Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch 13

Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight

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Chapter 13: Revelations

The next forty-eight hours were busy for everyone. After leaving AMAKEN, Amara immediately traveled to the place she usually went to find mechanical parts and broken objects; Dream Island. The place was broken up into three sections; the trash area, where much of the area’s trash was burned or compacted, the recycling area, where materials that could be recycled are used to make new goods and sold, and finally an outdoor area with a flower garden, playground for kids, and a flat top with a beautiful view of the sea for picnics.

Amara spent the rest of that day and most of the next searching for parts and material she could use for her mini-spy camera. She had at first been worried; the pictures and video were from Twilificus, and since using her was out of the question, she’d have to build something herself. But as she gathered materials, she found herself growing more confident in her abilities.

Thirty-six hours later, Amara had successfully tested her miniature fly spy-cameras. The only flaw she found they had was that they’d lose power after an hour of constant activation, but given the timeframe of the situation they were being used for, it wasn’t that big a problem. She finished mapping out the blueprints, and later handed them over to the technical division Bob sent for. After words, she conked out for the rest of the night and most of the following morning, mentally exhausted.

Hope had called the police chief, as she had promised, after Amara had left. Upon arriving, the group showed the evidence they gathered and gave their assessment of the situation. The Chief agreed that the situation was less then ideal, since the evidence couldn’t be used in a trial, but upon hearing the plan from Bob and Amara, and heard Author’s approval for investigating his company’s employees, agreed they could give it a shot.

The Chief, Amara, Hope, Bob, Author, and the technical division spent the day before Sonia’s visit going over plans, building the fly cameras with police approved material, and discussing what would be expected from then on out. The Chief stated they’d need to speak with Sonia when she arrived herself, and that she’d need to sign a form consenting to being a temporary agent of the police for this operation. Hope also showed the police the hotel Sonia was staying at, with help from Amara before she conked out.

It had been a busy forty-eight hours indeed.


Sonia exited the bus, tugging the bottom of her skirt down to no avail. She was dressed in her blond wig, a blood red t-shirt, a black vest, a black mini skirt, and a pair of black boots. The past few days had been exhausted for the girl.

Having woken up the day after fainting, Sonia learned, to her secret joy, that she was now to be diapered at all times. That joy fled right after her first diaper change when the guy changing her took his time cleaning her, claiming to be thorough. She had barely held back her tears from that incident.

Sonia did the best she could to perform her concert, but she knew she had made more mistakes that night then she had when she was first started out. To her surprise, her manager didn’t call her on it. What didn’t surprise her was the fact that Chrys didn’t tell her what was causing her accidents. It did worry her though; Chrys’s stance on keeping her out of diapers had gone on for years now, something must be wrong with her if it changed his stance on the subject.

Following breakfast that morning, Sonia had asked if she could go out for the day, using the excuse of trying to search for her guitar. She’d had to argue for a time, which had visibly frustrated Chrys, but the man had given in. To her surprise however, when she was being dressed, instead of a disposable diaper, she was changed into six cloth diapers and had a diaper cover buttoned shut over them. They used the excuse of it being able to hold her waste for most of the day.

The problem with it was that the cloth diapers pushed her legs apart more then the disposables did, and the bulk was big enough for the diaper cover to poke out from under her mini skirt. She imagined Chrys wouldn’t be happy if she was discovered in this state, so she assumed it was merely the body guard abusing his power over her. Sonia was almost tempted to take off her wig and get caught on camera, but years of conditioning stopped her.

Looking at her reflection in the bus directory, she could see close to half of her diaper cover was poking out from under her mini skirt. She felt herself blushing; she needed to get to Amara’s house and out of public. Checking the street for traffic and finding none, she waddled across as fast as she could. Following the path Amara had taken her several days ago, she saw Amara’s house come in sight.

“Hold it kid!”

Sonia froze up for an instant before turning around. A girl with the largest pigtails she’d ever seen was approaching her, an adult with some type of scanning device with her. Feeling very subconscious, Sonia tugged on her mini skirt.

