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This story is pretty good though it gets a bit cliché down to the end. I liked the first part but not how it ends. In any case, just like my other topic, I would rather post the link then copy the story directly here. Though, searching the internet with the title pretty much gives you immediate results.


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Why? Why should I have to go to another site to read a story? That’s just plain stupid.

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I agree, this seems to be a copy and paste board. Posting links to stories are best done in the Links board.

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I’d far rather have posters put up links to favorite stories than just post the texts here.

Too many posters on forums like this see a story they like somewhere and then “gift” their friends on another forum with a copy/paste job.

They don’t understand that doing so is WRONG, without specific permission from the original author.

Kingdark is totally correct in only posting the link. Had he posted the whole story here without express permission from the original author, I would have reported his ass to Adultbaby and insisted on the story’s removal from here.

I’ve done it before, even here at this forum. I’ve been a victim of it, too.

I post my stories where I want them to be; it’s my choice, not anybody elses. If I see a link to my story posted anywhere, I’m glad; if I see my work posted via copy/paste (even IF the poster credits me) but I was never asked, I kill the story.

Thank you, Kingdark, for posting the link only.

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thank you. and I wouldn’t be able to get permission anyway because there is no immediate way in contacting the author.

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So essentially you think this forum should be just a fuckton of links to other sites.

What about every other story in this particular section? How many posters do you think got permission before posting it? I’m guessing very few. I’ll tell you right now I didn’t get permission to post the couple that I did and I don’t give a shit. If the author somehow stumbles across their story and wants it removed, they can go to a mod.

It isn’t our responsibility to hunt down the author and ask permission if there is no contact info provided. Hell, how many ABDL stories have you read over the years that have been on one site only and haven’t been reposted a hundred thousand times? I know how many I’ve read; one. One out of probably 3,000+.

If you can’t contact the author the story should just be copy/pasted and you shouldn’t worry about it.

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Let me think of a few folks who would completely disagree with you, Kilroy.

  • Kita, the mod (or whatever) of this very site. Just see what she’ll do when somebody posts her stories verbatim someplace.

  • Ditto for LongRifle.

  • Teekabell. Just TRY to post one of his stories to your favorite forum without asking.

  • Me. The list goes on.

Seriously, where have you been hiding this attitude?

You honestly the owner/operator of this very site thinks it’s okay to randomly post anyone’s story anywhere? Where did you get this idea?

Look, it’s not like I think stories that are anonymous or abandoned (un-findable original authors) need express permission. Those stories (many of them here in this forum) are okay to post; the author can’t be found, and it’s quite common to post the stories anywhere. I’m not talking about those stories.

I mean ones with active, or at least contactable, authors. No, you should NOT post full stories of known, contactable authors.

Here, I’ll prove it to you.

Go ahead and ask any author that has published a story in the current (completed) stories section of this website if they would mind if their stories appeared at ADISC, or whatever “” site you care to mention, even with author credit, but totally without their knowledge or permission. See how many say “Oh, I wouldn’t care”. Some might not care, but the vast majority would be pissed at the idea.

So yes, unless it’s an anonymous story or one posted some time ago with an un-contactable author, the stories in this section SHOULD be a “fuckton” of links.

Any mods want to chime in on this? Am I wrong, here? Or does this site condone, as Kilroy does, the posting of any story by any active author just because some random guy wants to spread it around?

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Obviously, because this very section of the forum exists in the first place. If the owners of this forum made us ask every author before posting their works then this particular section wouldn’t exist due to how hard it is and how much of a pain in the ass it is to find people if there is no contact info and we most likely wouldn’t have as many stories as we do. Even if there is contact info, it is often wrong because people change their e-mail address and don’t/can’t update their story.

Look, it’s not like I think stories that are anonymous or abandoned (un-findable original authors) need express permission. Those stories (many of them here in this forum) are okay to post; the author can’t be found, and it’s quite common to post the stories anywhere. I’m not talking about those stories.

These are the stories we should be discussing due to the section of the forum we are in. This story, for instance, there is only the name of the author. There is no contact info.

Once again, if someone posts a particular story and the author wants it removed, they can go to a mod and get it done. It isn’t that big of a deal.

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Kita is the owner of the site…

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Presumptuous, indeed. At least that.

Well, all in all, I’d have to say this entire thread went totally off the rails, as my new manager at work likes to say.

For my part, I did react pretty quickly, due to a spate of the problem I was referring to happening at another site I frequent.

So, appologies to the sparkly and shiny Kita. I’ll go back into hibernation mode now :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: