familiar to me but I can’t recall your name.”
“My name is Constance and you are Mary, isn’t you?”
“Yeh, I am. Of course I remember you. However, you left before me.”
“Yeah, I did. I spent a few happy years until the damn hunter found me. He escorted me to my husband Mike two days ago.”
“I’ve been here for almost a month and I wish I could flee again.”
“So do I but I don’t know how to get free. The ropes are tight. I’ve been tied up from the moment the hunter captured me.”
“Hopefully we find a way; at least we are two and can help each other.”
“I’m afraid we won’t do anything in our present condition. I can’t move at all,” Constance sighed.
“Neither can I; I only hope for help from my friends. They were rebels like me and hopefully they could escape.”

Ten minutes later Constance started squirming
“Oh no!”
“What’s going on?”
“I have to pee badly.”
“The water was drugged; I experienced it often here. It is an additional humiliation.”
“I hate it; I wear diapers and I have to use them like a toddler.”
“So do I and I was drugged earlier; I can’t control my bladder and bowels at all.”
“Aww; that’s even worse,” Constance sighed. A bit later she had to pee herself. Mary peed in her diaper and she didn’t notice it while talking with Constance.

Suddenly Priscilla opened the door. She was carrying diapers and two more cups of water.
“I enjoyed my drink. What about yours? You might be thirsty again,” she grinned “However …” she reached under Mary’s skirt and squeezed the diaper ”you won’t have free space to put the drinks. If you ask me politely, I change the dirty garment.”

She moved to Constance: “Mike allowed me to ask you as well.” she reached under Constance’s skirt and felt the wet diaper.”

Mary had to bite her lip but her diaper was soaked and she was sure she would pee soon.
“Mistress, would you be so kind and change my wet diaper please?”
“Of course dear,” Priscilla grinned and untied Mary’s legs from the chair. Mary had to lie down on the floor and Priscilla tied her ankles to the table legs.
“Constance, look at her closely. You’ll get the same treatment.” Priscilla lifted Mary’s skirt, pulled down her tights and unlocked the rubber pants. Constance couldn’t do anything but look at the exposed Mary’s crotch and watch the humiliating change. Unfortunately, her diaper was soaked too and she felt a growing pressure in her bladder.

As soon as Priscilla finished changing Mary, she tied her back to the chair. She turned to Constance then: “I’m listening.”
“Mistress, would you change my wet diaper please?” Constance wished she could hit the damn woman but she was helpless. Priscilla nodded and changed her in the same way.

When both Mary and Constance were tied to the chairs, Priscilla offered them another cup of water and left.
“Who is the damn woman?” Constance was angry.
“She is Allan’s girlfriend and I have to watch them kissing and having sex. I’d be able to kill her.”
“I understand you. We really have to think of an escape but … who helps us get free from these ropes?”
“While I was being escorted, there were several more women and two of them were not escorted to their husbands. Maybe they got free and would come to rescue me.”
“Hopefully they do but how do they find you?”
“Oh, you’re right. They were escorted away before me.” Mary shrugged. Constance was right. “However, I met a shop assistant today.”
“Oh no. Emily is a definite coward and sub. She doesn’t help us at all. I know her.”

They continued talking for some time. The drugged water made them pee themselves once more but Constance didn’t mind it. She was glad not to be alone.
About an hour later the door opened again and Allan with Mike appeared; they looked a bit tipsy and in a good mood.
“Hey girls, how did you spend the evening? Let’s look at your diapers,” Allan laughed and reached under Mary’s skirt. “You had fun and peed yourself out of laughing.”

He untied Mary from the chair and led her away. Mike did the same. Both women kept clenching their fists and hoping for a miracle.


Part 3:

Four women were sitting at the table on Luisa’s farm. They were discussing the rescue of their friend Mary.

Despite their original plan they couldn’t wait anymore. Neither Penny nor Millie had handled the potty retraining. Susy gave them the vials but their attempts failed. Penny’s bladder muscles were too weak and she wasn’t able to hold her pee despite the urge. Millie took the first vial and she felt the urge indeed but she was too impatient and took an overdose of the second drug. The strong cramps damaged her muscles and she was totally incontinent.

“We need a good excuse to get to Carlote. A group of women can’t appear there out of nowhere.” Susan kicked off.
“We also don’t know where to look for Mary.” Penny shrugged.
“I know where she lives,“ Susan replied. “Maybe we could sneak into the house and rescue her in the night.”
“However we have to stay inconspicuous until then. How do we arrange it?”

All of sudden a crazy idea hit Susan: “Hey, what if we play a spectacle? One of us would pretend being a hunter and escorts two or three of us to Carlote as her captives?”
“Who takes the role? I think she has to be disguised as a man.” Luisa looked around. “As for me, I’m too old to be a runaway wife and so is Penny. One of us should be the hunter and the second one would be a backup.”
“Okay, I will be the hunter. I don’t have too big breasts and the disguise would be easier,” Penny replied courageously. After all she was an adventurer and could rely on her strength and fighting skills.
“Well, what do we need?” Luisa turned to Susan “You might have some experience.”
“I think that men’s clothing for Penny will be enough. The hunter is a private person and he doesn’t need any documents if he passes the town only. I doubt that the Sheriff will require anything.”
“Yeah, but we have to hurry up if we pretend to pass Carlote only. We have two nights available at most; otherwise we get suspicious.”
“Two nights are more than necessary in my opinion,” Susan nodded. “We can rescue Mary on the first night and leave the town immediately.”