Luna looked down at the diaper with disgust. “Great, another diaper girl here. Lou, check her.” The man stepped forward with the device, but Sonia took a step back.

“W-What do you mean check?” Sonia asked hesitantly. “What are you doing?”

“We’re not checking your diaper, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Luna stated with a look of disgust. “We’re scanning you and your transer for any explosives; there’s an on going threat for this area.”

Sonia hesitated, but nodded her head in consent. The man waved the device across each part of her body, and finding nothing, attached it to Sonia’s transer. Scanning it for a minute, he shook his head. “She’s clean.”

“Maybe.” Was Luna’s reply. “Who are you? I’ve never seen you around here and I’ve lived here all my life.”

“Sky Devont.” Was Sonia’s rehearsed response. “I’m from Netopia.”

“You’re a long way from home diaper girl.” Luna sneered, causing Sonia’s blush to deepen. “What are you doing here?”

“Visiting my pen pal Amara.” Sonia answered, causing Luna to groan. “I may be staying here while my parents work out their problems.”

Luna didn’t look thrilled to hear that. “Well you might want to reconsider doing that. Amara’s a trouble maker, and just yesterday I saw a bunch of cop cars at her house.”

Sonia’s face paled at that. Could she have… “Why were the police there?” She asked nervously.

Luna let out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t know. The only thing we got out of them was that it was not related to the bomb threat to the neighborhood.”

“Leave her alone Platz!”

The group turned to see Amara marching towards them. Luna sneered at her. “Your pen pal seems nervous about staying with you Kisari. I just told her about how the police visited your house.” She saw Amara frown. “Have you finally snapped? Maybe you should be in an asylum after all.”

“If you really must know,” Amara started, putting emphasis on ‘really’, “I was selling my design for spy cameras to the police for undercover missions. I made quite the profit too; one hundred thousand zenny.”

“I don’t believe you.” Luna stated.

“Well lucky for me, the world doesn’t revolve around you.” Amara replied. “And if anyone needs to be in an asylum, it’s you. You’ve been harassing me for months now over something so insignificant…” She trailed off suddenly, a strange look on her face.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re crapping yourself right now.” Luna stated with disgust.

“No, did that before I left the house.” Amara answered. “I just realized something.”

“And what, pray tell, is that?” Luna asked.

“You have a crush on me.”

Luna’s eyes bulged, threatening to pop out of her eye sockets. “WHAT!?”

“Yeah, it makes sense.” Amara stated, nodding her head. “You want me back in class because you want to see me more, and you suggest an asylum when I refuse because I must be crazy not to want to date you.”

Sonia covered her mouth to hide her giggles; the expression on Luna’s face was hilarious. Luna’s jaw had dropped, and she was trying to say something, but the only sounds from her were quick gasps. Amara approached her and patted her shoulder.

“There, there Luna.” Amara stated. “It’s very brave of you to come out like this, and something I can admire. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same way about you. But you shouldn’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a woman who will love you, and maybe you’ll even help each other become better people.”

Luna finally found her voice. “I AM NOT A LESBIAN!” She screamed, unknowing attracting the neighborhood’s attention. “I am straight, I like dicks, not vaginas and breasts, and I’m a stand up member of society! You’re just some mentally disturbed, diaper crapping, lying little freak who should be locked away from the outstanding members of society who are destined to make something of themselves!”

Amara frowned at the girl. “And yet, I’ll always be a better person then you.”

Luna let out a scream of frustration. “God! I don’t know why Principle Wartsprout wants you back in school, we’d be better off if you were dead!” She turned around and stormed away, leaving a stunned group behind.

Slowly, a frown solidified on Amara’s face. While Luna had just proved she was all but stalking her under the principle’s orders, it seemed Luna truly did believe she belonged in an asylum. Or as she just learned, dead. This disturbed her greatly.

