New Girl in School - Jilly Poo

Several years ago, Jilly Poo from Daily Diapers wrote this magical story. She appears to have abandoned the story incomplete and hasn’t picked it up, or even logged in in quite some time.

So I am sharing her 308 page, 135,798 word story here since DD had their integration that appears to have made them lose a ton of stories.

So here it goes:

My parents told me my life would be different once I started high school but I don’t think they knew just how right they were.

It was the first day of my freshman year and like every other freshman girl, I was scared, nervous and excited to finally be in High school. I came to school in what I thought was my best outfit from the new back to school clothes my mother and I had shopped for just weeks before. But when I saw just how the upper classman girls were dressed, well, let’s just say I might as well have come to school dressed in overalls. I may have been a late bloomer but the older girls looked like they stepped right out of some heavy metal video and into the bustling halls of our high school.

I managed to find my homeroom class and took a seat as the morning bell rang. The room was full of shelves lined with math textbooks that sooner or later would be distributed to students assigned to this room. My homeroom teacher, Mr. Baldwin, called for order as the morning announcements rang out over the loud speaker in the room. The cracking voice on the other end of the microphone welcomed us all back for an exciting new school year and informed us of try-outs for such things as the track, baseball, softball, soccer and tennis teams that would be taking place over the next few days. None of these caught my interest so I scoped out the room for a familiar face despite the fact that my family had just moved to this town only a month before.

I was hoping that one of the girls I had met at the community pool two weeks ago might have been in there but since the homerooms were set up alphabetically, there was little chance of meeting anyone I knew unless their last names fell between Abbott and Bennett. Still I had hoped that someone in there would befriend me but they all seemed to know each other already and were not interested in who I was and where I came from. I sat quietly by myself as the teacher called out names to which the appropriate response always seemed to be “Here!”

“Ackland, Michael T.”
“Here!” responded a round face boy sitting with a group of others who seemed to be fawning over some gaming magazine

“Arnold, Jennifer N.” shouted the teacher who glanced over the top of his paper to see where the response would come from each time then dutifully made a mark with his pencil.

“Here!” This time the response came from a stunning blond girl in the back of the room who was far too busy checking her make-up and combing her hair to even bother to glance away from her own image in her compact. She was sitting alone too but in her case it seemed by choice because the rest of her circle were alphabetically challenged causing their brief separation. It was obvious that she would soon be meeting up with her friends in the freshman hall girls’ room for a gossip session between bells.

Names continued to be called out one by one and responses seemed to echo back as each time the teacher peered briefly over his paper and then scribbled his mark on the paper. "Bell, Abigail.

I’m not sure why but I froze when I finally heard my own name being called out. I started to form the word “here” in my mouth when the teacher repeated "Bell, Abigail?

I ended up eeking out a pathetic “Here” that would have been fine if it had come from a mouse hiding in the corner. The teacher, who had barely spoken a word to anyone except to call out names from his list, lowered his paper and stared straight at me.

“You’ll have to answer more clearly.” he suggested “if you wish to be heard.”

I felt my face turn red and heard members of the class laugh. I was so embarrassed. I nodded briefly and muttered “Yes sir, I will.”

During our 20-minute homeroom period, school lockers were assigned, as were pad locks. My locker unfortunately was sandwiched in between two rather proportionally challenged boys Chris Bailey and Jeff Beckley. Neither of them seemed to see me standing in between them trying to get to my own locker to attach my lock to the door.

Soon a loud bell rang out and the doors to all the classrooms erupted students into the hallway. I thought it best to try to go with the current of hall traffic that might bring me closest to my first class, American History 101.

The rush of students in the halls began to decrease and I managed to escape the pack just in time to make it into the classroom before the bell rang out again announcing that it was time to take our seats.

Once again, I found myself in a room full of unfamiliar faces but this time a few of them were of students that might have been a grade or two ahead of me. A tall woman stood in front of the class behind an old wooden desk. Her dark brown hair with wisps of gray running through it were twisted loosely into a rather large puffy bun and her black rimmed reading glasses perched on the end of her nose made her appear much older than she probably was. She had a commanding voice as she encouraged the class to get quiet quickly.

“Welcome to American History 101” she began what was obviously a well-practiced speech. “I am Mrs. Michelanti and if you are not supposed to be here, please leave now.” She paused to see if anyone would take her up on her offer to leave but everyone sat silently.

“I have a few rules in my class they may differ from some of your others, so I suggest you listen carefully.” She took a deep breath then continued “There are no bathroom visits during my class period so if you need to go, do so on YOUR time, Not mine. There is no gum chewing in my class if I should find you chewing gum, you will be forced to place it on the end of your nose until the end of the class.”

“I do not assign homework easily so when I do, I expect it to be turned in on time and properly. Reports will be typed, single spaced font size 10, and a minimum of 2 pages front and back.” She continued as she walked down the first row of desks dropping heavy textbooks on each one. The gazes of the other students were fixed on the tall dark hared woman as she returned to her desk to pick up another stack of books from her desk for distribution. “I shall send home progress reports to your parents the end of each week and they will be signed and returned or it will count as one test grade against you.”

Books continued to slam on the flat desktops almost rhythmically with her footsteps as she continued to glide down each of the six rows of student occupied desks. She continued to give out directions to the class about the kind of conduct she expected from each of us. Once all the books had been delivered to their new owners, she had just finished her lecture with Is that Clear? as she returned to her place behind her desk.

My fellow classmates and myself replied with a weak Yes, Maam. Which seemed to satisfy her needs for a proper response. She turned her back to the class, picked up a piece of new chalk and began to write something on the blackboard. Her handwriting was neat and perfect unlike the bun she kept so loosely in her hair that was already beginning to show signs of coming loose. Her written instructions read Read Chapter 1 Silently “ answer questions 1-5 when done.

She placed the chalk back on the ledge beneath the board and sat down in her chair behind her desk, Begin she commanded as she peered at us over the frames of her glasses.

The sound of pages turning filled the room as the students in the room opened textbooks. Not wanting to find out what my fate would be had she spied me over her glasses NOT reading I too quickly opened my book and started reading Chapter 1 “ America: Land of Promise.

The reading was slow and boring as any textbook would be but somehow the time slipped away quickly and before long the obnoxious sound of a loud bell broke the silence of the room.

Hold onto your papers and we will discuss your answers tomorrow shouted Mrs. Michelanti as we gathered up our few belongings and made our way back into the rushing river of students that filled the hallway.

I looked at my schedule quickly before exiting the room Great I thought to myself I have PE next. I took a deep breath and plunged myself forward out of the classroom door hoping to catch the flow of human traffic heading towards the gym and the girls locker room.

I managed to slip out of the stream of hustling students just in time to make it to the hallway that lead to both the boys and girls locker rooms. A sign on the door read Report to the Gymnasium. I looked around and found and arrow that pointed the direction to the gym and followed it. As I entered, voices, what seemed like a hundred of them, echoed in the vas open space of the room. Students were seated on wooden bleachers in masses, obviously separated by their social groups.

Near the bottom of the bleachers was a group of girls who oddly all looked similar from the length of their long straight tresses to the coordinating outfits they all wore. Jennifer Ackland, the girl I saw in homeroom, sat perched in the middle of this group still admiring her own image in the compact in her hand.

Several other groups defined who they were by their choice of fashion. There were the Geeks, who all wore button front shirts tightly buttoned until it appeared they were having trouble breathing. The Cool Kids who could have also appeared on Americas Most Wanted in their leather jackets despite the warm temperatures. The Preppy kids who all managed to wear various colors of oxfords or polo shirts and khaki Dockers. A small group of girls, not preppy enough for the Preppy kids, nerdy enough for the Geeks and obviously not Worthy of sitting with Jennifer and her band of followers sat on the end of the bleachers. One of them was waving frantically in my direction. At last, familiar faces.

As I walked closer I discovered it was Betsy, one of the girls from the pool. She introduced me to Ashley, Erika and Elaine. I was relieved to finally have someone to talk to. I told them about my first period class with Mrs. Michelanti and then we sat and compared schedules until¦Tweeeeeeeeeeeet!

A long and loud whistle blew and everyone in the room fell silent. All eyes faced forward to see a short, muscular man wearing tight nylon pants and an even tighter T-shirt standing before them. The whistle dropped from his lips as he began to bark out orders. Several other PE teachers stood behind him. One of them was a blonde woman wearing a red velour tracksuit; another with short brown hair wearing a pair of blue sweatpants and a white T-shirt with the school mascot on it stood beside her. A rather heavyset man with gray hair stood beside the two women.

When the shorter man standing in front had finished with the Dos and Donts of PE, he instructed all the girls in the gym to follow the 2 women into the locker room and the boys to follow the men. This all seemed rather silly because we could have just gone straight to the locker rooms instead of first gathering in the gym but who was I to argue and I did as I was instructed. We were herded like sheep back down the hallway I had recently come through and entered the dark windowless girls locker room.

As I entered the room, my eyes needed to adjust to the lower levels of light. Florescent lights hung over each of the rows of steely blue lockers that filled the room while small gray ceramic tiles lined the floor. At the back of the room I could see showerheads along the wall that stretched the entire width of the room. The showers lacked curtains so private showers were obviously out of the question. In the center of the locker room was a smaller room and the bright light emanating from the 3 walls of windows around it made my eyes sting to look at it. I ventured a glance inside though and discovered that it was the office of the 2 female PE teachers. There were personal effects scattered about 2 large gray metal desks and some sports equipment standing in the corners. On one of the walls there was a door that looked to be a private restroom attached to the office.

You going to stand there all day? a voice said behind me in a sarcastic tone.

I turned around to see Jennifer standing behind me surrounded by her group of friends who all giggled.

I was shocked to see that Jennifer had actually put away her compact and could see anything beyond the end of her own stuck up nose.

Er, um, sorry I replied.

Ill say you are, She answered and the chuckle pack responded in their usual way. What are you wearing? she asked in an obnoxious voice while raising the corners of her mouth in disgust.

I looked down to examine my clothing. I didnt see anything wrong with it so I looked back at her finally realizing that she was a good 2 inches taller than me Just a skirt and a blouse I responded.

By this time her friends had moved around and encircled me. I wasnt sure what was about to happen but I knew I didnt want any part of it. I obviously didnt make a good first impression on this group of girls and not knowing anything about them, I certainly didnt want to start off my first day in a new school making trouble with anyone. I looked around for a way to slip past the circle of girls. There didnt seem to be any until I heard a voice ring out Is there a problem here Miss Arnold?

No maam Jennifer smiled sweetly. Were just helping the new girl find a locker. She grinned even wider and her friends all did the same, then she flipped her long blonde hair to one side and said Heres one for you, right next to mine. We are going to be such good friends.

The PE teacher turned and walked away satisfied that Jennifer was helping me adjust to my new school but I was even more nervous now than before. Why did she want me to have the locker next to hers? Why did she think I wanted to be her friend?

I could see the PE teachers sitting in their office talking while the girls all around me started changing into their PE clothes. I started to change my clothes as well but as I prepared to unbutton my blouse, I saw that all the other girls around me were wearing bras. I was such a late bloomer and had barely started to develop yet and was no way near in need of one. As I undid the last of my buttons, one of the other girls looked my way and smirked. Look, Shes wearing an UNDERSHIRT. The row erupted with laughter as I clenched the front of my shirt closed again with my fists but it was too late. Girls from other rows of lockers were now peering around corners to have a peek at what was so funny.

Jennifer, who had also been laughing suddenly stopped and whispered Shhh, the teachers coming.

Whats all this about over here? Asked the big blonde teacher.

Oh just girl stuff, Ms. McCoy Jennifer answered. Our new friend just told us a very funny joke and we couldnt help but laugh.

Ms. McCoy looked at Jennifer, raised her eyebrow then glanced at me. Now is not the time to be telling jokes young lady. You need to hurry up and get changed for PE.

Yes maam I muttered and the PE teacher disappeared back into her office. It seems that the bright lights inside the office made it hard for her to see anything that was happening in the much darker locker room. I felt less secure now knowing that.

Come on, lets let the little one finishing changing, instructed Jennifer to her minions. She looked back at me Well see you in the gym then she tossed her hair once more and exited the locker room with her posse right behind her. I finished changing into my PE clothes and closed up my locker. I thought about going into the teachers office and telling them what really happened but thought it best just to keep my mouth shut, at least for now. I knew this was only the beginning and didnt want to start off on the wrong foot with the teachers by complaining when it seemed like it was My word against Jennifers and she had all her friends to back up her story.

I left the locker room and went back to the gym. I met up with Betsy, Ashley, Erika and Elaine and they asked if I was okay. Evidently they have had their own run-ins with Jennifer and her friends in the past. They told me tales of how Jennifer had all the teachers believing that she was sweet and innocent but in reality, she was one of the meanest girls in the entire school. They filled me in on all the horrible things Jennifer had done to each of them like putting worms in their food during lunch, sticking bubble gum in their hair or starting nasty and embarrassing rumors about them.

Now that Jennifer had me as fresh meat, they warned me to keep a careful watch.

Jennifer is capable of just about ANYTHING. Erika warned me. Dont trust her, ever!

The other girls agreed and I promised to try to stay on Jennifers good side but saying so and doing so were two different things. I didnt want to become one of the Chuckle Pack that seemed to follow her everywhere but they all seemed to be immune from Jennifers wrath. Perhaps trying to just befriend one of them might be the way to go. I was trying to form a plan when suddenly¦ WHACK!

I fell forward as the large rubber ball struck me in the back of the head. I had been completely unaware that the class had started to play a game of Bombardment and I had just been tagged in the back of the head by the other team. I turned to see where the ball had come from but I could only guess that my New Friend, Jennifer was to thank for the pain I was now feeling.

To my surprise, as I turned I saw a good looking boy standing on the other side of the gym walking towards me with his arms outstretched and apologizing profusely.

Im sorry, Im so sorry. I was aiming at that guy but he ducked. Said the boy with the stunning blue eyes approaching me. Are you okay?

I was speechless. I just watched this vision approaching to talk to me and had forgotten all about the pain in my head at least for a moment. The anger that I had wanted to bestow on Jennifer for hitting me had vanished in an instant while daydreamed about this boy who was getting closer and closer to me. The sounds of the bustling gymnasium melted away as I watched him come towards me. I felt a smile grow on my face and my friends who were standing behind me gave me a quick nudge that suddenly brought the noise of gym back to me.

Hey, are you okay? I didnt mean to hit you. he repeated

Yeah, fine¦. Just ¦fine I managed to mumble still smiling at this dark hared handsome creature before me.

I had wanted to say more but was still at a loss for words. Just as I had mustered up the right thing to say, He got struck in the back with another ball and ran off to yell at the person from his team who hit him then he turned back towards me, smiled and rejoined the game.

Who is he? I asked my friends who were just as speechless as I was.

Hes an upper classman Betsy finally answered. Hes a junior and his name is Mitch or something.

I made my way to the bleachers to sit down. I think Im in love.

Well, dont get your hopes up. Juniors dont usually date freshmen, said a familiar but unfriendly voice.
It was Jennifer. She must have seen the whole interaction and decided to come act on it. Especially ones that still wear Undershirts.

I was embarrassed because I was almost certain that she was right. What could a wonderful looking boy like that see in a late blooming freshman like me?

Youre in luck though Jennifer continued You see, I just happen to know Mitch, lets just say hes a friend of my brother. He comes over to my house all the time and I can put in a good word for you.

I was shocked but I guess I should have heeded the warnings that the other girls had given me right then and there but I wasnt thinking clearly. Was it the blow to the back of the head or love, Im still not sure but I begged for Jennifer to help me get to know Mitch a little better and to put in a good word for me. I must have been insane.

Okay, but it will cost you. Jennifer smirked. She must have been forming an evil plan right then and there but I didnt know it. I was too busy watching as Mitch picked up ball after ball and struck his opponents out of the game. He moved so quickly and dodged balls that were tossed at him from every which way. It was apparent that he was an athlete.

What do you mean ˜It will cost me? I asked unable to take my eyes off of Mitch.

Oh, not money or anything, but you will do whatever I ask, whenever I ask or I will tell Mitch such stories about you that he would never even consider being with you. Jennifer said.

I started to imagine what types of things she would want me to do. I figured I would be doing homework and book reports for her for the next few months and then I would off the hook. Since I have always been a good student, I figured I really wouldnt be giving up that much.

For how long? I inquired.

Until the Homecoming dance. Jennifer answered. If you play your cards right, maybe hell take you.

The idea that Jennifer could help me get not just a date with that handsome creature but a date to the Homecoming dance was so fantastic. I would be the envy of every girl in school and it could make me very popular.

Okay, Ill do it. I replied.

Good, then well start tomorrow. Ill have a list of things ready by the end of the day that I want you to do. Meet me by my locker and Ill give it to you then. She ordered then she stood up and walked back to the game, picked up a ball and threw it as hard as she could at the other team. A boy on the other team was struck in the side of the head with the ball and his glasses went flying in one direction as the ball bounced off his face. Jennifer just grinned and returned to her friends who were waiting across the gym for her.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful with the exception that I had a few classes with Betsy, Erika, Ashley and Elaine and even a few with Jennifer. During lunch period, Jennifer kept looking over at me, then whispering to her friends who would then burst out laughing. I was beginning to imagine what my life was soon going to entail and wondered whether Mitch was truly worth it. Just then, I saw him enter the cafeteria and all doubt left my mind. He was carrying his lunch tray past my table and I stared up at him. He smiled as he walked past and joined a group of his buddies at their table. He was dreamy and I was sure he was worth whatever silly little things Jennifer and her gang were giggling about.

At 3 oclock, I found Jennifer standing by her locker alone. I was rather surprised that she didnt bring her circle of friends with her to witness this event but I was glad she didnt because I didnt want anyone around to see me accept my fate.

Are you sure you really want to do this? Jennifer asked Theres no backing out of it once you accept this list and I will add to it as I see fit.

Yes, Im sure, just give me the list. I said still thinking that a little extra homework wasnt going to hurt me in anyway.

Okay, Ive written out some detailed instructions that you MUST follow or you have broken the deal and I get to tell Mitch anything I want to about you. Understand?

Yeah, yeah, I get it, just give me the list. I argued.

Ill give it to you but you cant open it until you get to school tomorrow. She instructed as she handed me a folded piece of paper.

I took it from her and shoved it in my jacket pocket as she smiled and walked away. I wanted to take the list out again and read it but something told me that I had better wait at least until I got home to open it. I ran outside and found my mother waiting in the parking lot to pick me up.

Hi Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you had to work until 6? I asked.

I took off early so that I could pick you up on your first day of school like Ive always done. I thought we could go for some ice cream like we used to and talk about your day. Mom had always made sure that my first day of each school year ended nice and today wasnt going to be an exception.

Okay, sounds like a plan I replied as I hopped in the car and tossed my book bag in the back seat. Where should we go?

Theres a place not far from here that has wonderful homemade ice cream called ˜Pops, shall we go there? mom asked.

Sure, lets go. I agreed and we pulled out of the parking lot and ended up at Pops Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor.

Pops was a really quaint little shop with red and white striped awnings outside on all the windows and inside traditional bent wire ice cream parlor chairs with seat cushions that matched the awnings and booths with shiny red vinyl seats and gleaming white table tops. A jukebox in the corner played an array of Oldies but goodies from the 50s and 60s. I was surprised I hadnt heard of this place sooner because it was really a neat little place.

What do you think of it? asked Mom as we entered and the bell attached to the door rang to signal our arrival to the staff.

Its really cute Im just surprised Ive never seen it before. I replied.

Well, its brand new, in fact it hasnt even officially opened yet. Mom added.

If its not open, then what are we doing here? I questioned.

Just then a red swinging door with a big circular window in it swung open into the room and there before me stood my father in a red and white striped vest and a paper hat carrying a box full of plastic dishes.

Dad? I said in a shocked voice with my eyebrows raised and my jaw dropped open. I thought you had a job as an accountant?

I did, I mean I do said my father as he set the box of dishes down on the counter. I also am the new proprietor of this fine establishment. I thought you would be happy about this.

I am, I am. This is awesome but what about your real jobs? I asked.

Im going to keep my office job so that we have health insurance. Dad is going to keep doing Accounting but since he can handle most of his bigger clients during the day before the shop opens or in the evening after it closes, he is going to get the ice cream shop started. Mom explained.

And once it has really gotten going, I should be able to hire on a manager to help run it. Dad added.

Okay but who is going to help you until then? I questioned.

We were kind of hoping that you would since this is our new Family Business. Dad injected. Mom and I thought you would like to help out after school and on weekends until we can hire on a larger staff.

What do you think, Sweetie, you interested? Mom asked.

I hesitated to answer not because I didnt want to but because I wanted to make a few demands if I was going to be forced into working for free until they could afford to pay me.

Okay but under 3 conditions. 1. We carry strawberry bubblegum flavored ice cream. 2. I dont have to miss any school dances and 3. I dont have to wear that stupid looking uniform and paper hat.

Well, the first two demands we can agree upon but as for the third Dad reached under the counter and pulled out a bright red and white striped apron with an ID badge pinned to it that read ˜Abigail on it. Sorry honey, company policy and health code requirement, all employees must wear something to cover their heads. Dad said in an informative voice.

Well, I guess I can accept those terms. I reached out and shook my fathers hand Youve got a deal.

Of the two deals I had made today, this was the sweetest.

After helping my parents lock up the new shop, we all went home for the evening. Mom made dinner while Dad went into his den to work on a few of his clients spreadsheets. I went to my room to have a few moments to myself. I took off my jacket and hung it on the back of my desk chair and turned on my radio. I remembered that the list was still in my jacket pocket. I knew Jennifer had instructed me not to open it before school tomorrow but I was now dying to know what kinds of stuff she had in store for me.

I walked over to my jacket and retrieved the folded piece of paper. I sat on my bed and stared at it in my hand for a moment trying to figure out how she would know if I peeked at it tonight instead of first thing in the morning. I finally gave into temptation and unfolded the note. It was folded so many times and each time in a different direction so that I had to keep turning it over and over to reveal which way to unfold it next. As I neared the last 2 fold in the paper, white powder dumped all over my lap. This was how Jennifer was going to know if I opened it early or not. She was much trickier than I had given her credit for.

I put down the paper, unread on my bed and carefully slipped off my skirt without letting any of the powder fall out of my lap. Standing there in my blouse and underwear, I gathered up the skirt and shook the powder off it into the trash can in my room then tossed the skirt into the hamper and went back to the paper on my bed. I turned it over again to read the word Gotcha written in bold black marker. I unfolded the paper the final time and found a list of things accompanied by a note.

I didnt think you would wait until tomorrow to read this so I wanted to make sure you learned a lesson for disobeying my commands. If you mess up again, the deal is off and I will make up such horrible lies about you that even your little group of friends you found wont have anything to do with you.

I couldnt believe anyone could be so mean as to actually want to ruin the life of someone that was virtually a stranger to him or her and had no significant effect on them what so ever, but I also had never met Jennifer before.

I read over the list and to my surprise there wasnt one mention of homework or book reports on it. Perhaps being a stranger was helpful because she didnt know how smart I was and how capable I was of handling such a task. On the list however were things like wear your hair in pigtails, wear mismatched socks to school and bring a box of crayons to school. This all seemed so simple by comparison to what I had been warned against. Big deal, I mismatch my socks and wear my hair different for the day, I think I can handle that. I put the list in my desk, put on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt and went downstairs for dinner with my parents. Yumm, spaghetti and meatballs.

After dinner I went back to my room and wrote about my day in my diary until bedtime. The next morning, I got up and put on a pair of jeans, my mismatched socks that the jeans covered anyway, and a shirt. I pulled my hair up into pigtails on the side of my head and went down stairs. Mom was making breakfast: French toast and scrambled eggs. Dad was back in his den working on some more clients accounting work so no one really paid much attention to my new look.

Mom, do we have any crayons? I asked my mother who was too busy to look in my direction.

Crayons? What do you need crayons for at your age? She asked as she laid another piece of egg soaked bread onto a skillet.

For school, I need them for Art. I figured that would sound reasonable enough and not invoke too mush suspicion.

If we do they would be in that drawer over there, but honestly it would be surprised me if we did. Replied mom whose arm was outstretched pointing across the kitchen to a small cabinet next to her desk.

Thanks Mom I said as I rummaged through the drawer. Deep on the bottom, sure enough I found a box of crayons. Several were missing and a few others were broken but they would have to do. I tossed the box in my backpack and sat down to eat breakfast. Mom had finally looked at my hair.

Dont you look cute like that. I can remember when you were a little girl and I used to put your hair up like that all the time. Mom commented. Her eyes were smiling with the memories of when I was 2 years old and ran around with pigtails in my hair and Mary Jane shoes on my feet. Is that how the girls in your school are wearing it now?

Wha¦huh. Oh, you mean my hair. Yeah, some of the girls are. I answered.

Well I think its precious. Its about time kids stopped dressing older than they really are. I like it and I think you should wear it like that more often. She replied.

Thanks, Mom. I just might do that. I said not sure whether it would be requested of me again any time soon. Ive got to get to school, Mom. Ill see you tonight.

Dad shouted out from his den Bye pumpkin, Ill see you at Pops after school today. Grand Opening is coming soon, I need you to help me get it ready.

Okay, Dad, Ill see you there. I shouted back to the den door as I gathered up my book bag and left for school.

Fortunately for me the school was a short walk away and Pops wasnt that far from the school either. If I had to walk there from home, I could be there in 15 minutes and from school it would only take about 10 minutes.

As I got closer to school, I saw more and more kids and all of them seemed to be staring at my pigtails. I didnt think this was going to be such a big deal but I was wrong. I wished I had a hat to hide my hair the way my pant legs were hiding my mismatched socks but even those I don’t think would have drawn as much attention.

I made it to my locker and only a handful of boys had pulled my pigtails but the result of which left them a little lopsided and uneven. I put my backpack in my locker and took out the box of crayons and went into my homeroom class and awaited Jennifers arrival.

As she entered the room, she stopped by my desk and looked at my hair and my box of crayons.

Hmmm, I guess I should have been more specific but I wanted you to have the BIG crayons, you know, the ones that kindergartners use. These will have to do for today but I want you to get the others for tomorrow. Understand?

I nodded my head in agreement.

I thought of something else to add to your list. When I speak to you, you are not to look me in the face but to look down at your shoes and you are to address me as ˜Mommy and my friends are all your Aunties, do you understand?

I looked down and nodded my head.

I cant hear you. Jennifer snapped.

Yes, I understand. I replied.

Yes, Who? she demanded.

Yes, Mommy. I answered.

Good, now that you know who I am, I will tell you who you are. You are my little girl and you will listen to what I tell you and do what I tell you. From now on, your name is Abbie Baby and you are only to refer to yourself as that when I or you Aunties are around. I was suddenly getting a crash course in how mean Jennifer could be. Do you understand me?

Yes. I responded.

Her hand flew down on my desk and I jumped at the sound of it hitting. Yes, WHO? she said in a stern voice.

Yes¦Mommy. I said in a choked up voice. I wanted to look up but was afraid of what she would do next if I had.

Thats better. She replied in a firm voice. Mr. Baldwin entered the room and Jennifers demeanor changed.

I like what youve done to your hair, Abbie. Its so cute, she said as she walked across the room to her desk and pulled her compact out of her purse.

I realized just how good Jennifer was at playing the perfect teachers pet. All the teachers seemed to like her because she was smart, pretty and had a good family life. I dont think any adults knew the real Jennifer, the one she revealed to her classmates.

After our 20 minute homeroom was over, I raced through the halls to my first class. American History with Mrs. Michelanti. I managed to get to the classroom a little quicker this time and found my seat long before the bell sounded. Mrs. M. as we affectionately started calling her wore her hair up again just as she did the day before and she sat behind her desk completely engrossed in something she was reading. She seemed as though she was a toy, turned off until the sound of the bell when she became completely animated again.

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Good Morning, Please take your seats and well go over chapter 1 from your text books. She began.

I was beginning to think that this was going to be the best class to catch up on sleep when suddenly, Mrs. M. slammed her book on the desk and asked Did anyone actually learn anything about American History they didnt already know by reading the first chapter?

Several hands went up around the room, but not many. Really? questioned Mrs. M. What did you learn that you didnt already know? she asked pointing at a boy with his hand up.

The boy stammered for an answer and couldnt come up with one. Just as I had suspected. Professed Mrs. M. I dont know about you kids, but I hate reading textbooks, they are too dry and well, boring. I much prefer to read autobiographies and legends. Everyone, please take your textbooks and place them in a stack at the back of the room. We are going to learn about history by exploring for it.

The class looked bewildered at first then did as they were told and place their books on the stack in the back of the room.

Mrs. M then passed out a piece of paper on which was written the titles of several books, some fictional and others non-fictional. My dear students, I am giving you a list of approved reading materials. I expect that by the end of the marking period you will have each read 3 or 4 of the titles on this piece of paper. Each of these books is based on some aspect of fact involving American History. Your job is to read them and do a 10 page report based on what is real, legendary or complete farce. In addition to this, we will discuss in class Famous Americans and events that occurred. I will lecture, you will listen and take notes then be tested on you notes weekly.

A sigh of relief swept across the room. Mrs. M had just become our favorite teacher. The bell rang and each of us collected up our things and entered the over-crowded hallway but before I could leave the room, Mrs. M called me back to talk with her.

Abigail, is everything okay with you? she asked.

Yeah, fine. Im just fine. I replied, wondering if there was something that she was reading about my body language.

Good, Im glad to hear that. I read your file and I understand you just moved here before school started. I know it can be tough starting at a new school and making friends so I wanted to let you know I am here for you if ever you need anything, Okay?

Thank you, I appreciate that, Ill keep that in mind. I said thinking there might come a time when a teacher for a friend could be a strong ally.

I left the classroom and headed to my next class: PE. I would have to see Jennifer there in the locker room again and hoped she didnt have anything more to add to my list. When I reached the locker room, Jennifer and her friends had already left for the gym so I felt safe to change my clothes without being mocked again. I hung up my clothes in my locker and slipped into my PE clothes. I raced to the gym knowing I was probably the last girl to arrive and not wanting to make another bad impression on Ms. McCoy. As I entered the gym in my shorts, T-shirt and sneakers, I realized that now my mismatched socks were in full view for everyone to see and were accented by my pigtails. I must have looked just as foolish as Jennifer had hoped but I didnt see her there in the room to enjoy her moment. I found my way over to where Betsy, Erika, Ashley and Elaine were and asked them what happened to Jennifer but none of them knew that hadnt seen her come into the gym yet.

Just then the gym door opened and in walked Jennifer followed by her companions. I had so hoped that she wouldnt see me so I stepped behind my own friends for cover but it was too late. Jennifer saw me and walked straight for me.

Scatter Fleas. She said to my friends who did as they were told. Hello Abbie Baby! Hows my little girl? Did her miss her Mommy? she asked.

Remembering that I was not supposed to look up at her, I bowed my head and softly said Hello, Mommy.

Mommy didnt hear you, dear. Say it a little louder. Please.

Hello, Mommy I repeated a little bit louder.

Thats better, now Mommy has a little surprise for her little girl Jennifer snapped her fingers and placed her open hand, palm side up on her shoulder. One of her friends standing behind her placed something in it that Jennifer presented to me.

Here you are, my little one. I think you will enjoy this almost as much as me, she said as she stretched out her hand and uncurled her fingers.

With my eyes still facing the floor, I lifted my head slightly to see what I was being offered. It was a pink pacifier on a long string. I could only imagine what Jennifer had in store for me now. She took the string and placed it around my neck.

There, doesn’t Abbie Baby have a nice new necklace? she asked her friends who giggled again. What do you say Abbie Baby?

Thank you, Mommy I replied.

You dont have to thank me, Abbie Baby, you need to thank your Aunties. Theyre the ones who got that for you.

I took a deep breath and a hard swallow. Thank you Aunties. I responded.

You know, I dont think Abbie Baby fully appreciates her gift because she hasnt used it yet. Put it in your mouth before you thank your Aunties. Demanded Jennifer.

I closed my eyes, took another breath and placed the pacifier in my mouth. Fwank yoush Aunthies for my pwesenth I repeated but the large rubber pacifier that was in my mouth slurred my words. The bunch of them just giggled until Jennifer ordered them to stop because once again the PE teacher was coming. Jennifer snatched the pacifier out of my mouth and instructed me to put it into my shirt and keep it there for the rest of the day. I did as I was told but had really thought hard about my agreement with Jennifer. Evidently she really likes to humiliate people and she is quite good at it. I didnt want to even think about what she had up her sleeve next.

Jennifer started to laugh as Ms. McCoy drew nearer. Thats another good one, Abigail. She said once Ms. McCoy was close enough to hear her.

Telling jokes again in PE are we Miss Bell? said Ms. McCoy in a stern voice. Perhaps you would like to go tell your jokes to the Assistant Principal, Mr. Goodfield?

I was stuck. Jennifer had done it to me again. No maam, I wasnt, I mean I dont. but before I could finish Ms. McCoy said, Next time I catch you telling jokes during MY time with you, youll get yourself a weeks worth of detention.

Great. How would I explain that to my parents. Sorry Mom and Dad, I cant help with the family business because I didnt tell a joke in gym class. I dont think they would like that very much.

At least now Jennifer and the Aunties had moved off and my friends were able to come back and talk to me.

She is such a bitch. Said Erika. I dont know how you can just stand there and take that from her.

I smirked in agreement but didnt tell them of the deal I made with Jennifer since they had warned me about her in the first place but I didnt bother to listen to them.

I wonder why shes picking on you? asked Elaine.

I guess its ˜cause Im the new girl or something. I offered.

Thats probably it answered Ashley but just once I wish someone would stand up to her.

I knew that I wasnt in a position to do that if I ever wanted to have a chance to have Mitch like me. If I were to stand up to Jennifer, I cant imagine what else she would do to me. Little did I know that I would find out soon enough.

After PE was over, I returned to the locker room and changed my clothes for my next class. I had managed to get into the locker room before Jennifer and the Aunties did so I wasnt harassed about being flat chested or wearing an undershirt instead of a bra. I just wished that my body would hurry up and start developing so that I would need a bra and that humiliation would cease. Mom had always reassured me that when she was my age, she wasnt very well endowed there either. That came as little comfort because I wasnt endowed at all.

I had my foot up on the bench and was tying my shoe when Jennifer and the Aunties filed into our row of lockers. They were chatting away and had ignored my presence. I kept my head down as to not draw attention to myself.

Slap! A paper back book was thrown down hard on the bench next to me. My eyes gazed over at the book. It was large and had a red border around a picture of a colorful clown in the center of the book. In bright bold letters across the top was the words Coloring Fun. I suddenly knew where this was going.

Abbie Baby, look what Mommy has for you said Jennifer pointing at the book she had just taken out of her locker. A brand new coloring book for you to color in. Mommy wants you to color her 5 pretty pictures from it and bring them to her at her locker at 3 oclock today. I hated when she talked about herself in the third person. I grabbed up the coloring book and put it with the rest of my things as I left the locker room.

The rest of the day had gone rather quietly. I kept waiting for Jennifer to do something to embarrass me again but besides staring at me during lunch from time to time then giggling with her friends, she really had left me alone.

I sat and colored in the coloring book as I ate my lunch. The pictures were big and didnt have a lot of detail. They were obviously meant for really little kids. I colored pictures of a pony, a duck, a nest of baby birds, a pig and a puppy with a ball in its mouth. I really didnt mind coloring. It was actually kind of fun. When I was finished, I closed up the coloring book and put away my crayons.

During the last class of the day, English, I received a note passed to me by one of the Aunties. It was written on a yellow piece of paper and folded several times. Abbie Baby was written across the top of it.

I unfolded the paper and read what was written inside:

Abbie Baby,

Dont forget, meet me at my locker at 3 oclock and dont forget your pacifier.


I was beginning to grow tired of this but I was dumb enough to make such a stupid agreement and if I didnt, I knew she was capable of ruining the few friendships I had in this school. When the final bell rang, I went to my locker, gathered my books I needed to bring home with me and went to meet Jennifer at her locker and show her the pictures I had colored for her.

This time she was not alone. 2 of the Aunties were there with her and they were all waiting for me. I walked up to Jennifer, lowered my gaze to the floor and said You wanted to see me, Mommy?

The Aunties giggled at my obedient behavior. Yes I did replied Jennifer in a stern voice. Where is the gift your Aunties gave you earlier today? she questioned.

I still have it on as you instructed, its under my shirt, Mommy. I responded.

Such a nice gift like that should be displayed, dont you agree, Nikki? Jennifer said as she looked over at the Aunties.

Oh yes, it hurts my feelings that Abbie doesnt appreciate it enough to show it off replied Nicole.

Tomorrow you will wear your pacifier again but this time you will keep it out for EVERYONE to see. Jennifer instructed. And I like your hair like that, in pigtails so I want you to wear it like that everyday until I tell you otherwise. Is that understood?

Yes, Mommy I responded feeling my face turn red with embarrassment.

Did you color in your book like I asked you? Jennifer asked.

Yes, Mommy I said as I handed her the book. She flipped through the pages and tore out each of the pictures I had colored.

Good girl she praised Ill hold onto this until tomorrow and then you can have it back in the morning. Dont forget to get some fatter crayons. You may go now, but dont forget Pigtails and Pacifier tomorrow. Jennifer said as she and the Aunties turned to each other to carry on a conversation that I was not invited to partake of.

I put the pacifier in my backpack with my books and left to go to Pops since I knew my dad would be waiting for me there. Things were going to be a lot better once I got outside and off the school campus.

There was a small convenience store on the way to the ice cream shop. I stopped in and asked the woman behind the counter if she had any crayons.

Over there, aisle 2 she pointed as if I wasnt able to read the big number 2 that hung over the aisle.

The aisle was full of pens and pencils, markers and other stationary items. On the end of the aisle was their selection of crayons which really only consisted of 3 different varieties one of which happened to me label Chunky and the claim on the box stated that they were for beginning artists 2 years old and up. I paid for the crayons and put them in my backpack so I wouldnt forget them in the morning.

I worked in the ice cream shop emptying boxes and filling napkin holders and ketchup bottles for the rest of the afternoon until Dad drove me home around 6:30. When we came through the door, Mom was there already fixing dinner. Dad had some work to do in his den so I went straight to my room to start on my homework. As I opened my backpack and pulled out my math book, the string on the pacifier hooked on the corner of the book and came out with it then dropped to the floor.

I picked it up and looked at it. I wondered if there was some way I could make wearing a pacifier around my neck all day look cool but since no one else in the school wore one, I figured that there was no way of suddenly making it trendy. I stuffed it back in my backpack and got on to my homework.

Mom had called me down for dinner around 7 which gave me enough time to finish my homework and slip into a comfy pair of Pajamas. We talked about our days during dinner but I managed to leave out the part about Jennifer giving me the pacifier but I did tell my parents that I thought the PE teacher, Ms. McCoy, had it out for me because she kept yelling at me for telling jokes in class.

Telling jokes in class? my father questioned. Thats not like you? Why does she think its you doing it?

Oh because someone told her I was so they wouldnt get in trouble themselves. I replied.

Well, I can come have a talk with that teacher if you want me to. Mom added.

Nah, its okay. I can handle it. I dont think it will happen again. I responded.

You shouldnt take the blame for someone else, Dad interjected that person will end up getting his in the end but you shouldnt allow them to take advantage of you like that.

I wont Dad I said wishing I hadnt brought up the subject at all.

When dinner was over, I helped Mom with the dishes and Dad went to watch a little TV. Once the dishes were all done, I excused myself and went to my room to relax and read a book for my history class. The book was much more exciting than reading the text book but it still managed to put me to sleep after 20 minutes.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock blaring. I must have been more tired from helping Dad at the ice cream shop than I knew because I slept through the night and still felt a bit tired. I picked out my clothes for the day and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower to help wake me up a little more.

By the time I got out of the shower, I was already running late for school. I got dressed quickly, did my hair up in the pigtails as requested by Jennifer and raced down stairs. As I ran through the kitchen, Mom looked at her watch.

Any time for breakfast? she questioned.

Sorry Mom, I over slept I told her as I reached for a banana from the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. Ill grab something at school when I get there. I put the banana in my pack to enjoy during homeroom.

Okay, Ill see you tonight Mom shouted as I raced out the door flinging my backpack on as I left the house.

Dad was outside getting ready to leave to meet a client. Need a ride this morning? he asked.

No thanks, it wont take me long to get there I responded as I quickened my step.

Okay. Oh, by the way, I have another meeting this afternoon so I wont be at the shop when you get off from school but I have the floor guys coming today to polish the floor and they told me it shouldnt be walked on for 24 hours so you dont have to work today. Take the day off and go out with your friends.

Okay, Dad! I shouted back to him as I started to walk faster and faster until I was almost jogging.

I was glad to have the rest of the day to myself after school. Not that I minded helping Dad get the store ready but I really hadnt had any time to get to know my new friends or even explore my new town.

I got to school and didnt stop at my locker before going to homeroom because it was almost time for the late bell to ring as I got there. I dropped my backpack onto my desk and fell into the seat just as the bell stopped ringing. I was relieved to have actually made it to school on time and was celebrating my success by taking a few minutes to catch my breath.

It was a few minutes later when I finally felt the icy stares of Jennifer on me. I turned to glance around the room and saw her scowling at me. I couldnt imagine what she was so mad about so I diverted my eyes to the floor figuring that I had upset her by looking her in the eyes from across the room. I turned back around in my chair and listened to the morning announcements as the crackled over the loud speaker in the room.

Once attendance was taken, people stood up and started moving about the classroom as Mr. Baldwin unfolded his morning newspaper and started to read it. I stayed in my seat and opened my backpack and pulled out the banana I had brought from home.

WHACK! I felt a sudden dull hit on the back of my head and turned to discover Jennifer standing behind me with an open hand. She had obviously just slapped me on the back of my head and was now standing beside me with the same scowl on her face.

Have we forgotten something? she demanded.

I turned my gaze back to the floor. I dont think so.

Where is your gift? she questioned.

I had completely for gotten about the pacifier but Jennifer sure didnt. Its in my bag I said as I reached back into my bag hoping to discover it there. I fumbled around the bag reaching under and between all my books until I finally found it at that bottom of the bag. I wrapped my fingers around it firmly and pulled it out Here it is! I exclaimed while holding it up for Jennifers inspection.

Its supposed to be around your neck, why is it in your bag? she asked in an angry tone.

Im sorry, I was running late and I¦. I started but was suddenly interrupted.

I dont like excuses. Just put it on now and so that you dont forget about it again¦ I grabbed the string and put it around my neck as I continued to listen to what Jennifer was telling me to do I want you to put it in you mouth and suck on it for the rest of homeroom. Jennifer ordered.

My eyes grew wide when I heard the words suck on it and rest of homeroom. She couldnt really expect me to do that but this was Jennifer, she expected me to do what ever she said. I picked up the pacifier and looked at it carefully. It was a little dirty so I tried to pick a little of the backpack lint off it before I brought it to my lips.

Stop wasting time, put it in your mouth. Jennifer barked.

But its dirty I told her.

I dont care, I told you to put it in your mouth. Had you been wearing around your neck like you were supposed to Jennifer continued maybe it wouldnt be dirty. Now put it in your mouth.

I did as I was told. I could feel small pieces of grit between my tongue and the rubber of the pacifier.

Much better Jennifer smiled then handed me the coloring book. I want 3 new pictures by PE class she said as she walked away back towards her desk. She stopped halfway there and turned around to walk back to me again. I just had an idea to help you remember to take care of your binky. Between every class I want you to put your pacifier in your mouth as you walk in the halls.

I sucked on the pacifier as I listened to my new punishment for being disobedient hoping that no one in the classroom was actually paying attention to me.

Jennifer must have sensed my relief that everyone else was so engrossed in their own conversations that not a single person had noticed my mouth appliance. The thought that she was humiliating me and no one was watching seemed to annoy Jennifer. What kind of power would she have over me if no one noticed her handy work.

I pulled out my big crayons and started coloring the next 3 pictures in the book.

She walked over to another desk where a few girls were talking. She bend over, cupped her hand between her mouth and the ear of one of the girls and whispered. Her hand pointed in my direction where I was still sitting sucking on the pink pacifier. The girls eyes immediately darted towards me and her hand flew up to restrain a giggle. Jennifer walked away as the other girl leaned forward and whispered to the 2 other girls she had been speaking with. Her finger was now pointing at me and the other girls were also suddenly staring at me. Smiles stretched across their faces and giggles exploded from them.

Their sudden outburst caught the attention of other small groups around the room who all wanted to know what was so funny and soon enough, they knew. I lowered and turned my head away from the room hoping to hide my punishment from them. Could no one see that I was the Jennifers newest victim? Would anyone help me stand up to her and stop her before she completely humiliates me then moves on to her next poor soul? Tears came to my eyes as the laughter grew louder and louder and the sounds of whispers echoed around the room. Jennifer was back at her desk with a proud, smug smile on her face. Her dirty work was done, for now anyway.

I dropped the chubby crayon on my desk and cupped my hands over my mouth in a sorry attempt to further block the glares of my classmates. Mr. Baldwin continued to read his paper but would instruct the room to Settle Down from behind its pages.

Surely by now the bell should have rung and ended my cruel torture. I looked up at the clock. It was so slow, it was like it was working in reverse. Tick by tick, I watched the clock get closer and closer to the end of homeroom and finally the bell sounded and I gathered up my things and darted into the hall to my locker.

The other classes poured out into the hallway and as my homeroom classmates mixed with kids from other rooms, I heard the sounds of laughter grow louder and louder. I saw people looking at me and pointing and as they walked past the person next to them would have a sudden attack of the giggles or break out laughing.

Jennifer glided into the hallway still reveling in her new abuse of me. She met up with the Aunties who all snickered and looked over at me. Jennifer tossed her hair and lifted her chin a little higher. She rolled her shoulders back and walked down the hall like a queen with the Aunties following behind her closely. She walked past my locker and simply said See you at 2nd period, BABY.

The word BABY echoed in my head like a bell. She was so proud of herself for making me a sudden laughing stock. She truly was the Queen of Mean in this school and had no problem with that. I hung up my backpack and raced off to my history class, my eyes still red from crying.

When I got to Mrs. Michelantis classroom, I popped the pacifier out of my mouth and concealed it behind the books that I was holding tight to my chest with both arms. I put my books down on my desk and sat quickly. The desktop was high enough to hide the pacifier resting on my chest from open sight. I rubbed the tears off my checks and out of my eyes as the bell rang and the classroom came to order.

I hadnt noticed that everyone in the room but Mrs. Michelanti was focused on me until the bell rang. This was going to be a very humiliating day. It seems as if everyone who saw me sucking on a pacifier during homeroom had told a friend and those friends each told another until the whole school knew about it during the 5 minute break between classes. I think only the teachers hadnt heard the news because they are out of the gossip loop but I was sure that they would hear about it before long too.

I had a hard time staying on track during class because every now and again I would hear people whispering and assumed I was the topic. I felt tears well up in my eyes again as I realized that the class was nearly over and I would once again have to put the pacifier in my mouth and traverse the halls and hear the laughing and comments of people who were unaware that this was a cruel and devious torture created by Jennifer.

The bell rang and the classroom emptied into the hall. This time I chose to linger a bit so as to give the halls a little time to clear before venturing out in the crowd. Mrs. Michelanti noticed my hesitation and approached my desk.

Is everything okay, Abigail? You seem upset. Have you been crying? she asked in a caring tone.

Im fine, Mrs. M I replied knowing full well that I was a terrible liar. Its just allergies.

Are you sure, because if its something more, I might be able to help she offered.

No, Im fine, I just am having a bad day but Ill be fine.

Well, let me give you a hall pass so you wont get in trouble for being late for your next class she said as she scribbled a note on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

Thanks, I appreciate that I responded as I took the paper from her and gathered my stuff. Have a good weekend, Mrs. M I said as I left the room.

As I stepped into the hall, I noticed that it was nearly empty. I slipped the pacifier into my mouth and left the room as other students squeezed in the doorway to enter the room. I was on my way to PE class where I knew I would be meeting up with Jennifer and the Aunties again. I lowered my head as I walked through the hall in a poor attempt to hide the pacifier in my mouth from the few people that managed to still be in the hall.

By the time I got to the girls locker room, most of the others had already left to go to the gym. I tore out the 3 freshly colored pages from the coloring book and pushed them through the air vents in Jennifers locker. I

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Mom and I agreed and before long we were on our way home for a good nights rest so we returned on Sunday and do it all again.

When Monday came, I was never so happy to go to school in my life. I didnt want to have to scoop any more ice cream or make any more milkshakes. I had been tired and sticky all weekend from reaching into those barrels of ice cream and had nearly scrubbed myself raw getting it all off again.

I rolled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom to get dressed and ready for school. I pulled my hair into pigtails again so as to make Jennifer happy and tossed the pacifier she had given me into my backpack. I ran downstairs and grabbed a muffin Mom had made and left on the table and was out the door and on my way to school. I had finished the muffin halfway to school and decided to find the pacifier in my pack and put it around my neck so as not to have that battle with Jennifer again. I didnt want to spend another day wandering the halls with a pacifier in my mouth because I didnt think Mrs. Michelanti would be willing to give me another full day hall pass.

When I got to school, Elaine, Erika, Ashley and Betsy all ran up to me. They were all wearing pacifiers tied around their necks and their hair up in pigtails. For some reason their pacifiers didnt look quite as big as mine but I didnt care. I welcomed the sign of friendship and support. We all raised our respective mouth pieces in an odd form of toast. Pigtails and Pacifiers! We each inserted the our pacifiers into our mouths before separating and heading to our homeroom classes.

Now that I had the support of my friends, I felt like there was noting Jennifer could do to me. She had done her worst. She made me suck on a pacifier in the halls, she poured water on my pants and sent me shopping for adult diapers where she knew my love interest Mitch was bagging groceries. I felt confident whatever she had in store for me next, I could handle.

I took the coloring book and crayons as well as my other books from my locker and headed into homeroom.

I found a neatly folded note on my desk. I picked it up and saw Abbie Baby written on the outer most fold.

I knew exactly who it was from and unfolded it. The note read

I want a new page colored for every period of the day.
I will collect them from you between classes.
Love, Mommy

I crumbled the note into a ball and put it in the trash can. As I returned to my seat, I glanced over at Jennifer. She was sitting at her desk admiring her image in her hand mirror. She didnt speak to anyone or even look at me. She applied a fresh layer of lipstick and fixed her hair. I often wondered why she wasnt bald from the near constant grooming of her long blonde hair.

I looked away as the morning announcements began to crackle over the loud speaker once again. This time they were announcing the homecoming dance. I really wanted to go to it and with Jennifers help, I could be going with Mitch as she suggested. Homecoming was still 2 months away but it was to be the first formal dance of the school year. Since I didnt know any boys at this school, I figured I had a better chance of being invited to the inaugural ball at the white house. I knew if I wanted to be asked to go, I had better keep on Jennifers good side. I pulled out my crayons and started coloring.

The hardly coherent voice on the speaker announced that all PE classes were to dress for outdoor PE and report to the track field during their PE period.

The announcements ended and the bell rang shortly after. I had managed to fill in 2 pictures before entering the hallway. Jennifer stopped me before leaving the class room and suggested that I should put my pacifier back in my mouth before roaming the halls. Those big mean boys out in the halls surely wont mess with such an innocent little girl like yourself if they see you sucking on your binky.

Knowing that I had friends in the school who were also willing to sport a binky around their necks to support me, I willingly obliged Jennifer and pushed my way out into the hall. I didnt look back to see her reaction but walked head held high through the hall to my first class where I popped it back out again before entering Mrs. Ms classroom. I took my usual seat and sat waiting for the class to begin.

Mrs. M was in terrific voice today as she lectured on and on about the Spanish vs. America war. She was the first history teacher I ever had that actually made the boring old facts come alive and captured your attention by doing such remarkable things like coming to class made up to look like famous Americans. It seemed only moments ago that I had entered the classroom that day but already the bell was ringing signaling the end of the 40 minute class.

Mrs. M came to my desk as I was gathering up my things. I trust things are better for you today? she asked.

Much, thank you. Youre special pass really helped me out a lot. I replied.

We teachers may not hear all that goes on around here, but believe me, she confided in me we see and hear plenty. If ever you need my help again, just ask.

I will, thanks again I said as I walked to the door. I picked up the pacifier and placed it in my mouth and began sucking on it as I entered the crowded hallway on my way to PE.

In the locker room, the girls were all upset about having to report to the track field for PE today. I wasnt upset about having to report to the track like the other girls seemed but maybe I was just naive. I always liked when we got to run track during PE in my old school because the were no balls to be thrown at your head or any having to pick teams and such. I asked one of the other girls why everyone was so upset.

First off, all we do is run as many laps around the field as we can then when we are done, we all have to come in and take showers she told me.

Running doesnt sound so bad to me I told her.

Well, we have to run with the BOYS and they like to stand along the fencing and give us all a ˜Bounce rating she informed me.

A bounce rating, whats that? I asked.

Another girl interjected They like to rate how much your breasts bounce when you run. Lucky for you I dont think youll score very high, if at all, but some of us get into double digits.

I was a little embarrassed now that I had even asked. I guess being a late bloomer did have some advantages, but not many.

I changed into my PE clothes and went out the side door to the track field with all the other girls. I found Betsy, Erika and Ashley all standing near the fence. Elaine was just behind me and as we all met up, they told me how much fun they were having with the pacifiers in the halls. It seemed as though people were finally taking notice of them for a change and they were loving it.

I looked around for Jennifer but I didnt see her or the Aunties, in fact I hadnt seen them in the locker room either.

You dont think their ditching class, do you? I asked my friends.

Nah, Jennifer would never do that. She likes for the teachers to think she is a perfect angel and would never stoop to that kind of stuff. Thats how she gets away with everything she does Betsy informed me.

All the teachers think shes some perfect student and that she is so sweet, sugar wouldnt melt in her mouth. Erika added.

Just then, we saw Jennifer followed by the Aunties emerging from the locker room, their long hair blowing in the breeze and swaying side to side as they walked to the track field. They smirked at us as they passed and took their positions on the track.

Ladies! Care to join us, Please shouted Ms. McCoy to my little group still hanging out by the fence.

Here we go I said know full well the abuse the boys were about to girl the girls.

Im sure the girls who get the high scores thought they had it worse but somehow, I thought the whole Bounce rating thing was juvenile and insulting to all the girls and maybe it was just my opinion but wouldnt the lower score be more embarrassing?

When I blow my whistle, you will all start running around the track. Take your time, this is not a race and please pace yourself. Ordered Ms. McCoy Count each lap as you go and when I blow my whistle again, report to me how many laps you completed. Ready, Set, Tweeeeeeeet! Ms. McCoy blew her whistle and all the girls started running. All the girls that is except for Jennifer and the Aunties. They did more than a walk but less than a jog, I guess you could call it a WOG around the track.

I, on the other hand was off to a good start. I always enjoying running for fun because it gave me time to clear my head and think things out. I somehow saw things much clearer when I was running, not that I was fast or anything and had no interest in joining the track team. I just like to run for the pleasure of it.

I was very near completing my first lap when I saw them. The boys were all line up along the track fence. As the group of girls approached, the boys pointed out one of us in the pack and they wrote down a number that they wanted to rate her on a sheet of notebook paper. As we got closer, they revealed the numbers like Olympic judges.

This time they chose Susan Ellis, a sophomore girl who got rated a 6.3, 5.0 and a 6.9 by the boys along the fence.

Why dont they have to run laps too I asked the girl keeping pace with me.

Them, they play on the football team and since their PE teacher is the football coach, he makes them run laps at practice so they never have to do them during PE. She told me.

So in other words, he encourages them to be pigs

I wouldnt say he encourages it, he just doesnt stop it.

I was well into my second lap when I saw Jennifer making her way towards the group of boys along the fence. The boys started blowing cat calls and wolf whistles at Jennifer and the Aunties as they Wogged their way closer. The boys were calling for Jennifer to put a little more bounce in her step so they could rate her better.

But as they approached, Jennifer and the Aunties did something none of the boys had expected, each of the girls grabbed the bottom of their shirts and pulled them up over their heads then completely off to reveal their sports bras. The boys frantically scribbled in their notebooks as Jennifer and the Aunties started to skip down the track. As they passed the boys, the scores read perfect 10s and Jennifer and the Aunties put their shirts back on and went back to their slow paced jogging.

By the time Ms. McCoy blew her whistle, I had managed to run 12 laps around the field and had only managed to score a “1 for a bounce rating. Jennifer and the Aunties were the only ones to have gotten perfect scores and only managed to do about 5 laps.

I was hot and sweaty as were many of the other girls so I knew why they insisted we take showers after PE today. Despite having to shower in such an open area, I was actually looking forward to cleaning up in a nice cool shower.

--------------------Locker Room & Suppositories-------------------

I returned to the locker room. There was a pile of big white towels stacked up by the door as I entered. I grabbed a towel then wrapped it around me while I stripped down and put my PE clothes in my locker then headed for the showers.

Having a room full of other naked girls around made it slightly less embarrassing to be undressed in a public shower so I just tried to relax and focused on getting myself clean. I had closed my eyes to wash my face when Jennifer and the Aunties came up behind me.

Look Ladies, my little girl is taking a shower all by herself. Jennifer said.

I cringed at the sound of her voice and lowered my head as I was instructed. I felt much more vulnerable standing there wet and naked in front of Jennifer than I did just a few moments ago.

I didnt know what she might me capable of now but somehow, I knew I was about to find out. Standing there without any clothes on, dripping wet, I could hear the sounds of the other girls leaving the showers and running to their lockers so as not to see what new fate Jennifer had for me.

I knew that the teachers sitting in their glass booth would not be able to see anything in the dark shadows of the shower area so long as they had the lights on in their office. I was also aware that any attempts to cry for help would only be turned back on me by Jennifer and the Aunties. I felt helpless against their whim.

Jennifer walked in front of me still wrapped in her towel and shut off the water. My eyes were pinned to the floor so as not to look her in the face. Dont struggle, my little one and it wont hurt a bit. She said to me as I felt 2 of the Aunties grab my arms and a third one touching my buttocks. I wasnt sure just exactly what their intent was but I felt something slip upward through my rectum and then another and another.

I had no idea what they had just done to me but as soon as I felt my rectum swallow the third, they released me and walked away. I found myself alone in the showers. I turned back to the showerhead and turned the water back on. I washed myself from head to toe all over again. I grabbed another clean towel and dried myself off before heading to my locker to get dressed.

I opened my locker and reached in to get my jeans but they werent there. Jennifer and the Aunties must have taken them. I looked for my PE clothes and those were missing as well. I looked back into my locker and found a brown paper bag with a note attached to it that read:

Dearest Abbie Baby,

Mommy is sorry but I had to take your big girl clothes away. Ive left you something to wear that is more befitting a little girl like you. I highly suggest you first put on the special undies I left for you because with the help from your Aunties, I have managed to give you a triple dose of suppository laxative. You should start to feel its effect within the next 20 minutes and I dont think you will have time to make it to the toilet once it starts working.

Ill see you during lunch, my sweet little girl.

With Love,


I was scared and still naked. I tore open the bag to see just what kind of sick joke Jennifer was now playing on me. In the bag was a pile of clothes neatly folded. I took them out and laid them on the bench. The first item was a small pink T-shirt with the words Mommys Girl ironed onto the front of it. The next item in the bag was a denim mini skirt that was altered to make it even shorter. Also in the bag was a pair of lace ankle socks, a pair of black ballet slippers. There was no undies like it said in the note, just a big white disposable diaper. I held the skirt up in front of me. The way it was altered there was no way it could be worn without something under it.

My stomach started to churn. I wondered if it was nerves or the laxative suppositories starting to work early. I knew I couldnt stay in the locker room all day and I couldnt get home in just a towel so I took hold of the diaper and unfolded it onto the bench. I laid myself down on it and pulled it up between my legs and fastened the tapes on either side. This was the oddest feeling but it certainly beat walking through the halls naked. As I sat up, I heard the diaper crinkle and felt it rub against my vagina. I grabbed the T-shirt and pulled it on over my head. It was really tight fitting but since I was flat chested, it wasnt very revealing on me. I pulled the skirt up over my diapered behind and fastened it around my waist. The end of the skirt flared out slightly at the bottom to give a very little girl like quality to it. I put the socks on next then slipped my feet into the ballet slippers. With the elastic strap that ran across them, they looked a lot like Mary Janes that Mom had put on me as a real little girl. I put my pacifier back around my neck and I made my way for the locker room door. The diaper rustled and crinkled with every step I took and the sound of it surrounded me in the darkness of the empty locker room. Just as the next PE class was coming in, I caught a quick glimpse of myself in the full length mirror on wall by the door. I hadnt noticed before but the bottom of the diaper showed past the hem of the skirt. There was nothing I could do about it now so put my pacifier in my mouth and I raced past all the girls coming in and headed straight for the nurses office with my wet pigtails slapping me in the side of the head all the way.

I thought if I can get to the nurses office and just tell her I dont feel well, she will surely send me home for the day and I can use my own toilet and change into some regular underwear.

As I ran through the halls, my stomach churned more and more. I caught the strange looks of people passing me in the hallway but I didnt have time to deal with that. I needed to get to the nurse and have her send me home sick. I felt the pressure building. I knew I didnt have long. I was beginning to pass gas despite the fact that I was clenching my buttocks together as I ran.

I finally reached the nurses office door and grabbed the doorknob and attempted to turn it. As I strained to turn the door handle, I felt a large wet farted escape between my butt checks. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I had a much bigger problem. I clenched the door handle harder and attempted again to turn it but it didnt budge.

In my frantic state, I had missed the note taped to the door that read. Nurse is Out. Please come back later.

I wanted to die right there on the spot. My bowels were about to erupt, I was wearing a diaper and clothes that showed it off. I was certain that things couldnt get worse, but they did.

I felt my bowels finally give up. My anus couldnt hold back the force from within any longer. I tried to stop it but the discomfort was too much. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around my stomach. My face felt like it was on fire. I closed my eyes and lowered my face to the floor. The hallway tiles felt cool upon my face as I was lay there on the floor straining against the medicine that had been inserted in my anus.

With one loud and long embarrassing fart, I felt my diaper fill. I thought the worst was over but the wet mess kept coming and each time was announced by another loud and long fart. I could feel the warm soft excretions spread over my ass and squish into every crack it could find. The pain was finally subsiding and a few more toots I knew the ordeal was behind me in more ways than one.

I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the floor. I had been laying there in the fetal position crapping my pants for a good 10 minutes and had attracted a small crowd of students. Jennifer and the Aunties were among them.

I sat up and felt the poop shift and squish into new places as I changed positions. It was warm and wet and all over me. I was surprised but I actually couldnt smell it but I knew it was there and I am sure everyone standing around me knew too because I heard one voice from the back of the crowd exclaim I think she just shit in her pants!

A resounding Ewwwww! swept over the crowd and then another voice yelled out Thats gross!

Another person shouted Is she wearing a diaper? and all eyes seemed to be diverted to what was showing under my short denim skirt. She must be special Ed or something someone in the back suggested.

---- merged double post ----

I knew there was no way to hide what had just happened. Everyone standing there saw it and heard it. I started to cry. I couldnt help myself, I was at my lowest, sitting on the floor with a pacifier around my neck in a feces filled diaper.

Of all the people standing there gawking, Jennifer was the only one to step forward to help me. There, there. Ill help you, Sweetie. She said in her kindest voice.

All the on lookers Awed as sweet Jennifer reached out to offer me aid. Had they had known that she is the one that caused this incident, they might have felt differently but for now, I was happy that she was able to remove me from the scene of my accident.