A week later the small group was approaching Carlote. Penny was wearing men’s clothing and her hair was hidden under the big sombrero. Susan and Millie followed her. Their wrists were tied up behind their back and their legs were tied to the stirrups. The ropes were comfortable but tight enough. Nobody should get any suspicion. Moreover, Susan was diapered again; it was a precaution. Penny’s diaper was a risk but she needed it. It was more difficult to hide it under pants.

They reached Carlote in the early afternoon. Penny wanted to search the town a bit before dark. She headed towards the saloon and rented a room for two nights.
“Hey, mister; you are new in the business,” the saloon owner grinned at Penny.”
“Yeah; I decided to try my luck.” Penny replied and she tried to stay calm. She tried to change her voice a little and her pants were loose to hide the diaper.

As soon as she had the key, she helped Susan and Millie dismount and led them to the room. The saloon owner watched them and he seemed to be staring at Millie.
Inside the room Penny turned to the girls:

“I should go and search the town a bit. You have to wait for me here and I’m not sure if you can be untied.”
“I don’t think so, Penny. The saloon owner is quite curious and he might peek into the room,” Susan reacted.
“Right, Susy,” Millie nodded. “However, I need a clean diaper and something to drink.”
“Okay, do I untie you or can I change you?”
“Untie me for awhile.”

Penny untied Milie and turned to Susan: “What about you?”
“My bladder is full but I’m afraid I can’t go to the latrine. I have to pee in my diaper and change. Untie me as well.”

Penny realized her diaper was wet as well and she changed herself quickly. After the diaper change she tied up Susan and Penny at wrists and ankles. They lay down on the bed and Penny put a small knife into Susan’s skirt pocket.

The saloon owner still was grinning when Penny asked him for a jug of water:
“Hey, hopefully you won’t drink water like your clients do.”
“Of course not,” Penny shook her head but she got worried a bit. She wasn’t used to alcohol and hoped that she wouldn’t have to drink.

When she gave water to Susan and Millie, Penny left to search the town. She found Mary’s house according to Susan’s description and she noticed Mary doing chores in the backyard. However she didn’t take any risk and continued her tour to find a safe escape route.

When Penny left, the saloon owner hurried upstairs and he really peeked into the room:
“Hey girls; wouldn’t you like to have some fun?”
Susan and Millie closed their eyes and pretended to be asleep. He was about to grope them when he heard Allan’s voice from downstairs.

“Hey Joe! Where are you? We are thirsty here!”
Joe sighed, closed and locked the door and returned to the bar.

“Millie, I’m getting a bad feeling,” Susan turned to her roommate. “I’m almost about to get the knife and cut your wrist ropes.”
“Why? I think everything is running alright so far.”
“I don’t know; it’s a feeling only,” Susan shrugged. She grabbed the knife, cut the rope partially and put the knife back.

Allan and Mike were waiting downstairs and they had Mary and Constance with them. As soon as the women were tied up in the back room, both men started their drinking and card game.

“We have a new hunter here and he has two birdies in the upstairs room,” Joe announced the news.
“Great, we invite him to a few drinks then and the birdies can join our beloved wives.”

Half an hour later Penny returned and the men turned towards her instantly:
“Welcome to Carlote, dude. Join us and have some drinks with us. By the way, your clients can spend a nice evening together with our wives. in the back room. My name is Allan and this is Mike.”
“Okay, my name is Pete,” Penny had to react quickly and she didn’t think of her male name before.

The idea sounded good and it could be another chance to rescue Mary. Penny was sure that Mary was in the back room.
“I’ll get them,” Penny headed to the stairwell but Mike followed her: “I’ll help you.”
Penny sighed but she couldn’t do anything but agree.

Mike walked over to Susan and untied her legs: “Stand up lovebird; you get company this evening. However you should be tied up a bit tighter,” he laughed and retied her arms in a boxtie and dragged her out of the room.

Penny untied Millie’s legs and escorted her downstairs as well; she was disappointed by the chain of events but she still was sure she would be able to untie her companions and accomplish their mission.

In the back room Mary was taken aback when she recognized Susan and Millie and Penny also was familiar to her in the male clothes. However she was clever enough to stay calm.

Mike tied Susan to the chair in the same way Mary and Constance were tied up. Penny sighed but she had to tie Millie to the chair tightly even if her wrists were not in the boxtie. Anyway she was as helpless as all others even if the wrist rope could be torn.

Mike and Penny left the back room after giving the drugged water to the captives.


Very good chapter. I look forward to more.

Part 4:

The four captives kept looking at each other until Mike and Penny left.
“Hey, Susan, Millie, what are you doing here? Is it a plot?” Mary addressed her friends.
“Who is this?” Constance looked confused.
“Do you remember the women I was speaking of? They have arrived and I’d guess they have a plan to rescue me.”
“Right, Mary. Penny pretends to be a hunter to get into Carlote inconspicuously.”
“I see. However, it’s dangerous. She is alone now.”
“The original plan was good but she didn’t know about Allan and Mike’s routine.” Susan explained: “We should stay in the upstairs room and start the rescue mission in the night.”
“All we need is waiting until Allan and Mike finish and lead us home. You can continue the original plan then.” Mary added.
“Waiting is quite boring but we can’t do anything else,” Susan shrugged; the knife was out of her reach. Moreover, her bladder was getting full and she started squirming.
“They always give us drugged water; there is some diuretic there.” Constance turned to Susan “I also have to pee like a racehorse. Go in your diaper.”

