My first story: Jessica's Journey

Hello everyone, I’ve never really done any creative writing before and certainly haven’t put any of that work online, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. This story is DD/lg themed and may have some ABDL stuff in it later on but for now I’m just looking for critique. It’s very much a work in progress and I’m partially through chapter 2 but if there are any stylistic issues I’d want to get them cleaned up before I made them habit. With that in mind, enjoy Jessica’s Journey!

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Party and the Lolly

“…but I can’t work Tuesday at 2! I’m already working at the candle store until 5:30!” Jessica couldn’t believe the bad luck she was having with her schedule. She did her best to look tough and serious, but she was afraid her eyes betrayed her fear of confrontation with her boss. “Can’t Johnny work it?” Her boss didn’t even look up from his computer screen while responding “John needs Tuesday off for a dentist’s appointment. He requested it weeks ago, before we even hired you… the same day that, as I recall, you swore up and down that this job would come first and scheduling would never be an issue.” Jessica hung her head, defeated. “You’re right sir. I’ll have to call the candle store and tell them I can’t work that day. Maybe they can put me on Friday instead… no, I’m already here on Friday… maybe Sunday? I’ll figure it out.” She turned to the door, pushing her auburn hair out of her eyes. “Have a good night, sir.” She stepped out into the cold Michigan air, the wind blowing on her face and forcing her to duck her head into her jacket. Her mind raced as she tried to come up with a way to rectify her schedule. Despite her best efforts, a sad, recurring thought entered her mind: this isn’t fair. A former jeweler, the failing economy had taken her rewarding, well-paying job with it. In the time since, she had been taking any jobs she could to try and keep afloat, but as she was unable to find a job that would let her work full time or even for more than $8.50 an hour she had often found herself trying to hold down multiple jobs at once. She spent nearly every day of her life working to make someone else money, and after all her bills were paid she often found that there was very little left to enjoy herself. Because money was so tight, she often found herself looking to social gatherings for entertainment. Tonight there was one such gathering, a party at a house down the street from her own where she was sure to be able to find some other twenty-somethings to have a bit of fun with. She decided since her shift ended so late that she was going to go straight to the party, foregoing a change of clothes and a hot meal. As she arrived, she immediately regretted this. Looking around, she saw that most of the other partygoers were wearing trendy designer jeans and sleek shoes, making her rethink her own outfit of loose work jeans and sneakers. She needed to unwind, and a quick scan of the room revealed that in the corner there were two guys rolling joints on a coffee table as another few sat around and smoked. She found an empty spot on the couch and sat, taking one of the joints and lighting it. As she inhaled, she felt a wave wash over her, pushing out all of her crowded thoughts. The many little voices in her head that served to constantly remind her of all her stressors were silenced as she smoked. The pain in her legs and knees, a cruel reminder of her jobs’ dominance over her life, was dulled and forgotten. This feeling was bliss. She laid back into the sofa, feeling as though she was melting into it. For the first time in a very long time, she was able to think of nothing. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes. Shit, this was good weed.
Jessica couldn’t tell whether it had been minutes or hours, but it was two joints later when she heard a voice talking to her. “Excuse me miss, would you mind scooting to your left a bit so I can sit?” She opened her eyes to see the source of the voice: a well-built, muscular man in his mid-twenties. He was rather attractive, and before Jessica could think she heard her voice saying “Anything for you, handsome.” If the man was surprised by her words, his face didn’t betray him. He sat next to her, procuring a joint of his own and beginning to smoke it. Under regular circumstances, normally-shy Jessica wouldn’t have said anything at all to the man, but in her stoned state self-consciousness took a backseat to self-interest. “I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new to the area?” The man leaned back and turned his head to her. “The area? No, I’ve lived around here most of my life. I have a house in the woods a few hours north.” As he began to turn his head back again, Jessica once again heard herself blurting “Oh really? That’s cool… what’s your name?” The man cocked his eyebrow in what a sober Jessica would have recognized as mild irritation. “My name’s Mike… you’re a talkative one aren’t you?” As Jessica opened her mouth to respond, she saw her new crush reaching into his pocket. “I’m Jessica! I’ve lived here almost all my life-right in this neighborhood! I just came from work because I’m looking to unwind you know? I…” She was suddenly silenced as Mike raised his finger to her lips. “Listen, Jessica, I’m here to unwind too, okay? Now you’re super cute and I’d love to talk to you later, but right now I’d like a bit of relaxation and quiet…” At this point, she noticed that his other hand had a red Tootsie Roll Pop in it, “so let’s make a deal: instead of smoking anymore, why don’t you occupy your pretty little mouth with this? When it’s all gone, we can talk, okay?” As Jessica opened her mouth to respond, he didn’t give her the opportunity as he popped the sweet red lollipop in between her lips. Even in her current state she could feel herself blushing. Jessica hadn’t had a Tootsie Roll Pop since she was a little girl, but red had always been her favorite. She sat there dumbfounded, staring at Mike and not sure what to do next. Noticing her, Mike patted his shoulder. “Why don’t you snuggle up here while you eat your lolly and let daddy smoke, okay?” If Jessica was rosy before, her face was now completely crimson at hearing the man call himself “Daddy.” Even so, she had no idea what else to do, and his shoulder looked so inviting… she decided that no harm could come of it, and she pushed herself under his arm and snuggled up close to his chest, sucking her lolly and looking up at the man. He patted her head and leaned back as Jessica saw him close his eyes and relax.
As the night bore on, the party began to thin out until there were only a few people remaining. Eventually the lollipop was completely gone but Jessica remained quiet. At first it had just been focusing on her lolly that was keeping her quiet, but eventually she grew so comfortable under Mike’s arm that she didn’t want to move a muscle for fear of jeopardizing her perfect position. Eventually they were the last two at the party, and it seemed that even the host had gone to bed. Jessica had her eyes closed and was actually beginning to nod off when Mike began to speak. “It’s getting late, isn’t it? I hope you don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.” This thought roused Jessica out of her stupor. “Shit! I do! I have to be at work at 7… this is gonna suck.” She tried to sit up, but Mike gently wrapped his hand around her head and held her against his chest. “Let’s take it easy, little one.” She struggled halfheartedly for a moment, but eventually fell still once more. He continued “Now if you decide you want to leave now that’s fine. However, you should know that it’s 2:30 now, which means if you get home and sleep, you’ll only have about 4 hours until you need to be at work. Since you told me earlier that you just worked today, I would bet that it would be almost untenable to try and do another shift on so little sleep. Especially after all the fun you’ve had tonight. You should probably just call in sick” He chuckled, but Jessica wasn’t nearly as amused. “You don’t understand,” she moaned “I absolutely can’t afford to miss a day of work. I don’t have the money to be skipping shifts.” He remained calm and began gently stroking her hair. “It’s alright sweetie. I didn’t realize things were so dire. How much does this job pay that makes it so valuable?”
“Well it’s only 8.25 an hour, but that really adds up over an 8 hour day.”
“Oh, that much, huh?” Jessica felt him begin to shift under her. She clutched at his shirt, her eyes still closed.
“Yes, it might not seem like that much but it’s very important to me.”
“In that case,” he said, “I want you to have this.” She opened her eyes and looked at him. In his free hand were four twenty dollar bills. “Don’t you dare refuse it. You’re calling out sick tomorrow. Now come with me dear. I’m going to take you back to your house. You’re in no state to drive.” Jessica could do nothing but nod her head dumbfounded as the large man walked took her by the hand and began walking toward the front door with her in tow, trailing behind him like a small child.