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My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 1

It all started on a snowy evening, just a regular night nothing new or exiting (like normal). Brandy and her family were watching a movie in the living room. Brandy as normal decided it was time for bed at the regular set time of 9:30 unusual for a 15-year-old but again habit. As she walked upstairs through the dark hall the floorboards creaked of course she jumped at every sound although she seemed tough on the outside inside she was just a “big baby.” Nobody knew she was afraid of the dark, or that she got scared while watching C.S.I (crime scene investigation). She pretended to be as tough as a nail and people thought she was. Brandy was a great pretender always smiling even when she didn’t feel happy. Although that’s not a bad thing the first person who came up to her even if she didn’t know her or wasn’t the coolest person in the school she would be the first to invite them to the lunch table. She wasn’t popular in most people’s eyes, the Guys didn’t like her all that much; the preps were always talking behind her back. Brandy also wasn’t too sure of herself she was constantly reviewing what she just said why her hair was so brown (you know the stupid stuff we worry about). But she did love one strange thing, yeah you guessed it. She loved logging onto her 1998 laptop with Windows 95 on it and reading the stories especially by Kent the “old fart” his stories just made her feel the need for more attention, her wildest dream was to wear diapers.
… (Back to the story)
As she walked down the hall, her thoughts drifted to what she would daydream about until 10:30. She undressed and looked down at her underdeveloped body 5’4, 98 lbs., natural dark brown hair, boring green eyes, barely bumps for boobs. She quickly threw on a pair
Of pajamas, and turned her soft Christian music up and laid down to read the newest story by Kent. While just settling down into a brand new story . . . A man came up from behind the bed and before she knew it she was gagged, her closet door opened and a second guy whispered “that was easy.” Brandy could hear the surround sound blasting the intense music from downstairs and her loud, soft Christian music “they couldn’t hear a rocket blast that music is so loud” and so the struggle began. Brandy knew she didn’t have a chance against two large guys but she wasn’t
Going to give up without a fight plus she was taking kick boxing in school. The guy that was holding her from behind had no idea what was coming as she dealt a swift kick to the balls he let go very quick. The second guy was right on her like a dog chasing a cat. She kicked and punched but had no chance as he blocked her every move. See with the first guy she had the element of surprise this guy could see every move. Finally after 45 seconds of fighting with all her might he caught her arm and twisted it around her back like a police officer does to his criminal after a high speed chase. She would have bit him but was still gagged with what tasted like a used snot rag. She tried to kick him in the balls but her foot was caught easily between his legs. As her hands were bound, the first guy was getting a large black duffle bag ready to stuff her in. “They’ll never get me out of this house alive, not with my Dad down stairs” she thought silently to her self. The first guy came over and fastened a rope to her wrist ties. “Jack” the second guy hissed “get her outside we don’t want any unexpected visits.” “Simmer down, Anthony as long as we hear that music down stairs playing we’re fine.” “Okay little girl” they said to Brandy “if you don’t want to be in this Black bag right here just cooperate with us will you do that” Brandy nodded her head vigorously. So out her window they went. First Jack (1st guy) and then Brandy was lowered down by her wrists. At the very bottom the rope let loose, she fell to the 4ft snow. She lay there for a while Jack yelled “she’s unconscious” to Anthony. This was her moment she had to escape now so she got up as fast as she could and ran like a staggering deer. I mean can you imagine this gagged hands tied behind her back just dropped a ½ a story and now she has to run for her life she’s pretty beaten up by now. Brandy ran as fast as her little legs would take her with each step a splintering pain went up and down her legs. She looked back Jack was standing there just watching her run shouting its not my fault but Anthony was just getting to the ground and running full throttle towards her and in a short distance he was gaining on her. Brandy put out her last ounce of strength and sprinted as fast as possible, she didn’t even feel the pain in her leg any more. As she looked back Anthony was right on her tail, and then it happened, she sunk into the snow and Anthony easily caught her and picked her up easily, and threw her over his shoulder she kicked and struggled but with no prevail. Jack scurried over carrying the black bag and they hurried to the camper that they came in. They sat Brandy on the floor un-roped her and neck-cuffed her like a dog to a long chain so she could wander around a bit but not enough to escape. Brandy watched as all the blinds were shut, doors locked and keys stuffed in Anthony’s pocket. Oh great Brandy thought the keys couldn’t at least have been in Jack’s pocket. Jack settled down in the driver’s seat and drove off with screeching wheels. Anthony prepared the bed where Brandy would be “worked on” The mattress came off and slipped under the table. He continued to work steadily until he glanced at Brandy he walked over to her she tried to get up and run but failed to do so quickly enough because her hands were still bound. He grabbed a chair sat down next to her and then lifted her off the ground and set her on his lap as he un tied her hands he warned “any funny business these will go on you as a punishment” Now that her hands were untied he went to the snot-rag gag and untied it “same with this little girl no biting, hitting, punching, playing with your chains, or the other stuff we have in store for you.” He un locked the neck - cuff and carried her to the counter; he proceeded to tie her hands up with the leather straps on the table and then fastened her chest down. All the while Brandy starred wide eyed at Anthony but finally spoke “What do you want with me?” Anthony came up to her head and stroked it causing Brandy to flinch. “Don’t worry little girl we won’t hurt you” Anthony promised “we just need you to help us” “You could have just asked” said Brandy “Shhh little one” cooed Anthony “You know I am fifteen” Brandy said proudly
“For the moment” Anthony replied
“what do you mean by that?”
“You’ll see little girl, Now do I have to tell you again shh my little ones have short term memories” Anthony lectured
“I don’t have to shhhhhhh you can’t make me”

“Oh but on the contrary, I can” As Anthony pulled a large scale pacifier out of his black bag with a cord that he fastened around her head and put in her mouth. Anthony shaking his head at her said “You are a cocky little s**t aren’t you little one” Anthony walked to the far end of the table and took off her pajama pants and proceeded to take off her Victoria secret thong. He got walked out of the room leaving Brandy ½ ways naked strapped to a table. As he entered the second time he was carrying a dripping wet rag and a razor. Of course by now Brandy was struggling to get off that table. With no luck she just settled down and accepted her fate. So Anthony came up to her nether regions and shaved the wisp of womanhood she had left. As he looked up at her she was glaring at him with blazing green eyes. “You know little one you have spunk most little girls would be crying or swearing by now but you haven’t dropped a single tear or swore a single word” Anthony said as he pulled out a thick white diaper and taped it on her. He walked out of the room taking the razor and rag with him. Now this was too much for Brandy this was all she ever wanted a diaper but not while being kidnapped, her body didn’t know what to think So she didn’t. Anthony came back in with a handful of clothes. He sat them down and came up just like before and stroked her dark brown hair. He asked her “Now if I take this pacifier are you going to be a good little girl for daddy?” She shook her head as he took undid the cord in the back Of her head. He proceeded to un-tie the leather s traps her hands were He asked her again “If I untie you are going to be a good baby for daddy” again she shook her head So she was let up. She sat up and examined the diaper it was very thick and it had baby Looney tunes on it. He picked her up and set her on the floor. “Come here baby you need to get dressed let daddy finish dressing you”. Not wanting to be put into chains again she walked over to Anthony slowly. He picked her up and gave her a giant hug. Now you can imagine what Brandy is thinking either risk getting put in to chains or listen to this giant sap ramble on about being my daddy, Oh well I guess I will just listen to him ramble on until the opportune moment. So he pulled out this footed sleeper laid her on the Counter and slowly put her in the stupid thing since it zipped up in the back he had her stand up. Finally she was covered as she got down Anthony lead her to a full length mirror she looked no older than 8 and it didn’t help that her diaper was clearly seen. She had bulging hips and her footed sleeper was a baby pink with yellow swirls and in blue letters it said Daddy’s little girl. The trailer came to a quick stop and Anthony hurried through making the bed back upright. Brandy was carried up to the front and Jack said were here. So Anthony carried Brandy outside and into a lab. Other men were inside every one was over 6 foot including Jack and Anthony and when Brandy was put down to walk while still holding Jack and Anthony’s hand she felt like a dwarf with giants surrounding her. “So this Brandy” said a tall doctor looking dude with longer hair tattoos and a nose ring. “Yup this is her do you think it will work?” It should it worked in 95% of the other tests. “Well what are we waiting for then let the tests begin.” said the doctor dude “Hold on let me talk to her first” Anthony said “Ok” after a few seconds of silence Anthony yelled “ALONE” “Okay jez touchy” the doctor dude said before leaving the room.
“Look sunny the doctor is just going to run some tests on you ok nobody will hurt my little girl”.
Brandy just shook her head. . .

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 2

The doctor dude led Brandy into a separate room and strapped she on a table after setting up many tubes to her she quickly fell into a sedated sleep. When she awoke she was back in the camper that she arrived in. She was very dizzy and things seemed to be out of proportion she wasn’t even tied up just lying on the bed that she was originally brought in. This was her chance to escape she quietly thought to herself She clumsily lead her self to the edge of the bed “wow” she thought “last time I was here I don’t remember it being so high up”. But with a giant fall she was on the floor “oww that one really hurt” but she knew what to come was worse she could barely see she was so dizzy and as she made her way to the door she could tell that Anthony was the only one driving the camper and the music was loud and he was singing rather badly to it. But the door was in her reach she waited for the trailer to come to a stop and jumped out of the trailer "that was easy she said to no one in particular as she scurried into a dark ally she could make out that she was in a city most likely new York city she guessed but she was sick to her stomach and had to sit down against a rather large dumpster, before falling asleep. When she awoke it was getting dark out and she had to find a police station, she didn’t want to spend the night alone in a city as she was walking around the big city she started to notice how short she was compared to other people she had never thought she was THAT short but these people just seemed like sky scrapers. She walked into a McDonald’s and again realized how big it was she couldn’t even push the door open with out a little help. The first place Brandy went was to the bathroom to see what she looked like after she had slept beside a dumpster all day but what she saw was astonishing looked like a three year old in slightly dirty overalls with a clearly seen diaper outline on her pants and rather long hair though thinner than usual. As she looked at her new self she started to get dizzy than dizzier until she finally fainted.
When she drifted back to life a little a couple of men were lifting her onto an ambulance everything went black again. On the ride to the hospital she came back again the people in the ambulance were yelling to find a way around the dense traffic jam. But as she came around they shifted their attention back to her they started asking her question after question
Medical person: “how old are you?” “Where are your mommy and daddy?”
Brandy: “15 and I was kidnapped some body did something to my body and I look like a 3 year old that’s why I fainted” she whined.
“Were here start wheeling her in to the children’s wing and get a dry diaper on her she’s leaking.” The head ambulance person yelled.
B: “no I’m 15 I am not a little kid see I can speak Spanish Yo no bebe yo tengo diez y cinco anos”.
But she was wheeled into it any way and she struggled and whined all the way trough her diaper change but was quieted when food was brought to her she was starving and didn’t even whine as a bib and sippy cup were placed in front of her. After she was done with them divine peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the doctor’s came in to question her about being fifteen and transformed into a 3 year old. When she finally convinced them that she was who she said she was her father was called immediately and was on the next flight to New York City. She on the other hand was sentenced to a night in the pediatrics wing and was subdued to more humiliating diaper changes and the worst part is she couldn’t tell if she was wetting her “dipee” as the nurse’s called, and the only thing Brandy could do was to hide her head in shame or try to run away and hide when the nurses came which she did try to do a numerous amount of times. But at bedtime when she was put into a crib, well a bed with sides as was explained to her, she fell into the best sleep she ever had with a wonderful dream about her new life as a toddler.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 3

