My Nursery Academia: A My Hero Academia story

Part I

Kimino walked along the streets of Musutafu, looking for trouble. It wasn’t that she wanted someone to commit a crime, but a day of patrols without any crime for a pro hero was like a day without squirrels for a dog.

“Pro Hero Wardrobe Warrior! Quirk- Costume Characteristics! Wardrobe Warrior will take on attributes of any animal or person her clothing resembles. While the benefits usually far outweigh any drawbacks, certain costumes have extreme weakness!

Kimino wore her cat costume, a latex bodysuit with cat ears and retractable claws. She almost always wore her cat costume on patrol, the benefits her quirk gave because of it were perfect for casual observation. When she wore it, she gained heightened senses for finding trouble, quickened reactions, a small boost to her agility and speed, and a few other things. Unfortunately, her raw strength and basic intelligence went down a bit, but she was fine with the trade. She just wanted to avoid any slugging matches while in her cat costume.

But despite her best efforts, Kimino hadn’t even been able to find a litter bug all day, let alone a full blown criminal. So she walked the streets looking for something to do. While she walked, she set her mind to work thinking of new costume ideas. She was in the market for something with flight, but wanted to make sure she didn’t loose intelligence like she usually did with her bird costumes. Maybe an owl?

“Now give me your purse.”

“Finally”, Kimino thought, “something to do.” Her improved hearing let her know the voice had come from an alleyway half a block away. Kimino broke into a sprint and was at the entrance of the alley in one second flat. When she reached the entrance, she was almost disappointed to find a textbook mugging, nothing particularly exciting. A young woman was standing against the wall, and was about to hand her purse over to a hooded figure standing in front of her.

“Alright”, Kimino said aloud , “How about the nice lady keeps her bag, and you and I take a trip downtown?”

The hooded figure turned, but only enough to let Kimino see the lower half of their face beneath the hood. And then in a move that left Kimino slightly worried, they smiled.

“I change my mind,” a the woman in the hood said, “run along…”

As if on command, the young woman took her purse back and ran past Kimino and exited the alley without saying a word.

“Thanks for coming”, the hooded woman said. “This should be fun.”

Part II

“No need for anyone to get hurt,” said Kimino, “just come quietly.”

The woman turned to face Kimino, but kept her head low and eye covered by her hood. “Wardrobe Warrior, if I’m not mistaken.” The woman in the hood said. “How about you come and get me?” She said as she lowered herself into fighting stance.

It was an invitation Kimino couldn’t refuse. Without a second thought, she charged in at full speed. Relying on her speed, Kimino leapt at the woman, and quickly swung her leg at the woman’s torso. But as soon as she swung her leg, the woman raised her arm to block.

Kimino quickly planted her feet and took a jab at the woman’s head, expecting to be blocked again and planning her counter. But to her surprise, her punch landed.

The woman staggered backwards and struggled to maintain her footing. Her smile quickly faded. But instead of preparing to defend again or go on the attack, the woman lowered her hood.

Instead of spending time debating her opponents odd move, Kimino went for the take down, charging her opponent head on.

With only milliseconds to spare, the woman looked up and locked eyes with Kimino.


“Stop? A little late to ask for mercy”, Kimino thought, “After you get what’s coming to you maybe.” Instead of stopping, Kimino prepared for a final full power kick on her opponent.

And then she stopped.

Dead in her tracks, she stopped.

“What? Why did I stop?” Kimino exclaimed.

As Kimino panicked at her inability to move, her opponent made her way to the now frozen hero. “This is just too lucky. I finally find a young and pretty hero to play with, and one whose quirk will compliment my plan so perfectly.”

As the mysterious woman made her way to Kimino, the young hero grew increasingly desperate. Looking for anyway out, Kimino quickly extended her claws and wildly slashed at her opponent. But before she could land her strike, the woman spoke again.


Kimino felt herself stop her attack and return her arms to her sides.


Kimino felt her legs fall out from under her and she dropped onto her butt.