Susan sighed and relaxed her muscles. Her diaper got wet and heavy. She had to spend the upcoming hours in that condition and so had the other three captives. The time was passing slowly.

Millie pulled on the wrist rope to get free. Unfortunately her arms were trapped between her torso and the chair back so she didn’t have enough space. Even if the rope loosened and her wrists were free, she still couldn’t pull them in front of her.
It was dark outside when Allan and Mike appeared and untied Mary and Constance from their chairs:

“You two have to wait a little; your hunter is a little indisposed. The saloon owner escorts you back to your room.”

They untied Millie from the chair and noticed the loose rope. “Hey, what are you doing?” Allan grabbed her arms and crossed them behind her back and Mike tied her arms in the reverse prayer position.

As soon as Millie was retied, they untied Susan and left. The saloon owner led the girls to their room and pointed at Penny; she was lying on the floor and she was tied up tightly: “I’m afraid your plot is over.”

Penny wasn’t enthusiastic but she had to stay in her role. Unfortunately, Susan and Millie were tied up tightly and couldn’t help her at all. She wished she could go and check them but it was a big risk before Alan and Mike would go home.

Penny had to face several problems. She was wearing men’s clothes but she didn’t have any idea of correct behavior. She tried to speak as little as possible. Fortunately she could play cards and she was good at it.

Alcohol was a more serious issue. Penny wasn’t used to drinking and two drinks were enough to make her tipsy. She managed to pass some rounds but she was getting drunk very quickly. Meanwhile she peed herself two times and her diaper was soaked. She desperately needed a change but she didn’t know how to do it without attracting attention.

Finally she gathered her courage and stood up: “Ex …excuse me.” Unfortunately she was too drunk and collapsed on the floor; her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

“Allan, this is a very inexperienced drinker. Let’s carry him upstairs.” They leaned down and noticed her hair when she lost her hat.
“Hey, what does it mean? We have a woman here!”
“What the hell does she want here in men’s clothes and with two captives?”
“We’ll find out tomorrow. Let’s secure her until then. Joe, get your wife; we might need help.”

Allan and Mike carried Penny upstairs and they smelled the urine. “Hey, she peed herself.”

In the room Joe’s wife Molly looked at Penny and pulled down her pants. She noticed the diaper:
“Well, she needs special care,” she grinned and looked around. She found the diaper bag and changed Penny’s diaper. “Hey, don’t stare at her.”

Penny’s legs were exposed when Molly undressed her. She was about to put them back when Allan stopped her.
“No Mrs. Molly. She will wear a skirt just like any other decent woman here in the town.”
“Okay, let’s find a skirt.”

She really found a skirt in the bags and put it on Penny. After that Allan and Mike turned Penny on her stomach and tied her arms in the reverse prayer position. Her legs were tied at ankles and knees beneath her skirt.
“Should we gag her?” Mike asked Allan.
“Nope; it isn’t necessary and she also might throw up.”

Allan and Mike left and Molly checked on Penny once more before she left as well. Penny was alone, tied up and unconscious.

Allan and Mike finished their game and led their wives home. Mary and Constance didn’t have any idea what had happened but Mary had a very bad feeling. Penny didn’t appear and Allan with Mike retied Millie. While Allan and Mike were escorting them outside, they didn’t see Penny anywhere.

The saloon owner pushed the girls into the room and forced them sit down on the floor next to Penny:
“Wait here; my wife takes care of you,” he left and locked the door from outside.

Susan and Millie stared at Penny in utter disbelief. She was wearing a skirt again, she was tied up and she was drunk.
“Oh, something went very wrong, Millie. Why did Penny drink?”
“No idea but we have to help her.”
“How? You were too impatient, Millie. Now your arms are useless.”

At that moment Molly entered the room and looked at the captives:
“I don’t know what you want here but it was a very bad idea. I should take care of you.You probably need a diaper change and I will give you something to eat.”
“Miss, couldn’t you help us escape? You are a woman like us.” Millie tried to beg for mercy.
“No, I couldn’t. It’s up to the Sheriff to decide upon your fate. Unfortunately he rode away for three days and he won’t be back until the day after tomorrow.”

Millie sighed and relaxed on the floor. Molly lifted her skirt, pulled down her tights and changed the soaked diaper. Susan had to endure the same treatment.
After the diaper change Molly fed both captives and left. Joe appeared five minutes later and her tied Susan’s and Millie’s legs at ankles and knees:

“Good night; you have a topic to think of. What would the Sheriff do with you?”
He put off the light, left and locked the door. The captives were alone and helpless just like Mary and Constance. Their plan seemed to have failed terribly.


You really make me feel for your characters. Seems like those poor women can’t buy a break. Their plans hardly ever work. But life isn’t all sunshine amen roses. Please keep it up.

Is Susan going to lose her potty training again?

I like how you added a few more wives to your story.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Part 5:

The night was quite long and Susan couldn’t fall asleep. To her disappointment Millie closed her eyes shortly after Joe left. Penny still was drunk and unconscious.

Susan struggled in her ropes but her arms were trapped in the boxtie; Mike was good at the ropework. The knife in her skirt pocket was out of her reach. She also couldn’t reach her leg ropes. After the useless struggle she tried to sleep as well.

Penny opened her eyes a bit later and she wasn’t able to understand what had happened. She had a strong headache and her vision was blurred.

