My Diaper story : living with my new big sister and new parents

If you are getting actual hate, actual abuse. Go right ahead and report it and it will be dealt with.
If you are getting criticisms and feedback, that’s just what we do here.

If that’s not what you want, you’re perfectly free to put a note in the OP saying that you’re not looking for feedback. I’m sure the other users will be more than willing to oblige.

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Well I’m not trying to lie here and I’m not trying to copycat you it’s just that I’m trying to tell a true story and it’s a story that doesn’t involve money

Basically a lot of history books like one’s about President Kennedy or President Reagan was president Nixon


We have a very strict thread deletion policy and “I got butthurt and want it removed” isn’t on the list of reasons we will deleted a thread

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Trying to do an end-run around the mod team? Not a good idea. You’re done here.