Kimino tried to get up and fight, but couldn’t move from her spot on the ground. She was stuck. “Why am I-“ Kimino started, but stopped herself short as realization set in.

“Obey”, Kimino thought aloud. “I’m obeying you.” How could she have been so stupid? “Miss Obey”, she said, “you’re Miss Obey.”

“So you have heard of me!”, the woman said as she took off the cloak and hood she was wearing to reveal her signature black skin tight body suit with white stripes up each side. The tight suit hugged her body down to her thighs and showcased her attractive body. It perfectly complimented her shoulder length black hair with a white stripe coming from the front of her head.

The villain known only as Miss Obey! Her quirk… Compliance! When someone locks eyes with Miss Obey, they will find themselves obeying all commands Miss Obey gives them. While there is no time limit on this effect, she can only influence one person at a time.

“Yes, I think you will make a perfect subject for my plan.”, Miss Obey said.

“And what is your plan?”, Kimino questioned.

“You’ll know soon enough.”, Miss Obey said. “But for now, be quiet, stand up, and follow me .”, she added before starting off down the alley, Kimino at her heels.

Part III

As Miss Obey led Kimino through the door, Kimino couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She’d seen a few villain hide outs in her day, but never any so… infantile. The entire place was set up like giant nursery.

“Do you like it? I designed it myself. All for the purpose of my plan.”, Miss Obey stated. “Anyway, lets get down to business. Get undressed.”, she commanded.

Kimino’s eyes shot open at the request. How dare she ask such a thing of her? And then she realized, she wasn’t asking. She was instructing, and Kimino was complying, whether she wanted to or not.

She started by removing her cat ears and claws. Then she took off her shoes and began unzipping her body suit. As she peeled it off, she was down to her bra and panties. Her face was as red as it had ever been as she slowly moved her hands moved up to her bra, grabbed hold, and continued on their upwards journey. In an instant her bra was off and her breasts bounced out of the compressed position they’d been in under her bra. She barely had time to be embarrassed by the fact that her breasts were out in the open for the world to see before she was pulling her panties down her legs. A moment later she was standing there completely nude with the pile of clothes that was her hero costume on the ground in front of her. And just when she thought she couldn’t get any more embarrassed, Miss Obey began speaking again.

Now come here and lay down on this changing table.”

Despite her resentment, Kimino found herself walking towards the table before climbing onto it and laying down like an expectant toddler. And then came the diaper itself. Kimino had never seen anything like it. It looked just a standard baby’s diaper, but was huge in comparison. Miss Obey unfolded the diaper and placed it beneath Kimino as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Then came the baby powder, the smell filling the room. And finally Miss Obey taped the large white diaper into place, leaving the Kimino laying there looking like an overgrown baby. But it didn’t stop there.

Stand up and let me dress you. ”, Miss Obey ordered.

Kimino stood as she told, still struggling with all her might. But when Miss Obey pulled out a pair of pink transparent plastic pants, an observer would have thought it was Kimino’s greatest wish to put them on. The same applies when Kimino was given a pastel pink dress that went down to her waist with ruffles on the skirt and along the puffed sleeves. The dress was clearly more fitting for a toddler than an adult, and did nothing to hide the hero’s diaper. The next item Miss Obey put on her was a pair of matching pink baby booties and mittens. Both had no grip on the outside making walking harder and using her hands near impossible. For the final touches, her medium length brunette hair was put into twin ponytails with pink ribbon and a pacifier was clipped to her dress and put in her mouth.

Her outfit was complete, and she looked exactly a giant baby. And unfortunately, her quirk agreed.

She felt herself struggling to focus on anything. Standing became harder, and before long it was nearly impossible. She collapsed down to her knees. And then, the worst side effect yet. She felt her control of her bladder weakening.

Her control wasn’t gone, but what had been a slight feeling of pressure had quickly transformed into a desperate need to pee. And even worse, judging by the smile on Miss Obey’s face, she knew it.

