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Jealin bolted awake right away as she heard the alarm clock. Frowning, she reached for it and turned it off. She couldn’t think of any sound she’d have hated more.

As she sat upright in the bed, her little sister Eriko clung sleepily to her. Always the deep sleeper, Eriko was notorious for oversleeping, no matter how many alarm clocks there would be to wake her up. Jealin, in contrast, would wake up from the slightest noise.

“Hey, baby. Wake up.”

Jealin nudged Eriko, gently at first, then more roughly when it became apparent Eriko wasn’t going to wake up otherwise. Finally, Jealin gave her little sister a hard shove that pushed Eriko off her and made the younger girl fall on her back on the bed.

Which, it turned out, had absolutely zero effect. Eriko simply turned on her side, sleepily grabbed a pillow to hug with her left arm, and stuck the thumb in her right hand to her mouth. Within moments, she was soundly asleep again.

“Okay, this is getting ridiculous,” Jealin rolled her eyes. “But I suppose I’ll let you sleep for a moment longer.”

Shaking her head, Jealin got up from the bed and left the room to get ready herself. After taking a shower and getting herself dressed, she returned to the room where Eriko was still sleeping.

“Meh,” she muttered as she picked Eriko up, keeping her at an arm’s length so her sister wouldn’t cling to her again. “I suppose I gotta help you out while you’re asleep, then. We didn’t go to bed that late yesterday, though, so I wonder what the heck’s keeping you from waking up.”

Placing Eriko in a sitting position against the wall, Jealin stripped off - with some difficulty - Eriko’s sleepers and removed her quite soaked diapers. Though Eriko was eleven, and had been out of diapers a long time ago, the two had made a certain bet a few days ago, and as a result Jealin had been treating Eriko as a baby for the weekend. They had agreed to continue with the game for the rest of the week as well, which was the reason why Jealin was now undressing her sister.

Eriko began to slowly wake up as Jealin dressed her, and then gave her an expecting look when Jealin had gotten a shirt on her, but nothing below that.

“Well?” Eriko asked, still a bit sleepy. “Going to get some panties on me?” She yawned and stretched, sticking her thumb in her mouth again, a habit she’d picked up during the weekend.

“I don’t know,” Jealin said slowly. “You were in diapers the whole weekend. I’m a bit worried you might have gotten too used to them. Like,” she added, glancing at Eriko’s mouth, “you seem to have gotten used to sucking on something.”

“Too used to them? You think I suddenly need them? C’mon,” Eriko rolled her eyes. “What do you suggest, that I wear diapers to school?”

Eriko waited a moment for Jealin to answer her remark, but then grew pale as Jealin remained silent and she realized that that was exactly what her big sister was suggesting.

“I can’t do that!” she burst out. “What if somebody finds out?”

“There’s no way anybody’s going to notice you wearing diapers, unless you pull down your pants or something,” Jealin pointed out reasonably. “I think there’s a bigger risk - what if you wet yourself in class?”

Eriko blushed hard as she thought about it. She’d die. Even the very thought of it felt humiliating to the extreme.

And worst of all, she actually wasn’t sure there wasn’t any chance for it to happen. She didn’t like using the school’s restrooms, so she always held it until she got home, which admittedly got a little tricky sometimes… and if using the diapers for even just two days had weakened her bladder control even a little…

Hesitantly, Eriko gave an almost inperceptible nod. Jealin noticed it, however, and slid a fresh diaper under Eriko, quickly pulling up and fastening it on her.

Eriko studied herself in the mirror. There was no sign of the diaper under her jeans, and they’d torn off the characteristic cartoon figures from the diaper. That way, if it would happen to show a bit, with luck people’d just think she was wearing white panties.

“You hear it crinkling?” Eriko asked, the sound of the diaper being far too loud in her own ears.

“Not really,” Jealin replied. “Don’t worry, nobody’s going to notice it.”

Eriko wished she could be so sure.

Eriko was having difficulty concentrating.

She glanced at the teacher, trying to concentrate on his words, and then winced inwardly as she shifted her weight and she heard her diaper crinkle a little. For the fiftieth time, she glanced around her in panic, certain that somebody had heard it. Nobody seemed to be paying her attention, however, so she turned her eyes back to her desk.

