my kingdom hearts diaper adventures

I’m still writing

…for certain definitions of writing anyway.

I can only assume from the quality of your posts that you have an RSI from keeping your hand in your pants and in constant motion.

what is RSI

A Repetative Stress Injury.

The fact you completely missed that I implied you masturbate while writing makes me question if you’re even old enough to have an account here.

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I’ll offer this. This forum’s community has higher expectations than other places, and a higher barrier to entry in terms of level of writing. There are other sites available where you can exercise your creativity by getting your ideas out with a lower barrier to entry, but less opportunity for writing critique. Wattpad might be a good fit since it’s specific to writers, and DeviantArt may be good too with more chance for critique, but it’s been a while since I’ve been part of the community there. I have no idea what Tumblr is like lately, but it’s another place where you can collect your writing. If the goal is to exercise creativity, sites like that may be a good fit for you.

A bit of context for mine and Gummy’s responses. This person has been in the chat room multiple times and asked for help. Help he completely ignored.

On top of that I have rejected far more posts than have been approved. An unhealthy number of them have been rejected because they were just posts begging authors to add him to their stories.

The simple truth is that he’s underage, a troll and/or a possible pedophile based on things he’s said in the chat and on the forums in the posts I’ve rejected.


Thank you for the context, I wasn’t aware of the chat room behavior and wasn’t intending to step out of bounds. I understand sometimes people need to get their ideas out of their head, and wanted to offer places for that to be done in a more sloppy way than what is expected by the community here. Other sites, or even just plain .txt files filed away on a computer, are better for that. I hope my advice is useful to someone then, or at least that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.