Megaman Starforce: Sonia's Decision

Megaman Starforce: Sonia’s Decision

Hey all, this story is a sequel to my SF sleepover short story. A reviewer asked me to write a story about Sonia agreeing to model diapers, like I mentioned in the previous story. At first I told that reviewer that unless I came up with a good plot I wouldn’t do it, regardless of if it was a chapter or a short story, and encouraged them to write a Sonia diaper model story.

That said however, that thought was placed in my head, and was all I could think about until 3AM. I imagine this one will be a bit longer then the sleepover, and more focused on Sonia, but it will be a single chapter. With that said, on with the show!


It was a pleasant Saturday morning; birds chirping, temperature was fair, and there was barely a cloud in the sky. On this morning, on top of the highest point in the town of Echo Ridge, known as Vista Point, we find retired child pop star Sonia Strumm sitting on one of the benches. The purple haired, green eyed girl was dressed in her usual street attire, consisting of a pink hoodie, lime green shorts, and blue boots.

Sonia had just come from her first successful sleepover in years, hosted by her friend Geo Stelar. Some of their other friends had been there, but due to a dispute, they had left before the night ended, leaving Sonia and Geo to themselves. During that night, secrets were shared, revealing that both Sonia and Geo wet the bed, due to nightmares. While Geo had managed to face his nightmares and fear, and no longer wet the bed, Sonia had only begun to face hers, and was forced to wear a diaper to bed, which was proven necessary as it was wet in the morning.

A beeping sound interrupted the calm morning sounds. Sonia frowned as she looked at her red transer; her manager had emailed her all through the night about an offer made to her earlier that month. A company wanted Sonia to model their product for her, which wasn’t all that surprising; Sonia had a fairly large viewing and fan base after performing for two years. Modeling would help expand Sonia’s career beyond singing, should she ever lose her creative drive for music.

The issue however was the product they wanted Sonia to model. It wasn’t a clothes line, it was a diaper brand; Royal Princess Brand diapers, for girls seven to thirteen, to be specific. The idea of pictures of herself in a diaper being posted around the world, well…

The transer ringed, indicating a phone call this time. Frowning, Sonia checked the ID, and found it was her manager. Irritated, she picked up. “Look, sleepover went fine, I’ll be back in an hour or two. Stop emailing me and calling me.” She then hung up before her manager could respond.

The girl leaned back and sighed as silence reigned around her once again…well semi-silence, but she didn’t mind the birds chirping. Looking around, and seeing no one else in sight, Sonia grabbed the overnight bag besides her, reached inside, and pulled out a folded diaper. The diaper was white in color, had a single tape on each back tab, and had a plastic cover much like a baby diaper would.

Sonia stared at the diaper in her hands. During the sleepover, she had let slip the offer of modeling diapers, and to her surprise, almost everyone had supported the idea. One had even said it wasn’t that far a stretch of the imagination that she’d wear diapers. Sonia reflected on that statement.

It was true that she did like to look a minimum of cute, and a maximum of adorable when seen in public or on stage, and that she generally chose somewhat childish clothes or designs to do so. Bright colored dresses, giant teddy bears, giant building block, she even used a cute looking guitar to play during her concert, though that was a treasured gift from mother, may she rest in peace. She’d act all cheerful in the public eye, and when she’d have to argue or stand up for herself, it was often described as cute. And even before her wettings started up again, Sonia would enjoy a glass of warm milk before bed, similar to the bottles she’d been fed as a toddler.

Sonia thought about what the diaper in her hand was about. Diapers were an absorbent garment made for people who couldn’t tell when they needed to go to the bathroom. Originally created for babies, whose bodies were too young and not yet developed enough to learn control over all its functions, it had also grown to the elderly, whose bodies were failing them as time went on.

Diapers were also made for people in between those two age classes. The most common type was for bed wetters, but there were some who medically needed them to keep their pants dry during the day. There were also some that wore for the heck of it as well. Those people were looked down upon the most. Even those who medically needed them were somewhat looked down upon, unless they were confined to a wheel chair or something.

The bottom line was that a diaper represented a lack of control over your own body, and that wearing one would most likely get you looked down upon by others. Sure, not everyone would look down on a person if they wore a diaper, there were understanding people out there in the world. Yet, there were also people out there who would belittle and degrade those who wore diapers.

“Do I really want to risk that?” Sonia asked herself softly. She stared at the diaper in her hands for several minutes before realizing something; her hands were shaking. Blinking, she forced them to stop, and tried to think of what caused them to shake. Then it hit her. “I’m scared.”