When she awoke the next morning what she felt was atrocious, her first soiled diaper. It felt like yuck no words to even describe it but she fid feel embarrassment and magnificence at the same time. At least until the nurse came in, and announced her first “mess” to the world then all she felt was shame. But when the nurse decided to give her a quick bath, Brandy was grateful. She had felt so dirty and confined in that diaper since the whole ordeal started, even though she loved being enveloped in that thick white, soft, comfy, diaper, she needed, well, some freedom. After her bath she was zipped up into a light pink footed sleeper with Brandy’s favorite character on it. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! She felt a little babyish but she loved it. At around noon when she was drawing she heard an all too familiar voice. Jumping up and down in her “bed with sides” Her dad came in and lifted her out of the “bed with sides” he scanned her up and down and almost broke down crying he kept saying how she looked just like she did when she was younger (except the hair was really long), but some how he maintained himself. Brandy just sat there in his arms wallowing in the love being sent down to her. At least until he mentioned her diaper, this was the moment she feared. Would he still love her? Would he kick her out like her mom did to her? She just remained silent with her head cast down in shame. But he promised to still love her no matter what plus he thought it was kinda cute. “Yes” she though “everything will be all right”. So finally after an hour of I love you and I thought I would never see you again Brandy finally asked “When can we leave, I’m ready to go home”.
Dad: “well see there’s the problem you have to be flown to Washington so she could be examined by the government scientists see this has never really happened to any one else before If I had it my way you would have been home an hour ago.”
Brandy: “oh I see but I really have to I don’t want to”
D: “Yup, I’m real sorry but the government . . . you know”
Brandy laughed But one thing did look up for Brandy her dad was a negotiator in order for Brandy to have to go to be studied she got new clothes from a big store in NYC and right now at this very moment her room was being re-decorated with a new bed and new curtains and new desk and new art supplies and new clothes and new everything all for free. For now she was stuck in crummy hospital clothes to shop in. that was about to change when they left the hospital they were given approximately 3 hours to shop and a brand new car to do it in. When she was buckled in to the back into a brand new car seat her expression didn’t even turn sour. They were in NYC on the top of the world. After buying overalls and corduroys and coats and t-shirts that were all infantile Brandy was taken to a different store where the clothes were made for young children but they were in style like hip huggers and sweaters and all those prominent brand names like mudd and l.e.i. What every “little” woman wants a new wardrobe. But unfortunately the 3 hours of glorious heaven on earth a.k.a. shopping and they had to return to the hospital. When they got there she had to bid her father good bye before being hoisted into the arms of a strong navy officer dressed in uniform. As he carried her he was unbuttoning the crotch of her new corduroys and promptly declared her wet. After a quick diaper change from a navy officer another dream of brandy’s she was taken to the helicopter that would take them to Washington they were using the helicopter to fly to D.C and then taking a private jet all the way to a government laboratory. Brandy was buckled into a car seat again this time producing a crabby expression…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 4

Brandy had been sitting in the car seat for 5 minutes not and was pouting and giving people puppy eyes and it was pretty irresistible but they couldn’t let her out. The Military person who had changed her came to introduce himself to her. His name was Agent Jackson but she could call him Adam. Adam started a recorder and started asking her what she remembered about her abductor. Like “how tall he was? What did he look like? If she knew where they were located? Did he lay a hand on her? How many children were there all?” He asked her more or less of that kind of stuff. But finally they arrived at the private jet what seemed like a whopping hour (15 min). The ride on the jet was wonderful and she didn’t have to sit in a car seat (unless taking off or landing) She was kept in constant supervision and couldn’t believe how smooth the ride was after that choppy helicopter ride it kind of upset her stomach and 15 min into the ride she was given a pencil and a pad of paper. Finally she could draw Anthony and Jack.

I didn’t mention this early but her drawings seemed to come to life she was an amazing artist and showed talent beyond her age. Though of coarse she didn’t show it she of course and thought she could be better and actually it helped her art work she was always striving to work harder.

She then stood up and waddled to Agent Adam (which she now called him) and said this is Anthony (she flipped the page) and this is Jack. Agent Adam was at a loss of words
AA: “This is extraordinary work I have never seen anything like it wow it looks like a black and white picture … Wait did you draw this? How can you use a pencil like this and not be able to get dressed or tie you shoes or change your own diaper, have you been playing a trick on us this whole time?” he demanded to know!
B: no I swear I don’t know how I can do it but when I use a pencil my ability and coordination come back and its like I can do stuff my self again I promise I didn’t lie to you I promise, I promise" Brandy stuttered this through tears repeating I promise over and over again. Agent Adam picked her up and held against his chest until she began to calm down and in due course she fell sound asleep being rocked in his sturdy arms.

She was still asleep when they arrived at head quarters she was carried in by Agent Adam’s and was set on a worktable to be further examined after she woke up. Finally after she had been sleeping for an hour it was beginning to get late and they decided to call it a night. Agent Adam was to take her to his house and get her bathed, fed, and to bed at a decent time so they could be there bright and early in the morning.

The next morning Brandy was getting gently shaken so she could be bathed ( they skipped that the night before since she was so tired and could barely stay awake through dinner Agent Adam had had to feed her himself). So began the morning routine. Brandy was awoken and by Agent Adam’s wife and taken into the bathroom There she was stripped naked and set into a bathtub only to be scrubbed clean and hoisted out again in a matter of ten minutes.
Then she was re-diapered and set in a play-pen with Agent Adam’s youngest son (8 months olds). She watched Agent Adam and his wife eat breakfast and then after they had both finished Brandy and Adam’s baby was taken to the table and Adam’s baby was set in the high chair by Adam’s wife while Brandy was held on Adam’s lap both received a bottle/ sippy cup of apple juice a matching bib and a bowl of Quaker oatmeal. While Adam’s baby was fed Brandy got to feed herself at least ½ of it she was going to slow and still was only in a diaper so was fed the rest by Adam. And then wash clothed off legs, hands, face, and all. After running back upstairs and receiving a diaper change because she had oatmeal all over her diaper, and then getting dressed in some pink overalls with snaps in the crotch, and a yellow teri- cloth t-shirt (say that 10 times fast). While being carried through the house and being kissed on the head by Agent Adam’s wife they were off to the bureau for a long day ahead of them…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 5

As they drove Brandy asked about what the day would be like and how she would be monitored and the tests and Why she had to sit in a stupid fricken car seat every where she went. Boy did she ever hate that stupid car seat in a not so nice sort of way.
AA: “you know why you have to sit in that car seat Brandy, I know you do”
B: “nope I don’t or else why would I ask”
AA: “Well okay, what if we got into a car accident and you were sitting in a normal seat belt… you would be thrown out of the car or what ever was being driven and through the windshield”
B “so then you wouldn’t have to worry about the press getting a hold of me or me being kidnapped again or having to do a hundred billion trillion tests on me I wouldn’t care” she moped.
That was it Agent Adam pulled that car over in a heart beat.
AA: “is that what you think” he yelled “we care about you, the whole world knows your name and you don’t care if you die just because you have to sit in that car seat I know this change is hard for you but you listen hear I don’t ever want to hear you say something like that ever again you hear me”
B: “yeah sure whatever” she said sarcastically
Brandy was taken out of that car seat and given 20 smacks over his knee and was strapped back in to the car seat and said
AA: “don’t you be cocky with me, right now you’re under my care and I will give you some discipline, if I desire to, do you hear me?”
B: “yes” she sniffled out
AA: “Yes Sir” he demanded
B: “Yes Sir”
The rest of the twenty minute ride was quiet when they arrived Brandy was unbuckled from the car seat and Agent Adam held her close to his chest
AA: “look at me Brandy, and listen good I am beginning to love you like my very own daughter, I don’t know what I would do if you ever got hurt I only want what’s best for you, understand?”
B: “yes” she replied as he dried her eyes with his finger he set her on the ground and they walked hand in hand inside the enormous building awaiting them. Brandy was lead into the private clinic inside the F.B.I building where the tests began. First she was put in a room with a ton of toys which she was told she could play with first she saw the crayons on the table and began to draw a teddy bear, with an I’m sorry on it and labeled it with beautiful calligraphy To: Agent Adam From: Brandy and then looked at all the toys on one side was dolls and Barbie’s. On the other were cards and board games and toys for older children. First she made her way to the children’s toys and sat down next to a doll with sneakers on. She had to see if she could tie shoes after a minute of trying to untie it she just pulled on the shoe lace and it came undone. Then it took her a whole minute just to pick up the two laces. She was so frustrated her coordination was off so much except when she was drawing on paper. After a couple of minutes with the shoe laces she gave up. Then when to a stack of real doll diapers to see if she could ever diaper her-self. First she had to get the sticky tabs undone but after fighting with them a couple of minutes, she gave up and began to cry. An F.B.I agent came in and carried her to a different room she settled down pretty quickly once she saw Agent Adam through the window watching her along with some other agents. He held up the picture she had drawn for him and mouthed a thank you to her. Now she was smiling, a doctor walked in the room and began to explain to her that the toy room she was in was set up with two way mirrors and cameras and that they had been watching her the whole time. He explained to her that his job was to figure out why her “synchronization or coordination was off so much” so she was placed of a examining table and off came all her clothes except her diaper and he began to examine her she was very conscious about her body though because of the agents watching her from out side at least until she realized she no longer had any thing to hide. Then she was wheeled through the hall into a scanning room her brain was scanned. She received a CAT scan x-rays and any type of scan that was ever thought of. She then had blood tests and pulse monitors and more tests she didn’t even know she was taking. Reflex tests, more tests and then even more tests then finally after nearly 12 hours of testing Agent Adam came to her rescue right before another test was about to begin.
AA “I think that’s enough for today she’s not a robot and didn’t even get to stop for lunch instead you hooked an IV to her, and another thing look at her diaper it’s nearly over flowing I will have you’re a$$ for this do you understand me”
Doctor: “yes”
AA: “Yes Sir” he demanded
Doctor “Yes Sir”
Brandy smiled weakly at him it was nearly 9:00 pm and he didn’t get off until 11:00 so she was unhooked from the machines and IVs and everything else and was carried to his office. He laid her down on the floor and took off her saturated diaper. She had developed a pretty bad diaper rash and commented “I guess there’s a first for every thing”.
AA: “oh believe me this isn’t your first you’ve had plenty of diaper rashes in your life”
He re-diapered her and didn’t even bother to dress her he walked straight into the boss’s office and demanded that the doctor that had been doing tests on Brandy be fired immediately or else he would walk right out of this office right now and never come back. None the less that doctor was fired minutes later. Brandy and Agent Adam were given the rest of the night off. After she was dressed, they stopped into McDonalds. Brandy woke up quite a bit, after she got some real food into her stomach. That night Brandy called her father and talked to him and her brother for 20 minutes before getting ready for bed. While being tucked into the crib with Kyle (Adam’s baby), Adam mentioned stopping at McDonalds and before kissing her good night mentioning “what goes in must come out.”…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 6

That very next morning Brandy woke up early with a very messy diaper. She didn’t want to wake Kyle or Adam up so she just laid there enjoying an extremely filthy diaper. But as she moved she felt her diaper rash sting so she stood up and held onto the rail just waiting to get a diaper change. Groggily Agent Adam came in to see her standing up
AA: “why are you up so early Hun? It’s only 2:30 you know I can hear you on that baby monitor”
B: “I’m sorry Agent Adam I didn’t mean to wake you up”
AA: “you okay then I’m going back to sleep”
B: “wait no Agent Adam can you do me a favor?”
AA: “anything Hun what”
B: “can you umm… can you umm… oh never mind” Brandy couldn’t admit that she needed a diaper change she thought that Agent Adam didn’t know about her problem Agent Adam just walked over to the crib and picked her up as he held her with his hand on her butt the poop shifted all around and she flinched when it touched her diaper rash. He sat down on the rocking chair and bounced her on his knee each time causing it to hurt even more. Finally after about ten bounces she asked his not to do it. And when he asked why she just said she had a stomach ache which was partially true. Then he cradled her in his arms.
AA: “You know I won’t bite your head off if you ask me to change your dirty diaper I know it hurts you diaper rash but you can’t be ashamed of it honestly it’s not your fault”
He waited for a couple of seconds and finally said “So what do you ask me”
B: “will you?”
AA: “will you what?”
B: “Will you change me?”
AA: “Will I change your what?”
B: “Will you change my diaper?”
AA: why?"
B: “Will you change my diaper I pooped in it and it hurts my diaper rash please?”
AA: “Sure Hun anytime”
As Agent Adam was changing her and applying some rash ointment she said “you know what Agent Adam you are a fart-brain” he just smiled and said “I know” when she was back in her pajamas she groggily said good night as he was tucking her back into the crib. He grabbed a bottle of milk he had brought in when she woke him up and handed it to her. She smiled and put it into her mouth.