A hand on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts. Looking up, she saw Sonia’s stern expression. “We need to talk.”

Amara nodded her head. “Yes we do.” She agreed. The pair started towards Amara’s house. “So…cloth?”

“Not my choice and not what I want to talk about right now.” Sonia stated. Amara frowned as she opened the door, and let Sonia enter first.

The pair immediately removed their boots, Sonia going an extra step and removing her mini skirt. Holding it in her hand, she followed Amara to the living room, and sat down on the couch. To her surprise, Amara kept walking and went down the hallway.

Several seconds passed, and Sonia was about to get up and go after her when Amara returned, holding her guitar. Sonia gasped at its condition; it looked just like it had when her Mama first gave it to her. Amara handed it to her, and Sonia checked it over, running her hands across its surface.

“I know you’re not happy with me right now Sonia, but I didn’t give this back to you so you’d feel better.” Amara stated. “I gave it back to you so you wouldn’t have to hold back, or think I’d use it against you. I don’t want to be compared to those bastards who are taking ‘care’ of you.”

Sonia took this into consideration; Amara was being sincere and honest in her intentions for this conversation. She decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. “Why were the police here?” Sonia asked.

“I didn’t lie when I said it was to get spy gear, but that’s not the only reason.” Amara answered.

“What was the other reason?” Sonia asked.

“My turn to ask a question.” Amara stated, causing Sonia to frown. “Did those bastards do anything to you?”


“Mom will ask when she gets home anyways, and I figured you’d have an easier time opening up to me then her.” Amara explained. “Now, did those guys hurt you, or do anything inappropriate to you?”

Sonia bit her lip; she knew she had promised to tell them if something happened, but if she did, they’d certainly call an investigation on her, and violate her contract. She shook her head. “I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m so close to being free of them, and I don’t want to risk violating my contract!”

“You might be able to be free of your contract, but you won’t be free of them.” Amara stated.

Sonia blinked. “W-What?”

“Sonia, your manager, Chrys Golds, he’s your legal guardian. Even if you don’t sing anymore, he has legal custody of you and where you go. You won’t be able to go to Yumland unless he says so.” Amara explained.

Sonia’s eyes widened at that; her plan was doomed to fail from the start! A thought struck her; she would be out of the public’s eye if she didn’t sign up for another contract. If that happened, she could be taken someplace where those men could do what they wanted to her! She started breathing heavily as the memories of Trol cleaning her came to the forefront of her mind, his whispers of “Someday,” in her ear.

Seeing Sonia begin to hyperventilate, Amara quickly sat down next to the girl and pulled her into her arms. “Breath Sonia, you’re safe here. Breath.”

It took several minutes for Sonia to calm down. Once she did, she considered her options. If she didn’t try something now, the “Someday,” Trol was talking about would come soon, most likely with many more like that to follow. If she tried to legally get out of her contract, one of two things could happen; she’d get out scott free, or she’d spend a great deal of her life in prison. Singing again was an option, but after the few days she spent getting her diapers changed, it wasn’t appealing.

Sonia firmed what little resolve she had. “They don’t hurt me physically that much, but…they do abuse me. Have for years.”

Amara’s grip tightened around Sonia. “Tell me everything.”

Sonia did just that. She told Amara of the years being manhandled by her body guards, of how they each had their own reward system. One would think the one bathing her would feel satisfied with that, but once a week Trol was allowed to force a make out session with Sonia. If the girl bit his tongue, a harsh spanking followed. For Mac, the man who dressed her, he was permitted to keep her naked for a full day, forcing her to parade herself around whatever suite she was in completely nude.

As Sonia continued telling Amara of her experience through the years, the infantile teen was shaking with rage, covered by Sonia’s own shaking. The idea of the things Sonia had gone through just…the only thing that stopped her from going Twilight and killing those monsters was the girl in her arm needed her right then and there. Several times Sonia broke down as she told her story, and Amara whispered comforting words to her while stroking her hair.

