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Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA

Meg & The Meteors – Chapter 1

Meg really wanted to see the Leonid meteor shower.

The best show was at 4am, but Meg was pretty sure that she’d be up then anyway.

Two-year-old Alice had developed the habit of waking just after 4 o’clock every morning to
demand a feed, so Meg was not unduly put out by the odd hours kept by the heavenly sky show.

Meg set her alarm to 3.30, in order to beat Alice’s ever-reliable internal clock.

The young single mom had time to prepare Alice’s bottle of formula and put it in the
microwave in readiness, and then wake her daughter so that she could share this rare
celestial event.

Meg settled into the comfortable old chair on the porch, with Alice on her lap, and sat back
to watch the sky.

Meg wasn’t disappointed. After a short buildup, the meteor shower peaked in intensity just
before 4am, as predicted by the astronomers. Meg watched fascinated as the bright
meteors blazed across the horizon, and Alice pointed and giggled as each new streak lit up
the darkness.

One bright blue meteor seemed to head straight for them, and Meg flinched as the blue
light seemed to rocket over their heads, lighting the whole street.

For a moment mother and daughter were bathed in its clear, cool light, frozen like an
Edward Hopper painting.

The light seemed to dance and flicker around them for a few moments before fading.

Had Meg been in the kitchen, she would have seen the baby bottle in the microwave
shimmer in the same cool, blue light for a moment, a bubble or two rising to the top of the
cold formula and popping with an unexpected, musical tinkle.

Too soon, Meg thought, the brilliant meteor shower began to dissipate.

Alice reverted to form, and began to agitate for her baba.

Meg groaned theatrically, and got up to give Alice her early feed. She carried Alice to the
kitchen and put her into her highchair. Meg warmed the bottle, and gave it to the child,
who promptly refused to have anything to do with it. Meg tried to cajole her daughter into
drinking, to no avail. She took off the teat and smelled the mixture. Perfectly good, she
thought, looking at Alice’s frowning face. In fact, surprisingly good, she thought, rubbing
her nose.

Exasperated, Meg hesitated before putting the teat back on the bottle, and took a little sip.
Tastes fine too, she thought. She shivered involuntarily as she put the bottle down. It was
a nice shiver, almost a tingle, like an itch you look forward to scratching. Meg smiled. She
pulled in her buttocks as she leant hard on the edge of the kitchen bench for a moment.
Just the right height, she had discovered soon after moving into the small apartment with
Alice. Meg was a properly brought up girl, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t enjoy
such little pleasures.

‘Mmm,’ said Meg and reluctantly turned to Alice, who waited expectantly in the high chair.

Alice continued her uncharacteristic strike against that particular bottle of formula. Meg
eventually tipped the remainder of the bottle into the sink, made another bottle of which
Alice did approve, then put the sleepy child back to bed.

Soon Meg was in bed too, sleeping fitfully and dreaming of blue lights in the sky. Between
dreams, her hand slipped to her crotch, and she gently rubbed herself gently to several
sleepy climaxes.

At 6.30, Alice’s clamour woke Meg as usual. Meg yawned and got up to perform the rituals
of their morning, too busy getting showered and dressed to notice that she had wet herself
slightly during the night, leaving a small damp patch on the
bottom sheet and another on her hastily removed nightgown.

After bathing and changing Alice, Meg made their breakfast, and fed Alice. Washing up a
few minutes later, Meg looked at the empty baby bottle from last night. She was annoyed
with Alice. What a waste of yummy formula, she thought, then stopped in surprise at
herself. She had tasted Alice’s formula many times, and found it bland and unappetising.
Oh well, she thought, it was a waste nonetheless.

Seeing her old shortalls at one end of her robe, Meg decided to dress to Alice and herself
to match.

Soon the pair was heading for the mall to shop for the week, with Meg’s winter-pale legs
setting off the faded blue denim of the old shortalls. They were quite tight on her now, but
Meg liked the feeling, both across her chest and at her crotch.

‘I must need a man,’ she thought with a grin, realising that she was hoping that every
male she saw was admiring her body. She hadn’t felt so flirtatious for years.

