My Casval introduction

Hello guys! I’m a shy lurker who has been stalking ABDL forums for 3 years, its only now i have the courage to even post something, and somehow this was the forum that seems right for me, others seem to be too sex crazed for my own taste.

I’m not sure how rare or common Filipinos are in the forum but if there are any, at least you’ll know i am.

I am not really into the sexual related aspects of ABDL , in fact I’m probably more of a DL than an AB, though i love hugs, cuddles, candies, chocolates and all sorts of kiddie food , i sometimes joke that I’m so full of sweetness that if i bleed it’ll be sugary :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m male though i dislike being one, though Filipino society is more restrictive than western ones in terms of LGBT issues as far as i can notice and having a really religious and conservative family (with us being Mormon) tears me up and forces me to hide this side of me to the public, showing this side to my open minded close friends and somehow this site, hidden under an obviously fake name (cookies to the animé fanatic who knows where it’s from) gives me the courage to start opening up.

So im 19, male (though i wish i could fix it ), 3rd year college/uni, i have alot of interesting facts but ill start with one : while i haven’t made a story online, i have managed to dare/persuade around 50+ people to try diapers and be with them while trying it over the last three years , and they’re all within 2 years of my age and don’t truly need to :wink: how would i rate up to your persuasive skills.

I don’t think I’m really that aroused by wearing it, though i find it really useful and comfy and in line with my love for soft fluffy things :wink:

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Welcome aboard.

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Hi! Yes i am, i wonder if there are any other members from the Philippines

I’m quite fine, just usually shy.