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Mimi's Struggles - Pink N Nappies

Mimi’s struggle

Mimi awoke with a start. At first she wondered why, as most people do in the brief moments after waking, but she soon got that familiar feeling which had woken her many times in the past. It wasn’t a strong feeling, for which she was very impressed at herself, but it was still there nevertheless. Slowly forcing the will into her body, Mimi got out of bed and fumbled around for her glasses; she was going to need to see where she was going. After a few moments delay, the large round spectacles were finally perched on her nose. The light switch came next, which also took a bit of time finding and was disappointingly not as near to the door as she would have liked. Because she hadn’t accounted for these two time consuming factors, by the time she got to the door of her room Mimi’s need seemed a lot more urgent, but at least she was up. And this time, she would make it. Confident, Mimi opened the door just a crack but was immediately thwarted by yet another road block; the hallway light was off! It just wasn’t turning out to be her night; the hallway light was always supposed to be on in case anyone needed to get up! Despite this set back, Mimi was determined to reach her destination; she hadn’t already come all this way just to give up now! And besides, she knew that giving up would only create worse problems for her in the long run, so very cautiously, Mimi edged her way into the hall. The light cast from the open door of her room was doing a poor job of illuminating the rather large hallway which now lay before her, and would soon be extinguished once the door swung shut behind her. She tried to delay letting go of the handle for as long as possible, just long enough to pin point where she thought the light switch was, then let go. The darkness came flooding over her like a wave of shadow before she could even set out. Mimi felt like she was lost in another dimension, totally unable to see or know where she was going as the journey seemed to take forever. She picked up the pace, partly because she was becoming more and more worried in the dark, but also because her inner feeling was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. With her arms out stretched, Mimi finally made contact with the wall, and after a brief frantic exploration found the light switch. In a single moment, the light came on, and Mimi ran. Thump thump thump, every bound brought her closer to the goal but doubled her predicament, a risky trade off she knew, but time was running out. Not slowing down until the last moment, she nearly collided with the very door she was supposed to be going through. A gasp escaped from the young girl as she almost lost the battle she had been trying so hard to win, but a desperate last resolve that she summoned from seemingly out of no where allowed her to make it through the door and into the bathroom. She had made it! The prize awaited her. Unable to keep still for even a second Mimi was in a desperate situation, but relief was merely a few excruciating moments away. One, two, three steps closer, up went the lid, down came the pyjamas, and then… “Noooo!” squealed Mimi, albeit a rather subdued squeal. She had completely forgotten about the last stage of the ritual, and now that the final moment was upon her she was going about it entirely the wrong way. Lost in a state of desperation, she tugged and pulled, trying as hard as she could to get the damn thing off but it was on too snug. Frustrated, Mimi shook her fists at nothing in the air, reduced to a helpless fit of tears as she finally couldn’t hold on anymore. The defeated girl could only hop around the bathroom powerless and in vain, as she began to pee straight into the crotch of her diaper.

Mimi was awake a short while before her alarm clock went off, as sometimes happened, but like always she decided to wait all the same. She was of course wet; last night’s bathroom fiasco had seen to that, but she certainly wasn’t happy about it.
“Stupid diapers…” she mumbled to herself, “If only I didn’t have these stupid tape-ons, I wouldn’t be wet!” Being wet often made Mimi cranky, but it usually didn’t last. By the time the alarm finally did go off she had stopped caring, and was now thinking about how annoying the alarm sound was. Being already awake, all she had to do was turn it off, after which she continued to lie in her bed until a few minutes later when her mom knocked on her door.
“Rise and shine Mimi, its time to get up.” She said, not waiting for a reply as usual before opening the door and entering.
“Oh, you’re already awake honey! Good girl, did you sleep well?” Mimi simply rolled her eyes until she was avoiding her mothers gaze.
“I guess…” she sighed, more out of apathy than annoyance. She knew what was coming next, so without having to be told, Mimi pulled back the bed covers and turned her head to the side. Her mother in turn gently lowered her daughter’s pyjama bottoms and proceeded to check the young girl’s diaper. She was obviously wet.
“Awww, did you have another accident last night Mimi?”
“I was so close mommy, I nearly made it!” Mimi answered desperately.
“I’m sure you did dear…” she replied, rather insincerely.
“I mean it! I got all the way to the bathroom, but I couldn’t get my diaper off, and before that the hallway light wasn’t on, and then…”
“Of course Mimi” her mother interjected, clearly not paying attention, “I’m sure you’ll make it next time.”
“Mommy, if you just stopped making me wear diapers…” once again her mother was quick to interrupt.
“Now Mimi, you know what would have happened if you didn’t have your diapers on. As soon as you stop having accidents…”
“Why can’t I at least wear pull-ups to bed? It’d be just the same.”
“Pull-ups won’t be enough for you-know-what young lady, you know that.”
“But mom!” Things were starting to get a little unfair as far as Mimi was concerned; not only because her mom never believed her, but because she wouldn’t even give her a chance. She’d accidentally pooped her diaper over two months ago, but her mom was still holding it against the poor girl.
“Please Mimi; let’s not have one of your tantrums. Once you stop having accidents we’ll think about letting you wear pull-ups to bed, o.k?” Knowing that she was practically being ignored, Mimi pouted; her mom never listened to her.
“Come on missy, your breakfast is waiting.” Pulling her pyjamas back up, the young girl hopped out of bed and was promptly taken by the hand. Her mother led her straight out of her room and along the hallway, which seemed a whole lot smaller to Mimi in the natural morning light. She hoped, as she always did, that her mom was leading her to the bathroom, but instead they kept walking on past the door and down the stairs. It was a vain hope Mimi knew; being wet meant that her mom wouldn’t take any chances, and that she wouldn’t be changed out of her diaper until after breakfast.

Still being held by her hand, Mimi was led through the kitchen and into the dining room, where her bowl of cereal was already waiting. Her father was in the kitchen as she passed through, and as usual he was in a rush to finish his coffee and get out of the house. Her father was a very busy man, and Mimi didn’t see him much, but he still managed a “good morning princess” in between gulps of coffee, before kissing both women on the cheek and heading for the door. In addition to Mimi’s breakfast, her little sister Ally was also present at the table, happily eating her own cereal. The two girls didn’t acknowledge one another at first, and even once Mimi was seated they simply exchanged a brief glance before ignoring each other, each for her own reasons. For Mimi, it was mostly embarrassment. Her sister knew the routine, and she knew what it meant when Mimi came to breakfast still wearing her diaper, but she also knew better than to say anything. Mimi often felt very embarrassed when she was in the presence of Ally, knowing that her younger and very much smaller sister did not have to wear diapers in any sense, and had not for quite a long time. She knew it wasn’t deliberate, but Ally made her feel small, ashamed and upset, and it only got worse the older they got, so whenever the two were together Mimi would make an effort to be as distant as possible. Ally on the other hand revelled in Mimi’s company. She knew better than to mention her older sister’s diapers, because poking fun was not tolerated by either of their parents, but she was more than content just to maintain the silence. She loved her sister very much, and often felt sorry for her situation, but she also enjoyed Mimi’s deference. As the younger sibling, Ally felt empowered by the role reversal that came from having something so significant over her sister, something that she didn’t want anyone to find out; a definite ace card in waiting. She could feel Mimi’s discomfort like a heavy aura, and would try to emit her own aura of sympathy right back, because caring for her sister was to Ally the most subtle way of maintaining her status. Mimi of course could feel Ally’s air of sympathy, which only made it harder to hide her discomfort. She often wished that Ally would go ahead and make fun of her, because at least she would gain a victory knowing she would get into big trouble. The fact that her sister was constantly nice to her meant there was nothing she could do to quell the inferiority that she felt without making things worse. And so the atmosphere at the breakfast table this day was much like any other, which to an outside observer would only appear plain with a hint of sibling intolerance, totally masking the complicated psychology that occupied the minds of both girls.

As soon as she had finished her breakfast, Mimi couldn’t excuse her self quick enough. She waddled into the kitchen away from her sister, and was once again taken by the hand, despite objection, and led away up the stairs. Ally meanwhile made her own way upstairs to get ready in her own time. Mimi didn’t like being led around; it was as though her mom didn’t trust her to go where she was told, and she certainly didn’t like having her diaper changed. It wasn’t even as if she had anything hard to do; on a morning she only needed to change out of her diaper, but she knew that her mom wouldn’t trust her to do it. At least Ally hadn’t been around to see her objecting; protesting that you shouldn’t have to wear diapers to bed made for a pretty embarrassing display while you were still wearing a wet one… Her protests went unheard though, just as they always did, and Mimi was already half way through being changed before she got tired and gave up. She had been sitting on her bed while her mom had been cleaning her up, but now that she was through being awkward she decided to lie down to make things easier. It didn’t take very long, and upon completion her mom left Mimi to get ready for school on her own, taking the wet diaper to the trash with her (nothing to do with Mimi’s diapers were kept in her room). Mimi was glad for the brief moment alone, and even after she was finished getting ready for school she made sure to wait as long as possible before going back downstairs. In the end it wasn’t too long, because there was no sense in making herself late which would only get her into trouble at school. Nevertheless, when she re-entered the kitchen both her mother and her sister were already waiting to go.
“Its about time Mimi, you’re gonna make us late!” chimed Ally.
“Sorry, I was just getting ready. But we can go now.”
“One second dear, you can’t go anywhere just yet.” Her mother said, reaching into a bag on the side of the kitchen table.
“But mom, I don’t want us to be late!”
“Nonsense, it’ll only take a minute, and you know you can’t go without it.”
Mimi sighed. She knew what was coming, and she knew it was pointless to try talking her mother out of it. She just wished Ally wasn’t there.
“Come on, hope on over.” She called, holding open a disposable pull-up. Reluctantly, Mimi walked towards the table and lowered her panties, which earned a definite frown and a grumble from her mother. Mimi knew she wasn’t supposed to put panties on before school, she needed her pull-ups. Rather ashamedly, she kicked away the underwear and stepped into the pull-up, holding her skirt so that her mother could pull the garment up to her daughter’s waist making it snug.
“There you go Mimi, now turn around and I’ll put two spares into your bag just in case.” Mimi complied and turned around, releasing her skirt so that it fell into place covering her secret. Unfortunately, she was now facing Ally who in turn was staring right at her. Beat red, Mimi lowered her head in an attempt to escape her sister’s attention, but it was no good; she could feel Ally’s gaze burning right into her, while her mother seemed to take forever fiddling around with bag on her shoulders. At last, she heard the sound of a zipper closing and felt a gentle pat on her head.
“All done, now run along girls or you’re going to be late for school!”

Chapter 2

Neither Mimi nor Ally said a word to each other on the way to school. This suited Mimi just fine, as it meant she could power walk with her head down and blame it on the fact that they were running late. As always, she tried not to think about her embarrassing situation, but as always it found its way to the forefront of her mind. After all this time it still wasn’t a routine for her, she just couldn’t accept it as normal. Everyday felt like the first time for Mimi, which only served to make both herself and her mother frustrated. At least I don’t have to wear those stupid baby diapers anymore, she mused; now that was embarrassing! Those silly little pictures where the tapes went… and the pull-ups were even worse because the pictures would fade whenever she had an accident, like she wouldn’t be able to tell herself. Yes, Mimi was definitely glad to be out of those, even if her new “grown up” underwear was a little more bulky. At the time she complained about it of course, just like she always did, saying for a good while afterwards that she didn’t like the new diapers, if only to prove to her mother that she didn’t like it her way all the time. Still, she liked to think that her mom was simply being reasonable when she finally switched Mimi out of baby diapers, and not for the more rational reason that her daughter was just getting bigger and wetting too much…

As it turned out they weren’t late for school at all, probably due to the brisk pace with which the girls had travelled. They even had a few minutes to wind down before going to class, which Ally spent chatting to her friends and Mimi spent going to the bathroom. This was absolute routine for Mimi; not that her chances of having an accident were any worse than zero, but going to the bathroom at regular intervals was a fail safe method of ensuring that her mom was never proved right. Oh how she loved going home accident free, it gave her something to look forward to all day. Of course, the trade off was that if she ever did have an accident, hypothetically of course, then going home became something to dread. Today however went pretty much as usual; a few close calls but no accidents, so once again Mimi expected to return home to her just rewards.

Arriving home also went pretty much as usual, which sadly for Mimi meant she didn’t get her just rewards. Indeed, no matter how many times she protested that she had not had an accident; her mother still subjected her to a routine diaper check ever time she walked through the door. At least she didn’t have to walk home with Ally, which allowed Mimi a chance to rush back first and avoid the embarrassment of onlookers. However, her sister had an uncanny knack of making it home before Mimi and was often sitting in the kitchen right at the moment of entry. Worse still, she would sometimes be waiting outside the door so that the two would have to enter together. Of course the girls’ mother thought it sweet that Ally waited for her big sister, a good example of sisterly love she called it. Today was one such occasion, and as usual Ally let Mimi enter the house first so that she wouldn’t block line of sight between her mother and her supposedly older sister.

“Well now, how was school for my two favourite girls?” she said almost instantly.
“It was o.k.” Mimi answered. Ally meanwhile was happy to stay silent.
“And how is your…” their mother began.
“I’m fine, really.” Mimi interjected, knowing full well what the question was going to be.
“Uh-huh…” came the reply, rather disbelievingly.
“I mean it, no problems like always.” Mimi felt she had to put particular emphasis on the last word, just so that her mother might get the point.
“Well if you did have an accident, I hope you remembered to throw away you’re dirty pull-up.” She said, completely ignoring everything that Mimi was saying. Once again this comment stemmed from a long past incident, in which Mimi, on one of those rare “occasions”, had been too embarrassed to leave the school bathroom cubicle with a pull-up in her hand, and had instead stashed it in her bag. She had intended to dispose of it later but it slipped her mind, much to the detriment of her anti-diaper efforts.

By now the check was being undertaken, with each girl sporting a completely different expression for the event. Mimi was understandably uncomfortable and bright red, whilst Ally stood transfixed during the whole procedure. Of course, she also displayed her nonchalant yet sympathetic face which she had mastered so well. After the pull-up check came the bag check - A very simple yet utterly degrading process of counting the pull-ups in Mimi’s school bag, since it would have been very easy for Mimi to just go around using her pull-ups then change into a dry one before she went home. This was exactly her mothers thinking; she didn’t doubt for one second that Mimi would do this if she could, hence the reason why she always took Mimi’s spare pull-ups out of her bag when she got home. The injustice here, at least in the eyes of Mimi, was that it was always evident and indeed promptly investigated if ever there was a pull-up missing, yet every time they were all present and correct her mother said no word of encouragement. Mimi would often make a point of reminding those present that no pull-ups were missing, like always (with emphasis again), but her mother would simply brush it aside as though she somehow still didn’t believe her, or considered her dry spell a complete fluke…

Well, it was another check endured and another check passed, Mimi thought to herself with fading hope. This could only be doing her case good, no matter how utterly her mother dismissed it. She didn’t hold her breath for any kind of respite from the next step however, as once again she was taken by the hand and led upstairs. Just once I’d like her to ask me first, Mimi thought to herself as she was pulled along.
Once they were out of sight, Ally allowed herself a smirk. She stood in the kitchen on the exact same spot that Mimi had, and imagined their mom checking her while Mimi watched.

“Ooops! I forgot that you wear panties!” She would say to her, feeling decidedly foolish for checking.
“It’s o.k.” Ally would reply, obediently holding her skirt high in the air and not making a fuss like Mimi would. “I can see why you might forget” At which point she would deliberately turn to face her sister, directing her mothers gaze. Mimi in turn would try and not look embarrassed, but fail miserably as she felt the combined glare of Ally and her mom whilst still being able to fully see that Ally was wearing panties. Ally wouldn’t say anymore, the look would be enough, but both she and her mother would giggle secretly at Mimi’s expense. It was a good fantasy, one of a few that she imagined quite often, but in the end she would always consider herself lucky. She knew that plenty of kids thought about embarrassing things happening to their siblings, but few ever got a smidgen of the real thing. Ally however, had more than enough. The real situations were not quite as imaginative as some of Ally’s conjured scenarios, but they were almost as good – sometimes better, especially when Mimi made things worse for herself, or when she was surprised by a scenario that she would never have conceived… Although, those were the ones that brought out the real caring sister in her; she didn’t want Mimi to actually suffer. Sure she had ways to balance her guilt, the least of which was that from Ally’s experience, Mimi partly deserved the way their mom treated her, and so in her eyes her mother was only doing what she thought best for her daughter…

At this point Ally realised that she had been thinking too much and was still standing in the middle of the kitchen holding her skirt up. She always thought too much, which worried her because anyone could have walked in and seen, so she grounded herself with a rather intense pang of guilt. Her smirk gone; Ally left the kitchen to do pretty much whatever she liked.

“I can do it myself mom…” Mimi argued rather half-heartedly.
“Why are you making such a fuss about it Mimi? You never used to.” She retorted, unaware that Mimi could not see any truth in what she said. As far as Mimi was concerned, she’d always complained at any given chance, especially when she was expected to put with something as menial as this. I mean come on, how hard was it to take off a pull-up? She knew deep down that it was because her mom didn’t trust her not to keep the pull-up, which was still dry, and stash it away to use as a spare in case of an accident. Mimi also knew deep down that she would do exactly that if only she could get away with it, which just served to annoy her more. Mimi hated it when her mom was right. At least her pull-up was dry this time, though it was hardly any conciliation when her mom was still pulling it out from under her.

At least being dry meant that once the pull-up was off, the ritual ended there because there was no cleaning necessary. Mimi’s mother promptly left the room with her daughters pull-up in hand, destined for the trash. Mimi hoped that her mother would remember to put it in the “special” trash, which was basically a separate bin with a one-way lid used solely for Mimi’s diapers. This was one area that Ally and Mimi at least agreed on, because putting her diapers in the normal trash risked exposure to anyone who might come to the house. On the one hand, Mimi knew they were hers so would naturally die on the spot if anyone saw. On the other hand, being the youngest sister Ally knew that people would assume they were hers, so she didn’t like to see them in the trash either.

Slipping her panties on, Mimi thought now would be a good time to use the bathroom. She had been holding it in a little on the way home, and though it was no where near enough to cause an accident, she might as well go now rather than risk it until later. She loved the feeling of using the bathroom while wearing panties, as if every time she did was an affront to her mother. Making it to the bathroom on a night time or at school was just not the same, because she would only feel good for a second before having to put her “protection” back on, reminding Mimi what her mother was making her wear. Once she had finished, Mimi made a point of pulling her panties up and down several times, a luxury not permitted when she was wearing diapers. Part of it she knew was in clear defiance of her mother, though it was also a strong ritual of reaffirmation, as though she needed to remind herself that she could wear panties and not forget how to do it.

By the time Mimi got back to her room her mother was waiting for her, just as she knew she would be. Sighing, Mimi reluctantly sat down next to her. If there was something her mom wanted then there was little Mimi could do, so she was fairly used to just waiting patiently for whatever was about to come. She could always start disagreeing if all her mom wanted to do was talk at her.
So Mimi waited. Her mother eventually stood up in front of her and began rummaging around, presumably looking for something. By now Mimi knew what was coming, despite her best efforts to imagine the contrary, so didn’t resist as she was forcibly laid down on her bed. Her mother then proceeded to take off her daughter’s panties, the ones which she had not ten minutes ago put on and been enjoying in a brief moment of freedom, and toss them into the laundry pile. She wasn’t particularly annoyed by Mimi’s donning of underwear; in fact she liked to indulge her daughter from time to time if it made her happy, futile though it was.

At this point Mimi thought about making a fuss. By now she normally would be, but thanks to last night’s minor indiscretion she knew she didn’t have much of a case, certainly not from her mother’s point of view. It would be utterly pointless. But she tried all the same.
“Mom…” she began rather half-heartedly. But her mother, having heard the same pleas many times before was ready with an automatic response.
“We’ll see dear.” She said, taping Mimi’s diaper on.

Mimi hated having to wear diapers around the house, worse than at any other time. She really thought it was unfair, considering the bathroom was never more than like, ten seconds away. And why couldn’t she just wear pull-ups like she did at school? It didn’t matter whether or not she came home dry, she would always be changed straight into a diaper to wear around the house, without being given any kind of chance. Of course she’d had this discussion with her mother a thousand times already, and the answers were always the same; totally unreasonable from Mimi’s point of view. Pull-ups are more expensive than diapers, and diapers can hold much bigger accidents or even several accidents. And it doesn’t matter that they’re bulky and more obvious, she was in the house so no one would see. Blah, blah, blah… The last part was particularly unfair, Mimi thought, since it was enough for her that Ally could blatantly tell she was diapered.

Of course, in addition to these rather menial reasons, there was still the ace card which her mother held for arguments such as these, though one which Mimi would vehemently deny. And it was that she simply had accidents and needed protection, even at home. Mimi blamed this solely on the fact that she was made to wear diapers in the first place, and so considered herself in a catch 22 situation. She only had accidents because her mother thought she had accidents! At least things were better now than they had been previously. For a long time Mimi had not been allowed to take her diaper off herself. Having to ask to have her diaper taken off so she could use the bathroom, what was that all about? She often felt like she was practically being forced to use her diapers, and still did to a certain extent; those tapes could be tricky! And don’t get me started on not being allowed to change myself! Mimi thought all of a sudden, but that was another topic for another time.

Every time Mimi had these thoughts, which was usually when being changed, she thought about voicing them at her mother. Many times she had, and never with any success. Right now she wasn’t going to bother. Her previous attempt to raise a conversation had been thwarted before she’d even got the word “mom” out, and if she was honest with herself, Mimi was losing the will. Once upon a time she would complain every instance she was diapered by force, and this continued for much of the early days. Then after a while she realised that tantrums were more effective when saved for opportune moments. Like now for example was not opportune, but on the back of a dry spell or a special occasion like her birthday, she had a lot more leverage. She kept that method up for a while, and was quite frustrated that it didn’t seem to work either, so she slowly slipped back into regular arguments, only now the drive wasn’t there as before. As time went on her efforts seemed more and more futile, as though they were now more out of habit than genuine disapproval. Her accumulated experiences of being diapered against her will were yielding no results, which was very disheartening for Mimi because she was starting to realise that she had had a lot of diaper experience.

The tragic truth of the matter for Mimi, though she would never ever admit it to herself, let alone her mother or Ally, was that she was just getting used to it.

Chapter 3

Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Come on Ally, you’ve been in there for like ever!”
“I’m going as fast as I can Mimi, stop bugging me!”
“Please Ally; I really need to go…”
“Then you shouldn’t have waited so long! You could have come sooner.”
“I did! But you…” Mimi let her argument trail off, she was on the wrong side of the bathroom door to be agitating Ally, who currently held Mimi’s fate in her hands. Mimi had to admit that she couldn’t be totally mad with Ally, since she hadn’t technically gone to the bathroom the exact moment that she started to need it… But still, she could have been far lazier if she wanted to be and so what Ally had done was completely unfair.

As usual, Mimi was engrossed in something when the urge hit. She found it quite odd how she only ever needed to pee when she was in the middle of something, like the god of continence liked playing tricks on her. In this particular instance she was talking to one of her few friends over the internet, and everyone knows that whenever you type “brb”, you risk the response “Its o.k, I needed to get going anyway…”, especially if you’ve been talking for quite a long time like Mimi had. Now, the relationship between Mimi’s room and the bathroom has already been established as basically being at opposite ends of a corridor, so that under well lit circumstances you can see one from the other. Mimi’s desk also happened to be right next to her bedroom door, so her standard practice was to shuffle along on her wheeled computer chair and poke her head into the hallway. Being able to see the bathroom door from this vantage point, Mimi could always ensure that the toilet was available to her, signified by the bathroom door being ajar, and thus feel safe not having to go straight away but to keep doing whatever it was she was doing.

This particular occasion was no different, so after several checks to make sure the bathroom was still free, Mimi finally felt she had to tell her friend that she’d “brb”. Her friend in turn replied that it was no problem, inferring that she would wait for Mimi to return, which always made Mimi feel a little bit stupid for delaying her break. But no matter, she still had plenty of time and the bathroom door was still open as she left her room and began traversing the hall.

As chance would have it, Ally’s room was situated right next to the bathroom, much to Mimi’s envy! Ironically though, Ally hated it, complaining that the sound of the toilet flushing would wake her up on a night (which in Mimi’s eyes pointed towards a culprit for the regular hall way light sabotage). Frequently they both asked their mother, individually of course, if they could switch rooms. Obviously the answer was ever a resounding no- imagine the hassle that swapping two rooms around would entail. Nevertheless, the most enviable quality of Ally’s room was what thwarted Mimi next; while she was still only half way across the hall way, her sister opened her own bedroom door and more or less walked straight into the bathroom, slamming the door in Mimi’s face before she knew what was going on. There was a sliding noise and then a “click”, which meant that once Mimi had realised what was happening, she could only muster a challenge from behind a locked door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Open up Ally, I was here first!” Mimi had protested.
“I don’t think so Mimi, I was here first. That’s why I’m in now and you’re not!”
“Oh come on, you saw me in the hall! You’re room’s just closer than mine!”
“Mimi, stop being a baby. Some of us need to use the bathroom more than you do…” Mimi felt stung by the inference of Ally’s comment, as though she might as well have said “Some of us only have the toilet to pee in…”, but she didn’t want to rise to meet her sisters scathing remark.
“That’s… not true.” Mimi whispered rather meekly. A brief pause followed.
“Just wait a moment; I’ll be out in one minute.” Ally said. This brings us back to the present some ten minutes later.

Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Ally! Come on!”
“Quit rushing me! I don’t do it to you, it’s not fair!”
“Please…” Mimi pleaded, a tear forming in her eyes.
“Just give me one second!”
By now Mimi was noticeably shuffling around outside the door, interrupted by the occasional yelp or moan or half-hearted tap on the door. After about another minute of this Mimi launched a final attempt.
“Please Ally! Open up!” She banged with a last ditched effort. “Please, just let me in! I’m gonna…”
From inside the bathroom, Ally heard Mimi’s desperate sniffles turn into full blown crying as her big sister broke into tears, followed shortly by the stamping of running feet away from the door. Both the stamping and the crying got quieter until the stamping finally stopped and the crying levelled out, presumably in Mimi’s room. At this point, Ally decided to stop pressing her ear against the bathroom door. Her neck was feeling a little stiff from holding it in that same position for the last few minutes, so she moved her head around a bit before slowly creeping out of the door, remembering to flush the toilet on her way so as to keep up the charade. Ally thought she heard the crying intensify as she did so.

Upset wasn’t exactly the word Mimi would use to describe herself at that moment. She was annoyed at Ally obviously, and also at the fact that her mom would be proved right yet again, but mostly she was annoyed and frustrated at herself. She knew she was partly to blame for waiting so long before she went to the bathroom, but she couldn’t believe that she’d started crying so loudly! It was like “hey everyone, look what I did in my diaper!” Stupid diapers… Mimi thought. If I wasn’t wearing them then maybe Ally would have let me use the bathroom first… It wasn’t like she’d never wet before, so why did she have to cry every time? Why couldn’t she save the tears for in front of her mother during changes? It was all the wrong way; bawling when she had an accident but being brave faced and awkward when being changed. What kind of message was that giving out? Exactly the one her mother wanted to hear, that’s what kind. The tears quickly dissipated as Mimi sulked on her bed. Then she realised that her friend was still waiting for her on the internet. At least she could keep talking and not have to see her stupid sister. So after a moments composure, Mimi sat at her desk in her now wet diaper and began typing, “Back”

Ally knew exactly where she was going. Finding her mom in the kitchen, she decided to sit down and make small talk. Once her mother moved into the living room Ally followed, always making sure she knew what her mom was doing. All she had to do now was wait.
“I better go check on your sister dear; I’ll be back in a sec.”
“Wait mom, I wanted to talk to you about something.” She snapped, desperately thinking of something to say that would keep her mom downstairs.
“Oh? What is it Ally?”
“Um, it’s kind of about school…”
“Can it not wait? I’ll only be a moment with your sister, presuming she’s o.k.”
“Can’t that wait until dinner time? I mean Mimi will be down soon and it’s nearly ready right?” There was a slight pause as the girls mother looked from her watch to the kitchen, and then to the stairs. She repeated this a few times while Ally waited with bated breath.
“I guess you’re right… I just don’t like to leave her, you know?”
“I know mum, but Mimi’s a big girl, I’m sure she’s fine.” Ally replied trying not to sigh with relief.
“You know, you’re absolutely right. Mimi sure is lucky to have a sister like you, always thinking about her.”
“Gee mom, it’s not like she wouldn’t do the same or anything…” Ally said, replicating humility. The truth was that this was too good an opportunity to waste, she wanted results.
“I’m sorry dear; you wanted to talk to me about school?”
By now it didn’t matter what she said, so long as her mom wasn’t going anywhere. So she mumbled a few things about how she was finding certain subjects hard, and how she was looking forward to the holidays. Her mom meanwhile paid full attention, as mom’s do, despite the fact that she was secretly happy nothing significant was going on. After a while, a “ding” sounded in the kitchen.

“Come on down Mimi, its dinner time!”
Already? Mimi thought to herself. Sure she was hungry, and it was definitely late enough to be dinner time, but there was a certain something about her current condition that made her slightly reluctant to face the music. Not that she had anything really to lose; Mimi knew that there was no chance she could get away without having a diaper change, but usually her mom would have been and “checked” her by now. Where was she? Oh well, no use thinking about it; she was wet and so her mom would have found out sooner or later… Suddenly, a panic spread all over her like a rash, what if her mother was giving Mimi a chance to show responsibility by not checking her? Damn! Of all the times to have an accident, she just had to have gone and done it when she needed to prove she could stay dry more than ever! But she could still make something out of it at least, even if it wasn’t as good as staying dry. Mimi figured that by announcing that her diaper was wet before her mom had a chance to check for herself, it at least showed she was paying attention to her diapers and was being responsible for her accidents. So with that in mind, Mimi signed off of her computer and headed downstairs, intent on telling her mom what had happened.

“Mom, I…” Mimi began, but immediately cut herself off as she saw Ally waiting in the kitchen for her. As much as she hated admitting that she’d peed herself, whenever her sister was around it made it ten times worse. In a split second Mimi had completely changed her mind. Attempting to avoid suspicion, she instead decided not to bring attention to herself in the hope that her mother would leave her be. Brushing her half finished sentence away as though she had never started it, Mimi shuffled towards the table where the plates were already laid.

The next thing Mimi knew, her skirt was around her ankles. She never saw it coming.
“Check time.” Her mother announced, somewhat late in Mimi’s opinion. She would at least have liked to know it was coming before she’d had her skirt yanked down in a sly and unforeseen fashion, and right in front of Ally too. Typical. She folded her arms and pouted; the standard posture for the situation. It probably did her no favours but at least it made her feel better.