She was scared of the idea of being caught with a diaper, much less wearing or needing one. Sonia had accepted the fact that she needed diapers for bed, and given that she’d worn them for over half her life, they would probably remain a part of her life for the rest of said life. She was scared that people would see her as who she truly was, and scorn her.

Sonia shivered as she remembered her nightmare; being on stage in just a shirt and wet diaper, expected to perform but only remembering the song ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ and being scorned and taunted for her appearance and abilities under pressure. The idea of that becoming a reality, even if it wasn’t in that exact form was, well, scary, if not terrifying.

Then she remembered the sleepover, and how with Geo’s help, she had faced that nightmare. There had been a concert marathon on at the time, the crowd chanting her name, and Geo had encouraged her to try and face her nightmare after she had brought it up. It had been surprisingly difficult; she had lost herself to the nightmare with the crowd in the background, but eventually she had made it through the song, even though she had wet herself.

This was a chance to face those fears. Sure, it might ruin her image, but then her manager was admittingly a smart person, and would figure some way out of the mess if things didn’t work out. Besides, she hadn’t started singing to gain fans or money; it had been about spreading the music she wrote that her mother loved so much to everyone. You didn’t have to be a platinum star to do that. But most of all, she knew she had the support of the few people who’s opinion actually mattered to her.

She remembered how she had failed her first attempt at facing her fears with Geo. She had crumbled under the pressure, and even wet herself; she had felt that helpless, that powerless. Sonia did not want to feel like that again, ever. If she could face her fears now, then maybe she’d be able to face anymore fears she contracts in the future easier.

And maybe, just maybe, she could encourage others to face their fears like she was now. Just like Geo helped her. If she could help others face their fears, let them experience the happiness she had felt when Geo helped her…

Setting the diaper down beside her, Sonia opened her transer and called her manager. “Hello Chrys, that modeling offer you’ve been pestering me about; have the contract out for when I get back. We’ll see if there’s anything that needs negotiating before I sign.”


There had been only one minor detail Sonia had wanted changed from the original contract, and that was easily adjusted. The company had set a date and rented out a studio for that date’s entire afternoon. Sonia would be modeling the latest brand of diaper the company had developed, would at times wear make-up, and photos would be shot of her in several poses in different outfits.

When Sonia arrived, she was ushered into a dressing room, where she was quickly stripped nude and placed on, to her surprise, a changing table big enough for an adult to lay on. Surprising her further, baby powder and diaper rash cream were applied to her sensitive areas before the diaper was taped on. Like the company’s general brand, it was white with a plastic cover and single tape on each end, however this one had a picture strip across the front, making it even more like a baby diaper. The strip showed a purple background with goldenrod colored musical notes, to her amusement.

A short sleeved t-shirt was put on Sonia, only to be replaced with a smaller one once the others realized it was big enough to cover some of the diaper. The second shirt, pink in color, did not reach her belly button, leaving her diaper completely expose. Being lifted off the changing table, Sonia was sat in the chair in front of the mirror, and make-up was applied to her face. The one thing Sonia noted and like was how they added a faint blush to her cheeks, giving her a more child like appearance.

Before she knew it, it was time for the first shooting, and Sonia waddled out of the dressing room, being led by her hand like an adult would a small child.


The first set had a faded blue colored background to it. Sonia’s poses were simple; the first was to stand with her hands on her hips, and her head held high, smiling proudly. The second took a minute to do, as Sonia had to turn, her back facing the camera, bend over, and twist around to one side flashing the peace sign. This gave the camera a perfect view on Sonia’s padded behind as well as her face. The final pose was a bit more complicated, and required perfect timing on both Sonia’s and the photographer’s part. Sonia would jump into the air, pump her arm’s above her head, and give something of a victory cheer and smile. The pair managed surprisingly well.

Sonia repeated the poses in three other sets of clothes; one was a pale yellow short dress with a pale green ribbon, one with a pink silk button up night shirt, and one in a short pink night gown. All three outfits kept her diaper almost completely exposed. Once done with that shoot she was taken back to her dressing room, where her face was wiped clean, make-up was reapplied, and she re-hydrated with bottled water.


Back in her short t-shirt, Sonia was led to the second set. This one had a pink background, though it had furniture here; a blue couch. Sonia was also given props for this one. The first was a pink pacifier, the second was a brown teddy bear, and the third was a large baby bottle. The inside of the bottle had been sprayed with white paint, to make it look like it was full of milk; the photographer had said he’d rather it be faked then have the liquid inside swish with the bottle’s movement.