Jennifer took me into the schools main office and sat me down in a chair. Once again I felt the softness ooze around in my diaper. It seemed to get smoother and mushier every time I moved so I tried to avoid moving around.

Excuse me, Mrs. Collins? Jennifer said to get the attention of the school secretary. Hi, Im Jennifer Arnold and this here is Abigail Bell. Abigail just had, well she lowered her voice slightly to make it sound as if it was truly embarrassing sort of an accident¦in her¦ um, diaper and needs to get cleaned up.

Jennifer paused for a moment to let the thought sink in with Mrs. Collins and so she could get a good view of the kind of condition I was in. I know the nurse is out right now and this poor girls mother has to work so there is no one home to help her get cleaned up Jennifer was spinning her web with Mrs. Collins. so I was wondering if it would be okay if I took her home and helped her get cleaned up before we come back to school. We would really only be missing our study hall and lunch period. I am sort of her ˜School Buddy so I feel obliged to help her anyway I can.

I didnt know what Jennifer had meant by the term ˜School Buddy but if it meant she was the one responsible for making my life miserable and forcing me to poop my pants in a crowded hall, then she certainly was that.

Mrs. Collins saw me sitting there crying and unable to speak. Ill have to confirm it with your mother Jennifer, but I dont see a problem with it if its your lunch period. Go ahead but report back to me as soon as you are both back.

Jennifer walked over to where she had left me sitting and took hold of my hand. Come on, Abbie. Jennifer is going to take you home now. Get you all cleaned up, no more pooh-pooh in your diapee, Okay? she was talking to me as if I was a baby but considering the fact that I was sitting there in a shit filled diaper crying my eyes out, who was I to argue. At least I was getting to go home and I could get my own clothes back on and a fresh pair of underwear.

Jennifer walked holding my hand until we were off campus. It was nice of her to stand up for me and get me out of there, plus talking to Mrs. Collins about sending me home to get cleaned up helped too but why did Jennifer want to go with me. Couldnt she have just asked if I could go home on my own? I didnt care right now, I was happy just to be going home.

I didnt know whether or not to thank Jennifer for what she did about getting me out of there since she was the one that caused it all in the first place, well, she and the Aunties. I decided just not to say anything either way because I surely did appreciate not having to wear a poop filled diaper for the rest of the school day.

I led Jennifer to my house and we walked up the front steps. Its a good thing we got here when we did. With all the walking we just did, that diaper is starting to leak. Jennifer said as she spied the back of my diaper as I climbed the stairs up to my room. We had better get you out of that and into a fresh one quick.

Did my ears deceive me or did she just say into a fresh one? She couldnt possibly think that I was going to wear another diaper when I had a draw full of underwear at my disposal.

What makes you think I am going to put on another diaper? I questioned.

The contract you agreed to makes me think you will do what ever I tell you or you can kiss Mitch bye-bye before you ever get the chance to kiss him hello. She commanded. How do you think your Mitch would feel about you if he knew you just pooped your pants in the middle of the hallway at school, huh? Think he really wants a girlfriend who needs diapers? Think any guy wants that?

She was right but how was wearing another diaper in school going to keep him from finding out, I wondered. I didnt care. I am sure that if I didnt do as she said, she would go ahead and tell him, heck, the way gossip travels in that school, he may already know.

Okay, Ill do it. I conceded Just let me take a shower and clean up first. Ill be a few minutes I said as I went into the bathroom to take a shower.

I went into the bathroom and started the shower. I peeled off the tight T-shirt and slipped off the short skirt. I slipped my feet out of the ballet slipper and lace ankle socks and looked up at the mirror as it just started to fog. The image I saw was me standing there in a saggy poop filled diaper with pigtails in my hair. Had I not known better, I would have thought it was a blown up picture of me when I was 2 from my mothers scrapbook.

I undid the tapes on one side of the diaper and revealed so much more than a mess. The smell that I couldnt smell before had been trapped inside the diaper but had now been released into the small bathroom. I nearly gagged from the stench of it but continued to take off the diaper. I folded it up and tossed it into the trash can then stepped into the warm shower. I felt the water rush over me and the mess run down my legs. The water at the bottom of the shower was brown and nasty. I took the handheld showerhead from its perch and put it between my legs to flush out any areas that might still contain a poopy mess.

I lathered and rinsed the area clean with soap several times and then once more to make sure I had really gotten it all out. When I felt I was truly clean, I turned off the water and toweled off. The room was steamy from my long hot shower as I stepped naked onto the soft bathmat. I walked to the mirror and wiped away the fog from it. I jumped back because I saw two faces in the mirror, mine and Jennifers.

What are you doing in here? I exclaimed.

Oh please, Ive seen you naked already. Remember, today, in the girls showers? I was the one with the suppositories for you she reminded me.

But this is my bathroom, you shouldnt be in here I yelled.

Wah, Wah, Wah. Your bathroom, the locker room, theres no big difference. If its okay to see you naked, whats the difference somewhere else? she pointed out. Okay, I only came in here to tell you to hurry, we have a lot to do before we head back to school.

Okay, let me just get some clothes to¦ I started to say but Jennifer interrupted me.

What, you didnt like the clothes I picked out for you? I thought they were sweet.

You want me to wear them back to school? I asked.

Sure, they didnt get dirty, only your diaper did she smirked. Just grab the clothes and come in here, Ive got everything we need laid out on your bed.

I wasnt sure exactly what everything meant. I thought Jennifer just wanted me to put on another diaper and get dressed again. Boy was I wrong. Little did I know it but Jennifer had packed quite a few things in her backpack and now they were laid out on my bed just waiting for me.

I saw what looked like medical supplies, rubber gloves and 2 plastic syringes that were full of clear substances. There was a bowl of water, a damp wash cloth, a razor and a can of shaving cream. A folded disposable diaper was sitting next to a towel that laid open on the bed. The bottle of baby powder and the rash cream I bought for her on Friday were there as well.

Lay down Jennifer instructed.

What for? I asked.

Dont question Mommy again, just be a good little girl and do as I say she demanded.

I walked over to the bed and sat on the towel draped edge.

I said ˜Lay Down Jennifer repeated loud and more sternly.

I slowly lowered my body onto the bed clutching the towel that was wrapped around my freshly showered body.

Jennifer pulled open the lower portion of the towel to display my pubic area that was lightly covered in short curly hairs. I flinched as she did this and felt ashamed of the position I was now in. My knees were bent over the edge of the bed with my feet just inches from the floor as Jennifer towered over me.

This isnt much growth but any is too much Jennifer informed me.

I wasnt quite sure what she was talking about but figured what she meant would soon become very apparent.

Putting one hand on each of my thighs, she forced my legs apart and knelt down between my legs to prevent me from closing them again. She took hold of the can of shaving cream and squirted it onto my crotch and then rubbed it in with her hand. She took the disposable razor and soaked it in the bowl of warm water for a moment then brought it to my pubic area.

You had better hold still. I dont want to end up cutting you she said to me in an almost caring tone of voice. I froze in place to obey her order. I really didnt want to end up cut no matter what she was planning to do.

She put the razors blade onto my shaving cream covered skin and drew it downward from my pelvis towards my rectum leaving a completely bald patch of skin in its wake. She rinsed the cream and hair off the razor in the bowl of warm water before bringing the razor back to what I had once considered my private region and took another pass at the shaving cream covered areas.

She repeated this over and over until there was no shaving cream or hair left anywhere down there. My pubic area was bald and barren of hair as it had been before puberty started. I unclenched my right hand from the towel I was wearing and reached it down there to feel the smooth and fuzz free skin that covered my vagina. It was so soft and felt so clean.

Jennifer smiled as she watched me explore my new shaven skin. Did I do a good job? she asked.

Realizing that she was watching me, I pulled my hand back quickly to its original position on my towel. I must have blushed a little because she commented Well, Im not done yet so it might be better that you dont touch it just yet.

With that, Jennifer put on a pair of rubber gloves and picked up a strange piece of rubber tubing encased in a plastic package that was clear on one side and white on the other with the word Sterile written over and over on it in bold letters. I could see that the rubber tube had 2 differently shaped ends. One end was rounded almost to a point while the other forked off into two unequal shaped open ends. Jennifer tore open the end of the package to access the rounded end of the tubing. She peeled the clear and white sides of the packaging apart slightly like a banana then picked up one of the two syringes. She squeezed a small amount of clear gel onto the tip of the tubing.

This might feel a little weird at first, but I promise, it wont hurt she said.

Taking the tubing still in its packaging in her right hand and using the fingers of her left hand to spread the hairless folds of my vagina, Jennifer inserted the gel covered tip of the tubing into my urethra.

She was right. It was a weird feeling and I flinched a bit as she did it. Once she had penetrated me with the tubing, she released her hold on me with her left hand. She continued to push the tubing deeper and deeper inside me as she peeled back the packaging with her gloved covered hands. I could feel the tubing slipping up deeper inside me, inch by inch. It really wasnt painful but caused me to feel like I needed to pee.

Dont give into the urge just yet she said as if she was reading my mind. Im not done yet. Once she seemed satisfied with how far she had inserted the tubing and had managed to completely peel the packaging apart, Jennifer picked up the second of the 2 syringes. This time she attached it to the smaller of the two openings on the forked end of the tube now hanging out of me. She depressed the entire contents of the plunger into the tubing, yet I felt nothing change. She pulled slightly on the tubing and some of it slipped back out of me.

I was beginning to wonder what she had just injected deep inside me when I suddenly felt the tubing being jerked. It was stuck and she was unable to pull it out of me.

What did you just do? I asked in a frantic voice.

Inserted a catheter into your bladder. You will not be able to take it out unless I give you permission or the tools to do so she informed me. Now lift your butt so I can diaper you.

She had just done WHAT in my WHERE and was now going to WHAT? None of this sounded good at all but it seemed it was too late to argue that point now. I lifted my legs and allowed Jennifer to unfold the disposable diaper beneath me.

Okay, lower your legs and lets finish up, lunch is nearly over. She commanded.

I lowered my legs back down. Jennifer picked up the rash cream and spread a thick coating of it on my labia and clean shaven vagina. Next she sprinkled on a dusting of baby powder.

Urine started to slowly run out of the opening of the catheter. Even though I didnt feel myself peeing, I felt the diaper beneath me starting to get wet.

Good, its working she remarked then she pulled the front of the diaper up firmly over my stomach. She grabbed the back corner of the diaper that was to my left and yanked it until it nearly met the middle of the diaper covering my belly and attached the two tapes, she rubbed on the tapes firmly then repeated this same procedure on the right side. By the time she was done fastening all four of the diapers tapes, it was so snug I could barely breath.

This diaper was a lot tighter than the one I had put on myself in the locker room earlier and ended up making such a mess of. I started to sit up thinking that she was finally finished with me, but as was often the case with assuming anything about Jennifer, I was wrong.

Stay right there, I almost forgot something. Jennifer reached into her backpack and pulled out a folded piece of pink plastic. She unfolded it with a snap of her wrists and it fell into the shape of a pair of panties with pink ruffles on them. These are called rumba panties but I prefer to call them ˜Fancy Pants she said with a smile. Arent they the cutest?

Puppies were cute and so were kittens. I didnt see how underwear, plastic ones no less, with ruffles on them could be considered cute.

Jennifer bent down and put my feet one at a time through the openings then pulled the panties up my thighs as far as she could with me still laying on the bed. Stand up, please she said.

I sat up slowly and as I did, I felt a rush of wet warmth enter the diaper and immediately disperse into its thickness. The device inserted in me was doing its job if its job was to make me wet myself without being able to control when and where.

I scooted closer to the end of the bed until my feet were flat on the floor and stood up. This time the catheter let a larger rush of urine free into my diaper and I felt a pool of it form around my vagina before it soaked into the diaper. It felt almost hot around my bare skin and without the hair there anymore, I could feel the diaper begin to swell and press tighter and tighter.

Jennifer was about to pull the rumba panties up over the diaper when she noticed the wetness indicator on the diaper had changed colors. I guess we finished just in time now didnt we she said as she finished pulling up the plastic ruffled panties and properly positioned them over the diaper. Now go put on the clothes you had on earlier so we can get back to school.

I walked towards the bathroom and heard the diaper crinkle with each step and the rumba panties made their own sound as the diaper shifted from side to side inside them. It was similar to the sound that new corduroy pants make when you wear them for the first time. I picked up the clothes and carried them back into the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom, I once again caught a glimpse of myself in the oversized vanity mirror. I was in a diaper with a pair of baby like plastic pants with pink ruffles on my backside. What was worse, I was currently wetting the diaper I was wearing and didnt have the ability to stop myself. Jennifer had seen to that.

I grabbed the skirt and shirt off the floor and quickly put them on. I closed the toilet lid and sat down on it while I put my ruffled ankle socks back on and then the black ballet slippers. I stood up and felt another rush of warmth enter the diaper. I tried to ignore it but that was nearly impossible. It seems removing all the hair I had down there made my skin much more sensitive and so as the diaper filled, I felt everything. I walked to the counter and picked up a hair brush. I fixed my hair into two perfect pigtails once again, put my pacifier around my neck, turned and left the bathroom. I glanced back at the mirror once more and saw the image of a rather large toddler staring back at me. This time, instead of seeing the diaper, I could see the ruffles of the Fancy Pants sticking out from under my very short skirt. I turned off the light and joined Jennifer who was waiting for me downstairs by the door.

Lets go or were going to be late she said as she hurried me out the door. We walked along not saying a word to each other for quite a long time. The only thing I heard was the sounds of the diaper I was wearing crinkling and the rumba pants rubbing against them. To me they sounded so loud and I wondered if Jennifer could hear it as well.

Little by little and step by step we got closer to the school. It felt like the closer we got the louder the diaper had become. I couldnt stand it any more so I asked Can you hear that?

Hear what? Jennifer replied.

The diaper, can you hear the noise the diaper is making? I begged.

You mean ˜Can I hear the noise YOUR diaper is making? she repeated but putting emphasis on the word ˜Your as if I might have been referring to someone elses.

What? I questioned and had only just realized that it truly was Mine. Up until now, I had kept thinking of it as something that hadnt belonged to me, that somehow it was Jennifers and I was just sort of holding it for her. It dawned on me suddenly that the diaper was on me and was slowly filling with my urine so it truly was indeed MY diaper. I hadnt even considered that before. I was not just wearing a diaper, I was wearing MY diaper and I was on my way back to school in it.

I stopped in my tracks completely aware of what just ran through my head. Jennifer, er-um, Mommy? I corrected myself how long will I have to wear my diaper and this thing you put in me?

That particular diaper will need to be changed before the end of the day if you keep wetting it the way you are right now. Jennifer seemed to be figuring out the rest of the answer in her head and the catheter should stay in for as long as possible, with some care taken to make sure it is cleaned. The longer it stays in the less it will hurt when it is time to take it out. I would say a few days should be fine.

A few DAYS? rang through my head like a church bell. How was I supposed to keep this thing in me and wetting for a few DAYS?

Dont look so alarmed Jennifer said trying to comfort me. Ive taken steps to make sure you will be properly supplied with what you need. Look for a box to come to you in the mail tomorrow, until then, I left a few extras in your room to get you started.

I couldnt believe what she was telling me. She had expected me to wear diapers for a few days and even in front of my parents while this¦this thing inside me kept dripping and pouring urine out of my bladder?

I want this thing out of me right now! I demanded.

Oh, Im sorry, but Im going to be late for school and if I take it out right now, it will hurt. You have to give your body time to adjust to it before you pull it out again she said as she continued to walk. Dont worry, it wont be so bad, I promise.

I had no choice but to trust her because she was the only one who knew about my current diaper condition and who would I tell? I started following her to school again waddling behind her all the way because of the thickness of MY diaper between my legs.

When we arrived back at school, we checked back in at the office and headed for the lunch room. We had about 8 minutes left in our lunch period so we both went into the lunch room together but split up just inside the doors. I walked up to the lunch line and grabbed a yogurt and an apple, paid for it and joined my friends at our table. The four of them were sitting there still wearing their pacifiers around their necks.

What are you wearing? Erika asked me as I approached the table.

The T-shirt with Mommys Girl written across my chest was painfully noticeable and not worth trying to hide, as was the extremely short skirt.

You wouldnt believe me if I told you I answered.

Try us Betsy answered back.

Well, it seems that my special friends have seen fit to steal my clothes and leave me nothing but this to wear in their place I informed my companions. But they also managed to¦well, lets just say medicate me so that I would have sort of¦well, an accident.

Oh my God Ashley interjected what did you do?

I had an accident I confessed I had tried to make it to the nurse but she was out of the office and right there, outside her office, I¦

You can skip the details Betsy offered I think we get it.

Well, Jennifer came along and helped me to the main office and convinced them to let her take me to my house to get cleaned up again. I told them. She told them she was my ˜School Buddy, what ever that means and they let her take me home.

She told them she was your ˜School Buddy Erika repeated. I cant believe that.

Why, what does it mean? I inquired.

A ˜School Buddy is what they call the kids who assist with the mentally handicap kids from special ed. She pretty much told the office staff that you are retarded.

I could feel the anger growing inside me. She pretended to be so nice after what she did to me and then convinced the office staff that I was mentally disabled. I hoped I would never have to show my face in there again and especially while I was diapered like I was right now.

Okay, so once Jennifer got you back to your house, what did she do? Elaine asked.

That was a good question and I didnt know what to tell my friends. Should I tell them the truth that Jennifer shaved off my pubic hair, inserted a urinary catheter in me that was even as we spoke was causing me to wet the diaper she had also put on me and then dressed me in ˜fancy pants. I thought that was all a bit too much information for them to hear at this time in this very public place but I had to tell them something.

She made me put on a pair of these special panties that she calls ˜fancy pants I told them. I figured they were likely to see them anyway when I was walking.

Is that all? Betsy inquired again.

Did Betsy know something? Why would she ask that? Didnt she trust me to tell the truth?

Yeah, well, she may have done more but I really dont want to talk about it, especially here. Its kind of embarrassing. I whispered.

Just then the bell rang out announcing that lunch was now over. I stood up and began to walk out of the lunch room. I popped my pacifier into my mouth and my friends did the same as we walked to our next classes.

During my next few classes, I felt the diaper continue to grow wetter and heavier. It was also becoming thick and bulky between my legs. I was beginning to find it difficult to keep my knees together as I walked. Each time I thought about what was actually happening below my clothing, how I was unable to stop myself from peeing in my diaper, I felt a little more insecure and ashamed.

During 6th period, I had received a note from Jennifer to meet her in the freshman girls bathroom immediately after class. I didnt like the sound of it but perhaps she was ready to release me from my current state and was actually going to remove the catheter. I eagerly waited for the bell to ring and with my pacifier back in my mouth, I rushed to the girls room.

As I entered, I saw the Aunties in there standing in their usual place in front of the mirror reapplying their make-up. Jennifer entered just behind me and slid the industrial sized trash can in front of the door to prevent anyone else from coming in on us.

I looked around quickly to see if there were any witnesses in the stalls who could help me in case I needed them but the only ones in the room were the Aunties, Jennifer and I.

Jennifer walked up to me and stood nose to forehead with me. I diverted my eyes to the floor and as I did, I saw Jennifers hand reach out and up the end of my short little skirt. I felt a slight pressure on the diaper as if it was being squeezed and quickly released.

Yep, I was right Jennifer reported. This little girl needs her diaper changed.

The Aunties giggled but moved quickly as they spread out a blanket on the tiled floor. Two of the Aunties grabbed my arms from behind and lowered me onto the blanket. Jennifer leaned over me and placed my pacifier between my lips and forced it through my teeth.

The two Aunties that had hold of my arms kept me pinned to the blanket as Jennifer grabbed the waistband of the ˜fancy pants and pulled them down to and off my ankles exposing my saturated diaper to the other Aunties who were standing all around watching. She forced me to bend my knees and spread my legs.

Jennifer began talking to the Aunties as if she was giving a lesson on diaper changing. First you must pull down the plastic pants if your baby is wearing any. They are good to have because they help prevent the diaper from leaking and soaking your babys clothes. To make sure your baby is actually in need of a diaper change, you want to give the crotch of the diaper a good firm pinch, like this she said as she demonstrated to the group of attentive Aunties.

If the diaper springs back, it doesnt need to be changed just yet, but if it feels soft and mushy and doesnt spring back, like this one, its likely that your baby has fully filled their diaper and will need to be changed to avoid getting a diaper rash she continued.

I was so totally ashamed at what I was hearing and knew My diaper needed to be changed and Jennifer was intent on doing it right here in front of all the Aunties. I turned my head and closed my eyes. I tried to imagine I was anywhere else but where I was in a wet diaper and having to be changed in front of a bunch of girls in didnt know or like.

Youll want to peel back the tapes on each side and as you fold back the front of the wet or soiled diaper, you can use it to wipe the area to be cleaned she continued to go step by step showing the others exactly what she meant. Wipes! She order and one of the Aunties responded with Here you are.

Thanks. Next youll want to take a fresh clean baby wipe and clean off any residual mess, baby powder or diaper rash cream. As Jennifer performed this step, I felt a cold wet cloth against my pubic area and her wiping it down towards my rear end. Make sure you wipe from front to back as so you dont get any poop into the folds of your babys vagina and cause an infection.

I knew all the Aunties were getting a clear view of my naked and bald pussy with the catheter hanging out of me and I started to weep. Jennifer ignored my sobs and continue her lecture if the baby is really messy, you might need a lot of wipes. Just place the used ones in the soiled diaper before taking the next. Once your baby is all clean, lift their butt up and pull the soiled diaper out from under their bottom making sure to give the butt another quick wipe. I felt a sharp quick slap to my right buttock and immediately lifted my ass off the wet diaper.

Jennifer gave my butt a last quick wipe and placed a new diaper beneath me. You have to do this step pretty quickly since your baby may not be able to keep from peeing while you are switching diapers she warned. For the first few times, You may want to get the clean diaper unfolded before removing the soiled one to make this process quicker. Once the diaper is under your babys bottom correctly, lower the babys bottom onto the diaper. I took this as my cue to put my butt down.

Make sure to apply a good thick layer of the diaper rash cream at every diaper change. You dont want your little one to end up with a nasty rash. I felt her fingers spread the cream all over my crotch and into each fold of skin. She wiped her hands off on a baby wipe and continued A fresh dusting of baby powder on your babys bottom and in the diaper will help to ensure that your baby stays cool, dry and comfortable for longer in the fresh diaper. The smell of baby powder filled the air as I felt it fall on my crotch like a gentle snow.

Now grab the front of the diaper and pull it up firmly to your baby’s belly. You want the diaper to be nice and tight to help avoid any leaks or sagging she informed the class.

Now starting on one side, stretch the sides from the back of the diaper forward and tape them in place, like this. Rub the tapes in place to make sure the adhesive sticks really well or youll have them popping off. Do the same to the other side making sure the diaper is very snug on your babys bottom and across the tummy.

I knew the lecture was almost over because I was now in a fresh dry diaper. It felt thin by comparison to the wet and bulky one that Jennifer had just removed.

Roll up the dirty diaper with the wipes inside and refasten the tapes to keep it closed then toss it in the trash. Any questions? Jennifer polled her students.

I have one replied Auntie Meagan What keeps your baby from taking off the diaper on their own and running naked if they choose. Her question sounded so rehearsed.

Good question, Meg Jennifer responded If your baby is a naughty one and you want to make sure they dont take off their own diaper, you can use a pair of these. I looked up to see Jennifer holding a pair of plastic pants in the air. They were different from the pair of ˜fancy pants she had put on me earlier. These didnt have any ruffles on them and around the waist there was a small gold chain and lock. These are Locking panties and once you put them on your baby and tighten the chain around their waist, they will be unable to gain access to their diaper until you unlock them with your key.

I began to fear that Jennifer was about to put this new torture device on me but she continued I trust my baby wont be trying to take off her diaper any time soon so I will just put her ˜fancy pants back on over her diaper. I personally think they are cuter, dont you agree?

A consensus of Oh much and definitely and even a few Way cuters echoed in the room as Jennifer put the rumba panties on me. The Two Aunties that had been restraining me let go and stood up. Jennifer returned to her feet and announced That is the conclusion of our lesson today. Thank you all for coming and a special thanks to those who did their part to help out.

The Aunties made their way to the door and pushed the trash can out of the way and exited the bathroom. I scrambled to my feet with the pacifier still in my mouth and wiped away the tears from my eyes.

A small amount of urine trickled from the catheter and I felt its warmth on my skin as it expanded out across my diaper and then soaked into the dry surface.

Jennifer had finished washing her hands and was not standing in front of the mirror primping her hair.

Why are you doing this to me? I begged as the pacifier dropped from my lips. Why do you feel the need to humiliate me like this?

Im sorry, do you want out of our deal? Jennifer asked smugly. It doesnt seem wise to me but if you want me to stop all this, I will and Ill just finish you off in this school for good. Youll have no chance with Mitch by the time Im done.

I was less interested in trying to impress Mitch now but she was right. I had come this far with her abuse and it had actually given her more ammunition to use against me to ruin my reputation in this school forever. She already had some people believing that I was a special education student who wore diapers and pooped in my pants. She had shaven my private parts clean, inserted a catheter into my bladder that was now causing me to drip into a diaper uncontrolled and had even used me to demonstrate proper diaper changing techniques to all her friends in the girls bathroom. How much worse could it get from here?

No, I dont want to break our deal, I just want to know what else you are planning to do to me I whimpered.

Thats for me to know and you to find out when it happens she said still focused on her reflection in the mirror. She hadnt stopped staring at herself the during our entire conversation. You had been toddle off before you are late for class, Sweetie. Ill see you next period.

I realized that she was right. I needed to bolt out of there if I was going to make it to my next class on time. I raced into the hallway which was nearly empty telling me that I had little time to spare. I had forgotten all about putting my pacifier in my mouth and felt it bouncing off my chest as I raced for the science lab for Earth science class. The sound of my diaper was louder than ever as I ran. I think the few people that remained in the halls must have heard it because the turned their heads as I approached and followed me as I passed.

Crinkle, Crinkle, CRINKLE I heard in combination of the thumping of my heart as I neared the corner to enter the science wing. The ballet slippers I was wearing didnt make much noise as I ran but also didnt afford me any traction on the highly polished hallway floors. As I attempted the turn, I felt myself slide across the floor and I crashed into a passing student. I made a quick apology to him and started running towards my classroom. I entered into the room just as the bell sounded but the slippers had once again lived up to their name as I slid into the teachers desk as I tried to stop.

I regained my balance and found my seat in the class room. I could feel that during my jog through the halls, the catheter was also working harder because now my diaper was wetter than before.

Where have you been? Betsey whispered to me from the seat behind me. I was getting worried about you.

I¦I¦I stammered. How was I supposed to tell her that I was getting my diaper changed in the girls room by Jennifer in front of all the Aunties. I was in the bathroom I finally confessed.

Which girls room, the one in Canada? she joked.

I tried to laugh at her joke but I was really just wanted to drop the whole subject and focus on science. Good one, I told her. There was a line I said hoping she would believe me.

We turned our attention to the teacher and I took out my science book and opened it to the page that was described on the chalkboard and placed the book as far forward as I could and comfortably still see the pages. I placed my coloring book under the text book and pulled it closer to me so that I could see the image of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn well enough to color it. I was trying to listen carefully to the teacher as he lectured on and on about photosynthesis and chlorophyll but I was having trouble concentrating.

It wasnt that I found the topic boring, in fact I was fascinated by it, I just needed to finish coloring the picture to give to Jennifer and the fact that I was sitting there in class wearing a diaper that was growing wetter and wetter continuously was distracting at best. I tried frantically to finish coloring the picture without getting spotted by the teacher so I ended up just scribbling over most of it.

I had certainly not done my best work on this page but at least I had finished it before having to meet up with Jennifer before 8th period. I was hoping that after English, she would end my torture and take the catheter out because I had to go to work at Pops after school and didnt know how I would explain what I was wearing to my father.

By the end of science class, I found that my diaper had managed to swell again with urine. It wasnt as bad yet as the one Jennifer had changed earlier but it certainly wasnt dry anymore. As I stood up, I heard the diaper crinkle again and felt another rush of urine against my smooth hairless crotch. It seemed as if science had taught me that gravity helps play and important roll in wetting.

Hey Bets, I forgot to ask you I asked as she was getting to leave the room. Would you be interested in helping out in my Dads ice cream shop this weekend? We could really use the help.

Sure, sounds fun. She replied Ill see ya after last bell, okay?

Okay, I said as I turned to go towards my last class of the day and placed my pacifier in my mouth.

I walked along sucking on the pacifier, feeling the wet diaper rub against my vagina. It felt odd that no one had noticed or said anything to me about it or the accident I had in front of the nurses office earlier. It actually didnt make much sense to me but I was not about to complain. I enjoyed not feeling like I was sticking out like a sore thumb. I still managed to avoid eye contact with most people in the halls though.

As I rounded the corner to enter the Language Arts wing, I suddenly bumped into something. My books went crashing to the floor as I turned my gaze up from the floor to see what I had just so carelessly walked into. As I lifted my chin, I found myself face to face with Mitch.

Here, let me help you he said as he knelt down to pick up my belongings.

I was in such a state of shock I stood frozen in place with my mouth stuffed full of pink pacifier. Mitch gathered up my papers and from down on one knee he peered up at me. You Okay? he asked.

I nodded my head but still unable to find the words locked eyes with him, that is until I saw him look down just slightly below the hem line of my skirt.

My pink plastic ˜fancy pants were already visible to the naked eye but to someone kneeling on the floor looking up, they must have been completely unavoidable especially with the large wet and bulky diaper underneath. I crossed my legs to try to block his view but it was much to little too late.

Mitch stood up, handed me my things and said Here you go and walked off. He was such a gentleman, he didnt say a word or tease me about anything he had just seen. I turned my head and watched as he walked off down the hall and turned the next corner.

Thanks I finally forced out from my lips as the pacifier fell from my mouth. ˜Real smooth I thought to myself. You finally have a chance to talk to him and you stand there with a pacifier in your mouth, wetting your diaper. Oh my god, he saw my diaper¦and he saw me buy them on Friday¦and I lied and said they were for my fat baby brother. He must think I am such a jerk.

I continued on to my English class. I knew that if there was anyway I was going to correct my mistakes with Mitch, I was going to have to rely on Jennifer to do it. She was my only source to Mitch but what more would I have to endure for her help.

I tried to listen as the teacher taught that class but I was too focused on how to get Mitch to like me, how wet was my diaper already and how could I prevent having to wear a diaper while I worked with this catheter in me.

Miss Bell, are you with us? the teachers voice beckoned.

Yes, Maam. Sorry, Im with you I replied.

I put all that out of my head and concentrated on the class until the bell rang. It was now time to go home but first I had to meet up with Jennifer and then with Betsy.

I rushed my soggy behind to my locker to gather what I needed for homework then met up with Jennifer at her locker. She was alone for a change. I needed to beg her to take this thing out of me so I could go to work.

Jenni¦I mean Mommy, I need you to take that thing out. I have to work and I¦I started but was interrupted.

No, I wont. You will just have to deal with it, wont you? She replied.

But if you dont, Ill just keep¦you know¦.I was ashamed to say it out loud.

Youll just keep wetting Jennifer finished for me in a not so discreet voice.

Shhhhh¦I dont want everyone to know. I said.

Baby, they already do know. You think you are hiding anything from these people? Come on. This is High School. These guys watched you crap your pants in the hall earlier today, do you think they dont know youre wearing a diaper right now? She replied.

I felt my face redden and tried not to look around to come face to face with anyone but I couldnt help myself and I turned my head in time to watch several people walking by snicker.

But I have to work at my Dads store, I dont want him to know. Please, you have to take it out I begged.

I dont have to do anything, but if you want to break off the deal, than Ill take it out.

I wasnt sure Jennifer was right that EVERYONE in the school knew about my wearing a diaper because my own friends hadnt noticed and how could I be sure that those kids walking by were even laughing at me.

Fine, Ill leave it in but I cant keep wearing this diaper forever. How do I stop this thing from leaking? I asked.

You dont she informed me. You are to keep that in and flowing into a diaper and we will discuss when I remove it tomorrow. For now, I suggest you had better run home before that diaper leaks and get yourself a new one.

Jennifer had mentioned earlier that she was leaving me a small supply of diapers at home and since I didnt want my Dad to see me dressed like this, I figured I had better get home quick to change my clothes and my diaper before heading to the ice cream shop.

I turned and ran out the school door so fast and most of the way home. I wasnt sure how I was going to explain wearing a diaper to my Dad so I figured I would need to wear a loose fitting pair of pants over it.

As I ran, I felt the urine continue to flow from the catheter and the diaper grow even wetter. I reached my house and raced for my bedroom. I looked around to see where Jennifer had put the diapers she said she left but didnt see any out in plain sight.

Where would she have put them? I said to myself. I looked under the bed and in the closet but there was nothing there. Then I looked across the room at my dresser. Would she have gone into my drawers? I stepped closer to the dresser and pulled open the top drawer.

Sure enough there they were in 4 stacks of 4, Adult diapers. They were laying right there in my underwear drawer next to my¦my¦oh my. Jennifer must have taken

I tore out the 3 freshly colored pages from the coloring book and pushed them through the air vents in Jennifers locker. I was able to get dressed in peace without the cruelty of Jennifer standing over me. I took the pacifier off from around my neck and put it on the bench as I undressed and put my PE clothes on then put the pacifier cord back around my neck. I grabbed my hall pass and made my own way to the gym. I found Ms. McCoy already giving instructions to the other girls and walked up to hand her my hall pass then headed to my squad line to await instructions.

Miss Bell I heard from behind me. It was Ms. McCoy. I turned to face her thinking she was going to yell at me for wearing the pacifier around my neck or for being late despite the note from Mrs. Michelanti.

Dont you want this back? she asked as I looked at her puzzled. For your next class? Didnt you read your own note, it says here this is a FULL DAY hall pass.

I was surprised. I had never heard of one of those before but obviously Ms. McCoy didnt have a problem with it. I walked back over to her and collected the piece of paper from her and put it in my pocket. This might not be such a bad day after all.

Jennifer stayed away from me during PE which was a second big surprise. I thought surely she would have something else up her sleeve for me by PE but she must have been still so proud of her latest prank that she was gloating and recounting the whole thing to her friends.

Betsy, Erika, Ashley and Elaine had not been immune to the gossip in the halls and had already heard about my sucking on a pacifier in homeroom and in the halls. I figured it was time to confess to my friends that I had actually made a deal with the devil-like Jennifer and that I was regretting it.

If I break the deal off now though, she will still trash me in the school and if this is what she can do when I am still in her good favor, I cant imagine what she will do to me if she is mad at me I confided in my friends.

Hey, I have an idea said Betsy. What if each of us comes to school on Monday with a pacifier around our necks that way you wont be alone and no one will know which one of us you are?

Thats a generous offer Betsy, but are you sure you want that humiliation. I asked.

Its the least we can do to help a friend added Elaine. Wouldnt you do the same for us?

Of course I would but I dont feel right asking you guys to risk your reputations like that.

You didnt ask us added Ashley We offered and Im okay with it. I havent got a reputation to worry about.

I was deeply touched by their offer and knew that there was no way to stop them from doing it even if I told them not to. Are you guys sure you want to do this? I asked again.

Certainly Agreed Erika who knows, we could start some kind of new trend.

I felt very lucky to have such good friends. Not one of them gave me the We told you so speech and they were all willing to put themselves at risk for humiliation to help me. They might have been a bit delusional about starting a new trend though. I dont think a handful of freshman girls wearing pacifiers around their necks was really going to invoke a new fashion but at least their hearts were in the right place.

After PE, I took my time returning to the locker room. Since I had a full day hall pass, I could afford to take my time getting there and avoiding Jennifer and the Aunties again. I stopped in the hallway on the way and got a long drink of water from the fountain as the rest of the girls walked by. I saw the boys file past too and took the opportunity to get another long glance at Mitch. He was fooling around in the hallway with a couple of his friends on their way to the boys locker room. I saw a school mascot on his shirt and could read that it said Swim Team in bold letters above it. He certain seemed to have the upper body of someone who worked out a lot and his legs were rippled with muscles as well. I continued to sip from the fountain but altered my body position so as not to lose sight of him as he and his friends bounded behind me towards the entrance to the locker room.

He must have sensed me staring at him because he stopped and looked back at me. He smiled and I saw his pearly white teeth gleam in the light of the hall. Embarrassed that I was caught staring, I turned back forward and took another sip of water but had inhaled just at the same time and choked a bit. Fortunately, he had walked into the doorway and out of sight before I started a coughing fit and ended up spitting water down the front of my T-shirt.

When I returned to the locker room, it was a buzz with the sound of all the girls talking. Many of them had already finished changing their clothes and were waiting for the bell to ring.

I might have dreaded the upcoming sound of the bell if it were not for the special hall pass that I had tucked in my pocket. I took off my T-shirt as I rounded the corner into the row of lockers where my locker was. Jennifer and the Aunties had already finished dressing and were standing in front of the mirrors brushing their hair and admiring themselves. This seemed to be their favorite past time other than tormenting me and I was thankful they were distracted.

I hadnt finished taking off my PE clothes when the bell signaled our release from the dark locker room. I took my time as I finished putting my jeans on, put my PE shorts and T-shirt back into my locker and stuffed the hall pass into the front pocket of my jeans. I slipped on my dry shirt and pulled the pacifier that hung on a string around my neck through the opening of my shirt so it could rest upon my chest again.

Girls from the next PE class started to enter the room as I grabbed up my books, clutched them to my chest and left the dark dungeon like locker room. The lights in the hallway always seemed brighter after leaving the locker room and I squinted for a moment as my eyes adjusted. The hall wasnt empty yet but there certainly were fewer kids in it then normal. I waited a minute or two more to give the passageway a little more time to clear, then I stuck the pacifier in my mouth and made my way to my next class. Jennifer couldnt say that I wasnt following her directions because I certainly did have the pacifier in my mouth as I walked through the halls between classes today. Thanks to the hall pass Mrs. Michelanti had given me, I didnt have to worry anymore about being embarrassed in the halls, at least for today.

At lunch time, I found my friends sitting in the cafeteria at what we now declared our table. It was in perfect view of the table that Mitch sat at with his friends but also in view of Jennifer and the Aunties table though not close enough to hear any of the conversations from either table. I spent much of the lunch period daydreaming about Mitch but all the while wondering what Jennifer had been concocting in the evil brain of hers. She seemed less interested in staring at me for some reason today. I really hadnt felt her cold stare on me since homeroom. I thought for a moment that maybe she has grown bored with this game since I was actually doing everything I was told to do by her.

That thought disappeared as one of the Aunties approached and dropped a note on the table in front of me.

Your mommy wanted you to have this she said as she walked back towards her own table.

I unfolded the note and read it to myself.

Meet me at the supermarket in town at 3:30 today, Dont be late.

Betsy was the first to ask what was obviously on the minds of everyone sitting at our table Whats it say?

She wants me to meet her at the supermarket in town at 3:30 today I told them.

The supermarket? Erika questioned. What does she want to do to you there?

Beats me but I guess I will find out at 3:30 I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

We should go with you added Ashley for moral support or witnesses.

Its okay, I dont think she would do anything to me in public that she could get in trouble for. Shes too slick for that I replied.

Are you sure? asked Elaine in a concerned voice.

Im sure I said trying to convince them as well as myself that Jennifer wouldnt do anything stupid in public, even to me.

I continued on my day leaving every class a minute of two late so as to give the halls sufficient time to empty then placing the pacifier in my mouth until reaching the door of my next class. I was actually beginning to accept the fact and found myself not lowering my head as much as I walked down the hall. Sure, the few people who were still in the hall did a double take as I passed them, but I hadnt heard any snickering or laughing since much earlier that day. It was almost as if having a pacifier in my mouth was not so unusual a sight now.

When school was finally over, I went to my locker with the pacifier in my mouth. I had actually started to find that it fit comfortably in my mouth and was beginning to enjoy the way it felt to suck on it. Im not saying I want to do it all the time, but I could certainly see how it could feel soothing to a baby to have it there.

I put my books back in my locker, including the coloring book. Since I didnt have any homework for the weekend, my backpack felt very light as I flung it onto my back. I closed my locker, gave the lock dial a spin and turned to walk away, pacifier still between my teeth. The sight of it turned a few heads but nothing was said, at least not to me, as I walked out the door into the bright, sun-filled day. I was halfway across the campus before I finally realized that I didnt have to suck on the pacifier any more. I spit it out of my mouth, took it off from around my neck and placed it into my pants pocket.

It felt odd not to have it hanging from neck and resting on my chest since it had been there for the better part of the last 2 days and was made to suck on it at every chance today. I looked at my watch. It was nearly 10 after 3 and if I was going to make it to the supermarket in town in the next 20 minutes, I had better hustle. I started to walk a little more briskly and managed to get to the store call Buy Right Foods by 3:26. I looked around for Jennifer but didnt see her. I did see a mechanical horse that was operated by quarters and a long line of metal shopping carts waiting to be used. Maybe Jennifer had wanted me to meet her INSIDE I thought, so I started to make my way towards the door.

As the automated door swung open to allow me to enter., I spotted Jennifer and 2 of the Aunties leaving the store by the other door. I turned around and exited through the entrance that I had just come through.

Jennifer was busy talking to the other girls and didnt notice me until I was practically standing in front of her.

Good, youre on time she said as she looked down at me. I have made up a grocery list of what I want you to go in to the store and buy. Ive already priced out it out and this should be enough money. Your Aunties and I will be in various places around the store watching to make sure you do as your told. Once you have everything on your list in your shopping cart, you are to go to register 3 and only register 3 to pay. We will meet you out front when you are done. She handed me the folded list and a twenty dollar bill. Dont open the list until you get inside. Jennifer turned to one of the Aunties and grabbed a bottle of water from her. As she turned back around to face me, she popped the top off the bottle and squirted water down the front of my pants.

I felt the water soak into my jeans as it made a very noticeable wet pattern from the crotch seam, down my pant leg and to the ankle of my faded blue jeans.

Oh, I forgot, you only have 10 minutes to do your shopping and not a moment longer so you had better hurry. Ill meet you right here when you are all done she smirked as she pointed me towards the door.

The water had completely soaked through my jeans and I could feel the cold water starting to saturate my underwear. I couldnt help but walk a little oddly as I made my way around to the entrance once again. The Aunties and Jennifer followed me into the store but immediately went in all different directions once inside. I grabbed a shopping cart and opened the list to read it. The list was written in Jennifers handwriting but there was only 3 things on the list :

Baby Powder
Diaper Rash Cream
Size Small Extra Absorbency Night-time diapers for Heavy Wetters

The first two items on the list I figured would be easy enough to find but the last one I wasnt even sure where to begin looking and time was ticking away fast. I ran to the aisle that was marked Baby Needs and quickly found a bottle of baby powder. The diaper rash creams were on the shelf beside the powders but there were so many to choose from. I wasnt sure which one Jennifer wanted. I realized I was wasting time trying to decide so I just grabbed the one closest to me and ran to the next aisle. This time the aisle was marked Paper Goods and was filled with paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and lots of other picnic type items. I quickly turned and went to the next aisle after that which was labeled Health and Beauty. Shampoo bottles in every color of the rainbow filled the shelves on one side while soaps, shaving creams, razors seemed to live on the other side. I made my way further down this aisle and soon found myself surrounded by first aid supplies, Band-Aids, facial cleaners and zit removers.

Still ahead in the aisle was the cough medicines on the left and the feminine protection items on the right. Then there, beside the tampons and the panty liners they were. Adult diapers, lots of them. I wonder why such a small store in a small town would need such a wide variety of Adult Diapers. I scanned the selections trying to find exactly what Jennifer had written. I looked back at the list to remind myself of what she wanted.

Frantically scouring the shelves with my eyes for the right combination. Size Small, Extra Absorbency, Night-time Heavy Wetters started ringing through my brain until it actually started to come out of my mouth. Size Small, Extra Absorbency, Night-time, Heavy Wetters. Size Small, Extra Absorbency, Night-time Heavy Wetters. Size Small, Extra Absorbency, Night-time Heavy Wetters I kept repeating it over and over until it almost started to sound like a rhythmic chant.

Ah, Size Small, Extra Absorbency, Night-Time for Heavy Wetters! I shouted to myself as I finally found a big blue package of them. In all my searching I had become unaware of my wet pants and surroundings. I hadnt noticed an old woman standing behind me and as I grabbed the bag of diapers and showed my enthusiasm she smiled at me.

Seems you found them a little too late, huh sweetie she said as her eyes motioned down at my wet jeans.

Embarrassed to find that I wasnt actually alone when I finished my quest I said Um, ugh, these arent for me. Theyre for a frien¦well a girl I know¦.oh and thats just water. I didnt¦…you know¦

The old woman winked Of course not dear, I understand. She smiled again and walked away.

I looked at my watch. I only had 2 minutes left. I tossed the bag of diapers in my shopping cart and made my way for Register 3. I didnt know why I had to go to number 3 because there were 2 other registers open that both had shorter lines and with only 3 items in my cart, I certainly could have used the express lane. I thought about just going to register six since there wasnt anyone on line there but then I saw one of the Aunties standing there getting ready to block me from breaking Jennifers rule about only using register 3. I continued past registers 5 and 4 until I reached number 3.

A woman with her 3 year old son were checking out and had obviously been in the store awhile by the amount of groceries she had on the conveyer belt. Her son sat in the seat portion of the shopping cart stuffing animal crackers in his mouth from a small box that was perched in his lap.

The cashier was just about done scanning all of the womans groceries when she got on the intercom and said Bagger needed at register 3, Bagger to register 3.

She finished checking the womans items and started to load them into plastic bags. A teenage boy in a green apron and a white shirt showed up at the end of the register as I was looking at my watch. He immediately loaded groceries into the bags at the end of the register and then loaded the full bags into the womans shopping cart.

I was too busy looking around the store to see where Jennifer and the Aunties were to pay much attention to any of the things that were happening in front of me. The little boy in the cart was talking to me and offering me one of his cookies. It was a lion who had already been sucked on. I tried to decline but the cute little guy kept insisting so I eventually accepted his generous offer of a used cookie and stretched out my hand to receive his gift. I looked for a place to dispose of my present and to wipe my hand free from the soggy paste that was once the lions head. I found a small trash can behind the register to my right and bent down to deposit my headless lion cookie.

As the cart the little boy was sitting in finally pulled away from the register, I stood up and waved bye-bye to the little boy but as I did, the bagger at the end of my own register looked at me and smiled and I finally saw an unobstructed view of his perfect face. It was Mitch, the boy I fell in love with during PE. Now I knew why Jennifer wanted me to come here, why she squirted me with water and made me buy adult diapers. Why she said I could only pay at register 3. Somehow she knew he was working today and at which register. She knew he would see what I was buying , see that my pants were wet and would assume the diapers were for me.

I had to think fast. What would I say? Should I say anything? Should I just look away or should I just stand here speechless like I have already been doing?

Hello? Miss¦? I suddenly heard the cashier say Hello?

I snapped my head back around as I finally regained my composure. Hi I said back to the cashier in an overly friendly tone.

Do you have any coupons today? she asked.

I shook my head from side to side to signal that I didnt have any coupons. I had inadvertently made a fool of myself again. I felt my face starting to turn red. I wanted to just leave the cart and run from the store but I knew doing that would only make me appear even more foolish and Jennifer would have her revenge on me for not completing the task she gave me. I positioned myself behind the cart in such a way as to keep Mitch from having a chance to see my wet pants.

I placed the baby powder and the diaper rash cream up on the conveyer belt and watched as they rolled forward. The cashier picked them up and scanned them, she passed them off to Mitch who put them in a plastic bag at the end of the register. She stood waiting for me to put the bag of diapers up next. I hesitated hoping that Mitch would get bored and leave to help out at another register or even be called away to do something else.

Anything else for you today, Miss? the cashier asked in a pleasant tone despite the fact that I was taking so long to put up the last item remaining in my shopping cart.

Mitch was not going anywhere so it seemed so I would just have to try and act normal, as normal as one can act when standing in a grocery store aisle with wet pants buying adult diapers.

Yeah, just these I said as I finally reached into the cart to grab the bag of diapers. I tried to place them on the conveyer with the label side down in hopes that both the cashier and Mitch wouldnt recognize what they were but of course every side of the package had big bold lettering on it revealing the package contents.

The cashier picked up the bag, flipped it over a few times to find where the UPC code was on the package then ran the bag over the scanner several times until it finally made the correct sound and added the cost of the diapers to my total.

The cashier pushed the bag of diapers back to where Mitch was standing and totaled out my purchase. Nineteen dollars and seventy-eight cents. Cash or Credit? she said to me.

Cash I responded as I handed her the twenty dollar bill Jennifer had given me. I was determined not to look at what Mitchs reaction would be to the package of adult diapers I had just purchased. I thought if I didnt look at him, he wouldnt say anything or perhaps even notice that they were diapers.

Do you want your diapers in a bag, Miss? I heard him ask.

I flushed. What do I say. I was so embarrassed. Of course I wanted them in a bag, it was bad enough that the old lady, the cashier and now Mitch knew I was buying them but did I want everyone else in the store to know it too.

Oh, theyre not mine I said suddenly.

Yeah they are, didnt you just buy them? Mitch asked.

Well, I mean theyre not MINE, I dont wear them I added but I felt like I had to explain myself further theyre for my baby brother, Jack. Phew, that was quick thinking inventing a baby brother like that.

But these are adult diapers? Mitch replied emphasizing the adult part of his sentence.

Jack is fat. He outgrew baby sizes ages ago. Great, now not only do I have an imaginary baby brother named Jack but he is obese. Go ahead and put them in a bag, thanks.

Mitch stuck the pack of diapers in a plastic bag and put both my bags in my shopping cart. I pushed the cart clear of the register and made my way for the exit. I was so embarrassed. This might have been the worst thing Jennifer had done to me yet.

Wait! I heard from behind me. I stopped suddenly and turned around. Mitch was running towards me and the front of my wet pants were now completely within his view. There was no shopping cart to block the image of my wet jeans from his sight.

You forgot you change he said as he came running closer to me. I saw his eyes peer down at the state of my jeans and then back up to my face. He smiled as he handed me two dimes and two pennies and my receipt from the register.

Have a nice day he said with as a big smile stretched across his handsome face. We made eye contact for a brief moment before he turned quickly and ran back to register 3 to load some more groceries into plastic bags.

I walked outside to find Jennifer and the Aunties waiting for me by the mechanical horse. Jennifer was sitting on top of it side saddle sipping from a bottle of soda.

Did you have fun, little one? She asked in a super sweet voice. Did you see anyone you know?

Yes, Mommy. I got the things you asked for and here is your change I replied.

Good girl. I am finished with you for today. You may go home now. Ill see you on Monday. And keep wearing those Pigtails, I like you in them she said and the Aunties began to cackle.

I turned and walked home alone. My pants had finally dried by the time I got there but I went straight to my room and changed into my pajamas all the same and called Betsy on the phone.

Hey Betsy, its me. Im home. You wouldnt believe what Jennifer made me do today¦…

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Saturday was the big grand opening of Pops Ice Cream shop so Dad insisted we all get up early and head over to the store to make a few final preparations. The store wasnt scheduled to open until 11 but Dad had Mom and I out the door by 8:30 that morning. He asked that Mom and I both wear white shirts and black pants. I was requested to pull my hair back in a single ponytail which pleased me more than having to wear it up in pigtails per Jennifers request.

Dad was beaming with a smile that went ear to ear as we drove up to the store. He parked the car in the parking lot and fumbled for the keys to the front door while trying to figure out which of a thousand things he needed to do first and which he could allow Mom or I to handle.

Abigail, while I go heat up the deep fryers, I want you to blow up the helium balloons and then Mom can help you hang the grand opening banner. Ill need you to check to make sure the bathrooms are all equipped, you know toilet paper and paper towels and such, Now where did I put that¦ Dad rambled on. Mom and I just shook our heads. Dad was always like that even on holidays and family vacations. I can remember one time he talked to himself for nearly an hour giving out instructions to make sure all the luggage made it into the car before we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. He had to make sure that every little task had been properly assigned and that he had overseen it to make sure it was done properly.

The bell over the door rang out as we entered Oh yeah Abigail, that reminds me. When people come in, I think it would be nice if we all said ˜Welcome to Pops as they enter. Kind of gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling, dont you think so Helen?

Sure dear, what ever you say, ˜Welcome to Pops replied Mom in a sarcastic way of telling him enough already, youre driving us nutty.

Not too much had changed since I was there last on Thursday. Yeah the floors were shinier but since Dad and I had worked to get everything out and ready for the big day, the floor was just the last little piece of the whole pie.

So what do you think about the place now, Ladies? Is it everything you dreamed it would be? Dad asked but before Mom or I could answer, he bounded into the kitchen to start getting ready for the crowd of people he was expecting.

Dad was in the kitchen preparing a few pies for the oven.

Hey Dad, you know what a every good ice cream shop needs? I quizzed.

Thinking that I was making a joke, Dad replied I dont know, what?

Ice cream. Where is the ice cream? Theres none in the freezer chest up front. Do we even have any? I asked concerned.

Oh sure, tons of it. Its in the big walk-in freezer over here. Dad directed me towards the large metal door with the huge silver latch. Ive been making ice cream back here for weeks while youve been at school and storing it in the walk-in. Go on in and take a look.

I pulled on the latch and the enormous door swung open. Clear plastic slats hung down in the doorway and blocked the icy air from escaping into the warmer kitchen. I pushed the plastic to the sides with both hands and stepped into the room sized freezer. In there I saw barrels and barrels of ice cream. The varieties of ice cream were labeled on the shelves and there must have been nearly 50 of them.

Other shelves sported cases of French fries and onion rings. There were several large cases of hot dogs and hamburgers. I saw cases of cheese sticks and chicken wings. Dad had it all. It was a teenage paradise in there. I couldnt wait until my friends all got here to see just what an awesome place my Dad had created.

I grabbed two of the 3 gallon barrels of ice cream and took them up to the freezer case in the front of the store then went back to grab a few more. On my second trip back, Dad informed me that he had a rolling cart to help with the transporting of the barrels of ice cream so that I could take a few more at a time.

Gee, you couldnt have told me that BEFORE I froze my hands off carrying those? I said sarcastically.

I wheeled the cart into the freezer and loaded up with about 15 barrels of ice cream and then wheeled it back up front. By now, Dad was finished with the pies and stuck all 12 of them in the large oven.

Let me give you a hand with those Dad insisted as he followed me to the front of the store again and loaded the barrels into the freezers there.

I think one more load like that ought to do it Dad said surveying our handiwork. After that we can take a break for a few minutes.

Good idea, Dad. I like the way you think. We pushed the cart back into the freezer and loaded another 15 barrels onto it. It was easier this time with Dad helping me load that cart.

Once we get these into the case, how about I treat you to a Root bear float? Dad asked.

Hmmm, but wherever will we go for that? I joked.

I know a great little place and its not far from here he said as he lowered the last tub of ice cream into the freezer.

Mom was busy in the office checking everything twice. She wanted to make sure that Dad had ordered enough of everything and that it had all been delivered. Mom never worried in front of Dad but I knew she was afraid that something would go wrong and the little family business would be the big family downfall. I guess it is just in Moms nature to worry but they really didnt have very much to lose if the business didnt work out because they both still had their full time jobs.

Time was flying fast and with only an hour before the official opening, I found myself inflating those balloons Dad was mumbling about while Mom was filling salt and pepper shakers and ketchup bottles. Dad was taking inventory of paper cups and filling the straw dispenser.

It seemed we were all ready and at 10:59, Dad handed Mom and I red and white striped vests that matched the awnings out front and paper hats. I took my position behind the ice cream chest and Mom took hers behind the cash register. Dad was standing by the door with one hand on the lock and the other hand locked in position so he could view his watch.

Okay, in 5¦4¦3¦2¦1. Were open! Dad shouted as he through open the lock and swung open the door. He walked over to the window where his neon sign sat dormant and turned on the switch. The Neon Open sign buzzed and flickered to life. The store, however, didnt.

Dad looked disappointed that there wasnt a long line of people standing outside just waiting to get in as we opened for business for the first time.

Thats okay, Dad. Its still early I encouraged. Most people arent even thinking about lunch yet cause its only 11 am.

Well, do you think we should add a breakfast menu for the weekends? I elated.

Nah, I dont think most people are going to be thinking of going to an ice cream parlor for breakfast. Mom replied.

Dad looked like someone was slowly letting the helium out of him. I needed to do something quick to cheer him up.

I whispered to Mom who opened the cash register and handed me a quarter. I walked over and popped it into the jukebox. I started flipping through the song titles. Most of them were oldies that I didnt think I knew but then I found a song that always made me feel better and I knew it would make Dad feel better too. I pressed F16 and the jukebox sprang to life singing Buttercup.

I walked over to Dad and pulled him up off the chair he was sitting on.
Come on Dad, Dance with me I begged.

Dad smiled and said My thats the best offer Ive had all day. And the two of us started dancing right there in the store, not something either of us would have done if the place had been packed. Mom resigned her post and joined us. The three of us were having such a good time that we never noticed the man that came in the door while we were dancing.

Eh-em the man cleared his throat to catch our attention. We all froze on the spot. Sorry, didnt mean to stop you from dancing, I was just looking for the owners. You them? asked the stout little man with the receding hair line. He was wearing a tweed sports coat, a white shirt and a dark colored pair of pants that could have been Navy blue or black. Around his neck he had not one but two cameras and in his hand a small note book. Im from the local paper and I wanted to do a piece on your grand opening but forgive me for saying, it sure doesnt look so Grand at the moment.

Dad stepped forward. Thats okay, we only just opened a few minutes ago and whos really thinking of eating ice cream or hamburgers at 11 am on a Saturday morning Dad said with a brilliant smile on his face and his hand outstretched to shake the mans hand. Im Peter, Peter Bell, this is my wife, Helen and our daughter, Abigail and were the owners. Its a pleasure to have you here.

As if we were cued to do it and had rehearsed it, Mom and I both said Welcome to Pops at the exact same time.

Hey, thats cute said the reporter. My names Harold Likner, I do a small article about small businesses in our community, perhaps youve heard of it. Its called ˜Likner or Not.

Yes, Ive seen it a few times. Weve only just moved here 2 months ago but I have really enjoyed your column Mom replied. I especially liked your piece on the Mom and Pop hardware store that is fighting to compete with the larger home repair stores and kicking their, pardon me, their butts.

Cooke Family Hardware is doing an excellent job because they have built a relationship with the people of this town who are very loyal to them said Mr. Likner. Now I see we have a new Mom and Pop shop right here with Pops Old Fashion Ice Cream. Mind if I ask you folks a few questions for the paper, maybe take a photo or two?

Certainly, Please have a seat. Can we offer you a little something, Soda, Malted, Milk shake? Dad said.

Id be fine with a glass of water for now, if thats okay said Mr. Likner.

Abigail, please bring Mr. Likner and I a glass of water Dad said as he sat down at a table with Mom and Mr. Likner.

Yes Sir I responded 2 waters coming right up, would you like lemon in that?

Yes please said Mr. Likner then he went on to ask Dad a few questions.

When I brought back the 2 glasses of ice water, Mr. Likner thanked me and asked if he could ask me a few questions too.

Sure I said.

How do you like working for your Mom and Dad in the store?

So far, its been a lot of fun. I like working with my Dad and I think it has helped us get a lot closer.

Does working here keep you from doing any thing like sports at school or hanging out with your friends?

Im not really into sports all that much and since the store just opened, I really havent lost any time with my friends, plus I am hoping that my friends will want to come hang out here I answered.

What do you think of our town as a teenage girl? asked Mr. Likner.

I think its great. Everything is close enough to walk or ride a bike to. I like my school because it has some really interesting courses and some super nice teachers I said hoping he wouldnt ask me about the students there.

Okay, I would love to get a few pictures of the 3 of you for the article, if you dont mind Mr. Likner asked. How about we take a few in here with the menu board in the background and then a few outside with the store front in the background.

Sounds good to me, lets do it. Dad said grinning his biggest grin yet.

We all stood in front of the counter so that the wall mounted menu board would be visible behind us. Mr. Likner took a few pictures and each time the bright light from the flash caste blue ghosts before my eyes.

Okay, now a couple outside and well be all set.

Mom, Dad and I all stepped outside with Mr. Likner for a few more pictures of us but this time in front of the door and by the big plate glass windows that had been etched and painted to say Pops Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor Sweet Treats and Delicious Eats.

Thanks again folks, I really appreciate your time. Now if you dont mind, I need to get some lunch so Ill have a cheese burger, a side of onion rings and a large chocolate milkshake, please. Requested Mr. Likner.

Dad was over the moon. Not only were we going to be in the local Newspaper but he had his first customer too.

Yes Sir, right away. Dad said then repeated the order to me so that I could get to work on the milk shake while Dad headed to the kitchen to cook up a cheese burger and some onion rings.

While Mr. Likner waited for his meal, he walked over to the cash register to pay Mom who rang up his order at $5.50. Despite having what seemed to be a large stack of larger bills in his wallet, Mr. Likner pulled out one Crisp single dollar bill laid it on the counter and with his pen, he wrote on it. He took the single and presented it to Mom.

I am very often the first customer to new establishments in this town. Since it is customary for shop keepers to keep their first dollar made, I sign my name on the dollar bills of for the merchants that I wish much success and happiness for a prosperous future. This dollar one is for you he said as he slid the dollar across the counter to Mom. He then took out a five dollar bill to pay for the rest of his meal and told Mom to keep the change.

Mom smiled and thanked Mr. Likner for his kindness. Dad place Mr. Likners burger and onion rings on the place through and yelled order up to alert me that it was ready. I set his milkshake on a tray with the cheeseburger and onion rings and delivered them to Mr. Likner and returned to my post behind the ice cream counter.

It wasnt long after Mr. Likner had finished and left that our next customers arrived. It was a family out with their kids for the day who had seen our balloons out front and decided to stop in for ice cream cones and hot fudge sundaes. After them, a few more people came in and before long we had a crowd of people in the shop, almost too many for the 3 of us to handle on our own but we managed. It was as if Mr. Likners dollar bill was a lucky charm that suddenly turned our empty little ice cream shop into a hustling and bustling place to be. The jukebox was playing and people were chatting. It seemed that Dads dream was coming true for him and fast.

We worked all day that day and by the time it reached 9 oclock, we were all worn out.

If we keep getting crowds like this, I may have to hire some more staff real quick Dad said as he collapsed into a booth. Mom joined him after closing out the cash register.

Im all in favor of that dear. I think we can afford to do it so go ahead and put a help wanted sign in the window. Well need the help next week, Im sure Mom agreed.

I was still busy wiping down the counters but overheard the conversation they were having. Dad was telling Mom that he had someone to help next week during the lunch rush and had counted on me to help after school was out, but he wasnt sure that would be enough people come next weekend.

I interrupted Maybe I can get a few of my friends to come work for you Dad. I can ask them on Monday.

That would be great, Sweetheart. Thanks said Dad. Whats say we finish up and all go home, Im beat.

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. Jennifer must have taken them. All my underwear was gone and nothing but adult sized diapers and 2 pair of plastic pants remained.

Now that Jennifer had seen fit to make sure I didnt have anything but diapers to wear, I grabbed one out of the drawer. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a clean wash cloth and dampened it in the sink.

I returned to my room and pulled off my short skirt, dropped it to the floor and slipped off the rumba panties to expose my big white, wet diaper. I sat on the edge of my bed.

I tried to remember all of Jennifers instructions from her lesson in the bathroom but they were kind of a blur at the moment. I was so emotional while the Aunties stood over and watched me get a diaper change that I hadnt thought to listen to her more. I undid the tapes and pulled off the diaper.

