Middle School Sucks - Callie

Middle School Sucks
if it’s not one problem, it’s another

(Authors Note – I know some of you are sticklers for realism, but please don’t ask me to show you the research on if this could someday work or not because I have no idea. I would bet not. I’m also writing this as a one shot, unless someone really wants another chapter. I have a bad habbit of not finishing stories so I didn’t want to get your hopes up.)

Jessica Haze sat in the same prison cell that she has lived in for the past three years. She sat with her chin in her hands and sighed. ‘It had seemed like such a good idea at the time’ she thought…such famous last words.

It had all started eleven years ago. Jessica was staying with her sister and new niece on vacation. The baby was so cute, but such a problem. Kept the whole house up half the night, feedings at all hours, and those diapers! Those where gross! It was 2073, the human genome had been mapped for 6 years, and no one has found a way around potty training? Humans where supposed to be civilized.

When Dr. Haze returned to her university work after what she now laughingly called a vacation, she tossed herself into the research she needed. How hard could it possibly be to tighten the muscles of a newborn so they could be potty trained with just a little relaxation massage until they are old enough to go on their own? Anything has to be better then diapers, ‘anything’. It only took Dr. Haze a few short months to isolate the part of DNA that she needed, and not even one more to have a dormant virus ready that could deliver her new ‘medicine’. She never thought to work out an antidote. Who would need one?

Jessica lay down on her bed and draped her arm over her forehead. That’s where she had really screwed up. Why hadn’t she created an antidote, for that matter why hadn’t she just gone though channels? At the time releasing the virus into the water was perfect…it would only affect children under 3 or 4 with the way it was designed, and every mother in the country would thank her.

It was four years after Jessica had released her virus that the flaws in her plan where painfully obvious to her. The virus wasn’t as controlled as she had thought. It began mutating almost immediately. Yes on infants and young toddlers it was perfect. It did exactly what it was designed to do. Mothers could control when their babies when to the bathroom and where, and it began lay dormant as a child reached the age of 3 or 4. But it didn’t stop. It began to completely reverse its own effects. By the time a child was 6 they would be having accidents, by 10 they would be completely diaper dependent at night.

Amy Haze ran through her front door and upstairs to her room. It had been one of her worst days ever. She hated middle school. She didn’t want to go back. The other kids made her life miserable. She sat up on her bed and tryed to do a messy, but she just couldn’t. She wanted to so bad, she was sick of being a little kid stuck using the potty. Her mom said she had to stay in pull-ups until she didn’t need the potty anymore. She hung her head and walked down to the bathroom while she thought back to what happened that afternoon.

That brat Marissa had been making fun of her again. She hated being stuck in training pants! She was such a baby. She was the only girl in her class wearing baby training pants. She thought back on what that ‘girl’ had said to her. “What’sa matter, baby girl still need to get her panties down to use the potty?” Then she patted her own thick-diapered butt and walked off laughing. Then she did what was worse in Amys eyes. She filled the back of her diaper without even thinking about it. She may be a brat, but she was still an adult to Amy.


That was Funny. Weather intentional or not. Callie took one of the most boring theams in any stories hear (inexplainable incontenence.) and did the exact opposite (Inexplainable contenence.) And all I can say is, MOAR MOAR MOAR.

Middle School Sucks - Callie

Nice little twist there.

Middle School Sucks - Callie

My only problem is: Why don’t they just wear diapers if they want them so much? It’s not like there’s something forcing them to use the bathroom.