Her last memory was drinking with Allan and Mike. She wanted to stand up and … everything went black.

About ten minutes later her vision cleared and she was able to think clearly. Something was wrong; she was lying on the floor. When she tried to move, she realized she was tied up tightly. Her arms were trapped behind her back in an uncomfortable position and her legs were tied up as well.

“What the hell?” her voice sounded in the dark room.
“Are you awake? What did you do? Why did you drink? Now our plan has failed,” Susan replied instantly; she was awakened by Penny’s words.
“Allan and Mike were drinking and I didn’t want to be suspicious. I passed several rounds but the drinks were stronger than I thought.”
“What do we do now? We all are tied up.”
“Luisa is our backup.”
“Yeah but she will wait for two days. If the Sheriff comes back until then, we’ll have serious problems.”

Penny suddenly panicked and started a violent struggle. She rolled over and her stomach protested. Her body convulsed in a massive cramp. She lifted her head and threw up; the same cramp sent a load of poop into her diaper.
“Oh, sorry,” she sighed heavily when she caught her breath.
“Don’t wonder; you aren’t used to drinking. Relax and try to have some sleep.”

Penny nodded and relaxed. Susan sighed and tried to do the same. She had to wait until morning at least. Her sleep didn’t last long; she was awakened by her full bladder and didn’t have any other option but pee in her diaper.

In the morning Molly entered the room and smelled all the mess; however she somehow expected it.

“Wake up, ladies,” her voice awakened all three captives. Molly brought a pail of warm water and cleaned the floor first. After that she left and returned with another pail and cleaning rag.

“Don’t try to fight me,” she untied their legs and changed their soiled diapers, one by one. The captives had their legs free but they weren’t able to stand up in their clothes. Penny also realized she was wearing a skirt.

Molly brought a pot with food, helped them stand up and sit down on the chairs around the table. She fed the girls and let them drink tea.
“I don’t tie your legs for awhile but I warn you; if you try something, I’ll tie you up again.”

Molly left the room and locked the door. The captives were alone but their condition wasn’t good at all.
“We have to find a way to escape,” Susan turned to Penny. “Maybe we can untie the ropes with our teeth.”
Penny nodded and started working at Susan’s ropes. Unfortunately, Mike was quite good at tying and all knots were unreachable.
“We need the knife in your skirt pocket,” an idea hit Penny.
“Yeah but how do we pull it out? The pocket is quite big,” Susan turned towards Penny and looked down at the pocket. Penny lifted her right leg to push the knife upwards but the skirt stopped her.

“Susan, sit down on the floor and I try to push the knife with my foot. It would be easier.”
Susan sat down and Penny pushed the knife out of the pocket; however the knife on the floor didn’t help them. Susan was the only one who could use her hands:
“Penny, sit down next to me and I’ll grab the knife.”

Penny sat down and Susan struggled on the floor to reach the knife. She had to lie down and search the surface. Finally she found it and sat up again. Penny’s arm ropes were easy to cut but the wrist ropes were much harder. Susan couldn’t find a position where she could reach them.The knife was too small to cut them and the tight ropes made Susan’s fingers numb after several attempts; she even dropped the knife.

Susan sighed heavily and relaxed; she lay down on the floor. At the same moment she felt the growing pressure in her guts after breakfast. Pooping in the diaper wasn’t a pleasant image but Susan didn’t have any other option. She sighed again and pushed the load into her diaper; it reminded her of her former experience.

Penny tried to stand up but she failed at it; she almost stepped at her skirt and fell back. Millie only kept watching them and she looked scared.
“It was a bad idea to use the knife.”
“Kick the rope and the knife to the back corner at least,” Susan asked Millie.
“Okay,” Millie obeyed Susan’s command just in time.

At that moment Allan opened the door and looked at the captives:
“Morning ladies. I’d like to ask you a few questions. It’s quite unusual to use men’s clothes and have two captives as if you were a wives hunter, isn’t it?” he turned to Penny.
“I don’t understand you, Allan. I am a wives hunter and I have to escort these two women to their husbands.”
“Really? Do you have any documents?”
“Of course I have,” Penny bluffed.
“Okay then; we even help you. Where is your destination?”

That question was deceitful and Penny was taken aback. Fortunately she was clever and swift.
“Lake City.” it was the best place she could tell him.
“Wow, it’s a long way. Don’t worry. You can ride off tomorrow in the morning.”

Susan tried to look away and hoped that Allan wouldn’t recognize her. However he didn’t focus on the other captives and he also wasn’t good at remembering faces; he looked at her shortly and left the room without any comment.
“Oh, it was close,” Susan felt a big relief.
“Yeah but what will we do? He escorts us out of Carlote tomorrow and we can’t rescue Mary.”
“We only can hope for a miracle. Luisa won’t find us here.”

The door opened and Molly entered the room:
“Hey I feel a familiar smell. You might need a change.” she looked at the captives; fortunately she didn’t notice the missing rope.

After cleaning and diaper change Molly closed the door and turned to the captives.
“I have a second thought and I offer you a deal.”
“A deal? What do you want from us?” Susan was surprised by the offer.
“Nothing but silence about me. I let you out of town at night.”
“What about our horses and possessions?”
“You can take everything with you.”
“Thanks miss.”
“You’re welcome,” Molly grinned a little and left.

“Did you notice the grin?” Susan turned to Penny.
“Yeah, I’m getting a bad feeling but it is still better than Allan.” Penny also noticed it.