Sonia had several poses in this set. The first was laying down on her side on the couch, facing the camera. Several pictures were taken of this position; one with the pacifier in her mouth, one with the teddy bear in her arm, and one with the baby bottle in her hand.

The second pose was more relaxed. Sonia was again laid out on the couch on her side, but now had a pillow under her head and her eyes were closed. The photographer only had to ask her once to move her head to the edge of the pillow, so more of her face was visible. This pose was taken with each of the props as well; the pacifier in her mouth, the teddy bear under her chin, and the baby bottle held in her hands.

The final pose made Sonia blush for real. It was similar to the previous one, where she had her head on a pillow and her eyes closed. However, for this one her body had to be stomach down, and her rump had to be up in the air. Sonia could not stop blushing, so make-up had to be applied to her face to cover it up. Once again, Sonia had pictures taken in that pose with all three props.

Like with the first set, Sonia also wore the dress, the button night shirt, and the night gown for each of the poses as well. By the time she was finished with the set, Sonia was very tired. Thankfully, the director called for a dinner break then, and after getting her face washed of all make-up, Sonia joined the staff in eating dinner.


Sonia sat at a round table, dressed in only the short pink t-shirt and diaper. In front of her was a small salad, an emptied packet of salad dressing, and a glass of water. Sonia was just finishing a mouth full of salad when someone sat down next to her. Looking over, she saw it was the director.

“You sure this is your first time in front of a camera Strumm?” he asked with a smile.

“First with a diaper on.” Sonia answered. “I did do some modeling for my posters and CD covers, but nothing this extensive.”

“Modeling is a lot harder then most people think.” The director said. “It takes a lot of work to get in the right positions and to bring out the beauty of the model, or in some cases bring out more beauty. Do you have any questions?”

“I do actually.” Sonia replied. “I didn’t want to make a big deal of it during the shoot, but why did you have me use a pacifier and a baby bottle? I thought this was for older kids.”

“Those props were to make you look cuter and younger.” The director replied. "The company also sells baby products to older aged kids and even adults. There are people out there who are disabled and need equipment and things similar to those of babies. Some need cribs so they won’t fall out of bed, others need pacifiers so they don’t snore when they sleep, or chew when they sleep, or suck their thumb; you can keep better track of what surfaces a pacifier comes in contact with compared to your thumb.

“Consider it like an experiment Sonia. You don’t seem to have a problem with those items, so maybe sometime in the future you’d consider modeling with them specifically, and some other products. Disable people aren’t the only ones to buy these things.”

“Aren’t people looked down upon for these sorts of things?” Sonia asked.

“Some are.” The director said. “But many keep these things a secret and still buy them, and some just don’t care what others think about them and what they like. My daughter is a little younger then you, and she’s into infantilism, but god help me I love taking care of my baby girl, even if she’s growing up.”

“She’s very lucky to have you.” Sonia said, looking down. “My Mama died a few months ago, and my father was never apart of my life. I don’t know a thing about him besides the fact that I have his eyes. I don’t think I could consider even experimenting with this whole infantilism thing without a person I could truly trust, and the only person that fit that criteria was my Mama.”

“I’m not trying to encourage you, or say you have to try it.” The director stated. “I merely brought it up because in the modeling business, you don’t always get to pick what you model, and you won’t always like it either. It’s something to remember if you ever chose to take a career of modeling seriously.”

“Thank you.” Sonia said, smiling up at him. “I’ll keep that in mind. Right now I’m doing this so my manager will get off my back, and for a personal reason, but singing is my true passion. I intend to continue my singing career in a few months, early summer.”

“I understand, and look forward to hearing your new songs. My daughter and I are big fans of yours, to be honest.” The director admitted.

A faint blush rose to Sonia’s cheeks. “Thank y-erg.” A hand flew to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” The director asked, concerned. Sonia pushed her salad away and doubled over on the table, shifting to a kneeling position on the stool.

“Sharp pain.” Sonia breathed. “I-Erg!”

The back of Sonia’s diaper expanded as the girl’s bowels emptied of their own accord. Sonia’s eyes widened in shock, before grimacing as another sharp pain shot through her stomach. She let out a whimper as her bladder gave way, and she helplessly wet herself.

“What’s happening to me?” Sonia asked with a whimper.