Despite being obviously wet just by looking at her diaper, Mimi’s mother still performed the ritual of first peeking down the front of the diaper, then running a finger along the inside of Mimi’s leg to double check. Mimi didn’t watch her mother as she went about the task, but she knew as soon as she felt the tug at her crotch that her mother would be shaking her head and probably muttering to herself. Ally of course was secretly loving it. Mimi thought about reaching for her skirt in preparation for heading back upstairs, but before she could bend over her mother caught her off guard with another check; a quick peek down the back of her diaper than a firm pat on the bum.
“Mom!” Mimi said astounded. She was also quite annoyed that she hadn’t expected it, when a number two check often happened if she was first found to be wet.
“I think I’d know if I pooped myself!”
There was a deadly silence as Mimi caught Ally’s gaze, making her instantly regret her little outburst.
“Well I’m sorry Mimi, but you can’t blame me for caring since you don’t know when you’re wet…”
“But I did know!”
Another deadly silence marked Mimi’s second spell of regret.
“Then why didn’t you tell me sweetie?”
“I… I was going to, but…”
“Honey, I don’t mind if you can’t keep track of all your accidents. That’s why I check you, right?” This comment made Mimi really angry. No matter how many times she tried to tell her mom that she needed a change, on one of the few occasions when she’d had a rare accident of course, her mother never listened and just went ahead and checked her all the same, sometimes making her wait until she would have done it anyway.
“No, I mean it mom. I was going to tell you but… it was Ally’s fault that I went!”
The third and longest silence of the encounter was marked only by a sharp intake of breath from the accused, who until now had remained utterly silent.
“Oh really?” The girls’ mother said, turning to Ally with a genuine conviction. For the first time ever, Mimi got the slight feeling that her mom might actually be on her side. She couldn’t believe it!
“What did you do to Mimi, dear?”
“I didn’t do anything mom!” Ally said in genuine panic. “I was in the bathroom and Mimi just started crying!” Ally did not have quite the same grounding as Mimi did in a straight up argument, being the younger and clearly smaller of the two sisters, so she floundered ever so slightly whenever she tried to speak.
“That’s not true! I was there first and you went in on purpose! She wouldn’t let me in mom!”
“I did not! I didn’t know you wanted to come in so bad!”
“You did too! I said please like a million times and I was knocking…” Mimi started to lose focus as she remembered the traumatic recent event. Ally meanwhile had regained some confidence.
“I was only in for two minutes! You didn’t even try to wait!”
“I did too! You were in for more than ten minutes and I tried my hardest…”
“Did not! You peed your diapers on purpose!”
The argument came to a screeching halt as their mother gave Ally a discouraging look for the last comment. Ally tried to mouth a sorry but couldn’t find the words. Mimi was starting to sniffle.
“Now girls, that’s quite enough of that. It’s o.k Mimi.” She said. Mimi suddenly felt better at the sound of her mothers reassuring voice, clearly on her side for once.
“Ally, come here please.” The younger sibling only had to take half a step to get closer to her mother, but it was the principal of the summoning that counted.
“Now you know not to say things like that about your sister’s condition, she can’t help it.”
Ally hung her head and began to sniffle herself, resigned to a further reprimand as her best plans came crumbling down around her. Mimi wasn’t best pleased at what her mother had said about her “condition”, but at least it was in the right direction for once. Mimi also waited for the telling off that her sister was going to get.

It never came.
“Mimi, what Ally said wasn’t fair, but blaming her for your accident isn’t fair either.” At once both girls jerked their heads up.
“You know you have to get to the bathroom early, and you can’t expect your sister to just jump out because of you. I’m sure she would have tried to help you if she could, but if you can’t wait two minutes…”

Mimi couldn’t stop crying. She just held onto her mother and bawled into her chest, skirt still around her ankles. Her mother rocked ever so gently from side to side, whispering “shhhh” noises into her ear and generally not understanding why Mimi was crying. This was evident from her poor choice of reassurances, which revolved around two minutes being a long time to hold on if you have wetting problems, and that she couldn’t help having accidents, which is why they both agreed she should go back to wearing diapers. The latter theme of reassurance stung the most; like she would ever have agreed to wearing diapers! If only she could muster her feelings into an argument, but it just didn’t seem like the time. As a side not, if either of them had been paying attention to anything other than themselves, they might have noticed a brief flash, or heard the faint sound of a mobile phone going “snap”.

After a few minutes, Ally started to help her mother carry on with setting up dinner, which was in danger of getting cold. Mimi had calmed down and was now standing still, wiping tears from her eyes and sniffing.
“Oh, I’m sorry Mimi; we almost forgot to change you.” Her mother exclaimed, almost dropping a potato. Mimi wanted more than anything to wait until after dinner, but all she could do was start crying again. At least she could summon the will to start pulling her skirt up.
“Oh, don’t worry about that hun, I better sort you out before dinner gets cold.” Mimi didn’t quite know what her mother meant, until she saw her gesture to Ally.
“Would you go get one of Mimi’s diapers for me sweetie? I wouldn’t ask, but we don’t have time to go back upstairs.”
“No…” Mimi whimpered.
“It’s o.k dear, she doesn’t mind going out of her way, do you Ally?” Ally just shook her head and walked out of the kitchen.
“That’s… not… what I…” She attempted to communicate through sniffles, but her mother wasn’t listening so she just gave up. Ally of course knew where Mimi’s diapers were kept; another blow to her sisters esteem, though Mimi had given up trying to get that information from her long ago. She knew that Ally would only get into trouble if she told, and could always tell on her if she kept asking. At least this is what her sister had said. Unknown to Mimi, the truth was that there was no way Ally would ever give away this secret to her sister, not for anything. She needed it far too much. So now Mimi just tried to pretend that her sister didn’t have this power over her. Until now, it had worked.

When Ally re-entered the kitchen, Mimi was kneeling down with her hands on the back of a chair. She hung her head so that she faced the floor, evidently unhappy at being changed right there and then. Her diaper was already un-taped and was lying on the floor underneath her in case of any changing accidents. Her mother was busy wiping with some wipes she kept in her handbag. Luckily, Ally had thought to bring the powder as well.
“Oh thank you dear, you’re a star. Isn’t she Mimi?” Mimi stared straight at the floor and said nothing.
“Feel free to start your dinner Ally; we’ll be done in a minute. No use letting it stand.”
“It’s o.k mom, I’ll wait until we’re all together.”
“Awww, well if you’re sure dear. Sorry to keep you waiting.” Mimi couldn’t help but feel the last comment was directed at her, because it was her needing a diaper change that had kept everyone waiting. Still, she didn’t say anything.

Changes like this were always more difficult, not that Mimi had experienced enough diaper changes to warrant a range of different styles, but the one or two, maybe three; certainly not more than four or five… times she’d had this change it had always taken longer, and it felt like she was having her diaper “clamped” onto her from behind, instead of the snug “slip” up and over the front she had when lying down. She started to think of the various other ways she’d been changed depending on circumstance, which didn’t crop up very often obviously, but didn’t quite get to recalling all of them before she felt the firm pat that meant the change was finished, in addition to her mother’s announcement of course. At least she could finally pull up her skirt at long last and eat her dinner, which fortunately hadn’t cooled too much. Mimi ate in silence.

Chapter 4

After dinner was finished, both girls were asked if they would help with cleaning up. Mimi just wanted to go back to her room and be alone for a while, but she knew better than to refuse her mother. As usual Ally was more than happy to help, so the girls quickly got into their usual routine where Ally washed the dishes and Mimi would dry. At least one of the perks of being the older sister meant that Mimi could elect to do whichever chore she wanted, and she always chose to dry up. Drying was quicker, easier, and having her hands in warm water made her need to pee… There wasn’t a lot to wash after one meal so the girls only worked for a few minutes, maintaining an uneasy silence broken only by the passing of dishes. It wasn’t until they were practically done that one of the girls decided to speak.
“Mimi…” Ally began. Mimi was startled at first but then proceeded to just ignore her sister. After a while of no response Ally returned to her dishes, but she wasn’t going to give up.
“I’m sorry that you wet your…” Mimi shot Ally a serious glance that made her pause.
“…diapers.” Ally continued, not dissuaded. Mimi tried once again to ignore her.
“And I’m sorry you got changed in the kitchen.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Mimi snapped, still focusing on her drying up. Unfortunately, drying meant that she wouldn’t be finished until Ally was finished washing so she couldn’t just walk off, and Ally could take as long as she wanted. Fortunately Ally didn’t say anymore which did make Mimi feel a little bit bad for snapping at her. Still, she just wanted to be on her own and forget about everything that had happened, like she always did.

Mimi felt that Ally was going particularly slowly now, to the point where she was consistently waiting for the next item to be washed before she could dry it. She also thought that Ally looked a little bit sad.
“I’m sorry I was rude.” Mimi finally managed.
“Its o.k.” Ally replied. “I’ve seen your butt before.”
“That’s not what I meant…”
“I know, I was only kidding.” Ally giggled which in turn made Mimi crack a smile. Before either of them knew it, they were hugging. Mimi ruffled Ally’s hair a little bit; her right as older sister, and Ally pouted; her right as younger sister. The embrace only lasted a moment, and soon they were finishing the dishes, allowing Mimi her much needed chance at being alone.

Feeling at least a little bit better, Mimi’s evening quickly brightened up. The homework that’d she’d been dreading and had put off until the last moment was actually very easy, and she was proving pretty popular over instant messenger. Her diaper was still dry by bed time, and her mom even decided to ask Mimi if she needed a change when it came to her nightly diaper check. She assumed that her mom might have been feeling sorry for her, though it was just as likely that she simply didn’t want another tantrum that evening. The next day started out just as good too, with the morning diaper check revealing another dry night, which meant that Mimi didn’t have to do the walk of shame in a soggy diaper to breakfast. Her father was around as usual, presumably having come in late the night before but at least this morning he was able to eat breakfast with his family.
“Did you sleep o.k princess?” he asked out of awkwardness more than anything else. But at least Mimi knew that with her dad there were no hidden connotations behind his question.
“Sure dad, I guess I slept o.k.” And with that the breakfast conversation ended.

As usual Mimi and Ally set off for school, but this time there was no rush so Mimi leisurely wandered in the hope that Ally would get fed up of waiting for her and go on ahead. Much to her surprise it worked, and soon she found herself walking alone. She preferred it that way; it gave her time to think straight.
“Hi Mimi!” A voice came piercing out of the blue to ruin her private moment, along with a pair of hands that clamped on to her shoulders from behind almost causing her to wet her pull-up. She spun around in fright but then relaxed as she saw who it was.
“Geeze, you scared the life out of me! Don’t do that Kitty…”
“Sorry scaredy-pants, but consider it getting you back in advance.”
“Getting me back for what?”
“For calling me Kitty! You know I don’t like that stupid name.”
“Hehe, sorry Cat. But I told you its too late now…”

Catherine was one of Mimi’s friends, possibly her best friend since she didn’t have that many. She preferred to be called Cat, but for some reason her group of friends had taken to calling her Kitty, much to Catherine’s distress. Mimi tried her hardest to conceal her secret from her friends, but if any of them already knew then it would be Cat. She was a very touchy-feely kind of person, always hugging and tugging and generally being nosey whenever she had the chance. While Mimi felt thoroughly warmed by Cat’s affections, she was also a little paranoid for obvious reasons, though not so much anymore. Slowly Mimi’s guard had been lowered to the point where she wasn’t sure if Cat actually knew about her secret or not. She figured that either she already knew and just didn’t say anything, or that if she hadn’t found out by know she probably wouldn’t ever. Even so, Mimi hadn’t attended a sleep over in a very long time, to the point where she didn’t need to make excuses anymore because she rarely got invited. She knew in her heart that this was partly the reason for her lack of friends; she remembered forming the tightest bonds at sleepovers when she was younger. Still, Mimi did try and find time to socialise with her friends whenever she could.
“So are you still coming to the movies with us after school?” Catherine asked.
“Oh right, I totally forgot that was today. Um…” Mimi knew that she couldn’t just go without telling her mom first, if she did she’d sure be in trouble. She had meant to ask her days ago if it was o.k but it slipped her mind. Ah well, she could always call her at lunch and ask.
“I’m sure I’ll be able to make it, count me in then.” Mimi concluded just as they arrived at the school gates.

Well lunch time came and went, and true to form Mimi completely forgot to phone her mother. Forgetting was something that Mimi did better than anything, in all forms and meanings, so it was no surprise that her habit of a lifetime was not in jeopardy. And no memory/attention lapse would be complete with out the ever familiar all-too-late realisation that followed, such as “damn, I forgot to add the powder before I turned on the washing machine”, and “Oh, I was supposed to record that program I’ve just finished watching”, and of course the obvious “Ooops, I’ve just wet my diaper…”

In this instance, the realisation that Mimi had missed her opportunity to phone her mother hit her just as the lunch bell rang for the second time, allowing Mimi to lament her situation right through last period. She really wanted to go out with her friends, and the more she thought about it the more she was convinced that she should call her mother right after school. It was a risky chance but Mimi couldn’t see why her mother would mind, save for the fact that she might want a bit of warning. Oh well, there was no use trying to change what couldn’t be undone, and after a gruellingly uninteresting final subject Mimi had made her decision. Her mother would just have to deal with it, and if she had a problem then she could have it out when they saw each other later on.
As it turned out, Mimi did not need to call her mother after school, nor did she have to wait until after she got home to discuss it. As she left the main school doors with her friends, Mimi immediately caught sight of Ally and her mother waiting by their car. Her mother waved.
“Oh god, how could I have forgotten?!” Mimi exclaimed, experiencing another trademark all-too-late revelation; this one being a particularly text book example.
“What’s up Mimi?” Cat asked.
“My mom totally arranged for us to go shopping right after school!”
“Oh Mimi, what are you like?”
“I know. I’m sorry guys, looks like I got other plans after all.”
“Cant you just miss out? I’m sure your mom won’t mind if you wanna come to the movies with us.”
“It’s not that easy; we’re supposed to be shopping for my dad’s birthday.”
“Oh. Bummer…”
“Yeah, I guess I really owe it to them to go. Sorry Kitty.”
“Don’t worry about it, there’s nothing great on anyway.”
By now Ally and her mother had spotted Mimi and were waving over to her.
“I better get going. See you all later.”
“See you later Mimi, have fun shopping.”

Mimi was not happy about having to leave her friends, but she knew she wouldn’t have been able to get out of going shopping with her family, and she had promised that she would. Still, at least this fact wasn’t the only thing making Mimi unhappy… Right at that moment she became suddenly aware of her fourth attention lapse of the day, and this one was the most obvious kind…

“Hi honey, how was your day?” her mother inquired.
“Oh you know; just normal and stuff…”
“Ready to hit the mall?” Ally said excitedly
“O.k girls, you know why we’re going. Your father won’t be back until later this evening so we agreed to do this shopping today. Now jump in the car.”
Ally was quick to call shotgun and dive into the front seat. Meanwhile Mimi, being in no way able to change, had no choice but to slink into the back seat quietly, her wet pull-up reminding her of its presence as she sat down. Oh well, she would just have to put up with it until she could find a bathroom in the mall to change.

Mimi was actually a little nervous about the whole shopping experience, since it being nearly her dad’s birthday meant it wasn’t long until her own. They were only a few weeks apart and last year her mom was secretly looking for presents for her too, which she only realised later when it suddenly became obvious that her mother had brought her along to fish for hints. So this year Mimi hoped that they were here solely for her father, and if not then she was determined to give out as few hints as possible since she really didn’t like attention.

The drive to the mall was carbon-footprint sickeningly short, so it was not long before Mimi saw the towering structure and expansive car park coming into view. Much to her frustration, her mom parked the car right near the back so they would have to walk a fair way to reach the shops (and probably get lost trying to find the car again). She wasn’t lazy as such, but it annoyed her when they could just as easily drive right up to the doors! The pulling of the handbrake and the engine turning off confirmed the long walk ahead, prompting those present to get out of the car. It was a little bit windy but otherwise mild, Mimi started to walk towards the mall; she just wanted to change.

She got her wish.

“Mom, w-what are you doing?” she said as her mother took her by the hand and started leading her back to the car. They stopped by the door.
“Mom…” but it was too late, the skirt was down and the pull-up was checked. Mimi just stood still, paralysed with shock and embarrassment.
“Mom! Stop it!” She finally managed, grabbing her skirt and wrenching it up.
“Did someone have a little accident at school?”
“I was going inside to change…”
“Its o.k Mimi, lets get you sorted out.” Uh-oh, there was that not-listening voice again.
“I can change my own pull-up mom, once we get inside.” Mimi was starting to become frustrated at her mothers lack of attention. Frustrated and confused.
“What are you doing?!” she protested as her mom opened the rear car door and started clearing the back seat.
“Lie down dear.”
“You can’t be serious? Mom?”
“Now Mimi, we’ve done this before. There is plenty of room on the backseat.”
“N-no! I mean we’re out shopping, people are about!”
“There’s no need to be awkward hun, no one will care.”
“But I can change in the bathroom, I don’t need a…”
“Its alright dear, I’m here to change you if you need it so you’ll be safer in a diaper. Now lie down sweetie.” By now she had a diaper in her hand and was waving it around as she spoke.
“Please mom!” Mimi pleaded close to tears, “Not here… I’ll be good.”
“You’re wet.” Her mother said matter-of-factly, “You can’t change your own diapers…”
“But I can!” Mimi protested. Her mother glared at her for the interruption; she meant it like you would say “You can’t wear those filthy shoes” or, “You can’t go out in the rain.” She did not care if Mimi thought she could change herself or not, as a caring mother she couldn’t let her.
“You can not change your own diapers so I let you wear pull-ups to school, but now that I am here you need your diapers on, you know that honey.” With a little gentle pressure Mimi sank back onto the car seat.
“Please…” she whimpered, “it’s not fair…” but by now her mother was not paying attention and was already pulling off her skirt. Mimi laid back and stared straight up at the car roof, folding her arms over her face while her mother got on with things at the other end.

Chapter 5

Mimi tried to remain limp and unresponsive as she was being changed, as though denying to herself that she were really there. Sadly this only resulted in the change taking even longer than it should have, as her mother struggled to diaper a full grown teenager as though she were a baby. People walking past stopped to look as human nature dictated, but the looks soon turned to stares as they realised what was going on. Only when they thought they might be seen did they carry on about their business. Ally did nothing to discourage these intrusions of course, trying not to notice anyone who walked past in case they were scared off.

The long trek to the mall entrance from the parking could not have been long enough for Mimi, who couldn’t stop her face from being bright red or feeling like her butt was sticking out. Shortly after being changed she had been made to stand outside of the car with her diaper showing while her mom messed around with her skirt.
“Hurry up mom!” She had squealed.
“Stop being so awkward Mimi. If you just stopped fidgeting I’d be able to get it on.”
“I’m not fidgeting; its cold and I’m trying to hurry…”
“Move your hands out of the way Mimi! I can’t get your skirt up!” At this point her mother tried to move Mimi’s hands from covering her diaper, dropping the skirt in the process and returning them to square one.
“Let go of my hands mom, people can see…”
“Fine! If you’re going to be like that you can stay in your diaper!” And with that her mother yanked the skirt away and threw it onto the front car seat, slamming the door in the process.
“Nooo! Mom, give me it back…” Mimi immediately pursued in an attempt to reclaim her skirt, but having locked the door her mother just stood back and watched as Mimi struggled with the door handle, bringing attention to her protruding diapered butt. After a while she gave in and just stood stamping her feet in frustration.
“Now are you going to calm down and stop being immature or do I have to leave you here until we’re done shopping?”
"Please mom… its cold…

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies continued

Again I found lots more os a story, hereby the continuation.

continued from halfway ch.5 to ch. 7:

“Then stand still and let me put your skirt on.”

After what had seemed like an eternity of embarrassment, Mimi found herself in the bright red state of travelling to the mall. The worst part for her was that while she had been waddling about in just a diaper, many of the people who had seen her were also on route to the mall… Mimi did not want to face the prospect of bumping into them again. In truth she wanted nothing more than to go home or even wait in the car but considering that her mom now had a firm hold on her hand, Mimi’s options were limited to being dragged along.

Shop after shop, isle after isle, it soon became evident that they were not just out looking for a gift for their father, and as far as Mimi could tell there were no interests of hers there either. Instead her mother seemed to be sating her own shopping lust and dragging Mimi along in the process: Ally having been allowed to wander off on her own. After a good two hours of seemingly selfish pursuit and queues, Mimi felt the need to remind her mother what they were really there for. After all, the mall would not be open all night.
“Mom, when are we gonna look for dad’s birthday present?”
“Oh I am dear…” Her mother replied, holding a dress against herself.
“But I don’t think dad would want a dress, a face pack or a pair of high heeled shoes.” In truth these were merely the “gifts” that had been bought so far - they were in no way representative of the total number of various women orientated shops that they had hurried through.
“I’ve been looking all the time Mimi; you just haven’t been paying attention.”

Even though her mother wouldn’t admit it, Mimi knew she was right. A quick look at her watch and the dress was back on the stand and they were out of the shop, allowing Mimi a moral victory. The victory was short lived however, as her mother headed straight for the nearest men’s wear shop and grabbed a seemingly random item before striding towards the counter to pay. Mimi didn’t know whether her mother couldn’t be bothered to search for a better gift, or if she had already picked it out earlier and was just stringing Mimi along. She hopped it was the latter, because even though it was totally unfair to her, the former was more unfair to her father. She didn’t believe that her mother would intentionally neglect him just to go shopping for herself, especially on his birthday.

It was getting to that time in the mall where everyone knew the shops were close to shutting, so the queues to pay were at their longest as everyone hurried to purchase their items in time. Two issues were pressing on Mimi’s mind. The first was that the silk shirt and tie set that was to be her fathers present was actually exquisite, which made her a bit happier about the whole situation – even though it meant her mother could easily have come and bought it without her. The second issue was a little more concerning. Mimi had the niggling suspicion that she needed the bathroom, and with the size of the queue she wanted to be safer than sorry.
“Mom…” She squeaked, tugging at her mother’s hand that was still firmly holding hers.
“What is it Mimi? We need to join the line before it gets too long.”
“I think I um, need to go.” Both of them looked over to the store bathroom. The queue was almost as long as the line to the checkout. Mimi added a “sorry.”
“Oh Mimi, can’t it wait? If we take any longer we’ll never reach the counter.”
“I can go on my own mom, then you can pay for dads present.”
“Mimi, you know I can’t let you go on your own.”
“But why? I do at home all the time…”
“What if you have trouble with your diaper? Or have an accident and need a change? At home its o.k but I won’t put you through that in a busy store.”
“I’ll be o.k mom, please…” Mimi had expected half as much. She was glad that she’d asked now and hadn’t waited; at least she could prepare herself for the worst.
“I’m sorry hun, but it’s important that we buy your fathers present now. Can you try and hold on?”
“I guess so.”
“Good girl. If your sister were here I could let her queue so that we could sort you out, but I don’t know where she has got to.” Mimi quickly scanned the room for Ally, but it was in vain. Her sister was probably in some dumb toy shop or something. In truth Mimi’s need wasn’t at all bad; she just hoped they wouldn’t be too long.

Fortunately Mimi and her mother were currently queuing in one of the larger stores so there were more checkouts, but the line was still slow, and they had already been there for ten minutes. At first her need for the bathroom had only been a niggling feeling, now after ten minutes she was definitely sure. She hoped that the queue would speed up a little, and she was confident that if it did she would be able to hold on.

Ten minutes later and the queue had anything but speeded up. They had made less progress than the first spell of waiting, and Mimi was suspected that there was at least one very awkward or greedy customer holding up the line. She was starting to think that it couldn’t wait.
“Mom, how much longer is it going to take?”
“I don’t know, I guess there must be a hold up.” It had been a bit of a superfluous question. How was her mother supposed to know how long the queue would be?
“I just really need to go…” She made an effort to keep her voice down.
“I’m sure it won’t be long now dear.” That did make Mimi feel at least a little bit better, and although it was an unfounded statement she figured that she just needed reassurance.

Another five minutes and Mimi was getting desperate. They were nearing the end of the line but that didn’t mean a lot in a queue this long, she knew it could not wait. She also knew that her mother was not about to take her to the bathroom this close to the checkout, even though the queue for the bathroom had all but disappeared – she would not want to lose her place. Mimi didn’t have a lot of options; she looked for Ally once more but found nothing, and her mother still had hold of her hand.
“Please mom, its taking too long… I really need the bathroom now.” She pleaded
“But we’re so close Mimi, cant you wait just that little bit longer?”
“No, I won’t make it… please mom, I can’t wait!”
“I’m really sorry hun, but there’s nothing I can do. You’ll just have to try and hold it.”
“I can’t mom, please let go! You won’t have to lose your place.”
“You know I won’t let you go on your own.”
“Please!” By now her voice had raised considerably which made her suddenly conscious that people were starting to look.
“Look Mimi,” her mother whispered, trying to dispel any previously gained attention “you’ve done well to hold it this long and I’m proud of you, but being wet is not such a big deal.”

Mimi had no choice but to come clean if she had any hope of making it to the bathroom.

“It’s not that mom…” she whispered.
“What’s not?”
“I um… don’t need to pee.”
“Oh…” Her mother thought for a moment now that the stakes were raised. She looked over towards the bathroom which now had no queue at all and seemed to be considering something. Mimi was ever more desperate but now a little more confident. After a brief pause her mother continued.
“I see… And it can’t wait?”
“No!” Mimi almost shouted before silencing herself.
“Well its o.k. Just use your diaper and I’ll change you when we get home.”
“What?! Nooo…” She whimpered. Mimi tugged as much as she could manage without drawing obvious attention to herself, which wasn’t an awful lot of force. Her mother held on calmly and told her to keep still and stop making a fuss.

Tears welled in Mimi’s eyes; she didn’t know what to do. Every movement, every nudge, every wobble made her situation more dire. She thought about pressing her hand to the back of her diaper, but that would only make it really obvious what she was doing. In her defence she was doing a good job of not looking obvious, since unlike needing to pee really bad, hopping about and squatting (the classic pee pee dance) would only make things worse, meaning her best bet was to remain upright and still.

Less than two minutes passed before Mimi’s situation hit critical point, two minutes that felt like two hours and two seconds all at once. She was losing. Her held-back tears turned into stifled crying as Mimi could only stand there, powerless to stop herself from losing control. As her diaper slowly began to fill she tried to remain rigid in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. In a small way it was working; Mimi figured that she might be able to regain control before she had completely pooped herself, ensuring at least some damage limitation. However, the person in front of them in the queue stepped forward at a very inopportune moment, prompting her mother to also step forward into the gap and in doing so pulling Mimi along with her. The unexpected jolt and loss of balance caused Mimi to lose whatever focus she had, filling the rest of her diaper in one sudden and unfortunate push. By the time she regained her balance a mere one step later, it was too late. There was nothing left to hold, she had already lost. The realisation made Mimi cry.

Chapter 6

Mimi’s diaper felt uncomfortably heavy, and every step she took reminded her of that fact. She was also acutely aware that everyone they passed knew what she had done, since she couldn’t help but walk funny and was giving off an obvious smell. The people in the store had certainly been aware. Almost as soon as she had finished pooping herself her mother had said loud and clearly: “See, aren’t you glad I made you wear a diaper right now? It’s a good thing I didn’t let you wear a pull-up!” It was her own fault she supposed; her tears were bringing all the attention. After all, only babies cried when they needed a diaper change, a fact that her mother had been just as loud to point out.

Mimi wanted nothing more right now than to go home, so she was happy when they left the mall and started heading towards the car. As they got nearer, Mimi could see that Ally was waiting for them. Good, she thought, at least they wouldn’t have to wait around for longer than they needed to. Of course Ally was likely to say something: “Mom! I think Mimi’s had an accident!” was a classic, but in this case she had no opportunity.
“Now Ally, your sister had a little accident in the mall so I don’t want you saying anything.” Her mother said, pre-empting any inquisitiveness.
“I don’t understand mom…” she said innocently, “Are you hurt Mimi?”
“No Ally.” She leaned closer to her daughter so that they could whisper. “She erm, couldn’t control herself and has made a bit of a mess in her diaper.”
“Mom!” Mimi had overheard the whisper and was clearly unhappy at being talked about like a three year old. “It wasn’t my fault…” She added meekly.
“It’s alright sis, you don’t have to make stuff up.”
“Ally, it’d be best if we just left it here.” Their mother interjected.
“Well it’s not like it’s the first time or anything.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Mimi blushed.
“Come on, you wouldn’t be in diapers if… well, if it didn’t happen all the time.”
Her mother was suddenly very interested in what she had to say. Sensing this Mimi had no choice but to defend herself.
“No! It hardly ever happens…”
“I don’t know about that Mimi.” Ally said prodding Mimi’s diaper which was met with a flinch.
“Mom! Ally’s picking on me!”
“Geeze, I was just saying! Better in her… you know, than not.”
“And that’s why she wears diapers Ally, but I don’t want to hear another word out of either of you! Now back in the car girls, we’re going home.”
“Aren’t you gonna change her?”
“I can change myself!” Mimi added defiantly.
“I will change Mimi’s diaper when we get back to the house. Now get into the car, both of you.” And that was the last word spoken before the girls got home.

The change went more or less as Mimi expected, and although she would never admit it, she really wanted it. It wasn’t that a poopy diaper was particularly uncomfortable, she was used to that, but while ever she stayed in it she couldn’t look her sister in the face. Diapers were poor friends to Mimi; they could not keep a secret about what she had done in them.

Embarrassed and still feeling very much dependant, Mimi was left to lament her post-change situation. She had had two accidents in one day, and although she still blamed her mother for the magnitude of the second one, there was no denying it: her control had let her down. There was no way her mother was ever going to let her out of diapers if she kept on like this.

At once Mimi realised that she was going about it totally wrong.

She hated the injustice of being made to wear something she didn’t want to, she hated being told that she was wrong and that someone else knew better. Her diapers were a focus for everything that made her feel sad, inadequate and not free. Mimi had let her pride direct her judgement, thinking ever and always about the diaper itself and not what it represented - a loss of control. It was what happened in the diaper that was important, but she had been so concerned with fighting the principal of it all that it hadn’t mattered; getting out was her only goal. Maybe she needed to think long and hard about what she really wanted…

The solution was actually pretty simple when she thought about it. But then, the most obvious solutions are always right in front of you, blocked by walls of doubt, desperation and pride. Mimi even laughed a little bit, sure in her mind that eventually it had to work. It might take a little time, but in the end there was no way that it could not work, it was just plain logic. However, in order for her new philosophy to be successful at all Mimi needed to cast off her pride, which after such a long period of defiance was going to be hard to do. Worse still she needed to be prepared to lose what little self esteem she had, which would in many ways be the hardest thing of all to do. If she could manage it though, the rewards would surely make it all worth while…

The rewards were suddenly not looking worth while as Mimi laid back for her third diaper change of the day. All had been going well up to a point, with the whole family together in the front room that evening watching a movie. That had been when the usual urge hit. At first Mimi was ready to get up and use the bathroom, when she suddenly remembered her plan; the new way. She had to admit that she had not reckoned on it being such an awkward decision, but still she was determined, so she began to focus on holding on. She remained seated and still as her need quickly grew all the more urgent, all the while her will fading along with it. Thoughts of her new plan not being a good idea were now very prevalent in her mind. Holding on as long as she could until she went in her diaper? What had she been thinking? Sure it would eventually make her control stronger, which is of course what she had been thinking, but it still meant she had to keep using her diaper. Mimi knew that she had been dead set on it not so long ago, and she knew that it would take its toll on her pride, but at that very moment she just didn’t feel ready to go through with it. Maybe in the presence of her whole family wasn’t a good time to ease herself into it. If she was going to quit her mission, it was now or never.

As her wet diaper was being un-taped, Mimi wished that she had chosen not to make a rush for the bathroom. She could handle the final result; so to speak, as it was obviously nothing new to her and the entire success of her plan kind of required it. No, it was the humiliation that came from everyone knowing that she had desperately tried to make it to the bathroom but failed. All the same it was her own fault, if only she had decided to go through with her plan and not bring attention to herself by blundering her way out of the room, or at least if she had decided to abandon her plan a bit earlier she might not have fallen short of the goal and flooded her diaper, forcing her to walk back to her family in shame. Her mother didn’t even ask what had happened, she knew exactly what she needed to do and immediately took Mimi by the hand.

There were no noticeable benefits so far, but then she figured there wouldn’t be right away. If she was in it for the long haul then she would have to accept that it might be weeks, maybe even months before it made a difference to her control. After the embarrassing failure of the very first attempt she suddenly did not like the prospect of weeks of the same. Maybe she should set a time frame for her goals? If she didn’t notice any improvement after two weeks she would quit.

And then there was the small matter of revealing her plan. She knew that if she kept using her diapers for an extended amount of time then Ally was bound to say something, even if her mother didn’t, and there wasn’t a particularly good excuse other than the truth.