Part 6:

Allan left the room, climbed down the stairs and ordered a drink. He was a bit confused about the last events.

“Joe, what do you think about the three women? I can’t get rid of a bad feeling. Something is wrong. I wish the Sheriff would come back soon.”
“You might be right, Allan. Something is wrong. Did you recognize any of them?”
“Nope, I didn’t but I’m sure that the alleged Hunter lied to me.”
“Would you like to wait for the Sheriff?”
“I don’t know. If they have some documents, the Sheriff has to let them go simply.”
“If not?”
“No idea but it is a small offense only. A few dollars fine would do it and they could continue.”
“The Sheriff also could ask you why you captured the Hunter?”
“Right, Joe. We have to do something before he appears.”
“What would you like to do?”
“No idea so far; I’m going to get Mike,” Allan stood up and left.

Fifteen minutes later Allan returned with Mike. Mike listened to them and an idea hit him:
“Are you looking for a reason why the women came here? Don’t they want to steal our wives?”
“Why? Isn’t it crazy?” Allan was confused about the idea.
“Maybe and maybe not. The Hunters always escort groups of captives. What if some of them escaped and wanted to help their companions?”
“Right. The Hunter had two captives with him when he escorted Mary.”
“Did you recognize one of them?”
“Nope,” Allan’s memory wasn’t as good as he would need to.
“I’d guess she is here but I didn’t see her when the Hunter escorted Mary; I can’t help you. Mary won’t tell you anything.”
“I think so. What would we do?”
“I’d escort them as far as possible before the Sheriff would come back. However, they will come back again if my supposal is right.”
“What should we do then? We can’t kill them?”
“Of course not. The best idea would be finding an actual Hunter and he will escort them to their respective husbands.”
“Are you sure that all of them are runaway wives? The alleged hunter is too old in my opinion.”
“What would we do then? Is there any way to get rid of them?”
“What if we escort them to a place where robbers could capture them?”
“We can try it. Would you help me escort them away?” Allan turned to Mike.
“Yeah but who will guard Constance until I come back?”
“I think Priscilla does it. Lead Constance to me in the evening.”

All of sudden an idea hit Allan: “Mike, we can tease our captives a little; what if they had an illusion of escape?”
“How so?”
“Hey, Joe, can you call Molly; we can arrange a nice game.”
Five minutes later both men left the saloon and they were laughing.

Luisa followed the group in a small distance; she wanted to stay inconspicuous but she still wanted to keep the overview and found a place in the nearby forest to watch the town. The forest was placed on a hill above Carlote and Luisa could watch the entire town easily.

Penny and her ‘captives’ stopped in front of the saloon and Luisa could watch them entering it and Penny walking out of the saloon later.

According to Susan’s description Luisa recognized Mary’s house and she also noticed Allan leading Mary to the saloon. Later she noticed another man leading his tied up wife in the same direction. Everything looked alright.

Now it was time to relax until the sunset and Luisa took a short nap; she needed to be vigilant in the night. When she awakened, it was getting dark already and she noticed the two men leading their wives back home. Now it was time for the rescue attempt but Penny had to wait until Allan would fall asleep. When the light went off, Luisa got impatient. Nobody showed up on the street and she got worried about Penny and her companions but she decided to be patient; maybe Penny changed the plans.

When Penny didn’t leave the saloon in the morning, Luisa got worried again but she couldn’t ride to Carlote directly and ask somebody. Her only option was waiting the whole day. She noticed Allan walking to the saloon alone. He stayed inside for about fifteen minutes, left the saloon and returned with another man. They left again later and she would guess they were laughing.

Later in the evening she spotted a woman in front of the saloon. The woman untied Penny’s horse and the horses of her companions and led them out of the town. Luisa followed her and stayed at a safe distance; she didn’t want to do anything until she learned what was going on.

The woman stopped and tied the horses to a tree. Luisa sneaked closer and waited. Minutes later Allan appeared along with the other man:
“Molly,is everything OK?”
“Yeah; they swallowed my bait and now they are waiting for me. I promised them to help them escape.”
“They will experience a big surprise.”
“Should I untie them?”
“I think you can. Two of them are tied up tightly and their arms would be numb. We’ll manage to tie them up again.”
“Where did you put your wives? Should I help you?”
“I think Priscilla will handle them both but you occasionally can stop at them and check until we come back.”
“How long will your mission take?”
“Six or seven days; we have to reach the Crochetope pass.”

Luisa’s heart jumped; she knew everything she needed to and she could form a plan to rescue all captives. All she had to do was wait until Allan and Mike left with their captives. A single woman wouldn’t be a serious obstacle and Mary and the second woman would be helpful; she hoped for it at least.

Molly left and Luisa sneaked away quietly. She returned to her horse and rode around Carlote to enter it from the opposite side.

Molly appeared in front of the saloon and three captives followed her. Their arms were free but Penny’s and Millie’s arms were hanging at their sides. Luisa wished she could rescue them but she couldn’t take the risk; she was alone and she also had another mission ahead.

Luisa sneaked to Allan’s house and hid behind it` she was waiting until Molly would come back and go to bed.

As soon as Molly returned and there was silence all around the town, Luisa started her mission and sneaked to the front yard. Priscilla probably was asleep and she didn’t lock the front door. The dark figure sneaked inside.


Please continue.

Part 7:

The afternoon passed slowly in the saloon upstairs room. Molly brought the captives lunch and fed them. Afterwards she left.

