Messy Betsy (Feedback Appreciated)

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This story has an unfair ending.

Aria tapped her foot, feeling impatient. “How much longer is this going to take?”

The scanner technician sighed. “Longer, if you keep talking and moving around. We need a complete, uninterrupted scan, and every time you move, it disrupts-”

“Look, I’m just here for the quick cash. Emphasis there is on, ‘Quick’. I’ve got places to be.” Aria did her best to hold still, but it was hard not to feel annoyed.

“Ma’am,” the technician said. “Please, just hold still, this’ll all be done soon.”

She rolled her eyes, sitting as still as she could as the device made a copy of her brain.

‘Applied Synergetics’ was the leading company in mental research. Exploring human neural pathways, and how to use those pathways to develop real-world technology. It was cutting edge, and they’d been on the cover of all sorts of tech magazines, including the Wired’s 2040 “Best Advances in Knowledge of the Decade” issue.

Aria didn’t care much about that. All she cared about was that, by spending an hour in a chair and giving the rights to a scan of her brain, she could make two thousand bucks.

She spent another five minutes, sitting quietly, counting seconds go by. “How much longer?”

The technician sighed. “There’s literally only a couple seconds left. Just be-”

Everything was suddenly dark. Aria blinked - or, at least, she tried to. It was just as dark either way, and she couldn’t feel her eyelids. She couldn’t feel her body. She was suspended in an endless void, with no sensory input except for-


It wasn’t a thought, so much as just a sudden knowing. She was… booting?


What’s a sensorium?

Then, there was light, and sound, and touch. She was sitting on a massive raised platform - no, a table. She was sitting on a table, and giants were standing over her.

It took her brain a second to adjust. They weren’t giants, they were normal sized people. She was just tiny. Judging by their relative height, she couldn’t have been much more than a foot tall. Two of the giants - the people - were wearing lab coats, holding clipboards, while the third wore a tailored business suit. All three had headsets that looked like sunglasses, except that she could see light dancing on the inside. Some sort of augmented reality glasses. Those weren’t unheard of, though they were expensive and impractical, and Aria couldn’t guess why they’d be used in a lab.

Then again, why am I in a lab?

She looked down at herself, and gasped. Her body wasn’t her body. It wasn’t even a body. Her field of view made her dizzy, as her brain tried to process what she was looking at.

Her limbs and body were a little thick, proportions similar to that of an infant, but that wasn’t close to the most unsettling thing that had changed. The fluffy cloth diaper pinned around her waist wasn’t either.

Aria’s skin… wasn’t skin. It was hard, perfectly smooth, cream-colored porcelain.

She tried to scream. Her mouth opened, but instead what came out was an infantile wail. She could feel tears going down her face, but her face didn’t feel right. There was no subtle stretching of her mouth or face, instead, she could feel articulated joints and hard porcelain plates shifting over top of one another.

“Ah, she’s awake,” one of the men in a lab coat said. “And still getting used to her sensorium. Here, there’s the silence function, so we don’t have to listen to this.” Fishing in his pocket, he came out with a small pacifier, reached out, and plopped it between Aria’s lips.

She stopped crying immediately. She still wanted to cry, and scream, and ask what was going on, but her mouth no longer responded to her wishes.

Reaching up, she saw that her fingers could articulate and bend, so she took the pacifier by its handle and-


Again, it wasn’t a thought, it was simple, pure knowledge. She couldn’t remove the pacifier. There was nothing stopping her, but she couldn’t.

“Once the line ships, they’ll have a booting process before packaging, so that there’s none of this distress on the user end,” the same man said. “Clearly, this one isn’t yet used to her surroundings.”

“Remind me why we used such an old scan?” the man in the suit asked, leaning over to inspect Aria. He looked her up and down, raising a hand to pull back the waistband of her diaper. Aria tried to push his hand away-


“It’s a legal issue,” the second man in a lab coat explained. “Most recent scans have exemptions listed, saying that you can’t make infinite copies of their mind. This one…” he looked down at his clipboard. “Aria, gave away the unlimited and exclusive rights to her brain scan. We bought those rights, so we can make as many Messy Betsy dolls as we want without having any liability.”

