My intoruxion

Hey peeps! I’m Amon, or you can call me Judith, I use both. I was here a while ago, but I’m back, so I figured I might as well reintroduce myself. So anyway, I’m currently 25, but about 2,5 or so as a kiddy. I’m from Belgium, and I while I was designated male at birth (dmab), I identify more feminine, so I use the term demigirl.

I have a lot of ideas for stories, but slightly less regression-themed stories, and even less time to write them this year, so I may not contribute anything any time soon. But I most likely will in the future. When I was here before (many years ago) I started a story about a young couple (I don’t know if anyone remembers. I barelly remember it myself). So I’ll probably rewrite that in the future. I also had an idea for a day in the life of an actual infant, through the eyes of said infant (but perhaps that’s not suited for this forum?). Other then that, I’ll probably get more inspiration.

A bit more about myself perhaps? Well other then writing, I also have a youtube channel, where I talk about a lot of nerdy topics. I also have been practicing Jiu Jutsu for about 13 years now, and am currently a second degree black belt. Also, I LOVE Dungeons & Dragons!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! Happy writing and/or reading!

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