Susan and Penny were sitting on the floor. Unfortunately Penny wasn’t able to untie Susan’s ropes and Susan didn’t reach Penny’s ones. The knife was sitting on the floor in the far corner but Susan didn’t try to get it anymore; it was too short.

Molly appeared in the evening and fed the captives dinner. About an hour later she returned:
“Time to go, ladies,” she untied all ropes and helped them stand up.
“Do you need clean diapers before we go?”

Penny and Millie nodded and Susan sighed only. She hoped to get rid of the diapers but she decided to wait until they would be free and nodded as well.
Molly passed them the diaper bag and left the room: “I’ll wait outside.”

Penny and Millie realized their arms were numb and Susan had to help them. After the diaper change they opened the door and joined Molly.

There was dark and silence in the street and Susan kept looking around to detect any danger. They were walking slowly to a group of trees:
“Your horses and possessions are waiting for you there,” Molly whispered and followed them. The horses really were tied to the trees. Susan approached her horse when two pairs of hands grabbed her from behind and tied her arms in a boxtie. Molly grabbed Penny from behind and tied her wrists behind her back. Millie was shocked and unable to do anything. Molly tied her wrists behind her back as well.

“Well, well; its a nasty surprise, isn’t it?” Allan laughed and stepped towards Penny. He took two pieces of rope and tied her elbows together and her arms to her torso.

Mike took three big ballgags and forced them into their mouths. Both men lifted their captives onto their horses, mounted and rode off.

Penny cursed herself but she realized she hadn’t had any other option; everything was a bad coincidence. She didn’t know about Allan’s habits. Now they were helpless and could hope for a rescue by Luisa.

Allan and Mike kept riding for the whole night until they reached a small clearing where tey stopped.

“We need a short relax, Mike. Hopefully we are far away from Carlote.”
“Don’t worry; who would pursue us?”
“I don’t know but we still should stay vigilant and careful.”
“Okay then; let’s dismount.”

Allan and Mike dismounted and helped the captives dismount. The women had to lie down on the ground in a circle. Susan’s left leg was tied to Penny’s right leg and her right leg to Mille’s left leg. Mille’s right leg was tied to Penny’s left leg. In that way they couldn’t roll and couldn’t reach each other.

Allan lay down on the ground, covered himself with a blanket and dozed off; Mike stayed awake and kept guard.

Susan moaned behind her gag out of frustration. The plan failed terribly and now she was about to be escorted to an unknown place. Penny had told Allan about Lake City but Susan doubted that Allan with Mike would escort them that long way.

Her bladder was getting full and her legs were kept apart. She tried to clench the muscles but her effort was vain and she peed herself half an hour later. Millie and Penny seemed to be asleep.

In the morning Allan and Mike woke up their captives:
“Morning sluts; time to continue your journey. Let’s look at your diapers first.”
He lifted their skirts and pressed his hand against the packages.

“Do you know the manners? Ask for a clean diaper politely,” he laughed.
“Oh, sorry; I forgot,” he leaned down and removed the gags.

Susan almost spat into his face but she composed herself; it would be useless.
“Please, can you change my wet diaper?” she managed to say in a neutral tone.
“What about you two?” He turned to Penny and Millie.

Millie asked him politely but Penny had to swallow her pride before asking for the embarrassing treatment.

Allan grinned and pulled down their tights and untaped the wet diapers. All three captives were exposed when he cleaned their crotches and put new diapers on them and pulled up their tights.

Meanwhile Mike made breakfast and fed the captives. The captors untied the captives’ legs and helped them mount. They rode off.

Mary was disappointed when Allan led her out of the saloon and Penny didn’t show up. She couldn’t get rid of a bad feeling that something was wrong.

Back at home Allan untied her and she had to change into the nightshirt. After tying her to the bed she had to ask for a diaper change. Allan changed her and put a big ballgag into her mouth like every night.

The next day was quite different from all the days before. Allan looked nervous and left the house. She stayed in the bed and Priscilla kept teasing her.

When Allan returned, his mood was better but there was something strange in his behavior. Mary had to do her chores like usual but Allan tied her to the bed instead of taking her to the saloon. He left alone.

About half an hour later Mary heard voices of two men. Allan and Mike entered the room and they were dragging Constance.
Mary and Constance were tied up in the spreadeagled way on the double bed and ballgagged.

“Take care of our beloved wives until we come back,” Allan turned to Priscilla and both men left.

Mary pulled on the ropes in a vain effort to loosen them. Her left wrist was tied to the upper bedpost, her left leg to the lower bedpost, right arm tied to Constance at wrist and elbow and right leg to Constance’s left leg. Constance was tied up in the same way to the bedposts.

Constance also was surprised by the sudden change of Mike’s behavior. He always took care of her personally. Now he left and she had to endure the treatment by another person.
She secretly hoped for an escape but the ropes were tight and there was no chance to reach a knot.

Priscilla returned after sunset and she watched both captives:
“A great couple; let’s look at their diapers,” she lifted their skirts and pressed against their crotches.
“Wet, as expected. Would you ask me politely?” She removed the gags.
“Mistress, could you change my wet diaper please?” Mary asked Priscilla; she had to bite her lip to stay polite but her condition didn’t allow her anything else.

Constance kept silence and Priscilla laughed: “Okay, you stay in the wet diaper then,” she gagged both captives and changed Mary’s diaper only.