When she woke up again this time, she was being lifted out of the crib by Adam’s wife. Brandy realized she didn’t know Agent Adam’s wife’s name so she asked. Her name was Jessica. So back into the morning ritual Jessica bathed her, re-diapered her and carried her down stairs and sat her into the play pen with Kyle. While Adam and Jessica were eating Brandy was not very happy to see a colorful booster sitting at the table. But after they had finished their breakfast Brandy none the less was hauled up into it surprisingly it was not what she remembered it was a lot like a high chair except it was portable and didn’t have a table he had to put her legs through two holes and was also buckled for safety precautions. Brandy was about to say something when Adam said “don’t even try it’s a fight you can’t win”. Her expression didn’t get any better when she was bibbed even though she truly did need one. There were eggs for breakfast this morning. Brandy decided that it was better to eat with her hands with eggs but was quickly scolded and had to clumsily use her fork. When they went to the kitchen to get the drinks Brandy went back to her hands which only got her being fed by Agent Adam after he caught her the second time. Then in a slightly slower pace than yesterday Brandy was carried upstairs to get dressed for a couple more tests today. She was dressed today in some blue corduroys with cookie monster on them and a white shirt with cookies on the sleeves she had to admit as she was getting her hair braided she looked very cute but the clothes were a little big on her today.

When they arrived at the F.B.I building brandy was taken into a different doctor’s room this time a lady she had all the test results from yesterday and said “all that has to be done today is a blood test and that’s all. But first a regular check up Mr. Agent Jackson you can leave if you need to I will bring this lovely little teen back to your office around noon is that okay?”
He’s shook his head yes and gave Brandy a kiss on the head good-bye. Then they started the routine check-up and when Brandy’s height and weight were taken The doctor called Agent Adam and the boss in and explained that Brandy had shrunk 3 inches from yesterday and 6 inches from the hospital in NYC and that she had lost 15 pounds also she was still shrinking. But the doctor kept her word to Brandy, and just finished the examine, and did another blood test. Brandy didn’t know she was still shrinking but she was only estimated to shrink 4 or 5 more inches with-in the next two days and then she would be stable. Her father was called, and was out-raged, he just kept saying that he had already raised a baby he didn’t want another one, and that once Brandy was back he would sell her into a circus. Un-knowingly Brandy had heard Agent Adam’s conversation with her dad and guessed what was being said on the other line and ran into a room. She just sat there and cried until she heard a siren going off and there were flashing lights inside the building, missing child alert on the over speakers. She just scooted further back into her hiding spot. About 5 minutes later Brandy hears dogs scratching at the door and then she sees the door open and an F.B.I walked into room the dog walked over to where she was hiding and gently grabbed her straps to her overalls to pull her out of her tight hiding spot. The F.B.I agent used his intercom to radio the other agents that “the subject had been found in the research lab and was very upset but not harmed.” The dog let go of Brandy’s overalls and went back to the F.B.I agent who was waiting for Agent Adam Jackson to come and get her. Brandy just crawled back into her small hole as far back as she could. Just as Agent Adam was coming in the room the dog was trying to get in far enough to pull her out but was too big. Adam called the dog off and thanked the agent for finding her and that he would get her out or else the Jaws of Life were coming in. But he needed some privacy in order to do so. So Brandy and Agent Adam were the only people in the room.
AA: “Brandy come, out here now”
B: “no”
AA: “I said NOW”
Brandy started to come out just a little and then stopped
AA: “You’re trying my patience”
B: “so what are you going to do about it?”
AA: “Well I’ll tell you one thing the minute you get out here you are going to get the spanking of your life”

With a quick reach Agent Adam had the straps of her overalls and in an instant she was on his knee with her diaper around her ankles and getting twenty hard smacks. Brandy couldn’t hold it in much longer and when he let her stand up she jumper on him and held around his neck wailing “my daddy hates me now him don’t want me, will never want me cause im going be little baby in a couple of days and I have to go to an or… Orphan… Orphanage cause cause Agent Adam causes no one lik… likes me anymore” He held her tightly next to him and pulled up her diaper and then her overalls. Agent Adam carried her into his office away from the poisoning stares from on coming people. They thought some one was being killed. Once in Agent Adam’s office Agent Adam explained to Brandy that she was never going to go to an orphanage and that him and his wife had decided to adopt her and that she was not going to shrink only 4 or 5 more inches and that eventually she would grow to about the age of 5 and she would never be kicked out of their house and how much he loved her. She was beginning to calm down now but was still sniffling loudly as she kept her head buried in Agent Adam’s chest. Agent Adam tried to take the rest of the day off but wasn’t allowed so he wanted Jessica to come pick Brandy up but the boss wanted Brandy under strict surveillance at all times stress might cause some reactions in her body. So Brandy was sent to the private pediatrics wing where she was to be watched and monitored at all times.

About and hour later one of the head nurses came running out Brandy had shrunk again 4.3 inches to be exact and she had lost nearly 15 pounds within minutes. The best of scientists and doctors were called in to find out what was going on. About an hour later all of them declared that her emotional unbalance had caused her to shrink so fast and that she would never shrink again unless an outside force would cause it. She was given a new/smaller type of diaper since her old diapers no longer fit. Brandy looked like she was just going on two years of age.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 7

Mean while at Agent Adam’s house the F.B.I had a mission to turn on of the 2 old rooms’ into a nursery for a 15 year old baby by tomorrow noon. They choose the bigger of the rooms’ and began their work they tore old wall paper off and sanded walls painted them with a bright yellow, re-did the floors with a new pink carpet and new windows, curtains. Every thing was re-done to perfection to the new addition to their family. For all Agent Adam was concerned Brandy’s father had given up a precious jewel that he now had and loved.

Jessica and some of her closest friends took the private jet to California to buy as many clothes as possible and anyway they kept her old new clothes for when she got bigger again. But for now Brandy needed a whole new wardrobe and this time just as big as it could get. The spent tons of money down in California and bought the cutest outfits they could nothing two girlish and babyish of coarse by none the less cute. Then they went to a larger store and bought older looking clothes and by 9:00 the next morning the were back at home hanging Brandy’s clothes in her large closet and folding then into her new dresser. Just then Agent Adam got a phone call and got the news that Brandy wasn’t seen fit enough to leave today.

Agent Adam rushed down to his workplace and went in to see Brandy she looked like she was in a coma just staring off blankly into space. She would only respond when demanded to and was just a total wreck. Agent Adam just went next to her knelt down and started praying “Please Lord help her so she could just get through this tormenting time and become the fun-loving child I once knew Lord just help her in ways only you can do, do it for your faithful servant Lord” Agent Adam just broke down crying next to the crib holding her hand. “Don’t cry Agent Adam please don’t cry” Brandy replied…

… For the next four days Brandy was observed and encouraged by a counselor and on that faithful day Brandy was released. Every F.B.I. agent had visited her during her stay at there place and she knew more than half of them by name. At 12:07 am Brandy was released and was officially named the child of Agent Adam and Jessica Jackson. After all that crap was settled Agent Adam and Brandy had a day of site seeing when she saw the school she would be going to she gasped
B: “I have to go to school but why I’m smart and I don’t want to go back to school don’t make me please”
AA: “Oh but baby, you need to go to school and you will go to school I know you love school”
B: " But they’ll pick on me high school kids don’t where diapers" AA: “Your not going to high school your going to 6th grade I saw your grades from your last school you carried a 66 through every class except gym you had a 67 there and of course a 100 average in art. You are going to carry a 90 average or higher in my house or else there will be consequences”
B: “but Agent Adam I don’t want to go back to little kid school you can’t make me go”
AA: “Oh yes I can, keep whining I’ll make it 5th grade”

Once they got home Brandy was told to go upstairs and get a diaper so she could be changed after a few tries to get up the stairs and failing she was carried to her new room. Brandy was astonished it was so beautiful she had never seen any thing like it. In the corner was a little size art table with all the supplies that she would ever need. And as she looked around she saw her crib. A crib, meant for babies, not for teens, don’t get me wrong though it was beautiful but a crib. Oh well she thought at least I get my own room now. After a quick diaper change Brandy set to work on her new art set but at 8:30 she had to be ready for bed.
B: “8:30 that is not my bed time 9:30 is my bed time let me stay up another hour please just one more it won’t hurt”
AA: “Look Brandy 9:30 is okay for a 15 year old body but you have a 2 year old body it needs more sleep okay”
B: “no I don’t want to go to bed this early I’m not (yawn…) tired” AA: Sorry babe it’s not negotiable"
B: “That’s what you get living with a F.B.I agent I guess”
AA: “you got it”
B: “but just one more please…”
AA: “Do I have to give you the answer again this time on your cute little butt”
B: "no sir

Brandy and her cute little butt were carried in to the bathroom and Brandy was given a short bath and then was carried back to her room. Then Agent Adam gave some diaper and she was put into some pink footed sleepers with a button up crotch. She still whined about her bed time even though she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Agent Adam brought in a bottle of warm milk and they rocked until she was asleep.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 8

That night Brandy had some unexpected visitors. Anthony and Jack were scaring up the wall to Brandy’s room they had been tracking her for a week now and now Anthony would get his little girl back. Anthony gently lifted Brandy out of her crib and then tip toed around the upstairs looking for Kyle’s room. While they were talking Anthony pulled a pacifier out of his bag and put it in Brandy’s mouth pushed a button on the end of it and it inflated. This woke Brandy up. She tried to scream but wasn’t able to because of the pacifier.
Anthony: “hi my bad little baby girl, surprised to see me huh. You know you’re the only person that the serum worked on or else I wouldn’t be here can you believe that. 138 girls and you’re the only one that it worked on. Why is that, do you suppose huh? honey bunny? Why? I’ll tell you why it’s because you wanted it so badly to be little and babied. That’s the only reason it worked, it was your own fault. All the other girls woke up in there very own house and thought it was just a bad dream”