The catheter was still leaking and some of the urine got on my bedspread. I quickly grabbed the tube and tried to pinch it shut. It worked but barely. With one hand, I unfolded and spread out the clean diaper. I quickly sat on it and pulled the front of it up towards my belly.

Some of Jennifers lesson was starting to come back to me as I let the catheter go with my other hand and felt the urine start to trickle into the new diaper already.

¦grab the front of the diaper… pull it up firmly… You want the diaper to be nice and tight to help avoid any leaks or sagging… Now starting on one side, stretch the sides from the back of the diaper forward and tape them in place¦ Rub the tapes… Do the same to the other side…

I pulled the diaper up tightly between my legs and held it against my stomach with my left hand while I peeled back the back and applied them with my right. I switched hands and did the opposite side making sure to pull the diaper across as hard as I could to give that snug feeling Jennifer had to the diaper. I rubbed the tapes into the diaper to keep them in place.

My second attempt at diapering myself wasnt perfect but it was better than my first one back in the locker room.

Feeling secure with my diapering, I pulled a pair of the plastic pants out of the drawer. These didnt have any ruffles on them which made it easier to hide under my jeans. I slipped them on and picked out a pair of pants to wear to work. I removed the pacifier from around my neck and put it back in my back pack then peeled off the Mommies Girl T-shirt and dropped it on the floor next to the skirt. I picked up the wet diaper, rolled it into a ball and deposited it in the trash can in my bathroom.

While in the bathroom, I grabbed a brush and brushed the 2 pigtails into a ponytail. Looking in the vanity mirror, I tucked in my shirt and returned to my room.

I grabbed my backpack up and took out all the books that were inside it and plopped them on my desk. Just in case I filled the new diaper over the next 3 hours and needed to bring a fresh one. I pulled another out of my dresser drawer and tossed it into my backpack which seemed more like a diaper bag by its contents.

I flung the backpack over my shoulders and ran back down the stairs and out the door. I was half way to Pops before I realized I was still wearing the ballet slippers and ankle socks. No time to go back I thought and continued to run all the way to work.

When I got there, Dad, who was cleaning off tables, looked at his watch and tapped on its crystal as if to tell me I was late. I apologized softly to him, put my backpack behind the counter and slipped into my uniform of a striped apron and a paper hat. The jukebox was playing some familiar oldies and several of the booths had been filled with customers while more stood on line waiting to be served. As I finished tying on my apron, I turned to take my position at the ice cream freezer and saw Grandma standing there scooping a big scoop of chocolate ice cream into a milkshake cup.

Dads weekday helpers turned out to be Grandma and Grandpa. I was glad to see them because I hadnt seen them since before we moved 2 months ago.

Grandma I said excited to see her I didnt know you would be here.

Well, youre Dad wanted to keep it a surprise, honey. She said still bent over trying to free the ice cream from its barrel.

Here, let me do that I offered. I took the scoop from her and finished filling the cup then handed it back to her to mix the milkshake while I started to help the next person.

Wheres Grandpa? I asked as I started to work on a banana split.

Hes in the back working the grill for your Dad Grandma informed me.

So, how long you staying and where are you staying? I was so full of questions.

Whoa, one at a time. First off, Well be staying a couple of weeks. Your Grandfather and I are looking for a house here so we can be closer to you, your mom and your dad. Secondly, your Mom and Dad offered for us to stay in the guest room at your house. I hope you dont mind.

Mind, why would I? I love you guys. I added.

Well, it means youll have to share your bathroom with us old people. She replied.

I dont care, Its not a problem for me. Im just happy youre here I told her.

Good, Im glad were here too she said as she smiled at me Whos next?

Grandpa emerged from the kitchen Is that my little A-B-Girl? he said as the swinging door swung forward and back announcing his grand entrance. Grandpa had called me his little A-B Girl for as long as I could remember. I think it all started because when I was little, I had trouble saying Abigail and it always sounded more like A-B-girl.

Get over here and give my old bones a squeeze he shouted. I ran over to him and tossed my arms around him and hugged him.

Hi Grandpa, Ive missed you. I said as I felt his arms wrap around me.

I missed you too, A-B. Tell me, hows school? Any new boyfriends yet? he inquired.

Now Henry, youll embarrass the girl. Stop putting her on the spot like that. Grandma scolded.

Its okay, Grandma. Ill tell him. Schools great, I love my classes. I have a few really great teachers and as for the boys¦ well, lets just say Im working on that I replied.

Well, dont work too hard, let ˜em find you then take your pick. Grandpa instructed.

Go back in the kitchen and cook something, will ya ordered Grandma.

We joked and laughed the hours away until it was time to close up and go home. Although I was very aware that my diaper was getting wetter and wetter as the time passed, I never felt the need to use the bathroom and had almost forgotten I was wearing a diaper while I worked.

Come on Honey, you can ride home with me while Grandma rides home with your Dad insisted Grandpa. Then you can tell me more about those boys at your school.

During the four hours I worked that day, I really hadnt had much of a chance to sit down and so after grabbing my backpack out from under the counter, I was eager to go home with Grandpa. We walked out to the car and Grandpa unlocked and opened the passenger side door for me. I stepped into the car and sat on the plush and comfortable front seat. As I did, I felt an unusual feeling. The diaper seemed to turn to jelly as I could feel the urine from it be pressed back out of it by my own weight. It suddenly felt cold and unpleasant and I must have grimaced because Grandpa asked me Whats wrong?

Oh nothing, I¦I¦just realized how tired I am I answered quickly.

Well, most people yawn when theyre tired, what you did looked more like you just stepped in a pile of dog doo Grandpa teased.

Very funny, I was just trying to keep from yawning I answered.

We drove the short distance home and when I got there, I ran straight into the house.

Hi Mom, were home! I yelled as I flew up the stairs to my room. How long ˜til dinner?

About 15 minutes Mom shouted back Go get washed up and started your homework, Ill call you when its ready.

Grandpa had just managed to get in the house as I closed and locked my bedroom door. I knew that I was going to need a few minutes of privacy in order to remove the diaper I was wearing and discard it.

I slipped off my jeans and pulled off the plastic pants. The diaper was so fully soaked that it actually started to leak into the plastic pants. I was thankful that I had them on or else who knows what would have happened.

I took out another dry diaper from my dresser drawer and laid it on the bed. This time, I placed an old towel on the bed and sat down on it to avoid getting any urine on the bed again. I unfolded the new diaper on the towel and then went to get a washcloth from the bathroom.

I sat down on the fresh diaper and undid the tapes of the old one. Lifting my bottom slightly, I slipped the wet diaper out from under me letting the open end of the catheter drop onto the fresh clean diaper. Once again, urine started to trickle out and stained the snowy white surface of the diaper a light yellow color. I laid down and fastened the tapes as before making sure the glue had been firmly pressed to the plastic outer casing of the diaper.

As I sat up, I felt that familiar feeling of hot pee rushing out of the catheter and soaking into the diaper. I wrapped up the dirty diaper and tossed it into the trash can.

I slipped a pair of sweat pants on over my diaper and did my homework for a few minutes before Mom finally yelled out Dinners Ready!

I bounded down the stairs despite my diapered bottom crinkling all the way and joined the family around the dinner table. During dinner, the topic changed over and over until mom finally requested Abigail, if you are going to come home from school to change your clothes, Please put your dirty clothes in your hamper. When I came in to collect laundry, I found laundry on the floor.

Oh-no, Mom had been in my room and found the clothes Jennifer made me wear. Okay, Mom, Ill be more careful I replied. I wondered what she thought of them or even if she had noticed what they were but I didnt dare ask.

Once dinner was over, I excused myself from the table and went back to finish my homework or at least that is what I told them I was doing. When I got back into my room, I searched for the rumba panties, the skirt and Mommies Girl T-shirt. They werent there anywhere. I went to my bathroom and looked in the hamper. It was empty, Mom must have been doing laundry and put all that stuff in the washer. I knew it was only a matter of time until she would be folding the laundry and would come across all three items. The skirt and T-shirt I might be able to explain but the pink plastic rumba panties would be a different story.

Hmmm, how could I keep Mom from finding the rumba panties in the laundry? It would look too suspicious if I suddenly offered to do the laundry so what can I do? I thought to myself. I had an idea.

Mom?! I shouted down from my room Have you seen my jeans? Mom always hated when I asked her such vague questions and often ended up telling me to look for them myself, especially when she had just settled down to relax for the evening.

I washed anything that was in your hamper and what ever I found on your floor! she shouted back to me. Try looking in the dryer!

Perfect, I could go through the laundry now without her wondering what I was doing and I could sneak the rumba panties back into my room in a pile of jeans. I passed Mom and Grandma who were sitting in the living room talking on my way to the laundry room. They were busy sipping coffee while Dad and Grandpa were in the family room watching TV.

Come join us, A-B Grandpa offered.

Would love to but I have to get my clothes from the laundry room and get them ready for tomorrow I told them. It wasnt really a lie, I did need to get my clothes before Mom discovered what they really were.

Okay, maybe tomorrow night then he suggested. I really would have loved to just sit and watch TV instead of rummaging through the laundry trying to find a pair of plastic pants.

Despite the dryer not running, the clothes inside were still warm as I reached inside and pulled out a pile of my clothes. Mom never really liked sorting laundry much and usually just pulled out the jeans and whites then washed whatever was left in one big load. She even went as far as giving us each our own laundry hamper and did our laundry on different days so she didnt have to sort them again when she finished washing them. Today just happened to be MY laundry day.

I dug through the pile of warm shirts, socks and underwear trying to find the missing pink plastic fancy pants. To make it easier, I started to fold my laundry as I searched. I had matched several pairs of socks and folded a few T-shirts when I came across a pair of my cotton panties. The ones I had just worn the other day. They were now fresh, clean and still warm from the dryer. Jennifer hadnt taken all of them I thought to myself but with the catheter in, I wasnt in any condition to wear them. I folded them up and placed them on the pile.

I continued to search the dryer until at long last I found them. The pink plastic panties with the ruffles on the butt. The dryer made the vinyl very pliable and hot to the touch. I folded them the best I could and put them between layers of clothes in my stack. I finished emptying the dryer and folding my laundry. I gathered up a few pairs of jeans and some of my white wash that Mom folded early, added them to my stack and carried it all to my room. As I walked through the living room on my way back to my room, Mom noticed the large pile of folded laundry I was carrying and said I would have taken care of all that for you, Sweetie.

Its okay, Ive got it, Mom I shouted muffled by the laundry covering my mouth. I really didnt want Mom bringing my laundry up to my room because she usually puts it away for me when she does. Normally I wouldnt have minded, but if she were to open the top drawer of my dresser and spot the stacks of adult diapers stored in there, I dont know what I would do.

After climbing the flight of stairs back to my room, I put the laundry down on my bed, closed and locked my door. I carefully put my laundry away in my dresser placing a few folded T-shirts on top of the diapers just in case Mom were to find some more of my things and attempt to put them away. I hid the rumba panties in my bottom drawer under a few pairs of jeans then flopped on my bed to finish some homework.

I reached into my backpack to get a pencil to start my math homework when my hand grazed a familiar feeling object. I closed my hand around it and produced from my bag my pacifier. I hadnt used it since I left the school but had somehow become very comfortable with it despite that fact that Jennifer had intended it to humiliate me in school. I brushed off a bit of the dirt that was clinging to the rubber nipple of the pacifier, examined it a bit then popped it into my mouth and began sucking on it. It really was soothing to have it in my mouth and I felt more and more relaxed as I lay there. I dont know if it was the rhythmic sucking on the pacifier or the boring algebra that I was working on but before long, I was fast asleep.

I awoke early the next morning and rubbed my eyes while trying to gain focus on the clock radio on my bedside table. The clock read 4:30. I looked to my bedroom window to confirm that it was really not time to get up but the windows were black. The sun hadnt risen yet to stream bright light into my room. Still groggy, I wondered why I had woken up so early without the sound of an alarm ringing but a moment later, it was suddenly clear to me. As I rolled over, I felt the cold damp spot on my bed with my leg. I reached my hand down and felt the bedspread I was laying on. It was soaked. I continued to probe the bed with my hand. The wet spot was huge, taking up most of the bed. I slipped my hand onto my sweat pants. They were soaked too and so was my shirt. I leapt out of bed and stood there in my soggy clothes for a moment wondering what had happened. It became very clear suddenly as I felt the catheter release more urine into my over filled diaper. I felt the warm pee trickle out the side of the diaper and run down my leg.

I couldnt believe that at my age I had just wet my bed, something I hadnt done since I was 3 yet here I was, standing in soaking wet, pee covered clothes and an overflowing diaper. The urine on the bedspread had soaked through to the blanket and sheets beneath so I quickly stripped the bed of all of its coverings. I took off my pee soaked clothing and tossed them on the pile of bedding and grabbed a fresh diaper from my top dresser drawer. I ran into the bathroom, shut the door behind me and put the diaper on the floor by the shower. I stepped into the shower and carefully removed the swollen diaper. It fell to the floor of the tub with a loud thud. I rolled it up and put it on the floor just outside the shower as I turned on the faucet. The water was cold at first but it hurt as it hit my clean shaven pubic area. I took hold of a bar of soap started lathering up a washcloth but as I tried to wash away the urine from my previously diapered area, I felt incredible pain. I felt as though my vagina and ass were on fire.

I looked down to discover strange red patches with small red bumps all over down there. It was sore to the touch and even the cool water of the shower made it hurt. I wasnt sure what was happening until I remembered something Jennifer had said in the girls bathroom Make sure to apply a good thick layer of the diaper rash cream at every diaper change. You dont want your little one to end up with a nasty rash.

Oh my God, I hadnt used any diaper rash cream or powder at my last 2 diaper changes and now I have given myself Diaper Rash. I was so embarrassed but I didnt know what I was going to do. With the catheter still inside me leaking the contents of my bladder constantly, I couldnt go without a diaper but putting on another one without the cream might make things worse.

I turned off the water and patted my vaginal region dry very carefully with a towel. Still standing in the shower, I looked around the bathroom for anything I could use to relieve the pain I was in. I remembered there was some first aid burn cream in the first aid kit under my sink. I grabbed the catheter with one hand and bent it in half to prevent it from leaking. I picked up the clean diaper in the other hand and with my legs as far apart as I could get them, I waddled to the sink to find the cream. I opened the clean diaper on the floor in front of the sink and sat down on the soft clean surface of the diaper. The moment I let go of the catheter, it again started to trickle urine out of its wide opening. The warm urine stung as it came into contact with my rash covered vagina.

I dug through the cabinet until I finally found the small first aid kit and snapped open the box. The small tube of first aid cream was a welcomed sight. Twisting open the tube, I smeared it all over the diaper rash. It didnt smell as good as the diaper rash cream Jennifer had used but it was offering some relief from the pain I was in.

I laid down on the diaper, pulled the front of it into place and fastened the tapes. I could still feel the catheter dripping into my fresh diaper as I stood up. I grabbed the old wet diaper and tossed it into the trash then went back to my room. I put my robe on and gathered up the wet bed linens and took them to the laundry room.

The whole house was quiet except for the deafening ticking of the mantel clock and the squeaks of the floor boards as I tried to sneak around the dark house. Once inside the laundry room, I closed the door and switched on the light. I quickly read the instructions on the washer to figure out how to actually do laundry. I had honestly never paid much attention to how Mom did it but wished now that I had. I put the whole pile of wet things into the washer and pulled the knob. Water started pouring into the barrel of the washer. I reached up on the shelf and took down the detergent and added a cups worth to the water filling tub then closed the lid.

I found a stack of clean sheets and a spare blanket in the laundry room and took them back to my room once again sneaking through the hallway as not to wake anyone. Once there, I quickly made up my bed with the new sheets and climbed back into bed until my alarm clock sounded that it was time to get up again.

I was still so tired but I had a few things to do before I left for school this morning. I got up and slipped on a pair of plastic pants over my diaper. I thought to myself had I worn these to bed last night, I might not have wet the bed. I didnt want to take a chance having an accident at school so I made sure to put them on under my jeans. I slipped on a T-shirt and took 2 more diapers from my dresser and tossed them into my backpack with the one I had left in there yesterday. A quick count of the diapers in my drawer told me that I only had 10 left and at the rate I was going through them, I would be out of diapers before long.

I found my pacifier on the floor next to my bed. I must have dropped it in my sleep. I picked it up and put it in my backpack too. I put on a pair of white tennis shoes and combed my hair into pigtails again then ran downstairs with my backpack. Mom was already in the kitchen fixing breakfast so I slipped past her and made my way to the laundry room. The washer had finished washing my soiled bed things so I pulled them out and stuffed them all into the dryer and turned it on. I closed the laundry room door behind me as I left to suppress the sound of the dryer from being heard by Mom.

I went back into the kitchen to join Mom and Grandma who were now both sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee and talking.

They really must give you a lot of homework at that school of yours, Abigail Grandma voiced. Your Grandpa and I wanted to say ˜Good Night to you but you were sound asleep on your bed when we looked in on you.

Really? I questioned afraid of what they saw. I didnt hear you come in.

Oh, we just poked our heads in and saw you were asleep so we shut out the light for you. You looked so cute laying there so we didnt want to disturb you Grandma interjected.

I picked up a glass of juice and drank from it trying to hide my embarrassment. I was hoping that I hadnt still had my pacifier in my mouth when they came in but Grandma was about to spill the beans about that for me I feared.

What was that thing you had in your mouth though, Dear? She asked.

Moms interest was peaked What thing? she said perplexed.

Well, It looked sort of like, well a baby pacifier or something Grandma answered.

I gagged on the orange juice a little. How was I going to explain to both Grandma and Mom that I fell asleep while sucking on a pacifier.

Oh, that¦that was just a ¦a¦a lollipop. Yeah they sell them at school. They kind of look like pacifiers. All the kids have em. I informed them trying to sound convincing.

Well, Im not happy that you are falling asleep with a lollipop in your mouth, Young Lady. Youll rot your teeth out doing that. Mom scolded.

I didnt plan on falling asleep with it, it just, well happened I replied.

Fine but dont do it anymore, Understand? Mom continued.

Okay, Okay, I wont. I have to go now or Ill be late. Love ya, Gram, Love ya Mom. I grabbed my back pack and ran out the front door.

That was too close. I had better be careful from now on I thought to myself as I walked on to school. The diaper was chafing my diaper rash all the way and causing me some discomfort so I stopped at the convenience store along the way and picked up a bottle of baby powder and some rash cream. After paying for them, I asked the clerk to direct me towards the bathroom. He gave me an odd look then pointed to the back of the store.

I followed his direction and found myself in a single user restroom with a lock on the door. I stepped inside and locked the door behind me. The restroom wasnt the cleanest place I had ever been. The floor had layers of caked on dirt in the corners that no one had ever bothered to clean. The sink was stained with rust and the toilet had mismatched seat and tank cover. This didnt really matter much to me because I was not actually going to use the commode anyway.

I pulled a diaper out from my backpack and placed it on the edge of the sink. The room was much too small for me to lay down in and by the look of the floor, I didnt much want to anyway.

I pulled down my jeans and plastic pants to reveal my diaper that had grown quite wet over the last three and a half hours. I leaned against the wall and undid the tapes that held my diaper in place and carefully lowered the front of it. I opened the package containing the diaper rash cream and applied a fair amount onto the damaged skin inside my diaper. It soothed as I applied it and felt and smelled much better than that first aid cream I had used earlier.

I slipped the old diaper out from between me and the wall and put the other one in its place. I sprinkled the inside of the diaper with powder and some on myself. I pulled the front of the diaper up and held it in place with one hand as I fastened the tapes with the other. I switched hands and repeated fastening the tapes on the other side until my diaper was on securely. I pulled up my plastic pants and my jeans and tossed the powder and cream into my back pack. I tossed the old diaper into the big trash can and washed my hands then exited the restroom. My new diaper crinkled as I walked but I was becoming so used to it I hardly heard it any more.

I walked the remaining few minutes to school feeling the effects of the diaper rash cream as it already started to heal my rash. I wondered if Jennifer would be ready to remove the catheter from me today but knew that if I had asked her to do it, it wasnt likely to happen. Just how long does she plan on doing this do me and what is capable of next?

I got to school and went straight to homeroom. I pulled the pacifier out of my bag and put it around my neck as Jennifer was entering the room. She grinned as she walked by and took her seat across the room. She must have known what I had been through since I last saw her and she last changed my diaper because she just kept smiling at me during homeroom. It was almost scary.

The morning announcements reminded us of the upcoming Homecoming Dance. It was still a few weeks away but they were encouraging us to buy our tickets early since there would be a limit of how many people could attend. I thought about my current condition, sitting in a wet diaper with a catheter draining my bladder and a pacifier around my neck, not to mention the fact that I actually pooped in my pants the day before because of Jennifer. Who would want to go to a dance with me? I knew I had to get Jennifer to release me from this catheter and the need for a diaper if I ever wanted to go to the dance with someone. The likelihood of her actually helping me go with Mitch seemed impossible. I knew I had to do something soon to convince her, but what?

After the morning announcements had finished, the speaker in our room crackled to life again with a womans voice. Mr. Baldwin?

Yes, he replied from behind his morning newspaper.

Could you please send Abigail Bell to the Nurses office? said the disembodied voice.

Certainly he replied then turned to me and said Miss Bell, youre wanted in the nurses office.

I gathered up my belongings and left the room. As I walked down the hall I imagined that she had heard about the incident the day before and wanted to discuss it with me. I had needed her then but she wasnt there so what was going there to talk about it now going to solve. I continued to walk to her office wondering just what she wanted me for.

The door that had been locked yesterday now stood wide open revealing a waiting area with a large desk and a glass partition which separated a few cots and a bathroom.

Miss Bell? questioned a short round woman sitting behind a desk inside the office.

Yes Maam I responded.

Step right in here and have a seat she said as she motioned to a chair across from her desk. I am sure you know why you are here¦she began but actually I wasnt sure why I was there.

Not really I replied.

Oh, I thought you… Well, let me tell you. I received this note from your mother she said as she stood up holding a piece of paper in her chubby little hands. Your Mother said that you have a condition that requires you to… she began to whisper so that the empty room couldnt hear her as she continued wear diapers.

I was shocked. As far as I knew, my mother knew nothing about my wearing a diaper and I certainly didnt have any condition that required me too.

What? I dont … I mean my mother doesnt… I, um… I was at a loss for words.

Its all right here in this note, dear. You dont need to be embarrassed. There are lots of girls your age that have to wear diapers, Im sure. Her words were not very comforting or convincing. Your mother said that you have been wearing diapers for some time but have recently needed a catheter inserted to help prevent an infection. Shes asked me to check it periodically for you and to make sure your diaper is changed several times a day.

I sat there dumbfounded. I couldnt believe this. A week ago, I was normal and now I am believed to need to wear diapers. Yeah, I had a catheter in me and it kept my bladder constantly draining but this was a prank by a mean girl. How could this school nurse believe that my mother sent that note?

Are you sure it is from my Mom? I asked Can I see the note, please?

Of course you may she said as she handed me the piece of paper.

The paper was pink with a flower border and was inscribed From the Desk of Helen Bell. Our address even appeared on the paper. The note had been typed onto the paper so there was no telling who actually wrote it but I had my suspicions.

This is a fake. My Mom didnt write this. I told the nurse

So you are telling me that you arent wearing a diaper? the nurse responded in a sarcastic tone. I guess you dont have a catheter in either, do you?

Well, I am and I do but…I dont NEED them… theyre sort of a prank… I argued.

This letter from your mother says otherwise and catheters are no laughing matter so I highly doubt its a prank She barked. Now come in here and lets have a look at you.

She took me by the arm, led me into the other room and told me to sit on one of the two vinyl covered cots. She walked to her supply cabinet and took out a tray and placed it on a small wheeled table that she rolled to the end of the cot I was sitting on.

Take down your pants she demanded as she snapped on a pair of rubber gloves Lets have a look at this diaper youre not wearing.

I stood up and unfastened the button of my jeans and let them drop to my ankles.

Looks like youre diapered to me said the nurse Take down your plastic pants too please.

I closed my eyes and slipped the plastic pants off. As I stood there with my pants at my ankles, I felt the nurse pinch the front of my diaper as Jennifer had done in the girls bathroom the day before.

Its not too wet but lets take a look at that catheter you say you are using as a prank she said. Lay down on the cot so I can check it.

I did as I was told. As I sat down I felt the cold vinyl on the back of my bare thighs. I cautiously laid back until my head rested upon the raised vinyl pillow area. I felt her gloved hands undo the tapes on my diaper one at a time. She pulled the front of my diaper forward and down between my knees.

Look what we have here. This is either a catheter or you have a very big worm growing out of your urethra she commented snidely. It also appears as if you have the start of a very bad diaper rash going on here. Ive got some stuff to fix that up.

She walked back over to her supply cabinet, took out a tube and rolled a stool over to the place I was laying. The little round stool vanished from sight as she put her backside on it. From the tray beside her, she took a handful of wipes and cleaned my crotch much the way Jennifer had but a lot less gently. She unfolded a new diaper that was also on the tray and placed it next to me. Pushing me up onto one hip, she removed the damp diaper and placed the new one underneath me. This technique differed greatly from Jennifers.

Next, she opened the tube and smeared a generous amount of white cream onto her rubber encased fingers and began spreading it everywhere my diaper had been covering. The coolness of the cream relieved some of the burning that the rash had been causing. She grabbed hold of the catheter and pushed it up into my bladder. I felt a small stream of urine flow around it and out my urethra and into the dry diaper. She gave the tubing a small spin and then pulled it back to its original position. There, that ought to keep it clean for another day she said as if to me.

She ungloved her hands and pulled the front of the diaper up over my belly then positioned the tapes. You make sure you come back and see me between 4th and 5th period so I can change your diaper again she ordered and I want to see you again in the morning before you go to homeroom.

Yes Maam I said as I stood up and pulled my the plastic pants and my jeans up over my diaper.

She handed me a slip of paper and sent me out into the hallway. I read the paper, it was a hall pass to my first period class. With everything that was happening to me, I hadnt heard the bell ring. I ran off to Mrs. Ms class as quick as I could my diaper crinkling all the way.

As I made my way to Mrs. Ms classroom, I could feel the new diaper becoming wet thanks to the catheter that was emerging from my urethra. I was grateful that the burning sensation from the diaper rash was now eased by the cream the nurse had applied but the idea of having to go back to her after fourth bell for another diaper check was mortifying. What also bothered me was the note that the nurse had that was written on my mothers personal stationary. It was all too obvious that Jennifer must have stolen it from my mothers desk while I was showering the other day. I wondered how much she took and what else she might have taken from my house. I was certainly at her mercy already and I couldnt imagine what else she would have up her sleeve.

As I entered the classroom, Mrs. M looked up from her desk and instructed Maria, who was standing in front of the class giving a presentation, to pause until I took my seat. I walked to the large desk in the front of the room and handed Mrs. M the note the nurse had handed me just prior to my leaving. With every step towards the desk, I heard my diaper crinkle and felt the wet surface rub against my smooth cream covered crotch. The room remained silent as the other students watched me approach Mrs. M then turn to take my seat. I was certain the too could hear my diaper, they must have noticed my strange waddle like walk or heard the sound of my plastic pants rubbing against my jeans because the sounds seemed deafening to me and the bulkiness of the diaper between my legs felt as though I was clutching a large pillow between my knees.

No one said a word. As I took my seat and sat for the first time in the increasingly wet diaper, I felt a rush of trapped air escape from the diaper and make a puff sound as my rear end made contact with the chair. I froze in fear that the boy sitting behind me might have witnessed the sound but he said nothing. I didnt dare look back at him or even towards anyone else around me, I was sure that doing so would have been an admission of guilt.

Okay Maria, you may continue instructed Mrs. M. I took out a note book and started pretending to take notes on what ever subject matter that Maria was actually talking about when what I was really doing was trying to figure out how I was going to stop Jennifer from embarrassing me any more.

By the time the bell announced the end of class, I had come up with little more of a plan than begging her to stop tormenting me again. There seemed little hope and now I had to head to PE to face my tormenter again. I couldnt imagine what fate she had for me this time.

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Students filled the hallways and the bustle of noise they made swirled around me yet I was deaf to it. All I could hear was the sound of my diaper as it crinkled with each little step I took. With the other diapers Jennifer had me wearing, I had become almost immune to their sounds but for some reason the sound of this diaper echoed in my ears like church bells. The only thing I could figure was that since this diaper was applied by and was going to be inspected and changed by the school nurse, that I had become much more aware of its presence. Every drop of my foot on the floor caused more noise from my diapered bottom and brought me closer to the locker room where I would soon be face to face with Jennifer once again. I was certain that all the Aunties were told of my early morning encounter with the school nurse.

As I descended the stairway towards the locker rooms, I felt my swollen, warm and wet diaper rub against my vagina. Each of the 13 steps down to the lower level caused the diaper to rub on me unlike it had done when just walking through the halls. It wasnt entirely an unpleasant feeling but by the time I had reached the lower level, I could feel my checks begin to blush.

I hurried into the darkness of the girls locker room and found my way to the sink in the restroom. I splashed cold water onto my face to try to ease the redness of my face. I blotted my face dry with a few paper towels from a near by dispenser then went to my locker to change for PE.

Jennifer was standing at my gym locker waiting for me but there was no sign of the Aunties.

How did you enjoy your visit with Nurse Kelly this morning, Baby? she asked.

I knew you did it! I shouted

Did what, Baby? she replied.

I knew you sent that note to the nurse telling her I wore diapers and needed her to change them. Admit it, you stole my mothers stationary didnt you? I shouted.

I dont know what youre talking about. All I know is that you were called out of homeroom to go to the nurses office this morning. Jennifer said smugly.

But youre the only one that could have done it, Youre the only one who has been in my house. It had to be you. I argued.

Whether or not I did what you are accusing me of is neither here or there, what is important is how well my baby girl is getting on in her diapers and if she is doing all the things Mommy tells her to do. I trust that you are still diapered and still have youre catheter in? Jennifer questioned.

Uh, yeah. I responded sharply Its not as if I can get the catheter out.

Good. And what did Nurse Kelly have to say about you being in a diaper? Jennifer asked.

When I told her it was all a prank, she didnt believe me and ended up changing my diaper right there in her office I replied.

Awesome. Thats one less diaper change Ill have to do. Jennifer commented.

Well, she wants me to come back before lunch and see her again for another diaper check, so I guess if I am wet enough, that will make 2 diaper changes you dont have to do I informed Jennifer.

Really? That almost takes the fun out of our little game Jennifer replied.

Our little game? I thought to myself. Is that all this is to her, a little game? The fact that she dared to call it OUR game aggravated me because I really wasnt having any fun with this but obviously she was.

Now that the nurse knows that I have been wearing a diaper to school, I am sure she is going to want to see me everyday. Just how am I supposed to explain to her that I dont need diapers if she didnt believe me that it was all a prank when you take the catheter out of me today? I questioned.

Who ever said I was taking it out of you today? Jennifer repeated.

You did. You said we would talk about you removing it today I reminded her.

I said we would talk about it today, I didnt say I was going to take it out today. Honestly, I havent decided how long it should stay in yet and with the nurse now checking it for you daily, I figure it can stay in for a lot longer.

But I cant keep it in forever, I need it out, I want it out and if I have to Ill¦ Ill¦ I said starting to get emotional.

Youll what? Youll cry¦ Youll tattle, please. You already tried that and the nurse didnt believe you. Maybe youll tell your Mommy on me. Do you really want to go to your parents and tell them that you let another girl shave your vagina and put you in diapers? I highly doubt it.

Jennifer was right. I had no intention of my parents finding out about what I have allowed to be done to me. I needed to work this out for myself.

Youre right, Mommy. Im sorry but please dont make me have to stay like this. I dont like it when the nurse changes my diaper. Shes not as gentle as you are I begged.

Its so nice to be appreciated Jennifer said while a smile drew across her lips. I cant do much about what Nurse Kelly does to you from now on but when its time for the catheter to come out, I am sure she wont question it.

Jennifer turned and left the locker room.

I felt so much more hopeless now than before. Not only did I not have control of my own bladder and forced to wear diapers but now I had two people wanting to check and change my diaper through out the day, neither of which I was happy about.

I opened my locker and pulled out my PE clothes. I slipped off my shirt and jeans and put on my PE shorts and T-shirt and made my way to the gymnasium. My moistened diaper rubbed against my clitoris as I ascended the staircase again. I was glad I was alone in the stairwell as I carefully took each step trying to avoid any stimulation from the diaper. I slowly made it to the top of the risers then proceeded to join my friends.

As I entered the gym, the oversized wooden door slammed behind me announcing my arrival to the students who were already in their squad lines awaiting attendance. I hustled over to my spot in line before Ms. McCoy could count me as tardy. As I dropped to my backside on the hardwood floor of the gym, I heard the familiar sound of my diaper crinkle against the inflexible surface of the floor. I glanced around to see if anyone in the neighboring squad line locations had heard my diaper hitting the floor but no one seemed aware of what they heard.

Miss Bell? I heard a booming voice echo over me What are you doing here?

I looked up and saw Miss McCoy standing over me with a clipboard in her hand.

Excuse, me maam? I replied questionably.

Almost angered, Ms McCoy said I received a note for the school nurse excusing you from PE until further notice. I am surprised you were not aware of this. Are you trying to pull something here, Missy?

The nurse hadnt mentioned anything to me about being excused from gym class so I was really quite surprised to her that she had sent a note to Ms. McCoy telling her that I was not to be there until further notice.

Oh, I¦ I¦ I must have forgotten. Im sorry. I answered trying to come across stupid.

Well, go back and change into your regular clothes and report to the nurses office and straighten this out Ms. McCoy ordered.

I was rather grateful not to have to participate in PE class but I really didnt want to spend the time in the nurses office either. I couldnt imagine what she might want to do to me next. I stood up and walked back across the gym and out the large wooden doors and into the hallway that led to the stairs and the locker rooms. The empty hallway echoed the sound of my crinkling diaper off the painted cinderblock walls as I walked. The steel door leading to the stairwell squeaked as I pulled in open than slammed behind me as I entered the stairwell. I stood for a moment and stared down at the flight of stairs. I knew what was about to happen to me again and there seemed no way to avoid it. I stepped down onto the first tread. My diaper shifted and was drawn upward against me. I stepped down onto the next tread only to have the diaper once again shift and rub against me with all its damp tepidness. I continued to take step after step slowly as I felt my diaper rub and excite my genitalia. As I neared the last 3 steps, I decided to end this blissful torture and jumped to the landing below.

I made my way back to the cave-like locker room and sat on the bench in front of my locker. The idea that a wet diaper could cause that kind of reaction in me surprised me. I pulled off my PE clothes and sat there in the locker room in just my plastic pants and damp diaper. I looked down at myself and my bulging diaper for a moment then slid my hand into the front of my plastic pants. Through the plastic shell of the diaper, I could feel the warmth of the urine trapped inside. The soft plastic of the diaper was smooth beneath my palm and I felt it suddenly grow a little warmer under my hand. The catheter must have deposited more pee into my diaper as I sat there stroking it.

I pushed against the diaper in almost an attempt to stop the flow but it was useless. The catheter was unstoppable and wetting my diaper was inevitable, but as I pressed, the pressure had forced the bulkiness of the diaper against my vagina once again sending a sensation of instant pleasure through me. I pulled my hand out of my plastic pants and released the pressure. The sensation quickly faded.

I sat there for a moment contemplating my actions. ˜I really should hurry up, change my clothes and get to the nurses office before I get in trouble, but¦

I slid my hand back inside my plastic pants and rubbed on the front of my diaper once again, slowly at first and then quicker and quicker. It felt so good. I had no idea that a soaking wet diaper could make me feel this way. I continued to rub and excite myself through the layer of thin plastic and wet padding. I had never ever felt this way. Pulled my hand back out and turned over to straddle the hard oak bench I was sitting on. With the bench between my legs, I rocked myself back and forth on it putting pressure on my diapered and clean shaven vagina. I started to grunt and groan with pleasure and the echoes reverberated back towards me from the empty locker room. I could feel my face burning but I couldnt stop myself. I had to keep rubbing my diaper on the bench. This was so good, so incredible. I had never felt anything so exhilarating before in my life. I could have continued on and on but suddenly¦

Slam! I heard the door to the locker room slam shut. I wasnt alone anymore but whoever had just entered wasnt making any noise. I didnt know who it was or what they were doing. I didnt even know where they were. I stood up quickly and grabbed my jeans out of my locker and slid them on up over my diaper and plastic pants. I quickly buttoned and zippered them then slid my shirt back on. I peered around to see who was there with me but saw no one. I went into the lavatory and splashed some cold water on my face again. I fixed my hair in the mirror then turned to leave the room.

Having fun? questioned a familiar voice.

Jennif¦ Mommy!? I gulped as I realized who had been lurking in the darkness of the locker room. I was just leaving. I am excused from PE and I am supposed to go to the nurses office.

Yeah, I know that but you left the gym some time ago and yet you are still here in the locker room. What have you been doing all this time? she questioned.

My first instinct was to lie (something I had been doing a lot since I met Jennifer) and say I needed to use the restroom but we both knew that wasnt true so I had to think of something else quick to cover up exactly what I really was doing.

I stopped for a drink of water and I was fixing my hair and ¦ I tried to convince Jennifer.

Is that so? she replied in a disbelieving tone. Well, from what I heard from outside the locker room door, it sounded like you found a way to have a little fun in here all by yourself.

If my face wasnt red before, it sure must have been turning red now. I hadnt thought about anyone being able to hear me playing with my diaper.

I, um, er, well¦ I stammered trying to find something to say that would sound convincing but before I could find them, Jennifer spoke.

Its okay, baby. I am glad you are finally starting to enjoy your diapers. Perhaps now you wont be so eager for Mommy to take them away from you.

But I was just¦ I tried to interject but Jennifer interrupted me.

Tsk, Tsk, I said not to worry about it baby. Its good that you like them that much. Jennifer said in a comforting tone. No need to be embarrassed.

I guess she saw how red my face was and knew that I was mortified by doing it and also getting caught as well. I looked down at my feet so as to avoid any eye contact that might reveal anything else.

You had better hurry off now. Im sure you dont want to get caught again, do you? Jennifer snickered as she walked passed me into the restroom. Bye-bye Baby.

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Chapter 20

The Nurses Office¦ Again

As I turned the corner and came to the nurses office, I saw that the door was closed. This reminded me too well of the previous incident when I needed to get to the nurse but ended up pooping in my diaper because the nurse wasnt in her office. I decided to try the knob anyway just in case the door was closed for another reason and sure enough, as I turned the knob, the door opened.

I stepped inside the familiar room and saw the short round nurse sitting behind her desk, her back turned to me, holding the receiver of an outdated desk phone to her ear.

Yes Martha, that sounds fine. Just make sure she has¦ Martha, I have to go, someone just walked into my office. Ill call you back later. Bye. Nurse Kelly turned in her swiveling desk chair, hung up the phone and signaled me to come in and have a seat.

Well, I see you have come back to me. Is it time for a fresh diaper already? she asked.

I was in PE class and Ms. McCoy said I was excused from PE because of a note you sent her. I didnt know what I was supposed to do so Ms. McCoy sent me to you. I explained.

Oh, oh yes. I guess I forgot to tell you this morning. You will not be able to participate in PE until your doctor removes your catheter or until I receive a note from him saying that you can return to PE she instructed. Now, instead of PE class, I have made arrangements for you. Just take this pass and go to room 115, theyll be expecting you. But before you go, lay down on the cot real quick and let me check that diaper of yours.

No, you dont have to. Its fine. I tried to tell her.

Now dear, it has to be done and arguing about it is only going to prolong your time in it. With that rash you had there this morning, I would think that having your diaper changed more frequently would be a good thing. She scolded.

Remembering how I felt this morning when I woke up with a severe diaper rash and not wanting to have to go through that again, I set down my things and made my way towards the vinyl cot in the other room. I pulled down my jeans and my plastic pants as Nurse Kelly prepared a small table with a tube of rash care cream, a clean diaper and package of wipes. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and scooted herself towards the cot on her short rolling stool. She positioned herself at my knees that were bent over the end of the cot so that my feet could rest comfortably on the floor. Placing a hand on either of my knees, I felt her thrust them apart and her once again scooting forward so as to place herself between my legs for a better view of my nether region.

She reached forward and undid each of the tapes before lowering the front of my diaper. She adjust her glasses and carefully inspected my vaginal area, poking and prodding me with her gloved fingers.

Mmm-hmmm, ah-huh, yep, this is looking much better already but its a good thing we checked it she reported. I was afraid if we let you sit too long in this diaper it would only worsen and I think if we had gone any longer we could have had a real problem on our hands.

I really wasnt interested in anything she was saying. As far as I was concerned, I was just glad I didnt have to change my own diaper in the girls bathroom and if actually given a choice, I much preferred Jennifers method of diaper changing to Nurse Kellys despite the fact that Jennifer did it on the floor of the girls room on a blanket with all the Aunties watching and Nurse Kelly did it in a nice quite, private office. Jennifer just had a more caring, almost loving technique whereas Nurse Kelly seemed to have a regimented procedure to follow.

I tried to let my mind wonder as I lay there having her wipe me down, then applying more rash cream. There was little I could distract myself with undergoing such a process.

I felt her tug at the wet diaper and knew to raise my butt off of it so she could replace it with a fresh diaper. Once the new diaper was laid out under me, I lowered my backside onto it. Nurse Kelly sprinkled some powder inside my diaper and on me than began to pull the front of my diaper up to cover my abdomen.

Just then the door in the outer office burst open. Two boys dressed in their PE clothes stood in the doorway, one obviously supporting the weight of the other one whos arm was outstretched over his partners shoulders.

The blonde hared boy had his right foot raised off the floor and seemed to be in considerable pain. His dark hared friend helped to ease him into a seat in the office then turned to the glass partition to search for the nurse.

Nurse Kelly? he called out as he peered through the door looking for her and instantly finding her squatting on a stool between my legs in the process of diapering me. Oh, excuse me, I didnt know you were¦Im sorry. I didnt umm, Ill wait out here he said as he averted his eyes and exited the inner office.

Nurse Kelly, who didnt seem to be worried about whether or not I was embarrassed by the sudden interruption excused herself Stay right there, sweetie, let me see what all the commotion is about and she left the room to join the two boys in the other room closing the door behind her.

I peered down at my diaper and realized she hadnt yet done any of the tapes. I thought about doing them up myself but I decided to do as instructed and stayed put with my jeans and plastic pants down around my ankles and my knees spread out at wide as they could go. The small stool was still positioned between them and any attempt at standing up would have caused me to kick it.

Despite the diaper not being fastened yet, I could feel urine dripping out of the catheter onto the dry surface of the diaper. I wasnt sure if not having it properly closed and it starting to get wet would cause any leaking so I started to hope that Nurse Kelly would return and finish what she had started before taking on a new patient.

Just as soon as that thought entered my head, the door swung open and Nurse Kelly and the 2 boys entered the room, the blonde boy still being helped by his brunette friend.

Lay him down over here on this cot and lets get that foot elevated said Nurse Kelly as the rolled up a blanket and placed it on the end of the cot beside me.

I felt helpless. I didnt have a blanket to through over me to hide my diaper and my pants were out of reach. The privacy curtain between us hadnt been drawn so there really wasnt any privacy.

Nurse Kelly turned and started to prepare an ice pack for the blonde boys swelling ankle How did this happen? she asked.

Seeing his friend was in too much pain to recount the story, the dark hared boy started to tell the tale We were playing basketball in PE and when Steve jumped to make a shot, someone from the other team slipped and collided with him. When he landed, his ankle sort of, well, cracked and he fell over and the other guy landed on top of him.

I laid there listening to the story too afraid to remind the nurse that I was still waiting for fear that the boys would suddenly realize why I was there although one of them already had a good idea from when he poked his head into the room a few minutes ago.

Thank you, Mitch. You can go on back to class now. Ill look after him and contact his parents. I cant tell if its broken yet but at very least it is a severe sprain said Nurse Kelly.

Still listening to the conversation, I had just realized that Nurse Kelly called the dark hared boy Mitch. I nearly died on the spot. If he didnt already know about my diaper from the accident in the hall or from running into him yesterday, then he certainly must know about it now. I hid my face behind my hands and hoped that he would just quickly leave.

Okay, Take it easy Steve. Ill get your stuff from the locker room after class and bring it up to you said Mitch as he left the room and went back to PE.

Oh dear, let me draw this curtain to give you a little privacy, Steve. Im sure you dont want to have anyone see you is such pain said Nurse Kelly as she grabbed the long white curtain and pulled it to hide Steve from my sight then she left the room. I heard her pick up the receiver from the phone on her desk. A few moments later I heard her speak.

Mrs. Reynolds? Hello, this is Nurse Kelly. Im calling to let you know your son Steven was hurt in PE just a few minutes ago. Im afraid his ankle may be broken. Yes, hes here in my office right now resting with ice on it to control the swelling. Yes Maam. Very well, Ill see you in a few minutes. Good-bye

I heard her hang up the phone and pick it up again. This is Nurse Kelly at the high school. I need an ambulance to transport an injured student to the hospital. Ankle injury. Yes, his mother is on her way here now. Very well, Thank you she said before hanging up the phone and returning to the room where Steve and I both lay.

Are you okay there, Steve? she asked as she passed by me to check on Steves condition.

Yeah, it just really, really hurts he said trying not to let the pain show in his voice. Is my mom on her way?

She should be here in a few minutes and Ive called for an ambulance to take you to the hospital for x-rays informed Nurse Kelly. Once your mom arrives, I will be able to give you something to ease the pain.

Nurse Kelly appeared back to my side of the curtain. With all that excitement, I nearly forgot about you over here Abigail. Lets get you finished up and send you on your way.

I was glad she had finally remembered that I was still in the room but perhaps she could have remembered that sooner and not left me lay there in a diaper for all the world to see.

There was little I could say in response to that so I just nodded my head, grinned and said Okay.

She fastened up the tapes on my new diaper and pulled my plastic pants up to my bent knees. Raise your buttocks she commanded. I felt kind of silly having her do this for me since I was fully capable of pulling up my own pants but in a instinct of compliance, I raised butt off the cot and allowed her to pull my plastic pants up over my diaper.

Okay, you can sit up now and put your jeans back on instructed Nurse Kelly. I was kind of hoping that Steve was in too much pain to pay any attention to what was being said on our side of the curtain. Now dont forget to come back here after 4th period and let me check your diaper again. I dont want that diaper rash getting any worse. Oh, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Your urine smells a little strong and that might be why your diaper rash is so bad. Drinking more water will dilute it, you may go through diapers faster but it will clear that diaper rash up quicker.

Great, if there was any doubt of why I was there before, it was all gone now. I dont care how much pain Steve was in, there was no way he could have missed any of that conversation. Could Nurse Kelly have possibly said the word diaper or rash any more in one conversation than she just did? Why didnt she just say ˜You wear Diapers, You wet your Diapers, You have Diaper rash because you wet your Diapers. You should drink more so you can wet your Diapers more and end up wearing and wetting more Diapers so you dont get more Diaper rash since you wear diapers, diapers, diapers, diapers. Big Wet Smelly Diapers!

I stood up and pulled my jeans up over my plastic pants and diaper. I gathered my books from the outer office and picked up the note that Nurse Kelly had given me earlier. I looked at the room number written on it. I hadnt recognized that room number. I didnt have any classes in there and didnt know anyone who did.

Nurse Kelly? Where is room 115? I asked hoping for a bit of an explanation as to where it was and what it was as well.

Just go left out of here then down the hall and it will be on your right she informed me Now Steve, let me see if that swelling has stopped and she turned her full attention to Steves ballooning foot.

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Chapter 21
Room 115

I left Nurse Kellys office and turned left. Her instructions were right, room 115 was there but I had never been down that hall before. It was a very short hallway and there werent any lockers in it. Across the hall from room 115 was a janitors closet and some kind of storage room for paper and school supplies.

Room 115 had a large wooden double door with the number 115 in gold on the windowless door. There really was nothing anymore special about the door. I didnt know whether or not I should knock or just open the door and walk right in.

I remembered that Nurse Kelly said that they were expecting me so I gently knocked on the door then grabbed the knob and slowly opened the door.

The room was larger than any other class room I had seen in the school thus far and it was brightly painted with all kinds of creatures like butterflies, birds, turtles and other friendly kinds of animals. There were shelves all about the room filled with colorful baskets and boxes. I saw large stuffed animals in different locations about the room. The floor was carpeted in a very soft and squishy blue carpet. Several art easels displayed art work that was likely created by some very young children.

I stepped further into the room and peered around. The room seemed to be deserted except for the large cuddly stuffed animals that inhabited the room.

Hello? I shouted softly Is anyone here? Nurse Kelly sent me.

I waited a moment to see if there was any response before repeating myself. Hello? Is anyone here?

Another pause and silence fell again. I turned to leave the room when a voice called out Come in, come in. You must be Abigail said a thin woman emerging from a door that I had not previously noticed because it blended in so well with the mural that encompassed the whole room.

Hi Abigail, Im Mrs. Sullivan but everybody calls me Maggie and I expect you to do the same. She had a very friendly face and stretched out her hand to shake mine and welcome me into room that might just have been the porthole to another world that vastly differed from the hallway I just left.

Maggie shook my hand as she closed the door behind me thus completing the illusion that I had just entered some kind of alternate school. The room I was now standing in resembled a nursery school more than a high school.

What is this place? I felt compelled to ask.

Maggie looked around the room proudly Do you like it? she asked.

Its very¦ I scrambled to find the right words to describe what I was seeing unique. Very bright and lively. That should do it.

Thank you, I painted it all myself Maggie retorted.

But what is this place, I mean what subject do you teach in here? I asked again.

I dont really teach a ˜subject in here replied Maggie I teach more like life in here.

Now I was getting really confused. I was sent here by the nurse to what appears to be a large nursery school classroom to learn about life? Something just wasnt computing.

I dont get it. This place looks like a giant pre-school and you tell me you teach about Life in here? Do you mean like sex-education or what? I asked.

No Abbey, you dont mind if I call you Abby, do you? Maggie asked but continued on without waiting for an answer. Abby, I am more of a counselor than a teacher and I also work with the special education students.

Wait! Ive been sent to special education? I asked But Im not retar¦I mean, I am fine, Im not mentally challenged.

Sweetie, no one is doubting your intelligence, we are just concerned about the WHOLE Abigail. Maggie said while putting her arm across my shoulders and leading me into the room a little further. Abby, I would like it if you would sit and talk to me about the things that trouble you.

Looking around the room and feeling like I had just entered pre-school, the only thing that was troubling me was being there but I was afraid to say it.

Theres nothing troubling me.

Really? Are you sure? asked Maggie. I understand you have some ˜issues that Nurse Kelly was just made aware of. How do you feel about that?

Maggie guided me towards a few big bean bag chairs on the floor and sat with me.

Obviously Maggie didnt want to come right out and say she knew I was wearing a diaper and wetting myself, but mentioning Nurse Kelly was a clear signal that she knew about my situation.

Feel about what? I said, theres nothing to talk about I tried to convince Maggie.

Have you had this problem a long time or is this something new? Maggie continued to question almost as if she wasnt hearing what I said and was filling in her own answers.

I dont have a problem. I argued.

Well, if you dont want to talk about it, I cant force you but you will be spending 2nd period with me until you are allowed back into PE so if you change your mind let me know. For now, make yourself comfortable, I have work to finish in the other room Maggie replied as she stood up from her bean bag chair and exited the room through the same painted door she had entered it from.

Feeling kind of silly just sitting there, I stood up and went to the door that I had entered from and grabbed the door knob. I figured my free period would be much better spent in the library than in this weird room, but as I attempted to turn the knob, I discovered that the door was locked. I tried again but still the door remained unopened. I peered around the room for another means of escape besides the door Maggie had gone through but there were none.

Now I was a prisoner in this oversized playroom with an ever increasingly wet diaper that was out of my control to stop wetting. I finally went to the door that Maggie had left from and turned the knob to open it. This time the door swung open and before me stood Maggie. She was standing there as if just waiting for me to come seek her out.

Did you need something, Abby? she asked.

I wanted to leave but the door seems to be locked I confessed.

Yes dear. I have to do that to keep some of my Special Kids from leaving during their time with me. Maggie admitted but where were you trying to go, you are to stay here with me until the end of 2nd period.

I just wanted to go to the library and get a book I explained.

Im sorry Abby, I cant let you do that Maggie said. Nurse Kelly thought you would benefit from spending time with me here in my room, now if I let you wander the halls, I dont think it would benefit anybody.

But what if I need to use the restroom or something, you cant just keep me locked up in here I shouted.

Do you need to use the restroom, Abbey? asked Maggie very much aware that the restroom was the last thing I needed given my current condition. Do you really need to use the restroom, Abby? I was under the impression that part of your problem was that you DIDNT need a restroom. Am I mistaken?

Angry that I was still being held here against my will the only thing I could think to say was No, I dont need to use the restroom.

And why is that, Abby? asked Maggie in a calm voice that was beginning to annoy me.

Because I am¦you know, Nurse Kelly obviously told you I yelled.

Told me what, Abby? What do you think Nurse Kelly told me?

That I am wearing a diaper and have been wetting myself. Is that what you want me to say? There I said it, I am wearing a diaper, a big wet diaper like a baby, like a little thumb sucking crying little baby. I started to cry but not because I was ashamed but because earlier I felt myself enjoying it, really enjoying it.

Maggie wrapped both arms around me and gave me a hug There, there. Its okay. There are lots of cases of girls your age having to wear diapers. Its okay, you cant help it but you can learn to accept it and I will help you.

I wasnt sure that Maggie really understood why I was crying but before I could explain, the bell rang ending second period.

Here, take a tissue and dry your eyes Maggie encouraged. Well talk more about this tomorrow during our time together. Maggie walked to her desk and reached under it. A buzzing sound came from the door then it popped open on its own. Evidently the door was operated by an electronic lock.

Ill see you tomorrow, Abby shouted Maggie as I gathered my belongings and headed out the double doors.

I left room 115 and was suddenly thrust back into the reality of high school and made my way to my third period class.

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Chapter 22
Time to Change

During 3rd and 4th period, I felt my diaper grow heavier and heavier. I was sure that by 5th period I was really going to need that change Nurse Kelly promised so as the bell rang signaling the end of 4th period, I raced for her office hoping that my added speed wouldnt cause any accidents in the halls or in my pants.

I got to her office door which was ajar this time. Once again Nurse Kelly was on the phone chatting but this time she saw me as I entered the room.

Uh-huh, Look, I have a customer. Ill talk to you tomorrow. Bye now she said as she hung up the phone and waved me into the room. I bet I know what youre here for she said in a sickly sweet voice as if she was talking to a 3 year old. Come right in, I have everything ready for you. Just take your pants down and lay on the cot so I can get started.

I placed my books on the table in the waiting area and proceeded into the other room for my 3rd Nurse Kelly diaper change of the day. I stood at the end of the cot and pulled down my jeans and plastic pants. This was beginning to feel routine for me as well as for Nurse Kelly. I sat on the cot then laid back so she could start the process of cleaning me up.

You know, I really could do this myself, Nurse Kelly I commented even though I wasnt quite as good at getting a snug fit as she was. I guess I needed more practice but having her or Jennifer change me didnt afford me much of that.

Well, if you were capable of doing it yourself, than A. Your mother wouldnt have written me that note asking me to do it and B. You wouldnt have had such a terrible rash like you did she reminded me. And C. I have an obligation as the school nurse and I dont take it lightly so I will continue to check your catheter and change your diaper as often as needed. Now lets see how that rash is coming along she said as she peeled the tapes back and lowered the front of my diaper.

Its looking so much better. I bet you can really feel the difference now, cant you dear? she asked.

Yeah, sure, it feels so much better I agreed half-heartedly. I was really hoping that this would end up being my last Nurse Kelly diaper change but from the sound of it, I had a lot more of them to look forward to. Without the interruptions of my previous visit, this diaper change went much quicker and I soon found myself heading to the cafeteria to join Betsy, Ashley, Erika and Elaine at our usual table.

Hey Abigail, what happened to you during PE? asked Elaine. I saw you come in late but then Ms. McCoy made you leave. What was that all about?

I had to go see Mrs. Sullivan I reported leaving out as many facts as I could.

Mrs. Sullivan? Whos that? asked Erika.

Isnt she the school councilor or something commented Ashley.

Yeah, something like that I replied trying to find something to change the topic. So what did I miss in PE?

Oh yeah, you missed it. Steve Reynolds broke his arm or something reported Betsy. I didnt see it but I heard that he and Mitch got in a big fight and Mitch broke his wrist.

I gagged when I heard this recap of what happened. No, it was his ankle and Mitch didnt do it, some other guy crashed into him while they were playing basketball, Steve came down on his foot wrong and the other guy landed on top of him. Mitch only helped him to the nurses office I corrected.

Where did you hear that? Betsy asked.

Well, I was in the nurses office getting my¦ Oops, almost slipped there for a minute Getting a pass to Mrs. Sullivans when I saw Mitch and Steve come in. Mitch was practically carrying Steve because he couldnt walk on his ankle. Mitch even retold the story to the nurse while I waited then I saw her put ice on Steves ankle. She said it might be broken so she called an ambulance to take him to the hospital for x-rays.

Wow. I guess he wont be playing on the school basketball team this season then commented Erika. What a shame, he is one of the best on the team I hear.

Oh by the way Abby, what happened to you after school yesterday? asked Betsy. We were supposed to meet to talk about me working in your fathers ice cream shop but you never showed up. Where did you go?

I my haste to get home and get changed before going to work, I had completely forgotten all about meeting Betsy. It seems every time I have a run in with Jennifer, every thing I had previously planned for went right out of my head.

Im sorry Betsy, I had a bit of an emergency and had to rush home after school. Forgive me? I asked sheepishly.

Of course, but is your Dad still looking for help? she asked.

Yep, I think he is looking to hire a few people to work afternoons, evenings and weekends I replied. Just pop in and tell him your friends of mine and Im sure hell offer you a job if you want it.

Great, Ill go by there after school today Betsy promised.

We continued to eat our lunches all the while in peace. A few times I thought I caught Jennifer peering over at us and smiling but every time I looked her way, she seemed engrossed in conversation with the Aunties. I could only imagine what devilish plot they were working on for me next.

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Chapter 23
Jennifers Science Experiment

As the day wore on, my newest diaper continued to get heavier and heavier. I knew I would need to change it at least once more before going to Pops Ice Cream shop but I wasnt sure the diaper would last the long walk home first. I dreaded the idea of asking Nurse Kelly for another change but I needed a nice snug dry diaper that would last several hours of working at Pops.

After my last class, I made my way through the crowded halls to her office. Unfortunately she wasnt there and the door was locked. A note on the door read Nurse is Out. See office for assistance.

I quickly ran to the office and asked Mrs. Collins where Nurse Kelly was.

Im sorry dear, she had to leave about 20 minutes ago. Is there something I can help you with?

Unless Mrs. Collins was prepared to change my diaper right there on her desk, I felt there wasnt anything she could do for me. No thank you. I said as I turned to leave the office.

What was I to do? I didnt want to change in another nasty convenience store bathroom and I certainly couldnt change in the bathroom at Pops. I raced to my locker and grabbed my back pack. Inside, I still had 2 of the diapers I had placed in there earlier, the baby powder and rash cream that I bought at the convenience store that morning but I didnt have any wipes.

I wonder if Jennifer has any I asked myself and I ran to her locker hoping to find her but she wasnt there. I started running down the hall hoping to find her. Sure enough I did. She was with several of the Aunties gossiping about just about everyone.

Jennifer! Jennifer! I called out but she didnt hear me. Jennifer! Jennifer! I yelled again but still no response. MOMMY! I shouted and every head seemed to turn in my direction including Jennifers and all of the Aunties.

What? Jennifer replied.

I didnt feel like making it public knowledge that I needed my diaper changed so I ran closer to her before answering.

I have a little problem. I need to change my¦ my You Know what but I dont have anything to clean myself with. Do you have any wipes? I asked lowering my voice so as not to be heard by the general population that surrounded us.

I do she responded But I cant just give them to you.

Why not? I asked.

As you clearly shouted, I am your Mommy and what kind of Mommy would I be if I made you change yourself Jennifer retorted.

But I can do¦ I was interrupted again.

Nonsense, Ill be happy to help you. Follow me Jennifer said as she beckoned me to follow her with her index finger.

I began to follow her and the Aunties fell in right behind me. I had really only meant to ask Jennifer if I could borrow some wipes but now it seemed as if I was about to become the object of another diaper changing lesson.

Jennifer ducked into the nearest empty classroom and stood by the door until after all the Aunties and I had filed in. She closed the door and turned the lock so that we wouldnt be disturbed.

The room was a science lab complete with 12 black lab counter tops that were each equipped with small lab sinks. Instead of desks, long wooden tables filled the center room each adorned with 2 chairs so that lab partners could sit closely together. The room had a strange odor obviously emitted from the strange bottles and decanters that filled the shelves around the room.

Jennifer pushed past me and the Aunties and plopped her backpack on one of the tables near the front of the room. She unzipped the bag and pulled out a plastic bag full of wipes.

Is this all you need, Baby? she asked holding the corner of the bag between her thumb and index finger allowing the bag to swing from side to side.

I have a diaper, some powder and some cream in my back pack I informed her as I set my bag down on the opposite end of the table and pulled out my diaper changing provisions and handed them to Jennifer.

Okay then, hop up on the table and lets get you cleaned up Jennifer instructed.

I wasnt sure I really wanted to have my diaper changed right there in the science lab. It felt kind of odd to be taking my pants down in such a large and public room but then again, a week ago, wearing a diaper, let alone wetting it, was not something I had imagined myself doing either.

I placed my backpack on the floor and sat on the end of the table where my backpack used to sit. The table was tall and my legs swung down over the end a good 8 inches off the floor. I eased myself back onto the hard surface of the desk which was far less comfortable as the cot in the nurses office but a huge improvement over laying on the floor in the girls bathroom.

Jennifer stood over me and unfastened the button on my jeans then slid the zipper down until my plastic pants became visible through the open fly of my jeans. She grabbed the waistband of my pants and yanked them down off my hips and then down over my knees until I felt them drop to my dangling ankles. Next she stretched the elastic that lay around my diapered waist and pulled the plastic pants down until they fell silently on top of my jeans.

The Aunties all started to gather around the other side of the table from where Jennifer was standing so they could get a good view of my bald vagina as Jennifer pulled open my wet diaper but Jennifer wasnt quite ready for that.

Jennifer stood there for a moment examining my thick wet diaper, inspecting the wetness indicator and how it had changed colors. She looked up and across at the Aunties then said Meg, grab her shoulders. I want to have a little fun first.

Meg stepped to the end of the table and forced my shoulders to the table before I could resist. Two other Aunties got into position to restrain my hands while Jennifer stuffed my pacifier into my mouth.

Dont worry, Baby, I think youre going to like this. Jennifer smirked as she started to gently caress the front of my diaper.

At first she just barely touched the diaper and only on the area above my navel but before long, her touch became stronger and stronger. She started to press the diaper firmer and firmer as she rubbed lower and lower on the diaper.

I started to breath heavier and heavier. I knew what Jennifer was trying to do and I was doing my best to hold back. I tried to struggle to get free but the Aunties grip was too strong and I was once again helpless to their actions.

Jennifer continued to rub my diaper with her hand adding more and more pressure as she went further and further down my body. I began to groan with pleasure as Jennifers fingers pressed my diaper up against my vagina in a rhythmic motion but the sounds emanating from my mouth were distorted by the pacifier that I held clenched between my teeth.