Finishing shopping, Meg took Alice from her stroller to give her a ride on the
little mechanical deer near the mall entrance.

Alice giggled happily as the fibreglass figure rocked backwards and forwards. When the
ride had finished, Meg squatted down to pick up the child.

If there had been any men nearby, they certainly would have admired Meg’s shapely butt,
tightly encased in designer jeans, as she picked up her child. And if anyone had been able
to see the broad, smooth denim vee of her crotch,
they would have been shocked to see a glistening stain spreading across the taut material.

Meg was shocked too. She felt the spreading, warm wetness between her legs, and her
first instinct was to wonder how Alice could possibly be peeing on her from where the little
girl was. Then she realised that she was wetting her pants. She looked down at her jeans
and her face flushed with embarrassment.

She immediately tensed her muscles, but the flow seemed to stop slowly of its own accord.
Oh God, she heard herself say.

Meg looked around anxiously, then carefully stood up, holding Alice in front of her to cover
the embarrassment of what had just happened.

Meg thought of the Kegel exercises she had done after Alice’s birth. She had had
one or two slight accidents in the first few weeks after giving birth, which she was assured
was quite normal, but definitely nothing since then. She was mystified.

Meg was very glad that the mall was relatively deserted, and holding Alice in front of her
like a shield, she picked up the groceries, put them into the stroller and hurried to her car.

Reaching home, Meg dumped the shopping on the kitchen bench, then made her way to
her bedroom. She turned to the mirror, hoping that the wet spot would not have been too
noticeable to anyone who had seen her.

What she saw in the full-length mirror horrified her. A huge wet patch spread from her
crotch across her thighs and halfway up her zipper and down the inside of her thighs and
legs. She was drenched right down to her wet socks and shoes. She must have wet again
in the car without even feeling it, or while getting out. She couldn’t believe it.

Then, as she watched, she saw her groin glisten. She stared at her reflection as a new rush
of fluid soaked its way to her feet. She felt nothing, no release of pressure, or even
dampness. She was powerless to stop what was happening. Then she felt a radiant glow of
pleasure that seemed to emanate from her groin. The feeling surged to her extremities and
then seemed to recede and disappear from whence it came. Meg felt for a second that her
world was centred on that small area between her legs.

A moment later, her senses seemed to return. She stood still for a few seconds, breathing
heavily, then ran to the bathroom, where she sat on the toilet in her jeans, trying to stifle
the sobs which accompanied the realisation that something must be terribly wrong.

Meg peeled off her dripping jeans and panties and washed herself thoroughly in the
shower. Then she sat on the toilet again, deep in worry, and spent the next five minutes
doing her old routine of Kegel exercises.

Her muscle tone was good, she decided. Maybe it was just a one-off reaction to the late
night watching the meteors, she thought.

She stood again in front of the mirror, looking at her softly curved body. She ran one hand
over her thick bush of pubic hair, and looked into the ensuite bathroom at the pile of urine-
soaked clothes on the tiled floor.

‘That,’ she said to herself, ‘Will never happen again.’

Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA

Meg & The Meteors - Chapter 2

The story so far: Meg, mother of two-year-old Alice, seems to have been affected by a sip
of baby formula which had been exposed to the light of a meteor. Alice wouldn’t touch it,
and is fine. However, Meg has just had an embarrassing accident at the mall in her
designer jeans. Not a good look when you’re 25.

Meg opened her wardrobe and selected another pair of tight jeans. Then she hesitated, and
took a cream pleated skirt off its hanger.

While she was determined not to let whatever made her bladder let go in the mall get to
her, she was also taking a few precautions.

She would wear a skirt, and lighten up on the fluids until she’d been to the doctor.

Meg dressed, and got Alice organised for a day at childcare, then rang the doctor.

‘Just a normal check-up,’ she told the receptionist brusquely, in response to her query.
Nosey bitch, she thought.

She dropped Alice at the daycare centre, and drove to the doctor’s rooms.

