My Little Christmas Gift

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Sorry, I know this is a bit late …or early? Made this story for Christmas for my little and never posted it so here you go!

Story starts below!

Joseph is an 18-year-old boy, He lays on his bed after a long day at school. He takes a sigh before he rolls over on his tummy and grabs his phone off his nightstand. He unlocks his phone and opens up discord. He’s in the middle of a conversation with someone named ‘daddy’. He gives a smile before going to message them.

“Hello, daddy ^^ what’s going on?”

He sent and waited for a reply after about 5 minutes he Finlay got a reply back from ‘daddy’.

“=) I’m good, just working on a story. I think you will like this one.”

Joseph tilts his head and sits up.

“I’ll like it? Are you not doing a story for other people?”

He asked. Daddy replied right away.

“Well I am but did you forget? Christmas is only a few days away. I can’t afford much for my little guy this year so I decided to write you a story I think you will really get into. ;)”

The wink made Joseph giggle.

“Oh, that’s nice! I can’t wait! When will it be done?”

A long pause happens before a few minutes later he gets a response.

“Tomorrow, if you promise me something.”

Joseph was curious. What could he want?

“What’s that daddy?”

Daddy took another few minutes to reply before getting back.

“I want you to lay down and go to bed early tonight. What time is it for you?”

Joseph looks at the time to see it’s about 7:30 pm.

“About 7:30 pm?”

Daddy gets back quickly.


Joseph had a bad feeling about this before daddy replied again.

“Good 8 pm is your bedtime tonight. You head to bed and sleep. Do that for daddy and he will get you your present tomorrow ok?”

He frowned because he didn’t want to go to bed so early. He had stuff he wanted to do. But he had to admit he liked it when daddy made him do stuff like this. Made him feel kinda like a kid again. He sighs and replies back.

“Fine… I’ll be a good little boy, daddy. ^^”

Daddy replied back with a hug and Joseph sent back a hug as well as he locked his phone and laid it on the table.

“… I don’t want to go to sleep so early. Daddy won’t know anyway.”

He says with a shrug as he turns on his TV and begins to watch TV. 8:15 pm hits and a message pops up from daddy saying.

“I told you to go to bed. Now young man!”

Joseph’s heart began to race. How did he know? Did he know? Or was he just being silly? He shuts off his TV and lays back in bed. He yawned, oddly he was very sleepy. He heard his phone go off one more time. He looked over and it just said.

“My little Christmas Gift.”

Suddenly Joseph passed out asleep. The boy did have a rough time at school but the weekend was coming up so he had some free time. He had a relaxing sleep all night. That was till his mom came into the room and shook him some.

“Joseph, time to wake up now. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Joseph sat up and rubbed his eyes. He groggily looked around his very simple room, with not too many decorations. Mostly his bed, dresser, closet, and his secret stash hidden in the corner of his room under some things. His mom leaves the room and suddenly he realizes he doesn’t have a secret stash? Why did he think that? He got out of bed in his boxers and walked over to it. He uncovered the dirty clothes and clothes basket that was hiding in a box. In that box, his face lights up with excitement and embarrassment.

It was a package of diapers and other babyish stuff. Pacifier, onesie mittens, and booties. Where did these come from? As much as He’s wanted to wear he’s been unable to. So he knows this was very strange. He goes to text daddy to find his phone gone. He was even more confused. Suddenly Joseph’s brother walks into the room.

“Are you coming to breakfast or what? Whoa! Joseph what’s that?!”

Joseph’s eyes got big and turned to him to see him pointing at the baby supplies.

“I-I… umm can explain.”

He said nervously. His brother smirks and goes over to the stuff.

“No need. Tell you what I won’t tell mom or dad.”

Joseph looked a bit relieved but he tilted his head.

“What do you get…?”

He bends down and grabs a pacifier and throws it to Joseph.

“I have a baby brother.”

He blushed.

“But mom will see…”

He shakes his head.

“Just wear normal clothing over the stuff. I mean unless you want me to spill the beans baby bro.”

He blushed hard looking down at the pacifier. He always kinda wanted this. So he nodded as he went over to his bed and sat down.


His brother said pulling out a diaper and some baby powder. Walking up to him Joseph puts the pacifier in his mouth and lays back blushing like crazy. He felt his brother pull down his boxers and watches him unfold the diaper. He was never so embarrassed and excited at the same time. He puts it under him and then powders him up. He tapes the diaper on him then they hear someone yell.