By the time they were done, almost an hour later, both girls were emotionally drained. Sonia oddly felt better then she had in years. Maybe it was finally just unloading all the crap she experienced, or maybe it was being held and honestly cared for, and not desired after in such a sexual manner. Either way, Sonia felt as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Amara’s respect for Sonia had grown in leaps and bounds as she listened to what the girl had lived through. The fact that the girl hadn’t completely broken down was incredible in and of itself! Despite that, Amara knew Sonia was in serious need of psychological help; living in that environment for so long, and at such a young and impressionable age would no doubt leave psychological scars, even after the whole situation was resolved. Amara swore she’d be there to help her every step of the way.

“Sonia, I promise you, we’re going to get you out of that hell hole.” Amara stated. “You’re gonna live with Mama and me once this is over, and you can be the baby girl you’ve always wanted to be.”

Sonia smiled for a moment; it quickly turned to a frown. “But I don’t want to draw attention to you and your family.”

“Sonia, it’s either us or you take your chances with whatever’s out there.” Amara replied. “You could get stuck with a family that would use your money and force you to be a servant, or you could wind up with a family that wants to use your fame for their own profit. Worst case, you get a freak worst then the group you’re already with. Best case, you get someone accepting of your desires and helps you get over everything you’ve been through. Or you can stick with us, and not have to gamble that at all. You’re call.”

Sonia let out a soft sigh. “You’re not really giving me a choice, are you?”

“You always have a choice Sonia.” Amara said. “Mom’s already applied for guardianship; just say the word and she’ll withdraw it…though I’d really like it if you’d stay with m-us.” Amara caught her slip up, but so did Sonia.

“Stay with you?” She asked, turning so she could face her. “You really want me to stay?”

“I do Sonia.” Amara admitted, her cheeks turning pink. “You’re the first person in my age group that accepts me completely as I am, both mentally disabled and as a teen baby. You understand me on a level no one else does Sonia…I don’t want to lose that, or you…especially you.”

“Especially me?” Sonia asked, surprised.

“Yes.” Amara confirmed. However, she knew this wasn’t the time for this talk. Raising a hand, she pointed to the upper part of a wall. “Do you see that?”

Sonia blinked; the topic change was both sudden and random. Looking over at the wall, she didn’t notice anything at first, but after a closer look, she saw a small black dot on the wall. “What is that?”

“One of the spy cameras I made for the police.” Amara replied. “Author, the President of the company that you work for, is using it for a special story.”

“Special story?” Sonia asked, paling as she realized that not only did she just tell her story in front of a camera, but that people would hear it and see the clothes she was currently in.

“That’s the cover anyways.” Amara stated. “You said you were retiring, so Author used that as an excuse to record you, something about your life off camera. Anyways, because the footage taken shows signs of serious child abuse, it’s required by law to be turned over to the police. It’ll be totally legal during the trial, as unfortunately the others we have aren’t.”

“Why can’t they be used?” Sonia asked, then blinked. “Wait, you have others?”

“I had Mom plant a spy camera on you when you left.” Amara explained. “It’s a home made version, but can fly like the one on the wall here. But because Author or the police didn’t authorize it’s use, it can’t be used in it’s defense. Not as evidence anyways.”

“Things like this can be used in Netopia. Why not here?”

“Not all the laws were reinstated in Electopia yet.”


“You know how about a hundred or so years ago there was the great Network crash, right?”

“Yeah, who doesn’t?”

“Well, that was one of the few times in history that government laws and monetary value were shut down for a period of time. The world had become so dependent on the net, that when it crashed almost all of the worlds’ electronics, history, and money were lost.” Amara explained. “Shutting down the legal system for a time, governments were able to print new money, confiscate land and property needed for rebuilding, and enforce their own rules for a time. Once things started getting back on track, the printed money was removed, the temporary laws were withdrawn and old laws were put back into affect. But some were left out.”

“Why is that?” Sonia asked.