The doctor was her usual genial and thorough self. She asked about Alice while she was
giving Meg a general examination. Examining women like Meg made her work a pleasure,
she thought. Professional as she was, a great body is a great body, she told herself.

‘Well, you seem fine, Meg,’ she said. ‘All systems go.’

Meg had chickened out at the last minute and not told Dr Keane about her recent problem.
It was probably just lack of sleep, she had decided.

‘Great, thanks,’ she said, getting up from the chair and heading for the door.

‘OK, then,’ said Dr Keane, ‘See you in a few…’

Dr Keane stopped speaking.

‘Er, Meg,’ she said with concern.

Meg stood still, automatically glancing down to the soft pleats of her skirt falling over the
slight bulge of her tummy.

She turned to face the doctor.

‘Yes,’ she said as brightly as she could. What could be wrong, she thought with some alarm.

‘Meg, er, there’s a…mark on the back of your skirt,’ Dr Keane said.

Meg turned to look down over her shoulder and pulled the pleats of her skirt around. There
was a large dark oval disfiguring the cream pleats.

They both looked at the corresponding patch on the disposable sheet on the examination couch.

Meg was facing the doctor now, and followed the woman’s eyes to the floor, where a pale
yellow puddle was forming. Meg quickly squeezed both hands between her legs and began
to cry as Dr Keane put an arm around her.

Now she could feel her soggy panties and pantyhose, and her urine trickling down her
calves. Dr Keane held Meg gently for a minute or two until her sobs subsided.

‘How long has this been happening?’ she asked quietly.

Meg looked up at Dr Keane, and a new round of sobbing racked her body as her abdominal
muscles contracted strongly and she saturated herself with the remaining contents of her bladder.

Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA

[b]Meg & The Meteors – Chapter 3

The story so far: Meg, mother of two-year-old Alice, seems to have been affected by a sip
of baby formula which was exposed to the light of a meteor. A visit to the doctor following
an embarrassing accident in the mall resulted in an even more undignified incident in the
doctor’s rooms.[/b]

Meg recovered slowly from the shock of wetting herself in front of the doctor.

After some discussion about adjusting to the stress of looking after a young daughter as a
single mother, Meg felt a lot better, and a lot more adult. She even managed a smile as
the doctor helped her out to her car.

Fortunately, Meg’s skirt was showing less of her involuntary wetting by the time she left
the doctor’s rooms, and she carried her wet underwear in a plastic bag the doctor had
given her. Dr Keane had found a pair of disposable panties for her to wear home, and as
Meg drove out onto the main road, she shifted in her seat, unaccustomed to the feel of the
soft padding around her private parts.

She drove straight home, and hurried inside to change. She slid the waterproof panties off,
noticing that the crotch was quite heavy and wet. She held them up in front of her, looking
at the yellowed absorbent material. The pants were quite a full cut, and were padded like
Huggies inside, she noticed. Dr Keane must have had nothing else to give her, she
thought. It was lucky, because obviously her crotch had still been somewhat damp when
she had put them on in the doctor’s rooms, so the padding had absorbed the moisture.
Meg scrunched up the wet panties, went into the kitchen and tossed them into the trash.

She returned to the bedroom, took off her wet skirt and blouse, noticing that the bottom
edge of her blouse was damp too. She removed her bra and stepped into the shower.

Meg gave herself a good, soapy wash, and decided it was time to shave her underarms as
well. She was thinking of her recent problems as she continued shaving, now paying
special attention to her bikini line.

She dried herself, and stood near the bed. She picked up the plastic bag from the doctor’s
and shook out her wet underclothes. Something else fell out of the bag at the same time.

Meg picked up the white and pale blue bundle. She laughed. Dr Keane had given her a
couple more pairs of padded, waterproof panties. Meg wondered what had gone through Dr
Keane’s mind. She opened a pair out, spread the garment on the bed and looked at it.
Let’s not kid ourselves, she thought, these are basically adult pull-ups. One accident, well,
two accidents, don’t mean that you need these things, she thought. She wondered if Dr
Keane had made a mistake.