Part IV

It wasn’t long before Kimino was doing everything in her power to prevent wetting herself. Continuously fidgeting around, pressing her mittened hands into her padded crotch, and looking for anything to distract herself.

“You’re free to go”

Kimino turned to Miss Obey just in time to see her eyes flash as her quirk ended its effects. Kimino had back what little control there was to have over her body.

“But-“ Kimino began, but quickly found herself trailing off. She had more pressing issues to deal with. She was wetting her diaper.

The room fell completely silent, save for the quiet hiss of the pee flowing out Kimino and into the absorbent padding of the diaper taped around her waist. As the diaper continued absorbing the girl’s pee, a faint crinkle joined in the chorus as the diaper expanded beneath her.

As Kimino’s stream slowly died out, Miss Obey began speaking again. “ I wanted you to know that you did it all on your own, not because I forced you. You need to know that you’re a baby, even if I release you. That’s all you are now. A helpless little baby who can’t help but use her diaper.”

“No! You made me! I didn’t-“, Kimino began to shout, spitting the pacifier out as she did.

“Suck,” Miss Obey said as she stuffed the pacifier back into Kimino’s mouth, effectively cutting her off. Kimino complied once again and began sucking on the pacifier like a newborn. “I can make you do anything I want, but the more you behave and play nice, the easier your new life will be. Do you understand?”

Kimino thought for a moment before reluctantly nodding, agreeing to the villain’s terms. She would play along, at least until she could think of a way out, however long that took.

“Good”, Miss Obey said, “Now it’s almost time for dinner for baby. Go and climb in the high chair while I go get your meal ready.”

Kimono looked around and quickly found the high chair in question. It matched the theme of the room perfectly. It was a wooden chair painted white with pastel pink details and a removable pink tray. Kimino slowly crawled over to the chair before trying to stand up. She couldn’t believe how weak she had become, she was barely even able to stand. She shakily turned around while gripping the chair for support and tried to place herself into the raised wooden seat. But to her surprise she quickly found herself sitting flat on her butt on the floor. She hadn’t been able to lift herself into the chair and had fallen back to the ground.

Not being able to get into the chair didn’t surprise Kimino, she knew she’d become incredibly weak. But she wasn’t prepared at all for the flood of emotion that she felt when she hit the ground. Only seconds after she hit the ground, she was bawling her eyes out, completely unable to process her feelings or her pain. She quickly came to the horrifying conclusion that along with her strength, her quirk had also stripped her of her more mature mentality. She’d been brought down to the level of a toddler having a full blown temper tantrum. She knew in her mind that she wasn’t hurt, and that she had only fallen a few feet, and onto her padded backside, but she couldn’t stop herself from feeling like she was on the verge of death.

And that was how she stayed, crying like baby, until eventually Miss Obey made her way back to the crying girl. She didn’t say a word, she simply bent over and wiped the tears from Kimino’s face, leaving her a sniffling and pathetic mess. Then, she lifted the diapered girl up and into the high chair before placing the tray into place with a click. Within a few moments, Kimino was back to sucking on her pacifier, seemingly without a care in the world.

“The best thing to do when a baby throws a fit is to let them work through it and settle down”, she said with cocky smile on her face. “Now, is baby ready to eat?”

Kimino was completely humiliated by being handled in the same way as any normal baby, but she softly nodded despite her growing frustration.

Still smiling, Miss Obey walked behind the girl and started tying a large bib around Kimino’s neck. It was white pastel pink bib with large hot pink lettering on it. It took Kimino significantly longer than usual, but eventually she was able to read the upside-down words. It was a list of items with checked boxes next to each item. “1. Messy Eater 2. Messy Room 3. Messy Diaper”

Kimino’s face turned beat red at the thought of the words “messy diaper”. It hadn’t crossed her mind until that point, but suddenly it occurred to the hero that if she didn’t escape soon, her bib might come one item closer to being accurate.