“Because some people didn’t want certain laws to be reinstated.” Amara answered. “I did some research ever since I learned we couldn’t use those pictures as evidence. There are only a few, but some transactions to some government officials were made during times the government debated about reinstating evidentiary laws, and not just about cases of child abuse. They used the brotherband system’s success as an excuse, saying people are more trust worthy after that crisis.”

“You really know your history Amara.” Sonia said.

“Yeah, I do like going over and collecting old things.” Amara admitted. “I actually have a few movies dating back to before the network was first set up. Even have an old Pokemon game.”

“Pokemon?” Sonia questioned. “How old? There’s like two thousand different kinds now.”

“Old as in when there was under five hundred.” Amara answered. “It’s a remake of the Johto series, called Heart Gold version.”

“And these disks and cartridges still work?”

“Nope, I had to transfer the data to updated versions.” Amara replied. “I just finished updating the game, I’m thinking about contacting the company and showing them what I did so they can make a release of it again.”

Sonia shook her head. “You’re amazing Amara. How is it you’re still in grade school?”

Amara blushed under Sonia’s praise. “I just excel in the technological field. I have to study hard in the rest. I think it’s genetics, given how successful my father was.”

Sonia’s eyes seemed to dim at that, causing Amara to raise an eyebrow. Before she could ask, a loud fart rang through the room. Sonia blushed and looked down at herself, not meeting Amara’s eye.

“It’s okay, you can’t control it.” Amara said, rubbing her shoulder, causing Sonia to smile a little. “How about we go get you changed.”

“As much as I’d like to, the guy back at the hotel will know if my diaper cover was tampered with.” Sonia replied. “I don’t want to get them suspicious.”

“That’s a good point.” Amara reluctantly agreed.

“So…what’s going to happen? Now that you’ve got evidence you can use?” Sonia asked.

“We wait until Mom and the police get home.” Amara said. “They’ll explain what’s going to happen, and what needs to be done.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“I don’t either.” Amara agreed. “But whatever happens, know that I’ll be waiting for you Sonia.”

This caused Sonia’s cheeks to turn pink. “T-Thanks Amara.”

“You’re welcome.” Amara stood up. “How about we watch a movie while we wait?”

“It’s been a while since I watched a movie.” Sonia admitted. “Is it one of the old ones you restored, or a more recent?”

“I was hoping to watch an old one.” Amara said.

“That’s fine.”

“Alright then.” Amara said as she began walking towards the stairs. “I need to change first, but then I’ll be right down. I think you’ll like Blazing Saddles.”


Hours passed; Hope, Author, and a swat car full of police arrived at the Kisari residence. After verifying the tape of Sonia’s most recent confession of child abuse was valid, the head of the operation spoke to both Amara and Sonia about what would happen. To Amara’s distain, she was to stay home and let the grown ups handle everything.

Sonia was less then pleased with her part of the plan; she was down right terrified! In order to truly nail these guys, they would have to get her abuse on video! The fact that she now wore diapers full time complicated things; since she wasn’t changing herself, any touching done during a diaper change could be argued as an accident. She would have to truly be harmed, and for it to be affective, she couldn’t goad them into anything either.

Not that she wanted to either. Her body guards had been getting worse lately; more lewd comments, a few gropes at either her chest or butt, one had even yanked her off her feet and force kissed her out of the blue! The best she could hope for was that the police would get everything they needed in one go.

To her relief, there were several teams near her hotel that would move in at the first sign of any serious trouble. Another group officers would be a few blocks away in a mini-van command center, where they’d also be receiving the video feed from the spy cameras. Should the first unit of men not be enough, a group of better equipped police officers would enter. It was the hope of the operation’s chief that strength in numbers would prevail. That said, each member of the assembled force, wore a bullet proof vest under their clothes and had a hand gun at the very least, so he was confident things would go well.