“If you two don’t hurry up I’m pulling you both down here!!”

Joseph sat up quickly with a loud crinkle. His brother giggles at him.

“Well, that’s all we have time for! I’ll see you at breakfast!”

He said running downstairs. Joseph quickly puts on some pants and a shirt and crinkles all the way down to the kitchen. Once close to everyone he moved slowly to make the crinkling less obvious. His brother only smirked at him and he could clearly hear it. He sat down at the table nervously. His mom puts pancakes down for everyone to eat.

“Are you doing ok Joseph? It Doesn’t normally take you that long to get ready in the morning.”

His mom asks. Joseph’s voice cracks a bit from being nervous.

“Y-yes mom I’m fine.”

The odd thing was something he just noticed was everyone’s hair was kind of orange today? His mom comes over and touches his head.

“Hmm no, temperature?”

His dad rolls his eyes.

“He’s fine. All boys his age take a bit longer. I’m sure it’s normal.”

His mom shrugs and his brother giggles.

“Maybe he just needed a little help getting ready today.”

Joseph went quiet and got to eating. After that, it was a quiet breakfast till everyone was done. Joseph’s brother goes up beside him and smirks.

“Come on bro let’s go play something in your room.”

Joseph sighs and nods.


He said getting up, his crinkling being obvious. They head back upstairs to Joseph’s room and his brother shuts the room and smiles.

“Ok down to your diaper baby brother.”

He blushes and undresses down to his diaper. He did love the feeling of it between his legs. His brother went over and grabbed a onesie. This had a cute design of baby furries happily showing off their diapers. Though his diaper was only plain white. His brother comes over and puts it over his head and pulls it down over him and snaps it into place at his diaper.

“There we go, man… I have a cute baby brother.”

Joseph just smiles some.

“Ya ya… I honestly have no clue where this stuff came from. I might like it but… I never bought anything like this.”

His brother looked confused.

“Really? Odd? Because I saw all the photos you had of a fox in diapers.”

He looked embarrassed.

“Ya I saw them, didn’t think too much of it though. But now why not have a little fun with you.”

Joseph began to bounce a little, his legs going up and down slightly.

“Can we put this on hold? I need to use the restroom.”

His brother crosses his arms and smirks.

“Why not use the toilet between your legs?”

His eyes got big and looked down at himself. He looked silly but he was curious about what it felt like. He bit his lip as he tried to relax but to no luck unable to use his diaper. His brother comes over and pats his back and grabs the pacifier he left on his bed and puts it up to his mouth. Joseph takes it and sucks it.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will have to go bad enough sooner or later. So what do big babies like you do anyway?”

Joseph shyly smiles and shrugs. His brother thinks for a while going back to his stuff and looking through it. He grabs a coloring book and crayons. He brings them to Joseph and smiles.

“Time to color! You have 10 minutes to color 10 pictures if you fail to do so I’m pulling you out to show mom your cute attire.”

He squeezes his legs together.

“But that’s 1 minute per picture?! I can’t!”

His brother laughed.

“Never said it had to be perfect.”

Joseph thinks for a moment before catching on he takes the supplies and looks through the book before his brother sits in front of him who lays down his legs in the air.

“You got the 10 pages you Wanna do?”

Joseph nods and his brother has a timer.

“Then… go!”

Joseph quickly began to ‘color’ just covering as much of the picture as possible very badly. It looked like a toddler did this but he went to the next and next as quickly as possible when he finished and his bro stopped the timer.

“Wow, that was close heh.”

He shows him the timer and his eyes got big being only 5 seconds left. He was 5 seconds away from everyone knowing his longest kept secret. He flips to the next page and decides to color for a while. His brother watches him just smiling before he rubs his head. For a split moment, Joseph purrs then they both look at each other and laugh.

“Like that did you? Man bro, you are silly.”

His brother said they spent the rest of the day playing. That was until about 4 hours later when Joseph had to pee badly. He tried to go again this time he began a flood. His diaper began to grow very warm as it filled the whole front of his diaper making it expand so much more. He was so embarrassed as he did it right in front of his brother who is laughing at him as he wets. He was ashamed but loved it at the same time. He breathed heavily as he finally finished.

“Well, this just proves you are the little baby brother now.”

He said with a laugh.

“Stand up.”