Kimino’s internal nightmare was interrupted by the pacifier being pulled from her mouth and quickly being replaced by a spoon. Kimino’s quickly became aware that she was being fed a meal of pureed baby food. Miss Obey had a number of different colored jars sitting on the chair’s tray, but had started with the orange colored one that was almost certainly carrots.

Kimino swallowed the spoonful that was in her mouth and barely had time to breathe before another spoonful was forcing its way into her mouth. And then another. And another. It seemed like Miss Obey was trying to feed the girl in record time. As a result of this, more and more of the food found its way onto her face and eventually onto her bib. Kimino was less than excited when she realized her bib was becoming more accurate by the second.

After six jars of baby food, ranging from carrots to prunes and bananas, Miss Obey pulled out a large baby bottle filled with milk. “Now,” Miss Obey said, “do you think you can handle this by yourself, or do you need your mommy to feed this to you too?”

“I can do it.”, Kimono said, not even realizing she was sticking her lip out like pouting child.

“Okay, here you go. I’m going get some things up for play time.”, Miss Obey said as she handed Kimino the bottle. Kimino took the bottle in both mittened hands and suddenly realized how absolutely huge the bottle was. It had to be close a liter, at least. Add that on top of her already full stomach and Kimino knew that finishing the bottle was going to be struggle. She almost wondered if it would be easier to not touch it and wait for Miss Obey to force her to drink it. But Kimino wanted to avoid making her captor mad without good reason while she was still stuck under her control. With a final deep breath, Kimino lifted the bottle, placed the nipple into her mouth, and began suckling.

Kimino was so focused on chugging down the bottle, that she barely noticed Miss Obey laying out a pile of baby toys and other childish objects on the floor in the other side of the room.

After five minutes of near constant drinking, Kimino had finished her bottle.

“I’m so full,” Kimino moaned, “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“I’d normally burp my baby at this point, but we’re on a schedule now, so we’ll skip that for today.”, Miss Obey said as she unfastened the tray on the high chair and helped Kimino down. “For now, it’s play time. How about you crawl over to the toys I’ve set out and pick one to play with.”

Kimino looked and saw a large selection of baby toys ranging from teddy bears and dolls to rattles and teething toys. Kimino normally wouldn’t be caught dead playing with any of them, but she still found herself crawling over to the pile and carefully thinking about which toy to pick.

In the end, Kimino chose a pile of blocks with letters on them. They would be a good way to judge exactly how far her intellect had dropped. So there she sat with her blocks, trying to spell the biggest words she could think of. But after 5 minutes of trying, the longest word she came up with was the six letter “bottle”.

Kimino would have kept trying but was quickly interrupted by a bright flash. Kimino turned to see Miss Obey holding a phone like a camera. “Don’t mind me baby, I’m just gathering some materials for your baby book.”, She said seriously.

Kimino was definitely suspicious, but did as she was told and continued playing. However, it was only a minute later when Miss Obey spoke again.

“Alright baby, go pick another toy. And don’t think too hard, you’re only going to play long enough for me to get a picture.”

Kimino frowned at the idea, but quickly complied and replaced the pile of blocks with large teddy bear. She had only just picked it up when another flash went off and she replaced it too. She made her way through the toys, only playing with each one long enough for Miss Obey to snap a humiliating picture. But as she made her way through the toys, Kimino ran into a problem. She was beginning to feel a building pressure in her stomach, and in her weakened state, it wouldn’t be long before it was more than she could bear.

As Kimino switched out a stack of colored rings for an oversized baby’s rattle, a loud groan and gurgling echoed out from Kimino. Suddenly the pressure was overwhelming, and Kimino knew she only had a few more moments before the flood gates broke.

“Well, well, well. It sounds like the laxatives are kicking in.”, Miss Obey said. “Turn around and show the camera your diaper. I want to record this for all the word to see.”

Kimino wasn’t shocked at the mention of laxatives, the woman was villain after all. But the idea of footage of Kimino messing her diaper being seen by the whole world nearly sent the infantilized hero into shock. She would never be able to show her face in public again.