Amara, Author, Hope, and Sonia had sat down for dinner before the operation. By that point Sonia’s nerves were getting the better of her, and the fact that her diaper was growing more uncomfortable with each use wasn’t helping any. Amara had decided it would be best to help calm Sonia down by feeding her her dinner as if she was a baby. Sonia did calm down some under the baby treatment, much to the relief of everyone involved.

Finally, the time came to begin the operation. Amara hugged Sonia, and assured her that she’d be there for her when she got back, to which Sonia hugged her tighter in response. Hope and Author would be accompanying Sonia to the drop off point, they were permitted to due to the involvement of Author’s company and Hope being Sonia’s soon to be guardian. With good-byes said and promises made, the group departed to the drop off zone.


“Status on the cameras.”

“Fly camera one, fully functioning.”

“Fly camera two, all system green.”

“Modified camera three, everything set and ready.”

“Modified?” Hope question. She was currently seated in the command center mini-van with Author, the chief of the operation, and several other officers manning the equipment.

“Modified to be water proof.” The chief explained. “It was mentioned that Sonia was cleaned by a man when showering. This modified camera will work despite the water and moisture build up with the modified shell and lens.”

“Didn’t have to change much.” Another officer commented. “The base design was pretty solid. Got a talented child there Kisari.”

“Indeed.” Hope stated with a smile. They didn’t know how right they were.


Several blocks away, Amara pulsed out of her wave form, and landed on top of the room of a building scheduled for demolition. After learning from Author the hotel Sonia was staying at, Amara had snuck some gear to the building, making certain it was far enough away to keep herself hidden.

Walking over to her mini-lab set up, she turned on the small TVs and her laptop computer. Hooking up the TVs to the computer after it booted up, it only took Amara a few minutes to activate her program. The static on the screens vanished, replaced with each of the three camera feeds.

With her lab set up, Amara was prepared to jump in should the police not be enough to save Sonia, or if the police were being cut down in the worst case scenario. Twilificus would be watching as well, and had told Amara flat out she would not wave change unless she was certain it was necessary. Amara had reluctantly accepted that, and she made certain Twi knew her displeasure, but now all she could do was wait, see, and pray everything turned out okay.


The elevator doors opened, and Sonia stepped out. The sound of the fly cameras’ buzzing was very faint, and having checked earlier, she knew they’d be flying as close to the ceiling as possible to avoid attention. Arriving at the hotel room door, she took a deep breath, exhaled, and swiped her keycard. Pushing the door open all the way, she entered the room, letting it swing shut by itself while giving the fly camera’s time to enter unnoticed.

Including Golds, there were ten men in the room. Sonia shivered slightly as she recognized a number of them; they were the more physical people of the group. All heads turned to her as the door finally closed behind her.

“I see you had no luck finding your guitar.” Chrys stated, a glass of wine in his hand.

“No luck at all.” Sonia replied in a gloomy tone, her shoulders sagging.

“Have you eaten anything since breakfast?” Chrys asked.

“I got a bottle for the baby if she’s hungry.” One guy stated. Sitting on the couch facing the door, the guy then proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants, causing the men to laugh and cheer while Sonia flinched away.

“I ate on my way back.” Sonia stated quietly, not feeling comfortable at all.

“Well lets check and see if the baby needs her diaper changed.” Another man said as he stood up. Appearing particularly menacing, Sonia couldn’t help but take a step back as he reached for her. “Don’t back away from me you diaper slut!”

Sonia was knocked back, slapped across her face, and fell on her back. She made to get up, but a hand on her chest held her down. Looking up, she saw the man holding her down, groping her chest as he did so, and whimpered softly. The man then proceeded to check Sonia’s diaper, sliding one finger up the front.


Hope, Author, and the officers watch the screens in disgust. They saw Sonia suddenly jerk from her position on the floor with a cry, the man keeping his finger in her diaper. Hope turned to the chief. “Tell me you have enough, please!”

“Unfortunately no.” The chief stated. “We have to investigate all the claims made. We got the sexual part and verbal degrading and bullying down; we now need to see the showering and forced dressing in order for there to be no problems during the trial.”