Aria couldn’t understand what he was talking about. She looked around the room in a panic, searching for some way to esca-


I can’t even think the word ‘esca-


The first scientist continued with the explanation. “Really, the functions she’s running are so pared down and basic that we could use a more primitive AI solution, the mind chips are just cheaper to buy in bulk. The effort we’d have to put in to building a more old-fashioned solution would outweigh the cost benefits when we can just add a lengthy list of limiters on her behavior and install a standard Aria Scan.”

“I see,” the man in the suit said, nodding. “What can she do?”

“Basics for an interactive baby doll,” the scientist explained. “Crawl, within the confines of the space she’s in. Cuddle, play teatime, and otherwise behave like a baby. A dozen dolls exist with the same integrated abilities. The major selling feature is, of course, in the name - the doll has simulated toilet functions and will use her diapers.”

“Of course. How is that feature activated?”

What? Is he going to- no. No, no, no-

“You tickle her tummy, sir,” the other scientist explained.

The man in the suit reached forward, touching Aria’s belly. She tried to pull away and stop him-


It didn’t tickle, much, but as soon as his fingers touched her bellybutton, she felt a sudden, unstoppable compulsion. Bending her articulated knees, Aria scrunched up her painted face, the voice box in her throat making simulated little grunting sounds. Without any control of her actions, she began pushing a warm, soft mush into her cloth diaper.

The three men watched this with detached curiosity, until she stopped grunting and relaxed, feeling the mush squelch. It smelled awful, and Aria wanted nothing except to be let out of the diaper immediately, but the pacifier was still between her lips and she couldn’t so much as cry about it.

The businessman sniffed. “It smells like… cupcakes?”

“Better Batter Cake Scent™,” the second scientist explained. “Obviously, the smell being realistic would put off too many buyers, so it’s actually quite pleasant.”

“Hmm,” the businessman said. “Won’t that mean that children will want to refrain from changing her, since she smells nice? I feel like that defeats the point.”

The first scientist shrugged. “Possibly, but we’ve modified the doll’s sensorium so that she still smells a dirty diaper. She’ll make as much of a fuss as the mental limiters allow, which’ll encourage the children to play with her properly. Even if they don’t change her, though, it’s not really a problem as long as they’re having fun playing with her.”

“How much can she fuss?” the businessman asked.

“I mean, see for yourself,” the scientist said.

Aria glared at him, squirming and kicking her legs. She tried to remove the diaper hersel-


Waving her arms angrily, she tried to flip off the-


Sitting up, feeling her mess squelch, she tried to think of a way to-


Slumping back onto the table, she flailed her porcelain limbs as much as the joints would allow, which wasn’t much. It was less a frantic kicking and more a slow, gentle push at the air.

“She’s hardly cuddly in this state, but she can’t possibly cause real trouble for the child playing with her.”

“Alright. That’s good. What if the doll doesn’t want to play house or do things with the child? I’ve heard of other scanned personalities being noncompliant,” the businessman said.

The first scientist smiled. He looked proud. “We didn’t want to just add an obedience compulsion. If the goal is realism, well… babies are hardly obedient all the time. Instead, we’ve chosen to go with a positive and negative reinforcement system of obedience. Here, watch this.” Reaching forward, he took Aria’s pacifier out.

Immediately, she tried to ask, ‘What’s going on? Where am I?’. What she said was, “Bah ba. Ahh bababa!”

“Betsy,” the scientist said.

Betsy? Who’s-


“Betsy, open your mouth, please.”

Fuck you. I’m not doing what you tell me.

Aria - Betsy - half expected a sudden ‘ACTION FORBIDDEN’ to appear in her mind when she mouthed off to the scientist in her head, but nothing happened. She was able to disobey, at least in her mind.

“See, this is an example of disobedience. However, if you simply use negative reinforcement, she’ll learn to obey. Like this.” The scientist picked her up with one hand, flipping Betsy over so that her mushy bottom was waving in the air. Raising his other hand, he gave her padded bottom a fast, but not very intense, swat.