Meg stood in front of the mirror, holding the puffy panties over her naked hips. Ridiculous,
she thought, and threw them aside. Stopping for a moment to look at herself, she held
each breast in turn. She stroked her tummy, and slid her hands down her thighs, turning
slightly this way and that. It completely failed to register with her that in trimming her
bikini line she had actually carefully and completely removed all of her pubic hair.

Meg giggled at her reflection, and turned to her chest of drawers. Opening the top drawer,
she rummaged around looking for a nice pair of underpants to wear. Finally, right at the
back at the bottom, she found a pair of thick cotton full briefs which had been part of a
long-gone baby doll night dress from her married days. They were white, with cartoon
bears on them. Meg liked the pattern. She pulled the pants on excitedly and checked her
reflection. The pants ballooned a bit between the top and the elasticated seams at the leg
openings, and she pulled them up tight so that there were long vertical creases curving
over her tummy and disappearing between her legs.

‘I’ve got my teddy bear pants on,’ she chanted out loud, doing a little dance and giggling at
her reflection. She found a bright summer dress in the wardrobe and dropped it over her
shoulders, not worrying about a bra.

A pair of short socks and her short yellow plastic boots completed her attire. She put her
shoulder length blonde hair in two nice pig-tails, and tied them with the brightest ribbon
she could find.

Because it was such a lovely day, Meg had decided to do some gardening. She was
engrossed in pulling weeds when her neighbour, a pleasant woman of 50 or so, looked
over the fence.

Jan Hunter enjoyed living next to Meg. The vivacious young mom was always ready for a chat.

Jan leant on the fence, looking down at her neighbour while they discussed garden
matters. Jan idly thought Meg might have put on a bra, or worn something other than a
loose, not to mention short, sundress that offered a full view of her breasts as she bent
over. Such a free spirit, thought Jan.

Meg was sitting on the ground, and moved to reach across a garden bed. She spread her
legs for balance, and exposed the wide crotch of her nursery-print knickers to Jan. She
looked up and continued chatting to the older woman, oblivious to her unladylike position,
and to the fact that her dress had ridden up at one side so that she was effectively
uncovered from the waist down, except for her childish briefs.

Jan smiled at Meg.

‘I can see your kni…ckers!’ she said in a joking, sing-song voice.

Meg just said ‘Oh, sorry,’ and pulled not very efficiently at her dress.

Jan raised her eyebrows, and chatted on for a while before returning to her house.

Mag sat on the lawn, humming to herself while she worked away pulling weeds.

A few minutes later, she wet herself. Her bladder emptied, soaking her knickers and
drenching a large patch of grass. Still humming, Meg moved automatically to avoid the
cold damp of the grass, and continued weeding.

Half an hour later, she remembered that she had to pick up Alice. She stood and
went inside.

She was bending over in front of the mirror to replace the plastic boots with sandals when
she glanced up and saw her breasts hanging roundly inside the loose top of her sundress.

‘Oops!’ she said to herself with a little giggle. She knew she should probably put on a bra,
and screwed up her nose at the thought. Then she felt the cold dampness in her panties.

She pulled up her dress, and looked at tummy. The front of her big patterned panties
looked dark and wet. Meg tentatively felt the sodden cotton, and realised that she must
have leaked a bit while she was weeding.

‘Oh well,’ she thought. ‘Maybe I should put on those ones from the doctor’s, just for this
afternoon, in case I leak a bit more.’

Meg pulled a pair of the pull-ups over her hips. The thick padding immediately felt very
comfortable and warm. She put on the dress again, then remembered the bra.

‘Ugh,’ she said, making a face to herself in the mirror. She didn’t need a bra anyway.

Soon she was in the car, feeling a little frightened by the afternoon traffic on the way to
the local daycare, but managing to get there.

Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA

Meg & The Meteors Chapter 4

She got out of the car and waited with a couple of the other moms outside the centre, idly
chewing the tip of her thumbnail.

‘Hi Meg,’ said Jane, one of the moms she knew quite well. ‘You look very summery for this
time of year.’