“This is absurd!” Author exclaimed. “Prolonging this will just cause more damage to Sonia, and put her at a much greater risk!”

“I don’t like this anymore then you do.” The chief snapped. “But I’ll be damned if I let these bastards get off on a technicality. We are doing this my way, and if you try to interfere I will have you arrested; I don’t care if you’re the ones who brought this to us.”

Author and Hope bit their lips, holding back their comments. At this point all they could do is pray Sonia came out of this alright.


A construction board broke under Amara’s foot; she desperately wanted to jump in, but Twilificus wouldn’t let her yet. The most she could do was work off her aggression on the soon to be demolished building around her. She never strayed too far from the TV sets though.


“Save some for the rest of us Sque!” One of the men on the couch called out. Sonia had tears in her eyes as she squirmed under Sque’s grip, the man still with his finger in her diaper.

“Fine, the bitch needs a change anyways.” Sque stated as he removed his hands from Sonia and stood up. He grinned as Sonia scooted across the floor, back into a wall.

“For several hours without a diaper change, what did you expect?” Trol asked, standing up. Making his way over, he grabbed Sonia by her shoulder, and forced her upright. “Shower time for you baby bitch.”

Sonia whimpered as she was lead to the bathroom. As she passed the couch, one guy grabbed the back of her dress and pulled her back. Letting out a squawk of surprise, she fell over the arm of the couch and onto the guy’s lap. The guy then grabbed her jaw, and forcibly kissed her full on the lips.

Sonia struggled under him, but using his free hand, he was able to restrain her. After a full minute he pulled back and threw Sonia back over the arm of the couch. Losing any sense of balance, she tumbled forward and landed hard on the floor.

“Aww, did baby bitch go boom?” The group began laughing as Sonia teared up.

Trol got her to her feet and marched her the rest of the way to the bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he turned to Sonia. “Stand up against the wall. I’m going to clean your shit off you before your shower; I don’t want any of it falling on me in there.”


Twilificus was worried. Even outside of their joint wave change form, she could feel Amara’s anger, her hatred growing. Watching the screen, she saw Sonia and Trol in the shower, both naked, as the man’s hands roamed her body, though only one had a rag in it. Shaking her head, she wondered how humans could be so cruel to their own kind in such a way.


“Forget the forced dressing, this is more then enough to get the entire group arrested!” Hope yelled. Looking around, she saw several other operators agreeing with her.

“Hold positions.” The chief stated over the mic. He then turned to Hope. “This operation isn’t about the girl anymore, it’s about strengthening the case so we can get a sure conviction. She knew the risks when she agreed to this, she knew she could die as well. It’ll be a tragedy if that happens, but this department can’t have another case thrown out and if I don’t get evidence for each charge, it’ll look like I’m going soft on crime.”

Hope looked at him incredulously, but he glared back, fingering a pair of handcuffs at his side. Settling to glare at him for the moment, Hope could only plan out the complaint she’d be filing to the police chief in her head when this whole operation was done.


Sonia’s skin was pink around her chest and between her legs, due to Trol’s efforts in drying her. Still naked, she felt Trol’s hand on her shoulder, keeping her in place. “Sit down facing the wall, got one more thing to do.” Trol stated.

Confused and worried, Sonia did as instructed, if only to avoid getting hit, and sat of the downed toilet seat lid, facing the wall. She heard Trol rummaging through drawers for a minute before the sound stopped. Her head was suddenly jerked to one side, and she felt something stab into her neck.

Panicking, Sonia tried to cry out and struggle, but found her body weakening. Try as she might, her cries were softer then a whisper, and not ten seconds later her body went limp. The only thing she could move was her eyes. Nearly tumbling back, Trol caught her in his arms.

Feeling the thing in her neck be removed, she tried to look at Trol, but couldn’t move her head. “Not to worry, tonight is a very special night Sonia.” Trol stated, shifting around in front of her. “Today is the day.”