“Good night,” she put off the lamp and left. Constance cursed herself when she realized her mistake. Now her diaper was wet and her bladder would fill soon.

Priscilla apparently went to bed and there was silence all around when Mary heard some sounds in the house. Was it an intruder?


Part 8:

The small group of captors and captives was moving forward slowly. The captives were tied to the horses and gagged. Allan and Mike didn’t wait after breakfast and the pressure in the guts was growing. None of the captives was bowel incontinent and the urge was quite unpleasant.

Susan was angry, disappointed and a bit worried. She realized that the captors were escorting them towards the Crochetope Pass. Why did they take that decision? Susan didn’t believe they would continue as far as Lake City.

Meanwhile she had to deal with the growing pressure. There was no chance to press her legs together while she was riding astride. She sighed and relaxed the muscles. A torrent of pee soaked the diaper front but the pressure in her bowels didn’t cease. Half an hour later she wasn’t able to hold her poop and the back of her diaper expanded. Even worse, she couldn’t escape the smelly mass and had to smear it on her crotch while riding.

Penny and Mille were in a similar condition and they had to endure the discomfort until the captors stopped near a creek:
“Your smelly butts need a thorough cleaning, don’t they?” Mike laughed while dismounting his horse. He helped the captives dismount and brought the diaper bag and a rag. The captives had to lie down on the ground and Mike changed and cleaned them; he apparently enjoyed it.

When he finished, he tied their legs at ankles and knees and looked at the setting sun: “We stay here for the night, Allan; it’s getting late. Tomorrow we will reach the Crochetope Pass anyway.”
“Okay, let’s make dinner then.”

Both men focused on cooking and the captives were alone but they were tied up and gagged effectively. Susan hoped for a chance in the night; this time they could roll and reach each other.

The dinner was quite good; Mike and Allan seemed to be skilled. They also were skilled at feeding their captives. Even better, the women weren’t gagged afterwards and could talk together.

“Hey, Penny; we should try to get free later,” Susan whispered to Penny.
“Hopefully we manage it this time,” Penny whispered back.
“We still have Luisa; I trust her.”
“So do I but does she know where we are heading?”
“No idea but it is possible. She is smart and clever.”

It was dark when Allan approached the captives and grinned:
“Would you like to ask for a change politely?”
Mille had peed herself already after dinner and so did Penny. Susan’s bladder was full and she realized she had the night ahead. She relaxed the muscles and peed in the diaper. Suddenly she got worried; wouldn’t she lose her potty training again?

“Would you be so kind and change my wet diaper?” Millie said the embarrassing words first. Susan and Penny had to join her. Allan untied their legs and changed the diapers, one by one. After changing he took the ballgags and gagged the captives again.

“Good night and sweet dreams.”

Luisa sneaked into the house and tried to be as quiet as possible. She opened the nearest door and spotted two figures on the double bed; they were tied up and gagged. The gags were an advantage; the captives couldn’t scream and wake up their captor whoever it was.

“Don’t worry; I’ll free you instantly,” she whispered, taking her knife and cutting the ropes on their wrists and ankles.
“Who are you,” Mary whispered when she removed the ballgag.
“Save the questions for later and tell me about your captor. Who is it and how many are there in the house?”
“There is only one woman here.”
“Okay, let’s find her now.” Luisa cut all the ropes away and put another knife to Mary.

Priscilla was asleep and Luisa overpowered her easily. They tied up Priscilla to the bed in the same way Mary and Constance were tied up before and closed the door.

“Now we need horses and weapons.” Luisa continued.
“Sorry, I have to pee,” Constance squirmed uncomfortably in her wet diaper.
“No idea about a latrine,” Mary shook her head “I need diapers.”
“Don’t lose time and go pee outside; it is dark and nobody will watch you,” Luisa turned to Constance.

Constance nodded and headed towards the door. She walked over behind the corner, lifted her skirt and pulled down her tights. Fortunately, the rubber pants weren’t locked and she removed the wet diaper in time. However she didn’t have anything to put on but the rubber pants.

Meanwhile Luisa and Mary gathered everything necessary; Mary took her diaper bag and Luisa found two revolvers and ammunition.
Unfortunately there was no horse in the stable and they had to wait until the next day.

“Hopefully nobody would check on your captor before I buy two horses in the morning,” Luisa sighed. It was risky but they needed horses.

They left the house and Luisa led them to her horse and out of the town to her camping place. While they were walking, she turned to Mary and Constance:

“I owe you an explanation. My name is Luisa and I have a farm. One of you is Mary and she knows the three women that wanted to rescue you.”
“Yeah, I’m Mary and this is my friend Constance. Of course I know them. Where are they?”
“Allan and his companion took them toward the Crochetope Pass. We find them there as soon as we have horses. I have some food with me so we don’t have to worry about it.”

They reached the camping place and had some sleep until the next morning. Luisa woke up early and she returned to Carlote to buy horses before somebody would raise an alarm. Fortunately the stables owner was an early bird and he didn’t ask any questions; Luisa was wearing pants and looked like a decent old farmer. She hurried up back to the camp and they rode off.

Luisa was right; Priscilla had to endure the morning on the bed before Molly came to visit her. Molly was shocked when she found Priscilla tied to the bed:

“The damn witches had a backup. Who was it?”
“No idea; it was dark and they didn’t talk at all. I’d guess an old man or woman.”
“What will we do?”
“I think the Sheriff will come back today.”
“What do we tell him? An unknown person freed two captive women? He could ask unpleasant questions. It is legal to pay the Hunters and it is legal to bring a wife back to her husband but keeping her tied up isn’t that legal. Maybe Allan or Mike could ask him better.”