No, they would not understand. Her mother was already resigned to the fact that Mimi would probably always need diapers and she was scared that Ally would try and undermine her efforts if she knew. They would probably think that she just wasn’t trying, but what would it matter? She was in diapers all the time anyway so it wasn’t like things could get any worse for Mimi. Things might even get better! She thought, as her mom might get tired of changing diapers if it became a regular thing. She thought about what it would be like to change her own diapers. Probably very tedious she decided, but she could do it whenever she wanted and not be embarrassed when her mom decided it was time. That kind of freedom was worth a little initial doubt.

So as the first of many future diaper changes came to an end, Mimi was resolved to continue with her plan and vowed not to tell anyone about it. On the plus side, she had realised just what good thinking time a diaper change could be!

Chapter 7

The very first morning of Mimi’s plan was already showing hidden benefits. She had woken up wet as she sometimes did, but it didn’t take her long to stop feeling bad about it. After all, if she was going to keep this up she would likely have many wet mornings so what did it matter? She tried to remember if she’d woken up at any point during the night needing to go. At that moment she couldn’t quite recall if she had or hadn’t but it was o.k. - she assumed that she’d held on for as long as she could before wetting and falling back asleep. Probably.

It was actually quite liberating to think that she wouldn’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night anymore, until she got out of diapers of course, because winter was on its way and it could get pretty cold outside of her bed. Still, she wanted to keep up appearances so remained totally unresponsive as her mother came in to give her the routine morning check. Not that it really mattered; her diaper was pretty soaked so her mom could tell it was wet despite Mimi lying slovenly on her front. A quick tug at the back of her P.J’s was enough to reveal a soggy butt.

School was a little bit trickier since she didn’t want to risk anyone finding out about her situation. Being in pull-ups meant Mimi would have to be pretty vigilant with changes so that she wouldn’t leak, but it was just as important to keep up her plan here. Perhaps it was even more important, as Mimi soon realised that her routine of using the bathroom at any opportunity could only have been hurting her control. Forcing herself to go all the time meant she wasn’t getting any holding-on practice while at school, and that had to be affecting her wetting habits at home. Deciding that was all about to change actually gave Mimi a lot of confidence, because it was something she hadn’t factored. She thought about shortening her time scale there and then, but decided that it would be best just to keep to the same plan and hope that this revelation would simply speed up the process.

It didn’t take long for Mimi’s confidence to falter once school began. She hadn’t gone straight to the bathroom like she usually would have done, which resulted in Mimi wetting her pull-up during first period. Not a good start. Normally if this would have happened she would have changed straight away, but then normally she wouldn’t be expecting to wet again for the rest of the day. As usual she only had two spare pull-ups in her bag, and she didn’t want to make a mess of things on her first day so she decided to wait until at least third period before changing, figuring that she wouldn’t need the bathroom again for a while.

It turned out to be a good decision, since she didn’t wet again until after lunch time. And this time she had a much more productive spell of holding on, to the point where she practically flooded her pull-up once she couldn’t hold out any longer. The result was actually quite scary for Mimi, who was so afraid she might have leaked that she didn’t move during the whole of fourth period. Even at the end of class she dawdled about with books and her bag just so she could be sure everyone had left before she slowly got up. No marks on the seat - that was a good sign, and a brief check of the back of her skirt revealed there were no patches there either. In Mimi’s mind it was safe enough to quickly nip to the bathroom, where a more thorough inspection showed no leakages anywhere else. She was relieved to find out that although soggy, her pull-up had managed to contain her “accident”, and that meant she wouldn’t have to worry about flooding pull-ups as part of her plan, which made her very happy. She didn’t want to take any more chances though and changed into her last pull-up right there, as it wasn’t long until the end of school and safety.

Surprisingly enough Mimi was still dry at the end of school and didn’t feel any need to use the bathroom, so she was confident that she could at least get home in a clean pull-up. That was something to look forward to, even if she was two short…

The journey back was a different story however. As soon as Mimi started to walk she felt her lunch suddenly catch up with her. The young girl was fairly surprised at how quickly the urge had come on, and was silently glad that nothing had startled her at that moment for she would surely have soiled her pull-up. Having only just left the school Mimi instinctively turned around to go back and use the bathroom, but before she got part way she stopped herself. Would that be such a good idea? Up until this point she hadn’t really considered it much, but now that she thought about it she realised that her messy accident the day before was part of the reason she decided to make a plan. And she had to admit, the sudden urge was a good indication that she needed to practice holding that too. In the end there was no real decision to make, she had to try.

Once the initial shock was gone, Mimi actually found it pretty easy to keep holding so long as she didn’t walk too fast. It would certainly wait until she got home.

Today’s check was preformed in the front sitting room, where her mother had been ironing the laundry and then subsequently called Mimi to as soon as she heard the door open. Ally of course was already there sitting on the sofa watching T.V, or at least acting as though she were watching T.V.
“Good day I hope?” her mother asked as Mimi walked into the room.
“Uh-huh.” She replied casually. It had been a pretty successful day as far as Mimi was concerned. She had certainly learned a lot and felt much better about herself.
“All dry?” was the next slightly patronising question.
“Um, yeah…” Technically it was the truth, she was dry, and the speedy pull-up check confirmed it. However, the bag check was a different matter. At first Mimi only felt an unzipping action and assumed her mother was just looking, but this was soon followed by a deeper search, then a more rigorous excavation. Finally all was still.
“I m guessing your other two pull-ups weren’t as lucky as this one?” The comment made Mimi turn bright red. Despite telling herself that she had put them to good use, she knew that her mother would never see it that way. Her embarrassment stemmed mostly from imagining what she assumed her mother thought had happened, not to mention Ally, who was now sternly paying attention. Mimi was glad that at least she hadn’t soiled herself, so she just silently waited until everyone else was done thinking lowly of her and she was led away by her mom for the inevitable.

As usual the pull-up had been taken off with all haste and so Mimi stood, in her temporary panties, faced with the prospect of using the bathroom. Every fibre of her being was telling her to go because she wouldn’t get this chance again. Her mother rarely indulged her like this, and normally she would force herself to use the bathroom to experience the brief freedom of non-disposable underwear. This time however, it just didn’t seem right. Minus the previous embarrassment she’d had a productive day, and she couldn’t help but feel that this would be a step in the wrong direction. Sure she knew that she needed to go, but the urge had lessened considerably now that she wasn’t constantly moving so it wasn’t that bad. She confessed that she wasn’t exactly sure how long she’d be able to hold on for, but it would be long enough to make her feel that going now wouldn’t be helpful.

Sadly, instant regret was something that Mimi was beginning to experience all too often. As soon as her mother laid her down to put her diaper on, the urge to go rushed back threefold. She wondered then if she’d made the wrong decision, but couldn’t help feel that if she had it wasn’t entirely her fault. Before letting Mimi use the bathroom, her mother would usually make her lie or least sit down to take off her pull-up, but for some reason this time she had done it while Mimi was still standing. Any other day she would have considered this a victory, but today it meant that she was unaware of the consequences of a horizontal change.
Now it was too late. Mimi was still managing to hold on but she knew that as soon as her mom was done she would have to make a very quick decision.

So far so good - Mimi was staying calm and more importantly, in control. Her mom seemed to be taking forever though, which made her wish even more that she’d had a chance to discover what would happen earlier - She could certainly have held on for the time it took to remove a pull-up.

Each stage of the change brought different problems; lifting her legs was obviously hard work and she was glad it came at the start of the change before her discomfort got more serious. Then when her mother rubbed powder over her she found it very difficult not to just relax because it tickled slightly. The taping up of her diaper didn’t help either, with the snug fit adding unexpected pressure. Fortunately when her mother was done she had refrained from any kind of diaper patting, which would certainly have pushed her over the edge.

Once her mother had left, Mimi stayed still for a few moments not knowing what to do. She figured that she could still make it to the bathroom and save the situation so long as she didn’t make any sudden movements. That was easier said than done, for as she slowly lifted herself up from her bed her discomfort increased dramatically. One thing was for sure, there was no way that she was going to try putting her skirt back on first!

Mimi put all of her effort into concentrating as she edged across the room from her bed to her door, but with every step she took she could feel her control slipping. It didn’t help that the diaper was forcing her legs apart and making it more difficult to walk. She was only halfway when a sudden cramp forced her to stop and bend over - Mimi clutched the back of her diaper but it was far too late to stop her completely filling it.
“Aw, damn it…” she said, equally as frustrated at her level of control as with her poor judgement. Mimi just stood rigid on the spot for several moments not wanting to move in case it made things worse. Oh well, she supposed she would have to get used to regular soiled diapers anyway if her control was going to get any better. But she didn’t have to tell her mom just yet…

“Mimi honey, I…” her mother stopped in the doorway while she took in the scene. It was picture perfect. Mimi was of course still frozen in the middle of the room bent over slightly with her diaper fully exposed and in profile view. The situation couldn’t have been clearer.
“Um, what is it mom?” Mimi said innocently, hoping that her mother had turned blind… and lost her sense of smell.
“Well I just came back because I forgot to tell you when dinner would be ready, but I guess that can wait.” She said closing the door behind her. “Mimi dear, would you mind telling me what happened?” There was a pause as Mimi carefully looked at herself and the position she was still in, and then gradually turned to look at her diaper.
“What does it look like?” she said sighing in frustration. Just as she thought things couldn’t get much worse, she started to cry. It was probably the shock of being caught more than anything, but she secretly told herself that she was only doing it to make it look like an accident. Her internal excuses were of little solace.

Disregarding the state of her diaper, Mimi instantly hugged her mother who embraced her in turn. She cried into her shoulder for a good few seconds not wanting to look her mom in the face.
“Mimi I’m not angry, but why didn’t you use the bathroom just now? Or at least have used your pull-up? Why did you save it for your diaper?”

Mimi didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to tell the truth, and probably couldn’t have explained it even if she tried, but she also couldn’t think of anything else to say.
“I… I didn’t know it would happen…” she sniffed, which in a way was true.

Her mother didn’t say another word but Mimi knew exactly what she was thinking. She considered arguing her case, about how her control wasn’t as bad as it looked, but there wasn’t much point. Her mother assumed she had no control anyway, and she had brought it upon herself this time. After all, if she was going to be using her diapers more or less all the time now, what difference would it make what her mother thought? As long as the plan worked in the end, that was all that mattered.

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies continued

Chapters 8-11

Chapter 8

Two dirty diaper changes in as many days… Mimi was starting to lose a little bit of faith in her plan. She thought she had known exactly what she was getting into when she decided to go through with it, but now that it was upon her she realised just what a big change it was to go to all from nothing. She felt awkward, embarrassed, and small.

To make matters worse Mimi also realised just how wrong she had been to think that using her diapers on purpose would somehow empower her in times such as this. In reality she felt even worse, almost guilty that she was getting changed as a result of her actions and not because of a genuine accident. The feeling was not dissimilar to the one she’d had only moments before when she returned home without any spare pull-ups to show. Still, her day at school had put her in a good frame of mind so she just had to reassure herself that it was all going to be worthwhile. It stood to reason that the beginning would be the hardest part; her sudden change in behaviour and attitude would take some adjusting to for all involved, especially for Mimi herself. Things would be much better once everyone was used to the situation. She wanted it to seem normal and fall into a routine, but she had no idea how long that was going to take and could only hope it would be sooner rather than later. Knowing that her mother probably wouldn’t say anything gave her some ironic comfort, since she would now have to rely on that same uncompromising mentality she hated so much to get the routine set.

Sure enough, her mother didn’t even mention the subject when Mimi had to be changed again before bed. Instead she made the same idle small talk she always did whenever Mimi was too tired to make a fuss. The next morning went more or less the same.

And the next day. And the next.

It was hard to tell if her control would get any better in the new situation, which was at first mildly disconcerting to Mimi. After all, the whole point of going through her radical change in attitude and supposedly “giving in” to diapers was to come away with better control, so that she could fight the battle to get out of them. Still, it was early days for her new “routine” to be showing any noticeable results to her control, so Mimi was content not to worry about that side of things just yet. She even figured that it would be better just to forget about the goal altogether, lest she become discouraged by a lack of immediate results. First the hardships needed to be overcome so that the routine could be set, then rewards would make themselves evident much later.

Even Ally’s reaction to the whole thing, Mimi’s worst fear, wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Once Ally realised that the frequency of Mimi’s “accidents” was increasing, she made the conscious decision not to make a big deal out of it. She hadn’t exactly been the most supportive sister, and if Mimi was losing control she could be partly responsible. Basically she didn’t want to do anything that could make her feel guilty, while also secretly hoping that it would continue. This attitude actually worked to Mimi’s advantage. Since she had started treating her diapers with a lot more apathy, Ally had lost a lot of the power she had over her sister. She still made a point to take interest in every check, every after-school routine, every public change, but the thrill was gradually lessening.

School was becoming nicely routine too as Mimi eventually learned just how much a pull-up could take before needing a change. In the beginning it had been difficult keeping up with the plan through fear of her pull-ups leaking, and more than once she had been forced to keep a low profile because of exactly that turn of events. Her caution meant that it was never more than minor dripping as she wet her pull-ups in private, or small wet patches on her skirt as she let go in class - nothing too catastrophic (though her mom was quick to notice every time she came home with the latter). But those only accounted for a few weeks of teething trouble; she was now wetting almost freely during the day and could avoid most problems.

She also noticed that after a week or so of coming home with few or no pull-ups her mom had started slipping a few extra into her bag each morning which only made things easier. She was still unsure about messing at school, so would hold it on as long as she could to avoid having to deal with the situation that would arise. This resulted in more than one soiled pull-up on the journey home and subsequent finding out as soon as she entered the house, but she could deal with those consequences considering that she was still unsure just how well her pull-ups could hold up to that kind of accident.

So far Mimi’s biggest fear about just letting go was one that had barely materialized. She figured that by using her pull-ups at school it would seriously increase the chances of her friends finding out, and that she would have to be ever vigilant to keep from exposing herself. However, like most people who wear diapers in some capacity, Mimi had completely overestimated just how much they would show. Being wet made her pull-ups swell a little, but no where near enough for them to sag below her skirt or cause a bulge. She avoided her friends if ever she had a leak, and that was all it took to keep the secret going. It was obvious that being in pull-ups and not diapers made all the difference, and Mimi was thankful her diapers were far away safely back at home.

Soon, using her diapers at home seemed like second nature to Mimi. It didn’t take her long to stop using the bathroom altogether when diapered, instead being dependant on her mother for changes. Much to Mimi’s relief, the increase in diaper changing was simply taken on board by her mother as though nothing was different; she would change her in more or less the same way and in all the same places, the only difference being that they were now more regular. As a result checks became a more regular occurrence too. Occasionally, instead of asking Mimi if she needed a change like she normally would, her mother had taken to stealing quick checks whenever it was convenient to get at her diaper, like if she was walking by or just lounging around in the sitting room. At first Mimi felt uncomfortable if this happened and would revert back to her old ways of resisting interaction with her diapers, but whenever she did that her mother would become frustrated and the resulting diaper change would be less than civil, so she soon learned to go with it. After all she guessed it was probably just to save time, and if she needed changing then there was no real reason to cause a problem. It certainly made things easier.

One thing Mimi still clung to however, was her sacred panties allowance that came right after school before she had her diaper put on, and on a morning if she was dry. The latter didn’t happen very often any more, but still she made a point to indulge whenever she could to remind herself that just because her plan meant soiling her diapers, it didn’t mean she needed them.

Mimi also made a point to keep using the bathroom whenever she had underwear on, a decision that was easily justified after the mistake she’d made the first time. No way was she going to have a repeat of that! Filling her diapers was one thing, but right in front of her mother like some bratty little kid was not her idea of a successful mission. Now she always made sure to use the bathroom during panty time if she needed to, ending the possibility of a reoccurrence. And it wasn’t as though it jeopardised her plan either. Initially Mimi had been worried that using the bathroom at any point would not help her build up control, but it was often the case that she really did need to go by the time she got her panties on, which wasn’t surprising when she considered the timing. On a morning if her diaper was dry then there was a good chance she’d need to go as soon as she woke up, and Mimi had taken to not wanting to mess at school so often she would still be holding on by the time she got back, if she hadn’t already filled her pull-up of course. Indeed, there was no point risking having an accident in her beloved panties when using the bathroom wasn’t making much of difference anyhow.

Secretly though, her main reason for keeping up the bathroom habit was purely for her own sense of self satisfaction. Now that she was almost constantly in a wet diaper, peeing the way a big girl should felt ten times better than it ever did. Yes, her brief underwear sessions kept Mimi’s morale high through out the whole ordeal; they were something to look forward to, a welcome respite: Mimi’s rock.

A few weeks into the plan and Mimi was on her way home as usual. Her pull-up was pretty soaked, causing some discomfort, but she still had two dry ones in her bag - a first since she’d started wetting them on purpose. The reason for her pull-up’s current condition had been carelessness; she flooded it more or less without thinking which had caused yet another leak. As a result her skirt showed the familiar wet spots that were characteristic of her transition to wetting in school. All the same, Mimi figured that her mom wouldn’t exactly care, and after all it had happened during last period. Having two clean pull-ups to show was a good enough incentive not to change at school, and she was planning on holding on her other need until she could use the bathroom anyway.

“Soaked again.” Her mother remarked to herself, more at the dampness of Mimi’s skirt than at the state of her pull-up, which was pretty much normal.
“And two spare.” She added after checking her daughter’s bag. Mimi beamed with pride, but she did not receive the encouragement that she would have liked.
“Why didn’t you use one to change?”
“It happened on the way home.” Mimi lied, almost instinctively. Not that her mother had really been expecting an answer, but it was important to keep up appearances. With a sigh, the offending skirt was once again tossed into the laundry pile to be cleaned. It made no difference to Mimi, who had several more matching skirts in her room – one of the few merits of having a school uniform. Ally looked on with renewed fervour. Seeing Mimi in a wet pull-up was not as satisfying as a wet diaper, but the fact that she had leaked more than made up for it.

Mimi knew to lie down on her bed to have her pull-up taken off, the way she always did if it was wet so she could be cleaned up. She was careful at first because of her growing need to use the bathroom again, but she soon realised that it wasn’t too bad and so wouldn’t have to concentrate. She allowed herself to drift off as her mother removed the used garment and quickly cleaned up.

Humming a tune in her head, it took Mimi a few moments to realise that the change was over. Although, it might also have had something to do with the fact that her mother had not lifted her off the bed like she normally did, nor had she left the room. Instead she was still beside the bed, rummaging around in something. Mimi felt mildly embarrassed that she had allowed herself to remain in a change position nakedly day-dreaming, so she sat up and casually swung her legs off the bed. She hoped that her little drifting off hadn’t eaten into her underwear time.

Her mother immediately swung Mimi’s legs back onto the bed and just as casually pushed her back.

What the hell? Mimi let out a surprised gasp as she lost her balance and fell back onto the bed. She wasn’t quite sure what had happened, and was just about to exclaim some of her confusion when her mother appeared over her, apparently having finished rummaging. She promptly lifted Mimi’s legs, which Mimi automatically raised out of habit, and slipped a diaper under her.
“What are you doing?” Mimi asked, still a little disorientated.
“Erm, changing you?” her mother said, as though it was the dumbest question ever. Which in a way, it was.
“But why?”
“Because you wear diapers Mimi. Gosh you’re not doing very well today are you?” Mimi didn’t appreciate her mother’s sudden sense of humour one bit.
“But… you know what I mean!”
“I know hun, and I think you know what I mean when I ask you not to make a fuss.”
Mimi didn’t know what to say. After all, it was never really agreed that she was supposed to be wearing panties while her mother waited to put a diaper on her each day.
“I think I’ve been very good about letting you have your… “wishing time” after school. Don’t you?”
Mimi remained quite. She knew now what was happening and thought about resisting, but because she’d spent so much time being clueless the change was already too far underway.
“And although you may not have noticed it yourself, I think your potty training hasn’t quite been going in the right direction lately.” Mimi’s inner child turned from twelve to six to two years old in the space of one slanderous sentence.
“So I don’t think you should be without protection for such a long time anymore. I’m sorry sweetie, I know how you liked your private moments but I’m only thinking of you.”

Mimi thought about her mothers words. She knew in her heart that her “potty training”, the cringe worthy term that her mother often used to describe basically whenever she used the bathroom, was going in the right direction, but she was also fully aware that to everyone else it would appear to be the opposite. It was one of the biggest draw backs of her plan. She tried to rationalise that it wasn’t a problem; that since she was using her diapers it didn’t matter if she lost her brief underwear time.

Still, the diaper wasn’t taped up yet so there was always a chance, no matter how little she had to negotiate with.
“But I need to use the bathroom. I can feel it.” She said before instantly realising the stupidity of it.

Unaware of Mimi’s plan, her mother did not understand what Mimi was implying.
“That’s a good girl, I’ve nearly finished putting your diaper on. You can use the bathroom when I’m done.”
Moments later, the last tape was in place.
“There you go.” She said lifting Mimi to her feet, “Now you can go to the toilet.” Without the risk of accidents on the way, she added in her head but didn’t voice to Mimi. She was very much in favour of encouragement during the difficult training years.

Once alone, Mimi was left to lament her poor choice of words. She couldn’t beat herself up too much; although she would have liked to believe that a better defence could have swayed her mother’s decision, she knew deep down that it would never have worked. Ah well, just another thing she’d have to deal with to see the plan through. It hadn’t quite hit home that she’d lost her rock.

Chapter 9

Now that she knew she wasn’t going to get underwear - the presence of a diaper instead of panties was a real giveaway; Mimi had to decide what to do about needing the bathroom. She stood staring at the toilet, having wandered there on auto-pilot after her mom’s advice, intent on using it. Now she was having a change of heart. She really wanted to give in and take her diaper off, but it just didn’t seem right now that she had no reason to. Her plan was very clear and needed absolute commitment if it was going to work.

Still, she was here now - she had made it to the bathroom. Which, when she thought about it, was her ultimate goal, right? And she did need to go, so what difference did it make that she would be pulling her diaper down instead of panties?

All the difference, and she knew it. She realised at that moment that she was lying to herself just for the sake of doing what would happen regardless of whether there was a toilet or not, and that put the integrity of her whole plan in jeopardy. She knew she would be able to hold on at least a bit longer, which in the end clinched the decision for her – she needed to try. After one last longing glance at the forbidden fruit, Mimi turned around and went back to her room.

What now? She needed something to occupy herself before the inevitable happened. Put some clothes on, that was the first thing she should do. No use waddling about with her diaper showing the whole time, especially since she would soon have to do the walk of shame down to her mom. A pair of sweat pants would do now that she was home and in her own company, nice pink ones of course. Mimi liked to feel girly from time to time. “Well that wasted a whole thirty seconds of waiting” she said out loud, scanning the room for a better event.

Mimi hadn’t played video games in ages. A fact she was beginning to regret once she realised how much fun it still was. Ten minutes into a fairly comical battle-style racing game and she was hooked. Just like riding a bike! She thought, as she moved into first position with only three laps to go.

Lost in the fast paced action of on screen mayhem, Mimi’s need to use the bathroom soon caught up with her. I’ll just finish this race then I’ll pause the game and work on concentrating, she negotiated with herself.

Ooooh, second place! That put her in joint first position in the season championships after only two races. Now she would have to at least see the next race through before she could stop, the standings were too close to break her momentum. No big deal. Her need wasn’t so bad and she was sitting in an awfully comfortable position. If anything it would help her hold on even longer, thus strengthening her control. It was too late to stop now anyway, the next race was practically starting and there is nothing worse than pausing a game mid-race for making your kart crash.

Third! Third?! She was robbed! Her Kart had been stopped at the post by an annoyingly well timed, not to mention hilariously shaped, missile. Cheating computer! That little stunt had dropped her down to second place overall by a single point. The AI was just jealous that she was going to defeat it, and defeat it she still would! Now her mind was totally on the next race.

The penultimate and most difficult track of the game, and unfortunately the one she remembered sucking at the most. Mimi had hoped she would be clearly ahead by this point so that the next course wouldn’t be important, but it would seem that video game skills do not return quite as quickly as she would have liked. It was going to take all of her concentration to at least place in the top three and have a chance at clinching the title in the final race that was to come. Her diaper felt fine so that wasn’t anything to worry about. She had managed to settle herself into a rather comfortable position which meant she didn’t have to make any sudden movements, allowing her to relax her tummy somewhat without any noticeable decrease in control. Just what she needed to keep her mind on the race ahead.

So far so good… her little sprite character was maintaining a steady but safe speed to avoid making mistakes on those dangerous corners, while slowly gaining on the leaders who were battling it out for pole position. If Mimi kept her focus she might even be able to sneak first at the last moment and give the computer a taste of its own medicine.

It was working! At the beginning of the last lap she had snuck her way into second place and was poised to take over first place. All she had to do was keep it cool and not make any mistakes, if she could hold out for a decent enough weapon then it would be game, set and match… Or it might have been, if only something very distracting hadn’t occurred at that exact moment.

Her diaper was suddenly filling. Confusion took over for a brief second as she realised her control had slipped without her noticing. That was the price for being so comfortable and focussed on her game, and Mimi couldn’t think of a great deal to do about it. She eventually decided just to let it happen, but the few seconds it had taken her to register what was going on had proved too be too much of a distraction. It was too late to stop her kart from spiralling off the track, costing her not only first but also second place too.

“Damn it all!” she cried in frustration. She was way angrier at herself than she was at her diaper. Why couldn’t she have just ignored it? It was going to happen at some point so it didn’t need thinking about, and certainly not at such a crucial moment in her race driving career. Poopy diaper or not she was determined to finish, but despite taking a clear first place on the final course of the season it wasn’t enough to position her above second in the league rankings.

Mimi was desperate to start a new race season, clear in her mind that this time she would be victorious. However, if she was going to be changed she would probably have to go now and get it over with while there was a natural break in her gaming, despite the fact that it would probably ruin the zone she had going on. That sucked. Still in her comfy position she actually didn’t feel bothered by her diaper, she’d much rather get straight back to racing than have to move. But, she couldn’t exactly just sit around until it suited her to be changed. Mimi had been dumb enough to announce that she needed to go potty when she was changed not so long ago; if she turned up any later with a dirty diaper then her mom would know she hadn’t made it to the toilet and would be wondering why she didn’t come sooner…

Or would she? Since Mimi had started using her diapers all the time, she had to admit there was a definite difference in her mother’s reactions. In particular she noticed that she’d been receiving a steady decline in accountability, a sure sign that the routine was nicely setting in. Come to think of it, she doubted whether her mom would even care what time she went to her. She could probably go whenever she wanted and she would be changed exactly the same. Mimi knew that her mother believed all of her soiled diapers were simply accidents, so it stood to reason that she wouldn’t be expected to notice right away, especially if she’d been busy doing something preoccupying. A great reason to ignore her diaper and keep playing…

On the other hand, it was probably because of her mom’s belief that Mimi sometimes “didn’t know” when she needed a change that diaper checks had become more regular. They could be very embarrassing, especially if she was messy. However, it really wasn’t that big of a deal when the stakes (the Gold Trophy) were so high. It would be totally worth risking a diaper check if she could snatch the title.

After what seemed like an unknown amount of hours Mimi had not only won the championship, but had also won it a second time and lost it a further two times. She was on the road to winning it for a third time, which would be the decider, when her mother walked in. She had been courteous enough to knock first, but sure enough she had only come for one reason.
“Hey there honey, you’ve been up here for quite a while so I just wanted to check on you. Everything o.k?”
Mimi didn’t answer. Partly because she was in the middle of the race but partly because she already knew exactly what her mom had come to check on. She simply reminded herself not to get distracted while it was happening and throw the race like she had done the first time.

Ironically, Mimi’s mother had initially intended on asking her whether or not she needed a change, since she figured that her daughter should at least have some responsibility in checking her diapers even if she evidently wasn’t prepared to come and ask herself. The times she just checked Mimi’s diaper without asking were more of a spur of the moment kind of thing, like if she happened to be passing and had an easy opportunity. However, because Mimi hadn’t answered and she didn’t like being ignored, her mother dispensed with pleasantries and Mimi lost her only chance to not have the embarrassment she was expecting.

“Alright then.” She said. And with that, her mother walked up behind Mimi who was sitting cross legged on her favourite large downy cushion in a prime spot to be checked. The smell was a little obvious but she wanted to be sure – after all, unsurprisingly the room had a naturally strong smell of powder and plastic with an underlying hint that more than one dirty diaper had been changed over the years.

As she was mildly leaning forward Mimi’s diaper peeked out from under her clothes, so when her mom tugged at the back of her sweat pants the diaper came with it. Instant confirmation. Mimi all the while managed to remain focused on glory, figuring that her mom needed to get everything ready for a change or would at least wait until she was finished. With one firm movement her mother picked Mimi up from out of her seat and ruined everything.
“No!” she yelped, manically scrambling for the pause button before the controller fell from her hands as she was carried over to the bed and out of reach.
“You need a new diaper Mimi, I’m afraid your game will have to wait.”
“But, but…” a little more warning would have been nice - a chance to pause it before being yanked out of the comfy spot! From her new position on the bed Mimi leaned over to catch a glimpse of the screen. Fortunately the game was frozen in pause mode, but the screen showed a particularly unfavourable crash. Aww nuts! That game was going to take some salvaging! She thought, before being pressed down onto the bed to have her diaper changed.

“Didn’t make it to the bathroom huh?” her mother asked as she un-taped Mimi.
“Um, yeah I did.” She lied, “but this was a different accident…”
“Uh-huh.” It was clear that her mother could see right through the lie and was not convinced. Mimi felt stupid for assuming her mother wouldn’t care about the whole waiting to be changed thing, but she guessed these were slightly different circumstances than usual. It was her own fault for announcing she would use the toilet, and her mother was obviously unaware of her plan so she deserved a little embarrassment.
“Sitting in that diaper can’t have been comfy hun. You know you can always come to be changed sooner if you need it right?” O.k, maybe she didn’t deserve this much embarrassment.
“I – I didn’t notice…” she lied again.
“You were probably too into your game dear, maybe you shouldn’t concentrate on it so much? You can hurt your eyes.”
“Yeah…” Mimi concluded. She didn’t like this conversation much, so she was happy to leave it there and wait for a new diaper.

Returning to her game, Mimi didn’t really feel like she wanted to play anymore. The frozen Kart crash looked particularly bad and she no longer had the heart to fight through more races. Just as she had predicted, having her diaper changed completely ruined her flow. But instead of feeling grateful that a delayed change had granted her a good amount of “in the zone” racing, she suddenly felt like she’d been wasting a lot her evening with nothing to show for it. It was time to call it a night for video games. But not before declaring herself overall champion of course.

Chapter 10

Mimi’s alarm rang loud and clearly for about five seconds before she whacked it several times to get it to shut up. Eventually she hit the off button which meant she could go right ahead and ignore it like she usually did. The whole alarm procedure was a little bit superfluous because her mother would always come in and wake her up with a diaper check anyway, but it was just one of those little things Mimi liked to do to fool herself that she was somehow in control of her own life. Like any normal teenager she didn’t need her mom to wake her up, just like she didn’t wet the bed or need diapers.

The fact that she was currently dry only proved one out of the three, and only to an uninformed observer, because at this point Mimi woke up from her snooze.

“Huh?” she mumbled, having not quite heard the result through her semi-sleep stage.
“I said you’re all dry this morning.” Her mother reiterated, adding a “good girl” for added effect.

Waking up dry was always a proud moment in Mimi’s day, though this time it was a little unsurprising since she had wet right before bed time the night before. Still, she had to cling on to the small victories.
“Thanks mom, I tried really hard.” She said, as her mom began the dry reward routine and reached for the tapes of her diaper.
Little did Mimi know just how small her victory really was, because instead of un-taping her so that she could be out of diapers for a while like normal, her mother simply checked the tapes to make sure they were still snug before tugging at the leg gatherings for good measure. Finally, she pulled her pyjamas back on over the top, sealing the situation. Mimi was being denied her much deserved out of diapers time.
“Come on, let’s go down for breakfast honey, you don’t wanna be late for school.”
Like today was any different from every other day, Mimi thought. What does she think I’m gonna do?