They walked into Kyle’s room where Kyle lay sound asleep all cuddled up in his blanket. Anthony pulled a syringe out of his bag. “This, my dear is a new serum that we came up with we know it works it makes people older within 3 days. Little Kyle here wants some of this serum that way he can be a nice teeny bopper instead of a bouncing baby boy” Anthony threw the syringe over to doe doe Jack his little minion and Jack injected a small amount into his arm but fell and broke the syringe as Agent Adam shot him right in the third eye. Needless to say he was killed instantly Anthony smiled to Agent Adam and said “ah little Brandy’s new father you can’t do a thing back away or I’ll break her wittle neck in an instant”
AA: “No you won’t you love her as much as I do I can see it in your eyes”
Anthony: “Yes I do but if I can’t have her nobody will”
AA: Lets come to an agreement here you set her down and I’ll set my gun down okay
Anthony: “no you took my baby away from me and now I’m taking both of yours away and getting my baby back”
AA: “Come on let’s be reasonable” Agent Adam said holding his gun readily “don’t be stupid”
Anthony reached into the back of his pants and pulled out a small pistol and put it to Brandy’s head. “I will I swear you back off now.” By this time they could hear sirens near the house.
AA: “That’s 5 SWAT units standing by you’ll never make it out alive”
Anthony: “Back away and shut the door”
AA: “Give me my babies first”
Anthony set Kyle on the floor and pushed him towards Agent Adam. Agent Adam made a quick swipe and handed Kyle to his trembling wife standing behind the door.
AA: “Now the other one”
Anthony: “Get out, Get out now or I’ll shoot her”
Agent Adam backed away from the door and Anthony shut and locked it he then set Brandy on the floor so he could get ready Brandy tried to get out but couldn’t reach the lock Brandy crawled around the room and grabbed the needle from the syringe and the biggest piece of glass from it that she could Holding one in each hand Anthony now had two guns in his hand and was looking for a pulse on Jack.
On the announcer they could hear "free Brandy and we’ll make some conditions, there is a baby monitor inside the crib we’ll bargain on that.
Anthony: “Brandy come here”
B: “no”
Anthony: “now” he said pointing the gun at her head
B: “no”
Anthony grabbed the baby monitor out of the crib and turned it onto two way baby monitors. Agent Adam was talking to her on the baby monitor
“Brandy” she heard “listen to him and you won’t get harmed be a brave little for me won’t you”
B: “Fine but just for you”
As Brandy toddled over to him he grabbed her and held her against his chest as an instinct Brandy held his neck and then plunged the needle into it he grabbed her hand with the needle and she plunged the glass in to it by now he was screaming and bleeding very much he put Brandy down and held a gun to her head but before he could shoot her he collapsed on the floor, blood was everywhere and a swat team of 5 people, ran in seized her and ran back out while a second team of 5 held a firearm to his head. He was deceased thought; the sniper had killed him instantly.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 9

The chaotic fight was over and done with and Brandy was back in Agent Adam’s arms. That night Agent Adam and his family including Brandy would stay in the hospital wing of the headquarters (F.B.I building). Brandy Jessica and Adam checked out fine but Kyle had some thing wrong with his body he was stripped naked when Brandy to them about the serum that Jack had injected into him. For the second time that week, the best scientists and doctors were flown in to help the infant. Brandy Adam and Jessica watched helplessly as tests were done on their baby boy. Brandy fell into a restless sleep in Agent Adam’s hands and when she awoke the lead doctor was explaining to them that only a small portion of the serum had gotten into his bloodstream and that he would live but unfortunately they couldn’t reverse the affect that it had on him he would grow approximately to the age of four with in the next night. He would have the normal brain power of a four year old when this nightmare was through. The doctor explained what was taught to him in the next 12 hours would be crucial and he would remember all of it. Right now numbers, colors, and other things that a normal four old would know is being taught to him, as well as how to recognize his family. When all of this is over he won’t remember all of this happening to him and he will just be a normal toddler.
After the news Brandy was able to sleep a little easier and it was 12:00 noon when she finally awoke again. She looked around and guessed she was back in the medical center crib everything was all too familiar. She looked across the room to where Agent Adam and Jessica were watching their baby boy; they looked like they had been awake all night just watching helplessly. It was all too familiar, Brandy remembered Agent Adam staring at her and crying, beginning the Lord for his help. The nurse must have saw a tear run down her eye as she watched her new parents feeling vulnerable and weak. She flinched as the nurse picked her up and cradled her against her breast. “Its okay baby your brother will be okay, you’ll see”. She was carried into a different room and given a quick bath in a sink. She cringed as she saw tiny dots of blood on her miniature hands and feet, but they were also washed away. She felt a little safer as she was rapped into a large white towel and dried completely off and then engulfed into a thick white soothing, comforting diaper. She then was re-dressed into a Spongebob footed sleeper. Brandy waddled hand in hand back to the room where Agent Adam and Jessica sat as stiff as a log watching there now 2 year old boy sleep peacefully as lessons of basic addition subtraction and colors numbers played in the background. She sat on the floor behind them unseen until she started pleading to the Lord
B: “Lord please help little Kyle through the terrible ordeal and also his loving parents who have watched over him the entire night, but Lord I know you are here right now watching over Kyle and his parents and also the doctors and nurses, Lord I also prey for Anthony and Jack, may your will be done, And also Thank you for keeping all of us alive through that terrible ordeal last night the outcome could have been much worse.”
Agent Adam dried his moist tears and picked Brandy up and cradled her with all the love in the world. Brandy looked in at Kyle he looked like he was three years old now his hair was growing fast now it was almost down to his shoulders. He was a beautiful baby his hair was a light brown like his parents and he had green eyes like his father he was 3 feet 2 inches tall now and weighted 33 pounds he was simply adorable. Within the hour he had grown too approximately 3 ½ years old and two hours later he was 4 ½ year of age, the scientists promised this would be the final stage of his growth he was now 3 feet and 6 inches tall and weighed 39 pounds. He would grow and function normally for the rest of his life. When he awoke an hour later he got out of his bed and walked kind of clumsily to the nurse and asked if he could use a bathroom please the nurse showed him where it was and asked if he needed help he said “no” and did everything all by himself although he had to be reminded to wash his hands. When he saw his mommy and daddy smiling at him through the window he waved and then ran to the door and opened it and hugged them both. And then said hi to his sister lifted her off Agent Adam’s lap and sat on the floor and started to play with her. Astonishingly his muscles were very strong and healthy he was a normal 4 year old boy just as promised. He was given a routine check up and a few blood tests were done along with some shots and they were free to go.

As they drove home they stopped at a local store and picked up a booster seat for Kyle to use in the car since he could no longer use a regular car seat Kyle got to pick his very own out and picked a nice leather one. Brandy was actually jealous he is 4 and gets a leather booster seat and I am fifteen and get a car seat.
When they arrived at home they were surprised to see how much had changed even up in Kyle’s room which was completely re-done to fit a four year old, the crib and changing table was gone plus new toys for big boys were there The wall paper and rug were new. Doctor’s had used pictures from his change to digitally re-master a whole photo album of Kyle from the age of 8 months to the age of 4 years old. Agent Adam picked a very tired Brandy up and carried her to her room and sat in the rocking chair as Brandy sucked on a bottle before falling asleep. He hummed a nice little lullaby and soon Brandy was off to sleep
Jessica walked straight upstairs and drew a nice bubble bath for her to relax in, it had been a long night as she relaxed Agent Adam walked in and asked her if she was okay as a tear ran down her face.
Jessica: "I missed watching my baby grow up I didn’t even get to potty train him or teach him colors shapes or numbers. He grew 3 years in a night it’s like he isn’t even mine
AA: Oh honey, I know how you feel but he’s safe and at home and we’ll watch him grow up for the next 60 years don’t worry plus you still have a two children to baby and one to change diapers and give baths too. Well here’s the baby monitor to Brandy’s room just in case she wakes up. I’m taking our son for a greatly needed hair cut.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 10

Agent Adam and Kyle were off to the town as Brandy lay sleeping in her crib having a nightmare about her losing her ability to talk and Kyle carrying her around and treating her like a baby. After an hour of this nightmare she awoke crying and Jessica was standing over her crib cooing her. She was picked up out of bed and cooed until she calmed down. She was then carried to the changing table and placed in a dry diaper with lots of powder.
That always cheered her up. She smiled at Jessica and said “thanks” they went down stairs and Brandy was placed in the highchair.
Jessica: “Brandy can you do me a big favor”
B: “yeah Jessica, sure, anytime”
J: “can be my baby”
B: “if it will help sure”
So Jessica fed Brandy baby food until she could eat no more she tried not to get it all over but did any way then she was taken out of the highchair and Jessica opened her shirt and breast fed Brandy until she thought she would burst. The milk tasted so good and warm and she wanted to drink more but really couldn’t she then was placed over Jessica’s shoulder and burped gently. After she had had her lunch Jessica rocked her slowly back and forth until she was off in a wonderful dream. Jessica carried her new baby back upstairs and placed Brandy back in her crib this time with a pacifier.

When Brandy awoke the second time that day this time because Kyle was running up and down the hall she guessed that Agent Adam was back from his trip. She stood up in her crib she realized for the first time that she couldn’t look over the bars. She recalled the scientists had telling her that she would age 1 year in approximately 5 years but once she reached 5 years she would stop growing altogether. She also recalled she was only 2 feet 9 inches tall and 28 pounds she was 21 months old and would still fall in May. Kyle was running away from Agent Adam this time and saw Brandy standing up in her crib. He yelled “She’s up, she’s up, Brandy awake.” Kyle ran into her room jumping up and down until he stopped and yelled “she made a mess, stinky baby” and ran out to tell his daddy who was right outside smiling at his two children.
AA: “Hey pumpkin”
B: “Hi daddy” she said tiredly
Agent Adam’s heart leapt when he heard that but decided not to make a comment.
AA: " I think we need to get cleaned up" he said as he laid her on the changing table but Jessica walked in and said that both of them should take a bath so Brandy was cleaned up and then carried to the bath tub. Brandy and Kyle played in the bath tub splashing each other as much as they could and then making Santa beards on their face. After playing with the toys in the bath tub they were lifted out and Brandy was re-diapered as Kyle did his thing in the potty. Jessica carried Brandy back into her room and dressed her in a pretty yellow dress and said that the whole family was going out to a party at Daddy’s work for you and Kyle and then we are going out to a nice restaurant so “be on your best behavior.” Jessica did Brandy’s long hair in a French braid and then curled it. She even got to wear her new black shoes but was disappointed when they didn’t have heels. When they were ready Brandy was surprised to see Kyle dressed up in nice kakis. Brandy was placed in a playpen while Kyle was told to play in the living room they looked stunning together when they came down Jessica was in a lovely rosy dress that went down to her knees. Agent Adam was wearing a nice pair of black pants with a silk white shirt on. They also had their hair done adequately too. Then they were off to the party. On the way Kyle kept reminding Brandy to be on her best behavior. It was obvious that he had gotten the same lecture that she had. He tended to repeat everything his Daddy or Mommy said to him but that was normal. When they arrived Agent Adam reminded both or them to be good or there would be consequences and he wouldn’t hesitate to put “either of them over his knee right in front of everyone.” When they walked inside everyone clapped and Brandy’s face turned crimson, she didn’t like all the attention. But Kyle was in the lap of luxury he loved it. Brandy and Kyle were introduced to people although Brandy knew most everybody’s face and they were introduced to the agent’s children and wife. Every girl was wearing a dress and the boy’s were all dressed up also this was a pretty formal dance. As they entered they had to sign their name on a little piece of paper for karaoke drawings that were going on all night long. Brandy loved to dance and after all the greetings Brandy and Agent Adam hit the dance floor. When Agent Adam had enough Brandy just kept on dancing. A slow song came on and as Brandy was walking off the dance floor a 16 year old boy walked up to her and asked her to dance with a smile from Agent Adam she said yes. It was truly romantic and Brandy enjoyed the attention as people watched them dance although Brandy’s feet didn’t touch the ground. Brandy glanced over and saw Kyle and another 4 year old also dancing although not as good as Brandy when the song was over they thanked each other and Brandy practically skipped over to Agent Adam. He showed her all the pictures that he had taken of her and Kyle on the dance floor, she loved digital cameras. After a quick diaper change she was back on the dance floor. Just then Brandy heard her name get called for karaoke and walked up to the microphone as he handed it down to her she choose the song “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride and sang her heart out. She was surprised that she still could hit all the notes and was very accurate. After she was done she got comments that “she had sung like an angel” and “she had such a pretty voice”. She was glad people were saying good things but she just went and hid behind Agent Adam leg. Finally about an hour later it was time to leave they thanked almost everybody and Brandy received tons of kisses and pats on her diapered behind goodbye.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 11

AA: That party lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.
J: yeah it’s past the kids’ bed time, Kids we’ll go out to dinner tomorrow night for now we need to head home.
Kyle& Brandy: “awe”
But none the less they were hauled into the car and buckled in their car/booster seats. On the way home Brandy was so proud, as Agent Adam told her how pretty she sounded singing tonight. And she smiled as big as she could and then told Kyle how good he danced he looked like such a gentleman, just to give him some credit and soon his smile was as big as hers. It was a fifteen minute drive home and as Agent Adam turned on some soft music Brandy was soon off in fantasy land dreaming away. She didn’t even wake up as Agent Adam changed her diaper and got her dressed for bed.