Jennifer continued to rub harder and faster on my wet diaper pressing it deeper and deeper into my hairless pussy. I closed my eyes and sucked feverishly on the pacifier that was perched between my lips. There was nothing I could do. I tried to close my legs but Jennifer was now standing between them forcing them to remain spread open.

I felt the wetness in my diaper increase as a flood of urine poured through the catheter into the already saturated diaper. I started to feel warm, hot even, all over. I wanted to beg Jennifer to stop but the pacifier in my mouth prevented me from it. My back arched off the table as Jennifer continued to torture me with her swift movements across the surface of my diaper. The Aunties that were holding me down pressed harder on my shoulders and arms and suddenly I felt a release but it didnt come from the Aunties or even from Jennifers touch. It came from deep inside me and a new feeling filled my diaper. It was warm and wet but some how different from the urine that I had felt fill my diaper. I suddenly wasnt as hot any more and a calm washed over me. I didnt feel the need to resist any more.

The Aunties loosened their grip on me as Jennifer stopped rubbing on my diaper. I lay there unable to move, too tired from what I had just experienced but sucking on my pacifier with my eyes still closed.

Jennifer stepped back along side the table and unfastened the tapes on my diaper then lowered the front of it. She opened the bag of wipes and gently started to clean off my baby smooth vagina. Her touch on my labia was gentle and soft.

Look Ladies, I think Baby has really learned to like her diapers Jennifer commented as she continued to clean me. I heard the Aunties all take a step towards the end of the table to see what Jennifer had to show them. See, You might even say Baby has learned to LOVE her diapers.

The Aunties snickered as Jennifer continued to clean me off and change my diaper. I still laid there weak and unable to move so Jennifer had to lift my bottom to remove the old diaper and replace it with a fresh one.

I felt something stroke my anus as she lowered me back down onto the fresh diaper then I felt it penetrate and slip up inside me. The feeling was familiar but it was too late to do anything about it. I had just received another suppository from Jennifer. Before closing up my diaper, Jennifer slipped a second suppository into my rectum. I felt my muscles contract as it pulled the second suppository deeper inside me.

I began to fear what I knew would now be my fate. I would once again find myself in a poop filled diaper thanks to Jennifer.

Jennifer pulled the front of my diaper up and secured it snuggly around my waist then pressed on each of the tapes to make sure they had a nice firm hold on my diaper. I started to feel some of my strength return but I was still a little weak. I pulled myself up onto my elbows and watched as Jennifer grabbed hold of my jeans and slid them off my ankles and dropped them on the floor. She repeated this motion with the plastic pants I had been wearing then she dug into her bag for something.

An evil little smirk appeared on her face as she pulled out a fresh pair of plastic pants. I recognized them instantly by the little gold lock and chain that adorned the waistband. Jennifer was going to use the locking panties on me.

Knowing that I already had a couple of laxative suppositories inside me that soon would be starting to work, I tried to thrash and kick my legs to avoid Jennifer putting the panties on me but I was over-powered by the Aunties who were instructed to grab my legs while Jennifer slid them on me. I continued to resist but before long I had lost the battle and found myself being locked into the dreaded plastic pants with the tiny little padlock.

Jennifer took the small gold key from the lock and placed it on the chain that she wore around her neck, grabbed up her backpack then turned to unlock the science room door. Before leaving the room, Jennifer whipped her head back and said Bye-bye Baby, Ill be over your house at 5 oclock.

The Aunties gathered up their things and followed Jennifer out into the hall leaving me alone in the science lab still laying on the table with my pants in a heap on the floor and the locking panties covering my diaper. I hopped off the table and put my jeans back on. I knew I only had about 20 minutes before the laxatives kicked in. I grabbed my backpack and tossed my extra pair of plastic pants in, then raced for the door as I fastened my jeans and pulled up my zipper. As I exited the room, I ran into the school custodian, Mr. Parks, who was attempting to enter the room.

What were you doing in there? he questioned but I was in too much of a hurry to stop to answer him.

I forgot my notebook in there I said as I wriggled past him and tore off down the hallway looking for the nearest exit.

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Chapter 24
Long Way Home

I had already been concerned about having to wear a diaper while working at the ice cream shop but now I was locked into a pair of plastic pants that I couldnt remove with a couple of laxative suppositories up my ass that would soon be causing me to fill my diaper. What was worse was that Jennifer had the only key to the little lock that was holding me hostage in my diaper and she wouldnt be coming to my house until 5 oclock which meant I had to spend the next 2 hours in this diaper despite its condition.

It was inevitable that I was going to poop in my pants again, the only questions were Where? And When? I knew I couldnt hide the fact that I messed myself from Dad, Grandma and Grandpa if I went to work and I certainly didnt want to miss Jennifers visit to my house at 5 oclock. I knew what I had to do so I raced home as quickly as I could.

I could feel my bowels start to churn as the laxative began to soften inside me. The chemicals were clearly starting to take effect. I tried to quicken my pace but each pounding step caused my intestines to quake. It was as if the drugs worked better with jostling. I stopped running and tried to walk like normal but that didnt seem to do any better. I felt the build up of pressure inside me. I knew I was about to burst and release my entire bowels into my diaper that was already growing wet because of the catheter that was inserted in me.

I clenched my buttocks tightly together and continued on my way slowly but surely as the pressure became greater and greater. I clenched my cheeks even tighter until it hurt but still the pressure inside grew. I wasnt going to make it all the way home. I didnt have the strength to hold back the flood of feces much longer and it was becoming harder and harder to walk this way.

I stopped where I was. The pain had become too strong. I couldnt take another step with my butt clenched. I had to relax my muscles and just let the medicine take its course. I closed my eyes, Im not sure why but it seemed the right thing to do at the time, and released the tension in my buttocks. Instantly I felt the pressure subside as a rush of warm runny mess filled the back of my diaper. I felt it as it oozed against my skin.

I opened my eyes and peered around me. There was no one is site. Nobody saw me stop and soil my pants. I started to walk on again but was soon overcome by the familiar pain coming from my bowels. I knew my lament wasnt over yet but I tried to walk through the pain only to find myself stopping once again about 30 feet from where I had stopped earlier.

Again I felt the pressure release into my diaper but this time the mess that filled my pants felt thick and less runny. It felt heavy in my diaper unlike the earlier mess. I started to walk on again towards home.

I continued to pass gas the rest of the way home and since I had already filled my diaper, I was unable to tell if anything else had come out each time beside just a fart. It didnt matter much any way. I had just pooped my pants for the second time since I started high school and I was in no position to be able to get out of it this time.

I waddled my way home feeling the mess in my diaper rub against my cheeks as I went along. The walk home felt as if it took days despite the time on my watch only indicating that 25 minutes had elapsed since I left the school. Normally this walk shouldnt have taken this long but in my current condition, I wasnt exactly what you might call speedy.

As I reached the front door, I saw on the stoop a large brown cardboard box. The label on it indicated that it was for me. The return address didnt say who had sent, just a street address. I found it a bit unusual but wasnt about to look a gift horse in the mouth so I picked up the box and went into the house.

It was only 3:30 when I finally made it into the house and Mom wasnt due home until at least 6:00 but I had to call my dad to tell him I wasnt going to be able to come to work today but I needed a good excuse. If I told him I was sick, he might come home early or send Grandma to check on me so I had to find something that he would believe but wouldnt cause him to worry. I brought the box into the kitchen and set it on the counter then picked up the phone and dialed.

Pops, how can I help you? said Dads voice through the receiver.

Hi Dad, its me, Abigail I said. Dad, I cant come to work today because I have¦ I paused for a moment to think of what excuse to use I have a friend coming over to help me on a project. Hey, that sounded good and it wasnt a total lie, I mean Jennifer isnt what I would call a friend but she was coming over and she has a project to work on, namely me and my messy diaper.

Okay Sweetie, no problem Dad replied and your friend Betsy is here right now filling out an application. Want to say ˜Hi to her?

Oh man, I had blown Betsy off again. I had completely forgotten she was going to the ice cream shop after school. I just hoped that Dad didnt tell her that I had a friend coming over or about the special project since Betsy might get her feelings hurt or tell Dad I was lying.

Yeah, sure Dad. Put her on. What was I going to say to Betsy that would convince her not to hate me.

Hello? said Betsy.

Hey, Bets. Its me, Abby. Sorry I cant come down today. I just got my period and I am having some terrible cramps. That sounded believable. Dad always calls it ˜having a friend over because he doesnt like to admit that Im growing up so if he talks about it, just humor him, ˜kay?

Oh sure, my Dad is the same way she confessed. I hope you feel better.

Thanks Bets. Im sure Ill be fine by tomorrow. They usually only last about an hour or so. I was beginning to lie all the time now and I must say, I was getting pretty good at it.

See ya tomorrow then, bye.

Bye Bets, see ya then I said before hanging up the phone.

Phew, Im glad that went so well I said out loud to myself.

I turned to face the big brown box again. There were no marks any where on the box to indicate who sent it or what might be inside. I thought to myself the only way to find out is to open it as I reached for a sharp knife from the cutting block on the counter.

I slid the tip of the sharp knife under the flaps of the box and cut the clear plastic packing tape three times until the box was completely unsealed. I folded back the flaps and peered inside. Packing paper covered the boxes contents so I pulled it away to reveal 2 very large plastic wrapped packages. Their labels were facing so that I couldnt read what they contained just by looking. I reached into the box and grabbed hold of one of the packages and lifted it out of the box.

I turned the package to finally read what it contained Adult Diapers Size Small Extra Absorbency 40 count pack. In a bright yellow starburst on the front of the package it read Now With Friendly Character Prints.

Oh my G… Jennifer had mentioned something about making sure I had an ample supply of diapers and that some would arrive in the mail. I checked both of the packages and they were identical. It seemed that Jennifer saw to it that I had 80 new diapers to use plus the additional ones that remained in my drawer upstairs. It was suddenly apparent that I was to stay in diapers a lot longer than I could have imagined.

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Chapter 25
The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I put the packages of diapers back into the box they had arrived in and carried the box up to my room. I had to find some way of keeping them a secret from my folks but how was I going to hide this huge box and 80 diapers?

I opened my closet and started shifting stuff around to make room. It was a tight fit but I managed to get the cardboard box in behind some of my long dresses that I hardly ever wore. They made for a nice cover of the box and I felt it wouldnt arise any suspicions.

I was still wearing my poop filled diaper which was also becoming wetter and wetter because of the catheter that I was forced to wear. I figured Jennifer would soon be arriving to help ease me of the humiliation of waddling around the house in a messy diaper but when I looked at my watch, it was only 3:45 and Jennifer wasnt due until 5 oclock.

Looking at my bed reminded me that I still had to get my bedspread out of the dryer before Mom came home and asked a lot of questions. I waddled my way down to the laundry room and pulled the sheets out of the dryer, folded them and placed them on the shelf where I had found the other set. I then grabbed my bedspread and carried it back up to my room and spread it neatly over my bed.

If the saying is true that Time flies when youre having fun than is it also true that time drags when youre not having fun? I had to take my mind off the time somehow or it would drive me nuts. I was really looking forward to getting this nasty messy diaper off and nothing seemed any more important than that. I had to find something to do.

I turned on the stereo in my room and tried distracting myself by dancing but every move I made caused the contents of my diaper to rub against me in a smooth mass.

Ill start my homework I thought to myself and I grabbed my backpack and pulled out the stack of books inside and placed them on my desk. I pulled the chair out and sat down on the flat surface of the wooden seat.

The pressure of sitting on my diaper caused the mess in side to mush and spread out across but butt. Where I thought the feeling couldnt get worse, it just had. I left the mess squeeze back into the crevice and smear over me. The best way to describe it was to compare it to sitting naked in a tub of pudding.

I stood up quickly to alleviate this feeling but as I stood, I discovered that the poo inside the diaper had acted like paste and now the diaper was glued to my ass. This was so gross.

I tried jumping up and down to ˜knock the diaper loose but it didnt help. I pulled off my jeans and tossed them on my bed so I could inspect the situation more clearly. I pulled on the lock on the locking panties but it didnt give. I thought maybe I could slip out of the panties without undoing the lock but Jennifer had made sure that wasnt going to happen. The chain had been drawn tight enough to prevent me from being able to get it over my hips.

I pulled at the back of the diaper to try to free it from my rear end but there seemed no way to easily release it. The poop had stuck to me and it meant to stay there. The only thing I could do was wait for Jennifer to arrive. I picked up my pacifier from the cord around my neck and put it in my mouth and laid down on my bed. If I had an hour to kill, I might as well take a nap. I set my alarm clock for 4:45 PM so that I wouldnt miss Jennifer if she arrived early then put my head on my pillow and began sucking on my pacifier until I fell asleep.

˜BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP The alarm clock was going off and I hadnt even been aware that I had been asleep that long. I rubbed my eyes and sat up on my bed. Perhaps it had all just been a bad dream. Maybe I had dreamed all the cruel things that had happened to me that day. What if I hadnt¦ but looking down at myself proved that it had all been real. I had worn a diaper and wet it. I had gone to the school nurse and endured her changing my wet diaper not once but three times. I had pooped in my diaper for the second time and was still currently sitting in a mess filled diaper while sucking on a pacifier. I had been reduced to little more than a helpless baby and except for sitting in my own waste, I was starting to enjoy it.

I bolted off the bed and went to the bathroom out of old habit since there was little more I could do in there than brush my teeth, comb my hair or wash my face. I was still wearing the locking panties and unable to take off my soiled and soaked diaper. Standing there, looking at myself in the mirror with my hair still in pigtails, a pacifier securely in my mouth and wearing nothing more than a T-shirt, plastic pants and a messy diaper, caused me to realize that this was becoming a regular reflection of me. I was becoming too comfortable with this image of myself, it didnt shock or surprise me any more to see myself this way. What was surprising to me though was the fact that I hadnt actually used a toilet in two days nor had I even thought about using one.

The catheter installed in me was taking the sensation of having to pee away since it was constantly draining my bladder 24 hours a day. I had no urge to pee since Jennifer had put it inside me and since she had also seen to it that I messed my pants two days in a row via the use of suppository laxatives, I hadnt been able to use the toilet for that either.

I had finally decided there wasnt anything for me to do in the bathroom at this point so I turned off the light and left. I wasnt sure when the next time I would sit on a toilet would be.

I looked around my bedroom for some sign of my old self. Nothing in my room had really changed but somehow the things there didnt seem to fit what I was going through. I had books on shelves that I had read a long time ago and pictures on the walls of family and friends from our last town but nothing really seemed to compliment what turn my life seemed to be taking. There must be some of my old stuff still in boxes down in the garage I thought as I left my room in search of something comforting.

I waddled down the stairs with my diaper still sticking to me. I hadnt bothered to take my pacifier out of my mouth or even to put my pants back on since I was alone in the house and would remain that way until Jennifer arrived.

I passed through the living room, into the kitchen then out to the garage to seek some of my things. Mom and Dad had several large boxes that still housed some of our things from the move. Most of the stuff Mom said Didnt go with our new house whatever that meant and some of the stuff we each had agreed we didnt need any more. None the less, all these items were placed in boxes labeled Charity and were left in the garage until one of them had it in them to finally donate them.

I started opening the boxes and rummaging in them until I finally came across what I was looking for in the 3rd box I opened. I had hit the jackpot. This box was the temporary home of some of my old stuffed animals like Mr. Jasper, my favorite teddy bear and Giggles, my stuffed bunny. I grabbed an arm load of my fuzzy friends and made my way back towards my room.

As I crossed through the living room again, I heard the doorbell chime. Great, Jennifer must be here I thought as I rushed to the door dropping a stuffed yellow duck called Quackers.

I opened the door then reached down to pick up Quackers saying I thought youd never get here¦ to Jennifer who turned out not to be Jennifer at all but Betsy.

I dropped the gaggle of stuffed animals I was holding and quickly closed the door in Betsys face. I hadnt meant to be so rude but I was standing there in a messy diaper and plastic pants and didnt know how I was going to explain it. Betsy and the other girls had been so kind to me about all wearing pacifiers around their necks but that was as far as I told them about Jennifers abuse of me. I didnt want to have to explain the rest but if Betsy saw all I think she did, I may just have to start telling the truth.

I ran to my room and grabbed my jeans and pulled them on as quick as I could the raced back down the stairs to the front door that was strewn with stuffed animals.

Sorry about that I apologized to Betsy as I opened the door to let her in.

What was that all about? she asked Who were you expecting?

I couldnt tell her I slammed the door in her face because I was wearing nothing but a poopy diaper that Jennifer was on her way over to change.

I¦ I¦ I thought you were my Mom I said and I wasnt wearing my pants so when I saw it was you, I had to run and put some on.

Does your Mom always ring the doorbell? she questioned.

Sometimes I answered not knowing what else to say.

Why werent you wearing your pants?

I was beginning to feel like we were playing 20 questions but I guess I deserved it.

I spilled something on them in the garage and I took them off to toss them in the wash

Whats with all the stuffed animals? Betsy was starting to get on my nerves.

Theyre for charity I responded figuring this was the closest thing to the truth Ive said in the past 5 minutes.

Oh, can I have one then, if youre just giving them away? she pleaded.

I really had hoped to sneak them up to my room so that I could have a few of my familiar stuffed cuddlies around me but how could I deny her one after just telling her I was giving them away.

I guess so, which one do you want? I asked.

How about this one Betsy said as she picked up Mr. Jasper by the ear.

You dont want that ratty old bear I discouraged here take this one, its a monkey and when you squeeze him, he cries like a real monkey I said as I handed her Bananas the monkey and pulled Mr. Jasper out of her grasp.

Okay, sure, hes cute too she responded sounding a little hurt that she couldnt pick out her own stuffed animal friend until she squeezed him and he started to screech. Hey, he really does sound like a monkey. I think Ill call him Michael.

I gathered up the rest of the animals and stuffed them in the closet.

So, whats up? I thought you were applying for a job at Pops? I asked Betsy.

I was, I mean I did and your Dad hired me. He said I can start tomorrow right after school she told me. We can even walk together right from school if you want.

That sounds great. Well do that. I said

Your Dad wanted me to give you this Betsy said handing me a small brown paper bag. He said it was some ice cream for your and ˜your friend she said winking at me.

Wha¦oh, thanks. Ill have it later. Right now I want to go back upstairs and lay down. The cramps feel like their coming back again I told her. I hated lying to her but I had to get rid of her before Jennifer arrived because that would be really hard to explain.

Okay, See ya later, Abby she said as she opened the door and went outside.

I stood in the doorway and watched as she made her way down the street. I didnt see any sign of Jennifer so I felt safe that Betsy wouldnt run into her on her way to my house. I closed the door and went to the closet to retrieve the stuffed animals, or at least the ones that I managed to keep from Betsy.

I raced them up to my room without delay and placed them around so that the room looked a little more like it belonged to a small child and not that of a high school freshman.

The doorbell rang again but this time I looked out my window to confirm the identity of the ringer before I opened the door. Sure enough, it was Jennifer. She was 15 minutes late but I was happy to see her that I wasnt going to squabble over a few minutes since her arrival marked my liberation from the messy diaper I was wearing.

I ran down the stairs and opened the door in a hurry. I didnt want to give Jennifer the opportunity to get away thinking I wasnt home.

Come in, Come in I pleaded with a wave of my hand. Im so glad youre here.

I told you I would be Jennifer said Did you think I wouldnt show?

No, no. I knew you would, I was just anxious for you to get here I told her.

Ill bet you were. I can assume then that the medicine worked again? Jennifer asked.

Yes, it did on my way home from school. I guess about 15 minutes after you put it in I replied.

So you have been in a messy diaper since then? she asked.

I thought this was an odd question for her to ask since she knew I was wearing the locking plastic pants over the diaper she put on me.

Yes, I had too since you have the key to the lock I confessed.

So, how does your diaper feel now? Do you still want to feel it caress you? she questioned.

In all honesty, since I soiled myself, I really hadnt wanted the diaper on me let alone to have it rub against me. I was actually looking forward to getting it off the sooner the better.

Well, I havent enjoyed it at all. It feels kind of weird now I told her.

So you want it off and a nice clean diaper put back on?

I would have much preferred to get out of that messy diaper and back into a pair of underwear but since I knew that wasnt about to happen I simply responded Yes.

Okay, then lets go to your room and see about getting you cleaned up again Jennifer said.

I led her up the stairs to my room again like I had done the other day. She looked around and seemed to notice the addition of stuffed animals to my décor.

Are these new? she questioned.

Not really. I mean, Ive had them for a long time but they were still in boxes the last time you were here I answered while slipping off my jeans.

Theyre cute. I guess something about them makes the room a little more she paused to find the right word juvenile.

She was right. I had added them into give the room a younger look.

Okay, lay down and let me unlock your panties Jennifer commanded.

I spread across my bed and gave Jennifer access to the lock on the plastic pants. She inserted the key and gave it a turn until the little gold lock sprang open. She unhooked it from the chain and pulled the plastic pants down off my butt. She reached over to unfasten the tapes that held my diaper shut and once all of them were loose, she peeled back the front of my diaper to expose the smelly mess within.

That sure is a big mess Jennifer reported as she turned her head away. She laid the front of the diaper back over me and started to refasten the tapes.

Arent you going to change me? I asked.

No, you really need to shower that mess off she informed me. Get up and go into your bathroom and start the shower.

The smell of my diaper still lingered in the air above me and as I stood up, it hit me. I staggered for a moment, turned my head as Jennifer had then made my way to the bathroom holding my nose shut. I turned on the bathroom light with my free hand then reached into the tub to start the shower. Letting go of my nose, I pulled my T-shirt and my socks off and tossed them into my hamper which left me standing in nothing but the pacifier around my neck and my messy diaper which was now starting to sag between my legs allowing more of the smell to escape.

I reached into the shower to check the water temperature then stepped into the tub still wearing my diaper. I unfastened the tapes and let the diaper fall to the tub floor out of range of the showerhead then turn to wrap up the diaper as I had seen both Jennifer and Nurse Kelly do, then I tossed it into the trash can from the safety of the shower.

I could still feel a layer of poop on my rear end and I grabbed the handheld showerhead and focused its aim on my ass then upwards between my legs until I was sure that the mess had all been sprayed away. I took a washcloth and loaded it with soap and lathered it up before giving my crotch a thorough scrubbing. I made sure to get every nook and crevice clean then shut off the shower.

It felt wonderful to feel so clean again but I had to ponder how long this feeling would last. Was Jennifer planning on doing this to me everyday just as she had seen fit to make sure I wet myself uncontrollably? Was she going to devise some way to insert suppositories in my ass everyday just to make me soil myself?

These were valid questions that I didnt dare ask because every time I asked such things, my torture seemed to increase in either duration or humiliation level.

I wrapped a towel around me and before stepping out of the shower, I grabbed hold of the catheter, which had also gotten a thorough cleaning, and pinched it shut between my fingers. The bathroom was foggy and warm. I opened the door to return to my room and found Jennifer sitting on my bed waiting for me.

Feel better? she inquired.

Yes, much I replied. Are you going to diaper me or should I do it myself this time?

Ill do it for you she insisted. Lay on the bed.

I moved to the bed as Jennifer stood up and gathered what she needed to re-diaper me.

Did you get a packaged today? she asked as if making small talk.

Yes, I did I answered I put it in the closet behind my dresses.

Would you like for me to use one of the new ones or one of the old ones she asked.

Not knowing what the difference would be, I let her decide which to use.

Good. I was hoping you would leave it up to me she said with a smile on her face as she made her way to the closet in search of the new diapers hidden in there.

She tore open one of the packages and pulled out a few diapers. These looked much different than the other kind that was in my drawer because these were decorated all over with bunnies and baby chicks and frogs and flowers. The were actually kind of cute. Jennifer set the extra diapers on my dresser and unfolded one of them as she approached the bed where I was laying.

Lift your bum up please she said and I realized that might have been the first time she said Please to me when asking me to do something. Maybe she was starting to soften up a bit.

Jennifer slid the diaper up under my butt then I lowered myself back down onto it still holding the catheter pinched shut with my hand. Jennifer snapped open the towel I had on and gave a quick inspection of my hairless vagina. She took hold of a baby wipe and wiped the area despite the fact that I had just come from the shower.

She grabbed the tube of rash cream and spread a small amount onto her fingers then onto my crotch. I picked up the pacifier that was still around my neck and popped it into my mouth and began to suck on it. Jennifer grinned as she saw me sucking away on the pacifier. She didnt say anything but used another baby wipe to clean the residual cream from her fingers before applying the baby powder to my vagina and diaper. After a light dusting of powder, she pulled forward the front of my diaper and began to secure it in place with the tapes. Then she broke the silence.

Notice any thing different, Baby? she asked as she secured the last tape.

It took me a moment to answer because first I had to remove the pacifier from my mouth, These diapers look different. They have pictures on them I said.

Very good but the also have a less noisy cover, more cloth-like but have you noticed anything else? she inquired of me again.

Not really I replied.

Well stand up for a second and maybe youll notice she requested.

I sat up on the bed then got to my feet. As I did, I noticed that I couldnt close my legs all the way, in fact I couldnt make my knees touch at all. The diaper was so thick between my thighs that it prevented me from putting my legs together.

I must have looked down at this discovery because Jennifer remarked I think you figured it out. These diapers are much thicker than the store bought kind she informed me.

These diaper truly were thicker than what I was used to. I started to walk towards the mirror and found myself unable to walk normally because of the mass between my legs. These diapers were so thick, I couldnt help but waddle.

I was speechless. I wasnt sure whether or not I like the new diapers. Yeah, they were much cuter but if they made me walk funny in school, was that worth it?

Well, Ive got to go Jennifer said now that her task was complete. Ill see you tomorrow at school and she left my room and a few moments later I heard the front door close then saw her from my bedroom window cross the lawn and disappear out of sight down the road.

I turned my attention back to the new diaper I was wearing. I felt the catheter release some fresh urine into the diaper and then the diaper wick it up and away from my skin instantly. Maybe these diapers would be alright after all I thought and I picked up my jeans to put back on over my diaper.

As I tried to fasten the button on my jeans, I learned just how much thicker these diapers truly were. I wasnt able to even come close to closing my pants over them and Mom had just pulled into the driveway. Now I was in trouble.

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Chapter 26
Diaper Dilemmas

What was I going to do? I was standing there in a diaper that was too thick to wear my jeans over and Mom had just come home from work. She would have expected me to still be working at the ice cream shop. What was I going to tell her?

I pulled off my jeans and grabbed a pair of sweatpants out of my drawer and a large T-shirt that hung down long enough to cover me down to my thighs. I picked up the plastic pants that were still lying on the floor. After a quick look, I recognized them again as the locking panties that Jennifer had just used on me this afternoon. ˜With them safely tucked in my drawer, Jennifer wouldnt be able to use them on me again I thought and stuffed them into the dresser drawer.

I carefully double-checked the room for any evidence of diaper changing activities and stowed it away as well, the last of that was the pacifier I was wearing about my neck.

I must have made a little too much noise cleaning up because I heard Mom yell Abby? Is that you, Honey?

I opened my bedroom door and shouted back down to her Yes Mom, its me.

What are you doing home? I thought you would be working with Dad today? she shouted back from the kitchen.

Okay, I had several options. I could tell Mom I had to skip work today to come home and get my poopy diaper changed. I could tell her the story that I told Dad that I was having a friend over to work on a special project but since I was alone, I didnt think that would go over very well, or I could tell her what I told Betsy. I had severe menstrual cramps and needed to lay down for a bit.

The latter of the three sounded the most plausible when dealing with Mom but I added that I told Dad I had a friend coming over so he wouldnt embarrass me or worry. This helped in case Mom and Dad compared stories.

Mom bought this story hook, line and sinker and it even explained my change in wardrobe. The funny thing was that since she felt I was uncomfortable, she let me have some of the ice cream Dad sent home for me before dinner.

Chapter 27
Dinner and Diapers

After scarfing done a big bowl of ice cream in my room while I worked on my homework, I really wasnt very hungry for dinner but Mom always insisted that, no matter what, the family always sat together at the table in the evenings so when I heard Dad, Grandpa and Grandma come home, I made my way downstairs to inquire about dinner.

How is that project coming along, Kid-o? Dad asked as he spied me entering the kitchen.

Peter, Dont bother her right now Mom said to Dad as she snapped a kitchen towel at him.

Dad looked dumbfounded at Moms response but turned his attention away from me to find out what he did wrong that deserved such treatment.

Ill explain it to you later, when were alone I heard Mom whisper.

Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes. Abby would you like to take a tray up to your room to eat, Sweetie? Mom asked.

Now that was a first. Unless you were in bed dying with the flu or so highly contagious that no one wanted to chance being near you, Mom never let you take a tray to your room. I guess menstrual cramps were on an equal level to the Plague in Moms book.

No thanks, Mom. Im not all that hungry but I would like to sit with the family I responded.

Youre not hungry? she questioned Are you sure you are feeling okay?

I guess in her frenzy to get dinner ready and to correct Dad for something that would have to be explained later, Mom had forgotten that she let me eat ice cream before dinner.

Yeah Mom, Im fine I insisted. I just ate too much ice cream, I guess.

As long as youre sure she asked Do you think you can set the table for me?

Sure, Mom. Happy to do it I said as I grabbed a stack of plates out of the cabinet. What are we having anyway?

Pot Roast and veggies Mom informed us.

I love a good Pot Roast interjected Grandpa.

You love a good anything joked Grandma patting Grandpas belly.

You got me there, Dear he laughed and of course 40 years of your good cooking has made me the man I am today.

Weve been married 43 years, Henry, not 40 Grandma corrected.

I know, I know, but those first 3 years you were a lousy cook teased Grandpa who earned himself a poke in the ribs from Grandma while the rest of us giggled.

Peter, will you come and slice the meat? Mom called to Dad who was about to slip away into his den.

Sure thing, be right in he said from the distance.

No need, Son. Let your dear old Dad earn his keep suggested Grandpa. Im still pretty handy with a knife you know.

Thank you, Henry said Mom as she handed Grandpa the carving knife and a meat fork.

Abigail, why dont you go get washed up for dinner now. Were almost ready to eat Mom suggested.

Okay I said as I headed back up stairs to wash my hands.

When I returned, Grandpa had finished carving the pot roast and Grandma was setting the vegetables on the table. Mom and Dad were both exiting Dads den and joined the family at the table. Mom had obviously found a spare moment to fill Dad in on why she hit him with the dishcloth.

Everything okay then Abby? Dad asked as if he had been let in on some huge secret. Anything you want to talk about?

Im fine, Dad I reassured him. Why, is there anything you want to talk about?

Dad looked shocked and a little flustered. I am sure the subject of menstrual cycles wasnt his best subject but it was sweet that he was willing to offer some advice despite not having any real practical experience.

No, nope, Im good he stammered then made his way to the table for dinner. Hey Pop, you up for a movie tonight? he asked as he tried to change the topic of conversation.

We all made small talk around the table trying to avoid any topics more serious than what was on sale and where and how nice the weather was this time of year. Before long, dinner was over and I helped Mom and Grandma clear the table while Dad and Grandpa went off to watch TV.

All through dinner I had felt my catheter continue to wet my diaper but I was becoming so used to the sensation that I hardly paid any attention to it. I was pretty sure that the added bulkiness of my diapered bottom must have be noticeable and thought surely someone would have made mention, but not a single comment or question was made.

Sweetheart, you dont have to help do the dishes. Why dont you go up and finish your homework Mom suggested.

Im already done I told her but if its okay, I am kind of tired and would like to go to my room for a while.

Certainly, go right ahead said Mom as she reached over to give me a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

Good Night, Abigail echoed Grandma Pleasant dreams.

G night I retorted and headed up the stairs to my room even though I really wasnt all that tired. I really had wanted to go back to my room and examine my diaper. I knew it was much thicker than the previous kind but I wanted to see if I had any pants that would actually fit over them to wear to school tomorrow.

I didnt want to wear sweatpants everyday until Jennifer removed the catheter. I really only wore sweatpants around the house like pajamas or in PE when it was too cold to wear shorts. Mom also wouldnt allow me to go to school in them because she said they looked sloppy and unkempt.

Once in my room, I opened my the dresser drawer where I keep all my pants and started trying them on one by one. Nothing seemed to fit. The diapers were just too bulky to wear under any of my jeans. I figured I would have to wear the old diapers to school and save the new ones for bedtime or around the house where I could get away with wearing sweats but it seemed a waste of diapers not to be able to wear them everyday since I had 80 of them, well 79 not counting the one I was already wearing, and only about 10 left of the old ones.

I had hoped that I wouldnt have to brave going to the store again to buy diapers for myself but if I ran out of the thinner ones, I might just have to go buy some more. I opened the top drawer where my stacks of diapers were only to find that now they, like my underwear, were missing. I could only imagine that Jennifer had taken them and hidden them someplace to force me to use the new diapers. I searched my room for the diapers but never found them.

Now what am I supposed to do? I wondered. I went to the closet and looked at the box that was hidden behind my dresses hanging in the closet. I was going to have to wear them but how?

I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth still trying to figure out what to wear to school the next day. If none of my jeans would fit over my diapers, I would have to wear something else. I couldnt afford not to wear one of the diapers because of the catheter. I finished brushing, rinsed my mouth out and returned to my room and stared into my closet.

I can wear a skirt. The thought came to me like a bolt of lightening. Why didnt I think of that before? I started pulling skirts out of my closet and trying them on one by one as I had done with the jeans. This time though, I found several with elastic waistbands that would stretch to fit over my diaper. I felt relieved. I even found an old denim jumper that I used to wear a lot at my old school that still fit and helped hide my diaper pretty well even though it was a bit shorter than I would have liked it. At least I could wear it.

I put away all the clothes I had thrown about my room and finished getting ready for bed. I pulled off my sweatpants and put on a pair of plastic panties over my diaper. I pulled my pacifier out of the drawer I had stuffed it into earlier and place it in my mouth as I crawled into bed. I switched off the light beside my bed and in the darkness of my room, I began to suck on my pacifier until I was soon fast asleep.

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Chapter 28
You are not alone

My arms reached up around his strong shoulders as we glided across the dance floor effortlessly. My pink tea length gown flowed gracefully around me like water as he took me and spun me around and around. The music was soft and romantic and bubbles floated in the air encircling the two off us. It was as if we were the only two people on earth trapped in this moment. He stared dreamily into my eyes and I back at his.

His gentle smile and pearly white teeth glistened. He brushed his robust hand gingerly across my cheek Abigail he whispered.

Mitch I replied breathlessly.

Abigail he repeated as he stroked my cheek again.

Mitch I echoed back.

Abigail he said in my mothers voice and suddenly I found myself laying in my bed with my mother standing over me gently rubbing my face.

It was a dream, a sweet wonderful dream of how I envisioned the night of the homecoming dance with Mitch as my date. In reality, Mom was standing over me speaking to me but I wasnt awake enough to comprehend what she was saying. I heard sleep all day and something about being late and getting a move on, Missy.

I looked over at my clock and finally figured out what was wrong. I hadnt reset my alarm clock and now Mom had come into my room to wake me up for school. I started to voice my frustration which came out kind of muffled oh ˜thitp. It was only then that I noticed that I still had my pacifier in my mouth.

Mom who had been standing behind me hadnt seen it in my mouth because the room must have just been dark enough for her not to see it. I spit it out and tucked it under my pillow quickly.

Thanks Mom I said as I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes trying to force them into focus a little more. I was really trying to stall so that my mother would leave the room before I got out of bed and revealed to her the wet diaper and plastic pants I was wearing. I didnt think this was the best way to break the news to my mother that there was a baby in the house¦again.

Arent those the stuffed animals you were going to donate? Mom questioned as she looked about my room.

Huh? Oh yeah, those. I changed my mind about them I said as I yawned and stretched. Mom, can I get a little privacy, please. I finally asked.

Sure, Dear but hurry up or youll be late for school. I can drop you off on my way if you would like she offered.

Thatll be fine, Mom. See ya downstairs in about 10 minutes I said as she slipped out the door and closed it behind her. I jumped out of bed and checked my sheets for leaks. Luckily my bed was dry even though my diaper sure wasnt.

I grabbed my denim jumper, a blouse to wear with it and everything I needed for a diaper change and hurried into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I laid out my things on the vanity and turned on the shower faucet. While I waited for the water to warm up, I took off my T-shirt, slipped off my plastic pants and unfastened my diaper, which I let drop to the floor until after my shower.

I stepped into the tub and closed the curtain. I was rapidly washing my hair and cleaning myself off and didnt hear the bathroom door open. I was so engrossed in making up time that I hadnt realized that I wasnt alone in the bathroom anymore.

I finished my shower in record time and reached my hand out to grab a towel off the bar just outside the tub. I wrapped the towel around myself and grabbed the catheter with one hand and pinched it closed as I had become accustom to doing then stepped out from behind the curtain.

I dont know who was more surprised, me or Grandpa. I swore I saw him lift off the toilet about 2 feet when he realized that I was standing there in nothing more than a towel and he was sitting with his pants around his ankles.

He quickly covered himself and apologized saying I thought you were already up and out by this time everyday.

Trying to conceal the fact that I was holding a catheter in my hand while I tucked it inside my towel, I explained My alarm didnt go off this morning and I over slept.

Grandpa remained seated yet visibly uncomfortable with our current situation.

I made my way to the vanity and gathered up my things desperate to hide the diaper and rash cream while still clutching the catheter with one hand. With all the steam from the shower, I didnt see the diaper on the floor and I dont think Grandpa did either. I finally realized it was there as I felt my foot squish down on its cold wet surface. A chill went up my spine but I took advantage of this misfortune and slid the diaper along the floor with my foot until I could get it safely into my own room. I exited the bathroom into the privacy of my bedroom and picked up the wet diaper that I had managed to skate across the bathroom floor on and placed it in the trash can in my room.

I opened the fresh thick diaper on my bed and sat down on it then released my grip on the catheter. Urine started to flow from it immediately onto the fluffy white surface of the diaper. I spread some rash cream on myself and sprinkled the diaper with some baby powder before laying back and securing my new diaper in place. I was getting better at diapering myself but I still wasnt quite as good as Jennifer yet. I stepped into a pair of plastic pants and pulled them up over my diaper then pulled a pair of white tights out of my drawer and slipped my feet into them one at a time. I stretched them up over my diapered bottom. The tights gave my diaper the familiar snug feeling that I got from one of Jennifers diaper changes that I wasnt able to duplicate yet for lack of practice. The tights also seemed to help slim down the bulkiness of the diaper while disguising it a bit too.

I slid on my blouse and my denim jumper. I hadnt really thought much more about my outfit than whether it would fit over my diaper but as I went to my bedroom mirror to put my hair up into my new trademark pigtails, I saw what looked like a little girl going off to her first day of kindergarten.

I thought briefly about changing into something different but heard Moms car starting up in the driveway. I knew I was out of time and would just have to live with my poor decision through the day. I slipped on a pair of loafers and grabbed up my backpack. Just before leaving my room, I remembered that my pacifier was still tucked under my pillow. I retrieved it and tossed it into my backpack then bolted out of the room.

By the time I hit the landing, Mom was already honking the horn in an attempt to hurry me up. As I passed through the kitchen, I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water then joined Mom in the car.

Abigail, you look so cute complimented Mom Is there some kind of costume contest in school today?

Great, Mom thought my look was a costume when all I was really trying to do was cover up the fact that I was wearing a thick diaper.

No, Mom. Why do you ask? I questioned.

Oh, you just look like you were trying to be a little girl, I thought maybe¦ Well anyway, I like it. It reminds me of when you were¦Oh, look at the time, We had better get going Mom said as she turned her gaze off me to the time on the car radio and trying to find the right words so as not to insult me in what she obviously thought was a ridiculous ensemble.

I ate my banana and drank my bottle of water in the car on the way to school to avoid any further discussion about my wardrobe. As we approached the school, I directed my mom to pull over and let me out by the door closest to my homeroom to save me some time getting to class. She pulled the car over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before I exited the car.

See ya tonight after work, Sweetie! she shouted as I stepped out of the car.

Okay Mom, Bye I shouted back and slammed the door. As I walked to the door of the school, I had just noticed how much I was waddling because of the diaper. In my rush this morning, I hadnt even been aware of it. I strained to keep a more normal gait but it was a useless attempt. Trying to walk normally only made the waddle that much more pronounced. I gave up trying so hard and waddled comfortably into the school.

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Chapter 29
A New Day

As I waddled my way down the hall towards my homeroom class, I felt several people stare at me. Was it my courageous new outfit, my daring new waddle or was there something dangling from the end of my nose that made me a favorite attraction this morning? I didnt stop to ask and went straight on to my locker to put away my backpack.

Before securing it in the locker for the extent of the day, I pulled my pacifier out of my backpack and placed its cord around my neck in its customary fashion. The odd rubber and plastic pendant completed my look of being a young child trapped in a abnormally large body.

To the snickers and jeers I heard passing by me in the hallway, I said nothing but slammed my locker door shut and headed to Mr. Baldwins room and took my assigned seat.

Mr. Baldwin was, as I expected, sitting at his desk behind his unfolded newspaper. I dont think I could honestly say I could give an accurate description of him unless his face actually had the words The Chronicle written across it.

Jennifer bounded into the room as if happy to be at school for once and upon seeing me in all my denim jumper glory, smiled and said Now arent you the sweetest little girl as she pinched my cheek.

After the morning announcements had finished, the speaker on the wall again crackled.

Mr. Baldwin, please send Abigail Bell to the nurses office said the distorted voice.

You heard it Miss Bell commanded Mr. Baldwin from behind his black and white wall of solitude.

I gathered my things and left the room. I knew what the nurse wanted and I dreaded having to go but it wasnt worth fighting. I made my way into Nurse Kelly’s office and found her already setting up the supplies she needed for checking and changing my diaper.

Good Morning, Abigail. Do come in and have a seat. Im already for you this time said the plump nurse with a broad smile. You know, it would just be easier if you reported to me in the morning before going to your homeroom.

I was in no position or mood to argue Okay I agreed as I lowered my tights and sat down on the end of the cot.

Now these are pretty. Did your Mom buy you new diapers, Abigail? Nurse Kelly asked after pulling down my plastic pants to inspect my diaper.

I didnt think she would believe me if I told her that Jennifer Arnold had bought them for me so I just told her they were from my mom. She didnt believe me anyway that my mom hadnt sent that note in about checking my diaper and catheter so why would she believe that a classmate of mine was buying me diapers.

This diaper feels pretty dry so far she said as she pinched the front of my diaper but I still need to open it to check and clean that catheter of yours. With these re-fastenable tapes, we should be able to use this diaper again.

She peeled back the tapes slowly and re-stuck them to their original location on the back of the diaper. She lowered the front of my diaper and inspected my catheter with her glove covered hands.

I wasnt really paying any attention to what she was saying or doing because no matter what she asked me, she was going to do exactly as she had planned any way. I settled back on the cot as I felt Nurse Kelly push the catheter deeper inside me and give it a little twist. As she did this, I felt a rush of urine pour out of me and into the thirsty surface of the diaper. The diaper felt suddenly warm for a moment then instantly dry again.

You need to be drinking more water, Abigail she scolded. This diaper should already be much wetter than this by now.

I woke up late today and I havent really had it on very long I informed her.

Doesnt matter, with a catheter in you, pee should be coming out much quicker than it is she informed me.

Okay, Ill drink more I promised.

She pulled on the catheter again and I felt it slip back out until a tug told me it was back in its place inside me.

There you go, all finished. Now let me just close up this diaper and you can put your panties back on she said as she began refastening the tapes on my diaper.

When she was all done she said you know, this would be a lot easier for the both of us if you just wore skirts and no pants or tights.

I wanted the tell her that it wasnt necessary for her to change my diaper every time and that I was capable of doing it myself but I didnt want to have that argument again. Instead I told her I wear pants or tights to help hide the fact that I am wearing a diaper. I dont want anyone in the school to know about my little problem.

Nurse Kelly grinned Honey, its not an easy thing to hide. I am sure you think you are keeping a big bad secret but really, I am sure most of your classmates are already aware of your problem.

I wasnt sure she was right because no one had said anything to me but there were those people who snickered in the hall as they walked past me. Could she be right? Could the people who sit near me in each of my classes really know that I am wearing a diaper?

The bell is about to ring soon. Why dont you fix up your tights and head onto your first period class suggested Nurse Kelly but come back here when you feel that diaper gets too wet and Ill change it for you.

I pulled my plastic pants back on and stretched my tights up over them then grabbed my books and headed for Mrs. Ms history class.

I dont know if it was because Nurse Kelly didnt have to put a new diaper on me or just because my visit to her office was becoming more routine, but I managed to waddle my way to Mrs. Ms class and took my proper seat in time before the bell rang. Several other students werent as quick as I had been and rushed into the room as Mrs. M stood to address the class.

Good Morning, Please take your seats quickly she started John she said to the boy who just burst into the room Im so glad you decided to finally join us. Today and for the remainder of the week we will be watching a movie on the American Revolution. Pay close attention to details and you may take notes because each of you will be turning in a paper to me next week about what you have seen and heard. Mrs. M was walking towards the back of the class room where she turned out the lights and picked up the remote control to the TV that was standing on a large black metal cart in the front of the room.

The picture on the set came to life and the music from the TV was near deafeningly loud. With the push of another button, Mrs. M lowered the volume and all eyes in the room became fixated on the glowing screen, that is, all eyes but mine.

My eyes were briefly distracted downward towards my lap for a warm rush of urine had just entered my diaper and I could feel it dispersing into the fluffy thickness of my heavily padded crotch and upward to my backside and to my belly. Although the catheter kept me constantly leaking into my diaper, during quiet moments when I wasnt moving around I could really feel its affect on my bladder and diaper.

I slid my hand off the desk surface in front of me and placed it on my abdomen to try to feel the warmth creeping up the front of the diaper with my hand but was unable to through the layers of plastic pants, tights and heavy denim jumper.

TAP, TAP, TAP! I heard on my desk top and quickly looked up to see Mrs. M standing over me obviously aware that I wasnt watching the movie.

Is there a problem, Miss Bell? she whispered sternly.

No Maam I replied back as I guilefully peered up at her and removed my hand from the front of my dress.

For the rest of the class I kept my eyes focused on the TV screen and my hands folded on the desk in front of me although I continued to feel my diaper grow warmer and wetter.

The movie wasnt over by the time the bell rang so Mrs. M paused to movie and turned on the lights as the class began to exit her classroom. I gathered up my things and tried to leave as well but Mrs. M called me to her before I could leave the room.

Abigail, is the something wrong? You seemed very distracted during the movie and that isnt like you Mrs. M asked.

Huh, no, Im fine, really I stated.

Well, remember, if ever you need to talk, just let me know she offered then excused me to my next class.

I wasnt certain if Mrs. M knew about my current situation but if she did, she certainly wasnt letting on unlike Mrs. Sullivan who not only seemed to know about my situation but wanted me to talk with her about it and tell her how if made me feel.

Not having to go to PE class had originally sounded like a blessing but now having to find myself locked in room 115 with Maggie Sullivan, school councilor seemed a worse fate. I headed for the mural clad room to face my next challenge, being locked in a giant playroom with a woman who wanted to find out what made me tick.

I pushed open one of the double doors and entered the vibrantly painted room. I placed my books down on a small table and looked around the room in hopes that somehow in the past 24 hours things might have changed enough to make the room a bit more befitting that of a high school classroom. I was disappointed.

Maggie emerged from her small office once again as I glanced around.

Oh good, youre here she said as I turned around to see her face to face. Ive been doing some research for you and I think I have a few things that might help you she informed me as she made her way to the door to close it thus locking us both in the room until she pushed the button under the desk again.

She walked over to a bookcase and dragged her skinny index finger across the spines of the books on the shelves stopping twice to pull out two different books.

I think these two are the best she said making her way towards me with the books in front of her in her out-stretched hand.

I looked down at the books wondering just what exactly she was offering me. One was called Urinary Disorders of Teens and Young Adults and the other was called 90 Days to Drier Nights. I wasnt sure just exactly what she had expected me to do with these books since my only reason for wetting myself was the fact that I had a catheter inserted inside me that was keeping my bladder open.

What are these for? I asked as I took the books she was obviously offering to me.

I thought we could read them together and help you overcome your problem. I also have some wonderful pamphlets for you, let me just go get them from my office she said in an energized voice then turned to leave the room.

I thought about grabbing my things up and escaping from the room but there didnt seem time to get to the desk, push the button and get out the door before she could get back into the room.

Maggie re-entered the room with a stack of papers in her hand that she once again offered to me. I read the titles of several of them, like My Teen Needs Diapers and 5 Easy Steps to Stop Bedwetting and even one that was called Incontinence in Adolescents before dismissing the pile by dropping them on the table with the books.

Look, I dont need any of this junk. Im not a bed-wetter and I dont Need diapers. You just dont get it! I yelled

Explain it to me then, Im here to listen to you. Tell me why the nurse seems to think you need to wear diapers? Maggie asked.

I am the victim of a horrible prank. Jennifer Arnold is blackmailing me and forcing me to wear diapers and a catheter to school everyday in exchange for setting me up with this gorgeous guy named, Mitch. She put the catheter in me and has even stuffed suppositories in my ass twice now causing me to shit in my diapers that she has forced me to wear. She also is the one that is making me walk around school with this pacifier around my neck I thought about confessing but knew that the whole thing sounded so far fetched and unbelievable even to myself.

I could have said all that but then they would question Jennifer who would just deny it and probably find some new and crueler way of punishing me.

I dont, I mean, I am wearing one but¦ I paused for a moment to figure out how to best explain my predicament so that it sounded believable. Im just wearing a diaper until I get the catheter taken out and then I wont have to wear diapers anymore. There, that was the truth.

And how does having to wear a diaper make you feel? Maggie asked.

How does it make me feel? I cant believe she would even ask such a stupid question. How would she feel if she was forced to wear a diaper and then had someone asking her stupid questions like How does it make you feel? I knew she wanted an answer and the longer it took me to answer would give her more time to read ideas into my response so I blurted out something quickly.

Its embarrassing but I cant help it, I cant take it out by myself I responded.

You dont have to be embarrassed. Its okay to need to wear a diaper and when your body has healed and the catheter can be removed, youll be back to normal again she tried to comfort me with her words while putting her arm around my shoulder.

Her words might have been more comforting if I actually did have a medical reason for having the catheter in me but since this was all part of Jennifers malicious scheme, nothing she had to say was of much help though I pretended it was so we could drop the subject.

Would it be okay if we didnt talk about it anymore? I asked hoping that she would notice some pain in my voice or see it in my eyes.

Of course, but if you change your mind, Im here for you she said as she gave me a firm embrace than released me from her arms.

I picked up my one of my books from the table and made myself comfortable in the big bean bag chair and quietly read by myself for the remainder of the class as my diaper continued to grow damper. Maggie kept herself busy going in and out of her office and when the bell finally rang, she pushed the button under her desk and the door buzzed and popped open.

See you tomorrow, Abby she shouted as I gathered my things and left the room.

Okay, tomorrow! I shouted back half heartily. The hall outside was a alive with noise and I was happy to be stepping back into the crowd of high school students and what seemed like reality.

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Chapter 30
In Espanol, Por Favor

I made it to my third period class, Spanish with Senora Laskin and took my seat in the back of the classroom as quickly and quietly as I could manage. I leaned over to toss my books on the small metal rack beneath my seat, grabbed my Spanish book out from the pile then sat up to place it on my desk. A sudden tepid rush filled my diaper as I returned to an erect position at my desk. It was times like this that reminded me all the more that I was unable to stop the flow of urine into my diaper because of the catheter. Although I was aware that the catheter kept dripping and emptying my bladder, it was these sudden gushes that always caught me off guard.

My diaper quickly dispersed the warmth into itself and I felt it swell just a little bit more as if the diaper wasnt thick enough to start with, now it was beginning to swell from the amount of pee that it was absorbing.

I tried not to focus on my ever increasingly wet diaper but it was hard to forget and with Senora Laskin only speaking Spanish, it was hard to follow along with what she was telling the class. I found myself nodding and repeating with the rest of the class what ever she had just said in Spanish. Donde es el bano? Which I believe means Where is the bathroom? not something I needed to be asking about in English or in Spanish given my current condition.

By the time the class was over, I had felt my catheter dampen my diaper several more times but I was unaware of just how much I had actually wet. As I tried to stand up from my seat, I found it a little more difficult because my diaper had swollen to a point that made the desk snugger then when I had first arrived and sat down. I wiggled and squirmed a bit hoping to free myself without making a scene but to no avail. I held in my breath to try and make a little more room between me and my captor but it wasnt until I pushed the thick wet diaper firmly against myself that I was able to squeeze out of my desk.

These new diapers that Jennifer had sent me were already much thicker than what I was used to and even though they were extra absorbent, I feared that I would still need to go to Nurse Kellys office for frequent diaper changes because of how much these swelled when wet. I gathered up my books from under my desk and started to walk to the door. I hadnt gotten far when I realized just how much more pronounced my waddling had become. It seems that since the diaper had swollen so much that I was unable to bring my legs together at all despite how hard I tried. The thickness of the diaper between my legs was so big and bulky. It was almost like trying to walk with a phone book between your thighs.

I did the best I could to not to look stupid lumbering my way to the nurses office for a diaper change but it wasnt easy. The fullness of the diaper caused me to swagger and sway with each step. I started to fear what would happen to me if I once again found the nurses office locked with another note on the door.

As I rounded the corner, I spied ahead of me and saw that the door to the nurses office was open so I quickened my stride which only accentuated my waddle all the more. Once inside the small reception area, I was immediately recognized by Nurse Kelly who was eagerly rushing about the room in search of something.

Come in, Abby and have a seat. Ill be with you momentarily she commanded.

I started to sit on one of the arm chairs that occupied the reception area but before making contact with the surface of the seat, I stood up again for fear that getting up again might prove as difficult as exiting my desk in Spanish class.

No thanks, Ill stand I replied to Nurse Kelly who had finally found what she had been looking for. Evidently she had misplaced the cap to a medicine bottle and was now tightening it back onto to its counterpart.

I suppose I can guess what youre here for she grinned as she locked the medicine bottle up in her cabinet then turned to face me. Let me just get the supplies well need while you go ahead and ready yourself, Dear.

I put my stack of books down on the table then proceeded into the inner office as I had done so many times now. I pulled up my denim jumper to reveal my tights that had been so stretched by the increasing size of my completely soaked diaper. Grabbing the elastic waistband of the tights, I pulled them down past my knees then did the same with the plastic pants I was wearing before finally having a seat on the end of the vinyl clad cot. The vinyl felt cold against the back of my legs while I waited for Nurse Kelly to return with a fresh diaper and a stack of wipes. She seemed to be taking a long time looking for what she needed but in all honesty, a minute may not have even passed. I just felt so vulnerable sitting there waiting for her that perhaps it made time seem to stand still.

I wiggled a bit in my seat and felt the vinyl stick to the back of my legs just a little as I did. I scooted closer to the end of the cot and laid back. I closed my eyes to try to imagine that I was any where else but in the inner sanctum of the high school nurses office waiting to have my wet diaper changed. It wasnt easy but for a moment I envisioned that I was drifting on an inflatable raft in the cool blue ocean. A gently breeze filled my nostrils with the smell of the salty sea air as it whisked my hair across my face and the sound of sea gulls cawed over me. It was a peaceful moment but it was abruptly interrupted.

Here we are she said breaking me out of my dream-like state. Im sorry these wont be as thick and pretty as the one you are already wearing but it will have to do unless you want to bring me some of your new diapers to have on hand here in the office. Nurse Kelly was taking her usual position on her squat little rolling stool between my legs. She had placed her supplies on a standing tray next to her so everything would be within her stubby little arms reach. Perhaps I should just call your mother and arrange for her to bring some in for you instead she continued as she started her task of unfastening my diaper.

What? No, dont do that! I shouted then realizing that I was actually raising my voice to her. I couldnt have her calling my mom and asking her to bring in diapers for me. Thus far, Mom and Dad seemed to have no idea about the diapers I had been wearing right in front of them and if they found out now, I didnt know how I would explain all the lies Ive been telling them. It was best if I just handled this myself and kept it quiet for as long as I could.

No, Ill bring in some; you dont have to bother calling my Mom. Shes hard to get hold of at work any way, itll just be easier if I bring them in myself I begged.

You must have taken my advice and are drinking more because this diaper should have lasted a bit longer but you have nearly soaked it completely Nurse Kelly interjected as she inspected the wetness of my diaper. Good Girl she praised as if I was either a cocker spaniel or a 2 year old. I hadnt thought too much of drinking more like she had suggested but I guess the water bottle that I chugged on the way to school that morning may have had something to do with the dampness of my diaper.

Nurse Kelly had continued to change my diaper and was nearly done smearing rash cream on me with her glove encased fingers. She grabbed the cuff of the glove on her right hand and with a quick motion pulled the glove off her hand then repeated this motion with her left hand then placed the rubber gloves in the tray beside her. Pulling the front of the diaper up as firmly as she could, she fastened the tapes on either side of my diaper then instructed me to stand up and pull my plastic pants and tights back up.

Ill write you a note to get you into your next class since it took us so long this time she said as I saw her make her way to her desk and scribble something down on a small piece of paper.

As I stood up, the diaper I was wearing, although snug fitting, was not as thick as the one I had been wearing earlier. It felt strangely thin to me even though it was the same kind I had been wearing most of the week, it just didnt seem at all capable of doing the job that the previous one did. I felt almost naked in it, so unprotected.

I pulled up my plastic pants then my tights. The tights that had been stretched out by the extremely thick diaper felt loose around my waist now and sagged in the crotch no matter how much I adjusted them. I turned to receive the hall pass from Nurse Kelly and realized that my waddle was gone now too. I was beginning to have mixed feelings about this thinner diaper. Yes, I liked the fact that it would be less obvious and that I could walk almost normally now but it didnt feel the same, not as bulky and protective between my legs. Could I trust it not to leak?

Nurse Kelly reminded me Now dont forget, tomorrow, first thing, come to my office instead of homeroom and bring me a stack of your diapers so that we can keep you properly clean.

I nodded in agreement, gathered my belongings and left the office heading for my math class. The familiar sound of my noisy diaper had returned but the bulkiness was gone, at least until I got home.

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Chapter 31
Late For Work

The rest of the day went along fairly uneventful even though I had returned to Nurse Kellys office twice for a diaper change for fear that the thinner diaper wasnt working as well as its thicker counter part had.

Nurse Kelly reassured me each time that the diaper hadnt leaked and was in no danger of doing so but humored me with a diaper change any way because I told her that worrying about it was distracting me from paying attention in class.

As the final bell of the day rang, I left science class with Betsy who was going on about working in Pops after school with me today. I was excited to work with her but before I could go off to work for the afternoon, I knew I would need to get one more diaper change.

So you want to walk to work together? Betsy inquired.

Yeah, sure. Ill meet you at your locker in about 15 minutes. I have to do something first I agreed.

Okay, see ya there Betsy replied as we separated and walked off down two different halls but once she was out of sight. I turned and walked in the same direction she had right towards Nurse Kellys office. I was careful not to catch up to Betsy so she wouldnt think that I was already on my way to meet her or that I had lied to her so as quickly as I could, I slinked down the hall and enter into the nurses office backwards to keep my eyes peeled for Betsy.

Abby, what are you doing here? asked a familiar voice.

I just came in for a ¦. I responded as I turned to find that Nurse Kelly and I werent alone.

It was Mrs. Michelanti, my history teacher. Her tall thin figure standing beside the rather short round figure of Nurse Kelly made it hard to look them both in the face at one time.

Oh, Hi Mrs. M I said sheepishly. I needed to see Nurse Kelly about something before I leave.

Mrs. Michelanti looked at Nurse Kelly quickly and then back towards me and grinned a knowing grin.

Well then, let me just take my leave and let you ladies get on with whatever you have to do said Mrs. M as she stepped out of the office door pulling it closed behind her. Ill talk to you later, Barbara she said back into the room just as the door latched itself.

Did you need a quick changing before heading home? asked Nurse Kelly.

Well, the truth is, Im not going straight home today I confided. My Dad owns an ice cream shop and I work there a few afternoons a week but I have to go straight there and dont have time to run home first I explained.

Enough said. I can certainly help you out. Go ahead and lay down on the cot and I will get you a fresh diaper Nurse Kelly said But my supply is running short so you really will have to bring in your own tomorrow especially if you want me to change you after school as well.

I will, I promise I replied as I started to make my way into the other room.

I took my place on the cot after once again lowering both my tights and plastic pants. Nurse Kelly went into the storage cabinet where she kept her supply of diapers and pulled out what she needed to change my diaper again.

I think we were both getting used to the routine now that we even made small talk about things like the weather and how I liked this school as she wiped me down and re-diapered me. When she was all done, she patted me twice on the front of my diaper signaling that the job was all done. She had never done this before but with the level of comfort we were now beginning to have with one another, it didnt offend me and actually felt like a natural response.

All done and Im giving you and extra diaper to take with you in case you need to change while you are at work She held out the clean folded diaper offering it to me. I trust you can put it on at work if you need to?

I wasnt actually sure if I could change my diaper at work. I knew I was capable of diapering myself at home and I had even managed to do it once in the bathroom of a convenience store but could I find the time to slip away at work to change my diaper and if I did, how would I dispose of it right under my Dad, Grandpa, and Grandmas noses?

Oh, of course I lied. If I told her what I was really thinking, that I couldnt because of my Dad and Grandparents might find out, it would sound kind of odd since she still believes that my mom is aware of my diaper wearing needs.

Okay, Ill see you tomorrow. Bright and early then she smiled as I put the folded diaper between my books and left the office.

I had to hurry back to my locker so that I could grab my backpack and all the books I needed for homework. The crowds in the halls had started to thin out so I was able to move fairly effortlessly towards my locker, my diaper crinkling all the way. I started to feel a warm wet spot start to form in my diaper as I stopped to do the combination on my lock. I flung open the steel gray door to my locker and stuck my books up on the shelf leaving the diaper concealed between them. Grabbing my back pack, I began stuffing things into it including the pacifier that was around my neck. There seemed no need to wear it now on my walk to Pops but I didnt want to leave it behind in school either.

I glanced from side to side to look for anyone who might still be wandering the halls before I reached up to the shelf and slipped the white plastic coated diaper out from between my Math and Science text books and lowered it to my awaiting backpack. Feeling confident that no one saw me, I zipped up my pack and slung it over one shoulder then closed and locked my locker. I was off to meet Betsy at her locker so we could make our way to work. My dampening diaper ruffled and crumpled with each step I took. I was hoping that I had just become very aware of its sound and that Betsy wouldnt notice the noise herself. I looked down at my watch to determine whether or not I had to hurry to get to Betsys locker or if I had time to spare but my time was almost up and I didnt want Betsy to think I was blowing her off again.

I thought about what kind of effect on my diaper running would cause but decided to go ahead and started jogging down the hall as quietly as I could. I was nearing Betsys locker when I spied a group of girls standing about 30 feet from where Betsy was. There were about 6 of them and they were obviously busy talking amongst themselves until one of them spotted me trying to jog past them. I was now about half way between Betsy and the gang of girls.

Look Jennifer, isnt that your little girl running by? asked one of them.

Just my luck. I was in a hurry to meet Betsy and she was only steps away from me now and Jennifer had to see me. I tried to pretend that I didnt notice them and hoped that they would just let me go on past without incident but that wasnt the way Jennifer worked.

Abby Baby, Where you going in such a hurry? Jennifer beckoned.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to face the group. Jennifer was now standing in front of the other girls with her hands on her hips and an obviously annoyed look on her face. I knew this could only mean trouble for me.

Im late for work I offered hoping that would be an acceptable answer as to why I didnt stop and show Mommy the proper respect.