Meg giggled and chewed the tip of her thumb. The other woman looked at her oddly and
was about to say something when Alice toddled through the gate with one of the staff.

Meg greeted the staff member with a smile, squatted down to pick up her child, and with
another happy smile at the waiting moms, headed for her car. Jane watched, wondering,
as they left. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought she saw something strange about Meg’s
clothing as she had picked up Alice. She thought she saw a flash of what looked like a
diaper under her friend’s short dress. She wondered about it all that evening.

Meg arrived home after a very stressful drive. She had never felt so uncertain of herself on
the road, and even missed her own street and had to drive around the block before she
found it again. The traffic had seemed so aggressive, and even the controls of her own car
seemed hard to work out.

Meg changed Alice, then attended to her own diaper, which she had wet because of the
stress of driving. She put on a pair of cotton briefs, thinking that she should save the
remaining pair of Dr Keane’s pull-ups in case she had to go out somewhere tomorrow.

Meg thought maybe she should ring Dr Keane about getting some more, but then decided
that the doctor would only criticise her for having little accidents, and thought better of it.
She pulled a pair of stretch pink shorts over her briefs and began to make dinner. She
didn’t feel up to making two separate meals for her and Alice, so she microwaved an extra
portion of Alice’s mashed vegetables and an extra bottle of formula.

They both enjoyed their meal, and soon after dinner Meg was annoyed to find that her
pants were wet again. She checked Alice’s diaper, which was still dry, stuck out her tongue
at her bemused daughter and borrowed one of the child’s Huggies, which she managed to
fit inside a clean pair of briefs. It wasn’t worth putting any thing else on so close to
bedtime, so she and Alice sat on the floor among Alice’s toys and played until Alice wanted
to go to bed.

Meg had to change again before bedtime, and put on the last pair of the doctor’s
disposables, climbing into bed with one of Alice’s soft toys. Once again, she dreamed of
bright blue meteors, only this time her hand found tis way to her mouth, and half-waking,
she enjoyed the pleasant feeling of emptying her bladder into her diaper.

Meg was woken by her daughter bouncing on the end of her bed. Meg took her thumb from
her mouth, and blinked in the sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. She wasn’t
surprised to find her pull-ups, and the bedding, saturated. She took off the pull-ups, put
the wet bedclothes into the washer, and ran a bath for Alice. She washed and dressed the
child, then got into the bath herself and enjoyed the bubbles she always made for Alice
while the toddler played happily on the bathroom floor.

Getting dressed, Meg thought that she certainly didn’t want anyone to see if she had
another accident, so she carefully flattened out two of Alice’s Huggies and pulled a pair of
sports briefs over them. Then she put on a loose t-shirt and her stretch denim shortalls.
She looked in the mirror, and decided she looked very pretty. Her rump and crotch were
very bulky because of the Huggies, but no-one would notice unless they were looking at
her bottom, she thought, and anyway she was sure everyone would be looking at the pink
day-glo ribbons, borrowed from Alice, tied around her clumsily arranged pig-tails.

Meg hadn’t even thought of a bra, let alone make-up, and went off to find Alice. They
spent the next hour playing together on the floor, until Alice wanted food. Meg found a big
bowl of cold pureed fruit in the refrigerator, which the pair ate with their fingers.

Soon after lunch-time, the phone rang. Meg answered, but was so excited when someone
asked for her that she couldn’t get her words out properly, and the caller eventually hung up.

Alice was wet and crying by mid-afternoon, and Meg tried her best to change her, but got
in a muddle and couldn’t get the child’s new diaper to fit properly. Meg was very wet too,
she discovered, and found it even harder to change her own diaper. She soon gave up, and
leaving her wet clothes in a heap in the family room she found a pair of light gray bike
shorts which she put on.

A short time later, there was a knock on the door. Meg suddenly felt underdressed to be
doing something as important as answering the door. She rushed into her bedroom, sat at
her dresser and grabbed a lipstick. She managed to get a lot of it on her lips, but some on
her fingers and nose as well. But the overall effect was very grown up, she thought, trying
to rub the red blob from her nose and spreading it across her cheek. I look so pretty, she
said to herself.