In the morning Agent Adam and Jessica had to go to work and this time Brandy wasn’t allowed to go but she didn’t know that yet. She was ran through the normal routine though bath, diaper, playpen. This time as she stood up in the play pen holding on the top for support as Agent Adam and Jessica ate Kyle was running around and around the play pen playing with his toy airplanes. Agent Adam and Jessica were wrapped up in their breakfast though so Brandy told Kyle to come here and let her out. He lifted her out and she waddled over to the toys and started to play with them. Unforchantly though Agent Adam heard them playing and looked over, quickly Brandy was over his knee screaming as he put twenty hard smacks on her butt as Kyle told him that “she told me too”. Then her diaper was redone and her fiery, burning butt was placed back in the play pen with out her toy. She just sat there and pouted as she waited for Agent Adam and Jessica to finish their breakfast for some reason that was a major rule. Babies have to sit in the playpen while waiting for breakfast it was a stupid rule though she pouted.

As they finished Kyle was lifted up into her own booster seat while she was placed and buckled into the highchair. Yummy, there was cream of wheat for breakfast and a sippy cup of apple juice. As she finished she was wiped up and taken upstairs to get dressed. She got to wear older looking clothes today also she picked out a pair of flare Mudd jeans and an adorable pink t-shirt with a cat on it, a nice red jacket to go over it, and a nice pair of sneakers. She was happy with it even though you could clearly see a diaper bulge in her pants. Agent Adam rushed in to kiss her good-bye she ran to follow him to the car.
B: "wait I’m going to wait for me
AA: “Didn’t Jess tell you you’re going to daycare today with Kyle”
B: “But I want to go with you”
AA: “sorry baby you can’t you only have to go to day care for 4 day’s then your vacation’s over I’m late got to run love you see you at 5:00 and don’t worry you’ll have fun.”

Brandy sat at the top of the stairs watching through the baby gate Agent Adam leave. Jessica was getting Kyle dressed pretty quickly and soon it was time to run. As they were loaded into the car and buckled into their seats they were off to a miserable day, or so she thought. When they got there they had to decide which group of kids Brandy would belong in. Brandy wanted to hang out with someone she knew so she went with Kyle and the group of kids 2-4. With a kiss goodbye Brandy was left to fend for herself.
First thing she got there everybody sat in a circle and said their names, there were five new kids so she wasn’t the only person alone, then they had to tell a little bit about themselves. Then it was play time so she walked over to the art table and started to draw two kids that were sitting in the corner playing with dolls. After about 30 minutes she was almost done with her drawing, but free time was over so she rolled the large piece of construction paper up and sat it next to the cubby with her name on it. Next was outside time and she got dressed in her coat and play shoe’s with more than a little help from the teacher. Then they got to go play in the playground, Brandy slid down the slide and played in the toy houses and swung on the swings and was having a ball. It was lunch time and her and a couple of other of the “younger” kids got bibs and sippy cups. In her lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was cut up into nice little squares and also there were some bologna slices cut with a cookie cutter into hearts. Kyle got the same except his bologna was cut into car shapes. Brandy made quite a mess on her bib but kept her clothes fairly clean. Next was potty time and clean up time all of the kids were lined up next to the bathroom door, if they wore diapers they were changed, and if they went on “the pot” they did their thing there. After potty time the kids got to play with play-doh It was really fun but they only got a plastic knife, a fork and a spoon to use. Brandy started molding a face of the teacher and carved eyes and a nose and hair into it, her person looked fairly good but she was never very good with clay and didn’t mind that it wasn’t prefect but she was a little upset when one of the 3 year olds cut it in half. After play-doh it was finger painting time, Brandy loved this all the students had to put on colorful smocks and then they could paint what ever they wanted. Brandy painted a picture of Kyle that actually looked a lot like him and then painted a picture of a cow. Brandy was having a blast and getting paint all over her face and hands and smock. But after a while it was clean up time. They sang the clean-up song which sort of went like “clean up clean up every body do your stuff clean up clean up lots and lots of fun for you and me” Then they lined up next to the sink and washed up really really good. While they were waiting to get cleaned up the teachers were setting up cots with a blanket and a pillow on them, and also if they had a special blanket or stuffy that they liked, they also had that. After Brandy got her diaper change she was lead to her cot and told to lay down for nap time, she lay down and one of the teachers started to read a story about Clifford the big red dog. After they story lullabies were turned on and the kids who weren’t sleeping yet got their backs rubbed until they were off to sleep, this included Brandy…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 12

Brandy awoke to the sound of Jessica’s voice telling her to wake up it’s time to go home she looked at the clock on the wall it was 4:00 a normal nap 2 hours and it was time to go home. Jessica then woke Kyle up, as the teacher was putting on Brandy’s shoes and coat for her. Then helped Jessica with Kyle, Kyle had to show the teacher how he could tie his own shoes and zip up his own coat, with a little help starting it. Brandy just sat in Jessica’s arms with her head on Jessica’s shoulder wanting to go back to sleep. And that’s just what she did as soon as she got in the car, on the way home.
Brandy woke up when they got home but was still tired and as Kyle planted himself in front of the TV Jessica carried Brandy upstairs and sat with her in the rocking chair undid her shirt, and with a worried glance from Brandy, she smiled reassuringly and breast fed her until she was sound asleep.
When Brandy woke up the third time Agent Adam was checking her temperature and sure enough she had caught a cold and was running a temperature. Agent Adam called Brandy’s pediatrician and asked what he should do. What her answer was surprised him; he wasn’t supposed to give her medicine for a month yet due to possible side effects from her original ordeal. Instead she asked if his wife was still producing milk from breastfeeding Kyle he told her yes but asked why? The doctor replied “Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to protect your baby’s health, since as long as she’s breastfeeding; she’s getting your antibodies and your natural immunities. This isn’t a foolproof way to protect your baby’s health, even though breastfed babies do become ill; their cold symptoms are generally mild.” He said “I will talk to Brandy about it, she is fifteen and all” he knew that Jessica would jump on that chance but would only allow it if Brandy agreed to it. He thanked the doctor and then went into the bathroom, where Brandy was relaxing in the nice warm water, to reply the message to Brandy and his wife. When they heard this Brandy simply replied in a congested voice “I don’t mind, if that’s what the doctor’s orders are it don’t bother me” So after the bath when Brandy was being placed in a warm footed sleeper and wrapped into a blanket since she was shivering. Agent Adam checked her temperature this time with a thermometer. He held her over his knee like he would a spanking and used some petroleum jelly and simply took her temperature like he would any other infant. Her temperature was a 100 and rising if it got to a 102 then they would take her to a hospital but for now Brandy was in their care. As supper time arrived Brandy refused to eat anything hard she just sat in her highchair for a couple of minutes until she was placed back into her playpen and covered up with a blanket. After supper they all sat down to watch a Disney movie and Jessica and Agent Adam decided it was best to try and breast feed her now so they dimmed down the lights and Agent Adam said it was up to her, when she was offered a breast she took it even though she was a little ashamed to breastfeed in front of Agent Adam she actually liked the flavor and affection of being that close to someone who worried about her. Now she didn’t even have to hide it from Agent Adam, which she had felt guilty about doing in the first place. When her tummy was full Jessica instinctively placed her over her shoulder and burped her. Agent Adam glanced worriedly at Brandy’s expression and was relieved when she didn’t seem to mind. When she was done Brandy crawled over to Agent Adam and curled up on his lap instinctively he picked her up and started to cradle her until she fell asleep.

Brandy awoke at 1:00 crying, it was the first time she had ever done that but Jessica was just walking trough the door she lifted Brandy out of her crib. Brandy noticed she had a still warm messy diaper but decided not to say anything about it and as they sat down in the rocking chair Jessica automatically opened her robe for Brandy. Gladly Brandy accepted and drank up until she was almost asleep. After a quick burping, Jessica placed her back in the crib and Brandy fell asleep quickly.

Brandy awoke the second time that night this time coughing and pooping her diaper at the same time but when she finally stopped nobody came in so she tried to fall back asleep and when that failed she crawled around her crib once she found her pacifier she placed it in her mouth and felt instantly soothed after a couple of minutes she was back asleep.
After a nearly sleepless night Brandy felt like crap the next day. As she got her diaper changed by Agent Adam which felt so good as to the poop had hardened on her butt she got a lovely temperature reading which read 102. After bathing getting diapered a second time that morning and breast feeding Brandy was with Agent Adam in the car and on the way to the F.B.I building and back into the pediatric building getting checked up on and having the whole work done. In her crib she even got a bottle of breast milk just in case she got thirsty. During the day Brandy got what seemed like 100 baths (10) and ice cream and popsicles and everything but medicine. Brandy had slept through most of the day and when she refused to eat she was put on an IV.
Later in the day at around 3:30 things were looking up Brandy’s temperature had went down to a 100 and she ate a cracker that she was offered and by 5:00 Brandy had a normal temperature and was running around the play room looking for something interesting to do.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 13