Work? Jennifer questioned. Where do you work?

I hated having to stand there and answer questions when what I really wanted was to turn and run away. I work at Pops I offered figuring that giving her as little information as possible might be beneficial.

I havent seen much of you lately, Baby. Where have you been? Jennifer asked in a motherly tone.

Well, Ive been excused from PE until further notice because of my ˜condition you gave me I explained. I cant come back to PE until after you take this THING out of me" I said lowering my voice.

Oh yeah, about that. If you still want me to take it out, come to my house Friday night. Im having a sleep over and I want you to come she informed me. If youre a good little girl, show up and do as youre told, maybe Ill take Cathy out for you.

I couldnt believe it. Jennifer was actually going to remove the catheter that she put in me on Friday night. I was sure there was a catch because I had learned that when dealing with Jennifer Arnold, there was always a catch.

Whats the catch? I asked.

Look, if you dont want it out, then dont come, its up to you Jennifer said smugly as she walked closer to me. If youve grown attached to having that rubber hose sticking out of you, making you wet day and night every day, then fine, dont come and keep it in there longer. Keep having to go to the nurse every morning to have it checked. Its up to you or you can come to my party and Ill take it out for you before you leave.

She was right I didnt like having to go to the nurse everyday to have the catheter checked and for countless diaper changes even though it was becoming less and less awkward. The idea that I could be free from my diapers as early as Friday night was tempting and before I could stop myself, I said Sure, Ill come. What time?

Jennifer, who was now close enough to touch me, responded My parents are leaving around 5:30 Friday night for the entire weekend so come around 6:30 just in case they get a late start. Oh you had better bring some of your diapers along with you.

Why? I asked If youre removing the thing, I shouldnt need them, should I?

Just do as I say or you may end up leaking longer she demanded. Speaking of leaking she said as she reached down and grabbed the front of my diaper How wet are you right now?

I pulled away slightly but Jennifers grasp on my diaper prevented me from going any where. I just got a change so not too bad I responded realizing that any further attempts to pull away would be futile.

Okay, you had better hurry off, dont want to be late for work, Baby she said releasing her grip and pushing me off.

I turned and walked towards Betsy who must have seen something going on between Jennifer and but opted to stay by her locker just in case.

What was that all about? Betsy asked.

Just Jennifer bullying me again I replied No big deal. Hey, we had better hurry; I dont want my Dad to fire us.

Betsy and I both laughed as we left the school and headed across campus towards Pops Ice Cream Parlor. The walk there always seemed longer when I was alone but since I was walking with Betsy, it didnt take any time at all.

Do you really think Jennifer is going to help you get a date with Mitch? Betsy asked as we walked along. I mean, can you really trust her to keep a promise.

I hated to admit it but I wasnt sure whether or not I could trust her to keep her promise although I knew how she insisted that I keep mine to her.

I can only hope she will I replied I would hate to have gone through everything for nothing.

Betsy looked at me kind of strange for a minute. What else has she been making you do besides the pigtails, pacifier and weird clothes?

I had nearly forgotten that I hadnt shared all my adventures in diapers with Betsy. I know I had told her that Jennifer and the Aunties had caused me to have an accident but I hadnt told her that I also had all my pubic hair shaved off, a catheter put inside me forcing me to wet constantly and wear diapers, had two messy accidents and that when she came to my house, I was actually waiting for Jennifer to come free me from a poop filled diaper.

I thought for a moment of spilling the beans to Betsy and telling her the whole truth. If she was truly a friend, she might help me figure out how to get myself out of this but after the display in the hallway, when Jennifer was confronting me and Betsy remained by her locker, I wasnt sure that she would have the strength to stand up to Jennifer any more than I had.

Ill tell you about it another time I said as we stepped up onto the sidewalk outside Pops.

Okay, but dont trust Jennifer, I dont Betsy added.

As we walked in the door, the little bell over the door announced our arrival and Dad looked up from behind the counter Welcome to Pops¦oh, its you, Abby he said smiling and adjusting his apron.

Hi Dad, Hi Grandma I said as I walked to the back room to put away my school things.

Im glad youre both here said Dad. Ive got some work to do in the office and I wanted you to give Grandma a bit of a break, shes been on her feet all day.

Sure Dad I said as Betsy responded Right away, Mr. Bell.

We pulled on our smocks and paper hats and took our places behind the counter. Grandma went into the kitchen to check on Grandpa leaving Betsy and I alone except for a few customers sitting in a distant booth.

I grabbed a rag from the sink, rinsed and rung it out then went to wipe the tables clean. There really wasnt any need to clean them but it made me feel better to be doing something then just standing around. Betsy followed my cue and started sweeping the immaculate floor free from invisible dirt. The jukebox was playing some of Mom and Dads favorite old songs so Betsy and I started dancing as we cleaned.

The 2 small kids sitting with their Mom in the booth giggled at us which only encouraged us to dance a bit more then Betsy, still holding the broom handle started singing into it like a microphone. We were having such a good laugh at ourselves until¦

Ding, Ding! The bell over the door rang out announcing the arrival of visitors to Pops. Betsy and I both snapped to attention and responded Welcome to Pops! As our eyes both turned to fix themselves on the figure standing in the doorway, our chins dropped. There before us was Jennifer and the Aunties.

Jennifer entered into the store first and found an empty booth to sit in. The Aunties followed her like stray puppies and took their places in the booth with her making sure not to crowd her too much thus leaving 2 of them to have to sit at a separate table near by.

Jennifer peered around the room looking at some of the old time kind of things that adorned the walls before picking up a menu from behind the napkin holder. As she flipped through the pages, the Aunties copied her actions and acquired menus of their own.

Hmmm, what will I have? Jennifer said out loud to herself.

Betsy and I had returned to our places behind the counter and were now trying to silently decide who was going to take Jennifers order.

Ive never been good at games of chance or games of skill for that matter, and this time proved no different. Betsy and I decided to do Rock, Paper Scissors to determine who would be the unlucky waitress of Table 10 where Jennifer was sitting with 3 of the Aunties. My rock was beaten by Betsys paper and so I was forced to have to go take Jennifers order.

Welcome to Pops, Are you ready to order? I asked while plastering a fake grin on my face.

Jennifer glanced up at me and almost as if she didnt recognize me spoke sweetly and ordered a Strawberry milkshake and a cheeseburger hold the pickles.

The Aunties also placed their orders just as nicely as could be which was so unlike them that I was actually scared. I left the table and took the order to the kitchen pass through for Grandpa then Betsy and I started on the milkshakes.

I cant believe she wasnt mean to me I told Betsy as we both stood bent over the freezer chest scooping ice cream into milkshake mixers.

Im not. Shes never been here before and shes trying to make the right impression, Ill bet. Just like at school Betsy figured.

Youre probably right, I didnt even think of that I replied. But as far as she knows, You and I are the only ones working here, why would she be nice to us?"

I dont know, maybe its that family over there Betsy said.

Well, I dont know why but its making me feel creepy. I almost prefer when shes being mean because its more natural for her and you dont have to wonder when shes going to snap I added.

You go bring them their drinks and Ill check on their burgers. Maybe we can get them out of here fast if we both wait on them from this point on Betsy suggested.

Good plan. I replied as I took a tray of milkshakes and root beer floats to their table. I served the drinks and passed out straws to each of the girls sitting at the table making sure not to make eye contact with any of them.

Your food should be right up I said as I tucked the empty tray under my arm and backed away from the table. The girls all giggled as I turned away and walked back behind the counter.

A few minutes later, Betsy emerged from the kitchen with a tray of food. Theres another tray back there, Abby she informed me so I went to the kitchen to retrieve it. By the time I had returned from the kitchen, Betsy was about done serving her trays worth. The two items I had on my tray belonged to the Aunties, who were sitting alone from the others but once again, I avoided making eye contact and immediately went back to my station behind the ice cream counter.

By now the family that was sitting in booth 2 had finished their desserts and were ready to pay. Betsy handled the register and I went to clean up the dirty dishes and glasses they left. I was nearly done bussing the table when the bell over the door announced their departure. I felt a knot form in my stomach thinking that now Jennifer didnt have any witnesses to her cruelty except me and Betsy. I finished wiping the table down and took the dirty dishes into the kitchen to be washed. I felt bad leaving Betsy all alone with Jennifer and the Aunties but they seemed too busy eating to be at all interested in either of us at the moment.

Is everything all right, Abby? Grandma asked as I entered the kitchen where she was sitting talking to Grandpa who had just finished cleaning the grill.

Yeah, Grandma, why? I asked

Well, you look like youve just seen a ghost she replied.

No, Im fine, just some people from school showed up but Im fine I answered then took my leave of the room.

I didnt want to leave Betsy alone too long in case it got busy but also so that Jennifer couldnt pick on her or reveal any of my recent secrets. The jukebox fell quiet after the last song had ended adding an eerie silence to the room. I began to fear that the lack of noise in the room would make it easier for Betsy, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa to hear the rustling of my diaper. I stepped in front of the register, opened it and removed a couple of quarters then walked over to the jukebox and slid the coins one at a time into the slot and made my selections.

The jukebox sprang to life again and helped to ease the tension that both Betsy and I were feeling although now we had to fight the temptation to start singing along. I was certain that the music would easily mask the sounds of my diaper as I worked in close proximity to Betsy.

It seemed like hours went by as Betsy and I waited for Jennifer and the Aunties to leave. We had done all we could to keep busy like filling the salt and pepper shakers on every table, replenishing the ketchup, counting the paper soda cups, organizing the sundae spoons. We had even managed to each have a milkshake of our own before there was any sign that they were ready to leave.

Dad had finally emerged from the office in back and was now ready to help out front again, not that we needed any help at the moment. Besides Jennifer and the Aunties, we only had 3 other tables come in during the last hour. Dad decided that since it was so slow, that he would personally greet each and every table himself. He wanted to make sure that everyone there was enjoying what they had ordered and would be willing to come back and visit us again or at least thats what I heard him say.

When he approached table 10, I heard him introduce himself Hi Ladies, Im Mr. Bell, owner of Pops. Are you ladies enjoying yourselves?

Jennifer perked up and with all the charm she had in her she said Very nice to meet you Mr. Bell. My name is Jennifer Arnold and I know your daughter, Abigail. We go to school together. Perhaps shes told you about me?

Dad, trying to be a perfect host responded Well, Jennifer, so nice to meet you. Abby is meeting so many people, its hard to keep straight who all of her friends are these days.

I invited Abby to my house Friday night for a sleepover, I certainly hope she can come, Mr. Bell she asked in that sweet voice that she uses on all the teachers at school.

I dont see a problem with it, Jennifer. Im sure being new to this town, Abby could use all the new friends she can make Dad agreed.

Great. I wasnt sure before about going to Jennifers sleep-over even though it might be my only chance at getting this catheter out of me but now my Dad is agreeing with Jennifer that I should attend so I can make new friends. The only kind of friends I could make at Jennifers would better serve as enemies.

I turned back to the counter and saw Betsy who had a look of shock on her face. She must have heard Jennifer telling my Dad about the slumber party I was invited to. Betsy looked totally betrayed and I felt like I was the one that did it. Betsy looked as if she were about to cry. I tried to comfort her but it seemed impossible since I was likely the person who caused her pain in the first place by not confiding in her that Jennifer had invited me to a party at her house.

Would you like to come too, Betsy? I heard from over my shoulder in that same sappy voice.

Betsys eyes lit up despite being reddened by tears. Do you mean it? she asked Jennifer.

You can come too but only if Abby comes. Its sort of a Bring a Buddy party, Jennifer added.

Betsys demeanor changed from terribly sad to unbelievably happy at the sound of Jennifers verbal invite. I wasnt sure why since Betsy was the one who told me how mean Jennifer was and only a few hours ago was begging me not to trust her.

Suddenly the thought dawned on me. The only reason I would even consider going to Jennifers house was to have the catheter removed. If I refuse to go, not only do I have to live with the catheter in me even longer but now I would also be disappointing Betsy. I just couldnt stand the thought of hurting her again. On the other hand, if Betsy and I go together, Betsy might find out about the catheter and diapers. What to do? Jennifer had managed to put me between a rock and a hard place again.

I looked over at Betsy again. I thought you didnt trust her? I whispered.

I dont but her parties are legendary Betsy replied. Ive always wanted to be invited to one.

Dad took the groups check to the register and started ringing up the total. Jennifer pulled out a fifty-dollar bill for the $28.86 that was owed and asked Can you break a fifty?

Certainly Dad grinned missing the point that Jennifer had practically insulted his business. What kind of business couldnt break a fifty dollar bill on a nearly thirty dollar check?

Dad handed back Jennifers change and Jennifer slipped several single dollar bills into the tip jar next to the register.

Thank you, come again, Dad shouted after her and the Aunties as they made their way out the door and onto the sidewalk. They hesitated for a moment then walked away, each flipping their hair off to the side as they strode off.

I cant believe it, We got invited to a Jennifer Arnold party! Betsy exclaimed unable to contain her excitement any longer. Arent you excited? she asked.

Not really, I confessed. I have a funny feeling that Jennifer only invited me to torture me somehow and I cant even imagine what shell do if given the opportunity to torment me in my sleep.

Dont worry. With me there, youll be safe. Ill watch out for you and you can watch out for me, Betsy offered. I dont think even Jennifer could pull a double whammy in one night.

I wasnt sure that Betsy was right, but I did know that if I didnt go to the party, I would have to live with the catheter in me even longer and continue to visit Nurse Kelly and Ms. Sullivan in room 115. I was afraid that not going to her party would make her more upset with me which could lead to more humiliation. I decided that for my own sanity that I had to accept Jennifers invitation and go to the party Friday night.

Okay, Ill go but only if you go too, I told Betsy who started to actually bounce up and down at my decision.

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Chapter 32
Home Again, Home Again

Dad, Betsy and I worked until closing time then cleaned up and headed home. Betsys mom came to pick her up and I rode home with Dad. Grandma and Grandpa left a few minutes before Dad and I did but we still managed to beat them back to the house.

I took my book bag up to my room to start my homework while Mom finished fixing dinner and Dad disappeared into his study to do some of his accounting work. Grandma went into the kitchen to help Mom and Grandpa plopped down in front of the TV in the family room to relax. I wasnt in my room long when I remembered that I hadnt changed my diaper since 3:00. I got up from my desk and pulled off my tights.

The empty tights looked like 2 giant deflated balloons on the floor. I pulled down my plastic pants and discovered that the inside of them were wet. Obviously I had waited too long between diaper changes and my school issued diaper had sprung a leak. I took off my denim jumper and shirt and made my way into my bathroom. This time I made sure to lock the door that lead into the bathroom from the hallway so as not to have any more surprises from Grandpa.

I unfastened the tapes on my diaper and let it fall into the plastic pants that hung from my knees like a hammock while I started the shower. The long rubber catheter dangled just above the surface of the soggy diaper and continued to slowly drip onto the diapers saturated lining. Once the water in the shower was warm enough to generate steam from the shower, I rolled the diaper into a ball and deposited it in the trash can then stepped into the shower with the plastic pants still at my knees. I had figured that putting them in the laundry hamper would arouse too much suspicion but knew they needed to be cleaned. What better way than to wear them in the shower with me then wipe them dry with a towel afterward.

The warm water was so soothing. It helped me forget about all the crazy things that had happened over the last few days. With the catheter still dangling between my legs in the shower, I pulled the plastic pants off and washed them with some mild soap. I reached out of the shower to hang them on the towel rod while I finished washing my hair.

I cleaned myself running a bar of soap over my body. First my arms, then chest. I reached down and washed my legs then worked my way up to my vagina. As I touched it, I felt the prickly feeling of stubble against my finger tips. The hair that Jennifer had shaven off was starting to grow back in. It was still very short and very sparse but it certainly was growing back. I ran my fingers over it some more. The hair caused it to feel rough and bumpy, not smooth and clean as it had after being shaven off. I knew that when the hair started to grow back, sooner or later, it would become very itchy. I hadnt yet noticed any itching but I also had been kept in a wet diaper for about a week and that might have prevented me from feeling so itchy.

I continued to touch myself examining just how much hair was really starting to grow and comparing it to the nice soft feeling I felt when I touched other hairless regions of my body. Hairless skin feels so soft and subtle. I took hold of the razor that I use to shave my legs, propped my left leg up on the edge of the tub and began carefully removing the hair from my leg starting at the ankle, working my way up over my knee. The razor slid effortlessly over my thigh. I hesitated for a moment then grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up my bikini area and began to shave off any of the stubble I felt there. I spread my legs a little wider and before I could stop myself, I had completely shaven my entire pubic area until it was as bald and smooth as Jennifer had made it a week ago. I rinsed the razor and shaved my other leg then carefully with my fingers, examined my pussy to see if I had missed any hair.

It was warm, wet and smooth. You could say it was as smooth as a babys bottom and considering that it was about to be wrapped back up in a diaper, you wouldnt be wrong. I liked what I felt. It was so much cleaner than it had been before when it was covered in tiny little hairs. I realized that by Saturday though, I would be back in underwear and that it really might start to itch more without the benefit of a wet diaper against it. It was too late to do anything about that now, what was done was done and now I had to deal with it.

I turned off the shower and pulled open the shower curtain. The room was fog filled as I stepped onto the fuzzy bathmat. I pinched off the end of the catheter, wrapped myself in a towel retrieving the plastic pants beside them and stepped into my bedroom to acquire a fresh diaper. I spread one of the ultra thick diapers on the bed and positioned myself on top of it, spread a little cream on my freshly cleaned labia then sprinkled a generous amount of powder on myself and the diaper before sealing it up around my waist.

I stood up to admire my work in my dresser mirror before pulling a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt on. My diaper technique was definitely improving even though I wasnt doing most of my diaper changes myself. I towel dried the pair of plastic pants and hung them in my closet to allow the elastic waistband some time to dry then wrapped the damp towel around my shoulder length red hair like a turban and sat down at my desk to work on some homework. I reached into my bag and pulled out my text books along with my pacifier. I placed the pacifier in my mouth and began sucking on it while I concentrated on my homework.

A slight tapping on the door pulled my attention away from my studies and without thinking, I mumbled a "Come in with the pacifier still perched between my lips.

As Dad poked his head in the door, I raised my hand to cover my mouth and discreetly removed the pacifier and placed it in my lap.

Hey Kiddo, Moms got dinner ready. Care to join us? he asked.

Yeah, Dad. Ill be right down. Just want to finish this math equation, I replied hoping that would give me a moment alone so that I could hide my mouth appliance more carefully.

Math? Why didnt you say so, I can help you, he offered as he stepped into the room a little further.

No thanks Dad. Ive almost got it but I did want to finish it before I walked away, I answered figuring that if he actually saw my paper he would realize that I had already finished the problem I was working on.

Oh, Okay. I like your determination to do it yourself He said admirably. Dont take too long.

Okay, be there in a minute I said to Dad as he closed the door and headed down to dinner.

Once I heard him on the landing, I stood up and slipped the pacifier under my pillow on my bed then adjusted my T-shirt to cover the diaper that was bulging beneath my sweat pants, removed the towel from my head before joining the family at the table for dinner.

Oh good, heres Abby now said Grandpa as I joined them. Grandma and I have an announcement to make and we wanted all of you here when we made it.

I took my seat as Mom, Dad and Grandma all turned their eyes to Grandpa who was now standing to make some sort of a speech.

Grandma and I are moving out, he began. Mom and Dad seemed shocked. Weve found a house right here in town and we are all set to move in next week so we wont have to crowd you anymore.

Thats great, Dad said my father looking very excited for both his parents.

What about your other house? Mom asked sounding very concerned.

Weve already got a buyer for it, informed Grandma. That house was too big for just the two of us now and we decided that we really wanted to be closer to the both of you and Abby.

But not all under one roof. Added Grandpa Thats a little too close, eh, A-B Girl? Grandpa grinned and winked at me reminding me of our little surprise visit in the bathroom.

I smiled back at Grandpa and nodded my head in agreement. Having to share a bathroom with my grandparents wasnt all that bad but finding Grandpa sitting on the toilet as I exited the shower with a catheter dangling from my urethra really was a bit more than I bargained for.

Weve scheduled for the movers to come on Friday so that we can get all our things into the new house over the weekend, Grandma informed us. Weve been planning this move ever since you told us you were moving so we already had some of our things packed away and the movers will handle the rest.

Thats terrific, Mom and Dad Mom said cheerfully. When do we get to see the new house?

We pick up the keys Tomorrow morning so if you want, we can show it to you Tomorrow afternoon if we can take the day off work Grandpa said sarcastically to Dad.

I dont know, Dad kidded. You two are really my best workers. I guess I can do without you for an hour or two. Besides, I hired on a new cook today and a few waitresses too.

Fantastic! Abby, Grandma and I will pick you up after school tomorrow and take you to our new house. Oh, and I almost forgot. The new house has an in ground pool. Youll be able to have some of your friends over to swim any time you like Abby.

I was so excited for Grandma and Grandpa. Moving for them sounded like so much more fun than it was for me because I had to leave all my old friends behind and start in a new school. They certainly didnt have any of that to worry about and since they were moving closer to us, they already knew people in town. I sort of wished that they had moved here first and that I could have been the one following them to a new town so I would have had a second place I felt I belonged.

Grandpa finally sat down and we began to eat dinner together. Mom and Dad had all kinds of questions for Grandma and Grandpa about their new house, things that didnt really interest me so I zoned out on the conversation and finished eating my dinner. Before long my plate was barren but everyone else had hardly touched theirs because they were all engrossed in conversation. I politely excused myself from the table, not that anyone heard me, cleared my place and went up to my room to work on some more of my homework.

On the way upstairs to my room, I noticed my diaper was already getting quite wet. The warm urine stung a little on my freshly shaven pubic area but soon the sensation ceased as I felt the warmth seep into the diaper and spread upwardly towards my belly and backside. I was saddled in my own urine and the sensation had started to become very pleasurable to me over the last few days that I had endured the catheter Jennifer had inserted in me but all the same, I was glad to know that by Friday evening, my torment would be over and I could once again go back to using the toilet and wearing underwear. The thought of not having to go through another of Nurse Kellys diaper changes made me even happier even though I didnt like the idea of having to go back to PE.

I closed and locked my bedroom door and pulled my pacifier out from under my pillow once again. I placed its familiar rubber orb in my mouth and stripped off my baggy sweat pants. The cute little characters on the thick disposable diapers didnt seem offended by the wetness that was creeping up behind them, not that they ever minded. The diaper wasnt as wet as I had thought it was so I opted to leave it alone and to continue with my homework leaving my sweatpants off and wearing nothing more than my diaper and T-shirt.

Once again the rhythmic sucking on my pacifier seemed to help me loose focus of the time. As I finished the last of my homework, I closed my book and gazed over at the clock which read 12:50 AM. I didnt know whether to blame the loss of time on the late night working at Pops or the mountain of homework I had to finish but I knew I had better get to bed pretty quickly or else I might over-sleep again and be visited in the bathroom by Grandpa again.

Figuring that the entire household would be asleep already, I decided to sneak downstairs for a glass of milk before bed. I didnt bother to put my sweats back on assuming that I wouldnt need them at this late hour. I unlocked my bedroom door and carefully opened it so the hinges wouldnt squeak. I tip-toed down the hall past the guest room where I could hear Grandpa snoring away. The door was slightly ajar so I peered in on my way towards the stairs. Both Grandma and Grandpa were fast asleep.

So far so good I thought to myself as I continued on my way. I was lucky because Mom and Dads bedroom is at the end of the hallway so I wouldnt have to pass their room to get to the stairs. I crept down the first flight of stairs to the landing then cautiously started to ascend the second flight until I was standing outside the kitchen door.

I made it I thought to myself as I entered the darkened kitchen. I opened the cupboard and retrieved a glass and placed it on the counter so I could get the milk from the refrigerator. Glass bottles inside clanked against one another as I pulled open the fridge. I froze in place for a moment. Silence. All the house was quiet but the sound of my heartbeat and the sucking noise I was making on my¦

Oh no, I forgot to take out my pacifier! I screamed inside my head. How stupid could I be? I asked myself. Here I was sneaking around in my kitchen wearing a diaper and sucking a pacifier hoping not to disturb my parents.

Realizing that no one seemed at all aware of my presence in the kitchen, I grabbed the milk, poured some into my glass then returned the carton to the shelf in the refrigerator and closed the door once more.

I picked up the glass of milk, removed the pacifier from my mouth, guzzled down the milk and placed the glass in the sink. I placed the pacifier back in my mouth and crept carefully back out of the kitchen feeling slightly more confident about my stealthy abilities and even more nervous about the possibility of getting caught diapered and gagged with a pacifier.

Slowly and calmly, I made my way back to the stairs and climbed the first flight pausing on the landing to re-evaluate my current situation. As I was about to start on the next flight of stairs, I heard a voice¦

Im as surprised as you, Helen. I knew they wanted to move but I didnt know they had already found a house. I figured they would be here for a month or so before they even found a place, said my father.

I couldnt be happier for them, but Im glad they dont have to stay that long Mom replied Not that I dont love having them here, I just didnt want them to feel like they were over staying their welcome or get uncomfortable being so close quartered, knowing each others little secrets, you know what I mean?

No, what are you talking about? Dad sounded puzzled. What little secrets?

Well, I probably shouldnt say anything but¦ Mom paused. When I was cleaning Abbys bathroom the other day, I found¦ I found out that¦

Dad interrupted sounding very concerned What? What did you find?

I found a diaper in the trash can, Mom finally finished. I went up to put clean towels in the bathroom and to empty the trash and I found a diaper rolled up and tossed in the trash can. I know its not Abbys so I can only assume it must be either your Moms or Dads but I havent the nerve to ask.

Thats just crazy, my parents dont wear diapers, Dad insisted. You must have been mistaken.

Well, I know what diapers look like, after all, Ive changed a few in my lifetime but also when I was doing the laundry, I picked up a load of clothes from the hamper in there too and when I got down to the laundry room, I found a pair of plastic pants when I was loading the washer but when I emptied the clothes out of the dryer, they were gone.

Are you sure it wasnt just a shower cap or something? Dad asked hopefully.

I remained still on the landing hoping to hear Moms response. I wasnt sure what to think. Mom had found my wet diaper in the trashcan in my bathroom and had noticed the plastic rumba panties that she picked up in my room but had assumed they both belonged to my grandparents.

I dont know too many shower caps that have leg holes in them but I will admit, I didnt spend a lot of time investigating them, Mom joked back. I just dont want your parents to feel uncomfortable about their incontinence around us and perhaps that is why they feel the need to move on so quickly.

Makes sense, I guess, said Dad. But I wonder which one it is?

My guess would be your Mom. They say that women over 60 suffer from bladder¦

I couldnt hear the rest of Moms sentence because their bedroom door swung shut and I heard it latch. I started up the stairs again this time a little more quickly knowing that my parents door was closed tight and that Grandma, even if she was awake, couldnt hear me over Grandpas snoring.

Once back inside my room, I latched the door and leaned against it. I would have to be extra careful not to leave any diapers in my trash can but since my torment was due to end Friday night, it was perfect timing because Grandma and Grandpa would be in their new house as early as this weekend. Fate was certainly smiling on me now.

I pulled a pair of plastic pants out of my dresser drawer, slid them on over my diaper and hopped into bed. Pacifier still between my lips, I sucked myself to sleep.

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Chapter 33
Grandmas Secret

Beep! Beep! Beep! sounded my alarm clock as it announced another bright and sunny day. I smacked the thing until it finally fell silent again and buried my face back into my pillow. The morning came much too soon but I had to get up. I had to face the day and the sooner the better because I didnt want to be fighting for space in the bathroom again. Grandma and Grandpa had the luxury of sleeping in if they chose but they never really seemed to take that option and always let me in the bathroom first in the mornings since I had an earlier schedule to keep.

I pulled off my covers and scratched at my tousled red hair with both hands which did nothing to help restore my appearance. I staggered my way into the bathroom and turned on the shower then returned to my room to fetch my clothing for the day including a fresh diaper from the stack in my dresser drawer. I placed my wardrobe on my bed.

By now the shower was starting to spray warm water which was evident from the steam wafting upwardly over the shower curtain. I pulled my T-shirt over my bed-head stricken hair and tossed it into the hamper. I slipped off my plastic pants and tossed them out the open bathroom door into my room where they landed gracefully on my bed. I unfastened the tabs on my diaper and once again let it flop to the floor. The effects of drinking milk before bed and having a catheter in were apparent because the diaper was much heavier than normal and made quite a loud thud on the floor as it landed.

I stepped into the shower and began my morning ritual of cleaning myself starting with my hair and working all the way down to my feet. I lathered myself up and down with soap making sure to clean off every square inch of myself including my hairless pussy. It still felt so soft, smooth and delicate. I really liked the way it felt; in fact I rather preferred it to having hair there at all. If anything good were to come of my experience, I would have to say that it would be that I discovered the pleasure of having a bald pussy.

I rinsed off and watched as the last of the soap bubbles ran off me and twirled in the drain before being sucked down into oblivion. I shut off the shower and reached for my towel and wrapped it around me. Stepping out of the shower, I picked up the wet diaper, rolled it into a tight ball and tossed it into the bathroom trash can before heading off to my room again. I knew now that if my mother found the used diaper in there, she would just assume it belonged to one of my grandparents and since she was embarrassed to ask them about it, I would be safe from suspicion.

Dropping my towel wrap to the floor, I opened the fresh diaper on the bed, laid myself onto it and began applying a thick layer of rash cream onto my silky soft vagina. I wiped my fingers on the inside of my diaper to remove any excess cream and dusted myself with baby powder to keep the inside of my diaper feeling cool and fresh. I pulled the front of the diaper up tightly until it felt snug then fastened the first of the Velcro tabs to the front of the diaper. I grabbed the second tab and adhered it to the diaper in much the same way. The diaper felt secure but I knew if I tried, I could make it tighter. I undid the first tab again and stretched it just a little further across my belly than I had before and reattached it to the diaper. Again, I repeated this action on the other side. This time the diaper was so much tighter that it made it difficult to sit up properly. I rolled onto my side and then slid to the end of the bed before I could finally get my feet under me to stand up.

I walked over to the mirror and gazed at my restrictive undergarment. It certainly was much harder to breathe with the diaper this snug but having it this tight, felt good. I picked up the pair of plastic pants on my bed and put them in my dresser drawer and pulled out the pink plastic rumba pants. I hadnt worn these in a few days so I stepped into them. I slid them up over my diaper and pressed them against my tummy releasing the bubble of air that seemed trapped inside. I took the skirt I had left on my bed and stepped into that as well.

The added padding on my buttocks caused the skirt to look shorter than usual. I held in my breath as I fastened the button at the waist band and did up the zipper. I had trouble fastening it but it certainly was better than wearing my denim jumper to school another day. I pulled on a clean shirt then parted my red hair into the two pigtails again and put on my socks and sneakers.

I gathered my school books off my desk and shoved them into my backpack. I took a stack of diapers from my supply in the closet and stuffed them in my bag too so I could give them to Nurse Kelly when I saw her this morning. Two more days to go, I thought to myself. If I can just get through Today and Tomorrow, then when Jennifer takes the catheter out Friday night, I would never have to let Nurse Kelly change me again.

I was so glad that the end of my torment was coming close but I started to wonder what I was going to do with all those diapers Jennifer had sent to me. I surely wasnt going to need them anymore. I thought about finding a way to bring them to Nurse Kelly a few at a time to keep in her office for anyone else that might need them but the idea of having to visit her again after being relieved of my need for diapers gave me second thoughts. Ill just wait until Mom and Dad are out and sneak them into the trashcan somehow.

That seemed as good a plan as any since I certainly wouldnt need them anymore. I closed my closet door and zippered my backpack. As I turned to leave, I saw my pacifier on the floor by my bed. I must have dropped it in my sleep last night. I picked it up and put it in my bag and re-zipped the bag then headed downstairs for breakfast.

Grandma and Dad were both in the kitchen. Dad, who was dressed for work was sitting at the table drinking coffee and Grandma, dressed in a long zippered bathrobe and slippers, was standing at the stove frying eggs.

Good Morning, Abby. Grandma smiled as I entered the room.

Morning, Grandma, I returned and kissed her on the cheek then I grabbed a glass of orange juice that was standing on the counter. Morning, Dad.

Oh, Good Morning Abby, Dad replied as if I had just broken him from a trance. Dad had been watching Grandma from behind cooking breakfast but seemed distracted by some other thought.

You okay, Dad? I asked trying to once again break his concentration.

Yeah Abby, Im fine Dad responded as Grandma walked over and placed a plate of eggs on the table in front of him.

It dawned on me that Dad was staring at Grandma trying to determine if she was wearing a diaper beneath her bathrobe but since the gown had no sash at the waist and just fell long and straight to the floor, it was hard to tell what she had on underneath. For all he could tell, she might be wearing a bullet proof girdle.

Grandma set a second plate of eggs on the table and instructed me to sit and eat before they grew cold.

Yes, Maam I said as I sat down next to Dad who was now trying not to stare at his Mothers behind.

Grandpa soon entered the room wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of plaid boxers and on old brown bathrobe that he was doing up the sash on as he entered the kitchen.

Forgive me ladies, he said as he faked modesty. Didnt know there would be so many lovelies about this time of day.

Grandma handed him a plate of eggs and Grandpa took his seat at the table next to Dad. Seeing his own father in a pair of boxer shorts seemed to take the burden of figuring out who the diaper wearer was because Dads eyes had grown to the size of saucers at the sight of him in what was noticeably Grandpas sleeping attire.

Dad once again focused his gaze at Grandma and gave a little nod to which he was unaware that Grandpa and I witnessed.

Everything okay there, Peter? Grandpa asked.

Of course, Dad, he replied. Hows things with you?

Little change since last night, son but you seem to have your head in the clouds today, Grandpa observed.

Oh, just thinking I guess, Dad. Have lots on my mind, Dad answered trying to keep up his end of the conversation now that he knew who was keeping secrets.

Well, I had better get off to school, I interjected while getting to my feet and walking my empty plate to the sink and finishing my glass of orange juice.

Have a good day, Abby shouted Grandma who was finally fixing her own breakfast.

Thanks, Grandma, I will. Bye Grandpa, Bye Dad, I said as I gave each of them a kiss as I walked passed on my way out the door.

Bye A-B Girl, said Grandpa.

Bye Sweetie said Dad as I closed the door and made my way down the front stoop.

Moms car wasnt on the driveway which meant she had left for work early today obviously in hopes of getting off early so she could go see Grandma and Grandpas new house this afternoon.

On my walk to school, I thought about how my Dad had spent the morning staring at my Grandmothers butt trying to determine if she was wearing a diaper, yet I was sitting next to him all the while in a thick diaper wetting away via the catheter, and he didnt notice. My mother also had suspicions that my Grandmother was wearing a diaper and couldnt tell. If neither of them suspected that I was wearing and wetting a diaper, then possibly the kids at school really couldnt tell either; not unless someone like Jennifer, the Aunties or even Nurse Kelly had blabbed and told them.

I walked on to school feeling a little more confidant. Sure, I still was wearing a diaper and plastic pants. I was also wetting myself as I walked along to school and had my hair in pigtails, but if my own parents would sooner accuse my grandmother than me, why should I worry if the kids in school could tell.

I sort of felt bad that my Mom and Dad were thinking that my Grandma had bladder control issues but since they were both too afraid to ask her, there didnt seem any harm it letting them continue to think that way especially since this whole nightmare would end on Friday night at Jennifers party.

I made it to school earlier than normal that day and headed straight for Nurse Kellys office to give her the stack of diapers in my backpack. She seemed rather surprised to see me that early but ushered me into the room all the same.

Do you have a dry diaper on this morning? she asked.

Well, its not dry, but I dont think it needs to be changed yet I informed her. I just put it on as I got out of the shower less than an hour ago.

And you havent really wet that much yet? she inquired as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

Well, I had a very wet diaper when I got up this morning, I informed her as I lifted my skirt and started to remove my plastic pants.

And what have you had to drink today? she asked.

A large glass of orange juice, I replied.

I lay on the vinyl cot as Nurse Kelly rolled over on her little stool. She lowered the front of my diaper and inspected my catheter again. She pushed the catheter up inside me a bit and I felt a flow of urine come rushing out and into the diaper. She gave the catheter a little spin and then slipped it back out until it refused to move any more.

Your diaper looks dry enough to hold you until 3rd or 4th period. Come back then and Ill change you into a nice dry diaper again, she ordered as she fastened the front of my diaper back up and slipped off her rubber gloves. But I want you to keep drinking plenty of water. You need to keep flushing out your bladder to ward off infections.

Oh, I almost forgot I said as I was standing up, pulling up my plastic pants and letting my skirt drop down. I brought you a stack of diapers from my house. I pulled the diapers out of my bag and handed them to Nurse Kelly.

Thank you dear, that will be a big help but you will need to bring in more for next week. This looks like it is only enough to last you today and tomorrow, she replied.

I have an appointment after school tomorrow to get the catheter out, so that should be all I need. I told her.

Nurse Kelly put the stack of diapers in her supply closet and turned back to me.

Thats great, Abby but I will still need to see either a note from your Doctor or Mother before I can send you back to PE so make sure you bring one to me Monday morning, she insisted.

I will I eagerly replied.

You have plenty of time to make it to homeroom now if you hurry said Nurse Kelly.

Okay, Ill see you later I replied as I grabbed up my things and darted out into the hall to homeroom. Things were already looking brighter to me.

I entered Mr. Baldwins room and took my seat without stopping at my locker first. The morning announcements were stilling being read over the speaker in the classroom. I saw Mr. Baldwin lower his paper briefly to spy me entering the room. He hadnt questioned why I came in after the bell or even mark me tardy on his attendance sheet but went right back to reading his morning paper.

I peered out of the corner of my eye to see if Jennifer had glanced away from her mirror to see me entering the room late, but Jennifers seat was empty.

A sigh of relief came over me believing that I wouldnt be tormented today by Jennifer if she was out sick. Today would be a nice peaceful day and I would only have to avoid the Aunties who never seemed to bother with me unless Jennifer was there to lead them.

As I sat and waited for the bell to ring and release us all to our first period classes, another thought came over me. What if Jennifer is sick? She might cancel the party Friday night and I wont get the catheter out until who knows when.

I didnt want to do it but I knew I would have to ask one of the Aunties about Jennifers absence from homeroom and find out if the party is still on. As soon as the bell rang, I rushed to my locker to put my backpack away. I slipped my pacifier out of my bag and slipped the string around my neck. I grabbed my books for Mrs. Ms class then raced to find the Aunties.

Nikkis homeroom was not far from mine so I hurried to get there before she could get lost in the crowd of students in the hallway. I was too late. She wasnt there. I ran to the freshman girls bathroom, Jennifer and the Aunties favorite hangout but they werent there either. I began to wonder if any of them were at school that day. I was out of time to investigate and so I ran down the hall to Mrs. Ms history class and took my seat just as the bell sounded.

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Chapter 34 The Sub

I was a little out of breath from running in the halls and so I put my head down on my desk and took several deep breaths.

Are you alright? an unfamiliar voice asked from above me.

I lifted my head from the desk and peered up into the face of a woman who was much older and more wrinkled than Mrs. M. This other woman had snowy white hair and thick green rimmed bifocals on. Her high collared blouse was buttoned securely up to her neck and a set of faux pearls adorned her chest.

Panicking, I glanced around the room to be sure I was in the right place. The other faces around the room appeared to be in the right places.

Im fine but isnt this American History? I asked a bit confused.

Yes it is and I am your teacher for today. My name is Mrs. Kirkwell, she replied.

Oh¦ Youre a sub, I replied with a sudden stroke of understanding.

Mrs. Kirkwell wrinkled her face a little more than nature had already done. I am neither a sandwich nor an underwater mode of transport, she said sternly. I am a teacher and I will be conducting this class today in Mrs. Michelantis absence.

I had obviously started out making a very bad first impression with Mrs. Kirkwell. I apologized for my rude behavior but she already passed judgment on my being a bad seed. She walked to the desk and peered at the seating chart Mrs. M had left for her. Abigail Bell, is that your name?

Yes, Maam I said in the sweetest of tones.

Ill be keeping my eye on you, young lady, she warned as she puckered her lips and stared at me. I lowered my gaze and stared down at my desk top until she stopped looking at me, turned to the blackboard and wrote her name on it. She turned back to face the class and made her general introduction to the rest of the class.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mrs. Kirkwell and I will be your teacher until Mrs. Michelanti returns. She has left me very strict instructions for you to follow and I will not have any funny business. Is that perfectly clear? she said looking back in my direction.

The class responded with a uniform Yes then Mrs. Kirkwell continued on with her speech. I was instructed to show you a movie that I understand you watched part of yesterday, so without delay, please clear your desks while I start the movie.

Mrs. Kirkwell turned to start the show then walked to the back of the room to shut off the lights. She wheeled Mrs. Ms big black desk chair to the back of the room and sat in it. Before long, several of us in the class heard an odd noise coming from the back of the room that distracted our attention from the film. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see what they wanted. The boy sitting behind me whispered Take a look at Kirkwell.

I looked past the rows of seats and spied Mrs. Kirkwell in the big black chair. Her head was slumped to one side and her mouth was open slightly emitting a gentle snoring sound. Mrs. Kirkwell had fallen asleep.

I giggled quietly to myself then turned my attention back to the TV screen to watch more of the movie. Several of the other students took this as their opportunity to move about the classroom to sit with their friends and a few decided to just leave the classroom all together. One boy walked up to the chalkboard, grabbed a piece of chalk, crossed out the Kirk in Mrs. Kirkwells name and replaced it with Sleeps so that her name on the board now read Mrs. Sleepswell.

Several more students quietly gathered their things and snuck out of the classroom. I didnt dare try to leave the room since Mrs. Kirkwell already seemed to have it in for me, I didnt want to give her anything else to pin on me. As the bell rang out the end of the period, I walked to the front of the classroom to shut the movie off. As I did so, Mrs. Kirkwell jolted herself awake to find me standing in the front of the room near the blackboard.

Is that your idea of funny? She hollered at me.

I looked at what she was pointing at. The blackboard with Mrs. Sleepswell spelled across it. I didnt do that, I exclaimed.

Enough out of you, I spotted you for a troublemaker the minute you entered my classroom, she shouted. Ill see you after school today for detention, Miss Bell.

But I… I started but was interrupted.

Ill not have this. Perhaps you would prefer the Assistant Principals office she ordered.

But Mrs. Kirkwell, I didnt write that, I swear I didnt.

Thats enough. Ill see you right here at 3 oclock, she demanded.

I knew there was no arguing with her so I gathered my things and stormed out of the room. I had never in my life had to serve detention before and now I was being sent there for something I didnt do. I stomped through the halls to room 115 to report for my second period lock-up with Mrs. Sullivan or Maggie, as she preferred to be called.

I must have still been a bit angry by the time I reached room 115 because I slammed the door behind me as I entered which caused Maggie to jump.

Whats wrong Abby? she asked concerned. Are you having a bad day?

Maggie must have been the captain of the Obvious Team in her day because it was certainly clear that I was not having a good day. Most people I know dont go around slamming doors because they are happy.

You could say that, I barked.

Do you want to talk about it? she asked trying to comfort me.

Whats the point, she doesnt believe me. What good is talking about it going to do? I argued. Heck, if I talk about it, I might get suspended next.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about, Abby? Maggie put her arm around me and led me to the bean bag chairs, plopping herself in one across from me. Why would you get suspended for talking about your feelings?

Its that Mrs. Kirkwell, she hates me and gave me detention for something I didnt do, I informed Maggie. And when I tried to tell her it wasnt me, she threatened to send me to Mr. Goodfields office.

What is it she thinks you did, Abby? she asked.

She thinks I called her Mrs. Sleepswell because she fell asleep in American History during the movie, I retold the entire encounter to Maggie bit by bit starting with arriving just before the bell rang out of breath from running in the hall.

Well Abby, I cant condone running in the halls but I think this all sounds like a big misunderstanding. If you want, I will talk to Mrs. Kirkwell and explain your side of the story. I am sure shell understand, Maggie reassured me.

But what about the detention? I asked. Will I still have to show up at 3? My grandparents are supposed to be picking me up at 3 oclock.

Dont worry, Ill talk to her and work it out and let you know. Im sure shell understand once Ive spoken to her.

I wasnt sure Maggie was right about Mrs. Kirkwell but it was worth a shot to have her try. I calmed down a lot just having Maggie offering to help me.

How about a little snack to help you calm yourself a bit more? Maggie offered. Its not much but how about some tea and animal crackers?

I hadnt had animal crackers in years but a snack was a snack. Sure.

I know this sounds silly but I like to dunk animal crackers in my tea until they start to get soft, then I eat them, Maggie confessed.

I havent had them since I was a little girl I replied so Ive never had them with tea before.

You dont know what youre missing, Abby. How do you like your tea; with milk or lemon? Maggie asked pulling open the small fridge she had in her office.

Lemon, please and two sugars I added as Maggie poured me a cup of tea into a ceramic mug.

She opened a big plastic tub that was full of animal crackers and placed some on a plate. She carried the plate and her cup of tea over to one of the tables in the larger room and I followed her carrying my own cup of tea.

Picking up a cookie, Maggie said My favorites are the giraffes because they have nice long necks for dunking. I never get my fingers wet eating a giraffe.

That sounded so bizarre that I couldnt help but laugh. Whats so funny? Maggie asked.

Just that you said you like eating giraffes, I told her.

Well, whats your favorite animal cracker? she inquired.

I really hadnt given it too much thought, at least not for about 10 years or so. I inspected the plate a little more closely. I spied 4 monkeys, 6 lions, 3 camels, 5 elephants and something that was missing its head so it was hard to make out exactly what it was.

I guess my favorites are the monkeys I said not sure why.

Hmm, thats very interesting, Maggie said in a very analytical tone.

What, whats wrong with liking monkeys? I asked.

Well, besides it being the smallest cookie in the container, it also tells me youre a bit¦ she paused.

A bit what? I asked eagerly.

A bit Bananas! she joked.

Ha, Ha, very funny I replied as I dunked a cookie and put it in my mouth.

Maggie was right. Dunking animal crackers in tea was a wonderful snack. We sat and chatted some more over our tea and cookies until the plate was empty and so were our mugs.

Would you like some more tea, Abby? Maggie asked as she stood up to fix herself another cup.

I dont think I have the time. The bell is about to ring, I reminded her.

My goodness, where did the time go. Okay Abby, well do this again tomorrow, Maggie offered.

Maggie had finally found a way to connect with me and tomorrow would be our last day together if all went well with Jennifers party. When Jennifer first told me that she would remove the catheter on Friday night, I was glad to not have to come to room 115 anymore. But now I was a little sad that I wasnt going to have time to sit and chat with Maggie anymore.

I stood up and took my mug into Maggies office and set it on the counter. Thank you, Maggie, I said as I threw my arms around her to hug her.

Whats this all about? she asked.

I wont need to come here next week and I wanted to thank you for being nice to me even when I wasnt that nice to you, I told her.

Well, my door is always open, from the outside anyway, if you want to come in and talk, She said as she patted me on the back.

The bell rang and Maggie reached under the desk and pushed the button to release the electric lock on the door. I picked up my books and turned to say good-bye then made my way into the hallway again.

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Chapter 35 What A Mess!

I had every confidence that Maggie would handle the situation with Mrs. Kirkwell so I put the thought of serving detention out of my head and went on to my 3rd period class. If anything could take your mind off American History, Spanish was it. How could a person concentrate on anything when trying to train your brain to think in a different language?

The class mindlessly repeated every word and sentence that Senora Laskin, a heavyset blonde woman who, as always, was impeccably dressed, said for nearly 40 minutes. By the end of class, all I wanted to know how to say was I need a new diaper.

The tea I had shared with Maggie in room 115 had reached its final destination and was now taking residence in my ever increasingly swelling diaper. I didnt waste any time and made my way to Nurse Kellys office for what I hoped would be another quick diaper change. I could feel my diaper growing warmer and heavier as I strolled along the halls passing several girls rooms as I went. It seemed strange to me that the school had so many bathrooms and yet I had barely visited any of them since school started, the diaper and catheter I was wearing had made restroom visits unnecessary.

I continued along my way when another feeling came over me. Since the day Jennifer had first attacked me in the locker room, I had not used a toilet for either of its customary uses. Jennifer had seen to it that I had 2 good doses of laxative suppositories that forced me to mess in my diapers on previous days but I hadnt the need to go again, until now that is.

I felt the muscles in my stomach tighten. I clenched my buttocks together trying to arrest the urge to push. Soiling myself the last two times was completely unavoidable because of the medication that Jennifer had inserted into my rectum but now I was not under the effects of any drugs. They should all have been out of my system by now.

My waddle in the hallway became much more labored because I was trying not to release my flexed backside for fear that I wouldnt make it to the nurses office. The thought of Nurse Kelly having to clean up a poopy diaper after I just told her that I would be out of diapers by Monday wouldnt give my story any credibility I thought as I desperately fought back the urge to soil my diaper.

I wasnt quite sure why I was finding it so hard to control my bowels but the urge to poop was growing stronger and stronger. I was nearly at Nurse Kellys office. I thought about all those restrooms I had passed realizing that I could have gone into any one of those, taken off my diaper and pooped in the toilet. The reality was that I hadnt considered that as an option until now and it was too late to turn back and what would I do with the diaper in the girls’ room anyway?

I entered Nurse Kellys outer office still managing to stay in control but the cramps were getting stronger and stronger. I looked towards the desk where Nurse Kelly usually greeted me or was engrossed in conversation on the telephone but she wasnt there. The door to the inner office was closed this time, a position it seldom seemed to be in.

I tapped on the glass window in the door and pleaded Nurse Kelly? Are you in there?

I saw shadows moving about behind the milky white glass and heard Nurse Kellys familiar voice Be with you in just a moment, have a seat.

I looked over at the industrial style furniture. I was afraid to have a seat yet the cramps had me nearly doubling over in pain. I thought about heading back out into the hallway and finding the closest girls room but since I hadnt been using them, I wasnt sure where the closest one really would be and feared that too much moving around would ultimately end up causing me to soil myself.

The pressure kept growing inside me and the urge to push became more and more intense. I bent my knees to sit on the very edge of the chair in Nurse Kellys waiting area but before my butt made contact with the seat, I felt a slight release of pressure. It felt good to relieve some of it but I could feel it continuing to build again. I closed my eyes and leaned forward placing my elbows on my thighs for balance. This time, I felt a greater release of pressure and before I knew it, I was no longer having cramps. The bending forward seemed to help and I opened my eyes and sat down on the chair that I had been hovering over. I must have just had some gas I thought to myself until my full weight had been placed on the chair.

I finally felt it. A warm sticky mass was pressing against me. I felt it spread and smear across my buttocks and into creases and crevices. It crept up my backside and smeared against my skin everywhere. As I leaned back into the chair, I felt it rise up towards the top of my diaper.

I couldnt understand why I had just soiled my diaper; I hadnt had another run in with Jennifer and her suppositories, so why did I just crap in my pants again? I knew the catheter I was wearing was causing me to wet constantly but the drugs Jennifer gave me should have worn off a long time ago.

As I sat there wondering, I felt a tear form in the corner of my eye then trickle down my cheek. A few weeks ago, I was a normal happy teen-aged girl getting ready to start high school and now I was this strange pathetic person who was beginning to enjoy wearing and wetting diapers. What was worse, I was beginning to soil them too. I twisted in my seat a little to get more comfortable and as I did, I felt the mass in my diaper spread a little more. I stopped moving and sat very still for a moment. I could feel the heat from the mess in my diaper as it warmed my already soggy bottom. I wiggled again and felt the same affect.

Unlike when I wet, the mess in my diaper didnt quickly disappear. Instead it clung to my buttocks and squished and spread with even the slightest movement. It felt hot and soft against my skin. As I raised my bottom off the seat slightly to free myself of the warmth, the poop filled diaper held fast as if adhered to me with glue.

I placed my hand up under my skirt and placed it inside my plastic pants on the crotch of my diaper. The front of my diaper grew warmer as the catheter delivered another flood of urine into my already bulging diaper. I attempted to loosen the grip of the diaper from my ass but as I grabbed hold of the diaper, the wood and milky white glass door opened and out of it stepped Nurse Kelly and a girl I didnt recognize.

I quickly pulled my hand out of my plastic pants and fixed the hem of my skirt as I stood up. My diaper clung to my rear end, as I stood there helpless. As I took a step forward, I felt it grow heavy and the suction break free. The diaper was heavy and began to sag between my legs.

Oh, its you Abby, said Nurse Kelly in a surprised tone. Come right in dear and have a seat on one of the couches she instructed. She seemed to want to finish talking with the other girl before she left and as I entered the inner office, Nurse Kelly pulled the door shut sealing me in all alone.

I slipped off my plastic pants, pulled up my skirt and took my usual position on the red vinyl cot, close enough to the end so that my feet remained on the floor as I laid back. As I eased myself down onto the cot, I once again felt the mass in my diaper dissipate through my soggy diaper. I began to think about the mess in my pants some more. The last two times I had messed my diaper was because Jennifer had drugged me but I hadnt seen her or the Aunties. Thoughts kept rolling in my head about what could be causing it. I thought that stress or side effects from such large doses of the laxative that Jennifer had given me in the past might have caused it. What if I have started to UN-potty train? was my worst fear. It had been days since I last used a bathroom and I have already soiled myself twice before. What if this is becoming a habit? How do I stop it from happening again?

Nurse Kelly finally opened the door and entered the room. Are you okay, Abby? she asked.

Not really I replied. Im a little worried about something.

Is it something I can help you with? She asked sounding concerning.

Maybe. Actually, its more of a question that I need answered, I explained.

Nurse Kelly was gathering the items we needed for a diaper change. She must have sensed that asking would be so much easier for me if she wasnt sitting there staring me in the face.

Is it possible, or have you ever heard of anyone¦I paused trying to make sure my question didnt sound foolish or stupid. Is it possible that someone can become… well, UN-potty trained? I finally said trying to sound mature despite asking about a subject that is usually the topic of toddlers.

UN-Potty Trained? repeated Nurse Kelly as she placed several items on the tray in front of her. The tone in her voice implied that she had never heard of such a thing but instead of refuting the statement, she simply asked What has you asking about that, Abby?

I had dreaded having to tell her what I had just done in her outer office but she was going to find out as soon as she took down my diaper and discovered the big mess that was spread all over the inside of my diaper.

I gulped. I just… Well, I was wondering because… I didnt know how to say it any better than flat out. I just pooped in my diaper for no reason. It was like I couldnt help myself and I didnt even think about using the restroom before it happened, I just sort of, well, did it. During my confession, I felt my face redden and my stomach churn but I managed to get it all out. And I was just wondering if perhaps something is making me become UN-Potty Trained?

Nurse Kelly brought over her tray of diaper changing provisions and sat down on her little squatty stool. She didnt seem alarmed or surprised by my announcing that I had soiled myself or that I feared that I was becoming UN-potty trained. Im not saying Ive ever known anyone that it has happened to, Abby, but I am sure that there are cases out there of people who lose their ability to make it to the restroom in time and end up having little accidents.

But Nurse Kelly, this wasnt a little accident and I could have made it to the restroom if I wanted to, but I didnt, I didnt even think about using a bathroom. Could I be UN-potty training? I asked.

Well, I dont think that it would be that easy a task Abby and one soiled diaper doesnt make for, as you called it, UN-Potty Training. I would imagine that it takes a long time for that to happen even if you are already wearing a diaper for other issues. Its not like you have soiled yourself before, is it? She asked as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

I was a little embarrassed to admit to her now that I had already soiled myself twice in a week but both those times were drug induced so I didnt think they counted anyway. No, No, I havent. I said shakily as Nurse Kelly started the process of changing my diaper.

Perhaps it is just something you ate. It happens to people sometimes, different foods react differently and cause the bowels to become irregular, even your period can cause you to have an irritable bowels, she said as she casually started to clean up the poopy mess that encased my backside and filled my diaper. Perhaps it is something you will want to discuss with your doctor when you see him about removing your catheter.

For a moment I was a little confused. I wasnt going to see a doctor, oh yeah, Jennifer was finally going to remove the catheter this weekend but I had told Nurse Kelly that the Doctor was going to do it. Yeah, I think I will discuss it with him when I see him, I said.

Well, youre all cleaned up now lets get this new diaper on you good and snug and send you back to class, said Nurse Kelly as she started fastening the tapes on my fresh new diaper.

It felt good to be back in a dry diaper but that feeling never lasts long when you have a catheter inside you draining your bladder non-stop. I felt the familiar feeling once again as the cool inner surface of the diaper became warm and damp against my skin. I sat up and pulled my plastic pants up to my knees then stood up and repositioned them over my diaper. I let my skirt fall to cover my thick diaper and plastic pants as best as it could.

Nurse Kelly was removing her rubber gloves and washing her hands. Before you go, she called out I want you to drink this. She handed me a glass full of what appeared to be water.

I took the glass from her hand and raised it to my nose to get a sniff of its contents. Bubbles from the drink popped on contact with the end of my nose What is it? I asked.

Its just a little something to help ease your stomach. I call it Lemon Soda.

I took a small sip. Indeed it was just a glass of lemon flavored soda. This is going to help me not have another accident? I asked.

Youd be surprised at what a little bit of lemon soda can do for you she commented back Go ahead, finish it.

I held the glass to my lips and tilted it up until I managed to drink the whole glass. I handed it back to Nurse Kelly and thanked her for changing my diaper. Normally I didnt do that but this time it seemed appropriate given the task.

I left her office still unsure of what caused me to soil my diaper, in fact I had more questions now than I did before but I knew in time I would figure out whether it was me or medicine that caused my recent episode and soiled diaper.

I ventured back out into the hallway and made my way to my 4th period class. As I walked down the hallway, I counted the number of girls bathrooms that I passed; not that I would be using any today; but so I could familiarize myself with where they were for when I came back on Monday without the diaper. Jennifer promised to remove my catheter at her slumber party tomorrow night.

I wasnt sure whether or not to get excited about the party since Jennifer and the Aunties would all be there and I would finally have this tubing removed from me but I didnt know what else they would have in store for me. I felt certain that Jennifer had planned to humiliate me more and this time Betsy would be there to witness my torment whatever it was.

I contemplated not going but if I didnt show up, who knew what Jennifer would do to poor Betsy and when would she ever get around to removing my catheter. I felt trapped but I knew I had to go at least to protect Betsy. I convinced myself I was only going to protect my friend and with that conclusion, I found myself standing outside my math class. I took a deep breath to clear my head and entered the room.

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36 Sweetie

Math was boring because all we did was review for the test we would be taking on Friday. Since math came easy to me, I hardly focused on what the rest of the class was doing because the mere thought that tomorrow was Friday sent my mind wandering about what to expect at the slumber party at Jennifers house. Since Jennifer wasnt in school that day, I even wondered whether the party was still on. What if she had become sick and didnt have the party? She had said that if I came to the party, she would remove the catheter she inserted in me but if I didnt, I would have to leave with it a lot longer. I had to make sure the party was still on in order to make sure I didnt miss the opportunity to get it removed.

Not being able to control my bladder or when I peed was becoming less and less of a concern for me to the point that I hardly even noticed when it was happening except for when I went for the first time in a dry diaper or when the diaper had miraculously become soaked and heavy. The constant dripping or occasional rush of urine into my diaper had far less impact on me than the fact that I had soiled myself earlier today. On previous occasions when I had messed in my diaper, I knew it was because of what Jennifer and the Aunties had inserted into my rectum but this time it was different. I didnt have any suppositories shoved in my bum let alone the over-dosing of it that Jennifer and the Aunties often did.

Thoughts raced through my head like tornadoes, mixing and confusing thoughts whipped in and out causing more and more crazy ideas to form. I started thinking about Jennifers party being canceled which lead into fears that the catheter would somehow not come out, which further led me to think about pooping in my diapers. Jennifers mind games were obviously working on me and perhaps her not being at school today was just another way to torment me. Maybe she was planning something so big, she needed the day off to set it up or maybe she was just evil and wanted me to think the party was called off so I would not show up and would have to keep the catheter in for a lot longer. Either way, she was winning because until I saw her again, I didnt have an invitation to the party or know her address. I would have to pray that she came to school tomorrow.

The Bell rang out releasing the class back into the crowded hallway. I gathered up my books and walked to my locker to put my things away before lunch. During math, my diaper had grown wetter but hardly enough to worry about getting it changed. I was grateful that I hadnt felt any more cramps but wasnt sure whether that was a testament to the lemon soda that Nurse Kelly gave me or just the fact that I had already cleared my bowels into my diaper.

I made my way through the halls to the cafeteria where I found Betsy, Erika, Elaine and Ashley sitting at our usual table, all still wearing pacifiers around their necks in support of me. I waved to them as I headed to the lunch line to buy my share of the institutionalized food that was being served by the hairnet patrol of lunch ladies. Standing in line with both hands tightly gripping my tray as heaps of food was applied to it left me vulnerable to the bumps and pokes of other students trying to get through the line in a less then orderly fashion. I hadnt been too concerned about arms and elbows colliding with me in effort to reach for food but I felt something press against me from behind. Someone was behind me leaning in to grab something that was out of reach but had managed to brush against my diaper-clad rear end.

I stood perfectly still hoping that they hadnt been aware that they were leaning against my fluffy wet diaper that was beneath my skirt. I heard the crinkle of the diaper and plastic pants as they reached a little bit more for that elusive piece of fruit on the top shelf of the buffet service. I attempted to glance over my shoulder but without turning my head and looking too conspicuous, I wasnt able to see who it was leaning against my soggy diaper. I took a baby step forward hoping to afford a little more space between me and the person in such dire need of an apple.

When the line had moved up a slight bit more, I managed to casually turn my head slightly to see who was behind me and might have been reaching for the somewhat forbidden fruit. I tilted my head to one side, balanced my tray in one hand and tossed my long red hair to the side as I glanced back quickly. I brushed small strands of hair off my face with my free hand and looked to see who had finally managed to snag the last apple.

Several students behind me were all carrying lunch trays yet not one of them had and apple. I was puzzled. I knew I saw a hand reach for the last apple in the basket but no one seemed to have it. I turned back around and to my surprise, apple in hand, before me stood Mitch.

Mind if I go ahead of you? he asked with a grin that revealed his perfectly straight perfectly white, perfectly perfect teeth. All Ive got is this apple.

Uh, yeah, sure. I managed to get out as I stared into his dreamy eyes.

Mitch stepped up to the register to pay for his apple then smiled back at me again with a grin and a wink and said Thanks, Sweetie.

I felt myself go numb all over. Mitch had just called me Sweetie.

A nudge in the back brought me back to earth as the person behind me bumped me with his tray Hurry up, youre next Said the voice behind me.

Oh, right. I stepped up to the register and paid for my lunch.

I must have been grinning from ear to ear because as I placed my tray on the table Betsy asked, Whats with you? A day without Jennifer and you get all goofy on us.

Mitch just called me Sweetie. I explained with a far off look in my eye that made the other girls beg for more details. They were a little less impressed then I was but they tried not to show their disappointment.

Maggie Sullivan came into the cafeteria and found me sitting with my friends. I must have still been beaming because she commented on how happy I looked.

You dont have to worry about that detention, Abby. It is all taken care of. I spoke with Mrs. Kirkwell and explained everything. She has forgiven you from serving detention. Maggie informed me.

Great, Thank you Maggie. I smiled back at her.

You ladies enjoy your lunch she said as she walked away.

I was suddenly in sevens heaven. Jennifer and the Aunties werent there to torment me, I didnt have to serve detention with Mrs. Kirkwell and Mitch had just called me Sweetie. My day was looking up.