The diaper wasn’t the only problem. Jealin had been right when she’d said that Eriko had gotten used to sucking on something during the weekend - Eriko kept feeling an almost compulsive urge to suck on a pacifier, or lacking that, her thumb. She tried chewing on her fingernails instead, but it didn’t take long for her to unconsciously stick one of those fingers in her mouth. Once she realized it, she finally resorted on chewing on her pencil.

The lesson seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the bell rang, and Eriko quickly gathered her things and made it for the door…

“Eriko, could I talk with you for a moment.”

The teacher. Heck.

Her heart pounding - Had the teacher noticed the diaper? And maybe he’d noticed the short moment when she happened to suck on her fingers, too? He couldn’t have put two and two together, could he? - Eriko stopped in her tracks and walked to the teacher, painfully aware of how noisy the diaper felt.


“I noticed you seemed pretty nervous during the lesson. Is everything alright?”

He hasn’t figured it out, Eriko thought with relief. He probably doesn’t have a clue of what’s making me so jumpy. Thank God.

“Yeah, sure,” Eriko replied with obvious nervousness. “I’m fine.”

“You sure?” the teacher didn’t seem convinced.

“Sure,” she repeated. She waited for a moment, and then, when the teacher didn’t reply, continued. “Can I go now?”

“Well, if you’re sure you’re alright…”

“I am. Thanks.” Eriko almost ran out of class, then halfway slumping against the wall of the building when she got out. And this had only been the first lesson. If the rest of the day was going to be like this…


Oh, heck. Forcing herself to smile, Eriko opened her eyes to greet her best friend. “Hey, Chike.” Being on the same class, the two girls had known each other ever since preschool.

“What’s wrong?”, Chike asked, looking concerned. “I saw you looked really nervous in class. You still do.”

“What, me nervous?” Eriko offered a wry grin. “You’re imagining things.”

“C’mon, you can tell me,” Chike said persuadingly. “We’re best friends, right? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“No, really, I’m okay-” Eriko started, then frowned and trailed off when she saw the hurt look in Chike’s eyes. She paused, feeling guilty, and then drew a deep breath.

“Well, okay,” she said, “but don’t ever tell anyone.”

“I swear I won’t tell a soul,” Chike promised solemnly.

“Okay,” Eriko swallowed, glancing nervously around to make sure nobody was listening and trying to come up with a good way to explain it. “Well… you know how you wear Goodnites to bed?”

“Yeah,” Chike blinked, puzzled. The two had had more than plenty of sleepovers for Eriko to know about Chike’s tendency to wet the bed.

“Well,” Eriko tried to continue. She didn’t think her heart had been pounding this hard ever before. “Uhh, I wasn’t really sick when you came over yesterday.”


“No,” Eriko repeated. “Remember how you helped me babysit those toddlers last week?”

“Sure,” Chike replied, beginning to wonder when they’d get to the point. “They were cute, even though you didn’t really agree with that.”

“I didn’t,” Eriko nodded, pleased that she’d found a way to actually approach the subject. “Well, I complained about them to Jealin when I got home. And, uhh, she talked me into a little bet.”

“A bet?”

“Yeah. She bet me three weeks’ pocket money if I’d let her baby me for the weekend.” Eriko heard herself speaking the words, but it felt to her like somebody else was saying them.

“Baby you?”, Chike asked, not really sure she had heard right.

“Yeah,” Eriko nodded. “I got treated like a really baby the whole weekend…” she hesitated, then forced herself to continue. “With the pacifiers, diapers, bottles, naps, the whole deal.” She couldn’t believe she was telling this.

“That’s just CUTE!” Chike burst out, then quickly glanced around as some nearby kids turned to look and lowered her voice. “Sorry. Uhh, if you wore diapers… did you also… uhh…”

“Yeah, I did,” Eriko admitted. “And that’s the reason I’m jumpy… Jealin thought I might’ve, uhh, gotten too used to using them, so she talked me into wearing one to school, just to be sure.”

“You’re wearing a diaper? Right now?”, Chike asked incredulously. Eriko just nodded. “Could you… show me?”

“Not in the courtyard!” Eriko blushed a little. “People could see!”

“I guess,” Chike admitted. “So let’s go inside, then”, she winked.

Squeezing themselves into the same bathroom stall, the two girls glanced at each other a little nervously, as if they were doing something forbidden. Chike turned to lock the door to the stall, then looked at Eriko expectingly.

Eriko drew another deep breath, then pulled down her jeans so that the diaper she was wearing became clearly visible.