Agent Adam was at the pediatrics center by 5:30 exactly and was overjoyed to see Brandy running around being normal. He decided it was time to arrange a family reunion and introduce the kids to the immediate family. Once Jessica heard about the idea she was fanatic and called the family. Agent Adam and Brandy arrived home and found Jessica busily working on cleaning the entire house and talking to her mother on the phone and arranging the party which was now set for Saturday at 1:00. Today was Thursday so they had a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in. Brandy was given two saltine crackers and some now regular breast milk and was put in her room to play while mommy cleaned the house and daddy picked up the garage. They ran around endlessly all night talking to grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces. After about 3 hours of vacuuming, dishes, laundry, sweeping and tons more stuff it was time for a break and as they promised tonight they would go out to a nice fancy restaurant. Agent Adam was in charge of Brandy this time so he gave her a nice fun bubble bath and lots of toys to play with even though this was her eleventh bath of the day it was just for fun so they played and talked and had a good old time until it was time to unfortunately get out of the tub but Brandy really didn’t want to she was having a blast. Agent Adam was a lot stronger and in more charge than Brandy had and much to her dismay she was taken out of the bathtub and straight to her room for a diaper. Brandy was enclosed into her happy little captivity that was vital to her everyday survival. She was in the mood to play today so as soon as she was set down she took off in just a diaper and daddy was right on her tail playing along even though he could catch her in the blink of an eye he choose to let her run down some of her energy and soon she ran right out of her room and Agent Adam picked her up and carried her downstairs and they rolled around on the floor like wrestlers. This was Brandy’s favorite game and knew how to get out of every hold except when she was over the knee getting pretend spankings. As they loudly played soon Kyle ran downstairs and joined the fun and soon Jessica was involved in the mix up too. After about 5 minutes of romping around on the floor it was back to dress-up time. Brandy was hauled back upstairs and as she sought to catch her breath was dressed in a nice black velvet dress with a white silk ribbon that went around her belly white tights and her black shoes with ruffles. An equally tired Agent Adam lay down on the floor next to Brandy and said
B: “I love you daddy”
AA: “I love you too pumpkin”
B: “you’re never going to give me up are you?”
AA: “nope never you are my baby forever and there’s nothing you can do about it”
But now it was time for Agent Adam to get dressed up nicely so Brandy went with him and sat on the bed as he got dressed right in front of her. Brandy was surprised that she had no sexual feeling for him or his manhood and wondered if she would ever have them kind of feelings ever again or if they were a thing of the past forever. She decided not to worry about it and decided to just take life as it happened. Brandy waited on the bed until Agent Adam was dressed but was interrupted by Kyle deciding to run and jump on the bed also. They sat together and fooled around as Jessica came in and got dressed into a nice cocktail dress. For the first time Brandy looked at Kyle he was dressed in a nice pair of black dress. Finally after Jessica had done her hair and make up and Agent Adam had shaved and done his hair although short it took almost as long to do as Jessica’s. Then they switched kids. Jessica took Brandy and blow-dried her hair and put a white head band in. Then did some spiral curls to finish it off. By the time they were done Kyle and Agent Adam were waiting down stairs for them. Finally after what felt like an eternity they were off to the elaborate restaurant called maître d’hôtel. The 20 minute ride in Seattle was quite boring as they were reminded to be on their best behavior use manners and just be well behaved. Both Brandy and Kyle promised that they would be and soon they arrived. Once walking in Brandy was taken into the bathroom and received a needed diaper change although this was her first diaper change in public it wasn’t so bad. When they went back into the waiting area “Jackson party of 4 please follow me” was being called Brandy was carried to the table and a waiter took her from Jessica who was holding her and pulled out Jessica’s chair for her to sit down and snapped for another waitress to bring a highchair for Brandy and a booster seat for Kyle who was also waiting patiently. Agent Adam smiled at the two and his face beamed with pride. Soon the booster seat was there and Kyle was seated and Brandy was placed into a nice highchair and buckled in around the waist and between the legs. It was a really fancy restaurant and the waiters were wearing tuxedos. After they were left with menus Agent Adam remarked that they looked like penguins, everybody laughed. In the background they could hear music, it was really beautiful. Soon after they ordered their food, Agent Adam had a small dish of French onion soup and Coq au Vin, A simple chicken dish made with mushrooms, onions, bacon and red wine. Jessica decided on Chicken Véronique which is Boneless chicken breasts with grapes in a white wine and cream sauce. Kyle and Brandy were ordered Scallops and Shrimp with a side of French fries off the children’s menu. While waiting for the expensive food Agent Adam and Jessica decided to dance along with some other couples to the music. Brandy and Kyle just got handed a box of crayons and a picture of the restaurant to color. Yet Brandy was trapped in a world of fantasy watching Agent Adam and Jessica go around and around on the dance floor. After a half hour their food was served and Agent Adam and Jessica walked back to the table smiling at each other with love gleaming from their eyes. The waiter brought a bottle of white wine out for the two of them and a nice plastic glass of grape juice for Kyle, and a sippy cup of grape juice for Brandy. Then the dinner was served, Brandy was just about to dive in to her plate until the waiter tied a complementary bib around her neck. Agent Adam just smiled put her bib back in the diaper bag and said “Thank-you sir.”

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 14

AA: “Dinner was delicious” Waiter: “Why thank you my good sir I do hope you and your lovely family come again” AA: “Oh you can count on it” The waiter left the table and brought out the bill and a warm damp towel and began to wipe Brandy’s hands and face off before removing the bib Waiter: And might I add how well behaved your children were this evening I wish my children would behave sometimes.
Agent Adam and Jessica thanked the waiter left a generous tip and paid the bill and walked outside into the cold crisp air. AA: Wow it’s a cold night out here tonight I’ll have to bring in extra blankets for the children. They all got in the car and buckled up Adam and Jessica thanked Kyle and Brandy for being so polite and well-behaved tonight. Then they laughed about how nice that waiter was right before tip time. Brandy was astounded at the $150 bill that they had just paid, she though $50 was an expensive meal and thanked her parents more than once for the dinner. Soon into the 20 min drive both Brandy and Kyle were sound asleep nice and cozy in their special seats. When they arrived home Kyle and Brandy were carried into their rooms and put to sleep.
The next day Brandy or Kyle didn’t have to go to day-care since their mommy decided to take the day off, well work at home till 12:30. Jessica was a lawyer and didn’t have any cases to work on so she decided to do some of the paper work at home. That way she could finish getting ready for the re-union party for the next day. Agent Adam and Jessica got up early morning and enjoyed a nice light breakfast before rushing to work it had been a wonderful evening after the kids were put to bed they had done their own thing. First they spent and hour in the hot tub that was on the deck together. Then they headed straight to the bedroom for some hot love making in heat of the night. Needless to say despite how cold it was they didn’t need blankets that night.
Brandy had awoken pretty early that morning 9:11 to be precise and since Jessica had to get some work done she just decided to sit in her high chair and watch Jessica work for a while. After about 10 min Brandy began to get restless and kind of so Jessica took a break and decided to feed Brandy. Brandy now cherished her attached to Jessica’s breast as much as Jessica did. Jessica always hummed or sung or just gently talked to Brandy while breastfeeding her. This particular morning Jessica decided to talk about the party tomorrow since she was so anxious about it. She finally asked Brandy, what was in her mind. Jessica: “Brandy will you do Adam and I a big favor tomorrow night please” Brandy just nodded her head for obvious reasons. Jessica: “tomorrow will you call us Mommy and Daddy, please it would make us really happy but if you don’t want”… Brandy: “Mommy, I have no problem with that” J: “I love you baby” B: “I love you too Mommy, I really do”
But Jessica had to get back to work so Brandy watched a “Joseph King of Dreams” from her play pen while contently sucking on her pacifier. Soon after the movie had started Kyle came downstairs and sleepily stood next to the playpen. Kyle: “Mommy can I take Brandy out of the playpen so she can sit on my lap” Jessica: “As long as you hold her tight Hun.” Kyle walked over to the sink and grabbed a bottle and then carried it over to his Mom. Kyle: “Fill this please Mommy” Jessica: “but you’re too big for a bottle” Kyle: “For the baby silly Mommy” he said pointing at Brandy So Jessica undid her shirt and quickly filled the bottle before going back to work. Kyle walked over to the counter and put the bottle there, then went and lifted Brandy out of the play pen. Kyle sat her down on the floor and hopped up on the big recliner and then leaned over and lifted Brandy up and sat her on his lap. It was actually really cute especially when he laid her against the pillow took her binki out and placed the bottle in her mouth and of coarse she wasn’t allowed to hold it because he was the Daddy. They watched the movie like this until Jessica came and took a picture of them then Kyle let her down. By the time the movie was done so was Jessica so she decided to take the kids for a nice dip in the hot pool. Brandy got to swim in a swim diaper that poked out of her swim suit and Kyle went in his swim trunks. Then the 3 of them hopped in Jessica was a little hesitant at first but Kyle was fairly good at swimming plus around the edge he could touch the side. Agent Adam walked out from inside.
J: “Hi Honey your home early” AA: “I thought you might need some help with the kids” J: “were just relaxing and having fun now I finished my work before they got up” AA: “so do you mind if I join you I got off early for a reason.” So Agent Adam practically ran inside to get changed and as Brandy was begging Jessica not to hold her because she could swim Agent Adam jumped in the pool splashing and scaring every on B: “Adam tell Jessica to let me swim on my own I can do it I promise If I start to go under you can catch me please.” AA: “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try and if she drowns we’ll just buy another one” he said sarcastically unfortunately all that remark bought him was a playful smack from Jessica. But Brandy got her moment of triumph. Back at home she was on the varsity swim team; she held a record in 3 schools for her breast stroke. Just maybe if she could still do art maybe she could still swim. So Brandy was let go to swim to Agent Adam fears doubts and many things were running through her head…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 15

She could do it! Amazingly she swam to Agent Adam who threw her up in the air and then caught her. B: “the only other thing I was really good at back in NY was pole vaulting.” She smiled sarcastically as Jessica said she could try it after she moved out of their house if that ever was going to happen she jumped off her Daddy’s lap which she was sitting on and swan around and around the pool this time getting her face nice and wet the way she loved it. Agent Adam watched her swim around and around she was quite fast and in the summer he planned on timing her to see if she could make the team. Although he had no doubt that she could. Brandy glided though the water with ease. Regrettably it was soon time to get out of the hot tub and finish preparing for the party tomorrow.
It was 1:39 at the time and it was way past Brandy and Kyle’s naptime so they had a quick lunch. For lunch they had macaroni and cheese box style. After a bowl or that Kyle had a small bowl of ice cream and Brandy got a nice tummy full of breast milk. Soon both of their bellies were full and time for Brandy and Kyle to go off to nap time in their bedrooms. Agent Adam carried a very sleepy and now contented Brandy off to bed. Even though they both complained about being to big for bed time and being warned about a spanking if they didn’t sharpen up they managed to squeeze a story out of Agent Adam. He always did have a soft spot for children. They got to choose two books since they couldn’t agree on one. Kyle choose his all time favorite book called Go, Dog, Go and Brandy choose Are you my Mother? Surprisingly both books were by Dr Seuss. By the time Go, Dog Go was read they were both sound asleep so he carried Brandy into her room with out reading the second book. He checked her diaper and determined her soaked with water and urine so he changed her into a t-shirt and just a nice thick dry diaper.
Brandy had horrible dreams, that afternoon, about her mother and the things she used to do to her after her parents had divorced due to her mother cheating on him she went on to a abusive relation ship. In that relationship she became an alcoholic and even began to do pot with her new boyfriend and took out her frustration on Brandy and her brother. Brandy dreamt about the time on her birthday where she and her brother were driven to a desolate road and dropped off for 20 minutes with no shoes on their feet and then as it started raining she came and picked them up drove them home swearing to them and calling them names and what not. When they got home she locked them outside as a major lightning storm rolled in. Her and her brother just sat it out in the car. She dreamt about the time on Sept 11 when she and her brother were kicked out of the house for laughing out loud and the night when they awoke to her mother screaming because her boyfriend had had her against the wall and how after that her brother hid a knife in their small room for protection. She watched (in her dream) as her brother became cold and pried him self from the world and actually away from Christianity. She dreamt about finally after going back time after time telling her mother that she never wanted to see her again and her mom not having a problem with that. She awoke in a cold sweat as she dreamt these horrible things but after realizing it was just a dream she eventually drifted back to sleep.
Jessica and Adam hurried around the kitchen baking and cooking and more baking and more cooking for the party tomorrow. They made cookies, pies, fudge, salads, ham, and corn chowder, and punch and lots of food. Seriously it looked like Thanksgiving Day. Adam ran out to the store and picked up a large cake and lots or shrimp. He also bought soda and juice and candy for the children and beer and wine coolers for the adults. He even rented DVD’s of lion king 1 and a ½ and Jurassic park and a scarier one for during nap time it was going to be a fun day tomorrow.
At 4:00 Kyle woke up and came down stairs to help get ready for the party and he even earned a piece of candy for helping out so much. By 4:40 Brandy was up also, partially because Kyle was asked to check on her. He shook her to see if she was awake, and for some strange reason she was. She and Kyle decided to make decorations for the party with her art supplies so Kyle was put in charge of filling up balloons with the helium tank that Adam had borrowed from a friend and Brandy made streamers and signs and banners for the party. Then Kyle was in charge of taking them downstairs since Brandy hadn’t mastered the stairs yet. Although she could get down fairly fast but was afraid she would hurt her self if she jumped that far. The den was decorated up very nicely with the balloons and platters of cheese pepperoni crackers and lots of food was set out on the tables on plates, platters and crock pots. Other food was left in the refrigerator to be heated for tomorrow.
At 6:00 it was time for a well deserved supper. The house looked better than ever all thanks to the work everyone had done. Jessica decided to cook a nice big supper since breakfast and lunch were just quickies. They decided have stir fry which is chicken and vegetables topped with a nice sauce served over rice. Stir fry was a favorite of the house hold and since it was very messy Brandy got hers fed to her but she didn’t care it was delicious and she still make quite a big mess when she spilled half of her dinner on her lap. They still had a couple of things to do so after supper they went back to work.
After finally finishing the preparations for the party it was 8:00 and time to relax before going to bed. So Adam and Jess decided to give Brandy and Kyle a bath to get all the chlorine off their bodies. It was just a fun bubble bath that they played for a half an hour. Both of them were really cute together playing in the bath so of course pictures were taken, much to Brandy’s dismay, and to Kyle’s delight. But after a half an hour had passed it was time for bed. Jessica took Brandy into her room and breastfed her. Just as she was falling asleep Agent Adam came in and watched his two precious women happily rocking back and forth. Kyle was already sleeping since he was pretty tuckered out.
Now it was fun time for Jess and Adam since the night was young. Brandy lay in her crib sleepily listening to the sounds of her new parents. She could hear almost everything that was going on and it wasn’t helping her get a good night sleep. In addition she was worrying about tomorrow and what her new relatives would think of her and Kyle. Plus her nap’s dream ran through her head again and again as she dropped a couple of tears remembering her lonesome past. But she remembered her father and how good he treated her. She didn’t blame him he had no reason to raise another child he hated children although he had loved her so very very much. She did miss him and her brother and actually her mom even a little. Finally about an hour later even though her parents weren’t done she grabbed her binki and began to nervously suck hard on it. Soon she was off into a deep sleep.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 16