Betsy, do you think Jennifer is still having that party tomorrow night? I asked glancing over at the empty table that was usually occupied by Jennifer and the Aunties.

Oh sure. Im sure they just ditched for the day for the fun of it. I bet theyll be back tomorrow. Betsy reassured me.

I wasnt sure whether that was good news or bad but I tried not to let it bother me either way.

I felt bad talking about going to Jennifers party in front of Ashley, Elaine and Erika since only Betsy and I were invited but they didnt seem to mind and knowing that Betsy would be there was a bit reassuring although I wasnt sure how I was going to get the catheter out without Betsy finding out about it. Jennifer never did seem to worry about my privacy.

Betsy rambled on and on about the party all through lunch. I had grown a bit bored of the conversation and tried to change the subject a few times but everything seemed to be turned right back around to what to expect at Jennifers.

When the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, I was pretty relieved to not have to talk about the party for a while. I was dreading what might happen there and talking about it like it was some wonderful social event was agony.

Before leaving the cafeteria, Betsy hollered to me Ill come over to help you pack for the party after school if you want.

I knew how to pack my own things for a slumber party and didnt feel I needed Betsys help yet I didnt want to hurt her feelings by turning her down. Okay, sure, sounds great! I shouted back as she turned the corner to head down the opposite end of the hall.

I started to walk on to my next class when I realized that aside from a pair of pajamas and a pillow, I might need to pack diapers and plastic pants. I certainly didnt want Betsy helping me pack those items. I had to figure a way out of having her help me after school without crushing her feelings.

I felt Betsy was far less secure emotionally than the other girls but I liked her, I really liked her and wanted to spare her feelings any way I could. I spent all of sixth period figuring out what to tell her. It might have been better if I hadnt gotten out of detention or if she at least didnt know I had gotten out of it. The easiest thing to do was to just let her come home with me and pack a bag together and after she leaves, slip a few diapers and plastic pants into the bag.

Another thought crossed my mind. What if I confessed everything to Betsy this afternoon? What if I told her everything that Jennifer has been doing to me including the suppositories and catheter? Maybe it might be better for Betsy to know what was really going on between Jennifer and me. Certainly Betsy would find out anyway at the party when Jennifer was free to humiliate me, so what if I beat Jennifer to the punch and just tell Betsy everything. Certainly Betsy would understand that this was just a horrible prank of Jennifers and would stand by me as any true friend would. And wouldnt it take some wind out of Jennifers sails if Betsy already knew.

I made up my mind. When Betsy comes over today after school, Im going to tell her all about my diapers and the catheter that Jennifer installed inside me. I am sure it will be a shock but I think Betsy can handle it and it might even help protect her from Jennifer.

With my mind made up, I focused the rest of the day on my classes. I had finally found a way to fight back against Jennifers abuse even if it was the least I could do. Maybe together, Betsy and I could come up with a few more ways to end my suffering.

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Chapter 37 Thats What Friends Are For

Since neither Betsy nor I had to work after school today, it left us free to go to my house and spend some time together. Betsy had wanted to help me prepare for Jennifers big slumber party on Friday night but what she didnt expect was the way I had planned to prepare her for the same party.

I was certain that Jennifer had only invited Betsy along to ensure I would come and to demean me in front of my own friend but I knew that if I told Betsy ahead of time what Jennifer was planning, it would save us both a lot of embarrassment. The hard part was going to be actually saying it.

I met Betsy at her locker when the final bell rang and the two of us left together to go to my house. I hadnt stopped by Nurse Kellys office since before lunch for another diaper change so my diaper was getting quite heavy but there was no sense in changing it now. I had determined that if I was going to tell Betsy the truth, it was better that she understands the severity of Jennifers torment.

As we walked along towards my house, Betsy and I talked about silly stuff and gossiped about people in school. I was tempted to come out and just tell her as we walked but I thought the physical proof would be much more convincing and I wasnt about to pull up my skirt right there on the sidewalk.

Once we arrived at my house, I took Betsy straight up to my room. Betsy, Can I tell you something really personal? I asked.

Sure. She replied while looking about my room and admiring my things.

I mean this is a huge secret and you have to swear not to say anything to anyone, I added in a serious tone.

Betsy turned and looked me straight in the face. The tone in my voice had struck a somber mood that she evidently had felt.

What is it? I promise, I wont tell a sole. Betsy vowed while making an invisible X across her heart with her fingers. Cross my heart.

Well, you know how I told you that Jennifer was tormenting me in exchange for introducing me to Mitch? I asked.

Betsy nodded, her eyes eagerly waiting for me to continue.

And remember how I told you she and the Aunties medicated me and forced me to have¦ I paused trying to gather the nerve to continue ¦an accident?

Yeah. Betsy replied as if hungry for more info.

Well, she did more to me than that. Ever since that day, besides having to call her Mommy, wear my hair in pigtails and suck on a pacifier in the halls, she also¦ I couldnt do it. I couldnt tell her the rest. It was too embarrassing.

What? Tell me. What has Jennifer been doing to you? Betsy begged for me to tell her.

Tears started to form in my eyes and I found it hard to look Betsy in the face so I stood by the window and stared out off it at nothing particular.

Jennifer and the Aunties shoved 3 laxative suppositories in my ass in the locker room that caused me to have severe stomach cramps but they had stolen my clothes and left me with a diaper to wear. When I went to the nurse, she wasnt there and I messed in the diaper right there in the hallway. Jennifer came by and brought me home to get cleaned up and she shaved me. I finally confessed but I was talking so fast that it was apparent by the look on Betsy’s face my words had become a blur.

What do you mean ˜she shaved you? Betsy questioned.
Okay, I guess Betsy understood more than I thought. I swallowed hard and explained myself.

She shaved off all of my pubic hair. I found it easier to tell my story to the cold smooth glass of the window than to the face of my friend. I lowered my head in shame and started to cry. I had thought I would be stronger than this but I was wrong.

Before I could continue, Betsy asked, Youre not serious, are you?

I hadnt anticipated Betsy not believing me but it seemed like a natural question.

Yes, Im serious. Once we got back here, I took a shower to clean up. When I got out of the shower, she was standing there in the bathroom. She made me lie down on my bed and spread my legs apart. She said I needed to be as bald as a baby down there. I continued in a shaky voice. After that, she put this thing in me called a catheter that keeps my bladder open and makes me not able to control when I pee so I would have to wear diapers all the time.

Wait a minute. Jennifer shaved off your pubic hair and did what? Betsy sounded confused.

She put a tube in my urethra that goes up into my bladder. The tube keeps draining my bladder constantly. I informed her still staring out at nothing.

Why not just pull it out? she asked.

I cant. Its like its attached or something and I dont know how to get it out. Jennifer said she would take it out if I come to her party tomorrow but until then I am stuck wearing diapers.

So youre telling me that right now you are wearing a diaper? Betsy questioned.

Uh-huh. Ive had no control over my bladder and have been stuck wearing diapers ever since that day when Jennifer made me mess myself. I paused and turned to finally face Betsy. I pulled up my short skirt and revealed my plastic pants to her.

Betsy was still in a state of shock but I had finally calmed down enough to talk about it a bit more openly. I pulled the plastic pants down past my diaper and let them fall to the floor. There I stood in front of my friend with plastic pants around my ankles; my skirt pulled up to my chest and a large wet diaper.

Oh my God! said Betsy when she finally found the ability to speak again. This has got to be the worst prank Jennifer has ever played on anyone. Do your parents know about this?

No, in fact they think that my Grandmother is the one leaving diapers in the trash can. I told her.

Betsy snickered. Thats kind of funny, she said.

I hadnt thought of it as funny before but having Mom and Dad suspect that Grandma was the one with the bladder problem certainly made it easier on me.

I had a feeling that the only reason Jennifer has invited both of us to the party tomorrow was so she could reveal my secret to you and embarrass us both. I thought if I told you first, it would give her less power over the situation.

Betsy drew in a deep breath. She was about to burst at the seams with questions. I just hoped that I could answer some of them.
So, whats it like? Betsy asked.

Whats what like? I questioned back.

Whats wearing diapers like? She replied.

I really hadnt expected a question like that. I didnt know what to tell her.

I dont know. Its strange at first but since I cant help myself from wetting, I guess I have no other choice. I told her.

But what does it feel like to have a diaper on? Betsy asked, Is it weird or something?

At first it really was but after a few days, I kind of got used to it. I told her.

I could tell Betsy had a lot more she wanted to ask but she seemed afraid to say it. I was amazed at how interested in my plight she seemed to be.

What do you do when they get wet? she finally asked.

I change into a fresh one, I said.

What about at school? Do you wear them at school too? she asked.

I have to otherwise I would wet my pants all day. I replied.

But how do you change them at school? Betsy asked.

I have to go to the nurse a few times a day. She checks the catheter and changes my diaper for me if it gets too wet.

There was a long pause in the conversation. I thought Betsy was grossed out by the idea that I let the school nurse change my diapers but didnt know how to say it without hurting my feelings. It was okay if she wanted to say it though because at first, I felt the same way but after several diaper changes, I had grown accustomed to it and much preferred it to changing myself.

Betsy seemed to finally find the words she was looking for and I was eager to hear them and end the dreadful silence between us but the words she spoke were not the ones I had prepared myself for.

Betsys voice broke the silence like a baseball through a window. Can I wear one? she asked.

I knew that when Jennifer had forced me to wear the pacifier around my neck, that my friends supported me by getting their own pacifiers and wearing them to school. I was glad they did that for me but this was different. Wearing a diaper could prove to be far more embarrassing.

What for? I asked.

I dont know; I just want to see what its like. Please, can I have a diaper? Betsy begged.

Since I had a spare package in the closet and nearly a dresser drawer full that I probably wouldnt need after tomorrows party, I agreed to give Betsy a diaper.

Sure, here you go, I said as I pulled 2 diapers, diaper rash cream and baby wipes out of the drawer and handed her one of the diapers. I was amazed at how happy giving her a diaper made her.

How do you do this? she asked.

Well, I usually just open the diaper on the bed and lay on it then fasten the tapes good and tight. I instructed. Here, I have to change my diaper now anyway before it leaks so just watch me. I can’t believe I just offered to let Betsy watch me change my diaper. A few minutes ago I was revealing the deep dark secret that I was actually wearing a diaper and now I just offered to let her watch me change myself. Betsy seemed so excited at my offer, I knew there was no taking it back so I proceeded with the task at hand.

I opened my clean diaper on the bed and positioned myself on it. Lying back, I unfastened the tapes from the wet diaper, raised my hips and pulled the soggy urine filled diaper out from under me. Using a baby wipe, I cleaned myself and applied some rash prevention cream on my hairless crotch then wiped my fingers clean on another wipe.

Betsy was trying not to stare at my nakedness and the rubber tube that was coming out of me but it was clear that she couldnt take her eyes off what she was seeing even as the catheter released a small amount of urine onto the clean and dry surface of the new diaper beneath me.

Betsy, can you hand me that bottle of baby powder? I asked as I pointed to the bottle standing on my dresser.

Betsy complied without saying a word. I sprinkled a small cloud of powder onto myself and into the diaper then positioned the catheter so that it sat squarely in my fresh diaper and pulled the front of my diaper up taught against my belly. Betsy, who was paying careful attention, leaned over to help fasten the tapes on either side of my diaper. I stood up and pulled my plastic pants back on over my diaper and lowered my skirt.

Thats it. All done, I told her.

Betsy, who seemed afraid to interrupt the process while I was diapering myself finally, announced once my diaper was sealed up tight Wow, you really are bald down there, arent you?

Not that I had a lot of pubic hair to lose in the first place but to have her notice that I didnt have any now was kind of odd. Yeah, thanks to Jennifer I said smugly figuring if I told her I had shaved it again myself might temper her feelings about Jennifer. Okay, your turn, I informed Betsy.

Betsy opened the button on her jeans and slipped them and her underwear off in one quick motion. There was no hesitation on her part, which surprised me. I would have thought that she might be a bit shy or nervous about pulling down her underwear and putting on a diaper. I know it had freaked me out.

Betsy stood there with her panties around her ankles and her shirt just long enough to slightly mask the dark curly patch of hair that covered her pubic area. Even with my view obstructed, I could tell she had more hair down there than I did before it was shaved off.

I opened the diaper for Betsy and placed it on the bed. Here, sprinkle some powder on it before you sit on it. I instructed as I handed her the bottle of baby powder.

Betsy sprinkled a generous amount of powder that left a small white cloud hovering just over the inner surface of the clean white diaper. She closed the lid on the powder and handed it back to me then backed up to the edge of the bed and centered her backside on the fluffy clean surface of the diaper. She moved so slowly onto the diaper as if it would lash out and bite her if she made any sudden movements but from what I could gather, she was trying not to let the powder spill off onto my bedspread.

She carefully laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart to allow access for the front of the diaper to be pulled up between them but this caused her shirt to rise up leaving her completely wide open for me to see. I tried not to look but like Betsy, I seemed entranced by actually watching someone I knew lay on my bed and attempt to diaper herself.

Betsy reached her arms down between her legs to grab the front of the diaper. I dont know if it was the position she was lying in or that she was trying not to spill the powder but for some reason, Betsy just couldnt reach the diaper. She started to rock a little from side to side in an unsuccessful effort to reach the diaper. She kind of reminded me of a turtle stuck on its back and I let out a little giggle.

Here, Let me help you, I offered as I stepped forward and pulled the front of the diaper up over her abdomen. I hadnt meant to diaper her but before I knew it, I was using the techniques that Jennifer had taught me to diaper my friend, Betsy. I was even quoting Jennifer about how to get the tapes good and tight and blah, blah, blah.

Once the tapes were all secured, Betsy stood up to model her new diaper. Hows it look? she asked as she did a little turn pretending to be on a catwalk while her panties and jeans remained at her ankles.

Marvelous, Darling, simply stunning. I bet it will be the hit new look in Milan. I joked.

The two of us put on our own little diaper fashion show adding and removing accessories from my closet and dresser making sure that our diapers were always visible and posing in the mirror as if waiting for our pictures to be taken. We styled each others hair and even applied more make-up than each of us would normally get away with.

Hey, Im getting thirsty. Do you have anything to drink? Betsy asked.

Yeah, sure. Downstairs in the kitchen. I told her. Lets go get a snack too, Im starved.

Knowing that my parents and grandparents werent home, Betsy and I didnt bother to put our pants back on and just went down to the kitchen in our diapers.

Ill get some glasses, you look in the fridge and pick out something to drink I instructed Betsy. You want some popcorn?

Sure. There are a couple of cans of soda in here. Do you want cola or orange? Betsy asked.

Ill take a cola, I said as I put the flat bag of popcorn in the microwave and set the timer to 2 minutes.

Betsy grabbed two cans out of the fridge and poured each can into the glasses I had set on the counter. We each grabbed our glass and started to sip from them pretending that they were some kind of fancy cocktails and we were famous movie stars.

The popcorn starting to pop and the bag began to wiggle with each tiny explosion inside the microwave. Betsy and I pretended that the noise from the popcorn was the sounds of camera flashes of the paparazzi that haunted us as high fashion diaper models. We had to elude their constant prying so we ducked behind the counter but every which way we turned, there were still the sounds of flash bulbs bursting until finally, the microwave beeped to announce it was finished.

Betsy and I giggled at each other. I think it had been a long time since either of us had played dress up like little girls and, at least in Betsys case, since we were in diapers.

I went to the cupboard and took out a large bowl to put the popcorn in and placed it on the kitchen table while Betsy brought over both of our drinks and we both sat down.

So, have you wet your diaper yet? Betsy asked sheepishly.

Even though we had been playing Diaper Fashion show, I had nearly forgotten that we were both diapered.

To be honest, I said making a tight-lipped grin and shrugging my shoulders I started wetting my diaper the minute I put it on. I told you, this catheter wont let me hold it in.

Oh yeah, I forgot, said Betsy.

What about you? Have you wet yours? I asked. I wasnt sure why I needed to know if Betsy had wet her diaper. For me, I didnt have to think about wetting for days on end.

No, I havent felt the need to pee, Betsy explained.

Well then, you must not be drinking enough I exclaimed as I hopped out of my seat to get Betsy another can of cola.

As I opened the door to the fridge, I heard muffled voices. I turned my head in horror towards the front door.

Oh NO! I shouted in a hushed voice. My Grandparents are home!

Grandma and Grandpa were standing outside the front door looking for their keys to get in the house and were arguing which key it was that opened the front door.

Betsy and I didnt waste time. We left our snacks on the table and raced up the stairs to my room. I had just managed to escape off the landing as I heard the front door creak open. Betsy, who was in front of me, had nearly made it to the top of the stairs as we heard Grandpas voice.

Well she must have come home because I smell popcorn he said as he walked towards the kitchen. Look, Emma. Theres a bowl of popcorn on the table and its still warm. Abby must have forgotten we were picking her up today to see the new house.

Youre right, dear but why are there 2 dirty glasses? Grandma argued. You dont suppose she brought a boy home do you?

I finally made it up to my room and quietly closed the door so that Grandma and Grandpa wouldnt hear us.

Betsy was frantically looking around the room for her underwear despite the fact that she was still wearing a thick dry diaper. Where did they go? she whispered. I cant find them.

Shh. Dont worry well find them but for now, just put your jeans on and pretend we are doing homework or something, I said as I slipped a pair of pants on over my diaper.

Betsy picked up her pants and stepped into them. When she pulled them up, she noticed that the button was a little harder to do than she had remembered. What the¦

Its because the diaper is so thick. Just hold your stomach in and you should be able to button it. And leave your shirt untucked that will help disguise it a bit too.

I finished hiding any remnants of our diaper changing and playtime as I heard Grandpa shout up the stairwell A-B Girl, are you up there sweetheart?

I handed Betsy a wipe to clean the make up off her face and used a second one to clean my own as I walked to the door and opened it to shout back down to Grandpa Yeah, Betsy and I are working on our homework, Grandpa.

Did you forget we were going to pick you up after school, Honey? shouted Grandma.

Oh my, I completely forgot. I lied. Betsy and I wanted to get a good start on our science project that was assigned today and I guess it just slipped my mind.

No worry dear but if you are still interested, you can bring Betsy along to see the new house and we can drop her off at home afterward Suggested Grandpa.

Betsy was still looking for her underwear and looked a bit alarmed when I answered Great, well be right down.

I closed the door and Betsy looked at me like I had just landed here from another planet. What do you mean ˜Great, Well be right down? she asked in a panicked voice. I cant find my underwear and I am still wearing a diaper! she said with her voice getting louder until she got to the word diaper, which she practically mouthed.

Oh, and what do you think I am wearing and have been wearing for DAYS? I retorted.

Yeah, but I cant go out like this. Betsy replied gesturing at her waist by throwing back both hands and looking at the zipper of her snug fitting jeans.

You look fine. Believe me; no one is going to notice. Besides, you wanted to know what it felt like. Heres your chance. I countered as I put my sneakers on. Come on, theyre waiting for us. I walked to the door and held it open for Betsy. She grabbed her backpack and exited my room. As she walked past me, I heard a faint but familiar noise. It was Betsys diaper crinkling under her jeans.

I followed Betsy out of my room giving a quick look back to make sure everything was in order. There was still no obvious sign of Betsys panties but I felt confident that when they finally turned up, I would know they were hers. The day that Jennifer put the catheter in me, she also managed to steal all of my panties. I still wonder what she did with them not that they would have been much use to me anyway.

I bounded down the stairs behind my diapered companion, Betsy. I paid careful attention to make a little extra noise anytime I heard her diaper crinkle. I can only assume that since my diaper never stayed dry very long, that Betsys was only audible because she hadnt managed to wet it. Betsy didnt seem to notice the sound emanating from beneath her jeans and fortunately neither did my Grandparents.

Grandma walked to the front door followed by Grandpa and Betsy. I grabbed Betsys elbow and pulled her to a stop from behind.

I dare you to stay in that diaper all night, I whispered in her ear.

What? she questioned looking to see if my grandparents had heard a word of what I had just said. I cant, what if¦

Thats exactly what I said when Jennifer first did this to me but here I am, still diapered and even you didnt know until I told you. I let go of Betsys arm and walked to the door. Looking back at her I said you coming?

Betsy stood for a moment with her jaw dropped open shocked at the dare I put before her. What do I get if I do? she asked.

I dont know; what do you want? I replied.

Betsy thought for a moment. I know; I want that Teddy bear you said you were giving to charity. I saw that he was still in your room. If I stay diapered all night, I get the bear.

Well, just how am I supposed to know if you actually stay diapered all night? I asked trying to find a way to keep Mr. Jasper in my possession. He had been my favorite since I was a little kid; I couldnt let him go that easily.

What if I came to school still diapered in the morning. I could meet you before school starts and you can check to see if I am still wearing it. Betsy suggested.

But how do I know you wont take it off and put it back on again in the morning?

Youll have to trust me that I wont. Betsy said smiling.

I dont know. What if I let you have Mr. Jasper for 2 weeks? I really dont want to give him up. I bargained.

Okay, Mr. Jasper for 2 weeks if I wear this diaper all night and to school in the morning. Betsy agreed.

This of course is just between us, okay? I said as I stretched out my hand to shake Betsys I wont tell anyone that youre wearing a diaper if you wont tell anyone about my situation.

Youve got a deal. Betsy said as she firmly shook my hand Whod believe it anyway?

We walked out to Grandma and Grandpas car and slid our diapered bottoms into the back seat.

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Chapter 38 Its A Bet!

We met up with Mom and Dad and went to tour Grandma and Grandpas new house. The house wasn’t very big; at least it wasn’t as big as ours, but it had an extra bedroom and a really nice pool in the yard. I could see myself spending time there hanging out with my family and friends.

The rooms in the house were barren since Grandma and Grandpa’s furniture hadn’t arrived yet but there was signs that work was being done. I spotted a drop cloth in the master bedroom, tools in the kitchen and a ladder standing in the dining room. The emptiness in the house made our voices echo a bit. Mom followed Grandma for a private tour while Dad, Betsy and I followed Grandpa.

Betsy was walking beside me and even though Grandpa was loud in his presentation of the things being improved upon I swear I could hear Betsy’s diaper rustling and crinkle as we made our way through the house. Obviously; at least to me, Betsy’s diaper was still very dry and her diaper was giving that away.

Grandpa pointed out and explained the work that was being done in each room before they officially moved in and unpacked.

That’s a good idea, Dad my father said; but are they going to be done by the weekend?

They’re nearly done now, Son grandpa replied pointing out that the bedroom was the last thing to be painted and the new light fixture in the dining room had already been hung.

When the tour was over, we all went out for dinner. All through dinner, Betsy and I managed to talk in code about our diapers to one another without any of the adults catching on.

At one point, Betsy excused herself to go to the restroom but before she could get away from the table, I excused myself as well and followed her towards the ladies room.

Where you going, Betsy? I asked.

Ive got to go to the bathroom, why? she replied.

What are you going to do in there? I pestered.

Gee, I dont know, bake a cake maybe she retorted sarcastically.

Youre not going to slip anything off in there; are you? I probed figuring that any second now Betsy was going to realize just how hard this bet was really going to be.

But I have to pee she said under her breath.

I gathered that much, but you promised not to take the diaper off until tomorrow morning and that includes for going to the bathroom. I informed her.

I watched a horror struck look descend upon Betsys face. She had finally just understood what wearing the diaper all night would entail.

She pulled me into the bathroom and checked to make sure we were alone. You want me to pee in the diaper and keep it on until morning? she chimed.

Yeah, unless you can hold it in until morning. How strong is your bladder anyway? I joked.

I certainly dont think I can hold it in that long Betsy assured me.

Well, theres no time like the present. Why not go ahead and do it right now. Then youll know what wearing a diaper really feels like. I encouraged.

Betsy stood silently for a moment. I wasnt sure whether she was contemplating wetting herself or calling off the bet and bolting from the bathroom. A look of determination now drew across her face but in the end, she hadnt even piddled. Her diaper remained as dry as ever.

I cant do it. She said sounding almost heartbroken. I have to go but I just cant. Its like there is something in my brain stopping me.

I didnt have the same problem as Betsy; in fact mine was the complete opposite. I didnt want to wet but the tube inserted into my bladder wouldnt allow me to stop. I didnt know what to suggest to Betsy.

Try running your hands under warm water. They say that makes you have to pee. I offered.

Betsy stepped in front of the vanity and started the water running. She placed her hands into the stream of water flowing from the faucet. She stood there for several minutes and it seemed to make her want to pee more but something was still preventing her from going.

I felt bad for her and was considering calling off the silly bet but Betsy wouldnt hear of it.

We shook on it and a deal is a deal. She said hopping on one foot trying to see if jostling would cause her to wet her diaper. No luck.

I was getting tired of trying to think of ways to help Betsy pee and Betsy was getting frustrated having to go but being unable to.

Curse my mother for potty training me so well she said.

Maybe thats it. I suggested. Maybe you cant pee because you were trained only to do it on the toilet.

What are you talking about? Betsy asked as if I was a crazy person.

I have an idea. Go into the stall and pull down your pants but not the diaper then sit on the toilet.

Betsy shot a weird look at me but figured she had nothing to lose for humoring me. She stepped into the stall and locked the door. I heard the zipper go down from outside the stall and then the sound of her jeans as they landed in a pile around her ankles. Then silence.

I was beginning to think that there was just no way of making Betsy wet the diaper and I didnt want my friend to be uncomfortable all night with a full bladder and no way to relieve it.

Its okay, Bets. We can call off the bet and you can have Mr. Jasper for the 2 weeks, I said to the closed stall door.

Betsy didnt respond but stood up and pulled up her pants. The lock on the door unlatched and the door swung open. There Betsy stood smiling. I knew that letting her have Mr. Jasper for 2 weeks would make her happy but this was different.

Betsy didnt say a word but pointed her finger down towards her feet indicating that she wanted me to look down. As I did, I noticed that her other hand was clutching the waistband of her jeans, preventing them from falling to her ankles since she hadnt taken the time to fasten or zip them.

The fly on her jeans was spread open wide and the front of her diaper was clearly visible. I looked closely at the diaper but didnt see anything unusual.

Touch it said Betsy Go ahead and touch it.

Grateful that we were still alone in the restroom, I slipped my hand into the front of Betsys jeans and against the front of the diaper. I didnt feel anything so I reached deeper and deeper into the crotch of her pants until finally¦ It was warm to the touch and didn’t crinkle as much as I slipped my hand further into her pants.

You did it! I exclaimed. You really did it, you wet your diaper. I didnt think you were going to be able to.

You were right. Sitting on the toilet made all the difference. Betsy told me. The second my jeans hit the floor and my backside landed on the seat, I couldnt hold it in. It just started pouring out of me and into the diaper.

I pulled my hand out of Betsy pants now that I had confirmation that she had actually wet her diaper. It seemed weird but I was sort of proud of her.

Betsy fixed up her pants and we both washed our hands, purely out of habit from being in a public restroom, then left to rejoin the adults at the table.

Hey Kiddo, what took so long in there? Dad questioned.

Just girl stuff I returned.

Well, its getting late and we had better get Betsy home to her parents before they worry interjected Mom. Ill take the girls with me in our car, Pete if you want to catch a ride home with your Mom and Dad.

Great said Dad. Well meet you back at the house. Good night Betsy.

Good Night Mr. Bell Betsy said still smiling from ear to ear over her accomplishment in the restroom.

Sure it was easy for Betsy to be happy about wetting her diaper. She hadnt been forced to wear one for a week, day in and day out like I had but tomorrow night all that would change. I would be catheter and diaper free once Jennifer kept her promise and took the catheter out of me.

When we arrived at Betsys house, Betsy said good night and got out of the car and headed straight into her house. Betsys parents must have also gone out because the whole house seemed dark until Betsy entered and turned on a light.

Once Mom was sure that Betsy was safely inside and had waved to us from inside the front door, Mom pulled away from the curb. We drove home listening to the radio without saying a single word the whole way. It was kind of nice since the noise in the restaurant was almost deafening.

By the time Mom and I got home and parked the car in the driveway, Dad was already in his study working and Grandma and Grandpa had made themselves comfortable in the family room watching TV. Mom decided to go up to her room and take a long hot bath before bed and I went up to my room to do what little homework I had. Once I finished, I picked up some of my dirty clothes off the floor and tossed them into the hamper. On the floor underneath the skirt I was wearing that day, I found a pair of underpants. I tossed them in the hamper with the rest of my things knowing that once Mom did my laundry, she would return them to me and I could give them back to Betsy.

I took off my pants and slipped off my shirt. I stood in front of my mirror once again staring at my diaper thinking, By this time tomorrow, I wont need these anymore. An odd feeling of sadness bolted through my mind at this thought. It was probably because I had just had a fun bonding experience with Betsy while we were both wearing diapers and we might not ever do that again after the party but at least we had tonight to remember.

I decided not to change my diaper before bed and slipped on a fresh pair of plastic pants and my sweat pants on over it and a large T-shirt. I took my pacifier out of its hiding place and slipped it into my mouth. I grabbed a book that I was reading for Mrs. Ms class and hopped into bed, pulling the covers up over me.

This could be the very last night I spent wearing a diaper to bed and worrying if it was going to leak or not I thought as I sucked on the large rubber orb in my mouth. I wasnt sure what Jennifer had in mind for the pacifier once this ordeal ended but I had grown quite fond of it and would be sad to have to give it back.

I continued to read my book with little of the words making it into my comprehension because I had so much more on my mind than this stupid book on the Civil War. I tried to refocus my energy into what I was reading but it was no use. The only war I wanted to think about was the one between Jennifer and me. Actually, Im not even sure you could call it a war between us because she seems to have all the power and I stand virtually alone unable to stop her treachery. Perhaps the tables will turn tomorrow at the sleep over. Maybe her attempt to humiliate me in front of Betsy will backfire so badly that she will give up tormenting me and move on.

I thought about Betsy for a moment, wondering how she was making out in her freshly wet diaper. I wondered whether she would be able to stay in it for the rest of the night as she promised and I also wondered what would happen if she felt the urge to poop. I thought about my episode earlier today when I couldnt hold back the urge to soil my diaper. I hadnt planned to do it nor could I help myself from doing it once it started but I still wasnt sure what caused it. I wish I had some answers. I wish I knew if it was going to happen again.

I gave up trying to read and switched out the light. I looked over at my dresser where Mr. Jasper was sitting then rolled over to my side so I could see him more clearly in the moonlight that was streaking in through my window. I positioned my pillow under my head and in a pacifier muffled voice said Good Night, Mr. Jasper. See you in the morning, then closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When morning arrived, the sound of my alarm clock rang out like a victory song. It was finally Friday and tonight, Jennifer would be removing the catheter. All I had to do was make it through a day of school. I prayed for a moment that Jennifer and the Aunties would once again be absent from school but that the party would still be on.

Throwing off the covers, I found myself lying in a severely soaked diaper. Had it not been for the plastic pants I put on, my bed would have suffered the same fate as my diaper. I made my way to the bathroom and started the shower. As steam escaped over the shower curtain, I stripped out of all my clothing including the wet diaper and stepped into the warm spray of water.

It felt good to be getting clean but I knew I had to hurry this morning because I didnt want Betsy to have to wait all morning to take that diaper off. I quickly washed my hair and lathered my body with soap then rinsed off again.

I grabbed a towel from the rod outside the shower to dry myself with. Pinching the catheter closed, I stepped from the shower and gathered my clothes and returned to my room to get dressed for my last day in diapers.

Once I was back in my room, I immediately put a fresh diaper on the bed and opened it so I could put it on thus freeing my hand from catheter pinching duty. As soon as I let go of the bend in the tubing, a warm gush of urine poured out and soaked into the diaper.

I spread a coating of rash cream on followed by a dusting of baby powder then sealed the diaper firmly around myself. I walked to my dresser to retrieve a pair of plastic pants to put over my diaper. In the drawer lay two clean pair; the pretty pink fancy pants with the ruffle on the butt and the locking pants with the little gold chain and shiny little lock. Jennifer had left the key with me this time but even so, the idea of wearing them to school and having Nurse Kelly question my need to be locked into my diaper didnt set well with me.

I unfolded the ˜fancy pants and slipped them on over my diaper. I had already exhausted my supply of pants that fit comfortably over my extra thick diapers so I was left with no other choice but to wear another skirt. This time I chose a plaid skirt that was about 3 inches too long to be called a mini at least that was what it looked like with the thick bulky diaper under it. I found a dark gray snug fitting T-shirt to wear with it and with the addition of some white knee socks and a pair of loafers; I could have been on my way to private school in uniform. Oh well, I thought By Monday, Ill be able to wear anything I want to school. I just hope Jennifer gives me back my undies.

I pulled my hair up into my now usual pigtails and headed down to the kitchen, backpack and all, for breakfast.

Grandma was cooking again and Dad was at the table with the newspaper obstructing my view of his face. At least he isnt checking out Grams butt I thought to myself and then chuckled. I walked to the counter and picked up the glass of orange juice that awaited me there and guzzled it down before saying Morning All.

Good Morning, Abigail said Grandma standing over the stove with her back to me. Sit down; breakfast will be ready in a jiffy.

No time Gram. Juice is fine today. Ill grab something at school when I get there. I replied.

Okay, go ahead and fix yourself some then sweetie Grandma replied.

What do you mean? I just drank mine, I informed her showing her the empty glass as I placed it in the sink.

Oh dear, Grandma gasped. Was that the glass of orange juice that was on the counter?

Yeah, why; wasnt it for me? I asked.

Oh no! That was for your Grandfather. She explained It had his fiber-laxative mixed in it. The only way I can get him to take it is to mix it in his orange juice every morning. I hope it wont make you sick. Its pretty strong stuff.

Does Grandpa take that stuff every day? I questioned.

Yes. It helps keep him regular, Grandma was on the verge of sharing too much information.

That explained it. My accident yesterday was no accident. Well, it was an accident but the accident was that I drugged myself by drinking Grandpas orange juice that was laced with laxative.

Dad lowered his newspaper. Whats going on here? He must not have been listening to the goings on in the kitchen.

Oh Peter, Abby just drank your fathers orange juice. Grandma cried.

Thats okay, theres plenty more, just poor him another glass, Mom he said in his problem solving tone.

Your fathers laxative was mixed in the orange juice, dear. Grandma clarified. Im afraid that it might make Abby sick. Maybe she should stay home today.

I knew that if I stayed home from school Grandma would want to stay and take care of me all day, going to the slumber party would be out and the catheter would stay in.

No Grandma, Ill be fine. I have a math test today too that I dont want to have to make up. Please dont keep me home. I begged.

Well, I dont know. I know what that stuff can do to your Grandfather and hes a lot bigger than you, Abby Grandma contemplated. Well, if you go to school and start feeling ill, just call us and Ill come get you and bring you home.

Thanks Grandma. Oh man, look at the time, I have to go. Im supposed to meet Betsy before school to go over our project. See ya later. I said as I darted for the door before Grandma could change her mind.

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Chapter 39 Promises, Promises

The walk to school that Friday morning should have been just like all the other days before it but my mind was so full of what the day would bring, that the walk seemed much longer than normal.

I now knew that my pooping in my pants yesterday wasnt the result of some mind control that Jennifer was playing on me, but merely the accidental ingestion of a powerful laxative. This made me feel better but at the same time, knowing that I had just consumed the very same laxative and orange juice cocktail for the second time in two days made me feel uneasy. I wasnt sure if I would be able to anticipate the effects of the medicine or whether it would just hit me all of a sudden like it did yesterday. Either way, I knew I had better be prepared and on my toes for any signs of cramping.

Also on my mind was the idea that Betsy had just spent the night in a wet diaper and was probably dying to get out of it. We had agreed to meet in the locker room before school started because no one was ever down there before first period, not even the teachers and Betsy wanted a place she could shower off if need be. I quickened my stride just imagining Betsy standing there all alone waiting for me wondering where I was.

Something still plagued me as I went from a steady walk to a slow jog. What if Jennifer doesnt come to school today? Will the party be canceled and what else does she have in store for me? I thought to myself. There was never any predicting what Jennifer would do next. Just when you thought she had done her worst, she would come up with something so bizarre that it would catch you off guard. I knew I had to keep my wits about me and not let Jennifers games and torments affect me but now it was less about getting her to introduce me to Mitch as it was about proving I was strong and could handle whatever she dished out. After a week in diapers, I was ready for Jennifer to take the catheter out and allow me to be a grown up again but I knew that if I did anything to anger her, she could just turn around and ruin me. I had to be cool and go along with whatever she told me to do.

I finally reached the school and made my way straight to the girls locker room to find Betsy. I had spent so much time worrying about being late and keeping her waiting that I was happy to find the locker room was deserted. I set my backpack down on one of the benches and began to explore the dimly lit room. I hadnt needed to come in here since the day Jennifer gave Nurse Kelly that note on my mothers stationary and I hadnt missed it one bit.

I walked silently across the tile floor looking for some way of passing the time until Betsy joined me. The cavernous room echoed every sound I made.

The lack of windows and daylight made the room dismal and chilly. The soles of my shoes squeaked on the gray tile floor and the sounds reverberated off the cool cement block walls. I peered around row after row of lockers only to find myself still alone. The blinding lights that usually blared out of the PE teachers office were extinguished. The room was normally kind of unpleasant but now it felt absolutely creepy.

A faint sound caught the attention of my ears and I found myself seeking it out. Step by step, the sound grew louder. Plip, plop. Plip, plop. Plip, plop.
I continued to walk about the locker room and soon found myself coming closer and closer to the source of the noise. Plip, Plop. Plip, Plop. Plip, Plop.

I entered into the shower area and discovered the drippy faucet that was causing the sound. I reached forward and turned the valve to end the dripping of the shower head. The knob screeched in my hand as I tightened it and as I did, I realized where I was standing. It was befitting that this faucet would be the one to drip and leak for this was the very same shower stall I had been standing in when Jennifer and the Aunties attacked me. They had held me up against these walls and medicated me with 3 laxative suppositories. This was the place where my trouble with diapers had begun when Jennifer and her friends had stolen my clothes and left me a diaper and baby clothes to wear. It was after that when she went back to my house and installed the catheter in me leaving me to drip and leak uncontrolled much like this shower head.

I looked down at my skirt and reached up it with my hand. My diaper was warm to the touch. I must have just wet it again without noticing. I pressed the thickness of the diaper against myself. I felt the warmth of the urine in my diaper rub against my vagina. I pressed it deeper into the folds of my privates until it was stroking my clitoris. A bolt of pleasure shot through my body. I continued to rub and press the diaper harder and deeper. Each pass sent another wave of pleasure into my body to the point I found it hard to stand. I made my way over to a nearby bench and continued to pleasure myself using my wet diaper. I straddled the narrow wooden bench and rocked myself back and forth on it over and over again giving myself greater pleasure. I closed my eyes and arched my back as I continued to ride the bench like a horse.

Abby, You in here? I heard. I instantly stopped what I was doing. I couldnt let Betsy find me here in the locker room humping a shiny wooden bench. I swung my leg over the bench and took a seat before shouting back, Over here Bets.

There you are. I was wondering if you were here yet. She said although I was finding it very hard to focus and listen to her.

I wasnt doing anything, just sitting here waiting for you I quickly blurted trying to appear casual yet failing miserably.

Well, Im here and¦ Betsy said as she unzipped the front of her jeans to reveal the cartoon-like characters from the front of the diaper she was wearing Im still wearing it she added.

I turned my gaze off of Betsys diaper for a moment and looked her in the eyes. I cant believe you wore it all night I retorted.

Not only did I wear it all night, but I even wet it again she said looking down and pulling her pants open wider so that the wetness strip was more visible.

As I stood there, I felt a flood of urine enter my diaper than disappear into the thickness of my diaper. I glanced down towards my crotch which was well covered by my diaper and my skirt, then across at Betsy who was still standing there revealing her own wet diaper.

Whats wrong? she asked noticing that I had turned my gaze from her to myself then back to her again.

Nothing I replied then added I think I just wet myself again. I was glad that it was only the catheter working in my diaper and not the effects of the laxative cocktail I had consumed that morning before leaving for school.

You just wet again? Betsy whispered sounding shocked. She must have forgotten that the appliance that Jennifer had inserted in me had robbed me of all bladder control.

I think so I answered knowing that I had just actually wet again. Having the catheter in me makes it hard to tell since I never feel like I have to pee, I just do it."

Oh yeah, I forgot about that Betsy replied. Well, I guess its time to take this off now she said as she pulled off her jeans. Her voice sounded disappointed like she was somehow going to miss having the diaper on.

I walked closer to Betsy and reached my hand out in front of her crotch. She looked at me strangely as I grabbed the front of her diaper and gave it a pinch.

What are you doing? she asked abruptly.

Im checking how wet you really are I replied. I think you could stay in that diaper longer, if you wanted to. I added and watched her face for a reaction.

What do you mean? she said wrinkling her forehead and looking puzzled.

Youre diaper isnt that wet, so if you wanted to wear it longer, you should be able to I answered figuring that she might just enjoy wearing it a little longer and I could use the company.

I was surprised when Betsy declined the offer to continue to wear the diaper. I still have to change for PE unlike you and it might be hard to explain why I am wearing a diaper when I do.

I was saddened for a moment when I realized that I would once again be the only one diapered while at school but I also understood how Betsy felt. I certainly wouldnt want anyone to know I was wearing a diaper, or at least I wouldnt want anyone else to know.

Having had my proof that Betsy had indeed worn her diaper all night, she changed out of the wet diaper and tossed it into the locker room trash can then threw a bunch of paper towels in to cover it. Before long, Betsy was back to being a normal high school student in jeans and a T-shirt while I in contrast, stood there in my wet diaper and plastic pants under my skirt.

Betsy tied her shoes just as the morning bell rang out alerting us that it was time to head to our homeroom classes. I gave Betsy a big hug and told her I would see her later.

Bye Abby, see you later she said as we walked out of the locker room and each went our separate ways to our homerooms.

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Chapter 40 Two Weeks Notice (Friday)

The halls were alive with students zipping past on their way to classrooms that lined the corridor. I somehow managed to blend in with the surrounding bustle of students heading in the direction of Nurse Kellys office. Once outside the door, I slipped carefully inside the waiting area and took a seat on the vinyl clad sofa by the door and waited for Nurse Kelly to call me inside the inner room of her office for my now usual morning diaper check.

The room was now more familiar and comfortable that I began to be able to recall the placement of the items on the desk and the slogans for each of the posters that adorned the walls without actually having to read them. A small table in the corner of the waiting area was covered with old People magazines. Some were so old that I didnt recognize the so-called famous people on the covers, but I guess if you had to wait here long enough, you might actually consider reading one.

Although I knew my diaper wasnt really ready to be changed, I also knew that Nurse Kelly would have me paged out of class if I didnt report to her first thing. I waited for her to finally appear out of her inner office where she must have been restocking some of her supplies.

Oh, Good Morning Abby; come right in dear and have a seat, she said directing me to the nearest cot. I trust everything is going well with you this morning? she said in a voice much more cheery than her normal tone.

Yes, so far it is, I informed her. Nurse Kellys mood was so much more joyful than normal that I almost feared she would break out in song if I had uttered the right combination of words. You seem¦happy today, Nurse Kelly, I said finding her mood to bring a somewhat contagious smile to my face.

Yes, Abby, I am happy today, she informed me as she prepared the tray of diaper changing paraphernalia and rolled it next to the cot I was sitting on. Thank you for noticing, she said as she snapped on a pair of rubber gloves, sat on her short stool and wheeled her way to where I was laying.

I was eager to know what was making her so happy but felt it not my place to ask. Instead, I laid back, pulled up my short skirt and allowed Nurse Kelly to open my diaper. As was part of the normal routine for us now, she cleaned the catheter by first pushing it deeper inside me and allowing some urine to trickle out of my bladder onto the waiting surface of my diaper. She gave the catheter a slight twist then pulled it back out of me until it offered some resistance.

This diaper looks dry enough to last until later, she informed me I would hate to waste any of those nice thick diapers of yours, just in case she said while winking one eye. She refastened the tabs securely and patted the front of my diaper to give me the okay to fix myself back up.

I sat up, reaching down to the floor to retrieve the plastic pants from around my ankles and slipped them up over my knees before standing and then pulled them up over my diaper. I was adjusting my skirt when Nurse Kelly, who was washing her hands, asked me a question from over her shoulder.

How is that other little problem you have been having? she inquired.

Until now, I hadnt given it much thought since I had finally found out this morning that the reason I had messed in my pants was because I had accidentally drank my grandfathers fiber laxative. I had mistaken it for an ordinary glass of orange juice and drank it with my breakfast the day before. I only found out about it this morning because I had done it again but this time Grandma told me what I had just done. At the time, I was relieved to know that it wasnt something else Jennifer had done to me but now that Nurse Kelly had just reminded me of it, I knew I would likely have a repeat of yesterdays accident.

I wasnt sure whether to go ahead and tell Nurse Kelly the truth about Grandpas laxative and prepare her for the fact that I could come back into her office later with another full blown messy diaper or whether I should just keep it my little secret. Keeping it a secret could prove to be a problem if I cant get myself to the restroom in time to actually use a toilet. I hesitated answering her.

You okay, Abby? she asked.

Huh? Yeah, fine. I was just thinking, I said trying to stall a bit more.

She repeated her question but this time she looked me in the eye while placing her hands on my shoulders.

Well, I think I know what caused it, I began to tell her and I should be able to take care of it so it wont happen again.

Thats just fine, dear but if you need my help, dont hesitate to come see me. She told me. You had better get going on to your homeroom now before the bell rings. See you after 4th bell, Abby she said as she led me out of her inner office.

I picked my backpack up off the sofa in the waiting area and headed for homeroom. I was alone in the halls as I heard the morning announcements echo over the loud speakers, Just 2 more weeks until the Homecoming Dance. Get your tickets early before they sell out.

I didnt bother to listen to any more of the announcements because my head was swimming with the idea that the dance was only 2 weeks away. I was no closer to Mitch now than I was before except that when he bumped into me in line in the cafeteria he called me Sweetie but I dont think it meant as much to him as it did to me. One consolation was that my torment by Jennifer was nearly over. I had promised to do everything she asked until the homecoming dance in exchange for her getting Mitch to take me to the dance. So far, she hadnt made any attempt at introducing us to each other. The closest she came was ordering me to go shopping for adult diapers in the store that he works after she poured water down the front of my pants. Im sure I didnt make a great impression on him that day.

With the dance only 2 weeks away, I wasnt even sure if Mitch already had a date. What if Jennifer hasnt spoken to him at all about me and he is planning on taking someone else? What if he has a girlfriend?

I would have to ask Jennifer about all this. What if I have gone through all this and still I wont a have chance with Mitch? I hurried to homeroom hoping to find out if Jennifer was in school today. As I entered the classroom, the bell rang out signaling the end of homeroom. The entire class was suddenly pushing towards me to get out the door. I attempted to look past all of them to catch sight of Jennifers desk, but it was empty. My heart sank. Jennifer hadnt come to school again today. I walked to the first row of desks and dropped my backpack on one and flopped into the empty chair for a moment to think.

Why such a sad little face, Baby? asked a familiar voice.

I looked up. Mommy! I exclaimed as I saw Jennifer standing over me. I thought you werent here today like yesterday.

Awe, did you miss your mommy, Baby? Jennifer asked in soothing voice that didnt befit her.

Well, I thought if you were sick, you would cancel the party and¦

I understand. I had some things to do for the party yesterday so I took a day off to do them, thats all. She told me.

Your parents let you skip school to set up for a party? I asked in disbelief.

My parents left Wednesday night. She said smugly. Youd better get going or youll be late for class she scolded. Well talk later.

I grabbed up my things and ran for my first period class without really getting the chance to ask Jennifer anything about Mitch and the Homecoming Dance. I knew that I would have a chance to talk to her about it later so I hurried to Mrs. Ms history class hoping that Mrs. Kirkwell wouldnt be subbing for Mrs. Michelanti again today.

As I entered the room and took my seat, I recognized the familiar site of Mrs. Ms loosely done bun as she stood facing the board writing something on it. I was glad she was back today. I wasnt sure how Mrs. Kirkwell had taken the news from Maggie that I didnt have to serve detention yesterday but I was afraid that I would be pushing my luck if she was back again today.

The bell rang out and Mrs. M turned to face the class. She read aloud what she had written on the board so there would be no mistaking what she had wanted us to do for the next 30 minutes or so. After she finished reading, the room fell silent as everyone obeyed the directions on the board. My eyes fell to the paper in front of me as I too started to work on the lesson she had given. I was so intently looking at my paper that I didnt notice Mrs. M had walked up beside me and was now tapping me on the shoulder.

She whispered Miss Bell, may I see you out in the hallway for a moment, please.

I hadnt anticipated mean Mrs. Kirkwell telling Mrs. M about the behavior she believed to be rude especially after Maggie had worked things out for me.

I stood up and quietly followed Mrs. M out into the hallway fearing that I was about to get in further trouble. Mrs. M stood holding the classroom door open for me as I exited the room.

I felt Mrs. Ms gaze on me and I instantly felt a warm flush fill my cheeks. At nearly the same moment, I also felt a warm gush fill my diaper and a warm rush across my other cheeks.

Mrs. M closed the door then spoke. Abby, I understand you are new here to our town¦ she began as I clenched my hands together as I stood silently waiting to hear my punishment; and I dont know if you have made many friends here at our school¦

I wasnt sure what my friends had to do with my so-called behavior yesterday for Mrs. Kirkwell but now I was paying closer attention to what Mrs. M was saying.

Well, I was wondering if you have met any boys here at school and if you were going to the dance with anyone yet? asked Mrs. M.

I was dumbfounded. I had thought that she was calling me out into the hallway to scold me for yesterday and here she was checking to see if I had a date for the school dance yet.

Well, theres this one boy I like that I would like to go with I sheepishly confessed.

Oh well, I was thinking that if you didnt have a date or knew anyone, that perhaps you might consider going with my son, Steven she prodded. He has seen you here at school but is too shy to ask you himself, but if you already have a date, Im sure hell understand.

I was stunned that Mrs. M had a son here at school and that he was interested in me even though I had never met him. I thought for a moment trying to figure out just who he might be. I didnt know anyone named Steven Michelanti. Maybe his last name was different from hers. I started to think of any other Stevens I might know but the only one I could come up with was Steven Reynolds, Mitchs friend with the broken ankle. Could he be Mrs. Ms son?

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Chapter 41 Oh, $#@%!

Mrs. M and I returned to the classroom and I finished doing my assigned work. I thought it was odd that her son hadnt asked me to the dance himself or had even acknowledged that I was alive. At least now I had hope that if I didnt get to go to the dance with Mitch, I might still be able to go to the dance with Mrs. Ms son, Steven, if he hadnt found another date by that time.

When the bell finally rang releasing us from first period, I made my way out of the room with the rest of the crowd. I didnt want to linger behind today just in case Mrs. M wanted to talk some more about her son and the dance. It was awkward enough having to tell her that I was interested in someone else.

Once I made my way to Maggies room, I plopped my books down on the table and made myself comfortable on one of her oversized beanbag chairs. The short walk in the hallway caused another warm sensation to enter into my diaper. I felt the dampness spread further up the diaper as it wicked its way into the thickness of my disposable undergarment.

Maggie soon entered the room holding a tray with 2 mugs of tea and a plate of animal crackers and joined me on the beanbag chairs. Hey Abby, whats new? she asked handing one of the mugs to me.

I wasnt sure where to begin so I just told her everything. Well, tonight Ive been invited to a slumber party and Mrs. M just asked me if I wanted to go to the school dance with her son, Steven, who I dont even know¦

Thats wonderful, Abby. It sounds like you are starting to make friends here. How does that make you feel? replied Maggie grinning and taking a big sip from her mug.

Well, Im a bit nervous about the slumber party¦ I started to explain when Maggie interrupted with I can understand.

I wasnt sure she really could understand because all she knew was that I was going to a slumber party in a diaper when what was really scaring me was what Jennifer might do to me at the party. I decided not to go into too much detail and just let Maggie assume she knew why I was scared.

And what about Mrs. Ms son? Did you accept the invitation to the dance? she inquired.

Well, I told Mrs. M that there was another boy that I really like and was planning on going to the dance with but he hasnt actually asked me yet. I explained.

Why dont you ask him? Maggie suggested making it sound so simple.

I would but a girl I know is arranging it for me so that we can go together. I told her.

I think you might have better success in your relationship with this young man if you are more direct. Maggie suggested.

I thought about what she said for a moment. If I had just gone ahead and asked him myself a week or so ago, I would not be sitting here right now in a soggy diaper eating animal crackers and sipping tea while I continued to wet myself.

Youre right, Maggie. I should have just asked him myself but its too late now. I told her. But just in case, do you know anything about Mrs. Ms son?

Only what shes told me. I think hes a sophomore and she says hes really smart, or so Ive heard. I think hes on the student council She informed me.

Oh great, hes a nerd. I thought to myself. I was suddenly very glad that I had Jennifer working on getting me a date with Mitch or else I might be going to the dance with Steven Michelanti. What a couple we would make; the school geek and the girl who wears diapers.

As my mug of tea became emptier and emptier, I felt my diaper grow fuller and fuller. I paused for a moment to enjoy the wonderful warm feeling and realized that by this time tomorrow, I would no longer be wearing a diaper, wetting myself and feeling the warm embrace of the diaper as it swelled against me. I had become so accustomed to it over the last week; I was beginning to wonder if I would miss it when it was all over. Now that Maggie and I had seemed to work out an accord, I knew I would miss our time together as well. Even though I hadnt told her everything, I was beginning to feel like I could honestly trust her with my feelings. She had become very special to me.

Maggie must have sensed that I was feeling sad that our time was coming to an end and broke the tension by saying Hey, any time you want to share a giraffe with me, my door will always be open, okay?

Sure, Ill do that I grinned at her grabbing the last cookie on the plate and dunking it into the small amount of tea still at the bottom of my mug then popped it into my mouth. I tipped the mug back and drank the last of my tea then washed out the mug in Maggies office just before the bell rang.

Maggie, I said turning to her Thank you for listening. I threw my arms around her and gave her a firm embrace. Ill miss you.

Ill be right here. She said smiling at me as she reached for the button to unlock the door. I gathered up my books and stepped back into the hallway. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Maggie wave at me as the door slowly closed separating Maggies brightly colored room from the rest of the school. I wondered how many other average students ever got to see this very special lady in her very special room.

I walked on to my next class realizing that my diaper had become quite heavy during my time in Maggies room. All that tea I drank must have found its way straight through my bladder and into my awaiting diaper. I waddled my way to Senora Laskins class and took my seat. I had trouble squeezing into the seat in her class once before when my diaper was swollen and feared that I would have a similar problem today. I knew with the trouble I had getting myself into the seat, I might not get myself out of it again later. I stood back up and made my way to Senora Laskins desk.

Senora Laskin, may I please go to the nurse. I asked hoping she wouldnt make me repeat it in Spanish since I wasnt entirely sure how to say it.

Are you not feeling well, Abby? she asked sounding very concerned.

Without thinking I replied I feel fine, I just need to have my diap… Oops. I felt my face suddenly become hot as I turned bright red with embarrassment. I hadnt even lowered my voice when I said it and only hoped that none of the other students in the room had overheard me. Out of the corner of my eye, I looked to my right then my left trying to spy for any reactions to my recent blunder. No one was reacting, not even Senora Laskin.

Certainly you may go to the nurse, Abby she replied as she suddenly picked up a scrap of paper and scribbled a hall pass then handed it to me. Take your time she said as I took the piece of paper from her hand. Obviously she had heard what I said.

I hastily made my exit from the room and to the stairs towards Nurse Kellys office. I was glad that this was going to be my last day in diapers but as I started to descend the stairs, incredibly strong cramps began to overwhelm me. I grabbed my stomach and crouched down to try to relieve the discomfort. I found myself unable to move from my position and was glad that the bell had already rang starting 3rd period so I was alone on the stairs.

Holding the handrail firmly in my right hand, I squeezed it as hard as I could as a wave of cramps washed over me. I knew what was about to happen but was once again powerless to stop it and that when it was all over, I was going to have to face Nurse Kelly with yet another messy diaper.

My grip on the handrail tightened as the cramps grew stronger and an urge to push enveloped me. I couldnt resist and soon began to feel the back of my diaper grow slimy and warm. This time there was no gas just warm, wet mess filling my diaper.

For a moment, the cramps subsided and I loosened my grip on the handrail. As before, I could feel the mess in my diaper spread in a way that my urine never did. As I moved slowly, I felt it ooze across my buttocks and in between my cheeks. It felt hotter than the pee ever had and before long, the cramps returned and I was doubled over in pain, clutching the handrail about to fill my diaper again.

I gritted my teeth as I voided my bowels all over again. This time it felt thicker and lumpier than before. An instant later, my cramps were gone, in their wake was a diaper full of feces strapped to my rear end and held in place by my plastic pants.

I was fully aware that the laxative-laced orange juice that I accidentally drank this morning was the cause of this recent soiling. Since I had inadvertently drunk it yesterday too, I had convinced myself that I would be prepared for it this time. I would be sure to make it to the restroom and not soil my diaper. Unfortunately, I wasnt prepared for it at this exact moment and this time, it happened much faster than before.

As the realization of my current condition set in, part of me wanted to cry. Another part of me wanted to run from the school and never come back, but a deep inner part of me wanted to sit there and wriggle around in the slippery, oozy contents of my diaper and enjoy the way it felt against my skin. I fought all of these urges and slowly got to my feet.

I felt the diaper cling to my rear end despite its weight. As I took a step, I felt it stick to me in ways it hadnt before. I wasnt sure whether to be grossed out or aroused by the new sensation the diaper was offering. I continued to waddle ever so slowly to Nurse Kellys office.

I wasnt sure how I was going to explain myself to Nurse Kelly and yet, I was tempted not to go to her at all but I knew I had needed a diaper change before I soiled myself to prevent my diaper from leaking and that fact hadnt changed. As I walked, the diaper rubbed in the front and clung in the back and I felt the catheter release another flood of warm urine into my already soaked diaper.

As I entered the office, Nurse Kelly looked up at me from the magazine she was reading. Abby, I didnt expect to see you in here until after 4th period. She said.

I, well¦um, I had too much to drink and my diaper got sort of full I started to explain but on my way here, I sort of, well I ¦

Nurse Kelly wrinkled her nose a bit and curled her upper lip. It was obvious that she had smelled something bad and I didnt have to guess what it was.

Oh dear. Well, come right in and lets get you all cleaned up, Abby she said as she led me into the other room and closed the door behind us.

I felt the poo squish all around my buttocks as I took my familiar position on the cot and Nurse Kelly gathered up the necessary items for my rather drastic diaper change.

Lets take a look at what we have here she said as she pulled down my plastic pants and dropped them to the floor.
She unfastened the tapes at my sides and peeled down the front of my diaper. My hairless crotch was completely smeared with fowl smelling mess and Nurse Kelly turned her head and winced slightly.

Dont worry, Abby. Ill have you clean in a jiffy she said taking a large stack of wipes into her glove covered hands. The cold feeling of the clean wipes against the warmth of my poo covered crotch made me flinch and as I did, urine sprayed from the tip of the catheter.

While laying there, Nurse Kelly had me lift my legs up above my head so that she could clean underneath me and remove the nasty poo filled diaper.

Nurse Kelly carefully cleaned me and wiped down the catheter to be sure there wasnt any feces on it either. When she was all finished, she slipped a fresh, clean diaper under me, powdered me really well, and closed up my diaper making sure the tapes were good and snug. There you go, Abby. Clean as a whistle and ready to roll. She said as she pulled my plastic pants back up over my knees.

I stood up and felt the catheter make its first deposit into the clean dry surface of the new diaper as I pulled my plastic pants up over it.

Perhaps we need to talk about your more recent condition, Abby suggested Nurse Kelly. This is the second time in 2 days that you have soiled yourself so severely and I understand you had a similar accident a few days prior. This could be a sign of some very serious problems. Do you want to talk about it? she asked.

No, its okay. It wont happen again. As of tonight, I wont be wearing diapers anymore I informed her. This was just a stupid mistake, it wont happen again, I promise.

Nurse Kelly gave me a funny kind of a grin like she didnt believe a word I was saying but signed my hall pass and sent me back to class anyway. Now I just had to hope that Jennifer kept her promise and took the catheter out of me tonight at the slumber party so I could prove to Nurse Kelly that I really didnt need to wear diapers.

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Chapter 42 The Boundaries of Friendship


3rd period was more than half over by the time I returned to Spanish class and Senora Laskin, who was standing in front of the class reciting in Spanish, didnt miss a beat or break a syllable as I quietly entered the room and took my seat. My fresh diaper was already growing wetter and wetter by the time I had arrived but still crinkled as I sat down at my desk.

Before long the bell was ringing and the class started to make their way to the door.

Abigail, May I see you for Uno momento, por favor? asked Senora Laskin.

I had just been gathering my books when she asked so I stepped to the front of the room and stood by her desk.

Is everything okay now, Abby? she questioned. It seemed that Senora Laskin had wanted more information from me on my little problem but I really didnt feel like sharing.

Yes Maam, Im fine now I replied.

Good, here is the work you missed during your time out of the room she said stretching out her hand that was holding several papers. Complete these over the weekend and you can turn them in for full credit on Monday.

Yes Maam, I will I responded taking the papers from her hand and returning back to my desk to add them to my stack of books. I picked up my things and made my way out of the room and into the overcrowded corridor.

The rest of my day went on uneventful, just the usual amount of wetting my diaper and trying to keep my diaper from being too noticeable. When school was finally over for the day, Betsy found me at my locker stuffing books into my backpack.

Hey Abby! she shouted.

Hi Bets. Whats up? I asked as I packed more books into my bulging backpack.

How are you getting to Jennifers tonight? she questioned sounding far happier about the party than I was.

I dont know. I figured I would walk, why?

Well, its a long walk to her house from yours but I can get my mom to drive us. she continued.

Thats fine, I guess. I told her.

Ill walk home with you now so you can get your things, then we can walk to my house and my mom can drive us from there. Betsy offered.

Okay I replied feeling I had no other options for getting there since my parents both worked late and I didnt even know where Jennifer lived.

I slammed my locker shut and turned to walk side by side with Betsy down the hall, which was slowly becoming more and more deserted. I realized just as we started to approach Nurse Kellys office that it had been hours since my last diaper change and that, with Betsy tagging along to my house, I wouldnt have any privacy once I got there to change my diaper. Betsy had already seen me change my own diaper once so it shouldnt have bothered me to have her see me do it again, but I really had wanted Nurse Kelly to do it since she was still better at it than I was.

Betsy, I have to make a quick stop at the nurse. You go ahead and Ill meet you at my house I suggested.

Dont be silly, Ill come with you she said. No sense in us both walking alone.

No really, Ill probably only be a minute and will catch up with you. Go ahead I tried arguing.

If youll only be a minute, then I might as well wait for you. She argued back seeming to make more sense than I was.

Rather than arguing the point any further, I ducked into Nurse Kellys office with Betsy only a step behind me.

Hello Girls said Nurse Kelly in a joyful tone. What can I help you with?

I need to see you alone for a moment I said to Nurse Kelly trying to be vague in front of Betsy.

Oh yes, Abby. I bet you do. Come right in here, she said as she walked me into the inner office and I took my place on the cot. Betsy started to follow us but Nurse Kelly instructed her to wait in the outer office.

Its okay, Nurse Kelly. I know all about Abbys diaper, she told her. I even helped her change it last night.

Nurse Kelly looked a bit puzzled but with this new bit of information, allowed Betsy to enter the inner office with us then closed the door.