“We’re going to find out; I’m taking you to the medical wing.” The director said. Helping Sonia to her feet, he then lifted the girl into his arms, cradling her like one would a baby, and jogged off towards the medical wing.


Several tests later, the cause of Sonia’s accident was determined. Sonia had misread the salad dressing label, and had grabbed a similar, yet different kind of dressing to her normal type. What had caused the accident was a mild allergic reaction to the dressing.

The doctors gave Sonia some meds to help flush the stuff from her system, in hopes of stopping the abdominal pains. While the workers prepared the final set, the doctors and Sonia waited an hour and a half for the abdomen pains to stop, and an additional half hour to make certain they were gone. The doctors cautioned Sonia that she might experience mild bladder and bowel control problems for a time, and encouraged her to both seek an examination with a professional doctor of the field, and to wear some form of protection for the next few days, if not actual diapers.

Sonia wasn’t thrilled at the assessment, but knew crying, whining, and moaning about it wouldn’t help anything, so she thanked the doctors for the help they provided her. With a clean diaper on, Sonia returned to the dining hall, and quickly dug into half a rack of baby back ribs before she returned to the set.

The third set was to Sonia’s liking, due to her somewhat sore stomach. The background was forest green, and for furniture there was a bed with a wooden frame, soft blue silky bed sheets and pillow cases, and a small blue baby blanket. The props for this scene were the same as the last; baby bottle, teddy bear, and pacifier.

The poses were much easier on this one then the others, and each had one thing in common; her eyes were always closed. The poses were of her on either of her sides, and lying eagle spread on the bed. The baby blanket would either cover her upper body, or her legs, but never her diaper.

The clothes she wore in each pose were the same as the last, save one change; instead of the dress, she wore a fuzzy, pink color footed and gloved sleeper, with golden rod musical noted crafted to the sleeper’s material. Sonia had blushed at seeing the baby clothing she was meant to wear. Seeing this, the director explained that some people did actually sleep in pajamas designed like that, so Sonia made no fuss about it.

The final picture taken had been of Sonia sleeping on her side with the pacifier in her mouth. When the director called it a wrap for the day, it was discovered that Sonia had actually fallen asleep, and was suckling on the pacifier. The staff decided not to wake her, and help her manager and his staff Sonia out to the car, leaving her in the sleeper and paci.


Sonia did see a specialist about her condition. The doctor agreed it would be wise for Sonia to wear protection for a little while, and proceeded to update Sonia’s medical records to include her allergic reaction to the salad dressing. Sonia wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but listened to the doctor and remained in diapers full time for an entire week.

During that time, Sonia mostly kept to her room. She’d write music with the help of her partner, Lyra, and she’d do school work via the teacherman navi system Geo once used. During the week, Sonia did not have a dry night, but she only had two accidents, and only one of them was a messy one. Whenever she felt the need to go, Sonia would go into her private bathroom, and slide the diaper down her legs to do her business. When questioned on that, Sonia replied, “Just because I like how comfortable these are doesn’t mean I want to use them.”

After a full week, Sonia and her manager were fairly certain her control was back, and Sonia switched back to panties during the daytime. Staying home from school the remaining two days of the week to be safe, Sonia was relieved to find she did not have any accidents. She returned to school promptly that following Monday. A few days after returning to school, the company she had modeled for sent her copies of the photos taken, as well as identified the choices of what would be used where.

For the basic plastic packaging of the diapers, the pictures from the first set were used. On the front of the packaging was the picture of Sonia jumping for joy, while on one of the sides was her standing with her hands on her hips.

Depending on what type of diaper it was, the clothes Sonia wore changed. For full day wear, the cover featured Sonia in her dress, and the side also with the t-shirt. For the night time protection diapers, the cover had Sonia with the silk button up night shirt, and the side her night gown.

For a box of two or more packages, the photo sets used were determined by day or night time protection. For the day time, a picture from the first set and second set were used. On one side of the box would be the picture of Sonia bent over, flashing the peace sign, while on the other would be Sonia on her side on the couch with a teddy bear. For the peace sign image, Sonia was wearing her t-shirt, while the couch one featured her in the dress.

For night time diapers, photos from the second and third set were used. On one side, to Sonia’s embarrassment, was the image of Sonia on the couch with her rump in the air, and on the other side was a picture of Sonia in bed on her side. For the couch image, Sonia had her nightgown on, though it slid down somewhat to reveal her stomach and part of her back, and had the teddy bear. For the bed, she was in the sleeper, but she had both the pacifier and the teddy bear.

Sonia didn’t remember that last picture, and made an inquiry on it. She learned it was taken after she fell asleep, and made no more fuss about it. Sonia was a little embarrassed about the use of her rump in the air picture, but could see the humor in it, and thus approved of each packaging.

Needless to say, when the packaging hit the shelves, it caused quite the stir. Sonia did get teased some in school, but thankfully her fame seemed to make people hold back some, so it was bearable. She also got a call from Geo, who congratulated her on pulling off her first modeling bit.

Sonia thanked him, and informed him of a commercial she’d be doing, and offered to see if she could arrange him being apart of it, in a non-diaper roll. Geo said if she really wanted him to, and it wasn’t any trouble to ask or anything, he’d be willing. Turns out it wasn’t any trouble, and Geo helped play a small part in the commercial.

Shortly after the filming for the commercial was completed, Sonia got a call from a night time talk show host. She invited Sonia onto the show to talk about her past, her singing career, and her latest career as a model. Sonia and her manager did some research on the woman, and decided to take her up on the offer.


“Hello and welcome to the Mary Dellaroll show!” A woman red hair and green eyes announced. The studio audience cheered, and Mary waved to them and the camera. “Alright, tonight I’m really excited because we’ve got some very special guests. So what say we jump right into it?”

The audience cheered as Mary took a sip from her coffee cup. “Alright them, let’s introduce our first guest. She’s captured the hearts of adults and children all around the world since she hit the music scene two years ago. Recently retired, she’s added modeling and advertising to her career resume, let’s give it up for Sonia Strumm!”

Sonia walked onto the set, dressed in her usual hoodie, lime green shorts, and blue boots. Hung on her back was her guitar, and in her hand was a small carry bag. Sonia shook Mary’s hand, waved to the crowd, and sat down on the couch next to Mary’s chair, placing her bag and guitar besides her.

“Thank you for coming on my show Sonia.” Mary said.

“Thanks for inviting me, I’m not usually allowed up this late.” Sonia replied, gaining a laugh from the crowd. It wasn’t a live viewing, and was being shot during the daytime, but it was viewed at night.

“I can imagine.” Mary said. “So Sonia, why don’t you tell us about yourself.”

“What would you like to know?” Sonia asked.

“Well, how about we start with the beginning of your career.” Mary said. “What made you want to sing to the world?”

“My Mama.” Sonia answered. “She always loved the songs I’d write. I write about anything I can see, anything I’m feeling, stuff like that. Seeing the joy my music brought her, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. My Mama was my inspiration.”

“Did you ever want fame or money?” Mary asked.

“It was never about fame, money, or even gaining a fan base to me.” Sonia answered. “It was simply me trying to spread the joy I saw my Mama felt and expressed when I sang my songs. The money, the fame, and the fans are just extra as far as I’m concerned.”

“I see.” Mary said. “Why did you suddenly retire? It seemed kind of out of the blue.”

" My Mama died three months ago, one month before I retired." Sonia said sadly. "My manager tried to get me to power through it, signed me up for a big tour across Electopia, but I was quickly overwhelmed to the point of running away. Mama was my inspiration, and the most important person in my life.

“I never knew my father, I have no idea if he’s dead or alive. I only know I have his eyes. It was just Mama and me while I was growing up, and losing her was like losing a piece of myself. I couldn’t go on as I was, and needed time to recover. My Manager finally realized that when I had a bit of a mental breakdown, and he set up my retirement concert.”

“Are you alright now?” Mary asked.

“I’m a lot better.” Sonia answered. “I have a couple of friends my age, and one of them had lost his father a little over a year earlier. He and I bonded over the loss of a parent, and we formed our first brotherband together.”

“Really?” Mary asked. “Are you sure this boy wasn’t trying to use you?”

“Positive.” Sonia answered firmly. “He became reclusive to society after his father’s disappearance, and didn’t even know who I was when we met. No, I know he’d never use me.”

“And does this boy have a name?” Mary asked.

“Yes he does, but out of respect for him I’m not going to say his name.” Sonia replied. “He’s still not much of a people person, but he’s getting better. The attention from announcing his name and our bond might be too much and force him to cut himself off from society again, and I don’t want that.”

“A fair answer.” Mary said, a hint of disappointment in her voice. “So, do you intend to return to a singing career Sonia?”

“Yes I do.” Sonia said, causing the audience to cheer. “I’m planning on returning sometime early summer, provided nothing big or outrageous happens. I’m hoping to finish fifth grade and graduate from elementary school before I continue on with my singing career.”

