The soft light reflecting from the almost full moon cast shadows on the heath, an eerie unearthly silver too gentle to draw out the colours of the bushes and coarse grass.

It was bright enough to light up something white, make it stand out in the night, visible from a distance.

“What’s that?” asked the Deputy Sheriff, “Over there, couple of hundred yards away.”

The Sheriff looked across, then smiled grimly. “That’s a class 2 felony,” she said, opening the door and getting out of the car.

The Deputy Sheriff scurried after her, stumbling as he tried to keep up, stopping in shock when she switched on her torch. Pinned in its beam were naked buttocks, hairless and pointing skywards.

A stifled scream and they disappeared, a skirt falling to cover them as a woman stood up, turned and glared towards the torch. “Who are you?” demanded her strident voice, “You sick perverts. Go away before I call the Sheriff!”

The Deputy Sheriff winced at that but stayed silent, opting to watch and enjoy instead.

The torch was redirected, used to light up the pointed star mounted on the Sheriff’s belt. “When you call me will you admit why someone with a torch came to find what you were up to?” she asked.

The torch swung back to the woman who stood there seemingly struck mute, a look of horror on her face.

“Right now I think I have you for public indecency,” said the Sheriff, “Any reason I shouldn’t arrest you, keep you overnight and put you in front of the judge in the morning?”

“I wasn’t harming anybody!” protested the woman, “I was, just, well…”

“Just what?” demanded the Sheriff.

“Umm. Just mooning at the moon,” admitted the woman.

“Thank you for the confession.” said the Sheriff, “I could haul you in, you’ll get a fine, a record, be put on the register. That feels a bit much for wanting moonlight to shine off your bottom. So look, here’s a deal: Let me take you back to the station, get that cute backside covered up properly in something white and shiny, and we can avoid disturbing the judge at all. How does that sound?”

The woman looked worried, hesitated. “I’m a virgin,” she admitted, “I don’t want…”

The Sheriff laughed, an innocent sound unless you knew her as the Deputy did. “I’ll keep you that way,” she promised, “pure and innocent.”

“Ok, I’ll trust you, come with you,” said the woman, then asked fearfully, “You won’t handcuff me will you?”

“No, you’re not under arrest,” explained the Sheriff, “But for insurance purposes I’ll have to strap you securely in the car seat.”

The three of them made their way back across the heath to the police car, the Deputy Sheriff still silent but now grinning to himself. He wouldn’t be sleeping alone in the crib tonight, even if something would be keeping his companion pure and innocent.

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golden pineapple for mooning the moon. :+1: :joy_cat: Also, arrested + padded. Double the fun!