Sonia’s eyes widened, realizing what it was Trol was talking about. She struggled to move, but her body wouldn’t budge. Trol opened her mouth, and placed an object, brown in color in her mouth. The thing was rubber on the outside, and fitted over Sonia’s teeth. Sonia could feel a metal like brace in the inside the thing, and could feel it shifting as Trol adjusted it by the parts in the back of her mouth.

“There we go.” Trol stated, withdrawing his hands from Sonia’s mouth. “That brace should keep your jaw open. Just incase the drug wears off and you try to bite.”

Tears were streaming down Sonia’s eyes as Trol lifted Sonia off the toilet, holding her nude body close to his. She mentally screamed at her body to move, but it was no use; her body stayed limp in Trol’s arm as he carried her out of the bathroom. Cat calls and whistles were heard as they went through the living room and into the bedroom.

Inside were two men, also in the nude. Trol passed Sonia to one of them before laying down on the bed. The other man positioned Sonia so her head was over the edge of the bed, and her waist right above Trol’s. The third man got on the bed, knelt down above Trol, facing Sonia’s backside…


“They’re going to rape her! Order them to get her now!” Hope cried out.

The chief opened his mouth to say something when an operator spoke up. “Camera one offline!”

“Camera three offline!”

“What happened?” The chief demanded.

“Unknown sir.”

“Camera two still working!”


Chrys set down his glass as his transer beeped. Opening it, he scanned the information before his eyes widened. “Clean up boys, we’ve been bugged!”


“I haven’t had my turn yet!”

“You’ll never get a turn anymore if you’re in jail.” Chrys snapped as he stood up. “You know the drill, I’ll inform the others.” He walked towards the bedroom and opened the door.


“You saw the screen! You have to let me wave change now!” Amara yelled.

“Did they-” Twi was interrupted.

“Do you have any idea what kind of damage is being done to her, physically and mentally?” Amara demanded.

Twi decided now was not the time to finish her question, and returned to Amara’s transer.

“EM Wave Change!”


“Well, it was fun while it lasted.” Trol stated. Each man had dressed and left, leaving Trol to dress Sonia. Trol grabbed a glass bottle of vodka, uncorked it, and slowly began pouring it into Sonia’s mouth. Struggling to breath through her mouth as it was, she swallowed the beverage as fast as she could.

Once a fourth of the bottle was drained, Trol let the bottle drop, the bottle bursting open on the floor, and picked up Sonia’s sweat drenched, panty clad body. Moving to the open window, he began rocking Sonia. The girl let out a whimper as his swings picked up length. Finally, Trol releases Sonia at the end of the swing, sending her out the window and over the balcony.

Sonia twisted in mid air, and could do nothing as she saw the end come. Closing her eyes, she accepted the fact that she was about to die. At least now her pain would end, and she’d get to see her Mama again. For some reason, an image of Amara appeared in her mind, causing a twinge of regret. She had liked the girl; she had understood her, and now they’d never see each other ever again.

Her vision was engulfed with purple lights, causing Sonia to blink in surprise. Looking up, she saw her vision had blurred, as the figure who’s arms she was in was hard to make out. Still, she was able to recognize the hair of the person before passing out…


Twilight knew she only had seconds to act. Spotting one of those platforms she’d seen window washers work from, an idea sprung to mind. Sending two small blasts of light at the ropes, she watched as it plummeted to the ground.

Launching herself and Sonia to the ground in a ray of gray light, she landed just in front of the broken platform. She quickly set Sonia down on the flattest part of the platform. Twilight knew it would be a long shot, but it was her best chance of hiding her involvement in the incident. She’d seen crazier things passed off as miracles before.

Twilight looked at Sonia’s form. Her body was covered in sweat, and in several places blood as well. Biting back a sob, she turned away. “I’m so sorry Sonia.” She quickly pulsed out, appearing back on the building she’d been on. She needed to call her Mom now; Sonia needed medical attention, and they needed to get to her now.


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