My Babysitter Says it’s Okay!

So, I had one paragraph of the sequel sitting there for months and in the last few hours suddenly had inspiration.

My Babysitter Says it’s Okay!

Chapter 1

“Honey, you know how your dad is going away for work?” mum asked at dinner one night. You looked up from the spaghetti and nodded. “Well, we weren’t originally going to do this, but I’ll be going with your dad.”

Your forehead creased in though.

“Isn’t it like, five days?” you reply, recalling what had been mentioned ages back.

“Yes,” you dad added tentatively.

You can’t imagine that you parents would leave you alone for five days. You look curiously between them, trying to figure out what is up.

“Five days babysitting would normally be expensive, but I was able to talk with Elizabeth —” your heart immediately swelled. “— and because of how much of a breeze she knows you’ll be and because she’ll also be babysitting some other kids at the same time, she was happy to do a discounted rate.”

You can’t imagine that even with a steeply discounted rate that your parents could afford five days of babysitting. It’s not even school term, so it’s not like you’ll spend eight or nine hours at school and travelling to and from it.

“That sounds… expensive,” you suggest hesitantly.

“Well, it’s only at night and Elizabeth will bring around some other kids to babysit at the same time — and Liz is just down the road from us, did you know?” You nod. “So, if there’s any trouble you can pop on over.”

“Oh,” you say,” as you think about it. That makes more sense from a cost perspective. Still, it probably wasn’t easy for Liz to arrange around all this.

Mum looks at you curiously.

“Is there a problem?” she asks with confusion.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head. “Liz is nice.”

Better than nice. It was hard to describe what you actually felt about her.

Your parents smile at it all coming together.

“Now, Liz told me to tell you that she’s the babysitter , so don’t feel like you’re responsible for the other girls and boys she’s looking after.” Your dad nods approvingly at the relayed comment. “Of course, she’s a guest so treat her as such, but you don’t need to run around helping her look after them.”


It’s strange to be in the car with your parents packed for their trip while you are not. Even though you didn’t need to be supervised during the day, your parents still felt that they should hand you off to your babysitter, so you were spending literally less than two minutes in the car so they could say hello to Liz and confirm any last-minute details.

As you got closer to her house though you begin to worry. There was worry about what Liz might think, worry that she might have changed her mind since the month or so ago that she carefully taped up your snug nappy and let you drift off to sleep cuddled into her side. Maybe she thought you were much younger and knew the truth now? Maybe she just reconsidered, that she thought it inappropriate?

You weren’t sure as your dad brought the car to a stop and all three of you climbed out.

“Nice gig,” you dad comments. “Uni student?”

“Yes,” your mum replies.

“She must have housemates then,” your dad comments slightly wistfully.

Dad sometimes mentioned how much fun his uni days had been.

You follow your parents up to the front door and try to stand discretely to the side as your mum knocks. You can hear the voice of a child shouting something and a few moments later Liz opens the door, a small boy standing behind her looking curiously at the three of you.

“Elizabeth, it’ good to see you again.”

Liz gives you a wide smile for a moment before turning to your parents.

“It’s good to see you as well,” she replies before introducing herself to your dad. “This here is Alex,” she says introducing the little boy. “Say hello, Alex.”

“Hi!” he says enthusiastically.

You smile as Liz’s bright eyes turn to you.

“Hi Alex,” you reply.

“Any last minute changes?” your mum asks.

“Nope, we’re all good.”

Mum and dad nod.

“Just have breakfast in the morning and dinner in the afternoon with her,” mum prompts.

Liz nods

“Well, I do hope your daughter will be around more than that. She was a breeze to look after last time. She’s welcome to stay here all the time if she wants.”

You blush faintly at Liz’s reassuring words.

“Oh — that might be too much,” says mum but Liz waves her off.


After a round of goodbyes, Liz leads you into the house.

“Need anything?” she asks you.

A nappy is the first thing that springs to mind, but you don’t dare say it.

“Um — a drink, I guess?”

Alex is in front of the TV. Out of the waistband of his shorts, you think you can see a pullup. Given he looks to be less than five, it’s not that strange.

“No problem,” she replies, waving for you to follow. In the kitchen, she goes to the fridge. “Water, fruit juice perhaps?”

“Juice sounds okay.”