Dr Keane knocked again a minute later, after she circumnavigated the house and was
concerned to see Meg’s car in the garage. The doctor was following up the odd phone call
she’d had earlier with, she assumed, Alice.

When Meg finally answered the door, Dr Keane was surprised to find her looking
somewhat dishevelled, and wondered if she had been letting Alice apply her make-up and
tie her hair.

Then she saw the mashed fruit sticking to the front of Meg’s oversized t-shirt, beneath
which the young woman’s breasts jiggled as she giggled a greeting.

‘Meg, are you OK?’ asked the doctor.

Meg’s answer was to lift the front of her t-shirt, put the bottom edge in her mouth, half
exposing her dangling breasts, and then with both hands haul her bike shorts and proudly
point to the divided bumps of her labia, and say ‘Look - all dry!’ as well as she could
manage with a mouthful of t-shirt.

Dr Keane didn’t have a ready answer to this unexpected display. Meg looked at her
quizzically, dropped the bunched t-shirt fabric from her mouth, and grabbing the older
woman’s arm, led her inside.

The doctor, thoroughly stunned, followed. Meg took her to the family room, where Dr
Keane sat and watched in fascination as Meg took up some game she had been playing
with Alice.

Dr Keane was sure she was witnessing a very singular psychological event, and decided to
observe events from a professional point of view before doing anything else.

Meg was on her hands and knees now, and as she turned and sat up facing the doctor it
was obvious that her boast about being dry was premature. The crotch of her tight gray
shorts darkened rapidly as she tried to stand before sitting down again with a thump.

‘Oops,’ she giggled. Dr Keane wasn’t sure if the exclamation referred to Meg’s attempt to
stand or her wetting herself.

Meg seemed unconcerned, and returned to her game. As she crawled away towards Alice,
she stopped and grunted softly. Dr Keane was alarmed to see the material at the centre of
Meg’s butt bulge slowly outwards.

Meg turned to Dr Keane, tears streaming down her lipstick-covered face, her hands
kneading the front of her fruit stained t-shirt.

‘Dr Keane, I…’ she began, her eyes at once pleading, confused and scared.

The doctor was shaken out of her professional contemplations.

‘Meg, I think you need help,’ she said, reaching her arm out to her patient.

Meg’s acute mental struggle was mirrored in her face as she stood tearfully in front of the
doctor, her hand shaking as she gingerly moved her fingers across the soft bulge at the
back of her wet pants.

‘I wet, and…I…did a…I did…in my…’

Meg suddenly sat down on the floor, and looked down uncomprehendingly at her wet
shorts. She began to pee again, and then babbled something to herself before rolling to
one side, sucking her thumb, and giggling at Alice, who seemed happily oblivious to the

Dr Keane washed and changed them both into fresh diapers, then began to plan a
medical response to the situation.

From the case notes of Dr R E Keane MD of Billings, Montana:

Margaret Somerville, now aged 28, who suffered a complete breakdown due to unknown
causes, has recovered substantially over a period of two years under my care and
supervision. I also took responsibility for Ms Somerville’s daughter Alice May, over the
same period.

Ms Somerville has been left with an apparently unresponsive case of enuresis and with a
generally weakened bladder. She wears adult diapers at night and when travelling or
attending extended functions. She has remarried, and has a supportive and caring partner.
Alice May is now four years old and is growing up a normal and happy child.

Ms Somerville is no longer under medication, and has adjusted well to her unfortunate
condition. She does, however, become unduly agitated by fireworks, which usually cause
involuntarily voiding of her bladder. On the rare occasion when she has seen a meteor in
the night sky, she has soiled herself, and has seemed to mentally regress to early
childhood for up to three days.

Several similar cases have been reported, all in mothers of young children. Each case
appears, inexplicably, to have its genesis in a psychosomatic response to the viewing of a
particularly heavy shower of meteors, known as the Leonids, which occurred in November 2001.

The End

Re: Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA

Great story though I have to wonder who takes care of the girls and if they will ever appear again