Her mother stood waiting in the room with Mimi still in bed, half contemplating going back to sleep out of spite. It was a stupid idea she knew, as it would only be her who suffered if she was late. Still, she had a few moments to gather her thoughts; after all she had just woken up.

So she was no longer allowed her usual panties, just like the day before. Not that it was such a big surprise; after yesterdays antics she fully expected the same result, and she had lost all incentive to stay dry at night anyway. It just happened to be a coincidence that she was dry this morning, but at least it now confirmed it – there were going to be no more opportunities for underwear until her plan was seen through. She had to be fully committed to the cause if she ever wanted freedom again, which ironically meant redoubling her efforts to use her diapers. Even though she had been checked and found dry not two minutes ago, Mimi decided to wet her diaper before she got out of bed. Her mother had other plans however, and proceeded to lift the lazy teen onto her feet having figured that she’d already spent long enough lounging around in bed. Mimi’s concentration was obviously elsewhere so she couldn’t react, only hoping that her mother didn’t notice she was still wetting even as she was led out of her room by the hand. It was all she could to grab her glasses on the way out.
Breakfast time felt like it always did to Mimi, since now she was in a wet diaper being dragged around like some kid. Her father had already left for work as he sometimes did, which didn’t make Mimi feel any happier. She didn’t care that Ally was also sitting at the table anymore, her diapers were never coming off and so there wasn’t a great deal extra to feel embarrassed about. Not that the annoying brat’s stares weren’t getting on her nerves…

A ten minute rush later and all breakfasts were finished and cleared away, leaving Mimi with the inevitable drag back to her room to be changed. She knew it was coming, so same as always she quickly left the table and headed for the stairs, expecting to be intercepted at any moment by her mother.
Mimi had already made it half way up the stairs before she realised that she was still alone and with the full use of both her arms. Her mother was probably waiting upstairs… or not, she realised as she closed her bedroom door behind her. What was going on? She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had breakfast in a diaper without having it taken off immediately after. Should she wait in her room? Should she just ignore it and get dressed for school as normal? Should she take her diaper off herself?

And then it hit. The standard routine went like this: taken to breakfast, eat, taken to her bedroom, diaper off, get ready for school, go to the kitchen, have pull-up put on. By that routine she would be without any kind of diaper for at least two stages of the morning. Obviously with her mothers new “never without protection” kick that wouldn’t be acceptable. She was clearly supposed to stay in that diaper until the last possible moment when she would have it taken off for her pull-up. Retarded, she thought, but at least it made sense and she could just get ready for school as normal.

“Hurry up Mimi, we’re going to be late!” Ally chimed like a broken record. Why was everyone so obsessed with them being late? They walked to school for god’s sake, and at a push they could run it in half the time so there was never any real danger. Today was particularly ridiculous, as Mimi had made absolutely sure she was down and ready to go earlier than usual. In Mimi’s mind this was just one more piece of evidence that her sister was just out to purposely annoy her.
“Come on.” Her mother called, gesturing for Mimi to come closer. She reluctantly obeyed; slightly annoyed that she would have to reveal a wet diaper in front of Ally. If she would have known that the routine was going to change she might have thought twice about wetting earlier. Probably not though, she realised.
Mimi waddled over to where her mother stood waiting, but something didn’t seem quite right. She had been spun her around so that her mother could put the spare pull-ups in her back pack, which was normal she guessed, but usually that came after she’d been put into one first. Now that she thought about it, had the pile of pull-ups that always sat on the table been the same? She hadn’t looked properly before having to face the other way, but somehow, things felt different.
“Off you go then.” Her mother said. Looking at the kitchen clock she added, “Maybe you can be early for once and surprise everyone.” Ally rolled her eyes at her mother’s lame attempt at humour then walked towards the door. Mimi followed slowly to give her mother a chance to realise her obvious mistake, but she stopped when it looked as though her mother was about to leave the room. A small edge of hope arose inside her; for as long as she could remember her mother had never forgotten once. Maybe she was finally being allowed to put her own pull-up on?

She wanted to be sure. “Erm, mom?” she squeaked.
“Hmmm?” she responded, only half stopping. “Everything o.k?”
“My pull-up.” Mimi stated matter-of-factly, confident she needed no further explanation.
“Oh, I see.” Her mother answered, turning about face and returning to the kitchen. “I suppose I should really have mentioned it first, though I was hoping you’d understand yourself.”
Mimi had no idea what she talking about, though her mother’s cryptic reasoning was nothing new.
“I think I have an idea…” She said trying to show optimism but at the same time wanting clarification.
“That’s a relief. I was worried you hadn’t noticed.”
Noticed what? Mimi thought, even more unclear about what was happening than before. After a few seconds of awkward silence waiting for her mother to continue, she decided to voice her confusion.
“Um, noticed what?”
This time it was her mothers turn to be surprised. After all, Mimi had just admitted that she had an idea what was going on.
“Why you’re wearing a diaper to school. You understand, right?”
“What?” That wasn’t good news. Being able to change her own pull-up, the only explanation that she’d given herself, was suddenly replaced by a much more obvious one.
“Oh dear.” Her mother sighed, realising that her daughter did not understand at all. She would need to explain quickly and diplomatically if she wanted to avoid a scene. “Yes Mimi, I’m putting you back into diapers for school. I think you know that it’s for the best but I should have said something sooner. I’m sorry if it’s such a surprise to you.”
In Mimi’s head it was and at the same time it wasn’t. Now that it was happening it seemed like such an obvious thing for her mother to do so she actually wasn’t surprised. It had just never crossed her mind that there was any chance it could happen, that her mother would actually do it.
“But I don’t need diapers for school.” She said desperately.
“Sweetie, I know it’s not your fault but you have been coming home very wet lately…” she cooed, hoping that Mimi would get the hint and just accept it without embarrassment.
“They were… accidents mom, that’s what the pull-ups are for, right?” she said meekly, hoping for the exact same thing from her mother. Of course neither were about to be granted their wish.
“Yes Mimi, but nearly every day is a lot to ask from pull-ups. You’ve been leaking a lot too.”
“Accidents!” Mimi repeated dejectedly, unable to think of a better response. Then one hit her, “And sometimes I run out… I just need more pull-ups.” hell she’d settle for taking a whole pack of pull-ups to school; it was better than wearing diapers.
“At first I thought that too, Mimi, and that it was my fault for not giving you enough, but yesterday you didn’t use all of your pull-ups and leaked worse than ever. Do you remember?” In truth the leaky pull-up was only one reason to put her back in diapers. She didn’t want to have to mention all the messy pull-ups she’d had to change after school, but would if she had to.
Fortunately, Mimi nodded her understanding.

She could not win this argument for a whole host of reasons, the least of which being that she was already wearing a diaper and so would be going to school in one whether she liked it or not. She tried to feel angry but was having a hard time feeling anything other than disappointment. After all, it was mostly her fault. She knew she had been good about sticking to her plan, and that was important, but she had also been careless about how she approached it. Turning up home soaked and loaded had seemed like a good idea at the time, but she’d never considered how it must have looked to her mom. Well, no use crying about it now, although she feared she probably would at some point.
“How long for?” she asked, hoping for something to work with, a supplementary goal.
“Maybe when your control gets a little better, then we’ll see.” Mimi had heard those words many times before and knew them to be her mother’s way of saying it probably wouldn’t happen. That did make her want to cry. But at least it strengthened her resolve, since the only way her control was going to get any better was if she continued her plan, which she was now more determined than ever to do. And on the plus side, being in diapers at school meant it would be easier to concentrate on it.

The silence was once again long and awkward, but this time it was broken by Ally, who had been listening to the whole thing and had only just pulled herself together from excitement.
“Can we go yet?” she said innocently, masking the intense satisfaction she was feeling.
“Yes, you probably should.” She turned back to Mimi, “Since you already have your diaper on you can just get off. Goodbye girls, have a nice day.”
“See you later mom!” Ally said opening the door and stepping out. Mimi didn’t move. She stayed standing right in the same spot facing her mother, who, in light of everything that had just happened, thought Mimi might be ready to make a fuss about something.
“Everything o.k?” she said for the second time that morning. Only this time there was at least one less conversation that could result.

Of course everything wasn’t o.k. Aside from the fact that she was about to have the worst day of her life wearing diapers at school, she had, through a series of changes to the routine that she wasn’t aware of before hand, been “tricked” into wetting her diaper at a very inconvenient time.
“I’m wet.” She revealed.
“Already?” was all her mother would say. Not in the mood to beat around the bush, Mimi raised her skirt sufficiently to expose her wet diaper.
“Awww, honey” She coddled, now clear of the situation, “and after you did so well staying dry last night too.”

Mimi was led by the hand into the front room followed by Ally, who had come back inside to see what the hold up was about.
“Good thing you’re a little early this morning.” Their mother remarked as she began to change Mimi’s diaper. “It’d be no good you having to change as soon as you got to school, right?” Mimi said nothing, which didn’t matter because her mother erupted into a new conversation almost immediately.
“Oh, I shouldn’t need to tell you this but I may as well remind you while we’re here. Of course you won’t be able to change yourself at school, so if you need a new diaper then you should go to the nurse’s office.” Pre-empting a negative reaction from Mimi, she added a bit more explanation. “Don’t worry about asking, she’ll help you - it’s her job. Or I guess you could always ask a teacher too if you think they wouldn’t mind.” She offered, figuring that kids these days must be a pretty close to their favourite teachers.

Mimi said nothing. Not an objection, not a complaint, nothing. It was just too ridiculous. She was fully prepared to dismiss everything her mother just said as though she had never said it. Mimi often thought her mother to be very sneaky with the way she found creative ways to make her suffer more than a normal teenager in diapers, but this wasn’t one of her better ideas. Firstly she obviously had never met the school nurse, or she would have realised that “she” was actually a “he”. Then there was the idea of asking a teacher. Sure there were plenty of kind teachers who, when she thought about it, she would rather have change her than her mom, but they’d probably laugh in her face at best or report her to the guidance councillor at worst. Indeed changing in the school bathrooms was going to be a royal pain and would probably need some thinking about, but her mother would never know if she was doing that instead. It was such an unreasonable idea that even Ally didn’t say anything. Sure it was funny to think of Mimi having to ask a teacher to be changed, but she doubted that anyone would go along with it and that there was no way her mother would be able to enforce it. Then there was always the possibility that people would start to think the whole family were weird…

“All done and ready for school.” He mom said upon finishing. “Try and keep this diaper dry if you can dear, but I’ve already put some extra diapers in your bag just in case.” She didn’t expect to get many dry diapers returned, making her whole speech a little bit arbitrary, but she figured it might give her daughter a little confidence all the same. Mimi muttered thanks and got to her feet, wincing as she tried to make sure her diaper was completely invisible under her skirt. She wasn’t a hundred percent convinced. Mimi had already assumed that her bag would be laden with diapers and had held a tiny hope that her mother would at least have bought her some slightly thinner ones to wear to school. Judging by the diaper she had just been put into however she was in no such luck. It was exactly the same absorbent diaper she always wore. Great. Some day this was going to be.

Chapter 11

Of course Mimi and Ally were on time for school – they were never late, despite the constant rhetoric that Mimi endured on a daily basis. She knew it was all just a giant conspiracy between her mother and Ally just to annoy her, like everything else in Mimi’s life. There was no other explanation for it. Ally would always wait for her, without fail, before going to school, complaining about how Mimi needing a diaper change meant they never left on time. Yet, as soon as they set off the two of them would barely walk near each other, let alone talk. If she was so worried about being late then there was nothing stopping her from leaving on her own, but Mimi had gotten tired of saying that a long time ago. And heaven forbid Mimi should ever complain about being late! Each time she did it was greeted with a “nonsense, there’s plenty of time to take forever embarrassing you with your pull-ups”, or something close to that effect. Not anymore though, Mimi sadly thought to herself, there wasn’t going to be any more pull-up routine for her in the near future.

Mimi’s self conscious nature was running on overload as she crept along the school corridors. She hadn’t thought it would be so bad, but she guessed that no amount of diaper wearing around her family could prepare her for social situations. Sure she’d been diapered in public before, but school was a different scenario – her relationship with her peers could make or break her daily life, and anything she did wasn’t likely to go unnoticed like it had at the mall. Mimi felt very alone and vulnerable; she wished that her mom were there holding her hand.

Mimi didn’t like bringing attention to herself on a normal day, but today she hung her head low even more and clutched her books close to her chest, hoping not to have to interact with anyone until she felt more comfortable. Most people would probably ignore her; she was just the shy nerdy girl, but her friends were likely to at least say hi, and there was always the chance that a popular girl might decide to start bullying her. It didn’t really happen at her school she knew, but if it ever did then she also knew that she would be an obvious target. Lastly, and most feared of all, there was always the incident that plagued girls just like Mimi the world over: the inevitable crash into the cutest guy in the school, spilling her books everywhere and knocking her to the floor. Even though it was an obvious cliché from teen movies, it had actually happened to Mimi more than once before.

The terrified teen eventually made it to her first class without incident, which wasn’t a lot to ask on her first day back in diapers she thought. There would be plenty of time for hilarious mishaps over the coming semester. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about leaks so much.

As the day went on, moving around the school started to seem like less of an issue. Between periods there was so much hustle and bustle that no one was likely to notice anything, even if they bumped right into her, and the give away crinkling noise was easily drowned out. In class was a little bit trickier. If it was particularly quiet, Mimi could hear herself rustling every time she shifted in her seat, though no one else seemed to care. She rationalised that it was just one of those things you would never notice unless you were looking for it, and she just had to get over her paranoia. She did fear having to stand and move anywhere during class though, because then all eyes would be on her. Fortunately, very few teachers ever made students get up unless they volunteered, and no one was going to pick on the shy girl.

However, being suddenly reluctant to even breath too loudly in class was causing Mimi some unforeseen problems. She had not been looking forward to having to change her diaper at school, and had decided beforehand that the best time would be during lessons. If she asked to use the bathroom right in the middle of a period then no one else would be in there, allowing her the privacy she needed. However, that was becoming less and less of a possibility as she realised just how much attention that would bring to her, especially if the teacher made a big deal out of it. That only left her with two options: to change during lunch or to abandon her plan altogether. The latter was not even up for consideration; she had come too far to quit now. If gave up then she’d likely never get out of diapers at school. Mimi was too far committed.

Despite spending most of the morning worrying, when lunch time finally came around Mimi was presented with a third, more favourable option. She had only wet once during the first half of the day and didn’t feel a great need to go again. Usually this would still necessitate a quick pull-up change but now that she was in diapers, it meant she had more time to work with. If she could make the same diaper last all day, she wouldn’t have to change at all and could wait until she got home. That was a much better idea, even if it did mean spending lunch with her friends in a wet diaper.

What difference would it make? Being in a wet as opposed to a dry diaper had just as many merits and flaws. From vast experience she knew that being wet made her diaper bulge slightly more and sag a little lower, increasing the chances of being seen. Obviously it made her more likely to leak too, though she doubted she was nearly wet enough to worry about that. On the other hand, wet diapers crinkled a lot less than fresh dry ones, so it was pretty much an even playing field.

As it turned out, no one at lunch so much as batted an eyelid. It was like any other lunchtime with her friends, which still meant she barely said anything. Mimi was definitely the quiet one of the group.
“Awww damn it. We’ve got physics next with Mr. Donovan haven’t we Mimi?” Cat announced as the bell rang, ushering them to class.
“Uh-huh.” Mimi replied. She actually liked physics, but would never admit it to her friend. Unlike most students, she also liked being on her own in classes; having her friends around only made her feel more self conscious. However, she was aware that not everyone was as pathetic as she was, so Mimi happily let Cat sit next to her in any classes they had together, which wasn’t that many.

“This is so boring!” Cat whispered as she turned the page in her text book, only to find it laden with as many numbers and diagrams as the previous one. Mimi wasn’t listening.
"I mean, I know physics is totally math stuff, but couldn’t they jazz it up a bit?"Cat often made such suggestions when complaining about subjects she didn’t like, which always invoked the same “I’m sure they’d love to hear your ideas.” response from Mimi, before she reluctantly let Cat copy her answers. But today Mimi didn’t say anything; she wouldn’t even look at her friend.
“Hey Mimi, are you o.k?” she asked with a little concern having seen the pained exp?ression on Mimi’s face. “You don’t look so good.”

Mimi didn’t feel so good. Having decided only minutes before to not change at lunch so that she could keep the same diaper on all day, she was now struggling to stop herself from wetting her diaper for the second time. She was putting all of her effort into not letting go but she knew it wouldn’t last. She also knew that when it happened, she wouldn’t be able to wait until she got home for a change or she would almost certainly leak. Great plan stupid! She reprimanded herself. Now how am I gonna change?

Sure enough, moments later she was unwillingly wetting her diaper. Whilst being slightly proud that she had tried so hard to hold on, she was still more than a little annoyed at the poor timing of it. At least she could concentrate on the class again.
“Hello? Earth to Mimi. What’s gotten into you?”
“What are you talking about?” she said, knowing exactly what Cat was talking about.
“You totally spaced out for like five minutes! Are you feeling o.k?”
“Oh sorry, I was having a bit of a migraine… I’m fine.”
“I was starting to get scared. Maybe you should go to the nurse?”
“No!” Mimi exclaimed, a little too loudly for a physics class atmosphere. The mention of the school nurse while she was soaked brought up too many diabolical possibilities.
“Chill out weirdo, I just meant you could get out of the rest of class.”
“Kitty, you’re such a drop out.”
“And proud of it. Cant believe you’d let a good headache go to waste…”

The rest of physics went as well as could be expected; Mimi forgot about her diaper and Cat kept complaining, allowing them both to get as much work done as they usually did. By the time the bell rang though, Mimi was already packed up and ready to go. She had been waiting for it.
“I need to use the bathroom before next class, I’ll see you later o.k?” she said with her bag already on her shoulder. She had settled on a fourth and rather unreliable option; to change between classes. It would surely make her late to next period but hopefully not enough to attract too much attention as she walked in. It wasn’t like she had a choice – the end of the day was a long way off.
"Hey wait up Mimi, I’ll come with you."Cat chimed.
“No, don’t…” Mimi said automatically. She’d been caught completely off guard, “I mean, er… you take ages to pack away so I’ll see you in there alright?”

Quick thinking, Mimi thought to herself as she dashed straight past the nearest bathroom, the one that Cat would surely go to thinking she was in there. It wouldn’t matter if she was a tiny bit late to next period, so Mimi was in no rush as she slipped into the girls bathroom on the next floor.

A few other girls were milling about when Mimi entered, some fixing hair or make-up and others doing what Mimi claimed to be doing but hadn’t done in a long time – actually using the bathroom. No one noticed her shuffle into a bathroom stall and none of them would notice when she didn’t come out before they left. Then she would have private time.

Finally, Mimi heard the door close for what she figured to be the last time. She hadn’t had to wait too long for everyone else to leave, so she waited another few seconds for good measure. Nothing but silence, at last she was alone. Class was about to start so no one else would be coming in any time soon, but even so Mimi didn’t want to be reckless on her first day so she took things very slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. First she took a new diaper and everything else she would need from her bag and placed it on the small ledge in the cubicle. Trying to slide a diaper from her bag without it rustling was tricky, but she allowed herself some leeway as there was clearly no one else in the room.

Sitting down on the toilet seat, Mimi began to undo the tapes on her diaper one at a time, trying not to make the tell-tale ripping sound that diaper tapes are famous for. She had already taken a long time, and could probably have completed the whole diaper change by now if she hadn’t been trying to be careful, but she figured it was better safe than sorry. When the last tape was undone, Mimi lowered the front of her diaper away and prepared to stand up.

Suddenly, she heard the bathroom door open. Mimi froze, not wanting to make a sound. Great! She thought, now I’ll have to wait even longer.
“Mimi? You in here?” a familiar voice called out.

Damn it all, Cat was too good a friend and so had come looking for her. Mimi remained frozen in silence, hoping that Cat would give up and go try another bathroom. However, Cat noticed the looked cubicle door and wasn’t about to give up yet. Her best friend had been acting a little weird after all, maybe something was wrong.
“Mimi, is that you in the stall?” She called from a distance, not wanting to get too close in case it wasn’t her at all. Mimi still did nothing, but was starting to wonder just how far Cat was willing to go if she was convinced Mimi was in there. The longer she remained silent, the more suspicious she would look if Cat eventually found out it was her.
“Mimi, if you’re in here I just want to know that you’re o.k, that’s all.” Her voice sounded at lot closer now. Mimi cracked.
“I’m fine.” she said eventually.
“Oh thank God, I thought I was talking to a complete randomer!” Mimi heard the neighbouring stall door open and close as Cat went in. “What’s up Mimi, are you o.k?” she said from the other side of the wall.
“Yes, I’m o.k. Cant I get some privacy?”
“Well sorry, you were just acting weird is all, and then you went and hid from me.” Mimi felt a ping of guilt at having tried to trick her friend.
“Yeah, sorry about that… It’s um, you-know-what.” She said, trying to drop a conversation ender.
“Don’t think you can try that with me Mimi, I know it isn’t for another two weeks.” Damn! How could she know? Oh wait… Mimi thought as she realised that she knew exactly when Cat was due as well. Idiot! That kind of thing was totally best friend knowledge.
“I figured your migraine had come back…” Cat continued. Yep, that would have been the smart thing to say, Mimi realised all too late.
“But now I know there’s something wrong.”
“Cat. You’re my best friend but I want you to leave me alone right now, I’m fine.”
“You don’t sound fine… you don’t sound like you at all. Now you’ve got me worried.” Cat genuinely did sound concerned, which was only annoying Mimi more.
“Mimi, what are you doing in there? You can talk to me.”
“I’m not doing anything!” she snapped, wishing her friend would believe her lies.
“Really? Then I guess you wont mind me joining you then.”

Before Mimi could even figure out what Cat meant, her best friend climbed up onto the toilet seat and peered over the low cubicle wall. Turning to face the direction of the odd climbing sound, Mimi saw Cat’s head peeking over the divide. She immediately shot up from where she had been frozen, clutching her diaper from the front and back and holding it against herself.
As though she expected a useful response, Cat repeated “Um, are you o.k?” Mimi didn’t reply.

An intense silence hung in the cubicle while Cat took in the scene.
“Are you done?” Mimi reprimanded through rapidly forming tears. Immediately Cat’s head dropped back behind the wall, followed by the sound of her feet landing on the floor. Shortly afterward Cat heard the sound of Mimi’s soggy diaper also hitting the bathroom tiles, along with quiet sobbing.
“I’m sorry babe.” Cat managed, instantly regretting her choice of affectionate name.

Both girls remained in Silence for a long time, each wanting to speak but not be the first. Mimi of course wanted a chance to explain before things got out of hand. Cat was obviously curious but more than that she felt sorry for Mimi and wanted to comfort her in someway. She didn’t know quite how she would do it but still she broke the silence.
“Sometimes I pee…” Mimi immediately interjected. Even though there was a wall between them she still stared straight into the ground. She had already run through all the possible lies she could think of, and decided that her best friend wouldn’t believe any of them. Heck, she probably wouldn’t believe the whole truth if she tried to explain it.
“That’s cool.” was all that Cat could think of to say. “You should probably finish what you were doing…” she added, aware that Mimi had only stopped on account of her

A few seconds later Cat heard movement from within Mimi’s cubicle. Most of the sounds were obvious, and while it was going on she decided to step outside of the stall.

There was a short lull in activity coming from Mimi’s direction.
“Can I come in?” Cat asked.

After an awkward silence, the bolt keeping the door locked slid open. Cat stepped inside.

Mimi stood with her head at a ninety degree angle, her glasses in danger of falling off as she buried her gaze into the ground. Her skirt was hanging from the hook behind the door and her wet diaper still sat where it had fallen on the floor.
“You look cute.” Cat said, trying to be as helpful as possible. She realised that it probably wasn’t.
“Thanks.” Mimi replied sarcastically, still not wanting to look up. At least the atmosphere was breaking, with both girls feeling at least a little more comfortable.
“It sure explains a lot.” It sure did.
“It must seem really obvious now, huh?” Mimi looked up for the first time.
“Yeah, why you hardly ever hang out with us after school and never come to the sleepovers.” Lies flooded into Mimi’s conscience, of all the excuses she’d used over the years. Now she wanted to bring them all back up, to convince Cat that she was wrong, that her accidents were only happening lately because of stress…

She knew deep down that it would never work. The evidence was too heavily weighted against her. In light of all her past deception, Mimi expected her best friend to be hurt, or at least furious.
“I guess a stinky diaper would sure ruin the party.” Cat said, unhurt and un-furiously.
“I do not-” Mimi began, but she didn’t even have to finish the lie, Cat did it for her.
“Sorry hun, I was just trying to make a joke. You know what Im like… sorry.”
“It’s o.k.”
“And before you say anything, of course I’m going to keep it a secret. That is, unless everyone knows except your best friend?” Mimi shook her head and smiled.

She couldn’t contain herself any longer and threw herself at Cat for the first proper hug she’d ever had from a friend. Cat was quite a bit taller, allowing Mimi to bury herself in her chest. All the time they’d known each other, Mimi had consistently shied away from contact, not wanting to risk her secret being discovered for the sake of affection. Affection that she so wanted.

Now that she was standing in a diaper, all her hard work was undone and holding back seemed pointless. Cat’s embrace slipped over Mimi’s diaper. It was acceptance. Mimi pressed herself against her best friend so hard that she thought she might burst. She was ecstatic to feel Cat squeezing back.
“I promise not to tell on one condition.” She said after a long and intense hug. “Even though you know your friends would not have cared, I’m not going to lecture you on why you didn’t tell us. I don’t know if I would have done either, and I think you’ve spent a long time hurting inside with so big a secret.” She didn’t know the half of it, Mimi thought, and even after all that had just happened, she would go back to keeping it all a secret from her in a heart beat.

“So I promise not to tell anyone, but only if you come to our next sleep over.”

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies continued

Chapters 12-14


Mimi was having a hard time being convinced. More frustrating still, she wasn’t bowing to the unspoken threat of exposure. Cat needed to step up her game if she was going to get anywhere.
“Mimi, we talk about it you know; everyone thinks you don’t want to hang out with us.”
“I don’t!”
“You know what I mean. Yuko is convinced you don’t like her.”
“That’s silly. She’s like the nicest girl.”
“I know, but you’re always so stand-offish with her.”
“I… don’t mean to be.” Mimi felt a pang of guilt for all the times she’d ignored Yuko. She was always so chirpy and active and a little ditsy, like she could instigate a play fight at any moment. Obviously this made Mimi feel like her privacy was in danger.
“I can see now what’s been happening,” Cat said, not having to mention Mimi’s diapers since both of them realised that they were still hugging, “Yuko’s kinda sporty and you’re scared of being dragged into it right?”
Mimi nodded at what was clearly the truth. She was at least thankful that Kitty understood she wasn’t deliberately being mean.
“But Yuko doesn’t understand,” Cat said as though she could read Mimi’s mind, “she’s too cheerful to say anything but I think her feelings are hurt.”
“I just want a little bit of space. I didn’t think people took it so personally.”
“That’s why you gotta come.”
“But I couldn’t…”
“How can you say that? You know why.”
“Oh please! Even though no one will care in the slightest bit, you don’t have to tell the others if you don’t want to. No one will notice.”
“How can be so sure?” Mimi pleaded.
“You think we just walk around in our underwear? Believe me, it doesn’t happen. I already tried but no one else was into it…”
Even though she wanted to say it wasn’t funny, Mimi couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at Cat’s humour. She always did no how to lighten a situation, whether it was appropriate or not.
“What was that? Did I hear you laughing? Well if you really insist I can always ask again, I didn’t think you’d be into it but I guess if it means you’ll come over then I’m sure everyone else will be willing…”
“Oh stop it Kitty!” Mimi managed through laughter.
“Seriously though, you’ve got me on your side now. I can cover for you and everything.”

Mimi desperately needed an out, which wasn’t much of a problem since neither of them were really where they should have been as that moment.
“We should probably get back to class before we’re both done for truancy.” Mimi said, intentionally avoiding Cat’s demands and changing the subject.
“Meh, business as usual,” Cat dismissed, “but I guess little miss super nerd needs her study fix, right?” she checked her watch, “Yikes! We are late!”
“And we’re in the same class together, people are gonna think we were skipping!”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll go on ahead and take most of the fall.”
“I can’t let you do that!”
“You have to; otherwise no one will believe me when I tell them that you weren’t feeling well and that I’ve been looking after you.”
“But that’s dishonest!” Mimi gasped.
“Oh really? Guess I’d better tell everyone the truth then, huh?” Cat said, lifting Mimi’s skirt from behind the door and walking out of the stall with it.
“Point taken!” Mimi shrieked, catching the skirt as Cat threw it back to her.
“Just give it a minute or so before coming to class, and try to look ill; no one should bother you then.”
“Thanks Kitty.” Mimi called out as her friend prepared to leave. Suddenly, Cat turned around.
“New rule!” She called out, “Call me Kitty again and next time you wont get your skirt back!”

It seemed that Cat’s little white lie had actually worked, since Mimi was able to slip into the class with only an “Are you o.k?” from Miss Yollie. She was a nice enough teacher. Of course Mimi had said that she was, and subsequently refused an offer to see the nurse. Again. Cat shook her head in disapproval as Mimi slid into the seat next to her.

“I hope you didn’t get too busted because of me…” Mimi whispered.
“Girl, quit worrying about it. You’ve been busted enough today for the both of us.” Mimi didn’t find that at all funny, in fact now that the initial adrenaline was wearing off she was starting to feel very uncomfortable around her best friend, like she was sitting in judgement. The feeling reminded her of how she felt around Ally.
“But if you must know, she tried to get bad ass on me but as soon as I ‘explained’ everything she couldn’t keep it going. It was actually quite satisfying to shut her up.” Mimi was relieved to hear that at least.

One more class before school ends, that’s all that she had to endure, one more class. Then she could run home and get away from her crazy feelings and back to familiarity. Right now she just wanted routine.
“Let’s meet up after school, o.k?” Cat hollered before they parted ways for final period.
“Sorry I cant.” Mimi refused, “And it’s not what you think. My mom actually does wait for me to get home; she’ll be worried if I hang around.” Besides the small lie of omission it was mostly true.
“She’s probably just protecting you. Call her and explain everything and I’m sure she’ll let you hang out with me.”
“It’s… not as simple as that.” Mimi said regrettably. She had hoped to avoid any more lies. “We do stuff together everyday after school. You see my dad works a lot and she needs a hand with chores and sometimes we have to go out and –”
“Alright, alright, I can take a hint. At least let’s walk home together then?” Mimi wished that Cat would just give her some privacy. Walking home time was her time. And, it was the most precarious time for her underwear too.
“But we live in opposite directions!”
“It’s o.k, we’ll walk to your house and then I can get the bus back. Please?”
“Sure, whatever. If you wanna take the long way to get home then be my guest.”
“Great! Even though I suspect you don’t want me there, I’ll see at the school gates after school.”
“It’s not like that, I’m just tired and a little overwhelmed you know?” But Cat was already skipping away down the hall, quite possibly having not heard any of it.

What was taking Cat so long? Mimi just wanted to go home and get away from the heavily social environment. She didn’t like standing around outside school because it brought attention from anyone who walked past, and worse still she was now messy. It was very strong grounds for leaving Cat and going home on her own.
"Hey what’s up?"Cat chimed as she casually strolled out of the school doors, waving goodbye to some boy Mimi didn’t know, “shall we get going?” Not so much as an apology or an explanation, Mimi thought.

For the first few minutes they walked home in pretty much silence, occasionally giving greetings to other students they passed who were also walking. This suited Mimi just fine since she could pretty much guess what Cat was waiting to talk about. Obviously she wasn’t quite in the mood.