I lay there too dumbfounded to speak as Nurse Kelly stretched on a pair of rubber gloves and wheeled over on her squatty stool. Betsy stood beside her with a perfect view of everything Nurse Kelly was about to do to me. I couldnt believe that Betsy had wanted to watch me get my diaper changed and had nearly forced her way into the room to do it.

Nurse Kelly started by unfastening the tapes on either side of my swollen diaper then peeled the front of it down to reveal my hairless pussy to both of them. Betsy once again stood silently staring at my naked and bald crotch as Nurse Kelly wiped it clean, slathered on rash cream, dusted it with powder then affixed a fresh clean diaper to me.

Once Nurse Kelly was finished, she patted the front of my diaper as she rolled the old one up and deposited it in the trash. Doesnt that feel much better, Abby? she asked.

Yes, it does. Thank you Nurse Kelly; I said as I arose from my prone position on the vinyl clad cot.

Im sure we wont have to worry about her springing any leaks on the way home now; said Betsy jokingly.

I was suddenly more embarrassed than I had been since this torture had begun. I pulled up my plastic pants, gathered up my things and bolted to the door to make my escape.

Abby, Wait up! shouted Betsy who didnt seem to realize that she had just mortified me.

I stormed off angry and hurt that Betsy was making jokes about my current condition. I thought I could trust her and she was now mocking me.

Betsy ran to catch up with me, which didnt take her long since she had longer legs.

Abby, stop. Talk to me. Whats wrong? she demanded.

How could you joke about this to anyone? I shouted furiously. You bullied your way into the room and then stood there and made a joke at my expense and wonder why I am upset.

Im sorry; I just thought that since you showed me yesterday that it was no big deal. You changed yourself right in front of me and then I changed myself in front of you. I didnt think it mattered if I saw the nurse do it; she explained and as for the joke, I was half serious. If you had gone home in a wet diaper, who knows whether it would have leaked on the way. How would you explain your wet clothes to your mom if she thinks your grandmother is the one wearing diapers?

I hated to admit it but Betsy had a good point. I hadnt thought of that. My temper was starting to fade. Well, I didnt appreciate the tone in which you said it.

Im sorry. I didnt mean to offend you; Betsy apologized. I wont make fun of your situation any more, I promise. Forgive me?

I looked at Betsys pouty face and couldnt help but giggle a little because when she stuck her lip out, tilted her head just right, she looked sort of like a basset hound.

I forgive you. Now lets get to my house, I still havent packed anything to take with me tonight, I said as a way of accepting her apology.

We walked on together laughing and singing all the way to my house while my diaper continued to grow wetter and wetter as we walked. The front door was locked as usual indicating that, as expected, no one was home. Using my key, I unlocked the door and let Betsy into the house and followed her up to my room.

I tossed my backpack onto my desk while Betsy flopped down on my bed.

So, just exactly what should I pack to party at Jennifers house? I questioned. I grabbed an old duffel bag from the closet and began stuffing it with items. Pajamas, of course; a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, toothbrush, hairbrush; what else?

Jennifer has a pool and a hot tub so you had better bring a bathing suit. Dont forget socks and underwear! Betsy shouted out while watching me dart around the room filling the bag with my stuff.

Socks I have but Im a little short in the underwear department; I replied remembering that Jennifer had stolen most of my underwear but for the one pair I had been able to retrieve from the laundry Mom had done.

Well, what about diapers? Betsy asked. Dont you need a supply of diapers?

I shouldnt because Jennifer promised to take the catheter out at her party so by tonight I should be free of them forever.

But what if she doesnt take it out right away? Betsy asked. What if she doesnt take it out until morning or something? Maybe you should bring a few more just in case.

Betsy was right again. I couldnt trust that Jennifer would take the catheter out before I needed another diaper change. I walked to my dresser and pulled out 2 diapers from the top drawer and stuffed them into the duffel bag. I stood there for a moment contemplating. Would 2 diapers really be enough? I opened the drawer again and stuffed another 2 diapers in my bag just in case. I didnt know what else Jennifer could have in store for me but I was certainly looking forward to not being diapered anymore. I grabbed the last lonely pair of underwear I had and put them into my bag as well, hoping that I would actually be wearing them before I went to sleep tonight. Lastly, I took the pacifier from around my neck and tossed it too into the bag. I zippered up my bag and walked out of my room. Betsy followed me as I headed down the stairs and out the front door. We walked on to Betsys house to get her things ready for the party.

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Chapter 43

Pictures of the Past

It took us nearly forty minutes to walk to Betsys house but not because it was a long distance from my own, but more because Betsy stopped at several points along the way to show me places she and her friends used to play as kids. I saw the stream where they used to catch frogs, the bike path where she fell and got the scar on her elbow that I had never noticed before. I even saw the ruins of what was described as the greatest tree house ever, but to me it looked like a poorly constructed, completely weather-beaten wooden platform about five feet off the ground in an old elm tree. Betsy promised to bring me back to it someday when we had more time but I really didnt see much point in returning to it figuring it may just crash to the ground before our eventual return.

We finally reached Betsys house. A small pale green two-story house stood before us and Betsy unlocked the door to gain us entry into the world of Betsy. Upon entering, we went straight up the stairs to her room.

Betsys room wasnt quite as big as mine but it was full of glimpses of her past childhood. She had photos stuck in the frame around her mirror that showed what she looked like at the age of seven and others that looked like they were taken a few years later. One of the pictures had some almost familiar faces of girls that were each standing side by side with their arms around each others shoulders like some kind of kiddy chorus line all clad in bathing suits. I picked up the picture and turned it over. On the back was written:

Willow Springs Summer Camp
Cabin 6
Mandy, Suzanne, Emily, Betsy,
Jennifer, Rachel and Lizzy

I turned the picture back over to try and figure out which girl was Betsy. It wasnt hard to pick her out because, although she was older now, she still pretty much looked the same with her long brown hair and buck-tooth grin. What surprised me though was whose shoulders her arms were embracing. In the picture, Betsy was standing beside a thin girl with long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. Her perfect teeth nearly glimmered off the picture. I recognized it instantly to be Jennifer Arnold.

Betsy, is this you and Jennifer? I asked already knowing the answer to my question holding the picture out for Betsys inspection.

Yeah, can you believe it? Jennifer and I used to be friends a long, long time ago. We did everything together until we went to Junior High. Thats when Jennifer met up with her new friends and dumped me like a hot rock. Betsy explained.

Then why do you even want to go to this party? I would think you would want nothing to do with her anymore after that.

Well, I guess I shouldnt want to go but I know what Jennifer used to be like and I keep hoping that maybe shell realize that her new friends only like her because shes pretty and popular and because her parents are rich. Betsy explained.

Shes rich? I asked in a disbelieving tone. Just how rich is she?

Pretty rich. Both her parents are doctors. Her Mom is a Gynecologist and her Dad is a plastic surgeon and they live in a huge house on the edge of town; Betsy went on in further detail about the house but I had stopped listening for a moment.

I was now more nervous about the party than before. I had just planned on going to a simple slumber party at an average house but by Betsys description, we were practically going to a mansion.

Abby? Abby? I suddenly heard Betsy say as I stopped daydreaming and re-entered reality.

Oh, sorry. I was kind of imagining what to expect tonight. I told her trying not to admit that I tuned her out.

I was asking if you want to have some pizza before we go to Jennifers. Theres this great place that delivers and we can eat before we go. Betsy asked.

Sure, okay. I could go for some pizza I agreed even though I knew I really wasnt in the mood to eat anything. All I really wanted was to hurry up to Jennifers house and have her remove the catheter from me so that I could finally be free of these diapers.

I was suddenly aware of my diaper once again growing wetter. It seemed that I only really felt it get wet when I thought about the diapers now. Somehow the diapers seem to slip from my mind now as if I had always worn them. Only the occasional diaper flooding warmth that I often felt when I stood up suddenly reminded me of my condition but since the catheter kept dripping nearly constantly, the diaper seemed to grow and swell without my being aware of it at all.

Pepperoni or Sausage? Betsy asked while picking up the phone and dialing.

Either is fine with me, I offered.

Yes, I would like to place an order for delivery; Betsy said into the receiver. Half Sausage and Half Pepperoni. The address is 126 Kinkaid Road. About how long. Thanks, bye.

Turning to me and hanging up the phone Betsy said Okay, the pizza will be here in about 15-20 minutes. What do you want to do until it arrives?

What I really wanted to do was ask Betsy more questions about Jennifer but I didnt think that Betsy really wanted to talk about her any more for the moment. How about we watch TV? I suggested.

Sure, come right this way. Betsy walked out of the bedroom and I followed her to the family room. Betsy picked up the remote control from the end table then fell into one of the two large leather recliners that faced a gigantic television screen that burst to life with the image of a white paper towel soaking up a pool of red liquid on a kitchen counter top.

Have a seat; Betsy instructed as she motioned me to join her in the neighboring leather lazy boy.

I took Betsy up on her offer and before long found myself sinking deeply into the soft, subtle embrace of the chair. With a pull of the wooden handle, a footrest sprung open and I leaned back to find the chair easing me back into a gentle reclined position. It felt like I was being cradled in the loving arms of a giant.

Betsy started flipping through the channels on the TV hoping to find anything other than commercials. She paused at each station just long enough to figure out what item they were trying to pitch. There were commercials for everything from disposable razors to long distance telephone plans. We saw a few for large fast food chains that promised to serve you hot and delicious food that never actually resembled what you saw on TV and ads for lawyers that could help you if you were injured in an accident, but each time Betsy only paused a moment.

I was beginning to think that nothing ever aired during the day that didnt want to sell you something you probably didnt need any way until at long last Betsy found a channel running old sitcom re-runs. Although it was a show that had been off the air for many years and was an episode that each of us had seen at least 6 times, we decided that it was better than watching any of the afternoon talk shows.

I sat there nestled in the deep comfort of the chair staring at the TV for a few minutes until another set of commercials came on trying to sell us Male enhancement medications and computers built to your demand. I took this opportunity to ask Betsy more about Jennifer.

Whats Jennifers brother like? I inquired.

Her brother? she questioned back making me think that I had misheard Jennifer when she told me that Mitch was a friend of her brothers. Oh, Tim. Hes older than Jennifer is, by about 4-5 years, I think. I dont know exactly but I know hes in college now.

Well, how does he know Mitch then? I asked Jennifer said that Mitch was friends with her brother.

I guess they could have become friends when Jennifer and Mitch dated; Betsy answered.

Wait, Jennifer and Mitch dated? I exclaimed. Why didnt she tell me that?

I dont know. Maybe she didnt want you to know? Betsy replied.

Why arent they still dating? What happened? I demanded.

I dont know if you can really call it dating. They went to a few school dances together a couple of years ago, when we were still in Junior High and Mitch was starting High School. Jennifer had stopped talking to me by then so I didnt know too much about what was going on with them. All I know is that she dumped him, or at least thats what the rumors said. Betsy informed me. But I think they remained friends or maybe he just stayed in touch with her through her brother.

This still wasnt making a lot of sense to me but it sounded kind of innocent so I dropped the subject. It was a good thing too, because the doorbell rang announcing that our pizza had just arrived. Betsy got up from her chair and went to the front door. She opened the door, handed the pizza guy some money and brought the pizza box to the kitchen.

Come and Get it! she yelled to me. I got up from the warm leather chair and went to where Betsy was pulling 2 plates out of the kitchen cabinet. Would you mind grabbing a bottle of soda from the fridge? Betsy asked as I entered the kitchen.

I walked to the refrigerator and pulled out the soda. On the shelf behind the soda was a baby bottle half full of what appeared to be milk. Betsy had never mentioned having a baby brother or sister before so the site of it was a bit alarming.

Betsy, I didnt know you had a baby brother or sister; I said.

I dont she replied.

I suddenly didnt know what to make of the baby bottle. Well whose is this then? I asked picking up the baby bottle and presenting it to her.

Betsy finally turned around to see what I was talking about, seeing the bottle in my hand, she got suddenly nervous. Its not mine! she said vehemently.

I didnt think it was yours; I responded I just thought maybe it belonged to a brother or sister you never mentioned.

Well, its probably my nephews. My mom baby-sits him sometimes for my sister. I guess today was one of those days.

I put the bottle back in the fridge and closed the door. I handed Betsy the bottle of soda then took some of the sausage pizza and put it on the plate Betsy handed me. Betsy took 2 glasses from the cupboard and poured us each a glass of soda.

Lets go eat this in the TV room she said handing me my glass.

I followed her back to the TV room and took my spot on the big brown leather recliner again. This time Betsy offered me a blanket to put over me which I gladly accepted after putting my food on the table between the two big chairs. I spread the velvety blanket over me and pulled the handle once again to extend the footrest. I nestled into the chair as before and began to eat my pizza. Betsy was right, it was very good.

Im Home! exclaimed a loud voice from behind us.

Hi Mom, were in here! Betsy shouted back.

Hi Honey. Sorry Im late. I had to drop the baby off at your sisters. I see you girls are eating. Just let me know when you need your ride; said the whirlwind that must have been Betsys mother as she made her way into the kitchen with an armload of groceries.

Stay here, Ill be right back said Betsy as she stood up and followed her mother into the kitchen leaving me alone as she helped her mom put away the groceries.

The large TV screen was still airing commercials as the show we were watching had recently ended. Get the Power of Oxygen right in your own hand¦ said the obnoxious voice of the announcer as he scrubbed a spot out of a piece of useless carpet. Next a man suffering from something call Erectile Dysfunction came on and he was boasting about the wonder of a new drug.

Before long, Betsy and her mother both came back into the room. Hi Abby said Betsys mom as she smiled at me then glanced at the TV. Betsys mother looked older than my mom but was equally as thin.

Oh my, the things they advertise these days on TV. I say they shouldnt be pushing all these drug treatments on public television and any adults who need to wear diapers probably dont need it advertised. Please, lets have a little morals back on TV; said Betsys mom.

Betsy quickly shot me a look of shock. She certainly didnt expect her mother to say that about adult diapers and nor did I as I nearly gagged on the sip of soda I was taking at the time.

And it seems that the commercials take longer to watch than the shows these days. A half hour show has nearly 15 minutes of commercials; she continued to rant not noticing the worried look on Betsys face or mine. And dont get me started on those infomercials.

Betsy interrupted Hey Mom, think you can drive us over in about 10 minutes? It should be about time for the party to start.

Oh sure, Honey. Let me just go use the bathroom and then Ill be all set. Betsys mom walked from the room.

Im sorry about that Abby, believe me, I didnt say anything to her, I swear.

Its okay, Bets. Its actually kind of funny and after this party, I wont ever have to worry about it again.

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Chapter 44

Party Time

Betsy and I grabbed our duffel bags and headed out to her mothers car and waited for her to drive us to Jennifers house. We both sat in the back seat and giggled until we finally saw Betsys mom coming out of the house towards the car.

Its been a long time since I had to drive you to Jennifers house. I hope I remember how to get there; joked Betsys mom as she climbed into the car and closed the drivers door. Its nice that you and Jennifer are becoming friends again, Betsy. You two used to be so close.

Yeah, Jennifer and I are becoming friends again Betsy repeated in a subdued voice.

Well have to have her and her parents over for dinner sometime soon; continued Betsys mom. Wouldnt that be nice?

Oh sure, Mom. Ill tell her parents about that tonight. Betsy lied trying to avoid having her mom actually find out that Mr. & Mrs. Arnold wouldnt be there and to find out the truth that Betsy and Jennifer couldnt have been any further apart unless one of them moved out of town.

So Abby, tell me something about you. What do you like to do? asked Betsys mom.

Well, I work in my Dads ice cream shop and I like to draw and stuff. I said hesitantly. I have always been a little shy and reserved when forced to talk about myself.

Do you have any brothers and sisters inquired Betsys mom.

Nope, Im an only child, I replied.

So how do you like our school here? she continued with her interviewing.

Its okay. Not much different from my last school, I said trying to sound convincing. I felt my diaper grow warm again as the catheter released more urine from my bladder into my diaper. It had been a while since my last diaper change and I knew that before long I would have to change this one or risk having it leak at the party. Then again, maybe Jennifer will be taking the catheter out as she promised and I wont have to wear a diaper at all once we got there. Since there was never any telling what Jennifer would do, I did my best not to get my hopes up.

Abby? Abby? Earth to Abby said Betsy. I hadnt realized it but I had zoned out for a moment thinking of what my fate would be at this party.

Huh, Im sorry, what? I said trying to figure out what I missed.

Were almost to Jennifers Betsy repeated.

I felt butterflies begin to form in my stomach. I had never been so nervous before in my life. I knew Jennifer had to be up to something because she almost always was and yet, I was dependent on her to relieve my torture and to remove the catheter she placed in me. If she kept her promise, I would be free of this diaper before the night was through and I could once again be a normal teenager instead of a pants-wetting, diaper dependent baby.

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Chapter 45

Are these the Gates of Heaven or Hell?

My, this place gets prettier every time I see said Betsys mom from the front seat.

The car pulled off the road into the driveway and stopped just in front of two large brick columns with gigantic black iron gates spread between them. The columns alone must have stood 10 feet high and the gate rose up slightly higher in the center. On either side of the columns, black iron fencing that matched the style of the gate stretched out and seemed to run to infinity. On one of the columns I saw a bronze sign that read:

Dr. & Dr. Arnold
118 Honeysuckle Road

Things seemed to make a little more sense now. Jennifer must have had access to catheters because both of her parents were doctors but it didnt explain how she knew how to use them and why she even thought about putting one in me and forcing me to wear diapers.

Again my stomach started to jump as the big black gates parted to allow us to enter the property. The car rolled forward through the gates and I couldnt decide whether I was in heaven or hell because I was soon going to be entering Jennifers house. She had been so evil to me over the past week that I could easily believe that she was the devil herself. On the other hand, this party was going to be my salvation from this catheter and the diapers it forced me to wear. I swallowed hard and silently said a prayer that this would be the night I had been hoping for, tonight would be the end of my having a catheter in me and my dependence on diapers.

Along the driveway, small lights illuminated our way towards the house. As we passed each set, I saw them turn out as new ones before us blazed to life. They were obviously controlled by motion sensors but the image from the house must help to pinpoint the approach of visitors.

The enormous 3 story brick house appeared to grow larger as we slowly approached. Ground level spot lights shined up along the walls to illuminate the hedges and planter beds beneath the first floor windows. The front porch was semi-circular with four two-story pillars the rose up to support a small balcony over the entry way. Two large golden brass light fixtures flanked the door way while a matching chandelier hung down from under the balcony to bathe guests with light as they approached the portal to what was obviously more than a house but clearly an opulent residence.

Betsys mom pulled up on the circular driveway that was adjacent the front door and parked the car. She started to undo her seat belt as if she was going to walk us to the door.

Its okay, Mom. We can go in by ourselves Betsy said while placing her hand on her mothers shoulder as if to push her back into her seat.

Well, I was just going to stop in and say ˜Hello to Jennifers parents Betsys mom insisted.

I dont think theyre home from work yet I interjected. You know doctors, they work long hours. I tried to sound convincing then bit my tongue hoping Betsys mom would buy it.

I guess youre right. I dont even see their cars in the driveway she replied. You girls go on and have fun; Ill talk to them another time about dinner.

Betsys mom pulled the car away as Betsy and I stood on the front steps and waved her good-bye. Once she was out of sight, we gathered up our bags and rang the doorbell.

Ding-dong, dong-ding, ding-dong, dong-ding echoed in the entrance hall while Betsy and I stood outside a large mahogany door. The windows in the door were made of small pieces of beveled glass and distorted the view of Jennifer approaching the door to greet us.

Oh good, you came. Right this way, ladies Jennifer said as she led us into the house. The foyer contained a large beautiful semi-circular staircase that joined the entrance with a balcony on the second floor. It resembled one of those grand staircases from the old movies where you would see a turn of the century lady in a hoop skirt descending it or maybe being violently thrown down it to her death. Either way, it gave me a shiver.

Betsy didnt seem as shocked to see the enormity of Jennifers house and all its finery. She must have seen it all before when she and Jennifer were close friends years ago. I, on the other hand, felt like I had just arrived at some grand hotel that celebrities or royalty might frequent.

You can put your things in here she said as she walked into a room beside the formal living room and switched on the light. The room had a large billiard table in the center and bookshelves all around. Other girls bags had also been set in there so we knew we werent the first to arrive.

Where is everyone else? I asked looking down at the other bags.

Theyre around, some are in the kitchen, some in the pool and I think a few are in the media room Jennifer replied. Dont worry; the party hasnt really even begun yet. You havent missed a thing. She turned and smiled then led us through the house.

Look everyone, Abby is here! she announced as we entered each room. I looked over at Betsy wondering if she had noticed that she hadnt been announced but she was beaming from ear to ear just at being there.

Come on girls, follow me said Jennifer as she proceeded to give us a tour of the house. This is the Media room. Its Daddys favorite room. Hes got all kinds of high tech stuff in there but well see that later.

The tour continued to the poolroom, which was actually equipped with an indoor pool. There was another grand staircase leading down to the pool level but this time the entire thing was made of marble and had no carpet running down its length. The heat from the pool and Jacuzzi caused the glass on all the French doors that lead outside to fog up and obscure the view of the gardens beyond them.

Some girls were already in the pool swimming while others sat on patio furniture around the pool deck. I only recognized a few of them as the Aunties that had helped Jennifer on several occasions diaper me or to shove laxatives in my ass. I started to feel uneasy, as if the room full of girls were surrounding me, getting closer and closer. I felt that at any moment they would all be on top of me. I felt dizzy and warm, not the warmth of my diaper growing warm but my face felt like it was burning hot. I closed my eyes for a moment and counted to 10 in my head. 1¦2¦3

I think shes okay, shes waking up. I heard a fuzzy voice saying. I blinked my eyes hard trying to force them to focus as I sat up. I thought to myself when did I lie down?

Are you okay, Abby? I heard Betsy ask.

Yeah, Im fine, why? I answered.

Well you just fainted she informed me.

I did? Ive never fainted before I told her.

Betsy grabbed my arm and helped me to a nearby chair. Want me to call my mom to come get us? she asked in a disappointed sounding voice.

No, Im okay I said knowing that if I left now I would still have this stupid catheter in me.

Shes Okay! Shouted Jennifer Lets get this party started!

The girls in the pool emerged and started drying off on Jennifers words.

What happened to you, Abby? You went all pale then just dropped to the floor asked Betsy.

I dont know really, I just felt like the walls were closing in on me and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor. I guess it was just nerves or something.

Jennifer approached and knelt down beside me. You okay now, Baby? You had Mommy worried there for a minute.

Obviously Jennifer hadnt forgotten the condition I was in since she was now back to calling me ˜Baby and herself ˜Mommy. I could feel my diaper flood with urine as she spoke to me and trying not to let on I kept my gaze upon her face.

Lets see. Youve been wearing diapers now for how long, Baby? Jennifer asked.

A week I answered sheepishly as I continued to feel my diaper swell with urine. I guess all the soda I drank at Betsys house was now finding its way out of me and into my diaper.

Wow. Has it really only been a week? Jennifer said. I know I promised you that I would take out the catheter tonight but maybe we should leave it in a little bit longer. What do you think, Baby? I bet youve gotten to like wetting your diaper by now. I bet it feels real good to you, doesnt it? Jennifer questioned.

No, not really I replied back lying a little bit. I refused to admit to Jennifer that I did find some pleasure while wearing a diaper. She didnt need to know that even though I had a few close calls with her catching me in the girls locker room. She had also attempted to bring me to orgasm when she changed my diaper in the science lab, but I wasnt going to confess to her that I found any part of her torture pleasurable.

Which is it, Baby? No or Not really. No means you didnt like it and not really means you liked it a little bit, Jennifer demanded with a sly look on her face. I guess if you didnt like it, I could always extend your punishment and leave the catheter in longer until you learn to like it. But if you liked it a little bit; then maybe we should leave it in longer until you really like it.

Fearing that Jennifer was about to renege on her promise to remove the catheter and keep me dependent on diapers for even longer I quickly shouted out No, please! You promised you would remove it today.

I saw a look come across Jennifers face that made me realize instantly that I had made a big mistake trying to remind her of a promise she had made and to even imply that she would ever break a promise. The glare from her eyes into mine nearly burned and I instinctively lowered my gaze and as I did, Jennifer relaxed her stern face, tossed her long blonde locks knowing full well that she still had control over me.

I know what I said. Jennifer replied But you are in no position right now to argue with me. If I want you to wear it longer than that is what you will do, understand?

Yes, Mommy; I answered trying to get back on Jennifers good side, as if she had one.

Now lets see how wet that diaper is Jennifer said as she reached down to pinch the front of my pants. My hands flew up instantly to block her but I thought better of it and allowed Jennifer to feel my diaper. She pulled open the elastic waistband of my plastic pants, slipped her hand down inside them and grabbed the front of my bulging diaper. Hey, its not only wet, but its warm too. Baby must have just wet herself again.

Besides giving my diaper a little squeeze, Jennifer pressed it firmly against me and rubbed in a tiny circular pattern. I tried my best to not reveal the pleasure her action was having on me, but I dont think I was too convincing.

Baby does like her diapers, doesnt she? Jennifer whispered as she leaned in closer to me.

A group of girls drew in closely around us, peering over Jennifers shoulder to see what was going on. Jennifer pulled her hand out of my plastic pants and I began to doubt that Jennifer was ever going to release me from my catheterized state. She seemed so pleased with what she had already done to me and as if she had hoped to prolong it even further. I didnt dare to try to remind her for a second time of her promise fearing it would only anger her again and thus extend my torture in diapers further.

Come with me, Baby Jennifer said as she stood up and started walking back up the marble staircase. Its time for a little bit of fun.

I looked over at Betsy, who shrugged her shoulders and gave me a puzzled look. Hesitantly, I stood up and started following Jennifer with Betsy closely behind me. The group of girls filed in behind Betsy.

I didnt know where we were going but I hoped it had something to do with the removal of my catheter. I followed silently never removing my gaze from Jennifer as she led me back to the foyer and up those magnificent stairs to the second floor of her house. She walked silently down the hall and stopped about half way down to unlock and open a door before entering, leaving the door open for me to continue to follow her.

I peered into the room before entering. It was bright and cheery, impeccably clean and the furnishings were cute and oversized. The room on a whole was inviting and friendly. I stepped inside to see more. The walls were covered in broad yellow and white vertical stripes. There were white shelves on the walls full of brilliantly colored stuffed animals, an enormous white rocking chair stood in one corner of the room next to a huge white dresser. There were two other doors in the room that were closed; yellow curtains and white blinds covered the only window in the room which itself looked oversized. I walked a little deeper into the room and as I turned around I spotted a large white crib, possibly the biggest I had ever seen.

My heart sank to my stomach and I suddenly started to feel very sick again. Jennifer came out of nowhere from behind me and said, What do you think of the nursery, Baby?

I swallowed hard not knowing what to say. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. I could only imagine why Jennifer had chosen to show it to me and I didnt like the images that were now filling my mind.

I… um, Its… uh, I didnt know what to say so I blurted out the first complimentary word I could muster. Pretty I finally heard myself mutter.

Im glad you like it because this is where youll be staying tonight Jennifer informed me. But first, lets get on with changing your diaper. Hop up on the changing table like a good little girl for Mommy. Jennifer said as she motioned to the large dresser on the other side of the room.

By now, Betsy and the other girls should have been there but there was no sign of them. I felt horrible. I knew that Jennifer had the other girls do something to Betsy but I couldnt imagine what it could be.

Wheres Betsy? I demanded.

Shes just fine, the Aunties are seeing to that. Now you come over here and let me change you before that diaper leaks all over the furniture Jennifer demanded.

Not till I see Betsy I argued.

Betsy is fine, I promise, lets get you out of that diaper, unless you like it or something? Jennifer replied sounding perplexed.

Are you going to remove the catheter? I asked curtly.

I said I would, didnt I? Jennifer responded But it will have to wait until later. Now get up here and get your diaper changed she scolded.

Realizing there wasnt much I could do for Betsy since I didnt know where she was or what they were doing to her; I complied and climbed up on top of the dresser. Jennifer proceeded to pull diaper changing supplies out of the drawers beneath me and laid them on my belly as she manipulated my pants off then removed my diaper. It felt good to be out of the saturated contraption for a brief period then Jennifer slipped another back underneath me and fastened it really tight. She made no mention of the state of my pubic hair that I had apparently been keeping shaved clean myself since she first shaved it all off but I saw a simple smile draw across her face as her eyes fixated on my bald vagina. She removed the saturated diaper from under me and wiped my hairless pussy with baby wipes slowly and methodically. She spread a thin layer of rash cream on me making sure to get ever orifice of my crotch. She pulled a fresh diaper out of a stack she kept next to the dresser. I knew I would have to assist her by lifting my bottom up so she could slip in under my ass. Once the diaper was in place, I lowered myself down on top of it.

Jennifer dusted me with baby powder the leaned in slightly, pursed her lips and blew gently across my naked vagina. I felt her cool breath against my warm crotch and I shivered. Jennifer stood up and pulled the front of my diaper up between my legs and fastened the tapes on either side.

Before we go find your little friend, I want you to change your clothes instructed Jennifer.

But my things are down stairs in the… I started but was rudely interrupted by Jennifer.

No, your things are right here in this closet. Pick out something in there to wear. Youve got 5 minutes to get changed or Ill make you sorry.

Disappointed that I was still catheterized and worried now about my own fate as well as Betsys, I walked over to the closet and pulled open the pair of double bi-folding doors. Inside the closet doors hung a large assortment of clothes, most of which seemed to be pink, white or pale yellow. I started running my hand over the hangers trying to decide what to look at first. I finally placed both my hands on two neighboring hangers and slid them in opposite directions revealing the outfits they supported.

What I might have first thought were two long blouses turned out to be 2 very short little dresses, very juvenile in style and pattern. I took one of them off the rack and held it against me then stepped in front of the full length mirror that hung on the back of the door I had entered from. Even on the hanger, the little pink dress hung just below my crotch and I knew that if I put it on, my diaper surely would be visible to everyone who Jennifer was planning on parading me in front of. I put back the little pink dress praying that there was something, anything, a little more dignified to wear hanging in that closet but hanger after hanger contained just more and more of the same. The materials might have been different, the patterns as well, but the style of clothes were all very similar and were indeed meant to show off the undergarments of the wearer, who unfortunately was going to be me.

Realizing that my 5 minutes were very nearly up and scared what new hell Jennifer would inflict upon me, I slipped out of what remained of my own clothing, grabbed one of the dresses off the hangers quickly and slipped it on over my head. I gazed at myself in the mirror again. With my hair still in pigtails, per Jennifers request, I looked as though I had just stepped backwards in time. The pink dress had a mock pinafore attached to the front of it and little bits of lace around the collar and hem as well as the cuffs on the short puffy sleeves. The bottom of my diaper was very much visible in my new attire, as I had suspected it would be.

Times up! I heard Jennifer exclaim as she reentered the room from the hallway. She had a look of surprise when she entered as if she had expected me not to comply with the request. Wow, dont you look cute?

I dont know if I would have called myself cute in this get-up but I sure didnt look (or now feel) my age.

Jennifer slowly walked around me as if inspecting me from head to toe. She stopped for a moment behind me and I felt her hands clutch at the back of the little dress. A suddenly ZIP sound and a more snug feeling from the dress told me that Jennifer had just zipped up the back of my new outfit. Another tug around the collar let me know that she had also fastened a button there as well. She walked the rest of the way around me so that she was now standing in front of me once again still giving me a visual inspection. I straightened my posture but lowered my eyes so as not to worsen my fate further.

But there is still something missing¦ Jennifer continued as she spied me up and down. Ah, I bet babys feet are feeling a bit cold.

My feet were perfectly warm especially since I was still wearing my sneakers and socks but I had a sinking feeling that I would not be in possession of them for much longer.

Jennifer stepped over to the open closet and reached up to the boxes on the upper shelf that was far above my head then walked over to the dresser; where she had recently changed me into a fresh clean diaper. She pulled open one of the top drawers and snatched something out and quickly closed the drawer again as if she were trying to keep something from escaping.

Come over here, Sweetie and let Mommy see your feet. Jennifer said in a sickly sweet voice. Again, I complied with her request for fear of her.

Sit on the floor and let me change your shoes and socks into something more appropriate for that outfit. I did as I was told and she hastily grabbed my right foot and stripped it of both the sneaker and the sock. She unfolded a fresh pair of socks and slipped one of them onto my now naked foot. There on the cuff of the white sock was more lace that stood out erect from my ankle like some weird tutu. Jennifer stripped my other foot bare in the same fashion and again covered my foot with another white, ruffled ankle sock. She removed the lid from the shoe box and revealed to me the pair of black leather shoes she intended for me to wear. They had almost no heel but a strap came up the bridge of my foot just behind my toes and crossed in a T with another strap that buckled on the side of my foot. Jennifer wasted no time putting them on my feet and fastening the buckles. They were a little bit big for me but the look of them was very much befitting the costume I was forced to adorn.

Jennifer walked back to the dresser, opened another drawer and withdrew a large wooden hairbrush. As she started towards me, she slowly paddled her empty hand with the backside of the brush. Even though she hadnt said a word, I took her actions as a threat that I am sure she would keep if I acted out of line.

Jennifer stood behind me and removed the elastic bands that had held my hair up into what were now my signature pigtails. She carefully began to brush my hair with the oversized brush. Mommy wants baby to look her best for the party. I hadnt had someone brush my hair like that since I was a little girl. It sort of felt nice and I closed my eyes as the bristles of the brush glided through my hair. Jennifer separated a section of my hair to one side of my head and began to replace the pigtail by wrapping the elastic band back into my hair. With a gentle tug, I knew that Jennifer had just finished the first pigtail. She turned to brush the other side and repeated the process again. The quick jerk on my scalp told me that her job was complete.

A couple of pink ribbons would look so cute. Jennifer said as she headed back to the dresser, reached into the still open drawer, gathered what she was looking for then closed the drawer with her hip. She tied the first of two ribbons to my left pigtail then tied the other to the right. She picked up the hair brush again and brushed my bangs down over my forehead.

There, thats much better. Jennifer said proudly, but who was she proud of; me or herself? She looked quickly at her watch. We had better get back to the party she said as she stood up and started walking towards the door. I got to my feet as well and as I did, Jennifer swiftly stuck her hand out and grabbed the front of my diaper. Good Girl, your diaper is already getting wet.

I saw my image in the mirror on the back of the door. Except for my long skinny legs, I looked very much the part of a baby girl including the exposed bulky diaper that peeked out from below the hem of my extremely short dress. It was an odd feeling, standing there looking at myself, feeling helpless to alter my fate and yet, seeing myself there, dressed that way, I cant explain why, but I felt compelled to smile.

I didnt get to stare long at my reflection for Jennifer reached the door and gazed at my image as well. Youre such a pretty baby, Abby.

I quickly dropped my gaze and lost my smile. I didnt want Jennifer to get the idea that I was enjoying any of this, even for a moment. The trick was to try and convince myself of that as well.

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The Guest of Honor

I was relieved when Jennifer opened the door and started to leave the nursery and waited just outside in the hallway for me to follow her. Even though I felt nervous about the strange outfit I was now wearing, I was more afraid that she might have planned on leaving me trapped in the enormous nursery for the rest of the night. I had nearly forgotten about Betsy since my recent change of wardrobe but now that I was walking down the long hallway and could hear the voices of the other party guests, I was really worried what Jennifer had the Aunties do to my friend. Part of me wondered if she was now suffering a similar fate; forced to wear a diaper while a catheter continuously drained her bladder. Some weird part of me hoped that this would be the case so that I wouldnt be alone in my personal torture any more. It might be nice to be able share all my feelings and experiences with someone else who could relate.

I shook off that feeling as quickly as I could because even though it might have been nice to be able to have someone to suffer along with, I really didnt want anyone else to endure the torture that Jennifer had already put me through and what might be yet to come. Please let Betsy be okay. I said to myself.

Jennifer was leading me back down the hall and the grand staircase towards a room I had not seen earlier. It was across the foyer from the billiard room where Betsy and I had placed our things earlier but the doors had been closed so we could not see what it was. As we walked closer to the room, I could hear the voices of the other girls talking and giggling through the large double doors. Jennifer paused outside the doors and gave them a knock. The voices inside fell silent. Jennifer grabbed the doorknob on both doors and in one single motion, turned them, pushed the doors wide open then stepped to the side.

I was standing in the middle of the now wide open doors facing into a monstrously large dining room. The room was packed with people, many I recognized from the hallways at school and all of them were staring at me in my baby clothes and a few took pictures. I felt my cheeks grow warm and red instantly. My knees started to quiver and my stomach flip-flopped a time or two. I felt immediately sick to my stomach and had the desire to bolt as fast as I could for the front door but as I scanned around the room looking at all the laughing and smiling faces, the one I could not find was Betsys. What evil horror did Jennifer bestow upon her?

Fearing that giving into my knee-jerk reaction to flee would cause Betsy similar humiliation, I decided to stand my ground and wait out my new fate. What more could Jennifer do to me now? That question just seemed to repeat itself in my head over and over again and yet every time I asked myself that very same question, somehow Jennifer always found a brand new way to torture and humiliate me. What more could she do? Even if she did nothing else to me from here on out, I will remain the freshman who soiled herself in the hallway in high school. I will be known as the girl who wet herself and dressed in baby clothes and no one will care that I was forced to do this all by Jennifer. At that moment of reflection I decided that my fate and reputation had already been decided so I might as well try to make the best of the worst situation. I lifted my head up high and gave a big smile and waved to the crowd who had gathered in my honor.

Jennifer stepped beside me, took me by the hand and led me to the opposite end of the very long and narrow room. As we made our way, People giggled and snickered as Jennifer and I passed them but I tried to pay no attention to them. Instead I tried to listen for the sound of my diaper crinkle as I walked. It was hard to hear at first but with a bit of concentration, I was able to drown out the whispers and quips and focus on the soft rustle of the plastic cover as it rubbed against my thighs with every step.

As we neared the end of the room, several of the party goers, including the Aunties, parted and revealed what was previously hidden behind them.

A high chair. It was made of wood and painted white. I had seen similar models in catalogs and magazines before but this one was different because it was obviously much larger than any I had seen advertised before. Jennifer, still holding my hand, pulled me closer and closer to it. I stepped cautiously towards the high chair as if any sudden movements would cause it to strike out at me like a venomous snake.

Its not going to hurt you, just sit down Jennifer ordered as we stopped in front of it and one of the Aunties removed the over-sized tray. Jennifer motioned for me to have a seat. I did as I was instructed and climbed up into the gigantic chair. I turned around and put my diapered bottom on the seat and felt the warmth of my wet diaper press against my butt, realizing that my diaper had become wet again since we had left the nursery. I slid backwards into the seat until the height of the chair caused my legs to dangle in mid-air.

Jennifer quickly fastened the safety belt around my waist then instructed the Auntie to replace the tray. We dont want baby to fall out, now do we? she said and the room erupted with laughter.

Unlike most normal sized high chairs I had ever seen, this one had wrist restraints on the sides of the tray which Jennifer and Nikki quickly used to strap my hands down to the point that I could not lift the palms of my hands off the surface of the tray. I decided that trying to struggle against their efforts was pointless. Instead I just kept thinking to myself that this will all be over soon if I just play along. Jennifer promised to take the catheter out tonight so I will just do what she says and let her have her fun. I didnt even care anymore if she introduced me to Mitch; I just wanted this to end tonight.

I bet Baby is hungry, isnt she? Jennifer questioned but I knew better than to answer. Lets get baby ready to eat.

One of the Aunties handed something to Jennifer which she immediately brought over to me and tied around my neck. It was a big pink bib that had the words


embroidered on the front of it. Next a large bowl was placed on the tray in front of me. I looked down into the bowl to discover it was full of some pureed former food. Jennifer picked up the spoon that accompanied the bowl and began shoveling the warm fruit flavored paste into my mouth. I couldnt identify the food by its flavor but if I had to guess, it might have once been peaches. The spoon was fairly large and almost didnt fit into my mouth but each time the spoon was raised, I opened my mouth to receive it. Somehow Jennifers aim with the spoon was intentionally less than perfect and I ended up with quite a bit of baby food on my face which obviously delighted Jennifer. The other party guests must have grown bored with watching as Jennifer fed me spoonful after spoonful because they started to leave the room one at a time at first then in small groups until Jennifer and I were alone in the room.

I wondered if they were expecting me to struggle and resist Jennifers actions and were disappointed that I was so cooperative. Perhaps they were not as fascinated with the humiliation that Jennifer seemed to enjoy inflicting upon me or maybe they had themselves once fell victim to her and only came to watch out of fear. No matter the reason, I could hear the party continuing in the other room as Jennifer persisted to feed me.

Once the bowl had been scraped clean, Jennifer used the bib to wipe off what remained on my face then left the room through a swinging door that might have led to the kitchen. I was left alone in the large dining room but little good it did me since my hands were still strapped to the high chair tray and my feet were dangling helplessly off the floor. I looked around the beautifully furnished room. Somehow the chair I was confined in didnt match the style of the sophisticated elegance that adorned the rest of the room. I started to wonder why Jennifer and her family might have all these over sized baby items or was this just something Jennifer had schemed up just for me. It seemed a bit over the top for a prank but then again, with Jennifer, there was no way of knowing what she was capable of.

Sitting quietly by myself, my thoughts again turned to Betsy. I had not seen her since we were separated in the hallway earlier. What could they have done to her? Why wasnt she there to help free me from this contraption or was she off suffering some kind of worse fate? I couldnt even begin to imagine what Jennifer might have up her sleeve when it came to Betsy. They had once been friends but something happened to split them up. Would Jennifer feel some kind of loyalty to an old friend and leave Betsy alone or is there some kind of grudge shes holding that might make Betsys fate worse than mine? For the first time since being strapped down, I started to struggle against the straps hoping that I might free myself and run off to find Betsy.

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Chapter 47

Reunited Even though I was still strapped to the high chair and left alone in the dining room, I had the strange feeling like I was being watched. After a few minutes of struggling with the wrist restraints, I gave up, realizing that my efforts did little more than chaff my wrists. My feet were beginning to tingle with pins and needles since they had been dangling for so long they had obviously fallen asleep. I tried kicking them to encourage blood flow and to reduce the uncomfortable feeling I was suffering. It helped but not much. I thought about calling out for help but with the music playing so loud in the other room, I was sure no one would hear me. Then again, even if they could hear me, would they risk upsetting Jennifer to help free me?

The feeling of being watched came over me again but as I glanced around the room, I found that I was still completely alone. I began to think of some of those old movies that had secret passages behind the walls and peep holes cut out in the eyes of the portraits but in this room, the only paintings on the walls were landscapes and a pair of eyes peering through them would have been extremely obvious.

Perhaps someone was standing outside one of the 4 enormous windows but it was so dark outside by this time, I couldnt see anyone. I was growing incredibly bored sitting there and my mind kept wandering. I thought about my old school and how no one back there would ever believe what was happening to me since I moved here. I longed for being back there again in familiar territory where people didnt force classmates to wear diapers and to wet or soil themselves. I dont think there are too many places that do that anyway.

I started to think about my dads ice cream shop and how on more than one occasion, I had to wear a diaper there while I worked and even how I had to change my own diaper while in the bathroom. I thought about Mom and Dad talking about finding one of my diapers in the trash at home and assuming that it belonged to Grandma. Betsy was right, that was kind of funny now that I gave it more thought and especially since I knew that tonight would be the last time I had to conceal that I was wearing a diaper, not that it was a secret from anyone at the party.

I started to think how all of this began, how I told Jennifer I would do anything to meet Mitch and go with him to the Homecoming dance. That dance was fast approaching and yet, in my current situation, it didnt feel that important anymore. I remembered what Betsy had said about Jennifer and Mitch once dating. Maybe doing all this to me was Jennifers sure fire way of keeping me from ever getting close to Mitch. Maybe this was a punishment for my being attracted to someone she still loved and wanted to get back with. Maybe Jennifer longed to go to the Homecoming with Mitch herself. Maybe¦

Im sorry I was gone so long, Baby. Did you miss me? Jennifer said in a comforting voice that didnt befit the evil girl I knew Jennifer to be. Mommy had a few things to clean up in the kitchen and since I knew you were safe in your high chair, I figured I could take care of them with ease. I just didnt realize how long it was going to take me.
I hadnt realized the time myself since I wasnt wearing a watch and there didnt appear to be any clocks in the dining room, at least that I could see.

Ive sent most of the guests home now except for the few that will be sleeping over tonight. Jennifer informed me.

What about Betsy? Wheres Betsy? I fearlessly asked then hoped my tone would not bring about some form of retribution from Jennifer for either myself or Betsy.

Betsy? Oh, shes still here. I think she and your Aunties are having a good time together. Jennifer replied in a cunning tone. You could say just like old times.

I didnt know how to feel about Jennifers last comment. What could she have meant by Just like old times? I knew Jennifer and Betsy had once been good friends but that was long ago and was Betsy friends with the Aunties back then too? I guess there was so much I didnt really understand or know about the two of them and had never bothered to ask.

Jenni”I mean Mommy, Is there any chance that since the party is over now that you might¦ I hesitated to ask what was most on my mind and the only reason I ever agreed to come to this party. Could you remove the¦ the thing you put in me?

With a great big sigh, Jennifer answered I guess since I promised you that I would remove it tonight and the night is nearly over… Her voice trailed off.

She walked over to the high chair where I was still restrained and started to unbuckle the first of the two wrist restraints. Finally my right hand was free. My wrist was a little pink from my trying to wiggle out of the strap earlier. Jennifer worked at freeing my left hand which also had the same pink band around it from my failed attempt to get myself free. Next Jennifer removed the large tray in front of me while I worked on the belt that went across my lap.

Once all my tethers were off, I scooted forward on the chair so that I could jump down off the seat but as I moved forward, I felt my diaper squish against me. It was obviously much wetter now than when I had first sat down and it rubbed against my vagina as I moved. The warmth and pressure against me felt good for a moment that I looked down at my crotch. As I did, I discovered Jennifers hand on the front of my swollen diaper.

My goodness that is one really wet diaper, Abby. Are you sure you want me to remove the catheter? Jennifer asked while cocking her head and giving me a sort of curious glance.

Her question puzzled me because I knew all along that the only reason for my coming to her stupid party was to have her remove the contraption. Yes, I am absolutely sure. I stated as I pushed her hand away and hopped down off the chair. It was true that I did find the diapers arousing once or twice but I was sick of being stuck in them and I couldnt wait for this to end.

Okay. Meet me upstairs in the nursery where we were before. I have to get a few things, but I promise, I will remove the catheter. Jennifer said in a much more serious tone.

Jennifer seemed like a child who had to give up their favorite toy as she turned and walked out of the room. I guess her allowing me to return to reality and not be her little puppet anymore was going to affect her maybe just as much as it was going to affect me. I was just grateful that my torment was coming to an end.

Jennifer turned and walked out of the room. It was at that moment that I noticed just how much my feet were tingling from being asleep. I took a few steps and nearly fell over. I had never realized how hard it was to keep your balance when your feet were numb. After a few wobbly steps, I managed to leave the room and re-enter the large foyer with the mammoth staircase. I hurried up them towards the room I had been in earlier that evening. I couldnt remember exactly which door it was so I opened a few along the way until I found the yellow and white striped wallpaper and the oversized furniture. I entered the room and closed the door behind me.

I wasnt sure what to do while I waited for Jennifer to come. Should I take off the short pink dress I was wearing or the t-strap shoes and lacy ankle socks? Maybe I should put my own clothes back on and wait for her. That probably wasnt the best idea if I wanted to keep Jennifer happy.

I started to think about what I would do once she finally took the catheter out of me. There really wouldnt be much reason for me to stay the night after she took it out so maybe I could just get dressed again and leave. But what about Betsy? If she was really having such a good time with her old friends, maybe she would want to stay or maybe Jennifer would just make her want to stay in case I did try to leave early. Maybe Jennifer would do something to Betsy if I left before the morning. I guess the only plan I had was to just wait and see what opportunity arose for me than act on it. I was starting to get impatient. I needed to relax before I drove myself crazy with stupid, paranoid ideas, but if I was acting paranoid, it was Jennifers fault. She did this to me.

I sat down in the oversized rocking chair. Again my feet dangled well above the floor but by shifting my weight back and forth, I was eventually able to get the rocker to move at a steady pace. It reminded me of when I was three years old and used to climb up into my grandmothers rocker at her house. I loved to sit and rock and rock until I would fall asleep. Grandma said I was the only child shed ever seen that rocked themselves to sleep.

I was startled by a noise I heard at the nursery door. At first I feared that Jennifer was locking the door from the opposite side to prevent her from having to keep her promise of removing the catheter, but when I looked over, I saw that the doorknob was slowly turning. Someone was entering the room. I assumed it was going to be Jennifer.

Okay, how do we do this? I asked the figure that was entering the room without waiting to get a clear view of exactly who it was that was entering.

Do what? replied a familiar friendly voice that didnt belong to Jennifer. It was Betsy.

Oh my God! Where have you been? I begged as I grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her into the room. I was so worried about you.

I was hanging out by the pool. What happened to you? Betsy asked looking down at my change of wardrobe and the strained peaches that stained my face.

One word, Jennifer. I replied figuring that I need not explain any further.

Well you look really cute, kind of silly but still cute. Betsy complimented I think.

So did you see Jennifer coming up here? I asked wondering when I was finally going to be free of this annoying rubber tube that was sticking out of my urethra.

Oh yeah, shes on her way. Betsy said as she glanced around the room. Wow, this is so neat. I was beginning to wonder if Betsy was okay. She didnt quite seem herself.

Betsy, have you been drinking? I asked as I saw Betsy stand in the middle of the room and start spinning around and around with her arms outstretched.

Just a bit. She replied but Im not drunk or anything.

Great, there was no way I could take Betsy home if she had been drinking. Her mother would find out and Betsy would be grounded forever. I guess she was just going to have to sleep it off here at Jennifers.

Did Jennifer send you up here? I asked wondering if my paranoia was coming back.

Yep, she said she needed my help with something. Hey, did she ever help you with your little problem? Betsy asked as she finally stopped spinning and staggered while trying to face me.

I think thats why youre here. She told me to meet her up here while she gathered some stuff to take the catheter out, but she sent you up first for some reason. I informed my intoxicated friend.

I dont know how to get that thing out of you but Ill try if you want me too. Betsy slurred as she bent down in an attempt to undo my diaper and look at my catheter.

Thats okay, Betsy. I appreciate the offer but I think Ill wait for Jennifer. I wasnt about to let Betsy try to figure it out in her current state. Here, why dont you sit in the rocking chair?

Good idea, Ab. Ill be right here if you change your mind. She said as she fell into the large chair.

I walked to the door that was still standing open and peeked into the hallway. There was no sign of Jennifer as of yet. I closed the door and stepped back into the room. Betsy had already closed her eyes and could have already been asleep. I chose not to bother her and started to investigate the rest of the nursery.

Under the window was a large padded window seat. On top of the window seat was several large stuffed animals. One was a yellow duck that had a great big pink bow tied around its neck. The other was a cinnamon colored bear that was soft and cuddly, unlike those you might win at a carnival.
On the wall opposite the dresser was a shelf full of colorful books. Upon closer inspection, all the books were baby books, not the kind that parents read to learn how to care for a baby, but the kind of picture books one might read to a baby to teach them simple words and colors.

Under the shelf, resting on the floor was a large wooden dollhouse that obviously was designed to look like Jennifers house. Next to the dollhouse and bookshelf was a door. I opened it to see what was on the other side.

To my surprise, the nursery had its own bathroom that was decorated in white and blue tiles and yellow rubber duckies on the towels and accessories. On one side of the room was a large, free-standing claw foot bathtub and on the other side single vanity and a toilet. The room was maliciously clean as if no one had ever used it. Considering the size of Jennifers house, either that was true or they had a housekeeper. I stepped back into the nursery closing the bathroom door behind me.

Betsy still remained in the rocking chair in much the same position I left her except for the drool that was now running down her chin. For some reason it became very important to me to know what time it was. I hadnt seen a clock in the bathroom and there didnt appear to be one in this room either. I thought about leaving the room in search of a clock, but what if Jennifer came in while I was wandering around and I missed her. My not being here might upset her and I really didnt want to mess with that possibility after all Ive been through so far.

I looked over at my unconscious friend as if perhaps she might wake up and tell me the time. As I stood there, I noticed she was wearing a watch. I ran the whole 5 feet to her and grabbed her wrist to look at her watch. 11:55 glowed from the face of her digital timepiece.

5 minutes ˜til midnight. I said out loud to myself as if reading it on the watch wasnt enough to convince myself of the time. That means only 5 minutes left of Friday. 5 minutes left of me suffering with this stupid catheter and only 5 more minutes of needing to wear diapers.

How glorious the thought was that in 5 minutes I would be potty trained again, that I wouldn’t have to suffer any more diaper rash or worry about my parents walking in on me while I was changing my diaper. 5 more minutes as long as Jennifer kept her promise

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Chapter 48

5 Minutes until Midnight

Why is it that once you know how much longer you have to wait, time has a tendency to stand still?

5 more minutes rang out in my head over and over and over again. I started to pace back and forth thinking to myself Just 5 more minutes. Itll all be over in 5 more minutes.

This was little consolation since every time I paced towards Betsy, who was asleep on the nursery rocking chair, I stopped to check her watch again but each time it still seemed to tell me that the time was 11:55pm. Finally during one of my inspections of her watch, a minute had somehow slipped quietly passed and now there were just 4 more minutes until midnight.

The loss of a minute made me doubt that Jennifer was really going to keep her promise to me. It was as if that extra minute of time would afford her the much needed time to arrive and remove the invasive tube that had prevented me from being able to use the restroom like most normal girls my age or post potty training age. The thought that I had been denied the need of a toilet for nearly a week made me question momentarily whether or not I would still be potty trained once the catheter was removed. I hadnt felt the need to pee since the time that Jennifer installed the catheter in me and had been freely peeing into a diaper ever since. Would I still recognize the feeling of needing to pee? Would my bladder still have strength to hold urine until I made it to a bathroom? What if I am no longer potty trained? Will I have to wear diapers forever?

My head was swimming with questions now and yet another minute somehow escaped and still no Jennifer. I was getting that hopeless feeling again. I started to feel dizzy and my stomach started to feel queasy. I thought I was about to faint again which was weird because before tonight, I had never fainted before. My face went hot, my feet went cold and my stomach went¦ Groan, Gurgle, Flarp.

Suddenly, I felt a little better. My face cooled off, my feet warmed up. Thank goodness, it was just gas I thought to myself and returned to my pacing to check Betsys watch again. As I took my first step, another hot flash raced across my face, the heat from my feet escaped and once again my stomach went Groan, Gurgle, Flarp only louder and was followed by a warm, thick gush in the back of my diaper.

Before I could react, to what just occurred, the door to the nursery swung open and Jennifer entered. Bet you thought I wasnt¦ Holy! What just died in here? Jennifer said as her face went from a smile to a look of disgust.

To me it was obvious what had happened but then again, I was the one standing there in my own stink. Yes, somehow, I had once again, without much warning, soiled my diaper. Too embarrassed to admit it, I stood there silently as I felt another wave pass through my stomach and find its way into the back of my over stuffed, very messy diaper.

Well, I guess peaches and laxatives dont agree with Babys tummy. Jennifer announced as if she was relating the results of some weird experiment. Lets get that mess cleaned up before we take on the other thing I promised you.

I guess I should have expected Jennifer to do one more embarrassing thing to me while she still had me in diapers but at least this time it was in the semi-private nursery in her house and not in front of the whole school or in front of the school nurse.

Hop on the changing table, Abby and Ill take care of you. Jennifer said as she walked into the bathroom.

I was a bit hesitant to let Jennifer change my messy diaper but the only alternative was to clean it up myself and I wasnt a big fan of doing that either. I waddled my way to the dresser that had a large changing pad on top, trying to be careful not to let any of the mess in my pants escape or spread if I could help it, which of course, I couldnt.

I climbed up onto the dresser by first putting one knee than the other onto the changing pad but once I was up there, I had no alternative but to sit on my bottom and spread and mush the filth against my ass. As I slowly got into position, I lowered my butt and felt the soft runny mess squish and squeeze inside my swollen wet diaper. The warmth of the poop was not as quick and fleeting as urine usually is so it felt hot against my buttocks. This was not the first or even the second time I had soiled my diaper. It was not something I was able to get used to but it was becoming an all too familiar feeling.

I laid down on the pad and felt the warm mess ooze up the back of my diaper. It was clear that if I didnt get cleaned up soon, this was going to be one big leaky disaster.

Jennifer returned from the bathroom with a tray of items that I had not noticed in there earlier when I was checking out the bathroom. It must have been in the vanity under the sink the whole time.

Okay, lets check out what baby has made for Mommy, shall we? Jennifer asked.

She stepped up next to the changing table, placed the tray down on an adjacent table and got to work undoing the tapes on my bulging diaper.

Once the diaper was open, she said not a word about the mess inside but diligently cleaned me all over. She had a much more gentle touch now than she had before during diaper changes she had performed on my previously.

My goodness, you have really made quite a mess of yourself here, havent you, Baby? Jennifer asked in what could have been mistaken for a caring tone of voice if I didnt know her better. I think Mommy is going to have to take some more drastic measures to get you cleaned up properly. Stay right there, dont move. Mommy will be right back. Jennifer walked back into the bathroom leaving me laying there on the changing table with nothing covering me. My diaper had been opened and removed but another had not been put back on. My knees remained bent and spread apart so that my bald vagina and catheter were both exposed to the room.

I heard a sudden rush of water emerge from the bathroom. It was faster and stronger that the sound of a sink faucet. Jennifer was not in the bathroom washing her hands; instead she was in the bathroom preparing the tub for a bath.

It took me a moment to go over in my head. Jennifer had left me on the changing table, practically naked to go turn on the bathtub to take a bath. That seemed odd. Suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks, Jennifer wasnt going to take a bath; she was going to give ME a bath.

With the water still running, Jennifer returned to the nursery and stood beside me at the changing table.

Lets get that pretty little party dress off you now, Abby, she said as she started to assist my sitting up. She reached behind me and undid the zipper and button then pulled the dress up over my head. I crossed my arms across my chest as if to hide my practically non-existent breasts. There seemed little reason to cover my crotch since Jennifer has already seen it on many occasions.

Now I was naked for all but the shoes and ankle socks Jennifer put on me earlier but those too were removed by Jennifer.

Hop down, Sweetie, Jennifer commanded and I of course complied. Its time for babys bath. Jennifer placed one hand on my elbow and the other on my shoulder as she led me into the adjacent bathroom. Upon entering, I saw the claw foot tub was nearly half full of water and bubbles.

Let Mommy help you in, Baby, Jennifer said still holding my elbow and acting to guide me into the bathtub.

As I sat down into the pile of bubbles, Jennifer lowered herself down onto her knees and reached for a washcloth. After plunging the clean cloth into the warm soapy water, she began rubbing it across my bare shoulders and down my back. My hands, that were still clenched under my arm pits, were squeezed even tighter as I felt Jennifer sliding the warm wet cloth down lower and lower until she was washing between my buttocks. She rinsed the washcloth in the flow of clean water that was still pouring from the spigot, rung it out then started to wash my arms. I knew she intended to wash the front of me but I was determined that I would keep some form of my dignity if possible.

Jennifer began to wash the unprotected portion of my chest above my arms. I held fast. I began to feel like a toddler holding her breath to get what she wanted from her Mommy five seconds before resorting to a full blown tantrum.
I began to realize that much like the child and her Mommy, Jennifer was bigger than me and always seemed to win in a battle of wills.

Without her even so much as having to imply or ask, I uncrossed and lowered my arms and allowed Jennifer to do what I knew she would have ended up doing anyway. Jennifer must have been very aware of just how much I was trying to resist only to surrender without a fight because I saw a smile form on her face as she began to wash my tiny breasts.

I could tell that Jennifer had fully intended on being thorough with my bath so to avoid any confrontations from this point onward, I let myself relax; as much as I could since I havent had anyone else scrubbing me down with a washcloth since I was about 4 years old. Jennifers washcloth cloaked hand soon found its way over my stomach and down between my legs. She rubbed gently as to wash away anything that might not have belonged there beside the catheter; which I felt inside me as she moved it about as she continued to clean me. I closed my eyes to help take me far away from this place and this time as I laid there in the bathtub while one of my classmates bathed me like a child. The warm water caressed me but the bubbles that had let me hide beneath them were beginning to dissipate leaving larger and larger gaps between them.

Jennifer reached down between my legs but this time a lot closer to my ankles and pulled out the rubber stopper that had been preventing the water from escaping. The water level started to lower slowly as Jennifer turned off the running faucet. She stood up and walked across the room to a small cabinet and retrieved a large fluffy white towel. Now that the water level had fallen below my waist, I decided to also stand up leaving my catheter to dangle between my legs. Jennifer unfolded the towel and held it open then wrapped it around me as I stepped out of the tub and onto the bathmat.

I folded my arms across my chest again but this time only in an attempt to keep my towel in place. Jennifer escorted me into the nursery, towards the changing table and assisted me back on top of it.

Okay, Im going to ask you this one more time before I go through with it, Are you sure you want me to remove the catheter? Jennifer asked.

It seemed like such a stupid question considering that I had been begging her earlier to remove it but now I had some questions of my own and since she was making a point to ask if I was sure I wanted it removed, I began to have even more doubts.

Yes, but¦ I said raising my head off the changing pad to look at Jennifer. Jennifer looked back at me surprised by my hesitation. I have a couple of questions first.

Okay, Jennifer retorted looking happy to afford me more time to contemplate my decision. Ask away.

First, is it going to hurt?

Nope, it didnt hurt going in, did it? She replied.

Second, will I still be… you know, um¦ potty trained? I asked.

Youll be just as potty trained as you were before. Jennifer replied.

Okay, I guess Im ready. Do it, take it out. I commanded.

Okay, if youre sure. Jennifer said as she moved to the end of the table. Bend both your knees for me so I can get a better look at what Im doing here.

I complied with Jennifers request. I couldnt see what she was doing but I saw that she had several syringes on the tray but none of them had any needles attached.

What are those for? I asked motioning to the tray.

I need them to remove the catheter. One of them is just for deflating the balloon that has held the catheter in place all week. Dont worry; I know what Im doing. Jennifer informed me Just put your head back and relax, this should only take a minute or two.

I did as instructed but turned my head to the side to see Betsy still passed out on the rocker. Some help she turned out to be.

As Jennifer worked on my South End I felt a flush of cold run inside me and then it became warm before the feeling faded away completely.

What was that? I asked Jennifer as I raised my head back off the changing pad.

What? That was just me flushing out your bladder. Dont want you to get any infections, do we? Jennifer replied smiling.

I guess not but what did you use? I asked still wanting a bit more information.

There you go, all finished. Jennifer announced as she held up the limp rubber tubing in her hand for me to see and avoiding my last question.

Hey, you were right; I didnt feel it coming out at all. I joyfully replied. Now if you will just give me back my underwear¦

Oh, Im sorry, Baby. Youre still not ready for big girl panties yet. Jennifer said as she smiled and twirled the catheter around in her hand.

What do you mean? I thought you said that I would be as potty trained as I was before? I said with disdain in my voice as I began to sit up and rest on my elbows. Why wouldnt I be ready to wear underwear again?

Well, you see when I said that you would be; as you put it; ˜as potty trained as before I meant as potty trained as you were while having the catheter in. Right now the muscles in your bladder are paralyzed and you wont be able to tell when your bladder is full nor will you be able to clench your Kegel muscles to prevent yourself from wetting. Jennifer said with a big shit eating grin on her face. I guess it was just a misunderstanding.

Why would my bladder be paralyzed? I demanded.