Liz pulls a fruit box out of the fridge, but instead of giving it to you, she wraps her arms around you in a hug. It’s nice and you quickly reciprocate. It’s comforting and you hope feverishly that she’s put you in a nappy again.

“Are you feeling okay after everything?” she asks as you separate.

Liz pulls the straw off the side of the box before inserting it for you.

“Yeah, it was — um — thanks, again, for everything. It was — it was really nice,” you say, the words tumbling out of your mouth.

Liz smiles widely, she eyes shining as she gives you the prepared fruit box.

“I’m glad. I really do like seeing you happy, sweetheart.”

You squirm slightly at her words, a light blush on your face. It does make you hopeful Liz will nappy you.

“Alex will be with us until five-thirty when his dad picks him up, then we can get some dinner. Okay?” You nod. “Then we can figure out sleeping arrangements. If you want, you can stay here; I have several beds set up in the spare room for babysitting. But your mum and dad offered to let me stay in your spare room.”

A strange thought at the idea of being babysat in an actual room Liz set up for it sounds appealing in a weird way, but —

“I didn’t bring any clothes or anything with me,” you say.

Liz laughs.

“That’s okay. How about we head on over to your place later and figure it out then?”


Liz’s smile makes your heart swell. It’s a pleasurable but a confusing mess, but almost on autopilot you hug her again. Liz rubs your back comfortingly as you do.


Liz lets you lean into her side on the couch as she taps away at her laptop. She’s doing her university work. Liz is studying chemical engineering of all things. It looks hard, with lots of chemistry and calculus. You weren’t even sure what calculus was, other than it being really hard.

“It’s not so bad when your can use software to solve it,” she explains when ask how hard it is. “But for pure math A and B , we were only allowed a graphics calculator.”

You were familiar with those and how it was expected you’d use one in school next year. Still, it sounded interesting.

“Will you still babysit when you graduate?” you ask, trying to not let your worry show.

Liz laughs.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still be here,” she says, clearly knowing what you were thinking. “I might do a postgrad, so that’s more studying, but even if I don’t, I’ll probably still do some babysitting. I enjoy looking after little girls and boys like you two too much not to.”

The words make you feel warm. Even if there’s no nappy, being looked after makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

About fifteen minutes later, Liz exclaims, “Oh no, Alex! You were supposed to tell me if you needed to go to the loo.”

Liz wasn’t angry and didn’t sound too exasperated.

Looking at Alex laying on the floor, you can see a wet cuff mark on his shorts. As Liz puts her laptop on the coffee table, you shift so she can get up.

“I didn’t wanna,” says Alex as Liz pulls him to his feet.

On his front, the leaking pullup is more obvious, leaving a slight wet splotch on his t-shirt. Liz looks at you, smiling like she’s trying to not laugh. You blush, knowing what Liz is probably thinking.

“I know you don’t wanna , but your daddy wants you to potty train. So, you can’t just go in your pullups like this.”

Alex pouts but lets Liz lead him out of the loungeroom. It takes a surprisingly long ten minutes for Liz and Alex to come back. Alex is clearly in a fresh set of shorts and t-shirts. Liz takes her spot on the couch again and lets you resume your place at her side. Another cartoon later and Alex’s dad arrives to take him home.

“Now, I’ve not gotten anything for dinner for the next few days, because I thought you might like some input. So, I was thinking we can get takeaway tonight, and then tomorrow we can do a big shop together.”

“That sounds good.”

“And, do you want to have lunch with me too? I know your parents said just breakfast and dinner, but you’re welcome to be here all the time if you want, sweetie.”

Liz looks hopeful, a soft smile on her face. You wanted to anyway, but that just seals the deal.

“If it’s no bother.”

Liz laughs.

“It’s no bother sweetie.” She looks thoughtful a moment. “So how about we go get some food and then swing by your place so we can decide what we’re doing tonight?”

Liz leads you out to her car. Across the back seat are three sets of child seats. You momentarily wonder what it would be like to be in one of those again before you hop in the front seat.

“That’s — um —” you try to say.

“A lot of safety seats?” she asks with a laugh. You nod. “They are a legal requirement for everyone seven and under who aren’t at least 145 centimetres tall.” Liz sounds like she has memorized that by rote. She glances at you with a knowing smile. “And children over that age but still under that height are recommended to use them.”

