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I wanted to let everyone here know that there is an additional forum related to this lifestyle that has been created.

I am sure that some of you will be thinking that this is coming as a result of the recent move and that is partially true. While I continue to experience problems attempting to maneuver around this new forum I am not resenting the fact that the forum did move and that alone wasn’t the reason for the creation of this newest forum. Dr Amy who recently joined us had decided that she wanted to create a new forum and has done so.

Now a few things about the new forum. All are welcome and about the only rule there is that cutting down or belittling others will not be tolerated. This forum is on a paid for server so there are no popup adds bothering you and we shouldn’t be closed down for something someone feels is inappropriate.

We are not expecting this newest forum to replace this one and we are not looking for some kind of confrontation where we are competing for the bodies around here. Amy had provided an alternative that is easy to navigate around in. I personally plan on continuing to try and find a solution to the problems I have been having and to continue to visit here and remain a member here.

New Forum

nice post BB only one thing your wrong as usual I did not even know about this forum until Amy and Todd had it up and running.

So pull your foot out of your mouth

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It didn’t go that way either Blood. For starters no one pulled anyone away and no one is pulling anyone away. If you want to go great, if not that is just as great.

I can not believe you said that


your not staying out of it making comments like that.

Todd and I are sucking up to know one.

We were both unhappy with the move and we wish to give people and alternative


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Calm down Blood!

New forums crop up all the time. If both survive it can only be good.

Still - Ken - how come you’re Ken7US not KenK7US there?….

I didn’t even realise this place had pop ups?

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As far as I know, it doesn’t have pop-ups, and I’ve run it on three different browsers at various times. He might have just meant the ads at the end of a thread?

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Nemo I am kenk7us2002 not sure what you are saying

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Do others find this eerily reminiscent of the old Network54 days and the short-lived breakaway forum incident then?

It seems a perfectly fine forum and good luck with it, but I think we’re better off under one roof and I’m still not sure what the actual problems with this place are.

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Do you really think of it as a ‘coup’? If they are unhappy even, with the way things are run, then they can move without it being a personal offense.

And Ken - on that new board, there is a section saying ‘Ken7US’’ stories, without the extra K.

New Forum

thats being changed Nemo

New Forum

It was just to let you know, not a dig.

Vickie we are not trying to make a war

First off I am not Diamondback, you banned him then made a condition of his coming back here that he delete his forum.

Vickie you do not care much for competition.

Both Jaiden and Vickie are right I had a forum before in the old studio 54 days , we had a little war the only reason I left then was Vickie. Then Wingz interceded and ask me to come back suggesting that after a while I would be made a mod. Something I never cared about but was never mentioned again.
I have bit my tounge over and over sense then. Its Vickies forum your football your rules, how many times have I said that. I have tried hard to keep peace. Recently I posted on this forum I asked the question why did we move? I also made a poll. basically the question was what is go great here why did we move. Honestly I think the poll was saying I do not know people say it was going in my favor Vickie deleted it and called me a whinner and a trouble maker. Basically once again I got censoered no problem Vickies forum her rules. Well now Todd Amy and I have our own forum and Vickie can not censor us.

Vickie Todd Amy nor myself is looking for a war. We just want to give people and alternative to your forum. You know like Burger King and Mcdonalds

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Because before you guys’ forum, there were certainly no other AB/DL related forums anywhere on the Internet. Nope, this was the only choice.

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well I only know of two story forums then again I could be wrong.

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Well, off the top of my head, there’s the Wetset forum, the Daily Diapers forum, the Teenbabynet forum, the Fox Tales Times forum, plus various forums that people try to start up every now and again. If you look through link sections of different places, you can find quite a few, though not many of them have more than a handful of members. I believe Diamondback’s is actually still around, or was last time I checked, though that has been a while.

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What happens if, say, there’s a serious disagreement between you and WingZ Vickie?

As for this new forum - that ‘I’m happier here’ thread seems pretty pathetic, but if nothing else, what the move did was revive board activity a bit. I think that’s a good thing.

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I didn’t know Amy was a member here first? I assumed she was someone who everyone knew from somewhere else.

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Vickie I had no knowledge of the New Forum when I made that post.

I did not hear about the new forum until last Wednsday night. Thats when I got invited to join.

Also I have been here everyday I just have not been posting. As far as the poll I was told it was going my way, and all I ever was doing was asking a question.

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This goes for Ken, Todd and anyone else:

If you would like to post here, post here. If you would like to post there, post there. It’s not like there’s any money at stake either way.

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Well, actually, WingZ, there is money at stake. According to Todd, the other server is being paid for, which means that if no one posts there, the money is gone to waste.