Despite her fears, Kimino quickly found herself turning away from Miss Obey and lifting her skirt so that the camera had a clear view of her diaper.

And while sitting there, awaiting the her fate, Kimino made a realization. She’d made quite a mess while quickly switching out toys, and in the process, Kimino had fulfilled the second item on her bib’s checklist. And then… the third.

It started out with a roaring of loud, wet farts. Then came a tidal wave of near-liquid mush erupting out of the poor girl. And then more. And more. The torrent of muck continued flowing for nearly half a minute before finally subsiding. By the time she was finished, her diaper had swollen to size of a small basketball, and it seemed to weigh nearly 10 pounds more. And it had all been on camera.

“Now, turn around, face the camera, and take a seat on your squishy behind.”

Kimino did everything in her power to stop herself from tearing up as she did what she was told, feeling the mess squelch beneath her as she sat down with her full weight on her butt.

“Now answer these questions honestly.”, Miss Obey commanded in a harsh yet gentle tone. “What is your name?”

“Kimino Letuma.”, Kimino answered, in a voice that was somehow different from her normal voice, but she was unsure in what way.

“Are you the pro-hero known as Wardrobe Warrior?”

“Ye th ” Kimino said, lisping the end of her answer, but unsure why. Could it be her quirk? Her quirk had only ever affected her speaking before when she was in costume that was almost identical to a person she was trying to copy. It had never effected her speaking without a specific person in mind, but her costume had never been so accurate.

“What did you just do in your diaper?”

“I made a big me th in my diapa.”, Kimino responded, sounding almost proud of her disgusting act.

“Did I command you to do that, or did you do it all by yourself?”

“I did it all by mythelf.”, She declared.

“And who would you normally expect to make a mess in their diaper? An Adult, or a helpless little baby?”

“A baby…”

“That’s right! So that must make you a helpless little baby who can’t control when she makes a mess in her diaper!”, Miss Obey said, grinning from ear to ear. “And one last question.”

“Does pooping in your diaper and being treated like a baby turn you on?”

Kimino said no as loud as she could, or, at least she tried to. Instead, a resounding “YETH!” filled the room.

There was no way. She didn’t enjoy this! Did she? She hated to admit it, but she didn’t mind the idea of having someone care for her everyday. And as she sat there in her poop filled diaper, she couldn’t deny that the warm squishy feeling surrounding her backside and crotch felt much better than she would ever admit. Was she really enjoying being completely dominated by this woman?

According to her unconscious mind, apparently the answer was yes.

“I knew it!”, Miss Obey declared happily, “You would have put up much more of a fight if you didn’t secretly enjoy this.” Miss Obey walked over to Kimino and slowly began rubbing the front of her diaper. “You heard it here first folks, this former hero is now going to spend the rest of her days as my pathetic little baby, and she’s going to love every second of it.”, she said before finally hitting the stop button on the recording. Moments later, an alert popped up on her phone.

Upload complete

The footage was posted to every social media site known to man and was even sent directly to a few special individuals (like news broadcasters). The world would soon know of Kimino’s shame.

“Alright baby, let’s get you out of that dirty diaper.”

Without a word, Kimino crawled over to the changing table and eagerly awaited the first of many diaper changes to come.

Hey y’all. This is the first story I’ve ever posted so I’d love some feedback. Hope you enjoyed!


Welcome, it’s always good to see new faces.
And a writer at that.

I’ll be honest, I only have the faintest knowledge of My Hero Academia so I can’t accurately comment on how well this sticks to the source material (or whether it was even intentional.) Still, for someone who’s not knowledgeable of the fiction, this doesn’t leave me scratching my head by any means.

It’s pretty solid overall, even if–you know–it was pretty obvious where it was going from the beginning. But I mean, you’re posting it on this site, so…

But anyway, other than a few odd errors here and there, this flowed nicely and was well put together.
But there is this, which probably should have been applied.

Again, welcome. This was a fun read, I’ll be interested to see what else you write.

hey I love this story