It occurs to you that you may very well fit in those seats if that’s the case. You chew you lip almost tempted to ask. Again, Liz seems to know what you are thinking when she quietly laughs.

“Now, we also need to get some milk and some bread for breakfast tomorrow — and my coffee — so we’ll go the supermarket before dinner. Is there anything you fancy?”


Liz shrugs. “Pizza works for me.”

The shops were open until seven so it’s still quite busy when Liz pulls into a free spot. Just across the road from the supermarket is the pizza place.

“Lets order the pizza first then we can pop into the shops.”

Liz takes your hand as you wait for the traffic to clear. It’s slightly embarrassing but nice to be lead safely across the road. Your order doesn’t take long as Liz orders a half and half pizza and then it’s back across the road. At the other side she lets you hand free but seems to smile reassuringly at you. You wonder if she means it’s okay to keep holding her hand, but you’re not sure.

Part of you wants to go past the baby isle as some sort of subtle but deniable statement that you would like to go back in a nappy, but baby section is literally on the other side of the supermarket from the refrigerators or the bakery section. But, after grabbing a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk, it’s your lucky break when there’s a stack of nappies at one end of a nearby isles with a “ on special” sign above them.

There not the right size but you almost without thinking glance at Liz who catches you eyes with a soft smile. You quickly blush and look away — at the nappies. You’re suddenly acutely aware of the other people about.

“Come on, I forgot something else,” says Liz.

Before you even look back at her, she’s taken your hand again, dodging the shoppers milling about leading you to the other end of the supermarket.

“I didn’t press, sweetie,” she says kindly as you walk, “but I was hoping you would ask. I should have guessed you would be too nervous to ask .”

She wasn’t wrong, though you do wish she had pressed the matter. It would have been… easier if Liz have broached the topic. It was hard to say the words, that you wanted to be treated like a little girl again, to run about carefree wearing a brightly coloured nappy under your dress. It sounded so nice, but you knew it was not something you were supposed to want.

Knowing you weren’t supposed to like this, your nervousness rose as the baby isle drew near, your heart thudding away. You found yourself looking about.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” said Liz reassuringly. “No one is going to follow us about, trying to figure out if you want to be a little girl again or not.”

Liz was probably right, but it still gnawed at you.

As you reached the baby section, Liz slowed. You barely looked at the nappies before looking around again for anyone watching. It lasted about five seconds before Liz stepped around you, set the shopping basket on the ground, and put two hands on your shoulders.

She does not comment on your fidgeting, instead asking, “What ones do you want? Any type you want, consider it my treat.”

But what will the person at the checkout say when she sees Liz buying nappies with you?

“Don’t you — um — have some at home.”

“I don’t have very many in your size. My other big girl in nappies, her mum normally supplies them.”

Liz’s presence behind you is reassuring, so after several deep breaths, you manage to focus on the shelves. There are a dizzying array of options and you’re sure most are too small.

“Um — what size?”

“Six, sweetie. Though, we will have to get something bigger in the future for you. But I can order those when we have to.”

“And it’s not too much?”

Liz giggles quietly.

“I babysit because I like to. I’m babysitting you because I want to.” You’re still not sure, and soon Liz suggests options. “I can get you some pullups if you want to do it yourself.”

You didn’t . You knew that, even though that was weird. But was it any weirder than wanting nappies?

“No — um — are tapes okay?”

“Of course.”

Wanting them, but not sure what to pick, you point at a brightly coloured packet with a six on it.

“See? That was easy,” says Liz happily. Stepping around you again, she pulls the packet off the shelf. “The cartoons look pretty cute, don’t they?”

They did.

“Yeah,” you breath, as the enormity of what Liz was doing for you hit.

Liz had been right; going through the self serve, no one gave the pair of you a second glance. Once the car smelt of pizza and you were on the road home, Liz patted your leg and gave you a reassuring smile.


Letting Liz into the house, you carry the box of pizza into the lounge and leave it on the coffee table before heading to the kitchen for some plates. When you come back, you spot the bag of nappies on the sofa next to Liz. She’s looking at you expectantly.

“Want to get your nappy on now?” You glance at the box of pizza. “It will only take me thirty seconds to get you in your protection, baby girl.”