Sure enough, once the migrating student populace had thinned out, Cat revealed her true intentions.
“Hey Mimi?” She said casually. Her diapered companion simply turned to her with a look of “yes?”
“More of an explanation please!”
Ugh, Mimi sighed. She had seen it coming but she hadn’t expected Kitty to be so blunt. Then again, she guessed they didn’t have much time to beat around the bush. Still, she knew there was no way out of it so she was prepared to be as dismissive as possible and only reveal enough to satisfy her friend’s curiosity. It would be very easy to make Cat feel incredibly guilty throughout the whole conversation, but Mimi figured that she was only trying to learn more. Cat was always trying to help, not that Mimi needed it, but still her intentions were probably good.
“Not a lot to explain I guess… I’m just not very well.” Of course, making her feel a little bit guilty would be o.k.
“Um, nothing serious I hope?” Cat really hadn’t prepared for that kind of an answer. She had been hoping for something a little bit more… well, scandalous. Not that she wanted to create a scandal, but everyone knows that the more dangerous a secret your friend tells you, the more they must trust you to have told you it. And that’s empowering.
“No, I kinda just wet myself. That’s it.” Mimi said matter-of-factly. “And er, I get tired a lot,” she added, realising that her fake illness would be better if it didn’t sound, well, fake, “and um, sometimes I feel really depressed.”
“So it’s like depression then?” Cat said obviously. Not a particularly well made up illness, Mimi thought, but she was willing to role with it.
“Yeah, I guess. But it’s a lot more complicated, so you can’t really label it as that.” She didn’t want cat believing it was something common, because that would risk her thinking it was o.k. to tell people. She could imagine it now, “everyone be nice to Mimi, she has depression!” was exactly the kind of thing Cat would do, and Mimi really didn’t need that.
“Oh, o.k. Well it sounds really complicated if you gotta wear diapers the whole time.” Again, Mimi hated hearing it put that way and wanted so badly to tell her that it wasn’t like that. However, she really didn’t want to make up any lies that she couldn’t maintain, like telling her she wasn’t always in diapers. Still, she needed something to raise her esteem a little.
“Yeah, I don’t always need them - but sometimes I can ‘go’ just like that, when I’m feeling certain ways, you know? So it’s mostly for just in case.”
“Oh o.k…” Cat said rather questioningly. She was quiet for a while as she looked to be pondering what she had just learned. Mimi waited anxiously to see if she was buying the story or not.
“But, if it’s not that often then why are your diapers so… er, much?” Cat said finally, punching giant holes through Mimi’s attempts at fabrication, “I mean there must be smaller ones out there. And I’m sure I’ve seen stuff in the store that looks almost like underwear. Like the pull-ups you see advertised on T.V for kids.” Mimi stared at the ground in thought, desperately trying to come up with a good answer. It wasn’t coming, and she knew that she looked obviously off guard. Cat picked up on it right away; she had been expecting an easy explanation, but since none were forthcoming she was starting to put two and two together. If Mimi were able to hear her friends thoughts, then she might have heard something a little like this:

Uh-oh, I’ve gone and put my foot right in it now! Good one ‘Kitty’ why did you have to go and embarrass your best friend? She obviously needs diapers more than she’s letting on, but you had to go and call her out on it. Why couldn’t you have just thought for a second before opening your big mouth? Her self esteem must be shot to pieces and you couldn’t even let her get some of it back. So what if you could see right through it, you don’t have to let her know! In fact, it would be better if you both secretly knew the truth but could keep up appearances. That’s what friends do for each other. Quick, think of something to say to get yourself out of this mess! It’s what you’re good at!
"Actually I guess what I just said makes no sense. That kind of stuff is for um, old people right? It wouldn’t work for an active young person very well. Thinking about it, I totally understand now."Cat blurted, pleased that she had managed to keep talking long enough for her excuse to sound like real words. In reality, she figured it would probably be the opposite way around, but then if Mimi had always needed big diapers then she probably wouldn’t know that, right?

In reality, Mimi figured that it would probably be the opposite way around, but then if Cat didn’t know anything about diapers then she probably wouldn’t know that, right?

Both girls desperately wanted to move on or change the subject, but it was Cat who finally did so, albeit because she suddenly realised something else she may have been responsible for.
“Err… Question!” she announced a little awkwardly. “So like every time I jumped at you or tickled you, it probably made you, um…”
“Yep.” Mimi replied, not needing to hear the rest of the question.
“Ooops… Sorry!”
“You didn’t know.”
“And in physics today, that was totally you peeing!” Mimi shot her a glance that said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Fortunately Cat got the message.
“Sorry, it just seems so obvious now. You know, with everything.”

They both walked on in silence for a while as each friend, mentally exhausted from the conversation, thought about unrelated issues. Mimi didn’t live too far away from school so it wasn’t long before they reached the top of her street, which was coincidentally where the bus stopped.
“Guess I better wait here then.” Cat said, coming to a gradual halt.
“Yeah, the buses run pretty regular. It’ll be along soon.”
“Alright, I’ll see you later then.”
“See ya!” Mimi said, trying to hide her relief that she could finally get home. She was starting to smell.
“Oh, and Mimi?” Cat called before she could get away, “I’ll let you know about our next get together. It’ll probably be this weekend or maybe next. O.k?”
Mimi sighed.
“I’m not getting out of this, am I?”
“I’m afraid not.” Cat chuckled, “but I just want you to know that I realise this whole thing must feel harder for you than it looks to me. We don’t ever have to talk about it again if you don’t want to.”

Mimi thought long and hard as she prepared to walk away again.
“Maybe I’ll want someone to talk to… Catch you later Kitty!” and with that, she quickly paced towards her house.

Chapter 13

No one was waiting for Mimi when she arrived home, which struck her as very unusual. The fact that the kitchen was empty wasn’t particularly abnormal, as her mother would often be elsewhere in the house and only come in to the kitchen when she heard Mimi return. Today however, Mimi had waited the customary few seconds to give everyone else a chance to register the door opening, but still no one came. It was entirely possible that Ally hadn’t come home from school yet, but her mother’s disappearance was a bit surprising, especially since she needed a change.

All was revealed when Mimi decided that she would put her feet up and watch T.V. Entering the living room; she finally received a greeting form her mother who was poised on the floor wrapping what Mimi assumed to be her father’s birthday presents.
“Good day?” her mother said, looking up when it became obvious that Mimi was home.
“Same as always…” Mimi lied. The day had certainly not been like any other day of her life.
“I’m glad to hear it.”
After a few moments Mimi realised that her mother wasn’t about to stop what she was doing to check her. The thought of asking to be changed never crossed her mind, so she began getting comfy on the sofa and flicking through T.V channels.

Try as she might, Mimi couldn’t keep her eyes from the various wrapped and unwrapped gifts lying around the floor. She recognised the shirt and tie set that they had bought together at the mall, but there were so many more. Almost all of them were wrapped by now, and the ones that weren’t seemed to be in unobvious boxes or packets, making it very difficult to identify anything. Some of them seemed very large, and in a lightly excited way Mimi wondered if any were for her birthday, which was coming up soon. It wouldn’t be like her mom to use the same kind of wrapping paper, but still it was worth thinking about.

Once all the presents were wrapped to a satisfactory degree, her mother disappeared and reappeared several times taking different items with her, presumably to hide them in cunning places away from the eyes of her father. He wasn’t the sort of man to go spoiling a surprise, but this way they could keep the whole affair low key - the way he liked it. It was a trait that Mimi had also inherited.

When her mother finally came back into the room once all the presents were gone, she wasted no time in taking care of other business. Mimi wasn’t sitting in an especially convenient position, meaning the daily after school check was a bit awkward. She couldn’t get to the rim of Mimi’s diaper, so her mother had no choice but to check from underneath. The easiest way to go about it was to look up her daughter’s skirt, so without even asking she hoisted Mimi’s legs into the air and slid her butt a little closer to the edge of the sofa. Mimi didn’t resist, but had to lean her head far to the side so that she could still see the T.V. It would probably have been easier just to ask Mimi if she needed a change, but this kind of awkward check was becoming increasingly common – her mother had taken to not always asking and as a result Mimi had stopped telling.

It was immediately obvious that Mimi was loaded.
“Oh, I didn’t realise you needed a change so badly hun. Why didn’t you say anything? I would have taken care of it right away. The wrapping could have waited.”
Because if you’re not going to ask me, why should I tell you? Mimi thought to herself. It makes no difference to me, so what’s the point…
“I didn’t know.” Was the best response that Mimi could think of before realising how ridiculous it sounded. Even babies knew when they’d pooped their diapers.
“Er, I mean I forgot.” She quickly rectified, “I just forgot.”
“Its o.k., I’m sure you had such a busy day.” Her mother said, talking as you would to a toddler after their first day at kindergarten.

While she was being changed, Mimi thought it would be a good time to bring up her conversation with Cat. At least the parts that concerned her anyway.
“So mom,” Mimi began, “I was talking to my friend today and, um…” hmmm, how best to phrase it so that her mom wouldn’t let her go? That was the key. It would have been easier to never mention it and then lie to Kitty, but she promised her friend that she’d ask, and that was important.

“So my friends are having this wild party soon, lots of boys, probably some booze too, and they asked if I could come. Obviously I wanted to ask you first to see if it’d be o.k.”
It was a little bit… embellished she knew, but still near enough to satisfy her conscience when she inevitably had to tell Cat, in all truth, that her mother had said no.
“Of course dear, you don’t need to ask me if you want to hang out with your friends.”
Yep, now that was out of the way Mimi only had to tell her friends that she couldn’t – What?!
“What?!” she announced out loud.
“It sounds like fun. I think you spend too much time stuck in your room; a girl your age should get out and socialise a bit more.”
A girl my age? Maybe if you treated me like a girl of my age then I would go out more! Girls my age don’t pee their pants! Mimi wanted to scream, but instead she phrased it a little more conservatively.
“Gee thanks mom, that’s really cool of you. I just figured that, you know, since I won’t be able to wear diapers at the party you might not think it’d be such a good idea, but if you’re sure you wanna take that risk then great. I can’t wait…” she said, hoping her mother would take the hint.
“Oh don’t worry about that dear.”
“Huh? Really? You mean you’re fine with it?” Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad party after all.
“Of course, like I said I want you to go have fun. Who knows? Maybe you’ll talk to a boy for once.” Her mother winked in an awkward fashion which Mimi didn’t appreciate, but her mind was too close to euphoria to care. She wished she’d have gone to a sleep over sooner! If she’d have known her mom would be this cool she’d have organised one every week! At someone else’s place of course.
“Thanks mom!” she said with genuine sincerity this time.
“No problem Mimi, I keep telling you I’m a cool parent.” Her mother replied, “And if you need a change then I’m sure someone will help you. Which friend is it? I’ll just leave some diapers with their parents. If you like I can phone ahead of time and make sure its o.k”

If her mother had said anything else after that, Mimi didn’t hear it. The sound of a train wreck in her head was so loud it blocked out everything else. It took her several moments to even think of a comeback.
“N-no.” she mumbled. “I thought… I thought maybe I could change myself? You know, since it’s a party and everything.” Mimi was aware that she’d originally assumed she wouldn’t be in diapers at all, but didn’t want to push her luck. After all, she was currently still being changed.
“Don’t be silly dear; there’ll be plenty of people to do it for you. Don’t worry about it.” From similar conversations in the past, Mimi knew that her mother thought all her friends knew about the situation, despite her protests to the contrary. She never pushed it too far though, in case her mother felt the need to tell them all just to prove a point. Better to let her mother think what she wanted and just never have her meet her friends.

“And if you use the bathroom like a big girl then there’ll be no problem, right?” Yeah, like that was going to happen. Mimi wasn’t going to rely on her control, especially over night.
“But it’ll be weird mom; I don’t want anyone else to change me…”
“Awww, you only want your mom to do it huh?” Mimi couldn’t think of anywhere else to go with that, but at least it was away from the idea of her friends changing her so she just nodded her head.
“Hmmm, well I guess I could come over so long as its not too far away and it’s a night when I’m free.” Mimi hated the idea of her mom turning up at her friend’s house to change her diaper, but under the circumstances it was the more favourable option so she rolled with it.
“Please mom…” she whimpered.
“Oh alright then, I guess it would be better if I can make sure its being done properly. You’ll just have to call me when you need a change, alright?”
"Thanks."She said. Great, some night that was going to be. Mimi was already dreading the call from her friends to confirm the date.

Being so lost in thought, as she sometimes was, Mimi didn’t realise the change was over until she looked up to see that her mother was gone and then looked down to see her new diaper fully in place. The latter was a little surprising, since being able to see her own diaper meant that she hadn’t had her skirt put back on. Looking around, the item was nowhere to be seen so she guessed that her mother must have taken it to the washing machine. Funny, she didn’t remember leaking today, but then that was the problem with leaks: sometimes you didn’t notice until it was too late. Mimi hoped that she’d only started leaking after school, and that no one on the way home noticed. They usually didn’t.

At first the lazy teen considered just sitting back down on the sofa to finish watching her show, but then thought better of it. Ally could be home at any minute, and Mimi didn’t want to think what her sister would say if she found her just sitting around in a diaper. She probably wouldn’t say anything, Mimi thought, but then her look would probably be enough. Better go put some sweat pants on or something; it wouldn’t take long so she wouldn’t miss too much essential viewing.

Mimi passed her mom in the kitchen on the way to her room, and then again on the way back down. She was cooking dinner both times, and the second time smelled even better than the first. Feeling hungry and curious to know what was going on, Mimi stopped to investigate.

“Hey mom, watcha’ cooking?” she said poking around the various pans and bowls.
“Nothing special, just some chicken with pasta, a few vegetables.” Her mother replied, still tending to the stove.
“Well whatever it is, it smells great!” Mimi announced still hanging around.
"Thanks d -"her words were cut off as she turned around to face her daughter, “Ah.” She exclaimed in sharp tone, looking down at Mimi’s sweat pants. She stopped, put down her utensils and turned the pans on low.
“Honey, there was a reason I didn’t put your skirt back on you.”
“I know… I can’t help it if I leak mom.” Mimi said rather embarrassedly.
“It wasn’t because of leaking, your skirt was surprisingly dry for a change.” The statement ended with a rising tone of humour, which kept Mimi clueless as to what was actually going on.
“Then what is it?”
“I think maybe it would be better if I could see your diapers.”
“But you just changed me, I’m not –”
“No, I mean all the time.” She said, cutting Mimi off before she could go any further down the wrong train of thought. It was a lot to ask, she knew, and once again she had gone for the ‘just do it and hope she takes the hint’ approach. However, like when she had put Mimi in diapers for school earlier that morning, Mimi had either been oblivious or deliberately difficult. Once again she prepared for a long explanation to make her daughter understand clearly.
“What I mean is –”
“You expect me to have my diaper showing?” Mimi exclaimed, immediately understanding.
“Just when you’re around the house.” Despite being surprised, her mother didn’t miss a beat.
“What for? What difference would it make apart from to embarrass me?” Mimi could see where this was going and it was making her a little angry.
“Firstly, everyone in this house knows you need diapers so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.” Her mother retorted rather seriously, “and secondly, I just think it would be easier to check on you. Today was a good example of how awkward it can be to check your diaper if you’re not paying attention.”

Mimi was astonished. Was she really being treated like a little kid who needed their diapers checking all the time? Sure she was a little bit to blame, when she thought about it she had been quite lazy recently, lounging around waiting to be checked instead of doing it herself, but that was no reason to go this far.
“Mom, I don’t think you need to go that far. I’ll be more careful from now on, o.k?”
“I’m sorry Mimi, it’s for your own good. I’m worried that you’ll get a rash.”
“B-but you don’t need to check me. I’ll tell you when I need changing!” Mimi hoped that trying to show some responsibility might work in her favour. After all, if her mother had just asked if she needed changing then she would have told her. It seemed unfair that she was supposed to be putting in all the effort.
“But that’s the problem sweetie; I don’t think you always know when you need changing.”

And there it was - the crippling blow. Mimi knew she wouldn’t be able to counter that argument, she had just admitted that she ‘forgot’ she needed changing earlier. She instantly regretted being so lazy. It had seemed like a simple enough concept at the time: why check your own diaper when someone will do it for you? But like everything else, what had appeared to be logical was now coming back to bite her in the form of her mother’s mis-understanding mind. She needed a new angle.
“But what if I leak? It’ll go straight onto whatever I’m sitting on. You said yourself it’s been happening more and more…”
"That’s the point Mimi; if I can see your diaper easily then I’ll be able to change you before you have a chance to leak."Damn, that totally makes sense! Mimi scolded herself for not realising it before she went and dug herself in further. As always she was fighting an inevitably losing battle.
“Come on now, you know I’m right dear. Let’s stop all this nonsense so we can eat, huh? Its nearly ready and you were just saying how good it smells. You must be hungry.”

With that, her mother slowly reached out and began lowering Mimi’s pants. Dejectedly, Mimi just hung her head and let it happen. Every time she thought there couldn’t possibly be any more freedoms to lose, she went and lost another. Something as simple as personal privacy was so easy to take for granted. Mimi had to hold back a tear as she thought about the newest horrible thing her life now had in store for her. Everyone would know what she had done in her diapers, maybe even before she did.

Chapter 14

The two of them had just started dinner when Ally walked in, much to Mimi’s disappointment. She was about to excuse herself and leave, but then she guessed there would be no point. Eventually Ally was going to see her walking around in diapers, and until she could bring her plan to fruition she was just going to have to get used to it. Her mom’s cooking was actually pretty good too, so she figured she might as well stay and get it over with.
Of course Ally noticed immediately. The chair Mimi was sitting on was fairly simple and had little backing, so her diaper stuck right out. She leant forward into her food in an attempt to ignore her sister, but it proved very difficult since she could tell that Ally was standing right behind her, probably pretending to be doing something else whilst actually taking a good look.
In reality Ally didn’t need to take that good a look because she had known ahead of time that Mimi would probably be showing her diapers. Her mother had already talked to Ally about the situation, and told her that she should try and make her sister feel as comfortable as possible with it. Of course Ally had feigned complete sympathy and understanding; agreeing with her mother that it was definitely the best course of action for Mimi’s own good. All she needed was a quick glance to confirm that her mother had actually gone through with it and she was happy.
The two girls said nothing to each other throughout dinner, which was fairly normal, only now it felt twice as awkward for Mimi. She didn’t need to hear anything; the look on Ally’s face said it all.
And things only got worse. Towards the end of dinner their father walked in early from work. It didn’t happen very often and so the whole family were pleasantly surprised. Except Mimi that is, who would have loved to jump up and embrace her father but instead just hung her head further in shame. Why me? She lamented to herself before turning around to smile at her father. It was no use being rude after all. He returned the smile in a normal fashion before taking his place at the table, clearly happy to be able to share a belated meal with his wife and children.
Now that it was clear that everyone had had a good view of her underwear, Mimi saw no point in hiding away any longer. As soon as dinner was over she wasted no time in standing up in front of everyone and walking out of the room, oblivious to any stares she may have gotten. Once she was out of sight she silently cursed herself for not checking to make sure she was dry first. Fortunately she was; being wet would have been too much to bear on top of everything else that had happened.
The sound of footsteps growing nearer made Mimi rush to get to her room, but before she could clumsily turn the handle on her door she felt a calming voice behind her.
“Hey sweetie.” Her father said, pressing his hand to her shoulder. Mimi slowly turned around and casually returned the gesture.
“Thank you for the birthday present.”
“Oh, it was nothing. Something mom picked out.”
“Your birthday is coming up soon you know…” By now Mimi realised that the idle talk was just hiding something more. She could sense genuine concern from her father as he looked down at her.
“Mimi, where are your pants?”
“Mom took them, I…” Mimi couldn’t finish her sentence, let alone think of anything worth saying. Instead she hung her head and shuffled her feet.
“Ah I see. She did say something about doing that a little while ago.”
Mimi wanted to feel rage against her father, after all if he knew what mom was planning then why didn’t he warn her? Maybe she could have avoided it? But she just couldn’t bring herself to get mad. She knew her father cared deeply for her and would only do what her thought was best.
“Things not going too great in there, huh?” He tried to say with a hint of light-heartedness. Mimi just shook her head in confirmation.
“Well I want you to know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re still the same little girl to me.”
Mimi felt comforted by her father’s words, even if she did get the impression that he sometimes treated her like a child. The two of them hugged for a short while until Mimi finally pulled away in order to enter her room. It was taking everything she had not to pee.

During the next few days things didn’t go so well for Mimi. She was finding it increasingly hard to adjust to so many changes in her life that seemed to have come all at once. Never being let out of diapers was becoming a real drag; she never imagined just how much those few minutes of panties really helped her self esteem. It was like now she had nothing to look forward to, no reason to try and come home from school dry.
Mimi was trying very hard to get used to having her diapers showing though, to act like it wasn’t a problem so that Ally wouldn’t have anything against her. However, the process was slow. Whenever she started to feel a little bit more comfortable, something would happen to take it all away.
Like one night she decided to stop hiding in her room and actually come down and be sociable. She figured that sooner or later she would have to face living normally and that meant getting over her own embarrassment. Talking to her father had helped a lot. In a way he was right, she had nothing to be ashamed of. Well, apart from the fact that she was using her diapers mostly on purpose and so everything that had happened was all her fault… but her mom and Ally didn’t know that. There was no reason why she couldn’t at least pretend like she had nothing to be ashamed about.
Both her mom and Ally had been just sitting in the front room talking about fairly uninteresting stuff, which was a normal situation in the house. Often Mimi would also have the same conversations with her mom, or even on rare occasions Ally. She guessed that maybe her family just had more in common with each other than she wanted to admit. That and they didn’t have cable.
So there they were, chatting away in the living room when Mimi decided it would be a good time to join them. She wanted to make sure she appeared casual, as though she wasn’t actually hiding any embarrassment or anger whilst at the same time being subtle and not bringing attention to her self. It was going to be tricky; no matter where she wanted to sit she would have to walk right in between them both and potentially disrupt the conversation.
Not if I just play it cool, Mimi thought as she strolled nonchalantly into the room.
Immediately all eyes turned to her ruining any confidence or nonchalance that she had just built up. The two conspirators watched in scrutiny as Mimi awkwardly bungled her way slowly across the room, crinkling loudly with every overly cautious step.
As soon as Mimi had passed through their line of sight she allowed herself to relax a little. Even though she knew that her mom and Ally had turned their heads to follow her the whole way, she at least couldn’t see them now which gave her some comfort. The goal was only a few short steps away; all she had to do was stroll up to the sofa and sit down beside her sister and the whole ordeal would be over.
Mimi froze as she felt a tug on of her diaper. It would seem that her mother had taken the opportunity to steal a quick check whilst Mimi’s back was turned.
“Mom… what are you doing…” Mimi tried to scream as tears welled up in her eyes. She had really given this whole diaper showing thing a good go, but since no one was making the slightest effort to make it easy for her, it was quickly becoming too much to bear.
“Sorry dear, I guess it was just force of habit!”
“I thought the whole point of this was so that you wouldn’t have to…” At this point Mimi was unable to continue her outburst because, well, the first and most obvious reason was that she suddenly burst into tears. This was accompanied by, or may have been because of, the second reason: she flooded her diaper.
“Oh Mimi, there really is no need to get all worked up about it.” Her mom said in response to the scene she was making. “It’s just one little accident; you’ve wet your diaper plenty of times before.” Mimi didn’t know what to say or do, so she just stood trying to suppress her tears while she waited for her mom to inevitably change her.
The whole experience had not been a pleasant one, but at least in that instance she was lucky enough to have been changed right away. In the same week Mimi had had another difficult experience, and again it was something she hadn’t seen coming.
This time she had at least managed to make it to the sofa before she had an accident, but still, having her diapers on show meant that everyone would be able to tell anyway.
Ally had been the first to notice. Surprise, surprise, Mimi thought, no doubt she had been watching like a hawk, waiting for the first sign that she could stick her big nose in.
“Um, Mimi, I think you had a little accident in your diaper.” She said with false concern directly at her sister, but unnecessarily loud enough that the whole room could hear.
Mimi tried desperately to not give Ally the satisfaction of appearing bothered, but it wasn’t easy since being wet was far more embarrassing than simply just being in a diaper. Oh well, she figured it was probably for the best. Her mom would have found out sooner or later and at least now she would be changed without the trouble of having to ask.
But her mom didn’t say anything. She looked over upon hearing Ally’s declaration, but just went right back to what she was doing without so much as sigh.
“Um, Mom? I think Mimi needs a diaper change…” Ally said after a few moments of dissatisfaction.
“Geeze, I’m right here!” Mimi said sounding annoyed, “Don’t talk like I’m a moron.”
“What are you getting at me for?” Ally replied, not quite sure what to make of Mimi’s little attack. “You do need a change don’t you? I was only saying…”
“O.k. that’s enough girls.” Their mom interjected, “I can see Mimi’s diaper just fine. I don’t think she needs a change just yet.”
“What?!” The two girls said in unison.
“It looks like it was only a small accident, right hun?” she was right, the diaper had only swelled a little.
“Huh?” Mimi asked, still not quite understanding, “but I’m wet…”
“I know babe, but your diaper can handle more than that so I don’t think we need to change you right away. It just means you’ll have to stay in it a little while longer?”
“But I don’t wanna stay in it…” Mimi pleaded.
“Don’t worry, I’ll change you later o.k?” Mimi realised that she was in no position to negotiate terms of her changes; she had kind of given away that right by lounging around in soiled diapers without caring, so that was the last to be said on the subject.
Not that Mimi did mind being in a wet diaper, she really didn’t care if she had to stay in her own mess, but she hated when others could see. Being forced to wait for a change was one thing, but having to sit around in an obviously wet diaper made it ten times more embarrassing. She couldn’t help but feel ashamed that everyone else knew what she had done in her diapers.

On the plus side, as a pleasant contrast to her new home life, school was actually getting better. She was getting used to wearing her diapers, and it didn’t take long before she realised that she even preferred them over pull-ups.
Sure, pull-ups were better when Mimi was still trying to use the bathroom, but once she started using them on purpose she had to be very careful not to flood them and leak. Diapers on the other hand made it a lot easier to go freely. She quickly realised that she could wet more or less whenever she wanted without having to worry.
At first she was still a little apprehensive about filling her diapers too, since the pull-ups had never been able to handle it so well and she was still worried about being obvious. However during maths one day, not long after she had switched back to diapers, Mimi found herself daydreaming. This wasn’t unusual for Mimi would tended to daydream a lot. Its not that she found maths boring, it was just one of her stronger subjects so she actually found it to be a little too easy.
So there she was, quickly lapsing into her own thoughts, when she felt the urge. She didn’t think too much of, lost in her own world as she was, until of course she actually messed herself.
Panic overwhelmed her as she immediately snapped out of her dream. Mimi was kind of used to just pooping unexpectedly, especially if she wasn’t paying attention, but this time she was at the very start of class. It was unlikely that she’d be able to excuse herself and go to the bathroom.
She tried anyway, but was promptly told that she should have gone before class. Unfortunately Mimi wasn’t the kind of confident person who could argue her case, so she just kept quiet and wished Cat was there. Not that Cat would have been able to help so much, since she didn’t know that Mimi pooped herself…
As the lesson wore on, Mimi tried to forget all about it and actually concentrate on her work. She didn’t want to think about the inevitable smell that she was likely to create. If she thought about it too much she was in danger of creating radical scenarios in her head, most of which involved the end of her life as she knew it.
When the bell finally rang, Mimi only remembered what she’d done once she stood up. The panic briefly returned as she prepared to dash out of the class, until she realised that she’d actually made it the whole way through the class without further incident. She could faintly smell herself if she really tried, but it was in no way as obvious as she feared it would be.
Mimi felt liberated. She could go through a whole period while messy without being found out! That was going to make things a lot easier for her, and needless to say she didn’t think twice about filling her diaper from then on.
Changing was no problem too. It was becoming routine to just go into the bathroom to change, and if she really had trouble with needing privacy or taking too much time, Cat now had her back.
All in all, wearing diapers at school made it very easy for Mimi to just go freely. Knowing that she could use her diapers and safely change later meant she didn’t really have to pay attention. It was quickly becoming natural for her to not even think about it. Mimi truly believed that her plan was finally in a position to really pick up speed.
Her confidence was rapidly increasing, until Cat finally brought up arrangements for the sleepover…

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Chapter 15 - 19

Chapter 15

Mimi did not feel comfortable one bit. She had been hoping that things would be a whole lot more natural, just as Cat had promised, but since she was new to this whole sleep over game everything just made her feel isolated. It didn’t help that she’d been the last to arrive and that everyone was staring at her a lot more than usual. Evidently Cat had neglected to mention the fact that Mimi would be coming, and so the torrent of amazed comments and questions were more than she could handle. At least Cat had stepped in to tell everyone to give her a break, which was the least she could do given the situation.

The gathering was actually quite small as far as sleep-overs went, though Mimi didn’t really realise, having not been to one in many years. It was Cat’s house so naturally she kind of needed to be there, and their friend Nina who never missed a chance to hang out. Yuko had also come and was probably the most astonished to see Mimi turn up, and that made all four of them.

That was all Pink wrote.

there was also an unofficial continuation of this story by another writer, it was posted on daily diapers and started after chapter 14. If anyone likes I can post that in the “others” section.

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ch. 15 continued

The gathering was also fairly mundane by party standards. Firstly the girls just sat around watching T.V, after giving Mimi a savage welcome of course, then movies, the music channel, and more T.V, which struck Mimi as strange. She could watch T.V at home by herself, since no one was really talking, without feeling awkward. Deep down she knew that just being in the presence of your friends was in itself comforting, regardless of the activity, but Mimi wasn’t about to admit that to herself – given that she had arrived with the pre-fixed mindset that she wouldn’t have a good time. Still, not talking meant that no attention was on her, which suited the recluse just fine.

At some point came the ubiquitous ordering of pizza. Again, nothing out of the ordinary as far as anyone could tell. Cat being Cat, Mimi had expected her to ply them all with alcohol, but instead she presented only a single bottle of wine to share between the four of them, which wouldn’t go far considering it was to last all night. Even Mimi, at the insistent nudging of the other three, allowed herself a glass of wine.
“Don’t go too crazy!” Nina remarked, just as Mimi was about to bring the glass to her lips. “No one likes looking after the drunk!” Both Nina and Cat laughed at the comment, even Mimi giggled somewhat at the seemingly harmless remark.
“Why’d you have to go and say that?” Yuko said out of the blue. “She can handle herself, right?” and with that Yuko put a reassuring hand on Mimi’s shoulder, which made her flinch out of habit.

Now Yuko’s comment hadn’t been malicious, or condescending, nor had she raised her voice. In fact, it sounded fairly light hearted. The main problem with Yuko’s apparent defence was that it had been completely unnecessary. It was fairly obvious to all including Mimi, that the joke was harmless.
“Oh, I didn’t mean anything personal!” Nina quickly back tracked, trying to make eye contact with Mimi to discern if she had in fact caused accidental offence.
“It’s o.k.” Mimi blurted “I probably get drunk real fast!” she tried to giggle but immediately realised that she’d just undermined Yuko for defending her.
“But, er, thanks!” she said rather awkwardly upon realising her mistake. Yuko didn’t say anything else. She just smiled at Mimi before taking her hand from her shoulder.

Cat was about to whisper “What was that all about?” to Nina, when she began to see just what was happening, even if Mimi didn’t. The rash comment, the way she was looking at Mimi, the almost forced quality of her interaction – it was becoming quite clear that Yuko was really making the effort to be friends. Cat had once told Mimi that Yuko thought she didn’t like her, but she had failed to express just how much it had upset her, and that it was one of the major reasons for making her come to the sleep over in the first place. Yuko could be a bit dizzy, and was a little on touchy-feely side, but she was one of the kindest people that Cat had ever met. If boys had to pick “the pretty one” out of their group, they would all probably choose Yuko, but she never ever acted that way. Quite the opposite, Yuko had about as much luck with guys as Mimi had with friends, and it broke Cat’s heart to see her upset about anything.

Nina on the other hand didn’t know quite what was going on, but being fairly easy going she stopped caring and suggested that they all get ready for bed. Cat and Yuko both enthusiastically agreed, insinuating that the evening was perhaps about to become a lot less mundane. It certainly was for Mimi who had been dreading this moment.