He said Joseph stood up and his brother undoes his onesie and his diaper sags down.

“Such a little boy~”

Joseph giggled a little. This teasing was so much fun to him that was till his door opened and there stood his mom. His heart drops as she looks right at Joseph in his undone onesie and very obvious soaked diaper. He was so scared of what might happen next. She glared at his brother.

“Go to your room!”

He quickly left and shut the door and went over to Joseph who was shaking and was eventually hugged. He was caught by surprise.

“Boy, I knew you liked diapers but I never expected you to be wearing them let alone be soaked. Poor little guy.”

He looked at her confused as she took his hand and brought him over to the bed.

“Stay here mommy will get you changed in a bit. First things first.”

She went straight to the ABDL stuff left out and grabbed the diapers she went to his dresser and pulled out all his underwear/boxers and replaced them with diapers.

“You are no longer allowed anything but diapers. If I catch you in anything except diapers you will be punished.”

He gulped if not a little excited as he wiggled in his soggy diaper.


He asked as she walked over to him with a clean diaper. That’s when he notices more odd things: his mom had almost a fur on her. He looked at himself and noticed the same. What was going on? He wondered. He was forced to lay back and his onesie was pulled up and his tapes removed as his diaper was taken off by his mom. She took a wet wipe and cleaned him off and replaced his diaper.

“Heh, I remember when I used to change your diaper all the years ago.”

She pulls his onesie down and snaps it back on.

“You aren’t mad… I’m 18…”

She giggled and smiled.

“Man oh lord no it’s kinda cute! 18? I’m pretty sure you are 15?”

Joseph looked surprised but shook his head.

“No mom, I’m 18… I go to college.”

She laughed at him.

“Ok sure, you want to pretend to be an adult go ahead. But I know how old my little boy is.”

He was super confused as he sat there and she suddenly picked him up.


She pats his diapered butt with a loud puff.

“Be good! It’s lunchtime anyway. Can’t wait to show your dad. I always wanted my little boy back. Honestly, I wish I had a girl.”

Joseph hid his face in his mom’s shoulder and they went to the kitchen. His dad looked confused.

“Why is Joseph in diapers…? He’s a 15-year-old boy, not some baby?”

She puts him in a chair and he stays oddly silent.

“Not anymore for now Joseph’s my little boy. At least till he learns to be a big boy.”

As Joseph sits there he swears he notices his family all having little hits of fur all over their body. Even his brother has some small ears on his head. This couldn’t be real right? What was going on? He was starting to miss his daddy. They get through lunch and Joseph just sits there kinda awkwardly not sure what to do. Thinking about what might be going on.

He knew something was up now. He was somehow younger, not only that everyone seems to think diapers were cute and stuff on him. This is the complete opposite of how he thought this would all turn out. Maybe it was just a dream. Suddenly he was snapped out of it when his mom picked him back up.

“Come on my little Joseph, let’s go get you some toys to play with!”

Joseph hugged his mom, kinda scared of being carried but kinda liked it. It was like time slowed down as she slowly walked to the front room he watched as the world around him shifted. Pictures of him and his family as adults were replaced by him a lot younger. Not only that everyone had a tail? That’s when something smacks him in the head. He looks back to see his own tail. His eyes wide, he grabbed it and just looked at it. His mom laughs.

“Something wrong with your tail sweetie?”

He looks at his mom.

“Why do I have a tail? I’m not supposed to have a tail.”

His mom laughs at him like he’s just being silly as he’s sat down in a playpen. He looks around and finds toys everywhere. He wasn’t interested in toys… or was he? He thought as he went over and grabbed a kangaroo plush. He smiles big and hugs it. He felt so small as he watched his mom turn on the TV and it was a kids song. Suddenly his mind goes to the TV as he just watches and watches before he knows it hours have passed before he shakes his head.

“Huh? What just happened?”

He said looking down his diaper was yellow and obviously wet. His mind was racing; he didn’t remember using his diaper. Something was definitely wrong, not only that he had fur! His whole body was covered in orange fur. He couldn’t tell what he looked like but he knew he was no longer human. That was till his mom walked in. She looked just like an anthro fox. His mouth dropped as he realized she reminded him of his fox oc.

There was no way he and his family were becoming foxes right? That’s just not possible, he thought. Not considering the regression.

“Aww looks like momma’s little boys wet.”