Brandy awoke late that next morning and was surprised to hear talking downstairs. She looked at the clock and was astonished she had slept until 11:13 in the morning. She stood up in her crib and waited for someone to come and get her but after about 5 minutes had passed her called for Mommy and soon after she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She waited impatiently for someone to come get her but soon Agent Adam walked in.
B: “what took you so long Daddy?”
AA: “well my parents and Jessica’s parents came early to help out with the party”
B: “oh well that was nice of them”
So Brandy was dressed up nicely in a cute little Elmo outfit. She wore red corduroy overalls and a white shirt with Elmo looking over the edge of the overalls and white toe socks with numbers on each of the toes. Then they went into the bathroom and Adam brushed her hair and her teeth then washed her face until nothing else could be done to her that would get her cleaner. Although Adam suggested that they throw her into the washer machine for a couple of min and then put her in the dryer then she would be all clean. But they decided not to do that for some strange reason. Adam told her that she probably shouldn’t talk about breast feeding unless Jess brought it up but then again she wasn’t planning on it even if Jessica brought it up. So as they walked down stairs, her new grandparents came over and pinched her on the cheek and kissed her and all the grandparents stuff. But luckily Adam broke away with her as he told then she had to go eat her breakfast. She sat in the high chair and was a little embarrassed as all four grandparents also sat at the counter and watched as Kyle and Brandy ate their banana and orange slices and later ate their oatmeal and as normal Brandy made a mess and the grandparents fussed over how cute they were as they ate. Finally as they were done with their breakfast Adam’s father began to tell war stories and how it was in World War 2 and the Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. Brandy thought this was fascinating and listened keenly on the subject but eventually they moved on to motorcycles cars guns and what not. But after 10 min. of listening to guy stuff Jess’s mother came and lifted her out of the highchair and then her 2 new grandmothers and Jessica and Kyle went into the living room to chat about girl stuff. Kyle wandered back into the kitchen and sat down to listen about motorcycles which were his favorite things. Brandy was bored as they talked about crocheting and knitting so Brandy wandered back and forth between the rooms waiting for something interesting to listen to. Kyle had taken his toy motorcycles out in the kitchen and showed them to his Grandpas. Soon it was time for the other guests to arrive Brandy couldn’t wait. One by one they walked in and passed out hugs and kisses willingly. By 1:30 everybody was here so they went out into the living room sat down and ate a nice hearty lunch with every type of potatoes and beans imaginable and there was ham and turkey, corn and DESERTS. There was strawberry rhubarb and coconut cream everything was delicious. Brandy was stuffed and starting to get very drowsy. After a quick clean up, Brandy was hauled upstairs, after receiving lots of kisses, to take a much needed nap. Of course she complained because Kyle didn’t have to take a nap but after being rocked she quickly fell into dreamland.
When she awoke she was well rested and still full from her nice little nap. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and daydreamed about getting out of this crib herself and walking down the stairs all by herself but was interrupted as Adam came upstairs to get her ready for round two of relatives. She sleepily lay against Adam’s shoulder until she woke up a little more. They had been playing a round of hearts and Brandy was quick to offer much help to Adam. During the game there was a knock on the door so Jessica opened the door and was astonished to see Brandy’s father and brother and dog. Jessica let him in, and then needed to talk to Adam and Brandy in private. Should they let Brandy see them? Of course they should they decided it was her family but they didn’t want any chance to lose her. But when Brandy heard her family was here she wiggled down and ran to greet them. She jumped at her father who caught her. “I always knew you had a heart of gold will you forgive me” Brandy’s father asked “I already have” replied Brandy. So Brandy’s father and brother and dog were invited in and Brandy introduced them to everybody and was glad that they were accepted. Brandy even showed her aunt’s and uncles how all the tricks she had taught her dog Midnight. Midnight was Brandy’s Christmas present a couple of winter’s ago and she had taught him every trick in the book she even had one where she would say bang and he would lay down and play dead it was “simply adorable” as Grandma Jackson would say.
After hours of talking with Uncle Beaver and Uncle Steven Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Rosie, all the cousins and new relatives it was time for everybody to get ready to leave. So every body began clearing out and soon everybody except Brandy’s family old and new. It was only 8:30 and everybody had decided to gather in to the living room. Kyle was downright terrified of Brian (Brandy’s brother) he stood 6’2 feet he had a light complexion and had recently dyed his hair jet black. Usually he didn’t crack a smile but today seeing his sister for the first time in almost a month, he was all smiles. Jim, Brandy’s father, was off in his own little world trying to figure out what he would say to them. Jim was just smiling as he watched his only daughter riding around on Midnight who was just as happy as could be with Brandy. Finally after sitting in silence of watching Brandy Adam broke the silence.
AA: “okay down to business” Jim: “before you even start let me tell you why I’m here. The only reason I came here is to first off see my daughter and to tell her in person that I am sorry for leaving her alone. I didn’t come here to take her away it’s just I don’t know, I don’t want her to think I ditched her like her mother did, but I am a registered doctor and I can’t take care of her like I need to. I brought her bank account number here for you too. This money was raised to pay for a good education which will help her get by in this harsh world. Finally I brought her personal items like two photo albums full of pictures, and her favorite stuffed animal, and stuff like that you can go through it and keep the stuff you want but I have a plane to catch in a half an hour and have to leave right about now.”
He walked over to Brandy kissed her good-bye and called midnight and left. Brian picked her up and kissed her cheek and then they were gone. Her boxes of goodies were left in the kitchen along with her laptop and a couple of phone numbers and a very large list of email addresses from her school buddies. There was a heart on the papers and a note that said “keep in touch”
It was Saturday and bed time for Brandy and Kyle. Brandy got a nice new diaper and as she was being breast fed Agent Adam brought up her favorite stuffed animal from the box. It was a black lab stuffed animal just like midnight and was as soft and cuddly as it could get.
Agent Adam tucked her in and kissed her good-night. She just said as was falling asleep in a tired voice “nighty night Daddy”

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 17

This chapter contains Religion if it offends you I apologize. But if so don’t read it.
Brandy slept peacefully that night and woke up in an unpleasant wet bed. She was disgusted as she saw that her diaper tab had unstuck itself and she had leaked all over the bed and although Jessica didn’t really mind Brandy was quite depressed about it. But Brandy was happy today was Sunday it was time to go visit her new church and she was in a great mood. The first thing she did was take a nice long hot bath. Secondly she got dressed in a nice cozy diaper. Then into a normal breakfast routine Brandy waited in the play pen as Adam and Jessica ate a small breakfast. Today’s menu was cold cereal. After their parents finished eating Brandy and Kyle took their spots, and ate yummy sugar Smacks.
Brandy received a quick clean up and then they were raced up stairs to get dressed. This divine morning Brandy was dressed in a yellow corduroy dress with a white shirt beneath. While Jessica was cleaning her up she told her about the church they went to. It was a Mennonite church which meant they believed in peace and later when Adam took over he described Mennonite even further. AA: “The Mennonites are a Christian sect whose beliefs are very similar to those of the Quakers, although the Mennonites do practice some outward rituals. Because the Mennonites do not believe that infant baptism is proper, they are classified as “Anabaptists”, or “re-baptizers”. The term derives from the fact that the early Anabaptists had received baptism as infants, which were the usual practice in the state churches of Europe, but then, as adults, they came to the view that the only true baptism was of adult believers. They therefore sought baptism as adults. From their perspective, this adult baptism was “real”: it was their first (and only) baptism. From the perspective of the state church, however, the adult baptism was a “second” baptism, which violated both church and civil law.” Brandy basically understood and looked forward to joining the church.
Finally they left for church. First Brandy was dropped off in the high school room. A lot of the kids guessed who she was due to paparazzi. They had seen photos of her and also had read a little about her. Actually when the Sunday school teacher arrived he knew a tremendous amount about her he knew about her parents and religion and diapers and sports art everything he showed her the article that was in the newspaper. As she read it she saw a bit that stunned her to a great extent. One of the relatives had gone to the press and had told them everything they had known. She asked for a copy so he went and photocopied it for her. At 9:30 exact class started. Today there was a lesson on life and how it should be celebrated no matter who you are.
Church was focused on listening to Christ and following his words. Brandy love the music that was played there was a hymn which Brandy didn’t like that much and then there was “More Love More Power” and “Lord I Lift your name on high” Brandy knew both of these songs by heart and when she began to sing agent Adam lifted Brandy up and sat her diapered but on his hip.
Brandy had a good time and after church they went out for a dinner but were surrounded by cameras and reporters. This is what Agent Adam feared now the press knew a great deal about her and wanted to know more. But none the less he decided he wanted to eat lunch after church so he would eat lunch. But while Brandy got a bib put on photographs flashed, when Brandy spilled food on her lap photographs were taken. When she drank out of a sippy cup flashes went off. As Adam paid the bill and got up to leave after wiping up Brandy pictures were taken. And as they left questions more questions and “comments” “remarks” were asked. The only thing Agent Adam said was “It’s a sad day when reporters flock around a restaurant to watch a family eat”.
As they got home followed by reporters they locked the doors closed the curtains. Brandy just Broke down and cried “I’m ruining your life you had a normal simple life now I’m here and I’m turning it into a living hell” she stopped crying wiped her eyes and replied “I want to talk to them they will leave after that they’re here for me well here I am for them.” She walked straight towards the door stopped and asked for him to let her do this alone after he opened the door for her. So he let her go outside and talk to the insisting reporters. She answered questions comments and anything that could be thought of and an hour later she was still answering a question that is until Agent Adam came out and said it was time for her to come in and without another word he took her inside and locked the door. Finally inside away from piercing eyes it was nap time for her. Now she greatly needed it due to the reporters’ relentless curiosity.