Yes, she had wet her diaper. The unusually uncomfortable surroundings had made Mimi acutely aware of the slightest feeling of needing to pee, as though everyone else might know it too. Yet despite paying far more attention to her diaper situation, the same nervousness meant that she couldn’t stay dry for very long. Every time she’d felt the smallest urge, it wasn’t long until she was wetting her diapers, leaving Mimi to try and cover up as best she could. Given that only Cat knew about it and even she didn’t have X-ray vision, it wasn’t difficult to keep her accidents private knowledge.

Mimi had also left nothing to chance, having meticulously planned every detail of what needed to happen in order for the necessary to run smoothly. While it would have been nice to avoid it altogether, she was at least ready to deal with it as it came up – which was at that very moment.
“Oh, do you know what I went and did?” Mimi said innocently, beginning her deception.
“What?” The other girls replied in unison.
“I forgot my pyjamas!” she finished, “I’m such a dork.”
“Don’t sweat it; you can just borrow some of mine.” Cat offered.
Now usually this kind of obvious response would be enough to throw Mimi completely off, especially if she was trying to lie on the spot. However, this time Mimi had thought about it long in advance, and while she still had to take a few moments to compose herself and make it look natural, she had prepared herself for Cat’s generosity.
“Thanks, but if I forgot my pyjamas then it probably means I don’t have my toothbrush, clothes for tomorrow or anything else. I’ll just call my mom and get her to bring my whole bag over; she’ll only be a second.”
“Oh, alright then. Do you want to use the house phone?”
“It’s okay, I get free talk time on my cell phone, I’ll just nip into the porch so I can get reception. Be right back!”

Smooth! Mimi thought to herself as she closed the door behind her. She had never been more proud of herself, and made a mental note that she could achieve anything if she really tried. This made her happier still, as she thought about the wet diaper she was wearing and how far she had come already with her plan.

The phone barely rang once before her mother answered.
“Mom, it’s me.”
“Hey Mimi! I was hoping you would call. How’s the party going?”
“It’s really great!” she lied, “everyone is having a blast!”
“I’m so happy to hear you say that dear, have you been using the bathroom okay?” Mimi bit her lip. Her mother obviously knew the answer or she wouldn’t be calling, so Mimi didn’t dignify her with a straight answer.
“I need you to come over as soon as you can.”
“Okay honey I’ll be over in five minutes.” She said without a moment’s hesitation.
“Mom, wait.” Mimi quickly added. “Could you bring my bag too?”
“Of course, which one?”
“Oh, erm… my blue rucksack. It should be on the back of my bedroom door.” In reality it really didn’t matter which bag she brought, she just needed a bag to not return empty handed and cause suspicion.
“Just one more thing…” Mimi said in as natural a tone as she could. The whole shebang weighed on being able to convince her mother of just one last detail.
“What is it Mimi?”
“Could you, um, change me in the car? It’s just that the party has been going really well for me and you know how un-cool it is if anyone’s mom shows up.” - And changes their child’s diaper – she added in her head.
“Of course dear, say no more! I wouldn’t want to make you look like the big L.” It took Mimi a few seconds to understand just what her mother had meant while trying to sound cool, before realising that no one cool actually spoke like that.
“Thanks mom, I’ll look for your car then come out to meet you.”
“Okay, see you soon!”

Mimi breathed a huge sigh of relief when she finally hung up the phone. The conversation had been much easier than she had feared, and even though most normal teenagers would be embarrassed just to hear their parents talking all kinds of un-cool, right now her mother being out-of-touch with modern youngsters was doing her all kinds of favours.
“Sorry about that, she’s on her way now.” Mimi said when she got back into the room.
“Right. We’re actually deciding where to sleep tonight, any ideas?” Cat asked.
“Well, where do you normally sleep?” Mimi replied, a little unsure of what she even meant.
“Well normally we’d all sleep in my room.”
“But normally you’re parents aren’t out of the house!” Nina piped up in support.
“Yeah, so we were thinking of moving everything down here so we can watch MTV while we talk.” Any distraction from potentially personal questions sounded great to Mimi, even though she was rapidly feeling more and more relaxed.
“That sounds great to me, we should definitely do that.”
“Alrighty! As the new comer you get the deciding vote!” Yuko chirped, “Let’s go!”

So the next few minutes were spent dragging blankets and quilts down from Cat’s room, as well as her mother’s, since Cat’s stuff alone wouldn’t accommodate four girls. All the while Mimi cautiously listened out for any sound of a car approaching, which came just as she dropped two pillows onto the sofa.
“Ah, I think that’s my mom with my stuff, I’ll be right back!” Mimi shuffled out of the room and into the porch before anyone really had a chance to question why her mom couldn’t just come to the door. Again, Mimi let out a sigh of relief once the door was closed. She hoped to god that the other girls wouldn’t come outside to see what was taking her, especially since she was potentially going to be gone for a good few minutes, and especially considering what she was also about to do…

Mimi was taking no chances; she had to stay at Cat’s house the whole night without another change. Even though the current feeling in her tummy was only very slight, she found that if she just stopped caring it was actually not so hard to relax and let go. So, after a short moment of not thinking about it, Mimi started to fill her diaper. She’d been doing it quite a lot recently and slowly getting used to it, so Mimi was past having to concentrate or remain still. This meant she had no trouble walking, talking, and generally going about regular actions while she messed. In this case she was able to put her shoes on and grab her coat as she pooped.
Just as she had hoped, her mom had everything ready by the time Mimi got to the car. Fortunately it was already dark, but still she walked around to the opposite door, placing the car between her and Cat’s house (and more importantly, window) to make absolutely sure no one at the sleep over would see what was happening.

“Looks like the party quietened down a bit, huh?” was the first thing her mother said.
“Huh?” Mimi said, not quite understanding “Oh yeah! Yeah, it has.” She added, suddenly remembering that she told her mom it would be a wild affair.

And that was just about all the small talk that took place between them.

Despite it being very clear what Mimi had called her for, her mother still went about the same routine of lowering Mimi’s pants and checking her diaper. Mimi in turn just let it happen, content to not have to ask for a change again but rather let her mother find out for herself, after which she obediently laid down on the back seat of the car to be changed.

Snug in a clean diaper, Mimi got off of the back seat to allow her mother to pull her pants back up again. They were very loose, thick sweat pants that Mimi had chosen specifically for the sleep over. They did a great job of hiding any visual or audible tell-tale signs, but the trade off being that they wouldn’t hide anything if someone were to pat her on the bum, just like her mom did when the change was over.
“If you have another accident remember to call me, okay?” her mother said in parting words.
“Okay mom. Where’s my bag?”
“Oh, here.” And with that she handed Mimi a mostly empty blue rucksack from the front seat.
“I’ll be back in the morning to check your diaper Mimi, so just let your friends know.” She said, getting back into the car to return to their house.
“Okay mom, thanks a bunch!” Mimi said half way down the driveway. In all honesty, her mom showing up to change her diaper suited Mimi just fine, as she fully intended to leave as early as she could in the morning and so would jump a ride. That, and without another change she was probably going to be soaked by morning. She guessed she should be glad her mom came after all, so that her diaper would be snug enough to last without leaking.

Chapter 16

By the time Mimi went back into the house, the other girls had already set up the living room to look like what could only be described as a boudoir. The sofas had been arranged to form a neat ring around the mass of blankets, cushions, pillows and duvets that sprawled across most of the floor. It sure looked comfy and inviting, but to Mimi it presented a very real threat. If four girls were all going to sleep in the same spot then it would be a very close affair.

Seeing the look on her friend’s face as she walked in, Cat was quick to understand how Mimi must have been feeling and moved to quell her fear.
“As the newest member of the sleepover club, you get to call dibs on the first spot.”
“First spot?” Mimi asked, unsure what difference it could possibly make in such a small amount of space.
“Yeah, you can take the big sofa, the smaller one, or a place on the floor. Be warned, while the floor looks comfy now, you’ll probably end up having to share with someone!” Cat joked, hoping that it didn’t seem obvious that she was warning Mimi.

Of course Mimi saw right through Cat’s guise and appreciated every word of it. Even if she had ended up on the floor, she was relieved to know that all of them wouldn’t have to sleep there together. It actually seemed a bit ridiculous when she though about it, seeing as how sofas made obvious beds.
“I guess I can take the small sofa.” Mimi whimpered, hoping it would be an acceptable choice.
“Are you sure? You have first choice so by all means steal the big sofa if you want it.” Nina said.
“Thanks, but you and Cat are both taller than me so I’m fine with the small couch.”
“Hey, who said they get next dibs on the couch?” Yuko interjected.
“I did!” Cat laughed, “It’s my house so if Mimi wants the small couch I’m totally taking the big one.”
“Looks like it’s you and me, kiddo.” Nina teased Yuko, winking in a seductive manner. Everyone but Yuko laughed, who pouted at the insinuation.

Not ten seconds later, there was a very loud and angry knock at the door. All the girls jumped.
“Who the hell could that be?” Cat announced, hoping the person at the door would hear her. The other girls shrugged but made no attempt to look out the window or approach the door. Eventually Cat got up and slowly made her way to the porch.
“Hello?” she called out, hoping to hear a friendly voice. Instead the response was another loud knock, this time longer than the first. Cat visibly leapt back a good few feet from the door, before lunging for it to catch whoever it was off guard.
“I don’t know who you are! But…” Cat began screaming before cutting herself off.
“Pizza delivery. That’ll be 12.50.”

The girls were still laughing about it long after the delivery boy had gone and even after they had finished eating.
“Oh come on, admit you were scared!” Cat insisted for like the fifth time in as many minutes.
“No way! I was totally cool. I knew it was just something lame the whole time.” Nina retorted, adding “You should admit that you were scared!”
“Ha, I didn’t see you getting up to answer the door Nina, or any of you for that matter!”
“Hey, I already admitted I was scared. I’ve seen too many scary movies not to have been.” Yuko said.
“Awww, is that why you wet your panties?” Nina continued, not letting up.
“Ha! From the look on your face I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d pooped!” Cat interjected, knowing full well that Yuko wasn’t very good at defending herself. All the girls began to laugh at Nina’s expense, even Mimi, who was actually quite proud of herself for having not done either in her diaper. Even though she was still pretty on edge and would rather not have been there, Mimi was definitely loosening up. However, the conversation was about to become far less comfortable.

“Hey Mimi, isn’t it your birthday in like two weeks or something?” Yuko asked innocently. Mimi was about to play it down hoping that no one else has heard what was said, but before she could do anything she discovered that Cat and Nina, who had previously been making fun of each other, had been listening.
“Hey that’s right!” Cat announced, “We should do something crazy!” Crazy was the last thing Mimi wanted to do.
“Well its still two weeks away, and I think my mom wants a family thing. So…”
“It doesn’t matter if its not on the exact day, we can still do something the weekend after or whatever.”
“Fine, sure, cool…” Mimi said, hoping it would end the conversation right then. It didn’t, but at least the other girls had begun organising amongst themselves. Mimi didn’t like how enthusiastic they were being, but at least she could effectively retreat into her own head and not have to listen to her own fate being decided. Only Yuko seemed to notice Mimi’s lack of enthusiasm, and she decided to slide up next to her while Cat and Nina were being especially loud and excited about something.
“You know we don’t have to go along with one of Cat’s outrageous plans if you don’t want to.” Yuko whispered, “I think they just like to get excited about planning stuff for people.”
“I’ll say!” Mimi replied with a hint of annoyance.
“I swear, If I ever get married I’m gonna do it in secret so that those two can’t hijack it!” Both girls giggled in whispers as they looked over at Cat and Nina mid-hijack. They seemed to be getting louder.
“We could do something quiet like go to a restaurant or the movies, it wouldn’t have to be wild.”
“I’d like that.” Mimi said, realising that she actually meant it. It had never crossed her mind before but she started to feel like maybe hanging out in a very calm atmosphere might be enjoyable for her. Not that she could guarantee it having friends like Cat and Nina. Still, she was glad Yuko was as down to earth as she always had been, even if she was a little dizzy. Mimi was still a little bothered by Yuko’s touchy-feely tendencies though, and was at that moment trying not to look awkward as Yuko held her hands. She was finally saved by Cat.
“Hey, we should probably get dressed for bed before Nina gets too drunk or someone falls asleep!”
“I resent that! I can hold it better than any of you!”
“Mimi, as guest you get first turn in the bathroom.” Cat said, ignoring Nina. Not wanting to jeopardise the most gracious offer, Mimi simply nodded and made her way upstairs.

Cat’s bathroom was nice enough, but it had one glaring fault. Mimi could not see a lock anywhere on the door. What kind of a bathroom couldn’t be locked from the inside? She thought about calling Cat for help but didn’t want to embarrass herself when it turned out that no one else minded having no lock on the door. It was only a minor deal anyway, since there would only be a brief moment of danger when she changed into her pyjamas. To be sure though, Mimi got everything else out of the way first like combing her hair and brushing her teeth. Once she was satisfied that there would be nothing else to keep her there, Mimi coyly plucked her pyjamas out of her bag, ready to make herself vulnerable for a split second.

Mimi changed her shirt first, hoping that her pyjama top would be long enough to cover her diaper while she changed her pants. It wasn’t. Damn it! Mimi thought. How well her pyjamas hid her diaper had never been an issue until now, and as such it had never crossed her mind when packing for the sleep over. Oh well, she knew that at least her pyjama bottoms were thick and baggy, so she quickly took off her sweat pants in order to swap them for her pyjamas with as little fuss as possible.

“Hey Mimi, can I come in?” Yuko said casually as she opened the door.
“No, wait!” Mimi screamed in panic, suddenly realising that Yuko wasn’t about to wait for her answer. It was dawning on Mimi that regular girls didn’t put a lot of stock in each others privacy.
“Sorry, it wasn’t locked so I just…” Yuko’s voice trailed off as though the words were being sucked from her. Both girls stood frozen in place with their mouths wide open: Yuko with a rapidly expanding look of complete alarm, and Mimi with a rapidly expanding diaper.

If Mimi was expecting a similar response from Yuko as she had gotten from Cat, she was about to learn just how wide the spectrum of peoples reactions could be.

“Oh. My. GOD!” Yuko shrieked, breaking the awkward silence. Not for the better, Mimi later mused. The over reacting girl was about to flee screaming from the bathroom, when something unusual and entirely uncharacteristic happened. In a previously unseen display of vigour, Mimi lunged for Yuko and grabbed her firmly by the hand, halting the tiny girl in her tracks.
“Please Yuko, just wait.” She begged, trying to sound authoritve when in reality her brief moment of courage had all but drained away.

Yuko, coming to her senses a little, quickly closed the door and lifted the handle vertically. It clicked, signifying to Mimi that it was now probably locked and could have been all along. Mimi couldn’t think of the words to describe how angry and stupid she felt. At least those particular emotions were right now taking a backseat to another two: humiliation and terror.

“Oh my god!” Yuko repeated “What happened to you?”
“N-nothing!” Mimi blurted out, quite taken aback by Yuko’s apparent disbelief. “I just…” Mimi didn’t have long to think of something to say. She knew Yuko would try to be a good friend in her own quirky way, but wasn’t prepared to tell her the truth. Hell, she hadn’t even told Cat the whole truth. She needed something fast though, because Yuko’s face was becoming less of a mask of surprise and more a visage of curiosity. Mimi knew it was only a matter of time before she started touching.
“I… I sometimes wet the bed.” Mimi had opted for damage limitation. She figured she wouldn’t be able to get away with a more outrageous lie, so omitting some of the truth seemed far easier to handle. “You know, when I’m stressed and stuff.” She added, trying to pre-empt any further questions.
“But you’re wet right now…” Yuko promptly replied, smashing Mimi’s story.
“How do you…” Oh dear. It soon dawned on her just how Yuko knew. At least Mimi had been right about one thing: Yuko had not waited long before getting feely. She already had a hand innocently cupping Mimi’s diaper like it wasn’t a problem.

Mimi didn’t know how to react. She knew Yuko didn’t mean any harm and was more likely trying to be affectionate, but she certainly wasn’t feeling comfortable. Then there was the small matter of Yuko being absolutely right. Mimi could now feel the wet diaper being pressed against her, confirming the truth. It was that surprise more than anything that caused her to recoil.
“You just scared me…” Mimi finally said, which may or may not have been true. It certainly didn’t help her at all, as Yuko, completely unknowingly, began finding holes in her story.
“Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you peed when you get scared!” Mimi couldn’t answer fast enough.
“So how long have you been in diapers? Forever?” Yuko still sounded like an astonished child and had no subtlety in her voice whatsoever. She had also begun investigating Mimi’s diaper in a more curious manner, running her fingers along the plastic like it was a whole new and interesting experience for her.
“I’m not “in” diapers, I only wear them at night… and only sometimes.” Mimi desperately tried to correct. But Yuko, who was now fascinated with the diaper, wasn’t exactly paying attention.
“Wow, I can’t imagine what its like to wear diapers your whole life.” Yuko said, now with a large dose of sympathy in her kind voice. “What’s it like at school?” she asked innocently.

Mimi was getting a little panicked, it seemed like her desperate explanations were going unheard. It was like talking to her mom, only she felt that Yuko was doing it accidentally and not deliberately, which in a way scared her more. She became increasingly flustered at the thought of Yuko blowing her cover entirely and not even realising it.
“I don’t need diapers!” she screamed, causing Yuko to flinch. “Look, for the last time, I only…” but Mimi couldn’t bring herself finish her tirade, as she looked into Yuko’s eyes and saw only love.

As if by some unknown force, Mimi just couldn’t deal with lying anymore. For some reason she felt infinitely more guilty for lying to Yuko, who probably never told a lie in her whole life, than she did to Cat. She also realised that for quite a long time, including that night, she had treated Yuko very badly.
“It’s no problem.” Mimi finally said in answer to Yuko’s original question. She wasn’t sure if Yuko was even still expecting an answer, but to make herself feel better she needed to say it. It felt like coming clean. “I guess I’m just used to it.”

For once Yuko didn’t immediately respond, nor did she ask another question. In truth she was beginning to see the awkward situation she had just put her friend in. Sometimes Yuko became acutely aware that she was just a bit too ditsy, and it hurt her more than she let on. She wanted more than anything to show that she wasn’t trying to be awkward, that she just wanted to empathise.
“I wet the bed until I was twelve.”

Amazingly, Mimi wasn’t surprised to hear that. Yuko was after all half Japanese and pretty small, which kind of reminded Mimi of the bed wetter stereotype she had encountered in the early days when they had sought solutions for her own little problem. It was obvious Yuko didn’t wet the bed any more and Mimi didn’t know her when she was twelve, so her actual words were of little comfort. The fact that she had just told her an embarrassing secret for no other reason than to make her feel better however, was more comfort than she would ever know.
“Hold me?” Mimi squeaked, not knowing what else to say.

Unlike Cat’s hugs, which came in with so much forceful affection they nearly knocked Mimi from her feet, Yuko’s hug was more like a gentle caress; taking a few moments to fully embrace. Mimi didn’t know which she liked better, though she was quickly enjoying more hugs in the last week than maybe in her whole life.
“It’s very soft…” Yuko mumbled with her cheek resting on Mimi’s shoulder. It took Mimi a few seconds to comprehend what she was talking about, until she realised that Yuko was slowly rubbing her butt, so far the one thing that hers and Cat’s hugs had in common.

“Can I get dressed now?” Mimi giggled as the cuddle came to a natural end.
“Ooops, sorry!” Yuko said, quickly releasing Mimi from her fairly light hold.
It only took a few seconds for Mimi to pull her pyjamas on, but she could tell that Yuko had perked up again and probably wanted to ask more innocent yet inappropriate questions. Coming to a decisive conclusion that it would be better to let her get it out of her system now rather than later, Mimi pretended to do some routine mirror actions to give her the chance. Sure enough, despite not recognising it as an obvious invitation, Yuko once again sought to quell her astonishment. However, Mimi wasn’t expecting the first question to hit her for six.

“Can you change yourself?”
“I, er… well, I mean, um… what kind of question is that?” Mimi blurted out. Ironically it was of course a very valid question given Mimi’s current situation, though Yuko in her naivety would probably never have figured it out, despite how obviously Mimi gave herself away by her stuttering answer. “I’m a bed wetter, not a baby!”
“Ooops, sorry. Guess that was a pretty dumb question, huh?” Mimi could see the embarrassment in Yuko’s face. She couldn’t let Yuko feel bad for the sake of her not telling the truth.
“No its okay, I mean it’s not easy…”
“I bet! All those tapes and stuff looked complicated.”
“Well yeah, I mean it can be. Sometimes…”
“Isn’t the point of diapers to be changed by someone else anyways?”

Mimi didn’t like the way the conversation was going, though she at least knew Yuko didn’t mean anything by it. Still to try and avoid answering more questions that would increase her chances of slipping up and spilling the truth, Mimi brushed her teeth for the second time that night. Yuko just watched as she did, happy to let her get ready for bed until she could get another chance to talk to her friend. Fortunately, when she did start talking again it was to ask a different question, though for Mimi it was another one that threw her.

“So am I like, the first person you’ve ever told?” In this case Mimi felt no regrets bending the truth. The last thing she wanted was people talking about her behind her back, and felt that she had the right to do so. It would be better if Yuko and Cat were both in the dark about each other. Also, she didn’t want to argue semantics, but technically she had never told anyone. Both times she had been caught against her will and would take them back if she could. She was already well on her way down the slippery slope, as testified by the fact that after had Cat found out, she was practically black mailed into attending this stupid sleep over which was the only reason that Yuko now knew.
“Yeah.” She said.
“So I’m the only one who knows?” Mimi could see Yuko’s eyes begin to light up.
“Awww! We’re like sisters or something with a big secret just between us!” At this point Yuko gave the front of Mimi’s diaper a swift prod. Mimi had to admit it was a nice way of looking at it, and if it meant Yuko would keep it a secret then all the better.

Chapter 17

Seeing as how she was still waiting around, obliviously stepping on any semblance of privacy, Mimi figured it must be Yuko’s turn to use the bathroom next. Giving up on having a moment to herself and aware that she had already taken a long time, Mimi moved to leave Yuko to her own devices and join the other girls downstairs. She unlocked the door, which she realised would forever remind her of her own foolishness whenever she came to Cat’s house, and opened it. However, as if they hadn’t already talked enough, the young Asian felt the need to have Mimi’s attention once again.
“Um, Mimi?” she quickly muttered.
“Yeah?” Mimi answered, deciding to keep edging out of the room in hope that it would drop a hint.
“Ah… I mean, um, aren’t you like, wet?”

Mimi slammed the door, her eyes widening. Yuko seemed to have a knack for catching her completely off guard, like somehow beneath her childish and naïve demeanour was a sixth sense for noticing every loose thread in Mimi’s web of lies. How was she going to explain that she didn’t have any spare diapers? That she actually couldn’t change herself?
“No I’m not…” Mimi asserted without really thinking it through.
“I think you are…” Yuko said matter-of-factly, “You peed just now, right?” Of course, Mimi was fully aware that Yuko had seen her wet her diaper. She just couldn’t think of anything to say fast enough, so instead simply stared sheepishly at her feet, hoping Yuko would let it go. She should have known better than to think that.
“Oops, sorry!” Yuko whelped, believing she had just uncovered another embarrassing secret. “Don’t worry. I mean, if you can’t tell for sure then I can check you…” she started to move closer to Mimi, genuinely prepared to help, which of course forced Mimi to act.
“No no, it’s okay! You’re right. I remember now – yeah, I’m wet.” Mimi stuttered, trying to play it off like a simple misunderstanding. If it had been anyone other than Yuko, it probably wouldn’t have worked.

Yuko already thought that Mimi was pretty helpless, the last thing she needed was Yuko believing she couldn’t even check her own diapers. She really hoped she could avoid explaining any further, but Yuko still wasn’t done.
“Shouldn’t you like, change or something?” she asked casually.
“It’s okay.” Mimi said, hurriedly trying to invent something. “I’m only a little bit wet.”
“Are you sure it’s okay? What if you leak?”
Mimi couldn’t let it look like she was just avoiding having to change. Whatever the cost, she had to convince Yuko that she didn’t need to change, that it was normal to stay in a wet diaper. It was time for desperate measures.
“There’s no danger of leaking… see?” And with that, Mimi coolly lowered her pants, once again exposing her diaper to the ever curious Yuko. It was clear that Mimi had wet her diaper, but it was also quite obvious that it could hold a lot more. Mimi hoped it would be enough to satisfy her friend.
“Wow…” Yuko exclaimed, realising just how much room there was in Mimi’s very absorbent diaper, “You must wet a lot!” she added innocently.

Mimi didn’t say anything, mostly from embarrassment at what was essentially the truth – frequently she wasn’t just wet, but soaked. She was also starting to realise that it wasn’t too difficult to convince Yuko of things she didn’t know much about, as she seemed ready to accept whatever Mimi told her. Considering that, Mimi allowed herself to just roll with the next question.
“Will you be okay to sleep in it though?”
“Sure, it’s no big deal.” That was ultimately the key: to make it all seem like no big deal, “I sometimes wet the bed so I’m used to it. I almost don’t notice.”
“Awww, that’s cute.” The dizzy girl said. Mimi didn’t see how, but whatever - Yuko’s inquisition appeared to be finally satisfied. Capitalising on the moment of silence, Mimi decided to try and leave yet again, pulling her pyjamas back up once and for all. It wasn’t a moment too soon either, as Yuko had started to take a little too much interest in examining the back of her diaper. Mimi suspected what Yuko was curious about. Namely, why there needed to be such a big space around her butt…
“I’ll see you downstairs, okay?”

Mimi quickly left, taking all of her stuff with her. It wasn’t until she was about half way down the stairs that paranoia began to take over. Someone else had just found out about her diapers. Now there were two of them and soon they would all be in the room together, which Mimi was suddenly dreading. At least they didn’t know about each other, though she wondered if Cat might be able to figure out what had gone on, especially since she didn’t know if Yuko was going to start acting differently around her. Mimi also wondered if Yuko had actually believed everything she had just witnessed, or if she had any doubts. Mimi was certain of one thing though, she was likely going to be seeing a lot more of Yuko. This made her feel… actually okay, as she realised that despite being a lot to handle, Mimi was quickly becoming fond of Yuko’s affection.

Nina was the first to comment as Mimi re-entered the living room.
“Took you long enough! What were you doing up there?” she enquired.
Cat, suspecting that she might know what took Mimi so long, jumped in to divert the conversation.
“We saw Yuko go up a while back, did she bother you?”
“No.” Mimi shot back, fully prepared for this question. Determined not to let Cat and Yuko find out about each other, she had thought up what to say on her way down. “I mean, she tried to come in, but you know the door locks by pushing the handle up, right? So I made her wait outside the whole time.”
Nina and Cat both found this outrageously funny, probably because Yuko wasn’t the kind of person who understood the concept of waiting for anything. Meanwhile, Mimi took the opportunity to slip onto the sofa, take off her glasses, and hide herself under the cover. Safe.

One by one the rest of the girls got ready for bed and adopted their final positions in front room. Mimi was of course occupying the smaller of the two sofas as she had chosen, though it was still plenty big enough for her to get comfortable. Cat was on the big sofa, having pulled rank to get it. Technically she was the tallest, so probably would have appreciated it most anyway as it was especially large and roomy. That left Nina and Yuko to share the much more spacious but altogether less prestigious floor. Both of them now lie sprawled on their fronts facing the T.V, which was showing one of MTV’s generic World’s Greatest 100 X shows.

Mimi, wrapped in the cover as she was, didn’t feel quite so self conscious, and yet she still felt a little embarrassed. The other three girls all wore fairly loose and light fitting pyjamas consisting of a thin shirt and shorts, while Mimi was garbed in rather long, baggy, and actually quite bulky pyjamas, not especially suitable for the time of year. Of course she had her reasons for it, and given the choice she would have chosen even baggier pyjama bottoms and a much longer top, but still she couldn’t help feeling a little out of place and if she was honest a little immature. She couldn’t even really consider herself the “cute” one, as Yuko took that title with flying colours. Not only was she the smallest and probably the cutest, but even her grown up style pyjamas were pink with quite vibrant pictures of stars and rainbows and other such bubble gum aesthetics. There were some words too, though Mimi hadn’t bothered to read them and so didn’t have a clue what they said. She figured they probably revolved around “princess” or “power puff girls” or something. The whole thing reminded Mimi of an anime character which, she realised, was probably a little racist. At least no one had said anything about her own pyjamas.

Mimi awoke at an unknown time. Aside from the fact that she didn’t even remember falling asleep, she just wasn’t comfortable. Basically it was too hot. She was quite surprised that she had unknowingly dozed off, but no one else was awake and the T.V was still on, indicating that they’d likely fallen asleep around the same time and that no one had planned to. The MTV countdown still hadn’t reached number one, confirming that she hadn’t slept for very long.

Glancing around the room, the scene really did look like something straight from a teen movie. Maybe these sleep-overs really were as she’d always imagined? Cat, despite having demanded the sofa, was now half hanging off it while she slept. Nina had thrown off the covers, clearly also too hot, though this could have been due to the fact that Yuko was cuddling her as she slept. Probably something she did without even realising. Probably.

As a service to everyone else, the first thing Mimi did was turn off the T.V using the remote that was lying just within her reach on the floor by Cat’s foot. It immediately killed all light to the room, leaving Mimi’s unadjusted eyes in total darkness. Coupled with the fact that she wasn’t wearing her glasses it took her a few minutes just to be able to see well enough to put the remote back down. Then there was the small problem of dealing with what had woken her up in the first place; she was still too hot. Maybe thick baggy pyjamas weren’t such a great idea after all.

At least the other girls were already asleep, which allowed her some room to manoeuvre, but she still only really had two options. Both were risky she knew, but if she didn’t do something she faced a night with no sleep, which would only make her cranky the next day. Throwing off the cover like Nina seemed very appealing, as it was quite thick. However, she wasn’t sure just how well her pyjamas would hide her diaper after a night of tossing and turning, and if she wasn’t the first to wake up then she would be in big trouble. Alternatively, taking her pyjamas off would mean she would stay relatively hidden under the covers, but if that somehow fell off then there would definitely be no way of hiding her diapers! She thought both situations through in her head. Her diaper poking out from under her pyjamas was very likely, whereas she couldn’t actually remember having ever woken up with the covers having fallen off. That settled it. Pulling the duvet back over her, she slowly slipped her pyjama bottoms off, followed by her top. She instantly felt cooler, like she might finally be able to sleep. She just hoped that now she wouldn’t get too cold; that would be annoying! To be on the safe side though, Mimi carefully folded her pyjamas and put them under her pillow, so that she would have them on hand if she needed to get dressed again under the covers. Still, she fully intended to be the first to wake up, which would make it very easy to just slip out unnoticed.

When Mimi did wake again, it was not quite as she had expected. It was pitch black and she couldn’t see a thing, so clearly it was still the middle of the night, though this time she felt like she had slept for a lot longer. Annoyingly, Mimi realised that she was a little chilly, but it wasn’t this that had woken her up. The room was dark, but it was not silent. She could hear movement. Mimi remained perfectly still, and within a few seconds her eyes adjusted enough to see movement too. Right in front of her, shuffling around, was Yuko. Nina may well have stirred a little too. Before long the young girl was standing, then slowly she crept her way out of the room and up the stairs.

Mimi couldn’t sleep while ever she knew someone else was awake, so she waited patiently, allowing her vision time to fully adjust. Mimi could hear the faint sound of flushing in the distance, which was followed shortly by Yuko’s stealthy return to the room. Still, Mimi remained frozen and silent, waiting for her to finally settle down so that she might drift off back to sleep. Yuko slowly crept back to where she had been sleeping and stood there for a few seconds, perhaps to let her own eyes get used to the darkness Mimi thought.