It stung like nothing Ar- BETSY - had ever felt before. It hadn’t hit that hard, but her senses still read it as an incredibly powerful spank. Instantly, she began bawling, limbs flailing from the pain of the single spank.

“Betsy, are you going to do what you’re told now?” the scientist asked.

Sobbing, she nodded, desperate to avoid another such swat.

He set her down, making the contents of her diaper squelch. “Good, now open your mouth.”

Betsy obeyed, parting her pretty, porcelain lips. Reaching out, the scientist put a little, cookie-shaped something between her lips.

Manna from heaven. The nectar of the gods. It was delicious, beyond anything she’d ever tasted before. Instantly, Betsy wanted another cookie, or whatever it was. Reaching out, she made a grabby motion with her hands, wordlessly begging for another.

“She’ll have the same reaction to our bottle formula, if they prefer to feed her properly,” the scientist explained.

“What if a child decides to spank her just for fun?” the businessman asked.

Again, the scientist shrugged. “Then they’ll have a fussy, disobedient doll. As long as the kid has fun, we don’t really much care, and if they complain, we can point out that it’s their fault for not raising their Messy Betsy properly.”

“Alright. I’m very impressed with your work here,” the businessman said, standing back. “Remind me of the production schedule?”

The second scientist chimed in. “Once they go to the factory for production, we’ll have half a million of these made up in a month. If we start in two weeks, we’ll have them ready with plenty of time for the Black Friday rush and Christmas after that.”

“Make it eight hundred thousand. I have a feeling these are going to sell like hotcakes.”

“I-” the second scientist said. “We’ll have to bump other productions to make that work.”

“Then do it. I want solutions, not problems.”

“Yes sir.”

Satisfied, the businessman said, “What are you going to do with this prototype?”

“Once we’ve got the marketing material we need, probably use her as a display piece,” the second scientist said. “Put her in a front store window, where everyone can see what she looks like and smell the Better Batter Cake Scent™. Maybe have a diaper changing demo for people to try - she can fill diapers as fast as you can change them, so if it helps increase sales, that might be worth it. Really, she’s not special though. There’ll be eight hundred thousand just like her, barring any small software tweaks before we go to market. Any would make just as good of floor models.”

Betsy took that all in. She was still confused, and scared, and she desperately wanted the muck in her diaper to be cleaned away, but she understood what they were saying. She was going to be put on display like this, as… as a toy.

There must be some way to avoid-


She looked around for something to write with, a marker or a crayon so she could make a plea-


Looking between the three men, Betsy hoped they would read her face and understand her desperation.

“Levi,” the businessman said. “Does she understand what’s happening to her?”

The first scientist shrugged. “Like with everything else, sir, that’s a question we’re not really concerned with. Maybe she’s figured it out by now, if she’s smart. But even if she hasn’t… as long as her doll sells, and there aren’t any technical malfunctions, we don’t care what’s going on with her head.”

“Fair enough. I’ve got a meeting to get to, but thanks for this presentation.” The businessman shook hands with the scientists, then turned to leave.

A moment later, the scientists followed him out, turning off the lights as they left. They apparently didn’t care that Betsy could move around the table she was on - she couldn’t get down, and she couldn’t do anything while she was up there except add more mush to her diaper.

The first scientist, though, paused, walking back in and crouching down so that he was at Betsy’s eye level.

“I know you’re in there, Aria,” he said, quietly. “I could turn down your cognitive functions, so that you’re not aware of what’s happening to you. You’d be like a real baby dolly, then, blissfully unaware, just filling up your diapers and begging for treats and bottles like every other doll on the market.” He stood up straight again, turning to leave.

“But I’m not going to. Goodnight, Betsy.”

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Fair enough! I was definitely trying to mix some existential horror elements in with AB/DL to have an unfair ending, which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste. I added a warning at the end so people would know it’s an ‘unfair’ story going into it. :wink: