Mei Ling: the girl who hates the potty part 1

Mei ling wang was your average girl she had many friends did well in school in fact even at age 7 she was attracting the boy’s but their was a deep Dark secret to mei ling she wore diapers. “there now all clean” said her father as he wiped his daughters very messy bum “but why don’t don’t you try the potty like your friends”? Mei blushed its because I like pooping and peeing in my diaper it feels good and is easier then using the toilet do I have to daddy do I have use the potty?"unlike her mother who usually would get mad her Father loved having a baby girl “no I promise you will never have to use a potty if you don’t want” “really said Mei ling with hope in a hopeful voice as her dad placed a diaper underneath her “yes of course you’ll always be my baby girl” her father dressed her in purple socks and soft black sweats he toke her off her bed and she went to watch TV her favorite show was hello kitty from japan she loved the little kitty so cute after that her dad decided to cook some rice and beef for dinner Mei set quietly and eat when she got a smile on her face stood up walked in to the living room and Squatted down on the carpet with her hands on her knees and let out a fart phhht and then let out a big grunt “unnnh unnh” she was red in the face but as the soft messy poop filled her diaper she let out a smile as the smell of poop filled the room she also let a stream of pee flow hard into her diaper then came back to the dining room waddling with the 2 large poopie her diaper " do you want a change now or later” said her father later she sat with a smile she sat on her chair squishing the poop all over her back and front some fell out of her diaper and into her pants.
To be continued

Mei Ling: the girl who hates the potty part 1

Ahhhh to short. You need to put in better spacing to make it easier to read online, for that matter, you need paragraphs first . Did I say it was to short? :?

The story itself is pretty good you just need to set it out better. There was a few spelling mishaps and where are the comas.

If you can fix the way you set out your writing then you are on your way to becoming a good well liked writer. If you don’t, some people wont read what you have written because it puts them off. If you don’t care about your stories then neither will they. :idea:

And if you had more then this to post in one go then you should have condensed it together to actually make it a story instead of one very large paragraph.

Dont give up

good luck

Mei Ling: the girl who hates the potty part 1

I’m pretty sure I remember absolutely laying into this on that short lived other forum. Given that everyone else was pretty critical I’m surprised that you would repost unchanged and additionally, so far as it seems, with no new material written after the chapters that have been around for a year.