Priscilla sighed only; she wasn’t enthusiastic about Allan’s return. He probably would punish her.


He will punish her alright. Probably a good spanking and diapers are in order for her :smiling_imp:

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I’d like to see that.


Susan was quite impatient while waiting for Allan and Mike to fall asleep. Unfortunately the men were careful and Allan kept guard while Mike was asleep.

She waited and tried to roll to Penny. It was quite difficult in her condition when she couldn’t use her arms. While Allan was looking away, she reached for the arm ropes and knots. However the ropes were tight and she wasn’t able to do anything with a single hand. Susan shifted her body to reach Penny’s gag. It was a bit easier and she opened the clip.

Penny tried to push the ballgag out of her mouth but it was too big. Susan had to hold the strap.
“Susan, is it a good idea?” Penny whispered and looked at Allan.
Susan shrugged; suddenly she wasn’t sure. Anyway she shifted her body so Penny could reach her ballgag.

At that moment Allan looked back and noticed their attempts:
“Hey, what are you doing there?”

He dragged Susan away from Penny, took a piece of rope and tied Susan’s ankles to her boxtied arms in a strict hogtie. After that he regagged both Penny and Susan.
“Hey, don’t dare to do anything fun; you will be spanked otherwise,” he turned to the captives and returned to the fireplace to keep guard.

Susan kept struggling but it was useless; she got exhausted only and her eyes closed. For the first time in her life she had nightmares. In the morning she realized she had peed herself in her sleep.

The next day the captives had to endure the same morning routine and the captors tied them to the horses and rode off. In the afternoon they reached the Crochetope Pass and stopped near the cave.

“This is your final destination, sluts.” Allan and Mike helped the captives dismount and made them sit down on the ground. Their legs were tied up again and their horses were tied to the nearby trees.

“Good luck. Somebody would find you; I guess the robbers will be the first ones who appear here,” Allan laughed, mounted his horse and rode off along with Mike.

The captives were in a hopeless situation. Susan’s arms were tied in a boxtie and the other women had their arms tied behind their backs at wrists and elbows. All the ropes were tight. Their legs were tied at ankles and knees and they also were ballgagged. Penny recalled their former experience at the same place and hoped that they would be luckier that time.

Sun was setting already and there was no living soul around. The captives didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Luisa, Mary and Constance were riding fast. They wanted to catch up with Allan, Mike and their friends. They found the camping place where the captors and captives had spent the night.

In the evening they stopped and decided to overnight on a small clearing. While eating dinner they started talking about their plans.
“I think we will reach the Crochetope Pass shortly after them,” Luisa turned to Mary.
“Probably yes but what should we do?”
“Hopefully they stop there. When we come closer, we make a plan.”
“We should stay legal,” Constance interjected.
“Of course; I wouldn’t like to use guns,” Luisa replied “If we free the captives and escape, nobody could accuse us of a crime.”
“The men will keep guard though.”
“I’d wait; maybe they make our task easier in some way,” Luisa smiled.

The next morning they continued their mission and hurried up. As they were riding through a forest, Luisa stopped:
“Hey, somebody is coming towards us; let’s hide quickly.”

Mary and Constance nodded and they turned towards the dense trees. Fortunately their tracks weren’t visible on the hard lane surface.

Allan and Mike appeared and passed the place where Luisa and her companions were hidden. Constance and Mary were taken aback.
“What is going on?” Constance couldn’t hide her surprise.
“I’d guess they left the captives behind and hope that robbers or hunters will find them. They wouldn’t like to ride as far as Lake City,” Luisa replied.
“Let’s hurry up. We have to find them before the robbers. They are in big danger.”

The small group returned to the lane and rode off again; they had to reach the Crochetope Pass as soon as possible.

It was almost dark when they finally reached the pass and noticed the three figures on the ground and three horses tied to the trees.

Two days later:

Priscilla was struggling against the tight ropes. Her behind was on fire after a thorough spanking and she had to pee like a racehorse. The thick diaper between her legs was wet already and it would leak soon.

“You useless slut; you weren’t able to guard two tied up women; now you would be in their shoes,” Allan’s words kept sounding in her ears and tears were running down her cheeks. Her moans were muffled by a big ballgag.


The mission was over and Penny and Millie could return home to Lake City. Susan also had her new home on Luisa’s farm. However Mary and Constance didn’t have any place to go. They wouldn’t like to go back to Carlote and they also didn’t want to try their luck in Lake City. If Penny told Allan about Lake City, he could try to look for his wife there.

Luisa offered Mary and Constance a job and life on her farm. Both women agreed to that idea; both of them were strong and skilled at riding so they became cowgirls. In that way the farm grew and became even more profitable.



Thank You for the story. Will you be doing another sequel?

Maybe another story. Would you like to have more bondage-related stories or can I write something different?

I think you need to add an epilogue to your story. What happened to our heroes?

You can write whatever story you want. I like the Wild West theme you put in your last two stories. It’s something I don’t think I’ve ever seen. There might be more stories from this world you could tell. I’m not a huge fan of bondage but the amount you put in was fine. It went with your “Hunter” stories very well.

Like I said it’s not for me or anyone else to tell you what to write. Write whatever comes to mind.

Thanks again for your work.