However, after she had been standing there for a while, Yuko suddenly turned to face Mimi’s direction. Mimi in turn quickly but subtly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Now she could only listen as more shuffling occurred to pierce the silence. She wanted to wait until the movement had stopped before she opened her eyes again, to see that it was safe to fall back asleep. Alas, the moment Mimi felt something touch her she instinctively opened her eyes in panic. Fortunately she had managed to remain otherwise motionless, perhaps because she was frozen in terror, but now she could see everything. There right in front of her was Yuko, though from where she laid she could see little above her waist. Yuko didn’t appear to be moving, though Mimi could definitely feel something still touching her. What was she doing?

It hadn’t occurred to Mimi before this point, but the couch she was sleeping on was fairly wide. Certainly wide enough to sleep comfortably stretched out. However, at that moment she was laying on her side at the very edge of the sofa, facing out into the room. As such she didn’t quite understand what was going on at first, until she saw Yuko lift her leg up and onto her, followed by a slight pressure, and finally her other leg left the ground. She felt something that seemed very much like a pillow landing behind her head. For a brief moment, Mimi couldn’t see Yuko any more, save for an arm that had slowly come to rest by her chin. She guessed that the other arm was probably behind her head providing balance. Shocked, Mimi could do nothing but continue to pretend that she was asleep, despite her heart beating like a jackhammer, as it became clear that Yuko was momentarily resting on top of her. She could definitely hear breathing close to her face, and felt a warm breath on the side of her neck.

By this point Mimi knew what was happening. Yuko continued to climb over Mimi and into the wedge between her and the back of the sofa. There was plenty of room to slip in behind her, and once Yuko was settled in position she began gently shuffling around, clearly trying to get herself under the cover too. Mimi didn’t know what to do. She had been frozen in the same position for a while now and the arm on the side she was laying on was beginning to ache. Yuko obviously wanted to sleep beside her, but Mimi really didn’t want her to. She couldn’t move without giving herself away, so how could she stop Yuko from getting too comfortable before she realised that Mimi was naked wearing nothing but a diaper?

It was too late. Mimi felt a slight rush of cold air on her back as Yuko successfully lifted up the duvet and got herself underneath it. Seconds later Mimi felt cool fingers touch her back, though they instantly retracted. A wave of embarrassment washed over her. Clearly Yuko hadn’t been prepared to feel bare skin. Mimi was glad that she was still pretending to be asleep otherwise she wasn’t sure she’d be able to handle the awkwardness of Yuko suddenly backing away.

However, after a short pause of complete silence and absolute stillness, Mimi felt the hands return, only this time they were far more fluid in quickly wrapping around her in a warm embrace. Yuko shuffled closer to snuggle up against her.

The hug was actually very relaxing, and Mimi felt herself calm down significantly. Yuko was warm and comfortable, and her cuddle didn’t feel in any way inappropriate, though one of her hands had slid over Mimi’s diaper. She wondered if it was intentional, perhaps a sign to show that she was comfortable sleeping with someone who wet the bed? The more Mimi thought about it, the more relaxed she felt sleeping next to Yuko, though she did still feel a little uncomfortable and would probably prefer a little privacy. Still, she knew Yuko well enough to know that this was probably as accommodating as she would get, so it was probably worth while trying to make the best of it.

Now both hands were over her diaper. Mimi slowly became aware that she had wet her diaper quite a bit since the last time Yuko had seen it. As both girls drifted off to sleep, Mimi put her own hands over Yuko’s and wondered if she was able to tell.

Chapter 18

It was finally morning when Mimi awoke again. She could tell it was light, though upon opening her eyes she found herself face to face with Yuko, who looked to be still asleep. Good, Mimi thought. Now that she was awake she wanted to sneak out as soon as possible. Listening carefully for a few seconds, she was fairly certain that no one else was awake either. Yuko’s arms were still loosely around her, but it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to wriggle free…

Mimi froze. Something didn’t feel right. She gently wriggled a little more. Oh no…
Her own arms were still wrapped around Yuko, but with a little effort she figured she could pull herself free. Trying not to wake the sleeping girl, Mimi carefully slid one of her arms out. Yuko’s face didn’t flinch, which right now was becoming more and more important to Mimi. She couldn’t wake her up, not now. Not like this…

With her now free hand, Mimi slowly slipped it along her back until she felt it touch her diaper. She didn’t want to keep going, she didn’t want to confirm what she already knew to be true. After a brief moment feeling sorry for herself and a lot of internal sighing, Mimi continued the slow caress over her diaper. The first thing she felt was the tell-tale sign that she was wet. Nothing new there; sleeping in it for a few hours had allowed the wetness to soak right up the back. She figured her diaper was probably soaked all over by now, in fact she expected as much. No, the real problem came as she moved her hand slowly down and around until she was cupping the seat of her diaper. There it was. Mimi couldn’t believe what she’d done, and mentally scolded herself quite severely. If Yuko had been awake at that point, she would have seen Mimi pouting for all she was worth. Of all the times to have an accident! Mimi thought, but then quickly corrected herself – a ‘rare’ accident… She should never have let Yuko sleep next to her! What if she found out? What if she already knew? How could she possibly hope to explain that she’d pooped her diaper in her sleep?

As always happens with stuff like this, the second Mimi had confirmed what she’d done in her diapers, she began to smell it. Only faintly at first, but she knew it would only be a matter of time before it got worse. She needed to get out. She needed to be changed.

Yuko stirred in her sleep. She could feel something moving, something pushing against her. Not fully in control of her motor functions, she reacted instinctively, shuffling quite vigorously as befits someone still partially asleep. The movement she had felt near her suddenly stopped. Yuko’s semi-conscious mind relaxed and let her body follow suit. An undetermined number of seconds later, she once again felt something unusual. This time the movement was much slower, gentler, but it was definitely present and now focused around her arms. Even as she rapidly gained consciousness, her arms were still the least responsive part of her body and so were unable to resist being manipulated. It didn’t help that she had been clasping something with her arms to support her whole body, and losing that support was making her dimmed senses frustrated. She tried the same instinctive shuffling that had worked the first time, but it had no effect. Her mind failed to comprehend the situation, and anyone watching would have seen her face screw up into a pout and small, barely audible gasps escape her lips. Suddenly she felt a jolt of movement that pulled away from her. At the same time the pressure on Yuko’s arms ceased, and she couldn’t feel anything up against her anymore. Finally, she felt her whole body slump down into a new uncomfortable position. Shortly afterwards, Yuko awoke.

Quickly regaining her senses, the first thing Yuko saw was Mimi’s diaper right in front of her face. Not the most normal thing to wake up to, she would later muse, but it didn’t take her long to understand what it was and so she was able to remain calm. After a few more seconds of imagining, Yuko was also able to envisage what must have just happened to lead to her waking up. Obviously Mimi had tried her best not to wake her, though technically she had failed. Still, Yuko didn’t want to announce Mimi’s failure by just getting up right there. With a flash of subconscious decision making, she decided to remain absolutely still in the position she found herself in. Only her eyes subtly reacted to the scene unfolding in front of her. Now it was Yuko’s turn to pretend to be asleep. She couldn’t see much, not with her face against the sofa, but she had a fairly good view of Mimi’s lower torso squirming around barely an arms length in front of her.

Mimi hastily tried to get dressed. It had been quite an ordeal prizing herself out of Yuko’s snuggle, and she was ever so glad that she had managed not to wake her up. Alas, now she found herself in an awkward and vulnerable situation. Leaving her large, awkward bag propped up against the sofa she had slept on had seemed like a great idea at the time. After all, it had her clothes in and everything she needed. However, it meant that now she couldn’t really pick it up and move away without disturbing both Yuko on the sofa and Nina on the floor. As such she couldn’t take her stuff somewhere else, like say the bathroom, to get dressed before she left. Thus, her best and only shot was to just go for it right there in the living room while the others slept around her. Not easy: Being routed to the spot while trying to put her clothes on as quickly (but more importantly as quietly) as she could was just making Mimi frustrated. In her haste she kept stumbling; putting her arm through the neck hole of her shirt, or having to hop on one foot while she put her socks on, for example. Right now she currently had her feet caught in her pants and was desperately trying to pull them up. She knew she had to remain calm and not let herself lose patience, but they just wouldn’t budge! Her wet, obviously loaded diaper hung loosely and heavily around her hips, swaying and rustling as she desperately squirmed about trying to get her clothes on.

Yuko was having difficulty staying still. It wasn’t that she was uncomfortable or anything, but watching Mimi desperately struggling to get dressed was making her feel sorry for the poor girl. She knew it can’t have been easy standing there in what was quite a… heavy looking diaper, and wanted more than anything to just get up and help. However, while Yuko would be the first to admit that she wasn’t the most attentive person in the world, at least she was aware of it. Yuko actually took a lot of pride in not being as naïve as people thought she was. She could tell that Mimi was doing everything she could not to wake anyone up, as she obviously didn’t want anyone to see her in her morning diaper. As such Yuko was determined not to give away the fact that she was awake, to respect Mimi’s wishes… even if she clearly could use some help.

At that moment she watched as Mimi finally managed to get her pants up past her feet, only to then get stuck again as she vainly tried to slide them over her bulky diaper. At first Mimi had tried to do it quickly, to just pull them right up, but the waist band of her pants had got caught under the seat of her diaper and caused the whole thing to drag up with a very loud rustle, which had made Mimi gasp slightly and freeze for a few seconds. Yuko couldn’t see her face, but she imagined Mimi wasn’t too happy. After that she had opted for a slower approach, and was now repeatedly trying to slip her pants carefully around the diaper. It seemed to Yuko that for some reason Mimi was trying her best not to touch it, as she would stretch the waist band of her pants as much as she could before sliding them up so that they wouldn’t touch the back of her diaper. Of course she would always make contact, which caused her to slowly lower them and try again. It was like one of those games with an electrical metal hoop and a bent wire that would buzz if the player didn’t have a steady hand and the two came in contact with each other.

Yuko had been watching Mimi for quite a long time now, witnessing every hardship caused by frustration that she’d had to overcome just to simply get dressed. In the end Mimi had given up on the gentle approach and had forced her pants up and over her diaper, pressing it down and against her as she did so. Another slight gasp escaped Mimi, but she was at last fully dressed. However, almost as soon as she was done she quickly turned around, allowing Yuko only a brief moment to realise she was facing Mimi’s crotch. Naturally she was forced to shut her eyes to avoid giving herself away. Yuko sincerely hoped that Mimi hadn’t seen her awake, and desperately tried to remain calm as she felt Mimi rummaging for something beside her head. She could only assume that Mimi had hidden something under her pillow the night before, because as soon she pulled away, Yuko didn’t feel anything near her again. Not wanting to risk it, she decided to keep her eyes closed until Mimi was gone, which wasn’t very long after.

As soon as she heard the front door close, Yuko got out of bed and stretched. That was one of the best night’s sleep she’d had in ages. Mimi was warm and cuddly, and after a little coaxing had even returned the hug…

At that moment Yuko remembered something, and instinctively felt her pyjamas, followed by the sofa and the covers they’d slept under. Not that she really expected any different, but there wasn’t a drip or a stain on any of them. Clearly Mimi’s diapers had done what they were supposed to do. If Yuko was honest, she hadn’t thought about the possibility that Mimi could wet the bed when she had decided to climb in with her during the night. A pang of guilt flashed through Yuko – would she still have gotten into bed with Mimi if she had remembered that she was wearing a diaper? Probably, Yuko thought at first. I mean, what kind of mean person would hold that against someone? Actually, I’m changing my answer to definitely, Yuko concluded. She hoped that Mimi slept well too, and had seen Yuko’s decision to share a bed with her as acceptance. She had certainly seemed very, um, ‘relaxed’ in more ways than one, Yuko thought. Still, she couldn’t be sure.
Desperate to gain a hint at what Mimi was thinking, Yuko shuffled over to the window hoping to see Mimi walk away. It wouldn’t be good to undo all the work she’d done pretending to be asleep either, so she moved the curtain only slightly to keep herself hidden while she stayed there and watched.

Mimi was just glad to be out of the house. Carefully closing the door behind her to ensure she made no noise, Mimi then leaned back against the wall and let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t care that her diaper was loaded; now that it was covered up she could finally breathe easy. After only a few seconds she slowly walked to the end of the short driveway to make the final arrangements of her escape. Just wanting to get it over with, Mimi called her mom.
“Mom… could you come pick me up?” she pleaded as her mother answered the phone.
“Actually I was just on my way to get you.” came the reply, “I’ll only be a few minutes, okay?”
“Thanks mom.”
“Alright, see you soon.” And with that, Mimi hung up the phone. Short and to the point – just how she had wanted it. For a moment she was worried that her mom might be more inquisitive and wonder just why she was leaving so early. Luckily her mom didn’t seem to realise, or care, and better still had set off immediately meaning that she wouldn’t be waiting for long. Mimi would rather have walked home than stand outside Cat’s house like a bum, not knowing when someone would wake up and notice she was gone. That reminded her, as soon as she was home she would send a message to Cat, thanking her for the sleep over and apologising for (but not explaining) leaving early.

Sure enough her mother arrived in less than five minutes. After the phone call, Mimi had gone back to leaning against the wall of the house so that she wasn’t standing in the middle of the street attracting attention. Walking back up the driveway towards the car, Mimi just wanted to jump in and leave. It was literally ten steps away, but before she could complete the three second journey her mother got out to greet her.
“Morning honey, did you have a good time at the party?”
“Yeah, it was really fun. Totally wild.” Mimi lied, still desperately seeking her mother’s disapproval.
“Well I’m glad you had a good time.” Her mother said, embracing Mimi in a hug. “Was everything okay?”
“Yeah… can we go now?” Mimi whispered. She didn’t want to linger around right outside Cat’s front window any longer than she had to. More talking could be done in the car.
“Alright dear, just one second…”
Before Mimi could prize herself out of being grasped, her mother quickly lowered the waist of her pants with one hand and tugged at the back of her diaper with the other, peering over Mimi’s shoulder for a full on diaper check. By the time Mimi realised what was happening, it was far too late to stop it. Not wanting to raise her voice and risk alerting anyone on the street, especially not anyone from inside Cat’s house, Mimi simply waited calmly and hoped in earnest that her mother would be quick. After all, she knew exactly what her mother was going to find.
“You poor thing, having an accident at your friends house.” She stated bluntly, still holding on to both Mimi’s pants and her diaper.
“Its okay, no one saw.” Mimi hurriedly replied, squirming a little to try and casually shake her mothers grip. It was to no effect, as her mother actually tugged lower, exposing her diaper even more.
“Mom!” she squealed, forgetting that she was trying to be quiet.
“Did you have the accident in your sleep?” she asked innocently, seemingly ignoring the squeal.
“Yes! Now can we please go?”

Mimi’s mother said no more as she started to get the impression that Mimi didn’t want to stay. Maybe something had happened at the party? She knew how volatile teenage friendships could be, especially if boys were concerned, and Mimi had said there’d been boys at the party. She’d be sure to have a little talk with Mimi later, just as soon as she was changed and home. Releasing her daughter from the check, she swiftly moved to open the back car door and motioned for Mimi to get in.

Taking the hint Mimi marched right up to the car and plopped down onto the back seat, ignoring the mess in her diaper. Staring straight forward she waited for her mother to get in and drive off, glad to finally be away from the whole sleep over affair. However, she quickly noticed that her mother hadn’t gotten back into the car and was in fact still looking at her while holding the door open.
“Alright Mimi, lay back for me.” She said indifferently, attempting to gently lower Mimi’s pants. Mimi’s eyes widened in shock and her heart began to pound rapidly. This was not about to happen.
“You can’t be serious?”
“Come on dear, I know you want to get home but the sooner we get you changed the sooner we can go.”
“Right here, in the car?” Mimi asked dejectedly. She couldn’t believe where this was going.
Actually, scrap that. She knew exactly where this was going.
“Well I can’t exactly change you on the street now can I?” her mother said, seeing no reason for the hesitation, “Come on, it’s only like last night when you asked me to change you.”
“But it was dark then…”
“Oh don’t be silly Mimi; no one will even notice what’s going on. We’ve done this plenty of times before.” True enough, Mimi thought, but never ten feet in front of her best friend’s window, not to mention the fact that anyone could just walk on by.
“Can’t you change me when we get home? It’ll be easier and it’s not far.” Mimi pleaded. She was blushing quite profusely by this point. It wasn’t that having her diaper changed was a particularly big deal, but again, they happened to be right outside a house containing all of her friends.
“Don’t be embarrassed,” Her mother began gently, “but I can’t let you sit in a dirty diaper all the way home, not if it happened while you were asleep. You might already be getting a rash.” At least she was keeping her voice down, Mimi thought, which meant all the girls would still be asleep.
“Can you at least go around the other side of the car and change me through that door?” Mimi threw out as a last attempt at dignity.
“I’m not standing in the middle of traffic Mimi, and besides, I’m already at this door so I don’t see why you want me to move all the way around.”

As always, Mimi knew she wasn’t going to get out of it. Her mother rarely changed her mind about these sort

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies continued

As always, Mimi knew she wasn’t going to get out of it. Her mother rarely changed her mind about these sorts of things, and never because of something Mimi had said. Kicking up a fuss was only going to make things worse for her, so without saying anymore she simply laid back on the seat. Immediately, she came to regret having forcefully sat down on her butt when she had gotten into the car. At the time it hadn’t bothered her but for obvious reasons it was going to make the change that little bit longer. Oh well, at least she didn’t have to deal with it, which was always a silver lining.

Everything needed for a change, including a large pack of Mimi’s diapers, was still in the car from the night before so her mother had little difficulty getting started. She worked diligently, though not especially discretely, first setting the pack of diapers beside her on the ground to free up some room in the car. Mimi knew better than to expect discretion, rationalising that anyone who could see them would obviously know what was happening anyway, so it didn’t matter what else her mom did. Still, she couldn’t help but wince when she heard the familiar thud of her used diaper being placed on the roof of the car, out of her mom’s way but on display for anyone with a view. As Mimi lay there in her standard position, trying not to look as her mother turned her back on the shelter of the car to unfold a clean diaper, she thanked the gods that none of the girls were awake.

Chapter 19

Of course, Mimi decided she wouldn’t be repeating the sleepover experience for quite a long time, and told Cat so in a phone message she had sent on her way home. She made sure to be polite about it; first thanking Cat for not blowing her secret and then apologising for ditching early. She had been very clear that the other girls needed to think she was busy all day helping her mom, and that they didn’t have to gossip about where Mimi had gotten to. It was especially important that Yuko didn’t wonder why she had left, though Mimi didn’t mention her specifically to Cat, lest she ask why. Cat dutifully replied about an hour later, presumably when everyone had woken up, that all was well. Before anyone could even ask about it she had announced Mimi’s excuse, which had apparently been accepted with little cause for concern. Mimi breathed a sigh of relief from the comfort of her room. It had only been an hour, but she had been desperately awaiting a reply from Cat. Now that she had been given the all clear it would make things far easier when she went to school on Monday. Mimi doubted anyone would even mention it, as it seemed like the girls didn’t talk much about their sleepovers anyway.

“So where did you sneak off to?” Yuko asked when she saw Mimi first thing on Monday.
“I had to help my mom all day.” She said vaguely, paraphrasing the message she had given to Cat.
“But you didn’t even say goodbye.” Yuko pouted, as though they might never have seen each other again.
“You were all still asleep. I didn’t want to wake anyone.”
“…mm hmm…” Yuko mused to herself.

There was an awkward silence between the two girls that endured until it was broken by Mimi. She finally suggested that they should get to class, as the halls were becoming sparsely populated due to first period being very close to starting. Still, the two girls walked unnaturally slowly; Mimi because she didn’t want Yuko to think she was trying to get away from her, and Yuko because she was deliberately keeping pace with Mimi. The taller, nerdier girl kept her head down and her eyes focussed on the ground, which wasn’t particularly unusual for her. It did mean that she didn’t notice the shorter, sporty girl examining her curiously. After a while the curiosity hit its peak.
“So… are you wet now?”

It took Mimi a while to register what had just been said to her, but when she did it stopped her in her tracks. It might have been a good idea to look around first to see if anyone else might be in the vicinity, but that never crossed her mind as she glared at Yuko in disbelief. Eventually she remembered to say something back.
“Excuse me?!” She demanded. Given the nature of the situation, it probably wasn’t the best thing to ask.
“You know, is your diaper wet?” Yuko repeated, as per Mimi’s request. This time Mimi did try to look around to see if anyone else was nearby. However, she was quickly denied a thorough assessment; As soon as her attention had shifted to checking the hallway, Yuko’s attention shifted to checking Mimi.
“Yuko!” Mimi whispered as firmly as she could, brushing Yuko’s unresisting hands away before they could do any damage. In her defence, Yuko was being quite discreet. She didn’t yank Mimi’s skirt up for the entire world to see (like her mom would), yet still it was an unwelcome intrusion. Anyone watching at that moment would certainly have gotten the wrong impression.
“I want to help you.” Yuko said earnestly having taken the hint.
“I know,” Mimi responded, unable to stay mad at Yuko for long, “But I’m fine honestly.”
“Oh right, silly me! Its early morning; I bet you were changed like an hour ago or something!”
“No I… I mean yes, but… no that’s… look. I can tell when I’ve, um… you know.”
“Oh right.” Yuko said plainly. Clearly she didn’t know.
“It’s our secret, remember? Just between you and me, no one else knew before, so I can check myself on my own… okay?” Yuko seemed not just disappointed at this, but visibly confused. There were things she thought she knew, but it just wasn’t adding up.
“I mean thanks for trying to help,” Mimi added, surprising both of them by bringing Yuko in for a hug, “but I wanna keep things discrete.”
“I can be discrete.” Yuko chirped helpfully.
“Um… I know, but I’m okay honestly. Don’t even worry about it.”
“No problem, you can count on me!”

Mimi really couldn’t count on Yuko. It seemed as though she still didn’t fully understand the situation (or understood far too much), because over the next two weeks Mimi had to keep subtly reminding Yuko that she didn’t need her diaper checking while they were at school. This was in direct contrast to Cat who never even mentioned Mimi’s diapers once, to the point where Mimi almost forgot that she knew. At least Yuko was making good on her promise to be discrete; preferring to try and check Mimi when they were alone or when she believed no one was looking. Mimi wondered if a stern rebuke would shock Yuko into actually listening to her, and really wished she was able to get angry about it. The truth was though, that Mimi really wasn’t doing herself any favours. At least some of the time Yuko managed to pull off the check before Mimi could react, and more often than not she did need a change. Obviously this didn’t leave her in a very good position to confront Yuko, so Mimi was left rather meekly protesting.

Of course there were also the times when Mimi didn’t want to react to being checked, most notably when doing so would bring unnecessary attention to them both. While rare, such situations had the potential to really screw her, so she could only grin and bear it. On one occasion they had all been sitting around the lunch table eating lunch relatively loudly, as a heated discussion was taking place about the merits of getting a car while still at school – a topic that became increasingly relevant as the girls got older. As usual, a heated discussion meant that Cat and Nina did most of the talking.
“You’re kidding, right? How on earth could I afford driving lessons, let alone a car?” Nina responded to Cat’s assumption that they could all easily buy cars.
“Won’t your parents help?” Cat said in a rare display of naivety. Mimi didn’t seem to be focussing on the conversation, though anyone watching would have noticed her eyes suddenly widen.
“Ha! Yeah right! We aren’t all as lucky as you. My parents would laugh in my face if I asked them to buy me a car.” Nina continued.
“You could always save up. You know, get a job or something.” Yuko chipped in for the first time in a while. Mimi, who was sitting right next to Yuko, had barely heard what she had said. In fact, she hadn’t heard much of Nina or Cat’s previous comments either, because at that moment she was desperately trying not to make a scene.

Yuko seemed engaged in the discussion, her eyes firmly locked with Cat and Nina sitting across from them, yet under the table her hand was innocently working its way towards Mimi’s diaper. Mimi couldn’t figure out what to do. Despite knowing immediately what was happening, she was holding a sandwich and so couldn’t mount a quick response to Yuko’s first intrusion. Now Yuko was too far along for Mimi to physically stop her without people realizing that something was going on. Saying something was also obviously out of the question, so she was left with few options. With a direct approach now too risky she had tried giving Yuko a stern glare, but the caring young girl wasn’t even looking in Mimi’s direction as she casually tried to check her. Subtle wriggling had completely backfired, as Yuko wouldn’t take the hint and had in fact moved closer as though she thought Mimi was cooperating; like she was shifting position to make it easier. Aware of Yuko’s misinterpretation of her actions, Mimi tried desperately to up her game, but more vigorous wriggling had only caused Yuko to be a little firmer - like a parent responding to an uncooperative child. Mimi was failing.

As soon as Yuko’s fingers were past the leak guards and into the diaper, Mimi knew it was all over. It wasn’t just the principal of being checked like that she objected to; after all her mom had taken to doing it pretty much all the time at home. The thing that bothered her was knowing that Yuko thought she was incapable of taking care of her own diapers, as though she couldn’t tell when she had had an accident. As such, Mimi wouldn’t have cared nearly so much about Yuko trying to check her - if only she had been dry…

As Yuko’s finger slowly ran along the inside of Mimi’s diaper, she could do nothing to prevent the embarrassing truth. Instead she just froze and let it happen. Eventually Yuko slipped her hand away from Mimi’s diaper and leaned over to her.
“You’re soaked.” She whispered.

Mimi did her best to act casual but knew she must have been blushing profusely. At least Yuko didn’t press the issue as she leant forward to comment once again on the conversation that was happening around them, leaving Mimi to reflect on what had just taken place. She had wanted to be mad at Yuko so much. Well, in truth she actually was feeling mad Yuko, but couldn’t announce it even in the smallest way. She had absolutely no ground to protest given that she had been wetting pretty freely and so really was soaked. Of course if she were being honest, Mimi would soon realise that Yuko was merely an unwitting target for her frustration when really she should have been angry at herself. Fortunately, that was the worst case that Mimi had had to endure and most of Yuko’s other checks were quite timid by comparison. However, it did convince Mimi that there would only be a low-key affair some two weeks later on a cool Friday night.

That particular evening had been finally agreed upon and set aside as the night for Mimi’s unofficial birthday gathering, as Mimi had carelessly let it slip that she was only doing something with her family on Saturday. Fortunately, with Yuko on her side, Mimi had managed to dissuade Cat and Nina from planning anything wild. They had been reluctant to agree at first, but given that it was in fact Mimi’s birthday and she could quite easily stand them up, Cat knew she would have to go along with the quiet movie that only Yuko seemed to advocate. Still she had pushed to make it dinner and a movie, but on that point Mimi had been quite firm. It wasn’t that Mimi was against having dinner together first, in fact it sounded quite nice, but she still had to take into account what her mother would say. Mimi only got to handle her own diapers at school, and only because her mother didn’t know she was secretly changing herself. If there were ever any unused diapers in her bag when she got home her mom would take them out again, ensuring Mimi didn’t have access to clean diapers and so couldn’t change herself. There was no way her mom would let her stay out for dinner and a movie without someone to change her, so the compromise had been that she would eat dinner at home and then head to the cinema. Mimi had assured her overprotective mother that she would only be gone for two hours, two and a half at most, so she could just wait until she got back if she needed to be changed. Seeing the logic in this, her mother had agreed.

But Mimi wasn’t stupid. She often used all of the diapers her mother sent her to school with, but occasionally there would be one or even two spare at the end of the day. And so, during the week leading up to her birthday, Mimi patiently waited for a day when there would be a spare diaper in her bag before she went home. Just as Mimi’s luck dictated, she had been going through a lot of diapers recently and so it was Thursday before she got a chance. Even then she had to risk a soaked diaper towards the end of school in order to save her last clean one. Carefully she hid it in her locker, feeling actually very guilty that now she was doubly betraying her mother’s trust.

Of course her intention was to take the secret diaper with her to the birthday gathering just in case she had an accident and needed an emergency change. The problem was how to get the secret spare diaper from her locker. There was no way she could take it home as she wouldn’t be able to hide it from her mother. It couldn’t stay in her locker because school was in the opposite direction to the bus she needed to catch, and more importantly school would be closed by the time she wanted to head out to the movies. She briefly thought about hiding it somewhere near her house, but quickly realised that anything could happen to it. It was also a pretty gross – she didn’t like the thought of wearing something next to her skin that had been sitting outside unattended. It was possible to ask Cat to keep it for her, but even though Mimi knew she would agree to do it, she really didn’t want Kitty to risk being caught with a diaper for her sake. It was an unfair burden. Yuko however, would probably delight at the responsibility…

After arriving at the cinema, Mimi was disappointed to see that all of the girls were waiting there for her. She had hoped to get there early, increasing the chances of being alone with Yuko so that she could retrieve her diaper, as Nina and Cat were both notorious for their lack of punctuality. Of course, Mimi couldn’t let on that she wasn’t allowed to change herself, so when she entrusted her diaper to Yuko she had made it out to be for emergency use only, in case she ever “ran out” while they were together. Yuko had enthusiastically promised to carry it with her always, relishing the fact that Mimi had finally let her help in some way. Mimi felt a little guilty that she was going to take it from her straight away, claiming that she had “forgotten” to bring any spares to the movies. She also felt guitly because she had no intention of ever letting her carry another one for her. It was just too risky.

“Happy Birthday!” the girls all shouted in unison.
“Please, it’s not my birthday until tomorrow…” Mimi replied embarrassedly.
“Oh come on!” Cat said, “It’s as close as damn and we’re here to celebrate!” and with that she thrust her arms forward, pushing a movie ticket into Mimi’s unwitting hand.
“Oh no, you really didn’t need to get me anything.” Mimi stuttered, now twice as embarrassed.
“Well we would have bought you dinner too, but you rained all over that one! Looks like the best we can do for you is pop-corn.”
Mimi didn’t know what to say. She always felt bad whenever she got gifts, like somehow she didn’t deserve them. “I… I don’t know what to say.”
“Then don’t say anything. The movie is about to start, come on!” And with that they began hurrying towards the refreshments stand.

While Nina and Cat hurriedly tried to buy her pop-corn, candy, a drink, and anything else they could think of, Mimi subtly shuffled up alongside Yuko.
“So, erm… do you have my… you know?” Mimi whispered directly into Yuko’s ear, trying to be as quiet as she could.
“Don’t worry, I have it right here!” Yuko replied far too loudly while tapping her bag.
“Well, um, can I have it? I’ve only gone and forgotten to bring spares…” Mimi was becoming more and more comfortable talking about diapers with Yuko, mostly because Yuko seemed to force such conversation upon her, but still she couldn’t help but blush at having to lie just to get hold of a clean diaper.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s safe with me!” Yuko replied, not answering Mimi’s request in the slightest.
“But I kinda want it now… see, I don’t have any more.”
“It’s okay! When you need a change I’ll be sure to give it to you.” Yuko seemed reluctant to give up her cherished responsibility, which caused a little panic in Mimi. Things weren’t going as smoothly as she had hoped.
“Please, I –”
“Come on you two, we’re going to miss the start!” Nina called. Yuko obligingly followed, leaving Mimi hanging mid sentence. She wasn’t happy about the position she’d left herself in, but given the circumstances she guessed there wasn’t any other choice. For now her diaper was dry, so while she wasn’t too happy that Yuko would get to hold on to her only spare in the foreseeable future, at least there wasn’t much chance she would need to change before she got home.

About half way into the movie, Mimi began to feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t too serious, just a niggling little feeling, but it was enough to distract her from watching. She was probably a little wet, but she didn’t think that was the reason. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but her butt almost felt like it was starting to ache, probably from sitting in the same position for so long. She shuffled a little in her seat trying to find a more comfortable position, but it seemed to only make it worse. Funnily enough her legs weren’t aching at all, so she didn’t know quite what to do in order to settle down in her seat.
“Are you okay?” Yuko whispered. Clearly Mimi’s squirming beside her had attracted her attention.
“I’m fine, just getting comfy.” Mimi replied. She realised that actually she had slumped quite far forward in her seat, so maybe she just needed to readjust her posture and sit back up. Bracing her hands against the arm rests and leaning forward, Mimi tried to hoist herself back into an upright position.

