My Diaper story : living with my new big sister and new parents

One day I went on Snapchat and found a new big sister who I thought I could trust. But one day she texted me on Snapchat saying “my little brother just passed away and my parents are looking for a new little brother to treat as a toddler.” So I said “sure I’ll be your new little brother”. Then I moved in and told my new parents that I wet the bed and always need a diaper change if I do. They gladly agreed that my new mom and big sister would change me if I ever wet my diaper.

The next day I told my big sister “hey big sister, I wet my diaper last night” then she said “ok little brother let me change your diaper, you need to be a good little brother ok, if you need some cuddles just come to me ok” and I said “that’s why you are going to be the best big sister in my life”. A day later we were going on a trip to Kentucky and my mom had to pack my clothes and my diapers in my diaper bag along with my pacifiers (I use them at bedtime).

Then my girlfriend named Allyson came over and said “has my boyfriend been a good little brother?” And my big sister replied “yes he has, he’s napping right now so I’ll let you know when you two can go out on a date”. So my girlfriend then said “may I have his diaper bag and pacifiers and booster seat cause my mom and little sis Anna want to go on a vacation and I need to make sure my boyfriend comes with.”

I approved this post because it didn’t break any rules. But I also won’t get in the way of you getting dragged for this kind of fantasy fap-posting either. Just saying.


I have seen reference to the fap akronym so what exactly does that mean? This isn’t even a story. lol.

Fap = masturbation.

“Fap” is an onomatopoeia describing the sound of someone masturbating. “Fap fap fap fap fap”, that rhythmic skin on skin sound. Most commonly associated with somebody with a penis jacking off. I think there’s technically another sound for vaginal masturbation, but “fap” has become the shorthand.

In this context: Fap fiction or fap posting etc. is basically something with no thought put into it whatsoever and it implies that the OP wasn’t writing particularly skillfully. They were too busy masturbating to put any actual effort into writing or construction of the piece.

This is not to be confused with writing something erotic. If you can write skillfully enough so that you and whoever reading it are picturing about the same thing and the person reading is aroused by the head movies your word is making them picture; that can be taken as good writing.

Someone writing a fap story is pretty much just them telling you what they orgasmed to and yes it’s as awkward and unsatisfying as it sounds.


First welcome to the forums!

I’m a bit confused, is this true as the title implies “My Diaper story”, it could be fiction or it could be a true account - I’m not certain… Especially since I had something similar happen once, only I met my new big sister on Only Fans and it cost me a lot of money. We also went on a road trip the day after the next day too, only it wasn’t as far as Kentucky, but it was to the part of town we call ‘Little Kentucky’ and consists of the best place to buy crystal or rent a double wide. I said to my new big sister “hey big sister, I wet my diaper the night prior” then she said “Prior?” and I said “It means last night” and then she said “Ok, let me change your diaper, you need to be a good little brother ok” and I asked her to clarify if it was “Ok the expositive, or Ok? the inquisitive” and she said she didn’t know. We cuddled and it cost me another $50.

In all seriousness, welcome! settles into thread with bucket o’ popcorn


Me too :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m just going to chime in to say that you’re going to confuse people if you post updates by editing the first post. For the sake of continuity, you can just post additional chapters as replies to the thread.

If you’re looking for feedback, people will have a tough time looking through the thread and having any idea what edit version of your story they were replying to.

Just a heads up.


Question: Who are your favorite authors?

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Thanks for the feedback

It’s not fiction just a real story

See, you’re saying this is a true story, except all of a sudden YOUR mom is in it. Which seems so far beyond the pale…

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I have a lot of favorite books but I don’t have a favorite author.

I don’t know. It still tracks so closely to the events I experienced that I am convinced this could be real too. If your following my similar tale from above (and I know you are, because why wouldn’t you?)

It was the first day of our trip to “Little Kentucky” we drove to a nice hotel (you know the one in Kentucky? It was like that only nicer). We had a 4 bed hotel room, they are very competitive in Little Kentucky. Anyways we all slept in one bed, My parents and my new big sister and me. I also fell asleep sucking on MY pacifier. The next morning I was still asleep, but lucid enough to know that my Dad and new big sister carried me to the car where they attempted to stuff me into a child’s car seat only to discover my diaper was wet, so they carried me back to the room, changed me and then put me into my booster seat. They then carried me in my booster seat back to the car. We then drove away from the hotel which was not located in a town to the first town, where we explored it. We explored it so good. It cost me another $50 bucks, but boy did we explore that town. My big sister found her name suddenly, it was Kier… Emmily I mean, and I saw the super deluxe stroller near her. “Hey big sister is that my super deluxe stroller” I asked her and she said “No, MTV is coming to make it an extra super deluxe stroller and I will push you around in it with a pacifier in your mouth because we are very interested in oneupmanship in Little Kentucky” Then we went to the museum of run on sentences.

Okay. Like what?

The Art of the Deal? Triggered? Hair Love? Cat in The Hat? Mein Kampf? The Bible? Examples please.

Yes it is true story

Well I’m not trying to copy you. I’m trying to tell the story as I’m living it. Plus I didn’t have to pay $50.00 for my trip and no camera crew were going to be filming it. I was just looking for a new family cause I needed a big sister who was living a perfect life with strict parents cause my parents are not as strict as my new parents. That’s why I’m living with my new big sister named Kiersten and her strict parents

All fiction is just entertaining lies, but you’re not a very good liar. You’re also not a very good writer either, so this lines up.

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I deleted your other thread because there is literally no reason for you to duplicate this across multiple theads.

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Well delete this one