“I see.” Mary replied. “Speaking of outrageous, what can you tell us about this?”

Mary motioned behind her, and when Sonia looked, she saw a TV screen flicker on. The static on the screen shifted to an image of Sonia, dressed in the pink t-shirt, bent over, and flashing the peace sign while her bum was to the camera. Sonia’s cheeks turned pink as she turned back to Mary while the crowd murmured about the image.

Sonia swallowed once before speaking. “What would you like to know?” Sonia asked.

“What caused you to model diapers of all things?” Mary asked.

“Well, that’s a bit of a story, so I suggest you get comfy.” Sonia said. She paused for a moment before continuing. "I’ve actually been thinking about this whole thing for a while now and have discovered a couple of things about myself. That said, the reason why I agreed was three pronged.

“The first is that I’ve been a bed wetter most of my life. Stopped when I was five, started again when I was nine for only a few months when I was just starting again, and it started again when Mama died. The second reason is because it’s a link to my greatest fear.”

“You’re greatest fear?” Mary asked.

“My biggest fear is being completely exposed, everything that I am shown to the world, and being scorned for being myself, for being who I am.” Sonia explained. “This fear actually took place in nightmare, though most will find funny. You see, I’d dream that I wake up in a bed backstage of a concert I have to perform in. They say I’m already late, shove my guitar in my hand, and push me on stage. I’m dressed in only a pink night shirt, and a wet diaper, in front of the crowd in the biggest stadium I’ve ever seen, and the only song I can remember is ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’.”

The crowd laughed at that, and Sonia managed a small giggle herself. “Yeah, it’s funny for you all, but you’re not the one on stage. Not even the first verse in I’m getting booed, called a dumb baby, told I’d never amount to anything more then a pants wetter, and that my Mama always hated my music. Once they even said she died because my music was so terrible.”

“So how does modeling diapers help you face this fear?” Mary asked.

“It helps show a part of me that some people would find weird or scorn me for.” Sonia answered. “By revealing it, I’m exposing myself, and seeing how many people will accept me and how many will scorn me.”

“Do you really think people will scorn you, or anyone else who wears diapers?” Mary asked.

“Not everyone in this world is as understanding and accepting as we’d like.” Sonia said. She then grabbed her carry out bag, and to everyone’s surprise pulled out a folded diaper. Murmurs ran through the audience and facial expressions changed. “See how different the mood of the room changed when I pulled this diaper out of my bag?”

“I’m sure it’s just because everyone wasn’t expecting to see one.” Mary replied.

“Then let’s try this.” Sonia said. She stood up, unfolded and fully opened the diaper. To the shock and surprise of everyone, Sonia pulled the diaper up between her legs, over her shorts, and taped it snugly around her waist. She checked to make certain it was secure before she plopped back down on the couch with a loud crinkle.

Loud whispers were heard from the audience, and Mary looked a little uncomfortable in her chair. Sonia merely patted her knees with her hands for full minute, doing nothing to hide the diaper she had on over her shorts. At one point, the word “Freak,” was clearly heard from the audience.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Sonia said with a sigh. "I’ve already accepted that diapers are likely to be apart of my life for years to come, but there will always be those who don’t accept you for who you are, and even what you wear.

“When you stop to think about it, diapers have more influence on our society then we initially think. Sure for babies it’s somewhat cute, and for the elderly it appears sad, but for people in between, unless you’re confined to wheel chair, or model them in some way, you’re going to be scorned by someone for them, whether you wear them by choice or need them medically. Ultimately, a diaper represents a lack of control over one’s bodily function, and symbolizes the wearer’s inability to master one of society’s most basic expectations.”

“You really have given this some thought.” Mary stated.

“Yes I have.” Sonia replied.

“So Sonia, outside of bed time, do you ever wear diapers during the day?” Mary asked.

“You mean besides on talk shows?” Sonia asked, gaining a small laugh from the crowd. “Honestly, not when I’ve felt well. By that I mean at one point I learned I was allergic to a type of salad dressing, caused stomach pains and made me lose my control. Doctors helped clear it out of my system, but they advised me to wear twenty-four seven for the next week to be safe. Turns out they were right, my control had slipped, and I had two accidents, but the rest of the time I made it to the bathroom. And now I’m back to panties…well, besides this instant.”

“You mentioned there was a third reason you decided to model.” Mary stated. “What was that reason?”