As soon as her butt lifted off the seat, Mimi began to mess herself. Caught completely by surprise, she could only pause temporarily while she pooped into her diaper, powerless to stop it. Shocked and distracted by what had just happened, Mimi couldn’t support herself hovering awkwardly above the chair any longer and she crashed back down. All at once Mimi felt a lot more comfortable and a lot less comfortable.

Having caught her attention Yuko turned once more to face Mimi, but before she could say anything Mimi leaned over and whispered.
“I… I think I need a change.”

Luckily Mimi was sitting at the end of the row, probably a deliberate plan on Cat’s part, with Yuko sitting next to her, definitely a deliberate plan on Yuko’s part. As such, no one said so much as a word as the two girls quietly got up and left the theatre.

Just great! Mimi thought to herself. If she was lucky she would be able to get the diaper from Yuko and simply change with no fuss. However, she wasn’t so certain that Yuko would let it go down so easily. Mimi steeled herself for the inevitable awkwardness that would result from the two girls in the bathroom together. Again.

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies continued

here are chapters 20 and 21 (End)

Chapter 20

Mimi felt exhausted as she got off the bus and slowly started walking back to her house. She was beginning to realise that hanging out with her friends was a tiring exercise. Constantly watching herself to make sure she didn’t give anything away was quite stressful, even if she did have a little “help” from some of her friends. Of course, her lack of honesty meant that Mimi couldn’t even act naturally around Cat or Yuko, and doubly so if they were both present. Still, Mimi didn’t see any reason to disclose any more than she already had. She would just have to get used to the masquerade, and in her defence this night had been slightly more taxing than was usually the case. For one thing, it was her birthday so there was always going to be a lot more attention aimed at her than she was comfortable with.

Changing during the movie had been awkward. Despite not wanting to relinquish the diaper when Mimi had originally asked for it, Yuko was more than willing to hand it over once Mimi admitted she needed a change. This would have been great, if the bathroom hadn’t been crowded with other movie goers at the time. It was all Mimi could do to bundle them both into a cubicle before Yuko managed to wave her diaper around for all to see. Then there was the fiasco of convincing Yuko to leave again so that she could change in private. But of course the most stressful part was the actual change. Mimi didn’t want Yuko to know that her diaper was poopy, but it was obviously taking a lot longer to change than a wet diaper ever would. She knew Yuko was waiting patiently outside the cubicle, probably listening to every detail that went on and so was bound to be suspicious. If Mimi said nothing it would make her seem completely guilty, and so the only way to play it was to invent another reason why it was taking so long.

“Gee, er… this bathroom is sure making things difficult.” Mimi whispered quietly through the door.

Right on cue, Mimi saw the handle turn and the door rattle on its hinges as Yuko instinctively tried to open it. Luckily Mimi had had the foresight to lock it ahead of time, so the gentle and entirely futile rattling was the last Mimi heard from Yuko before she was finished. Needless to say, both of them missed a great deal of the movie.

When she finally got home Mimi allowed herself a sigh of relief - now that the evening was officially over she could relax. Before heading up to her room, Mimi proceeded to take off her pants so that her diaper could be seen. She assumed she was still dry, considering her diaper had only been changed about an hour before, though she couldn’t be bothered to check for sure. After all, checking her diapers was her mother’s job. Right on cue the party in question was soon in Mimi’s room, confirming that her daughter was indeed still dry.

“So how was the film?” she asked, engaging it what was practically compulsory small-talk.

“Great.” Mimi replied. “Really really great…” she didn’t quite know what else to say, seeing as how she’d missed a good part of it. She hoped her mother wouldn’t press for more details.

“That’s good; though I’m surprised you’re still dry.”

“Yeah…I um, I used the bathroom.” Mimi responded in a flash of inspiration. In truth she had almost forgotten this; but she was technically still allowed to use the bathroom whenever she wanted. Even so, her mother just looked at Mimi as though she didn’t believe a word of it.

“Oh? Well that explains it.”

For once, Mimi didn’t feel aggrieved at her mother’s lack of faith. On the contrary, when her mom came to check on her once more before bed time she felt almost guilty that she was still dry. Only that time neither of them said anything.

Unsurprisingly, Mimi awoke the next morning soaking wet. Naturally she hadn’t noticed herself, but the familiar benefactor working its way around the edges of her diaper was well aware. Mimi sleepily rolled her head to the side and glanced at her clock. Immediately she became a lot less sleepy and a lot more angry at the current violation. It wasn’t the diaper check itself that bothered her, but rather the fact that it was Saturday and thus far too early to be awakened in such a manner. However, all became clear when Mimi heard the first words of the morning from the offending party.

“Happy Birthday sweetie!”

Mimi’s anger quickly subsided. It was her birthday.

“Come on birthday girl, everyone’s waiting downstairs to give you your presents!”

Mimi barely had a chance to respond before she was unceremoniously hoisted from her bed. As soon as she was on her feet, gravity kicked in, making Mimi suddenly aware of the heavy sodden diaper hanging between her legs. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt for a while, because ever since she’d been put back into diapers full time her mother would always change her while she was still in bed. Now she found herself being led out of her room by the hand, which was not unusual.

“Um, what about my…?” Mimi stammered, not needing to say the dreaded word since it was quite visible to her mother. As such, childishly pointing would suffice.

“Hmmm?” Her mother paused at the top of the stairs while she followed the direction of Mimi’s pointing. “Oh, don’t worry about that for now. I want you to enjoy opening your presents first.” She said cheerfully. Mimi would have probably enjoyed opening her presents more if she had been dry, but in all honesty she didn’t care all that much so was happy to go along with it. After all, her diapers weren’t her responsibility so what did it matter if she leaked?

“Happy Birthday Mimi!” came the chorus once again, though this time it also included both Ally and her father who had been waiting for her in the front room. For some reason Mimi hadn’t been expecting a very big deal to be made of her birthday, but there were quite a lot of presents of all shapes and sizes piled up in the middle of the floor. It actually made her feel a little uncomfortable, since Mimi generally didn’t like a lot of fuss to be made over her. Her family however, were not going to let her get off un-fussed, and hurriedly beckoned her over to the waiting heap of gifts.

One by one Mimi endured the adrenaline filled ceremony of being passed a present, hearing all about whom it was from and the story behind it, then opening it. She didn’t like to ask for things, so nearly every present was a pleasant surprise for her. The only exception was of course the main event, for which Mimi hadn’t so much asked as heavily hinted at. Every time they went to the mall and passed the electronics store she would stare at this seasons most hip portable console, praising how cool and yet reasonably priced they were if anyone happened to be listening. Now it was finally hers she couldn’t wait to play it, and very generous hugs were handed out as an added thanks to her parents. Even Ally wasn’t spared a hug when their mother mentioned it had been Ally who had picked it out.

Soon all the presents had been dealt with, breakfast had been eaten, her father had left the house and Ally had wandered off to do her own thing, but Mimi was still beaming. Deep down inside her hatred of attention was being defeated by good feelings, and she was about to find out that it wasn’t even over yet.

“There’s still one present I need to give you Mimi.” Her mother called when it looked like Mimi was about to get up to leave the room, “I’ve been saving it.”

“Ooh, what is it?” Mimi said instinctively, not really expecting to be told until she opened it.

“How about we get you changed first, huh?”

A slightly negative note to end an otherwise awesome birthday morning on, but it was about time, Mimi thought. Her diaper was sagging so much she could feel cold air passing through the gaps that had opened up around the leg gatherings. Without further prompting she allowed herself to be led upstairs to be changed.

As soon as she entered her room she saw it. Her surprise extra present was sitting there neatly wrapped at the foot of the bed. Her mom must have placed it there that morning when she had gone in to wake up Mimi, knowing that she’d be too sleepy to notice. It was quite large, possibly larger than any of her other presents so far. Maybe this was really her main present and the console was just something extra? Mimi enthusiastically sprawled onto her bed, eager to be changed so that she could open the final present and find out what it was.

She was trying her best to hide her excitement but Mimi’s smile was too wide to miss. Her mother just gave her a knowing look and proceeded to remove the soaking wet diaper. As she cleaned, it seemed to Mimi that her mom was going deliberately slowly, obviously to tease her. It was made even more obvious by her frequent glances at the present, still sitting there wrapped and waiting. Figuring that she knew what was going on Mimi pouted, but then something unusual happened. When it came to putting a clean diaper on, her mother instead casually reached over and plucked the gift from its resting place before handing it to Mimi.

“Go on, open it. I can see you’re dying to!”

Thinking that she had gotten her own way, Mimi giggled mischievously. Despite its size the gift was soft and light and so Mimi wasted no time tearing the gift wrapping almost completely in two at the first try. Pulling off the shreds of paper she sat up to get a better view of the contents.

To say that it wasn’t quite what she’d been expecting would be an understatement. Mimi stared at the present intently, turning it around in her hands a few times but saying nothing.

“Surprise!” her mother said instead, beginning the classic routine of explaining a present as though to give it greater value or meaning. “Do you remember way back when we stopped using your old diapers?”
Normally this sentence might not make a lot of sense, but in light of the context Mimi understood exactly what her mother was referring to. Mimi’s diapers were small sized adult diapers, complete with all the features: two sets of tapes, plastic backing, a wetness indicator, and so on. Diapers especially for teenagers, she supposed. She’d been wearing the same brand for a while now, which she knew her mom ordered online ensuring that Mimi couldn’t pass off any store brand diapers as the same, a trick she had tried only once, and with disastrous results. Lately she had noticed her mom buying the increased absorbency level, which meant added bulk, though that didn’t particularly concern her. If anything it only helped her plan. However, the fact is that for the longest time Mimi wore baby diapers. And she hated it. Of course they inevitably became impractical, even if they would still fit. Baby diapers are simply designed for babies and toddlers, so they struggle to deal with big girl “accidents”. Mimi could clearly remember the first time she’d been taken out of them.

It was quite the tantrum. Crying, fist shaking, you name it, though mostly it involved a good deal of complaining. The new diapers were too big, too loud, too plain and uncomfortable, she had said. Her old diapers were comfier, smaller and prettier, she remembered arguing. Of course in those days she complained about everything, and frequently. Any excuse to cause a fuss and to protest against having to wear diapers, that was the norm until not so long ago. As such she hadn’t really meant any of the things she’d said; in fact she hated the baby diapers and was glad to be out of them. It was just a good opportunity to throw a tantrum and get back at her mother. It had gone on for weeks too. Every change was met with the same demands to go back to the old diapers, until eventually she had found something else to make a fuss about. Yes, she remembered all too well what had happened and so silently nodded at her mother’s current question.

“Well, you’ve been behaving very well lately with your diapers, and I thought you deserved a treat since your potty training hasn’t been going too well either. I thought it would be a nice surprise to wait until your birthday to get you these.” and with that, she reached under Mimi’s bed and pulled out two packs of extra-large baby diapers - the same as the pack that Mimi was currently squeezing in her clenched fists.

Mimi was struck dumb. She had no idea that her mother had taken her past remarks that she liked baby diapers so seriously! She stared at the package in front of her with her mouth open, partly to avoid looking at her mother and partly out of disbelief. It was bright pink. The cute motifs that adorned the sides of the package were clearly the same as the ones advertised on the diapers themselves. “Extra-large” she read again. The recommended child age was quite offensive when compared to Mimi’s age but the recommended weight wasn’t far off her own. She was shocked that they even made diapers in this size. Even the girl on the front looked far too old to be in diapers. She didn’t know who to feel more embarrassed for; herself or the elementary school kid made to stand there modelling in just a diaper.

There was still time. She could hardly come out and admit that she had been lying about wanting to go back to baby diapers simply to be difficult, but there was a defence somewhere. She just had to find it.

“But they’re so small…” It wasn’t a good start, as proved by her mother’s somewhat condescending response.

“I know, isn’t that better? I thought you’d want more discrete diapers instead of those big bulky ones.”

“Yeah, but… I mean, what about… you know, accidents?” Mimi was rather inarticulately trying to raise the point that baby diapers wouldn’t hold much. Unfortunately her embarrassment prevented her from just coming out with it. Fortunately it was an obvious point to make.

“And um, leaks?” she added, after it seemed that her mother wasn’t getting her subtlety.

“Oh, don’t worry about it sweetie. I know it’ll probably mean going through more diapers, but you have been very good during changes lately and if it makes you happy then I guess I don’t mind doing a few more.” Her mother beamed. Mimi almost felt touched. Would she really be happy enduring constant changes just because she believed Mimi liked these diapers better? It truly was a heartfelt message, but Mimi couldn’t let that distract her from her efforts – even if her best defence had just been shot down.

“Will they even fit?” Mimi said desperately, not realising what a pointless remark it was considering her mother was holding a whole pack of them.

“Why don’t we find out?”

So they did.

The diaper was snug, but it just about fit. The tapes were stretched pretty tightly, though at least they were around her waist and not tugging at her hips like she had imagined they would. Still, despite the added bonus of being able to see all the cute characters, only one set of tapes didn’t feel very secure to Mimi. She already felt far less comfortable.

“See, a perfect fit! I knew they’d be just fine, after all these diapers are designed for girls your age.” Debatable, Mimi thought, but she couldn’t deny that they legitimately fit and didn’t look ridiculous. Well, it did look ridiculous in so far as a teenage girl wearing a pink and white diaper emblazoned with childish designs would, but the diaper didn’t look unnaturally shaped or out of position like she had assumed it would. The tightness she felt wasn’t painful like if it were to dig in around the seams, it was more the padding being pressed firmly against her skin. In that sense it felt the tiniest bit like real underwear. Only the tiniest bit though.

“So what do you think?” her mother asked earnestly. In truth she felt degraded, though that was hardly anything unusual, and more than a little worried about potentially leaking. Assuming the rules would still be the same she now also had to face the prospect of everyone seeing her new childish attire. However, her chance to talk her way out of her new fate, if ever there was one, had definitely passed, and Mimi didn’t have the heart to drop a truth bomb.

“Great, thanks mom.” She said as sincerely as she could.

“Happy birthday Mimi!” her mom replied, slowly backing out of the room and of course taking all the diapers with her.

Chapter 21

Mimi slowly got up and waddled to the centre of her room. She would have been staring at herself in the mirror if she had one, but instead she simply looked down to inspect the damage. Well, at least the bulge was far less noticeable, though it had been replaced with all too conspicuous cartoon designs. She wondered if they would fade or change colour when she was wet. Probably not, she thought, though she would find out for sure soon enough. Another disappointment was that the outer cover was made of a cloth-like material, much like her pull-ups had been. Mimi actually preferred the crinkly plastic cover when it came to her diapers. Sure they were more audible, but the smooth plastic slid easily over her clothes, bed sheets and furniture. The cloth like cover tended to catch on other materials, which made sleeping and lounging around more awkward and could occasionally cause the diaper to shift or even come undone.

As she stood there, Mimi twisted her hips and body to see how the snug-fitting diaper would flex and to give her a better view of it from several angles. She found that while tight, the diaper responded pretty well to her movements and the tapes were holding up. She could feel every single shift in position however; reminding her just how close the diaper was pressed against her skin. It was pulled especially tight around her stomach, and tugging at the back of the waist band revealed that there wasn’t a lot of give. No good for diaper checks, she thought, though she remembered that she had just eaten breakfast so the waist band would probably become looser over time, which she guessed was something to look forward to.

Mimi didn’t particularly want to set foot out of her room, but she figured she might as well face the music and get it over with. Besides, her presents were still down stairs. The “surprise present” may not have been exactly what she wanted but there was still a new games console with her name literally on it waiting to be played.

If she had been hoping for a quick, stealthy excursion to retrieve her birthday loot then all those hopes were lost when she entered the living room.

“Awww, that’s so adorable!” Ally exclaimed the minute she laid eyes on Mimi’s diaper. Mimi shot her a cold glare without saying a word, but it was enough to make Ally turn away and go back to what she was doing. Actually, what was she doing? As far as Mimi could see, neither the T.V nor the stereo were on and Ally was just sitting on the sofa holding nothing and staring at the window. It seemed pretty sad that she would simply wait in silence just to catch a glimpse of Mimi in baby diapers, even if Mimi was currently feeling a previously unknown level of embarrassment. It wasn’t over though. Despite Mimi’s best efforts to retain some dignity, when she bent over to gather the goods she could hear Ally audibly giggle behind her. Instinctively she straightened right up, but rather than confronting Ally and giving her the satisfaction of knowing she had gotten a rise out of her, once Mimi had regained her composure she casually bent down again to finish what she had started, eliciting more stifled giggles.

Unable to see what Ally could see, Mimi couldn’t fathom why her sister was laughing and simply put it down to immaturity. If only she knew… In truth Ally simply couldn’t help herself; whenever Mimi bent over she unveiled to the world a full view of the seat of her diaper. Not that this was anything extraordinary, in fact it was something Ally had seen countless times before. Only this time, unbeknownst to Mimi, there was a whole scene of cartoon characters displayed like a banner right across her butt. As such, Mimi simply strode out of the room, her arms laden with presents, blissfully unaware that she looked a lot more childish than she realised – something she wouldn’t discover until her next diaper change.

“Need a hand with those?” Her mom called out as Mimi walked by on her way to her room.

“I’m good, thanks.” She called back, not wanting to linger out in the open any longer than necessary. The presents were slightly awkward to hold but they weren’t heavy, a fact which didn’t help Mimi at all when she came face to face with her door handle. Rather than call her mom or put the presents down, both of which were tantamount to admitting defeat, Mimi deftly managed to balance all of them in a combination of one hand and a raised knee, leaving her awkwardly poised but with a free hand with which to triumphantly open the door. With the door handle firmly in her grasp, Mimi was preparing to gracefully enter the room when suddenly she froze, as she began to poop her diaper.

Caught completely by surprise, it was all Mimi could do to remain completely still and not drop everything she was holding. Her natural reaction was to try and hold it, though her current situation didn’t really support her chances.

“Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. Might as well be now.” Mimi reassured herself, figuring that it was actually in her interest to see how the baby diapers coped before a “real” accident happened…

And so Mimi continued to mess herself as she slipped into her room, putting her stuff down carefully on her desk and closing the door behind her. Even though it took no conscious effort to fill her diaper, Mimi liked to remind herself that she had allowed herself to do it out of choice, as a kind of test. Though it soon became apparent now that she didn’t have her hands full and her attention was free that she was also wet. All the better, she quickly rationalised.

The feeling wasn’t pleasant. On the plus side, as far as she could tell she wasn’t leaking, but a closer inspection showed that the diaper was soaked right up the front. The tapes also felt pretty strained. It was obvious that these diapers weren’t going to stand up to prolonged wetting, which her mother was probably going to find out fairly quickly. It could only mean one thing: her diaper checks were bound to become a whole lot more frequent.

Then there was the worse feeling. Mimi had taken for granted that adult diapers were bulky because there was a lot more room in them. She could pretty much just go and not think about it, especially if she was standing up or lying down, and sometimes she could barely even feel it. It had made coming to terms with using her diapers much easier. Sadly this was not the case now. Mimi was acutely aware of her dirty diaper, even as she just stood there. Sitting down made it a great deal worse of course, meaning she had a hard time getting comfy. Now she knew how babies felt – it made her want to cry too, and she genuinely thought about doing it if it would help her get changed faster. In the end though she decided it would be best to just lie on her bed to play her game while she waited to be checked. Much to her disappointment, the childish pictures also hadn’t faded.

Sure enough it wasn’t long before her mother was up checking and changing Mimi’s diaper. At least it was now decidedly more obvious that she needed to be changed, but that didn’t stop her mom going through the motions. Embarrassing as it was, Mimi had never felt so relieved to be in a clean diaper!

As she had predicted, her mother immediately stepped up her game. It seemed that she wasn’t kidding about being more attentive now that Mimi was back in baby diapers. Checks became almost hourly, which quickly became old from Mimi’s point of view, and throughout the rest of the day she went through almost twice as many diapers as she normally would. Her policy of freely wetting only contributed to the situation, meaning she spent a lot of time feeling uncomfortable before each change. By the end of the day she had grown somewhat accustomed to the new routine of practically needing constant attention, but it was small consolation for the discomfort. As she lay in bed that night the realisation slowly dawned on her – she needed out.

Yes, she wanted an end to the diapers. Before things got any worse Mimi decided that it was time to bring her plan to fruition. The plan that she had been working so hard at and had endured so much for was about to be realised. If she was honest with herself it was probably long overdue, as she had never intended to keep it up this long. She had just felt that it had been going so well it was worth renewed commitment to be absolutely sure it would work. Because of this Mimi now felt especially confident and more than a little excited. It had been a while but she was actually going to start using the bathroom again! The trick was to make a big deal out of it, so that when her mother finally realised that she was no longer changing used diapers she would know exactly why. It wouldn’t be long before she could move back to pull-ups for school, then at home soon after and finally at night. Once she was in pull-ups full time that would bring an end to changes, and then it was only a matter of time before she got her underwear back and could graduate from diapers for good! Yes, the time was right.

“From now on, no more diapers!” she whispered, as if to give her resolution concrete meaning, “Um, starting tomorrow…” she added quietly as she felt her diaper get warm.

It started off well. After being changed in the morning, Mimi patiently waited in her room so that she would be close to the bathroom if she needed to go. She didn’t do anything that might have distracted her; the adrenaline of seeing the results of the plan was enough to keep her from getting bored. It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar twinge of needing to pee. Ideally she would have liked to announce her intentions first, so that everyone would know that she was about to be a big girl, but the need was very strong and more than a little bit sudden so to be safe Mimi just headed straight for the bathroom.

Victory! For the first time in what seemed like forever, Mimi used the toilet. It was utterly liberating, almost intoxicating, as her diaper lay open and dry on the floor. Sadly, that reminded her that the victory would only be short lived, and the toilet hadn’t even finished flushing before the diaper was back on. Still, she made a point to mention her success to her mother when the inevitable check came later and she was still dry.

“Really? Well I can tell that you did take your diaper off.” Her mother said sounding unconvinced, almost disapproving. “See, you did a lousy job of taping your diaper back on.” It was true, the diapers were tricky to tape up properly and Mimi didn’t realise how bad a job she’d done until her mother had to readjust them. “It’s a good job I came to check on you, if you’d have had an accident in that diaper you’d probably have leaked.”
Why can’t you just be happy for me? Mimi thought angrily. But it was early days yet; she couldn’t expect her mother to believe her right away, not after months of having never used the bathroom for anything. She would just have to make a bigger deal out of it next time.

And that’s when things started to go wrong. The very next time Mimi felt the need to pee, she didn’t waste any time before running downstairs to tell everyone. However, upon entering the living room to find her mom and Ally watching T.V together she couldn’t think of anything to say. Announcing “I’m going to the bathroom!” right after walking into a room made no sense at all and just sounded dumb. Instead, she decided to play it cool. Better to act like she came into the room for a different reason, and that going to the bathroom was just a routine thing.

“Something wrong Mimi?” Ally asked, in response to the fact that Mimi had walked into the room and not said anything.

“I um…” Mimi mumbled, realising that while she had been thinking of what to say, she had also just been standing there. The chance to play it cool was now rapidly fading. She badly needed to go. “I um, I need to pee?” she finished, immediately aware that her answer was not only uncool but also stupid.

“Huh?” Her mother and Ally said almost in unison. But before Mimi could explain herself properly, she began to make good on the claim. Turns out it wasn’t so stupid after all, since she was in fact peeing her diaper, albeit unwittingly, right in front of her mom and her sister.

But that wasn’t the end of it. The tapes on her diaper, which were insecure at the best of times and had been undone and redone several times by both Mimi and her mom, suddenly gave way. Before Mimi knew what was happening one side of her diaper came undone causing it to slide down her leg. She desperately tried to grab it and yank it back up as she was still peeing, now all over the floor, but it was to no avail. She bust into tears.

Ally was shocked. She wasn’t quite sure exactly what had just happened. Her mother looked simply unimpressed, knowing exactly what had happened.

“Oh sweetie, look at you!” she said, rushing to Mimi’s aid. “This is what happens when you fiddle around with your diapers too much.” Mimi couldn’t deny it, and so merely tried her best to hold up her diaper as she was led crying back to her room, shamed and defeated.

Mimi didn’t give up however and from then on continued to try and use the bathroom whenever she could, determined to prove that her control had been regained and that it wasn’t, as it currently seemed, worse than ever.

She did have to give up trying to use the bathroom during the night fairly early though. It was causing her a lot of problems. Even on days when she didn’t just sleep right through it and wake up wet, she had so far only managed to successfully make it to the bathroom once at night. Usually she would simply wet herself before she could make it to the toilet, but more than once she had gotten as far as taking her diaper off - only to make a mess of the bathroom floor due to her being still half asleep and fairly clumsy. This also meant she couldn’t prevent herself from crying about it. Every time that happened she had tried unsuccessfully to hide it from her mother, who having been woken up my Mimi’s crying, would always come in before she could finish cleaning. The one time Mimi did manage to make it to the toilet, she lazily hadn’t put her diaper back on right and so ended up wetting the bed. Her mom called her out on this too, even though Mimi had tried to deny it at first. Then there was the time she had tried to wake up to poop, only to fail and subsequently mess her diaper so that she couldn’t get back to sleep. That had resulted in Mimi having to rather awkwardly wake up her mom in the middle of the night to change her, which didn’t go down so well either. Mimi could sense her mother getting frustrated from all of these night time happenings, and though she hated to do it, she eventually decided to write off night control for the time being and focus purely on getting out of diapers in the day time.

However, that wasn’t going too well either. Desperate to prove that she had some control, Mimi would sometimes try and use the toilet even if she had already started to wet. Her dedication was admirable but this always resulted in at least a leak onto the floor, if not a complete mess followed by crying. Mimi was perhaps also being a little too vigilant with regards to her needing the bathroom, which often resulted in false alarms where she would rush to the bathroom but couldn’t go. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but the tapes on her baby diapers could only take so much abuse. Luckily she hadn’t had a repeat of the first incident where her diaper had come undone while she was still using it, but it had come loose several times resulting in small leaks here and there and occasionally a wasted diaper when her mom had no choice but to put her in a new one. Because of this, her mother had taken to chasing after Mimi whenever she suspected she might try to use the bathroom, partly so that she could then readjust Mimi’s diaper but mostly so that she would know whenever Mimi needed cleaning up after.

In truth, she was fast losing confidence in her daughter. As much as she tried to encourage and praise her, Mimi’s antics were becoming quite bothersome. Changing diapers was one thing, but cleaning up after accidents because Mimi had taken to always removing her diaper was a real chore. It wasn’t even as though there was a noticeable improvement in her control, quite the contrary in fact. She could tell every single time whenever Mimi didn’t make it to the bathroom just by the crying that could be heard throughout the house – a regular occurrence. Sometimes Mimi would launch off of the sofa full of purpose, like she did when she was about to try and use the bathroom, only to notice that her diaper was already wet then shiftily sit back down. One time her mother had seen Mimi leaving the bathroom, adamant that she had just pooped in the toilet. Giving her the benefit of the doubt she then went to check that she had done her diaper up properly, which of course she hadn’t. As she readjusted the tapes, she noticed that Mimi started to poop. The guilty party swore through tears that she had just been to the toilet, so if it was true then she obviously hadn’t finished and didn’t even realise! Of course the tears flowed. It broke her heart to see her daughter like this, it really did.

“How was school?” she asked when Mimi came home one day.

“Okay I guess.” Mimi said dejectedly. Ever since she had been trying to use the bathroom again, diaper checks were something to be reviled once more. She didn’t complain or kick up a fuss, she just felt unhappy every time it happened.

“I got a phone call from your homeroom teacher today…”
Mimi’s eyes widened and she suddenly became a lot more interested in the small talk.

“She said recently you’ve been showing up late to classes and running out without even asking.”

“I… I needed the bathroom mom…” Mimi explained meekly.

“Mimi, this isn’t like you. You’ve never been in trouble at school.”

“I try mom, but sometimes they don’t let me go when I need to, and and and… I’m trying really hard!” Mimi was now on the verge of tears.

“I know sweetie, but you shouldn’t cause trouble because of your accidents.” Mimi didn’t say anything as her mom finished checking her diaper. It was dry for now, but all of the spare diapers in her bag were gone. It gave her mother the last bit of confirmation she needed.

“Mimi, you haven’t been doing as well with your diapers lately.”

“That’s not true! I’ve been using the bathroom like a big girl! I have!”

“I’m sorry Mimi, but you haven’t. You’ve just been trying to do something you’re not ready for and it’s only making you upset.”

“No…” Mimi protested. Her mother’s words stung her more than she would let on, mostly because she knew deep down inside that it was true.

“You’ve been making lots of mess around the house that your sister and I have to deal with. Now I know it’s not your fault and you shouldn’t feel bad, but please think about that.”
Mimi was speechless; she wasn’t prepared for being confronted like this – her mother finally calling her out over her selfish behaviour.

“But mostly we hate to see you so unhappy, sweetie. We love you.”

“I’m sorry…” Mimi finally whimpered, as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“You don’t need to be sorry Mimi, you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re going through a hard phase.” Slowly she brought Mimi in for a hug. Mimi in turn accepted it gratefully.

“I just think you should stay in your diapers until I can come and change you.”

And there it was – bang. Her ability to decide her own fate had officially been taken away. The hammer was falling upon the last nail in the coffin.
“I don’t think you should take your diaper off anymore.”

“I… I’m not allowed?” Mimi said looking up into her mother’s eyes, hoping against all hope that by the way it was phrased it was only advice.

“If you want to put it that way, I suppose so.”

Bang. The hammer came down again.
“I think it’s better if you don’t handle your diapers in any way.”

“But what if I need to use the bathroom?”

There was a pause the likes of which Mimi had never felt before. Time seemed to freeze, her mother’s breathing noticeably slowed. There was an intensity of silence that was almost unbearable to Mimi. Her mother meanwhile, was simply figuring out exactly what to say.

“What if I need the bathroom mom?” Mimi repeated, unable to take the suspense.

Finally, she accepted that there really was only one way to say it.
“I don’t want you worrying about that anymore, okay?”

“Mom?” she whimpered.

“I said from now on you don’t have to worry about using the bathroom…”

Bang. The hammer fell for the last time.

Mimi’s entire plan, the sacrifices she had made, the reason she now found herself in her current situation, were all lying in ruins. With this last denial of freedom she was essentially passed the point of no return. This was the most crucial point in Mimi’s struggle so far. Would she continue to fight? Could she? Was she just fooling herself, as she had been for most of her life? It seemed that she was left with a very simple choice: descent into an unending spiral of despair, or acceptance. Realisation swept over her like a wave, threatening to wash her away and drown her. So many things she had been denying for so long rushed at her all at once. She had failed. The plan had failed. Her control was all gone. Caught up in the wave of emotion and revelation, there was only one thing she felt she had to say. Not for her mother, not for Ally, not for anyone but herself.

“I…” Mimi buried herself in her mother’s embrace and let the tears flow freely.

“I…” She closed her eyes and lowered her head, clutching tightly to her last threads of dignity. Her mother simply hugged her supportively. She didn’t need to say anything else. Right at that moment, comfort was all she could offer.

“I need diapers…”

For the first time in her life, Mimi felt true relief. All of her pent up emotion poured out in the form of intense crying, as she inevitably, and uncontrollably, began to fill her diaper.

The End

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies

Very cute. :slight_smile:

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies

I just now finished reading the whole thing after copying/pasting it on Microsoft Word and I have to say it’s good stuff. I’m still somewhat left in the dark on a few things though:

1.) Did Mimi see a doctor to find out why she needs to be in padding 24/7?
2.) If Ally did indeed directly tease Mimi about her issue, what punishment would be administered?

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies

This was a nice story, I really liked the beginning, those somewhat forced accidents seemed realistic enough, plus the younger sister appearing more mature and embarrasing her and the subtle baby treatment were nice touches, it started going downhill once the friends came into the picture thoug, and I can’t believe there was not even one detailed diaper change, but overall it was above average.

Re: Mimi’s Struggles - Pink N Nappies

This story was interesting. I liked how much effort you put into inner dialogue. This story progress nicely.

I don’t usually like stories that only center around diapers. This one somehow stayed interesting.

Thank you for posting