My Date with the Olsen Twins by Unknown (Posted by BabyMike2

My Date With The Olsen Twins

I really do know the Olsen Twins, my uncle works with their dad. We
talk sometimes, but they don’t know that I like diapers. This story is
about a date with the Olsen Twins.

I couldn’t believe it! I won a lunch date, and I got to have a
walk on role in “So Little Time” with both the Olsen twins! I sent in a
answer to a question, “Who is taller, Mary-Kate or Ashley?” I won by
writing “Mary-Kate” and they picked me. I always wanted to fuck them
both ever since I like first saw them. All I have to do is show up at
Bennigans tomorrow for my date. I’m a pretty good-looking guy. I think
I’m very athletic, pretty smart, and I’m 16; they are 15. The next day
I drove to Bennigans and there the were the hottest girls I have ever
laid eyes on. We went to the booth and we sat across from each other.
“Hi, my name’s Ryan,” I said to them.
“Well, I’m Mary-Kate, and this is Ashley.”
“Well, duh, I knew that you’re taller,” I said, and we all
laughed. I then excused myself to go to the bathroom.
“Hey Ashley, this Ryan kid’s pretty hot.”
“I know. I just want to throw him on the floor and fuck his
brains out.”
“I wonder how big his dick is, I want to make sure it fits in my
They both laughed. I came back like two minutes later, and our
food was here. we all ate and talked.
“Hey, Ryan, you any good with computers?” Mary-Kate asked.
“I think I’m pretty good, why?”
“Well, there’s this virus in my laptop and I cant seem to figure
it out. Do you want to take a look at it?”
“Sure, uh, where is it?”
“In our bus. You can see it now if you want to.”
“Alright,” I said. All three of us left and went on their bus and
we were the only ones on.
“Wow, this is pretty spacious,” I said.
“Yeah, its ok,” Ashley said as she locked the door.
“Where’s your laptop?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s in that bunk right there behind the curtain,” Mary-Kate
said. I knelt over to look in and there was no laptop.
“I think this is the wrong……….” BANG! I was hit over the
head with something. I woke up like an hour later in a hotel room. I
was tied to the bedposts. and my pants were gone! Mary-Kate and Ashley
walked out of the bathroom in really hot lingerie.
“How did you sleep?” Mary-Kate asked.
“Uh, fine I guess, but one question, why am I tied to the
“To make this more erotic,” Ashley answered.
“Oh, ok, I’m down with that,” I said. Then Mary-Kate jumped on
the bed and pulled down my pants and underwear and started to lick my
cock as she put her mouth around it.
“Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned as she waxed my
penis and came in her mouth she let the cum ooze down her face and she
swallowed the rest.
“Now Its my turn,” Ashley said as she jumped on my cock, and
started to ride me like no tomorrow.
“Don’t worry baby, I got reserves,” I said, and with that, she
rode me for hours. When she was done she got up and they both took
showers, then Mary-Kate came out in a hot nurse’s outfit, and Ashley,
Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” video.
“Ryan, we will untie you if you agree on one thing,” Ashley said.
“Anything for you two,” I said. They untied me and I was halfway
asleep so I didn’t care what was going on. But the next thing I know is
Mary-Kate coming out of the bathroom with a Pampers Easy-Up.
“We want to baby you, Ryan.” Mary-Kate said as she lifted up my
legs and oiled and powdered me.
“Surrrrre, whatever sweeeay,” I said as she pulled the Easy-Up
down my legs. Then they fell asleep right next to me and in the morning
the Easy-Up was wet. I woke up to, “Aww, did baby Ry-Ry go pee-pee in
his Training pants?, you know what that means-- Diaper Time!” Mary-Kate
said as she grabbed the biggest Baby disposable Diaper I’ve ever seen,
and it still had the plastic cover. I was still halfway sleep when I
woke up to her oiling me which made me erect.
“Uh-oh, does baby like this?” Ashley and Mary-Kate asked as they
each put a hand on my cock and started to stroke.
“Hey, I got a question, what are you doing?” I asked. She
finished oiling me after I reached my ecstasy and moaned. then she
powdered me and pulled the diaper between my legs and taped it.
“Did baby forget? You said we can baby you,” Ashley said.
“Oh OK, that’s cool, but I’m not going to the set with this.”
“Don’t worry, only we can see the diaper,” Mary-Kate said.
“What do you mean, only us?” I asked.
“Well, you see this Muppet Baby tape on the diaper? I took all of
our blood samples, put them on a computer and downloaded the data to
each individual diaper, so only we can see it,” Mary-Kate said. She
then stuck a pacifier in my mouth. She then got an oversized stroller
out and put me in it.
“This stroller puts out a hologram that looks like were walking
inside, and riding our bikes outside, to other people,” Ashley said.
She then picked me up and put me in a onesie which looks like shirt and
jeans to everyone else, but makes me look like a baby to them and me.
Mary-Kate then put me in the highchair and put a bib and bonnet on me.
she then took out some baby food and started to go “jzooooooooooooooom,
here comes the airplane!” After I ate she put me in a playpen and gave
me toys to play with for an hour. We then took all the stuff off and
headed down to the set. Mary-Kate Olsen is now my girlfriend, and later
tonight I’m getting Babied!

The End