“You really are wearing one,” Chike gasped, lightly running her fingers over the diaper’s now a little wrinkled surface.

It was just then that the bell rang for class. Eriko quickly pulled up the jeans again, turning around so Chike could check her from all angles. “It doesn’t show, does it?”

“Nope,” Chike checked. “Hadn’t I seen it, I couldn’t know it was there.”

“Good,” Eriko nodded, “let’s get to class.”

“So…” Chike asked later on, when school was over and they were walking towards home. Much to Eriko’s relief, nobody else seemed to have noticed anything. “How does it feel to wear an, uhh…”

“I dunno if I can really explain it,” Eriko replied honestly. “Weird at first, but you get used to it pretty quick.”

“Do they feel similiar to Goodnites?”

Eriko glanced at Chike and giggled. “How would I know? I don’t wear them!”

Chike giggled as well, then returned Eriko a similiar look. “You wore them once, remember? You wanted to know what they felt like.”

“Oh yeah,” Eriko admitted, giggling a bit more. “Well, not really that similiar.”

“So what do they feel like?”

“I told you, I can’t explain it.” Eriko stopped walking, quickly glanced around, and giggled again.

“What?” Chike asked, puzzled. She then began to giggle as well. “Did you wet your diaper?”

“Yeah,” Eriko admitted from between the giggles. “How’d you know?”

“It leaked,” Chike replied, pointing to a small dark spot in Eriko’s jeans.

“Oh, heck,” Eriko blushed as she looked down, frantically looking around. “Jealin did warn me not to wet it all at once. Think anybody’s going to notice?”

“Nah,” Chike said as reassuringly as she could. “Just change your clothes as soon as possible.”

“Yeah,” Eriko nodded, a little uneasy. “You coming over?”

“Won’t Jealin mind? I thought she wanted to baby you more…”

“She’s got long days,” Eriko shrugged. “She won’t be back in a few more hours, at least.”

“Okay, then.”

“I’ll call my folks to let them know I’m at your place while you change,” Chike said. Eriko just nodded.

The call only took a short while, and Chike sat down to wait for Eriko finish after it. Hearing Chike finish the call through the bathroom door, Eriko called to her. “Just come on in.”

“Okay,” Chike stepped into the bathroom as well, a little shyly. Eriko was just taping a fresh diaper on herself, the wet jeans having been tossed in the wash and the used diaper in the trash. She then glanced around quickly, pulled off her shirt, and instead grabbed the pink one with bunnies she’d been wearing before. Chike giggled as Eriko finished changing and stuck a pacifier in her mouth as well. “You really do look like a baby!”

“Thanks,” Eriko blushed a bit, but took the comment as it had been intended. She took another fresh diaper and unfolded it in front of her. “Now c’mere, and we’ll get you diapered up as well.”

“Me?” Chike hesitated.

“You wanted to know what wearing a diaper feels like, didn’t you?” Eriko countered.

“Sure,” Chike shrugged. With some hesitation, she pulled off her pants and sat on the diaper.

Giggling nervously, both of the girls felt a little weird as Eriko pinned the diaper on Chike. This wasn’t really like anything they’d done before.

Eriko also insisted that Chike’d take on some babyish shirt as well, which Chike eventually agreed to do.

“Now we’re BOTH babies,” Eriko giggled. “How about we play house now? I’ll be the mom.”

“Play house? Isn’t that a little childish…” Chike started, then grinned sheepishly as Eriko cast her a meaningful look. “Okay, fine. I think I’ve missed getting to play that, to be honest.”

“Me too,” Eriko admitted. “You want to be the baby?”

“Phew,” Jealin muttered as she unlocked the door. “Like I didn’t have better things to do than to listen to countless of lectures… plus these books weigh a ton.”

As she stepped into the house, she blinked. In front of her, two young-looking girls were sitting on the floor, both of them wearing rather soaked-looking diapers and babyish shirts. They looked up as she entered, glanced at each other, and burst out in giggles.

“This thing’s spreading, eh” Jealin muttered, amused, crossing her arms and looking at the two. “I’ve got two babies to look after now, huh?”

“Yeth, you do”, Eriko replied.

“That’th wight,” Chike confirmed.

Glancing at each other, all three burst out in a fit of giggles.

More Diapers For Eriko - CyberDiapered

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More Diapers For Eriko - CyberDiapered

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More Diapers For Eriko - CyberDiapered

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