You blush and can’t help but squirm pleasurably at her words. You silently nod and before Liz takes the plants and sets them down for you.

“Lay down on the carpet then.”

It’s far from uncomfortable, but you guess with the pizza waiting, this will be quicker. Liz kneels down at your feet and tears open the packet, unfolding the nappy and setting it aside.

“Lets get your shoes off too,” says Liz, undoing your shoelaces for you.

You relax and let Liz pull your shoes off you before she folds your dress up and tugs your underwear down.

“Bum up,” she orders as she slips the padded nappy under you before folding it up and over.

Your heart is beating faster, knowing this is what you want. You wonder how long this can go on for — the whole time she’s babysitting you? You hope that, and more.

The nappy feels secure around your as she tapes you up and then pulls your dress down again. It suddenly hits you as she pulls you upright and your fall into her chest, your eyes suddenly streaming tears. Liz pats you on your back.

“You okay, sweetie?” she asks with concern.

You wetly nod into her chest and after a few moments slowly look away, looking up at her thankfully with a tear-streaked face.

“Thank you, for doing this,” you say.

Liz brushes your hair behind your ears.

“No need to thank me, sweetie.”


Chewing your pizza only five minutes later, you let the warm flow fill your nappy. It’s strange to eat and pee as you leaned into Liz’s side, but you realise it’s going to be your comfortable life for the next few days. It’s good to be in a nappy and wonderful that Liz will look after you. Only one thing remains, however: why .

“Liz… can I ask you something?”

Liz laughs.

“Of course.”

You ponder the actual words for a moment.

“Why — um — why let me do all this?”

Liz quietly sighs.

“At first?”

You nod; that was one of the questions.

“At first, you were a girl clearly in distress and I wanted to help you. I think we can both agree that a nappy was better than wetting your school uniform?”

That was right you think as you nod.

“After your other accident,” Liz continued before slipping an arm around you and squeezing comfortably, “you seemed to get more comfortable with the idea. You smiled and — truthfully — I thought you looked super cute in your nappy.”

You blush at her words. The messy nappy had been really embarrassing… but looking back, Liz may have been right about feeling okay. Liz’s words had been comforting and you began to ignore your messy nappy. It was almost fun actually looking for the key with her. Still… cute?

“It wasn’t that cute,” you quietly say.

Liz laughed again.

“Oh no, I thought it was cute. You’re a cute girl and an even cuter little girl.”

You look up at Liz disbelievingly, but her expression says everything. Her smile is reassuring proof she really thinks it’s cute. You snuggle into her side happily with the thought on your mind.

“You seemed really happy once I got you in a clean nappy.” Liz happily sighed. “And you were very affectionate.” Her arm around you tightened again. “You still are, sweetie.”

After a few minutes, you let Liz put another slice of pizza on your plate. As you eat, Liz starts talking again.

“I know a girl as big as you probably shouldn’t be in nappies, but I think you’re old enough to decide that yourself.”

“I — I want this,” you declare.

“And I’ll happily keep you dry as long as you want, sweetie.”


Eventually, you decide to spend the night at Liz’s.

Tomorrow, relatively early, a parent would drop a pair of twins off for the morning. Liz also needed to finish up some uni work. So, you grabbed some pyjamas and clothes for tomorrow (having to put undies back when your remembered) and got in the car with Liz with your wet nappy. You were already out of the driveway when you also remembered you could have sat in the back.

Liz directs you to one of the beds in the spare room. The sheets are clean and brightly covered, and taking a seat on it, it’s clearly comfortable, but there’s the crinkle of a mattress protector as you do. Liz lets you stay up another hour watching TV, before she gets you in a fresh nappy and your PJs.

“Thanks, Liz,” you say quietly as she tucks you in.

“Goodnight, sweetie — and thanks for letting me look after you.”

Liz gives you a smile before turning the lights off and closing the door.


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I really like your stories. They are really cute. But I wonder if you plan to write a sequel to “The Padded Summer at your Girlfriend’s Auntie’s”. It was my favourit.

Can’t wait to see more, I love your stories :slight_smile:

I meant in the sense that having loads of separate threads is cluttered.

Maybe. Truthfully, I’ve done basically nothing on that in ages.

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