“As I said before, the second reason if because of my fears. I’m even now afraid people will reject me and be disgusted because I wear diapers sometimes. But I’m facing my fears now. I’m hoping that by facing my fears like this, I can encourage others to face what really scares them.” Sonia explained.

“Well that’s certainly a…unique, way of encouraging others.” Mary stated, turning back to the screen. “I do have another question.” Sonia followed her gaze, as the image changed to the image of Sonia in her sleeper with the pacifier in her mouth and the teddy bear under her arm. “My question is, are you an infantilist?”

“Define infantilist.” Sonia requested.

“My definition is a person who dresses up and behaves like a baby.” Mary said.

“Well, I guess to some extent, the answer would be yes.” Sonia said after a moment’s thought. “I found the sleeper, and diapers in general comfortable, and I’m sure anyone could search the net and find me acting younger then I really am. But that’s more because people seem to think it’s cute.”

“And the pacifier and teddy bear?” Mary asked.

“Mary, if cuddling a teddy bear is infantile, I’ll bet you over fifty percent of the country is infantile, and at least a fifth of that is people older then me.” Sonia answered. The audience murmured in agreement. “As for the pacifier, well it’s also called a soother, and I find it just that, soothing. A lot more compared to squeezing a stress ball.”

“There was also a baby bottle during your photo shoot.” Mary stated. “Did you drink from that?”

“That would be unhealthy.” Sonia answered. “The inside was painted white to imitate milk, without the swishing of the liquid during the shoot. Wouldn’t be healthy to drink from that bottle. But I know what you mean. To answer your question, I’ve never tried a bottle before, and I don’t imagine I’d want to.”

“Why not?” Mary asked.

“Well, for a bottle you have to work for your beverage.” Sonia said. “Sure you can drop the bottle, and drink from almost any position, but I imagine its killer on your jaw. I’d much rather sit up and drink from a glass or a straw.”

“And you don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing diapers when you don’t need them, using them, and acting and playing like a baby?” Mary asked.

“I admit it is a little weird.” Sonia stated. “But then a lot of people have quirks. And I know one thing for sure; I will have more respect for a person who chooses to wear diapers and/or act babyish then I ever would for people who cut themselves, do drugs and drink heavily, and/or sell their bodies.”

There was silence in the studio for a full sixty seconds following that statement. “Well, I suppose in comparison to those scenarios, infantilism isn’t a bad quirk to have.” Mary finally said. “I have to say, it is mildly concerning to hear an eleven year old girl speak about such topics.”

“True.” Sonia agreed. “But you have to remember that I’m a currently retired pop star, and are experimenting with modeling. Given that those are high stress and profile careers generally set for adults, it’s not hard to imagine I would have more exposure to mature and darker natured themes humanity has then other kids my age.”

“A fair point.” Mary admitted. “Have you ever experimented with any of those fields?”

Sonia frowned for a moment. “Well, I did once have a glass of vodka, but that was an accident. I woke up at 1AM, and went for a glass of water, but saw a glass on the living room coffee table. Not wanting to trek to the kitchen, I downed the glass and collapsed a few seconds later, throwing up most of it. I was sick for the next day, and my Mama reamed my manager for leaving the glass out where I could get to it.”

“How old were you when this happened?”

“I was nine at the time, and it was about mid-month of the third month of my career.” Sonia answered. “Given how terrible I felt then, I’m not interested in trying any alcoholic beverages again.”

“Well I’m sure every one of your fans will be happy to hear that.” Mary said. “Thank you for coming on the show Sonia, this has been a…informative experience.” She rose to her feet.

Sonia rose to her feet with a crinkle. “Thanks again for having me Mary.” She shook Mary’s hand, causing the audience to clap. Sonia picked up her bag and guitar, and waddled off the stage.

“Alright then, our next guest…”


It was June. Classes were over, final exams finished; all that was left was the graduation ceremony. While Sonia was pleased that she passed her exams, and was graduating to middle school, she wasn’t thrilled with the media being there. Their presence made her nervous for some reason, but the ceremony was in an outdoor stadium, so there wasn’t much that could be done.

Sonia hadn’t expected the media being at the ceremony, so she hadn’t dressed for the camera. Instead of her usual outfit, Sonia wore a pale green, sleeveless summer shirt, and a soft blue, tie-on skirt that came down to her knees. She though the outfit looked good on her, and Geo had agreed the previous night when she’d showed it to him.

