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Name your dumbest tech mistake this week

Or just a random one from the past

I tried to transfer 100GB of data across volumes with mv and drove a box that had nearly a year of uptime into swap death, on the bright side /home won’t be full again for another six months :slight_smile:

I managed to accidentally ban a huge chunk of Japan from this site for about 30 minutes because of a tiny typo in an iptables command. Was trying to ban a hosting provider that has been problematic and accidentally banned a /8 instead of a /18 :slight_smile:

I managed to delete five years of e-mail archives I had saved when I wiped out an mbox file. Fortunately I had cached most of my old e-mail in Thunderbird.

Not this week, but I’ve done that to mbox files before. They really are fragile snowflakes deserving of being treated with appropriate care. Mine was when I shifted a Thunderbird profile around and made the mistake of recreating a new profile over the old one. The nasty program went and made new mbox files over the old ones.

Does it have to be a mistake that I made, or can they be mistakes that others asked me for help with? If it’s the latter, they how about somebody complaining that the battery on their laptop was broken because it wouldn’t charge. What’s the first question you ask when somebody says that: Is it the right charger? It was. And question 2: Is the charger plugged in the wall? “Uuuuuuh. Never mind.” Apparently the battery magically fixed itself because that’s the last I heard about it.

A feature I was working on got aborted, so I went to collect the work into a patch file in case the libraries we need get fixed and we can try this again.
svn diff $feature_files > removed-feature.patch
Then I backed up a line in my shell history, changed ‘diff’ to ‘revert’, and hit enter. Oops. Thankfully there are awesome backups these days, and the second time through I stripped off the redirect when I did the revert.

installed the wrong video driver on a critical system so downtime went from 4 minutes to two hours