She picked Joseph up and checked his diaper with fingers in his diaper. He blushed as she petted his head.

“Aww, it’s ok accidents happen. Don’t worry, no need to worry just because you are 10 years old and having accidents isn’t a big deal.”

His mouth opens wide.

“10?! B-but… I was 18.”

She giggles.

“Sure you were. Now you want some supper before bedtime.”

He looked confused.

“Bedtime… I haven’t had a bedtime in forever.”

She gives him a stern look.

“You know the drill bedtime is 8 pm. No going around it young man.”

He frowns and is taken to the kitchen with his kangaroo plush where he’s sat in a booster seat. Some chicken nuggets were sitting in front of him. He eats on them with a sigh. He didn’t feel like he had much of a choice at this point. They get through supper and he’s carried to his room. He blushes when he’s taken to his room. It was now so much more childish. His bed is a crib, there’s a changing table with tons of diapers, and his dresser and a closet full of baby clothes.

He knew he would probably be like this for a while. But it wasn’t that bad. He was kinda enjoying it for the most part. But I was maybe a little scared. He didn’t know if he would ever see his old life or his ‘daddy’ again. He was laid on the changing table. He got an embarrassing diaper change and was put in the crib. His mom kisses his cheek and leaves. He sat there examining his new furry body and childish size. He hugs his plush in his arms and thinks.

“Maybe it’s just a dream. I’ll surely wake up and everything will be back to normal.”

He says covering up and laying down hugging his plushies. He falls asleep quickly thanks to his plush for once he had a very relaxing night super relaxing really. He didn’t have to wake up and go to the bathroom a few times throughout the night; it was just peaceful. That’s not saying he didn’t use the bathroom still as his diaper filled being very soggy. He wakes up being picked up. His thumb in his mouth just looking up at his mom as he’s laid down on the changing table and gets a diaper change.

He doesn’t pull his thumb out but just stares at her confused. He pulled out his thumb and went to talk.

“Ga goo?”

His eyes got big and covered his mouth with a surprised noise.

“Aww is mommy’s little boy trying to speak? Come on, say, mommy!”

He did want to try again.

“MA… MA?”

She laughs.

“Very good Joseph!”

He didn’t know why but he giggled being praised like that made him very happy. He never felt so happy. That was till his tummy growled. He was expecting to get some food soon but they sit down in a rocking chair and Joseph looks confused. He didn’t want to go back to bed. It was then he realized she was getting ready to breastfeed him. But for some reason, he just latched on and began to drink like he’s done it his whole life. He relaxed in his mom’s embrace and drank his milk half asleep.

He didn’t even realize he fell asleep till he was being woken back up by being undressed from his onesie. The next thing he knows is his mom puts him in a onesie that is pink and has a skirt on it. He blushed like Crazy when he saw the words princess on it. His mouth drops as there was only one person who called him that.

“Da… da?”

He blinks and his mom changes from her appearance to the look of his online ‘daddie’

“Aww, you figured it out already? Well, merry Christmas Joseph. I couldn’t do much but I found a way to put you in one of my stories. It’s been a blast to baby you like if you were really living with each other.”

Joseph found himself older again, 18 but still padded and a fox. In this sissy clothing.


Joseph yells as he hugs him tight. He hugs back and pats his diapered butt.

“I knew something was going on. Why didn’t you just tell me silly?”

Daddy just laughs.

“Where’s the fun in that? I bet the ‘forced’ part was way more fun to you huh?”

He smiles and nods.

“It was kinda fun… thanks daddy I loved it.”

The rest of the day was spent by Joseph and his daddy as they played, changed Joseph’s diapers and even daddy joined the fun in diapers but still being the adult for Joseph. Joseph only had the best Christmas ever. Much later after he had gone to bed Joseph woke up the next day laying in his normal bed. His phone beside him. He sits up quickly seeing everything was a dream? Or was it really daddy’s story?

He looks at the day and it’s only been one day. He unlocks his phone and heads to daddy’s chat to see one message was deleted and the one below it says.

“Hope you had fun princess. Sorry, it couldn’t last longer but all good things must come to an end. I promise one day we can do this for real. Daddy loves you. Now I’m going to go to sleep. I stayed up all night to play with you.”

Joseph smiles big and texts back.

"Thanks so much, daddy, and I wove you too! Best Christmas ever. "

He said jumping off his bed and getting ready for his day more relaxed and happy.

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