She frowned at that thought; Geo and the others couldn’t be here for the ceremony, or vica versa, because they were happening at almost the same time, Sonia’s starting first. Still, that didn’t irritate her as much as how long the ceremony speeches were taking. As excited as she was for graduating, her stomach had been bothering her all morning, and the meds she had taken had yet to start working.

Finally, the speeches ended, and it was time for roll calling and stage walking. Students would line up in rows, walk across the stage to the principle, and receive a certificate stating they completed the fifth grade at Millard Town Elementary School. Going in alphabetical order, Sonia would be the last student walking across the stage.

Time passed, and Sonia shuffled closer to the stage as the other students were called. Just as it came down to two students left between her and the stage, Sonia suddenly felt a burning sensation in her stomach. Eyes bulging, she leaned one of the stadium’s pillars.

The burning sensation faded after several seconds, but it would be several more seconds before Sonia became aware of another sensation between her legs. Sonia had decided to wear a diaper to the ceremony, not willing to risk an accident with how weird her stomach was feeling, and it seemed that was a wise decision. The girl had no idea what caused the burning feeling in her stomach, but given the fact that it had caused her to wet herself, she was determined to find out what it was.

“Sonia Strumm.”

Said girl blinked at her name being called, before realizing what it meant. As the crowd began clapping and cheering, Sonia made her way up the stairs towards the stage, when she tripped on the top step and stumbled into an upright Electopian flag stand. Sonia managed to stay upright, stop the pole from falling down, and scratched the back of her head sheepishly to the crowd, who couldn’t help but laugh some at Sonia’s latest performance.

As Sonia started across the stage, a part of her skirt got caught on the flag pole. The skirt began to tear, and by the time Sonia realized what had happened, she was halfway across the stage, with the lower half of her skirt missing, exposing her wet diaper. There were several gasps from the crowd, and Sonia saw several camera flashes.

Sonia’s heart was racing at the exposure of her diaper. She couldn’t believe it had happened! Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths to try and calm herself. Grabbing the part of the skirt still connected to the flag pole, she tore it off, letting the long strand fall onto the stage floor.

Steeling herself, Sonia made her way across the stage. She refused to let her fear dictate her actions. Over half of her diaper was exposed, and it was clear that it was wet, but Sonia wouldn’t let it stop her. She made her way over to the Principle, who was waiting for her.

Upon getting a good look at Sonia’s state of dress, the Principle’s eyes widened in surprise. She pulled off work jacket and handed it to Sonia. The jacket was large, but Sonia managed to wrap it around her waist by tying the arm sleeves around herself in a knot. The Principle nodded to her, before leaning down over the mic on the podium.

“When I first learned Sonia Strumm was applying to transfer to Millard Town Elementary School, I was surprised. I checked her grades, and asked to meet with her before anything official was passed, but not for an autograph.” At this the crowd chuckled.

The Principle continued. “I wanted to see what kind of person Sonia was. As famous as she was, I wanted to know if she was a spoiled brat, or a modest child. It turns out it was more the latter then the former. After speaking with her, I realized Sonia has a heart as white as snow, and is a very special girl. Sonia proved that just now. For that reason, I am proud to present this certificate of graduation from Millard Town Elementary School to you Sonia Strumm. You truly are a special young lady.”

Sonia’s mouth had opened halfway through the Principle’s speech; she was surprised and touched at the woman’s honesty and feelings about her, and how she stood up for her in front of this crowd and the media. A big smile appeared on Sonia’s face as the Principle finished her speech. The Principle held out the certificate, and Sonia took it with her free hand. Feeling excited, Sonia waved the certificate over her head to the crowd.

“I graduated!” She yelled. As she waved the certificate, the work jacket fell from around her waist, once again exposing her wet diaper to the world.

Such an adorable sight was too much for even the most stuck up members in the audience. The crowd burst into applause and cheers as Sonia bowed and waved to them. They then ‘Aww’d’ as she went back to the Principle and hugged her.

As bad as things had been for a moment there, everything had turned out okay. Her worst fear, the fear of being exposed at her most vulnerable, had been realized a few moments ago. Unlike her nightmare however, not only was Sonia able to continue on, she was accepted for who she was, and what she needed, by the people around her.

Looking out at the crowd, Sonia knew she’d remember that day for the rest of her life. Standing at the center of the stage, Sonia closed her eyes, and whispered softly.

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider…”


Well, that’s all for this one. I had an idea to do the commercial I mentioned earlier with Geo, but reading over what I have, I think that it’s unnecessary, and may actually take away from the story. In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this.