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 18

As she woke up she thought of how she was now about famous and how tomorrow she would be in the newspapers all over the world and she really didn’t like it. She was the type of person who liked to hide in the shadows, to hide from others eyes. She didn’t want to be noticed because all through her life she had been picked on and fell into depression and only had 1 friend till 7th grade. But once that came she began to swim and worked so hard at it soon she became #1 in her league and she gained self consciousness but not she felt so tiny like the whole world would watch her every move and tomorrow she started school so was afraid and Adam could see it in her eyes as he came upstairs to see her.
The day went quickly with out much happening until the TV for the 6:00 news was turned on and she saw herself spilling drink on her bib and then Agent Adams comment about reporters and then herself responding to a comment. She felt stupid and thought how she should have answered it and the grammar she choose and how she should have said it.
That night as she lay on Jessica’s lap breast feeding and worrying Jessica told her that she knew how she felt and was thankful to have a brave daughter who could stand up to more than 20 reporters and talk. And that tomorrow would come and go and soon she would have friends and more friends and live a nearly normal life. But Brandy knew her life would never be normal. Agent Adam came and changed her sopping wet diaper he had changed it nearly 10 times due to her nervousness. Agent Adam and Jessica tucked her in and kissed her good night.
That night she tossed and turned groaned and grumbled as her night mares took control of the night. By morning she lay weeping in her crib in an unclean diaper just waiting for Agent Adam or Jessica to come in and save her form this god forsaken life. For the first time in a long time she thought about suicide she hadn’t thought about that since 6th grade and now she was back to that night mare in hell. Back in 6th grade, absolutely no friends, and in a crappy diaper. She wasn’t very happy and continued sobbing all the way through the bath that Jessica was giving her. Agent Adam came in and asked for some time alone with her.
AA: “Brandy you stop acing like a baby right this instant I know you and you are a strong girl going to school isn’t a choice that you have and I think you need to suck it up and face the public just like you did yesterday… you know I was so proud of you as you did that but now look at you sobbing like there’s no tomorrow and I don’t like that that don’t make me proud and I like to be proud.” B: “I’m sorry Agent Adam I will be strong and make you proud of me and you know what I’m proud of you to.” AA: “for what?” B: "For sticking up for me and being a great father to me and Kyle A: “Kyle and I your back to school now I want to hear proper English”
So Brandy sucked it up and stopped crying, she had never liked crying in front of people for whatever reason and she didn’t plan on starting now. She owed this to the people who cared and when Jessica dropped her off at the Middle school doors she stood tall and wasn’t afraid of anything she held her head high and full of pride. That is until someone recognized her…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 19

She found her home room pretty close to where she had been dropped off. The start of the class was the start of the tormenting. First thing she had to do was to stand up in front of the class and introduce herself and answer all 38 of the questions asked. After cutting the questions short for later they had to begin with Brandy’s least favorite class Math. Her chair had been produced just for her it looked about like a desk in the front but in the back for a chair there was a sort of booster seat thing going on. But all she worried about was getting her books out and turning the page. Her coordination and muscles weren’t that good so she had to have the person in front of her, a guy, flip the pages and the book for her. She was average at proportions and got an 89% on her homework and was ridiculed as her scores were announced to the whole class along with everybody else’s scores. Actually a few students had gotten grades below hers which had never happened before. Next class was Spanish and the teacher Miss Marlow was a witch she was a self pompous witch. She spent the whole time talking about Brandy which made her cringe and other kids laugh. She asked about everything EVEN her diapers. At the end of the period she asked her to stay after class and do an oral speaking test since they didn’t get one done in class. For the next class they had to leave the class and go to a class at the other end of school it was science and Brandy really liked it and the teacher was pretty cool. He got right in to class and started talking about physical science and mass equations and they even had a pop quiz at the end of class and Brandy got a 100% and was rewarded with a homework pass. She had to walk back to the other end of school again and the eighth graders picked on her almost the hole entire time. One even picked her up and checked her diaper and announced her wet to what seemed like the whole world. This period she had her favorite class with the eighth graders ART. They were starting a new unit on figure drawing Brandy was told to try her best and at the end of the period they would critique. As she was drawing the model standing on the table the art teacher was walking around helping students and when she got to Brandy she was impressed beyond words she had a drawing better than more than 2/3’s of the seniors and this was only a short figure drawing. As they started a long figure drawing Brandy made her drawing come to life and by the end of the 10 minutes it looked almost identical to him. Fifth period it was lunch and Brandy was assigned to go to Mr. Dunckel’s room he was the English teacher and was a great guy he closed the door and sat her down in her special seat and tied a bib on her poured her milk into a sippy cup and let her eat. She talked to him and eventually it leads to his family he had a 2 year old girl and a 9 month old boy. After she had finished eating her chicken wings and broccoli with cheese, Mr. Dunckle took her and cleaned her up and then walked out of the room, to take her tray to the lunch lady. She badly needed a diaper change and was dismissed to the nurse’s office to get her diaper changed. It was traumatizing the nurse was a guy and he was a freak. He grumbled about his sex life as he was changing her diaper and how he hadn’t gotten any lately. It was really gross and Brandy just wrinkled her nose. When she was finished she left in a hurry. She walked back to Mr. Dunckel’s room and he put her back in her seat and continued to talk to her. The period was over within a blink of the eye and she had English with Mr. Dunckle next. So she stayed in her seat. As guys walked in they tormented her about everything. She looked towards Mr. Dunckle who was standing outside the door laughing with other teachers. After three minutes of tormenting Brandy had, had enough and was thankful as the teacher came in and said in a very load voice but not quite yelling. “ALL right, what is the problem here” he looked at a slightly quivering Brandy and asked her if there was a problem she just shook her head no. Some how though he didn’t believe her.
Finally she had the last class of the day and she had taken all she could have the teacher was an ancient nearly deaf retired soldier. So basically kids talked throughout the whole class. Brandy was in the middle of the room surrounded by guys, two guys on her sides and 1 in front 1 behind. They began harassing her just for the fun of it with normal names like “diaper girl” and “baby”, “does Daddy’s wittle baby needy a diapey wipey change” stupid stuff like that. But when they saw it didn’t affect her they became more malicious and cruel. The guy behind her began to kick the bottom of her chair the guy in front of her began to quietly chant “baby, baby, baby” over and over again until it started to sting her. The guy on the left side started saying that she’s Daddy’s little pimp" and the final guy started saying that “she suck’s on Adam Jackson’s cock for free”. She quickly looked up at the teacher who was now sitting in his chair calmly drinking coffee reading a book on WWI and not even glancing at the kids who were now throwing paper airplanes and freely wandering the room, talking in little social clicks. Then came two more a-holes who decided to join in the fun, and started calling her names, and rocking her chair, even kneading her wet diaper. She decided that she was going to be strong and not let these freaks bother her she just looked straight ahead and didn’t even blink although 5 minutes later she accidentally let a single tear drip down her face. The tear just brought on more harassing. After 10 more minutes she was letting tears drip down her eyes freely and still putting up with the malicious hounding by the bullies who were relentless and getting a great kick out of it. Brandy was now determined to just watch the clock and try to survive this horrible day. It was finally 3:17 and the bell rang and the announcements came on. Brandy’s name was called to the office and the ancient teacher let the 4 boys escort her down unaware of the tormenting that they had forced her through and so the lifted her out of her little booster chair and carried her into the guys restroom and sat her down on the sink the then started to pour freezing water down her diaper till it could hold no more. Then they carried her down to the office threatened her no to tell anyone or else… She walked into the office and saw Agent Adam sitting at the principles desk arguing about her rather loudly. But he saw Brandy walk in out of the corner of his eye and saw that she had been crying and bent down to pick her and her close to leaking diaper up and set her on his lap. Then the principle explained that he wanted to put her into a special needs class for “special” children. Even though Brandy was quite smart teachers had complained about her problems with books and flipping pages she was disrupting the class. But Agent Adam said that would not happen she was a smart able person and that this school would not stain her chance to get into collage… Then he carried Brandy out of his office in protest and said that “she is no longer enrolled in this school” Now just to tell Jessica that…

My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child

Chapter 20

Sorry it took me so long to get this story out but I had a seriously bad week. Again my apologies Thanks for sticking with it.
Brandy got home and asked to go play in her room. She played in there for about and hour but soon he was interrupted for a diaper change. She lied and said she didn’t need one but Adam could tell she did. After 10 smacks on the butt for lying Adam laid her down on the changing table and unbuttoned her pants and when he untapped her diaper he knew why she had lied. He asked her why she had a diaper full of cold water but she refused to tell him and when he threatened another spanking she just said “I plead the 5th” Of coarse he was in government so he couldn’t not allow her that amendment so he just finished changing her and buttoned her pants back on her. And set her on the chair and so Brandy walked to him and he set her on his leg.
AA: “Now Brandy I can’t force you, you are stubborn headed, but you have to answer my question did you get picked on today”
B: “a little” AA: “A little?” B: “A lot they were so mean, but I am used to it, it happened back in my old school too I was strong and tried not to cry just for you” AA: " Well a school called today and wants you enrolled into there school but it’s a private school for kids like you." B: “There are no kids like me I’m the only one” AA: “That’s not what I meant it’s for kids that are child prodigies and after they saw some of your drawings, they quickly wanted you in their school But it’s totally up to you understand?” B: “Yes Sir”
She decided without hesitance that she wanted to go to the prodigy school and she never wanted to go back to the last school. So Adam arranged for a meeting that night at 6:00 she only had 2 hours to get bathed dressed the house picked up and a few other things. So Adam hurried her up to the bathroom in order to get her ready. After a quick wash with Jessica’s scented soap that smelled strongly like strawberries and a washing of the hair with strawberry baby shampoo, Brandy was raced into her bedroom and placed into a nice thick fresh diaper so she wouldn’t leak if the interview went to long. Adam let Jessica come in and breastfeed her for 10 minutes and then used a small toothbrush and brushed her teeth nice and sparkly white. She was then ran back into her bedroom and dressed in a pair of blue overalls and with a paint brush on the pockets that were on the front and a whit shirt with paint brushes on the sleeves. It was a really rushed thing and soon she was ready and the house was picked up to a sparkly clean warm residence. So Brandy was carried downstairs along with the basic art supplies, expensive paper, drawing pencils, charcoal, pastels, and water paint and set in her highchair to draw. Of coarse she was buckled in nice and safely and he tray wasn’t put on it instead she was pushed up to the table where she spread her art supplies out and asked Adam to bring over one of her stuffed animals and set it on the table. She waited while he ran upstairs and brought down her glow worm that had been a gift from one of Agent Adam’s employees and began to draw it with her colored chalk pastels. She began to draw it out with pencil and got so deeply involved with her drawing. Soon after the instructor walked in to her house and quietly introduced herself to Agent Adam and Jessica and then slipped out into the dining room un-noticed by Brandy and watched her working steadily on her work of art.