You know that rush of cold you felt that suddenly became warm? Well, that was Botox, you know, the stuff old people have injected into their wrinkles to make them disappear. Basically, I flushed your bladder with it to paralyze it, not to prevent infection. Now lay back and let Mommy put a fresh diaper on you, Baby.

Oh my God! What new hell has Jennifer subjected me to this time? I thought. She had done it to me again. I thought I was finally going to be free of diapers with one last insult of her making me soil myself for the 5th time in a week. Well, actually, Jennifer only made me soil myself 3 times, the other 2 times I had accidentally done it to myself; but now she has removed the catheter and injected me with Botox so that even without the catheter, I will have no bladder control.

How¦ I mean when¦ How long is this going to last? I finally questioned while at the verge of tears.

Im not really sure, could be a week or two, maybe a month. Most of the people who get it injected into their faces say it can last as long as 3 or 4 months but they only get small doses, yours was much larger. Now lay back down so I can put a fresh diaper on you, Jennifer said as she pulled out another thick diaper, powdered my bottom and began to re-diaper me. Just be glad I didnt do it to your sphincter or else you would be pooping all over yourself too. Oops, my mistake, you already did that. Jennifer giggled. Before I forget, nice job on keeping all that pubic hair shaved off. I bet you didnt think I noticed.

Once she was done fastening the last of the tapes on my new diaper, Jennifer walked back in front of the dresser, opened one of the lower drawers and pulled out a pair of footed pajamas and plastic pants.

These should fit you. Go ahead and put them on. Ill be back to tuck you in. She said as she turned to leave the room.

I sat up on the changing table wondering if what she said was really true. Had she just paralyzed my bladder with Botox and would it really last for up to 4 months?

As I got up off the table, a sudden rush of warmth filled my new diaper. I did my best to try and stop myself from wetting by squeezing my muscles down there as hard as I could but I couldnt even feel them and much like when the catheter was still inside of me, I was unable to stop myself from peeing. I still had no control of my bladder and suddenly knew that Jennifer wasnt bluffing.

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Bed Time for Baby

Jennifer had closed the door to the nursery behind her when she left the room and I was still in shock that she could actually be so evil that she paralyzed my bladder via the catheter and a syringe of Botox. I would have questioned where she managed to get her hands on all of this stuff if I hadnt remembered that both her parents were doctors. One was a plastic surgeon and the other was a gynecologist according to Betsys mom. What really puzzled me was how did Jennifer know how to use all this stuff to torture me? Had she done this to someone else before or was I just her own personal guinea pig?

I felt my diaper grow warm again and even though the catheter lay limp on the changing table, I was still helpless to stop myself from wetting my diaper. Something Jennifer had said about paralyzing my sphincter as well had me scared. I wasnt sure how much more I could take and what else she could have in store for me. Here I was in the proverbial lions den helpless to fight against her.

I looked over at Betsy who was still asleep on the rocking chair. I was grateful that the only thing she was going to suffer from this night was a possible hangover tomorrow but at the same time jealous of her because not only was her suffering self-inflicted but also short term by comparison to what has happened to me. I could be feeling the effects of tonights events for months to come.

Knowing that Jennifer could be back at any moment fully expecting me to be changed into the footed pajamas she had left, I dropped my towel and began to dress myself. I slipped the plastic pants over my fresh diaper and picked up the pajamas that Jennifer left on the changing table. They were pale pink with bright pink ballerinas scattered all over them. A long zipper ran from the ankle of the right leg all the way up to the neckline. I unfolded them and sized them up against my small frame. The feet of the pajamas fell to the floor as I held the shoulders up to my own. Despite seeming a bit baggy, they looked like they should fit fine. I unzipped them, stepped into them and in one continuous motion, zipped the zipper up to the neckline. The baggy fit was apparent everywhere but in my diapered region. There the pajamas seemed to fit like a glove but that was due in part to the thick padding of the diaper and generous fit of the plastic pants that hid beneath. The feet were a bit too big for my tiny size 5s but since I wasnt planning on going dancing in them, I hoped they would do for whatever Jennifer had planned next.

I was assuming that when she came back it would be to force me into the oversized crib since the last thing she had said to me was Ill be back to tuck you in but I had already learned the hard way not to assume anything when dealing with Jennifer Arnold.

Since Betsy was still asleep on the only chair in the room, I pulled a blanket out of the crib to cover her with then sat on the window seat next to the oversized stuffed animals. They were so big; I felt dwarfed sitting there beside them.

After observing her for a few minutes, Betsy began to snore like a bear. I assumed that this was due to her intoxication and erect position in the rocker. Thinking that she might be more comfortable and possibly quieter laying on the cushioned window seat amongst the oversized animals, I began trying to wake Betsy.

Huh, Hey Abby, what are you doing here? Betsy asked with a long drawn out yawn that reeked of alcohol as I tried to ease her out of the oversized chair.

Im here to help you to bed, Betsy. Here, stand up and lets walk over to your nice soft comfy bed I said as I put my pink flannel ballerina covered shoulder under her armpit and acted like a human crutch for Betsys larger inebriated frame. It was easy going at first but soon I discovered that Betsy was leaning heavier and heavier on my shoulder and my silly pink flannel covered feet were not getting much traction on the shiny hardwood floor of the oversized nursery. I felt my feet slip and slide a bit more with every step as I grew closer and closer to the window and my knees felt as though they would buckle under what was fast becoming Betsys dead weight. She had actually fallen back to sleep in the few steps it took for us to get from the chair to the window and I was about to break a sweat from moving her there.

Once I was able to lay her down on the cushion, I pushed the mammoth sized bear and his equally large yellow ducky friend onto the floor below the window seat just in case Betsy should roll over during the night and fall off the narrow bench. I returned to the rocker to retrieve the blanket and once again covered Betsy with it. I dont think she was aware of my doing it and it probably didnt make much difference to her comfort one way or another but for some reason it gave me a sense that I had done something to take care of her even if it was just a blanket.

I was now very aware of just how tired I was becoming. It was nearly mid-night when Jennifer last came in, gave me a bath and finally removed my catheter after using it to inject my bladder full of Botox. This time her handy work robbed me of any chance of becoming continent this evening and for who knows how long. Grabbing Betsys wrist and peering at her watch, I saw that it was 12:45.

Before leaving the room, Jennifer said she would be back soon to tuck me in but she hadnt returned yet. I began to wonder what new scheme she was cooking up for me now but it really didnt matter. I was helpless to fight her and I had no reason to leave the safety that the nursery seemed to afford me.

My eyes were now starting to burn telling me that I was really in need of some sleep. It began to seem silly to wait for Jennifer to come back and torture me some more when all I needed was a few good hours of sleep knowing that when morning came, this horrific sleep-over would come to an end and I would be able to go home to my house, still diapered but at least home.

Peering around the room, the only comfortable spot I could find to lay down, beside the window seat that Betsy now occupied was the very large crib. It was beautifully adorned with a gorgeous quilt in varying shades of yellows and matching bumpers to coordinate with the rest of the room. Smaller stuffed animals took up residence in the crib and a simple but extra-large mobile with yellow bees and pink flowers hung over the crib from the ceiling.

To my tired body, the sight looked so much more inviting than the hardwood floor or the enormous wooden rocker. Without another moments hesitation, I turned out the light and a small night light sprang to life. Making my way back to the crib, I lowered the rail and climbed inside.

The mattress was cloud like and the quilt was supple. I pulled back the bed covering and slid beneath it, closed my eyes and gave not another thought to where I was or what I was sleeping in.

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Chapter 50

The Binky Expedition

Warm beneath the blanket and in my pink flannel footed pajamas adorned with ballerinas I somehow felt safe. Perhaps it was the bars of the oversized crib, but I felt unreachable by any of Jennifers mean tricks whilst laying there in this completely strange house with the most unusual nursery I have ever seen. Im not an expert on baby furniture or anything but somehow the sheer size of everything in the room didnt seem quite to scale for an average baby.

These might have been the thoughts that had helped lull me to sleep if I hadnt found myself yearning for my pacifier. I guess having it for these past weeks; whether being forced to suck on it in public or doing so voluntarily in the privacy of my own bedroom, I found myself enjoying it more and more especially at bed time. The only problem was that my pacifier was downstairs in my backpack in the billiard room and I was upstairs in a crib, in a nursery wearing footed pajamas and a diaper that was growing wetter and wetter.

I tried not to think about it. Ill force myself to fall asleep thinking about something else. Lets see; what can I distract myself with? I thought to myself.

School, Ill think about school. Thats boring enough to put anyone to sleep. Lets see, theres math with Mrs. Brown. Thats pretty boring except when I can feel my diaper filling and worry about it leaking. Okay, thats not helping. Maybe I should think about what my life was like before I met Jennifer Arnold. I was normal, I didnt wear diapers, I didnt wet my pants, I never soiled my underwear, I didnt eat baby food or suck on pacifiers. I started to become frustrated. This isnt working, I said out loud to myself letting my voice shatter the silence that had consumed the room since Betsy was no longer snoring in the rocker but quietly sleeping on the cushioned window seat.

Ill never fall asleep without my pacifier, I began to think. I kicked off the blankets with my silly pink covered feet and began climbing out of the crib. I found it much easier climbing out of it than into it until my flannel covered feet slipped on the well-polished hardwood floor. They slipped out from under me and I landed with a thud on my diaper covered, padded butt. I pulled myself up and made my way towards the door.

I walked as quietly across the hardwood floor as I could but I probably could have tapped danced and not disturbed Betsy who hadnt budged since I helped her onto the window seat. I turned the doorknob slowly and pulled the door open very carefully expecting it to make some loud, obnoxious creaking sound like they do in all the mystery movies; but the door swung open silently to my surprise.

Step by cautious step, I made my way down the long dark passage back towards the grand staircase that led to the foyer. My heart was pounding in my chest, my breathing sounded like a freight train against the silence of the hallway, the slippers on my feet made a slight whistling noise as they slid across the surface of the carpet and my diaper crinkled beneath the tiny pink dancers on my pajamas with every step. The light from the foyer was growing brighter and brighter as I slowly approached. Despite the late hour, I could still hear voices coming from the floor below. I had hoped that everyone had gone to sleep by now, but obviously I was wrong. I thought about just turning around and heading straight back to the nursery. Im sure I would eventually fall asleep without the pacifier but I had come this far. Besides, just because I could hear their muffled voices, didnt mean I would run into anyone I convinced myself and pushed on with my expedition.

While taking the first step down on the staircase, I felt my heart jump into my throat fearing that the step would groan and announce my presence on the stairway, but my foot fell quietly. I found myself descending the staircase sideways, clutching the handrail in both hands behind my back so that I might see someone else before they noticed me.

My palms were growing sweaty as I clenched the railing for fear that my flannel encased feet would lose their footing on the stairs, yet my hands were not the only thing I felt getting wet. Again, without control and now without the aid of a catheter, I was peeing into my diaper. I paused for a moment as I felt the warmth spread across and upwardly on the internal surface of the absorbent layer covering my crotch. I stood statuesque on the stairs until the moment I couldnt feel the moisture moving any more beneath the plastic shell of my very thick warm diaper. Im not sure why I had paused because clearly I wasnt going to be able to stop the flow of urine into my diaper since my bladder was now paralyzed via the Botox. Did I stop for fear that someone might notice my diaper swelling or was it for my own benefit that I found myself still standing there? Perhaps I was enjoying the naughtiness of urinating on myself, feeling the warmth of my own fluids stretch across my bald vagina, upward towards my stomach and buttocks. Maybe, just for a moment, I thought about the tightness of the warm wet diaper rubbing against me while I straddled the handrail and rocked myself back and forth on it pressing my soggy undergarment harder and harder against me.

The chimes of the grandfather clock in the foyer rang out marking the passing of another quarter of an hour and shattering the daydream I was engrossed in. I unclenched my hands from the railing and hastily made my way down the remaining stairs to the marble tiled floor below.

My flannel foot coverings helped to quiet my feet on the cold white marble flooring but at the same time, the highly polished floor meeting up with the soft surface of the flannel footies made me feel more like I was wearing ice skates on a frozen pond as my feet slipped and slid with each step. I soon discovered that it was easier to just slide my feet in the direction I needed to go than to try to lift them between steps.

The mumbled voices had grown louder in the foyer but echoed so much, I couldnt tell which room they were coming from. There seemed to be four rooms off the main foyer. The living room that seemed like it was too formal and clean to ever use housed a shiny black baby grand piano, a fireplace and the usual living room pieces such as a sofa, side chairs, end tables and lamps. The only difference is that this room could have come right out of a magazine and should probably have one of those red velvet ropes in front of it like you see in historical homes.

Another room was the dining room that I was in earlier. It had a large table, its own fireplace and a large painting on the wall. A swinging door that likely led to the kitchen was at the far end of the room opposite the 2 doors that had earlier closed off the dining room from the foyer. Seeing that the dining room was still empty and feeling a bit hungry, I made my way through there to the swinging kitchen door. I paused for a moment to listen for voices just in case any of the other girls were in the kitchen. It seemed all clear so I slowly pushed open the door and made my way into the room. Again, the room clearly showed that a wealthy family lived there. The refrigerator was enormous, likely the biggest Id seen except for the one in my dads ice cream shop. Beside the fridge stood a matching freezer and along another wall was a gigantic stainless steel stove. Dark wood cabinets with old fashioned scroll work flanked the room. Id have thought I had stepped back in time into a castles kitchen if not for all the modern appliances. There was a large fireplace that looked as if it could have been used to prepare medieval meals in it. I tip-toed around the tremendous center island to the refrigerator and pulled open the immense door to peer inside for something to eat. The light from the fridge nearly blinded me as a rush of cold air wafted over me. For as large as the appliance was, I was surprised to see it practically emptied. There was some staples like ketchup, mustard and mayo, a gallon of milk and a container of orange juice, a few sticks of butter and some fruit in the lower drawers, but not the feast I would have expected to have found in a kitchen the size of this one. Seeing how little food was left, I wondered what Jennifer was supposed to do for food while her parents were away for the weekend. Could they really have gone out of town and left her nothing to eat?

I closed the door of the fridge and opened the freezer door, just to be nosy. Again a cold blast of air washed over me but this time I was prepared for it. Upon opening the door, I found what was probably supposed to be Jennifers rations for the week in the form of pre-packaged boxed meals. There were breakfast sandwiches, frozen dinners, a few frozen pizzas and an assortment of other frozen foods that I couldnt easily identify. It seems strange but I started to feel sorry for Jennifer Arnold. Her wealthy parents could go out of town and leave her next to nothing to eat in this enormous house while my family lived in a very modest home and we ate most of our home cooked meals together. I began to wonder if I should feel sorry for Jennifer or grateful for my own parents. Either way, I knew I didnt want to switch lives with Jennifer.

Still hungry but not wanting to deprive Jennifer of anything in the fridge, I looked around the room until I found bowl of fruit. There was a bunch of bananas that were becoming spotty. Figuring that there were more than one person could eat in a weekend and knowing that they wouldnt last longer than that, I helped myself to one. It tasted really good but left me in need of something to drink. I opened one of the upper cabinets in hopes of finding a simple glass to drink from but instead I found stemware; wine glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs and a whole assortment of other glasses that I assumed were not meant to be used for everyday use.

I closed the cabinet and was about to open another when a door opened into the room. It was not the same one that I had come in through via the dining room but a second that had led in from the hall. The person entering was still talking to someone in the hall and hadnt turned to face into the kitchen yet so she hadnt noticed me. I quickly ducked down behind the island so as not to be seen. I feared that the person entering would be Jennifer and that she would be upset that I wasnt still in the nursery waiting for her to come tuck me in. The girl stepped out of the doorway and let the door finally swing closed as she entered into the kitchen.

I remained crouched on the floor afraid to look up but I heard the girl open up a cabinet, remove something and then leave the room through the same door she had entered from. I waited, still curled up in a ball for a moment before standing up again. I still needed something to drink but was beginning to think it best just to leave the kitchen, head to the billiard room to recover my pacifier and return to the nursery before Jennifer found out I was missing.

Stealthily I made my way back through the dining room and into the front foyer. Once again my flannel slippers slid across the marble floor silently. I paused outside the door to the billiard room, standing next to the over-sized grandfather clock hoping to listen for anyone talking inside the room before opening the door. Just as I laid my ear against the door, the clock thundered out its warning that time was still passing and another quarter of an hour had past.

Nearly deafened by the clock, I was unable to hear anything from inside the room and yet my ears were still ringing the familiar sound of the clock inside my head. The billiard room had the same double door entrance as the dining room. I grabbed hold of one of the door knobs, slowly turning it; I gave a slight tug on the door. The only light in the room was the green shaded lamp over the pool table. I saw that many of the bags seemed to have been moved perhaps as the other girls needed their things, they moved the bags that lay on top of theirs to gain access to the bags beneath. Knowing that Betsy and I were the last to arrive at the party, it was natural that ours would have been on top and now were likely moved to allow access to those who had arrived earlier.

I sifted through the piles of bags until I finally found a familiar one. Unfortunately it was Betsys. Figuring that at some point she may want her bag, I set it aside to bring back upstairs with me. I continued to fumble through the pile until at last I found my own duffel bag. I immediately unzipped it and searched the contents for the item that launched me on this quest in the first place; my pacifier. Putting it between my lips, I immediately started to suck on it. Suddenly I felt more at ease; comforted and somewhat more relaxed. I grabbed both Betsys bag and my own and headed back towards the door.

I paused for a moment to give a listen in the foyer but my ears were still ringing from the chimes on the clock that it made my effort pointless. I opened the door slowly and stepped out into the brighter light of the foyer. I was starting my trek back towards the stairs when I saw a group of girls coming out of the dining room.

There she is, said one of the girls. I told you I thought I saw her in the kitchen earlier.

Two of the five girls came rushing over to me and grabbed me by the arms. What are you doing down here? one of them asked while the other wanted to inform me that Mommy was worried sick about me.

We found her, Jennifer! shouted some of the other girls as they began to run off through the house.

I dont know why the girls thought they needed to hold on to me. Dressed as I was I clearly wasnt going anywhere; especially not at 1 am and without Betsy.

The girls that had run off soon returned followed by Jennifer and even more girls; mostly the aunties. As she approached, Jennifer glared at me up and down and slowly walked around me giving her usual visual inspection. Very obvious to her was the fact that I was holding both my bag and Betsys in my hands and my pacifier in my mouth.

Going somewhere, Baby? she growled.

Bacth uppth sthairths, I muttered through my pacifier.

But what do you have there in your hands, Baby? Jennifer asked while stepping closer to me so she could look directly down at me.

I needth my pathifier, I answered. I couldnth sltheep¦ I continued but was interrupted.

You couldnt sleep without it? Jennifer asked sounding kind of confused. I didnt know you slept with it, Baby, she said sounding absolutely delighted. But why do you have TWO bags? You and your little friend arent thinking of running away on us, are you?

Considering that Betsy was still to my knowledge passed out upstairs in the nursery and I was still dressed in footed pajamas, I wondered what made Jennifer even think I was planning such a thing.

No, I justh wantedth¦ I paused for a moment to finally take my pacifier out of my mouth to answer Jennifer more clearly. I just wanted to get my pacifier out of my bag so I could sleep. I wasnt planning on going anywhere and besides, Betsy is still asleep, isnt she?

What were you doing in the kitchen then? Rachel saw you hiding in there. Jennifer questioned.

I was hungry so I had a banana, I responded.

Jennifer, who was practically standing on top of me now, reached down and grabbed hold of the front of my pajamas and gave my diaper a good hard squeeze. My, my. It seems that even after taking the catheter out for you, youre still wetting yourself, arent you, Baby? she said with a smirk.

Quickly figuring that if Jennifer had told the others about the Botox, she wouldnt be standing here acting surprised to find me in a wet diaper. I figured the best thing to do was to play along with her new little game.

Yes, Mommy; I am, I replied while lowering my gaze to appear ashamed of myself.

Well, lets get you back upstairs, change that diaper again and get you and your pacifier tucked in properly for the night, Jennifer said as a great big smile stretched across her face and she tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulder.

The two girls that had been restraining me released their grip and I started to follow Jennifer back up the stairs and into the nursery once again. The sorry feeling I had for Jennifer earlier that evening while standing in her kitchen was long gone but I still wasnt angry at her at the moment. She could have done many things to scold me or humiliate me in front of the other girls but she actually seemed pleased to find out that I had become somewhat dependent on the pacifier she had given me and I think this actually made her happy.

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Nye Nye Abby

I continued to follow Jennifer all the way into the nursery still carrying both my bag and Betsys. Jennifer instructed me to just put the bags down on the floor, take off my pajamas and to hop up on the changing table.

I was glad to see you playing along, Abby; Jennifer said as she started pulling diaper changing supplies out of the dresser. I mean about the Botox thing. I didnt tell the others about it yet, but I will all in good time.

I wanted to ask Jennifer a million questions; most of which were about where her parents were, how did she know how to do this to me and why does she have an oversized nursery in her house but it didnt seem right to ask her even though she was now standing over me while I was completely naked and she was putting me into a fresh dry diaper.

Are you still hungry, Abby? Do you want me to bring something up for you? Jennifer asked while still working on changing my diaper.

Remembering that Jennifers refrigerator, although huge, was practically empty and her parents were away, I didnt feel right asking for anything that she couldnt spare.

Not really, but I could use something to drink, I replied. That banana left my mouth pretty dry.

Okay, let me just finish putting you back into you pajamas¦ Jennifer said as she helped put them back on over my clean diaper. She pulled up the zipper again to the neckline and I wiggled a bit to make them fit just right again. One more little thing, this is just in case you start thinking about leaving, Jennifer said as she grabbed a small brass lock and attached it to two small rings in the collar on either side of the zipper. I heard it click as she snapped it shut. Its not that I dont trust you, Baby; I just dont want you trying to leave before were done having fun. Ill be right back with something for you to drink, she said as she walked out of the room again.

I gave the little brass lock a tug but it didnt budge. I looked over at the window seat only to find Betsy still sound asleep as I had left her earlier. I was starting to feel sleepy again and now that I had my pacifier I knew I would have no trouble sleeping. With Betsy still hogging the window seat and the crib being as soft and inviting as it was, I climbed back in again. Jennifer had promised to return with something for me to drink so I sat up waiting for her to return and unlike last time when she said she would be right back to tuck me in and didnt come back; this time she returned in under two minutes.

Here you go, I hope this does the trick, Jennifer said as she handed me the contents of her left hand.

At first I was surprised but considering that I was wearing a diaper, footed pajamas, sitting in a large crib and currently wetting myself; what was so surprising that Jennifer would bring me a baby bottle to drink from. I looked at it for only a second and then let the nipple penetrate my lips. Much like the pacifier that Jennifer had given me, the nipple on the bottle seemed to fill my mouth. It was clearly not meant for a normal sized baby since it nearly choked me at first. I began to suck on it and soon found that the juice inside it was quenching my thirst. Jennifer watched me as I nearly finished the bottle before stopping to catch my breath.

Slow down, you dont want to give yourself the hiccups, do you? Jennifer remarked as she saw how quickly the bottle was being consumed.

Once I had finished the bottle, I handed it back to Jennifer who placed it on a nearby table. Now its time for Baby Abby to go to sleep. Heres your binky, she said as she handed me my pacifier. Jennifer pulled the quilt up over me. She turned the little key on the mobiles music box several times until it began to make the mobile spin as it played a nursery tune. Jennifer raised the side rail on the crib, turned out the light and left the room closing the door behind her softly saying Sleep Sweat, Little one as she exited.

The light from the nightlight glowed much dimmer than that of the overhead light but it was enough to illuminate the mobile above my head. I sucked peacefully on my pacifier while I laid there watching the mobile spin and listened to the tune it created as it danced above me. I took a few deep breaths than drifted peacefully off to sleep.

The tinkling song from the music box crossed over into my dream where I found myself floating above the ground and being carried above the clouds. Everything was white around me and a warm feeling rushed over me like a tropical ocean wave. The waves kept coming and coming, splashing and crashing into me. The sunshine on my face warmed my checks but blinded me to the next barrage of waves that would soon yank my feet out from under me and leave me floundering in the warm foamy serve unable to depart from its grasp. I was near drowning when I suddenly opened my eyes to see the mobile perched motionless above my head in the sun drenched nursery of Jennifer Arnolds house.

I yawned and stretched to help fully awaken myself from my slumber but suddenly realized, to my horror that the crib I was laying in was completely soaked as were the pajamas that I was wearing. I was drenched from my knees all the way to my chest and there was a strong smell of urine on everything around me. I stood up desperate to get these soaking wet things off of me but had only just realized, as I reached for the zipper, that the small lock that Jennifer had placed on me the night before was preventing me from undressing at all.

I thought about trying to climb out of the crib but beside the fact that I couldnt get my leg up over the side rail while it was in the up position, what good would it have done me since I was helpless to get out of my wet bedclothes.

I quickly turned towards the window to wake Betsy and get her to help me out of the crib and to see if she could get me out of my damp attire but to my surprise, Betsy was gone. I must have slept so serenely that I never even heard her wake up and leave the room.

I felt as though I was running out of options. I sat back down in the crib and waited hoping that someone would return soon to check on me. I would be happy to see Betsy but knew in my heart that if I was looking to be free of my drenched duds, I should be more delighted to see Jennifer.

The wet pajamas were no longer feeling warm against my skin; in fact they were starting to give me a bit of a chill. I had no idea what time it was at this point and since I didnt have a very good view of the window from the crib, I couldnt tell how high in the sky the sun was. It was nearly impossible to tell whether or not my diaper was getting wetter because it had long passed its usefulness and I was robbed of any feeling of my bladder releasing thanks to the Botox. I only knew that if anything were to enter my bladder, it wasnt going to stay long and would soon find its way into my diaper.

I was beginning to feel desperate again and started to wonder what game Jennifer might be playing now. Perhaps she had been aware somehow of my predicament and was just waiting for me to request her help. I looked around the room once again trying to see if there was anything within reach that I could use to help get someones attention. I couldnt find a thing so I used the only thing I was equipped with.

MOMMY! I shouted as loud as I could. I waited a moment than shouted again, MOMMY! Again I waited but didnt hear a response. I took several deep breaths, closed my eyes and with every ounce I had in me I screamed MOMMY!

I collapsed back down onto the soggy crib bedding fearing that no one was coming. I would just have to wait until they remembered that I was in here.

Good Morning, Abby, she said as she entered the room with a great big smile on her face. Actually, Good Afternoon, she said correcting herself as she looked at the watch on her wrist.

Mommy, my diaper leaked and the whole bed is wet, I told Jennifer as she walked closer and closer to the side of the crib.

Thats okay, Ill let you out and well get you all cleaned up again. I guess I should have warned you that this could happen, Jennifer began to explain. You see, when you have a catheter in, sometimes when you lay down or sit a certain way, the tube becomes pinched and doesnt leak all the time. Since your little Botox treatment, you cant help but pee constantly and since there is no catheter to pinch off to stop the flow, your own bladder has been allowing you to flood your diaper more and faster, Jennifer said as she lowered the side rail and assisted me out of the crib. Perhaps that bottle before bedtime wasnt such a good idea after all. I just filled you up as fast as you could empty back out. Jennifer giggled.

Jennifer pulled a thin gold chain that was around her neck out from under her shirt, a small brass key was strung on the chain. Jennifer removed the chain and placed the small key in the lock around my neck. There you go, Abby. You can take off those wet pajamas, Jennifer said as she turned to gather up the wet bedding in the crib. Just put them in the hamper in the bathroom and Ill wash them along with the crib linens later.

I walked towards the bathroom as I began to take off the wet flannel pajamas, but as I did, I turned to look back at Jennifer. It was only now that I realized that she wasnt dressed in her usual stylish way but in some comfy looking sweatpants and a large t-shirt. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a single ponytail and she had no make-up on. Jennifer Arnold looked normal which was abnormal for her.

I stepped into the bathroom and undressed. The diaper I was wearing was so full that it nearly hung below my knees. Not knowing what to do next since Jennifer hadnt given me any other instructions, I yelled out What should I do now, Mommy?
Take off your diaper and Ill be right in to run a bath for you, Jennifer replied back but not in her usual evil tone. She seemed normal, like she was talking to me as a friend instead of some inferior, insignificant worthless piece of humanity that she would have otherwise avoided.

For some reason I thought I might be seeing a glimpse of the Jennifer that Betsy used to know; the girl that used to be Betsys best friend but had tossed her aside because Betsy wasnt popular enough to hang out with.

As I dropped my over filled diaper to the floor, Jennifer walked into the bathroom. She reached over the bathtub to start running the water. I stood there naked and watched as she poured different things into the stream of water and as bubbles began to form on the surface of the water. She gently waved her hand in the water to thoroughly mix the special concoction of water, bath oils and bubble bath.

The bath looked very inviting and given my current urine soaked state, I was eager to step into it but Jennifer continued to stroke the water swishing it left and right with her hand. I was beginning to feel a chill creep down my nude body but it was interrupted by a warm wet yellow stream that was running down my leg.

Whether it was the sound of the running water, the Botox in my bladder or even the combination of the two that caused me to stand there and pee myself completely uncontrollably, I still dont know but I soon found myself standing in a warm yellow puddle on the bathroom floor.

Jennifer turned her attention away from the bath water for a moment to look at me. I must have looked so pitiful standing there in a puddle of my own piss as it continued to trickle down my legs.

I stood there feeling helpless as the puddle got bigger and bigger around my feet. In hindsight; perhaps I should have made my way to the toilet but the thought didnt cross my mind at the time and is now clearly the moment that I had become completely un-potty trained, I just hadnt realized or given into it yet. I still thought that I was on my way to being a grown-up again.

Baby, you just pee-peed on the floor Jennifer announced as if I wasnt aware of it. I guess I should have gotten you into the tub a little quicker. Jennifer smirked as she looked at me standing there with a golden trickle still running down my bare legs. She outstretched her hand and as I took hold of it, she helped me out of the puddle and into the warmth of the bubble bath. As I eased myself into a seated position, Jennifer turned and cleaned up the golden puddle that was spreading across the white tiled bathroom floor.

While sitting amongst the bubbles and playing with the rubber ducky bath toys, I felt an urge to talk to Jennifer who had finished cleaning the floor and was washing her hands in the sink.

Jennifer, can I ask you a question? I said sheepishly fearing a backlash from the other, meaner Jennifer.

Sure, she said to my surprise. I was so surprised in fact that I hadnt completely decided what question to ask.

Should I ask her about the unusual nursery, or should I inquire about her knowledge of Botox and Catheters. Perhaps I should ask her about Mitch.

Before I had completely formed the question in my head, I heard myself asking it. Why did you stop being friends with Betsy?

I suddenly felt like I had completely insulted her; like I had verbally slapped her across the face after being allowed to be a guest in her home.

I dont know, I guess I just got into other things that she wasnt ready for, Jennifer replied but I could see from her reaction that there was so much more to it but I wasnt about to pry for any more information.

An odd drop in conversation separated Jennifer and I. The only sound in the bathroom was that of the water splashing in the tub as I sat in its bubbles.

I think youll make a good mother for real someday, I heard myself say to fill the silence and to change the subject.

Yeah, what makes you think that? Jennifer asked.

Not knowing why that was the thought I decided to use to try to break the tension between us, I didnt have an answer at the ready for Jennifers question. I quickly thought about what quality she might possess that would make me think of that she would make a good mother.

You have a very gentle touch and you really seem to know how to care for¦ I stammered then continued Babies.

Jennifer looked at me and laughed. Well, I guess you would know then wouldnt you. Come on, lets get you cleaned up, Wash cloth in hand, Jennifer bathed me like she did the night before making sure not an inch of me was left unwashed. She even let down my pigtails and washed my hair.

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A Probing Question

As the bath water started to grow cold , Jennifer finished washing me, she unfolded a towel and held it open as I stepped out of the tub, then wrapped it around my freshly washed body. Knowing that at any moment I could end up urinating on the floor without the ability to stop it, I made my way out of the bathroom and towards the nurserys oversized changing table and climbed upon it. Jennifer had lingered in the bathroom for a moment then also reentered the nursery to discover me laying on the changing pad. She gave a slight grin as she saw me laying there perhaps because she enjoyed watching me being so submissive or maybe because having her change and dress me had started to become second nature and I did so without being told to.

Jennifer walked up beside me and opened the towel that covered me leaving my naked damp body completely exposed to the nursery. I felt a slight chill as my body hadnt recovered from the warmth of the bath. I wanted to pull the towel closed again but thought better of it as Jennifer proceeded to pull out more diaper changing materials and began placing them on my bare stomach. She walked to the end of the changing table and told me to bend my knees and raise my butt from the table and of course I complied fearing what she might do if I didnt.

Jennifer grabbed a tube that she had placed on my belly. The tube resembled a tube of toothpaste and I felt as she squeezed some of its contents between my buttocks then rubbed it all around. I assumed that it was some diaper rash cream so I was not alarmed even though Jennifer was rubbing it predominately near my anus. She wiped her hands on a baby wipe than grabbed the folded diaper she had placed on my stomach.

Lift your butt for me, she instructed and I again complied. She slid the fresh clean diaper under me as she had done on many previous occasions but as I lowered my backside back down onto the surface of the diaper, I could have sworn I felt something move or shift between my butt cheeks. I thought for a moment that Jennifer may have put her finger between my buttocks and into my anus but I saw both her hands as she reached for the baby powder and sprinkled it on me.

The feeling that something was inside me soon faded and I figured that I had just imagined it while Jennifer finished fastening the diaper to me. She opened a drawer beneath me, pulled out a pair of white plastic pants and fitted them on me one leg at a time before instructing me to lift my butt again so she could pull the plastic pants up over my diapered butt.

Again as I lowered my now diaper and plastic covered rump back down onto the changing pad, I felt something inside me shift slightly. I feared that it was another suppository that would soon be making me soil myself but it felt bigger than that. Jennifer said not a word but walked to the closet, opened it and began looking through the assortment of oversized baby clothes that dwelled behind the bi-folding doors.

I was confused because it was now Saturday afternoon and the slumber party should be over long before now. Why was Jennifer picking out more baby clothes for me to wear and what did she insert in me this time? I was afraid to ask.

As I laid there waiting for Jennifer to finish picking out clothes in the closet, I felt my anus start to tingle as though it was going numb yet I felt a pressure from inside that was unfamiliar. I must say, I was beginning to freak out a bit but I did my best to conceal my emotions from Jennifer.

With Jennifers attention being distracted by the clothes in the closet, I reached for the tube that she had used on my now numb ass. The label on the tube read Numb Bum; a gel that helps relieve the discomforts of anal activity. The instructions said to use a pea sized amount to numb the pain without decreasing the fun. Considering that Jennifer had coated most of my ass with this, it was no wonder my butt felt like it was asleep but what would an overdose of this stuff do to me?
Jennifer turned from the closet with clothes in hand while I was still reading the label on the small white tube. I would have tried to hide the tube but it was already too late. Jennifer had seen me reading it so instead of trying to deny it, I questioned her about it.
What is this for? I asked Jennifer hoping that it would have a very simple answer and that she wouldnt take offense to my asking.
Jennifer grinned slyly. I used that on you rectum so that the plug wouldnt hurt so much going in.
Well, I got my simple answer and Jennifer didnt seem offended but I think I would have been happier not knowing because now I had more questions that I was already afraid I knew the answers to.
Plug? What plug? I heard myself ask without giving it much thought or concern as my previous question.
The butt plug I stuck up your ass Jennifer replied. Didnt you feel it?
Ashamed to answer the question honestly, that even though I had felt it going in, I hated to admit that I had become so used to her putting things up my butt. I tried asking a different question instead of answering the one Jennifer posed.
Why did you put¦ I stammered and thought of a different question because I figured I already knew the answer to why she put a plug in my ass. Why did you pick out more baby clothes, arent I going home soon?
Well, to answer your first question, I put a butt plug in your ass so that I can control when you poop in your diaper and thus control you better when we are out today. Jennifer grinned again As for the baby clothes, well be taking a trip today and I want my Abby to look nice, like the little girl she is.
Not being familiar with butt plugs, I wasnt quite sure what Jennifer meant about Controlling me and I sheepishly asked her how can you control me using a butt plug?
Silly girl, do you really have to ask? Well, if you must know, having a butt plug in your ass will make you feel like you really have to poop but you wont be able to. Jennifer informed me as she set herself to the task of dressing me in a pink shirt that snapped at the crotch and a pair of denim overalls that had snaps running up the inseam of each leg. Once she was finished dressing me, including a pair of ruffled ankle socks and shiny black Mary Jane shoes, Jennifer helped me down off the dressing table. As I got down from the table and had finally put my feet back on the floor, I could feel the plug inside me. It felt odd at first but didnt hurt. It just felt, as Jennifer had described, like I had to go to the bathroom.
Jennifer grabbed a hairbrush and pulled my hair into a single short ponytail so high that it was nearly on the top of my head. She tied a pink ribbon that perfectly matched the color of my shirt around the base of the ponytail and brushed my bangs until they were perfectly straight. As she finished, she put away the hairbrush and turned to leave the room. She stopped in the doorway, looked back at me and said Now stay here, Abby. Mommy has to get herself ready for our special day.
Jennifer turned and walked out of the room. I wasnt sure how long she would be gone and I had not thought about Betsy since I first woke up. I thought about leaving the room and setting out to try to find her but I didnt know where to start looking for her. Another thought came to mind. I thought about undressing myself, removing my now much needed diaper that had already become wet and pulling out the device that was now taking up residence in my anus.
Fear of Jennifers wrath was the only thing that was currently keeping me in this room. She had done so much to me already while I had been compliant, I couldnt imagine what she would do if I made her mad again. Instead of trying to escape or to undress, I surveyed the room for something to entertain me. Since I wasnt actually a two year old even though I was diapered and dressed as one, there was nothing in the room that would normally have interested me.
Notice I said normally but since I have been put in the position of being a toddler, I figured I might as well go with it and spied on a shelf adjacent to the window seat, a bunch of small books all brightly colored. I started to walk towards the shelf and had become aware that my buttocks were no longer numb and that the motion of walking made me ever more aware of the device in my ass. It was as if I could feel it stretching my bowels with every step. I felt a fullness down there. I recognized the sensation feeling similar to having to make a bowel movement despite the fact that the last several bowel movements I had were chemically induced , uncontrolled and in my pants.
I contracted my muscles and tried to bare down hoping that the anal apparatus would somehow free itself and fall into my diaper that was still continuing to grow wetter and wetter. After being forced to wet my diapers through the aid of a catheter, it hardly surprised me now when I suddenly felt that warm rush exiting my body and filling the diaper despite the fact that Jennifer had removed the catheter after flooding my bladder with Botox, leaving it temporarily paralyzed. The anal plug however was different. Instead of causing me to soil myself uncontrolled, the plug was now there to prevent me from defecating without Jennifers permission. My efforts to force it out were to no avail. It seemed as though I would just have to wait for Jennifer to remove it.
I continued my journey towards the bookshelf, reminded of the anal plug with every baby step I took but somehow it was not completely uncomfortable, just obviously present. Once I reached the shelf, I cared less about the objects on it then I had originally but still selected one of the cheerfully decorated books and sat on the floor to begin reading its pages. Sitting down on the surface of the hardwood floor made the probe shift again and it seemed to go in deeper if only for a moment. A new sensation rippled through me until the probe found its way back to its original position. All though this was an embarrassing predicament to find myself in, somehow it felt less embarrassing than the idea of pooping in my diaper while out in public or worse, in front of my family.
Thinking about my family finding out that I was not only wearing diapers but using them much like a baby would had been a concern of mine but now I was wondering what did Jennifer do with Betsy and where was she planning on taking me today? With all the things Jennifer had done to me so far, I considered myself lucky that my parents hadnt suspected that I was wearing and using diapers but all it would take is a phone call from Jennifer to reveal my secret. I knew that until the Botox wore off, I had better do my best to keep on Jennifers good side.
A knock on the nursery door broke my train of thought. Are you ready to go, Baby? Jennifer asked as she poked her head into the doorway as she opened it. She entered the room and looked more like the Jennifer I knew from school; perfectly groomed from head to toe and fashionably dressed for a casual day out which was a stark contrast to me since I was dressed like I was ready for my first day of pre-school.
Where are we going? I asked hoping Jennifer might reveal her plan but true to form, Jennifer refused to divulge any information.
Will Betsy be going too? I inquired hoping to get an answer this time.
Betsy went home hours ago Baby, so it will just be us today. Dont worry, shes going to call your parents and let them know that you will be spending the day with me Jennifer informed me. Now lets just toss some diapers in the diaper bag so we can head out. Weve already wasted enough of the day she said as she walked towards the dresser, retrieved a handful of diapers out of the top drawer and stuffed them into a pastel pink bag that she had slung over her shoulder. She grabbed my pacifier out of the crib and handed it to me. Out of habit, I put the pacifier into my mouth immediately.
I stood up and waddled my way over towards the door. I hadnt intended to waddle but the bulk of my diaper plus the fullness I was feeling in my bowels made it hard not to. Jennifer held the door opened for me as I exited the nursery then she closed and locked the door behind us. Once in the hallway, Jennifer led the way towards the stairs and down into the foyer below. I took the stairs very slowly because every downward step reminded me of the item that was still up inside me. Walking with it in there was a bit distracting to say the least and going down the stairs was even more challenging.
It was as I made my way past the dining room door that I had realized that I hadnt eaten breakfast but Jennifer seemed in too much of a hurry to be concerned with that. Instead she walked straight to the front door and swung it open then waited for me to pass through it. I did so slowly for obvious reasons. Again, she closed and locked the door behind her and made her way out onto the curved staircase. A large black sedan pulled up in front of us on the circular driveway and a man dressed in black climbed out of the drivers seat and opened the rear door for us to climb in.
Betsy had said Jennifer was rich but I didnt know she was THIS rich. Jennifer climbed into the back of the car and took a seat near the farthest door and I followed her and sat in the seat closest to the open door feeling the anal plug shift as I sat down.
Thats not your seat. Jennifer informed me as I started to habitually buckle the seat belt over my shoulder and across my waist.
I was confused. There really wasnt any other seat to sit on unless she expected me to sit with the driver so I climbed back out of the car.
Driver, would you install the safety seat please? Jennifer asked politely and with that the driver opened the trunk of the car and pulled something out. He brought it to the rear of the car, placed it on the seat and fastened it in place using the cars seat belt. Then he climbed back out of the car, closed the trunk and waited beside the car for further instructions.
This is your seat Jennifer enlightened me as she pointed to the over-sized car seat. It had extra straps that went over the shoulders from either side and met with a buckle that came up through the legs of its occupant; which was obviously supposed to be me; than reconnected to the seat behind each hip. Knowing that I was still at Jennifers mercy, I took it upon myself to sit in it without being told to do so.
I climbed into the safety seat and my legs dangled over the floor several inches while the device inside me shifted and moved again. Jennifer began to buckle me in securely making sure that all the straps were as tight as possible before taking her seat beside me and fastening her own seat belt. Were ready Driver; Jennifer said and he closed my door and took his position in the driver’s seat. The car started to pull away as I thought about trying to make conversation with Jennifer but I just didnt know what to say so I sat quietly in my car seat, sucking on my pacifier and stared out the window hoping that I might be able to figure out where Jennifer might be taking me.

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Babys Day Out

The black sedan drove down the long driveway of the Arnolds house and passed through the big iron gates that I had last seen from the back seat of Betsys mothers car. We drove for what felt like eternity and every bump, dip and pothole in the road gave me reason to remember the new horror that Jennifer had decided to put me through. The anal plug, which seemed to go inside my rectum ever so easily was becoming a constant reminder of the power over me that I somehow gave to Jennifer. The device was still not painful but the longer it stayed in there, the more of an urge I felt to have a bowel movement but knew I couldnt.
I turned my gaze from the window beside me when I heard Jennifer dialing her cell phone. Were on our way, meet me at the concession stand she said to the anonymous voice on the other end of the phone then without another word, she snapped the phone shut and put it back in her purse. She looked over at me, gave an evil little grin and then turned her head back to face the front of the car. All I knew of my day out with Jennifer was that she had intended to humiliate me by having me dressed in baby clothes while out in public and that we were eventually meeting up with someone once we got to our surprise location and all the while I would have an anal plug inside of me, at least I no longer had the catheter coming out of me but I was still wetting my diaper due to the Botox Jennifer had flooded my bladder with before removing the catheter.
The car drove down roads that I had never traveled before and in and out of other small towns that were also unfamiliar to me, but I had only recently moved to the area so for all I knew, we could have been driving in circles. While rythmically sucking on the pacifier, I could feel myself getting sleepy as the car rolled along. After about twenty-five minutes, we made a hard left turn into a large, crowded parking lot. Out my window I spotted a sign that read:
Welcome to Van Pelt Park & Zoo.
Smaller arrow shaped signs directed traffic in separate directions for the playground, the zoo, the carousel and the ball fields. I watched out the window as we passed a lake and several picnic areas until the sedan made another turn and eventually stopped at the entrance to the zoo. The driver pushed a button inside the car and I heard the trunk latch release and felt a slight jerk as the trunk sprung open. The driver climbed out of the car and walked to the rear of the car. Jennifer unfastened her seat belt so I started to undo mine.
Suddenly, my hands started to sting as Jennifer slapped my hands away from the restraints. Baby should not be trying to unbuckle herself Jennifer scolded.
I stopped all attempts to undo the straps that had me confined to the safety seat and waited for Jennifer to release me herself but at the moment, she was more concerned with checking her appearance in the mirror. The trunk of the sedan slammed shut and the driver appeared outside the window on Jennifers side of the car and opened the door. Jennifer finally put her mirror away and leaned over to unfasten the restraints on my seat. I hopped down out of the seat and once again felt the pins and needles in my feet that had been left dangling during our trip to the zoo. Jennifer took the hand that the driver offered to her and climbed out of the vehicle. I followed after her feeling the effects of moving on the plug in my ass.
As I exited the car, I was greeted by an odd looking stroller. The colors and patterns of the material it was covered with were certainly juvenile and babyish but the size of it was off. If it was intended for a baby, it would have had to be a pretty big baby. It became apparent that this stroller was intended for me. Jennifer stepped behind it and hung the pink diaper bag from the handle then motioned to me to have a seat. I had already figured that she was going to tell me to do so and had started making my way towards it.
The driver closed the door of the car and waited instructions from Jennifer. Ill meet you back here in 3 hours she said and the driver nodded his head and got back in the drivers seat then drove away.
Once again my feet dangled free from the ground as I sat in the oversized baby carriage but otherwise I was surprisingly comfortable and was still sucking on my pacifer. Jennifer came back around to the front of the stroller and fastened the straps around my waist then took her place behind the stroller once again and started pushing it towards the ticket booth of the zoo entrance.
Rather than stopping and buying tickets, Jennifer pushed the stroller to the gate marked Members Entrance and we strolled right in. I wouldnt have thought that Jennifer Arnold frequented a zoo enough to have a membership but then again, I never thought that I would be wearing diapers and sucking a pacifier as a freshman in high school.
I started to wonder who we were there to meet since I didnt see any familiar faces as Jennifer pushed me around the zoo in the stroller, stopping briefly to look at some of the animals. I also started to wonder if we were going to get something to eat soon because I was really beginning to get hungry.
The zoo wasnt really crowded but every person that saw us, stopped and stared for a moment or two. It seemed that they had never seen a teen-aged girl, sitting in a stroller, sucking on a pacifier while wearing pink overalls. Then again, I cant say that I have ever seen such a sight myself. I heard several people snicker as they walked by and some parents tell their kids not to stare even though they couldnt keep from doing it themselves. I even heard a few people talking aloud wondering just what kind of disability I had and how nice it was of my sister to take me out for the day. I wanted to tell them that the only thing wrong with me was that I made a deal with the devil who just so happened to be pushing the very stroller I was strapped into but it seemed better just to let them assume what they wanted and go about our day.
We eventually made our way to the concession stand at the zoo and Jennifer parked the stroller near a picnic table and walked up to the counter to order some food. She hadnt asked me what I wanted to eat but I could see the menu was offering fast food delights like hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and soft drinks. Any of those would suit me just fine and I was excited when I saw Jennifer returning to the table carrying a tray full of food. She placed it on the table next to me then reached behind me for the diaper bag and pulled it off the handle of the stroller.
Is baby hungry? Jennifer asked as she fumbled through the pink bag. I have some yummy food for you.
I wanted to tell her that I was near starving but thought it best to stay in character and replied hungry, hungry, Mommy from behind my pacifier.
Jennifer finally found what she was looking for in the bag and pulled it out. It was a big pink bib with Disney princesses on it. She tied it around my neck then went back into the bag and pulled out several small glass jars and a small spoon. She twisted the top off of each jar and gave the contents of each a quick stir with the spoon then took a spoonful of a jar whose contents were green and held it up to my mouth.
I looked over towards the table where the tray of food sat but Jennifers hand followed keeping the green glop-covered spoon to my mouth. I had hoped to block the spoon with my pacifer but Jennifer reached forward with her other hand and pulled it out of my mouth that offered me the spoon again. I tried pursing my lips to avoid Jennifer getting any of that nastiness in my mouth but she was determined and I was hungry. I eventually caved and opened my mouth and Jennifer pushed the spoon inside.
The taste was so much worse than the appearance but before I could get the taste out of my mouth, Jennifers hand had returned with yet another spoonful and forced it into my mouth. I was hoping that the taste would improve with each additional mouthful but unfortunately it didnt and Jennifer forced spoonful after spoonful into my mouth. Once the first jar was empty, Jennifer moved onto feeding me the next jar, which contained something orange in color. Right away, I assumed it was carrots and prepared myself for the taste of them being far off and nasty.
Jennifer raised the spoon to my lips again and I took a moment then accepted her offering. I was shocked by the flavor. I had anticipated carrots even really bad carrots but the jar was not filled with mechanically separated carrots but sweet potatoes. Okay, they still didnt taste great but they werent as bad as whatever was in the first jar. Each time Jennifer raised the spoon to my mouth, I eagerly accepted each and every bite until once again the jar went empty. Jennifer reached for the third and final jar which was golden in color and had obvious chunks inside it.
Jennifer filled the spoon and once again brought it up to my face. I could smell cinnamon and apples so I opened my mouth again and allowed Jennifer to fill it with this new flavor. It was sweet with a hint of apple and cinnamon, almost like an apple pie but without the crust. Sadly this jar of food went really fast and was gone in no time, yet I was still hungry.
Jennifer must have been aware that 3 jars of baby food was not enough to fill me up so she reached into the bag again and withdrew two items. The first was a bag of animal crackers and the second was a sippy cup that was filled with apple juice. She handed them both to me and I snacked on them myself while Jennifer turned to face the table and eat her lunch that was on the tray. Once my mouth was dry from stuffing it full of crackers, I took a sip from the childish cup. Jennifer was enjoying a cheeseburger, fries and a soda when she suddenly looked up and waved to someone walking towards us. This must have been who she called earlier in the car. My back was turned to Jennifers approaching friends so I couldnt see who it was but I assumed it was the Aunties coming to make my day all the more miserable.
I had decided that I wasnt going to let the arrival of the Aunties affect me so I continued to snack on my crackers, drink my juice and let whatever game Jennifer wanted to play run its course. She had told the driver that she would meet him in 3 hours and if I had to guess, we had about 2 and a half hours left before we were to meet him again.
Jennifer stood up and walked away from the table towards her approaching friends and I heard her say Im so glad you could make it. I was afraid you wouldnt be able to find us.
No problem, as soon as you told us to meet you near the concession stand you should have known wed find you said a voice that was obviously NOT one of the Aunties. The voice was too deep and masculine. I finally decided I needed to know who we were meeting and I turned around to see who was approaching.
To my horror, Jennifer was taking turns hugging several different BOYS from our school including one who was sitting in a wheelchair because his ankle was in a cast and another dark haired boy who was pushing his buddys wheelchair. Steven, Mitch, and a few other boys from school had shown up at the zoo to meet Jennifer and me.
I turned back around, grateful that the boys couldnt see my face as I could tell it was turning bright red. I had been expecting the Aunties to show up, not a group of upper class men boys. One of the boys was playing around on Steves crutches that Steve wasnt using since he rented a wheelchair from the zoo, while another of the boys kept trying to knock him off of them.
Jennifer stood talking to them for a moment or two before they excused themselves to get into line for their own food. Mitch pushed Steves wheelchair up to the table that Jennifer had been sitting at and offered to get Steve something to eat.
Jennifer sat back down at the table next to Steve and the two of them started making small talk, mostly about his foot. I was glad that I had somehow become invisible. The first of the boys came back carrying a tray of food that he slammed on the table between where Jennifer was now sitting and where I was parked in my stroller. He jumped onto the picnic bench and started to devour his meal by stuffing fistfuls of French fries into his mouth and taking a big gulp of his drink.
After unwrapping his burger from its paper and taking an abnormally large bite, he asked through his mouthful of food Whose this?
Troy, you have NO manners. Hasnt anyone ever told you not to talk with your mouthful? Jennifer scolded at the boy sitting between us who was gesturing with his soda cup in my direction.
Troy cleared his mouth and bowed towards Jennifer. Im sorry, your Highness; Who is this? he said gesturing towards me again with his mouth now cleared.
Jennifer stood up and walked over to the back of the stroller that I was strapped to and turned it to face the table as more of the group of boys returned to the table and took a seat while looking at Jennifer. They all seemed to have the same question but none of them spoke for they were waiting for something to happen. Mitch had still not returned to the table with his tray of food but Jennifer decided to introduce me to the group already there.
Everyone, this is Abby Jennifer started. Isnt she a cute little girl? I am babysitting her today and that is why we came to the zoo.
I was so embarrassed and wanted to cry but I knew that it would only make my situation worse, so I held it inside.
Really? asked one of the boys. How old is she?
Jennifer didnt allow me to answer for myself Abby just recently turned 2 years old.
Considering that a week or two ago I was an average teenaged girl and today I am wearing and wetting a diaper and sitting in a stroller, I guess you could say that I recently turned 2 but most people go from being 1 to 2 years old. In my case I went from being 14 to 2 years old. It was apparent that I wasn’t really fooling any one into thinking I was actually 2 years old. I may have been short for my age but as a 2 year old, I am HUGE.
Is she the one I heard about at school started one of the other boys.
Brian, shes only 2, shes not old enough to go to school Jennifer retorted. It seemed that she was going to pretend that I was really only 2 years old.
But I heard a freshman girl shit in her pants in the middle of the hallway Brian argued back.
Jennifer shot him an evil look Abby isnt old enough to be in high school, she is just a little girl and as for shitting in her pants, Abby still wears diapers and all little babies poop and pee in their diapers. Its what they do.
So she is wearing a diaper right now? asked Troy.
Of course she is Jennifer replied and I bet it is pretty wet by now. With that remark, I had a horrible thought. Jennifer was going to change my diaper in public, at the zoo and maybe even in front of these boys. Maybe in front of¦… MITCH.
Mitch had returned to the table with Steves food and sat down where Jennifer had been sitting. He looked confused by the laughing and parts of the conversation he had missed.
What did I miss? he asked as he started to eat his lunch. Troy leaned over and whispered in his ear. Really, are you serious? Mitch suddenly turned to look over at me.
I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment, a tear roll down my face and a flood of urine fill my diaper. The boy I had a crush on now undoubtedly knew that I was wearing a diaper as did all of his friends and Jennifer was right, my diaper was quite wet.
Excuse me gentlemen Jennifer said as she took hold of the stroller handles. I need to find a private place to change Little Abby’s diaper. I’ll be back in just a minute or two. Jennifer started strolling me away from the picnic area following signs for the restrooms. It wasn’t a long walk but we were out of sight of the boys now and I felt a little less embarrassed even though I was still getting odd looks from passers-by.
Jennifer wheeled the stroller into a bathroom marked Family Restroom and it had a handicapped logo on the extra wide door as well. I was grateful that she wasn’t taking me into the standard ladies room where anyone and her sister could see me not only in a diaper but also about to have it changed by someone my own age. As the door closed behind me, Jennifer turned and bolted the lock on the door of the very private restroom.
The room was massive as far as most public restrooms go. The walls and floor were both done in white tiles with the exception of a few animal print tiles that were placed randomly around the room. There were 2 separate toilets in the room separated only by a small partition but no doors. One of the toilets was surrounded by metal rails and was taller than the average toilet. The second toilet was much shorter, shorter than the average toilet as was definitely there for small children to use. There were also 2 separate sinks in the room and again, the first was of average height while the second was noticeably shorter, again designed for the young patrons of the zoo. Also in the room was a very large counter top; sturdy and strong looking and perhaps made of granite or marble. Above the counter read the words Changing Area “ Please Keep Clean
Jennifer opened up the diaper bag once again and started unpacking items and laying them on the Changing area. She stretched out a blanket on the cold hard surface, placed a fresh diaper, rash cream, powder and a few other essentials within arms reach then came and unfastened my restraints. I was eager to stand up again but the numbness in my feet made me a bit unsteady. Jennifer helped me up onto the changing table. The blanket did little to make the hard surface more comfortable but I give Jennifer credit for trying. I slowly laid back and Jennifer went about unsnapping the snaps between my legs and peeling back my pants like a banana revealing the snaps on the shirt I was wearing that was snapped at my crotch. With a quick jerk, Jennifer undid those snaps as well exposing my diaper-clad crotch.
The diaper was swollen with warm wet urine making the front of it appear almost rounded. I could see Jennifer eying the front of my diaper. Her left hand brushed my diaper as she pulled the bottom of my shirt upward. I believed it to be an accident until I felt her right hand give my diaper a little pinch between my legs. Her left hand then returned to the front of my diaper and was now pressing down firmly. She hadn’t yet undone the tapes that helped confine me in the wet diaper but she was slowly starting to rub it against my pubic area. Jennifer never took her eyes off of what she was doing and didn’t speak a single word but just kept right on rubbing harder and harder, deeper and deeper. It was starting to feel so good to me. I didn’t want Jennifer to see how much I was starting to enjoy this and for fear of shouting out, I ended up biting my lip and closing my eyes.
She kept massaging the front of my diaper and I did my best to avoid getting arroused by it but my best wasn’t even close to good enough. Something about having that warm, wet, thick diaper pressing against me in circular motions was undeniably thrilling and Jennifer was relentless, she kept rubbing; first clockwise, then counter clockwise, up and down, side to side then back to circular motions all over again. I was biting my lip so hard that I feared that I would soon draw blood. I released my grip on my lower lip and started breathing heavily through my mouth still trying to keep quiet and failing miserably at it. I was once again grateful that this was a private bathroom.
Just at the moment that I thought I would burst, Jennifer stopped.
I was still feeling the affects of her manipulations but was finally able to open my eyes. Jennifer was staring at my face now and smiling. She still didn’t say a word but finally went about undoing the the tapes on my diaper and pulled the front of it down between my knees. She grabbed a handful of wipes and started to clean my nether region. The mere touch of the cool wet wipes on my naked pelvis made me gasp with excitement, then she used the wipes to clean between my labia. I felt her fingers rubbing the areas that were already swollen with pleasure from her massaging my diaper and now she was touching them with only a thin wet wipe as a barrier between us. Again, she rubbed first in a circular pattern, then left to right, front to back then round and round again.
Before hitting my peak of excitement, Jennifer once again stopped. This time she tossed away the wipes and I felt her pull out the plug she had inserted into my anus earlier that morning. It felt as though my rectum was stretched open a bit and soon I felt a warm mushy sensation between my butt cheeks and a trickle of urine escape my body and enter the open diaper. The smell of my own feces made its way towards my nose and suddenly I had realized what had just happened. I had just pooped on the changing table in a public restroom.
Jennifer stood there watching as I made a mess of the open diaper. I hadn’t intended to do it and other than the anal plug being in my ass, I had know idea what caused me to do it but somehow, I couldn’t stop myself from soiling. Once I finished, Jennifer went back to work with wipes in hand to clean me up again. There was no massage this time, just work to rid my bottom of the smelly mess that I had made. When her work was nearly complete, Jennifer pulled a fresh diaper out of the diaper bag and started to unfold it. I raised my bum up so that she could remover the old one and held it up as she replaced it with a fresh clean diaper. While my ass was still in the air, Jennifer took the opportunity to spread some more rash cream on my buttocks, or so I thought.
Before I could get used to the feeling of the plug not being in there, Jennifer took another tube of cream and lubed up my anus again. The numb feeling returned to my butt and soon after I felt a bit of pressure down there. It didn’t feel quite the same as last time. This time in some weird way, it felt bigger or wider. The sensation of having to poop was suddenly back and stronger now than it was before.
I lowered my legs onto the fresh diaper and felt the plug in my ass. Even though my butt was still numb from all the cream, I could tell the plug was firm and large, larger than the last one. It was uncomfortable like the last one but just a bit more unpleasant that the previous one.
Jennifer powdered me and pulled up the front of my new diaper before fastening it tightly around my waist. She pulled my shirt back down to cover my new diaper and re-snapped the snaps on both my shirt and on the overalls I was wearing. It was time for me to sit up but with this new plug in my bottom, I wasn’t sure how pleasing that would be. Just closing my legs was enough to notice the new larger plug.
Jennifer grabbed my elbow and helped me into a seated position atop the oversized changing table. The pressure on the plug grew greater and I felt it fill me up to the point that I felt stretched even further down there. I turned in place and let my legs dangle over the edge of the counter until Jennifer helped me down onto the floor. Standing with the anal plug in didn’t relieve the pressure and actually made me want to squat to try to push it out like a huge turd. I knew that any attempt to push it out would be futile so I fought the urge but it wasn’t an easy battle to win. I made my way slowly to the stroller and began to lower myself back into it as Jennifer repacked the diaper bag. I felt the pressure once again in my bowels as they were being stretched by the new larger plug and sitting on it took a bit of getting used to again. The thought that the previous one being pulled out made me soil myself made me wonder what the larger one would do once it too had been pulled out.
Jennifer must have seen me grimace as I sat down. After having had her arouse me and change my diaper without so much as a word, she finally broke the silence by saying I guess that bigger plug doesn’t feel as nice as having your diaper massaged, does it? It’s okay, Baby. It will stop hurting soon. It’s only because I put a bigger one in and it will take time for your muscles to stretch and get used to it.
I wanted to ask her why she was using them and why was I having my rectum stretched but I knew Jennifer wasn’t about to give me a straight answer. I found my sippy cup in the seat of the stroller and began drinking from it again. Jennifer strapped me back into the stroller and I felt my diaper get wet as we left the bathroom and walked back towards the concession stand to meet up with the Boys.
By the time we returned to the table, the boys had all finished their lunches. I still had a few animal crackers left and a bit more juice to finish but since I was sitting in a stroller being pushed by Jennifer, it didn’t matter whether I finished my food in the picnic area or ate it as we walked along in the zoo. Jennifer had returned my pacifier to me but I felt awkward putting it my mouth in front of the boys, especially Mitch.
Troy and some of the other boys walked ahead of us as we toured the zoo but Mitch, who was pushing Steve in a rented wheelchair, walked along side of Jennifer and I.
Jennifer and Steve were talking about things that didn’t pertain to me but I tried to listen all the same, just in case they had said something I would need to know later. Mitch was very quiet except for the occasional laugh at a joke or something funny one of the guys was doing. I on the other hand stayed completely silent hoping that I could go less noticeable to those around us but I still seemed to attracting the stares of other zoo patrons. Figuring it couldn’t get any worse, I put my pacifier back in my mouth and closed my eyes so I couldn’t see those people who were surprised to see such a big Little girl out for a stroll in the zoo.
The zoo wasn’t very large and we managed to see most of it in the remaining time we had. Mitch and Steve were getting ready to leave and had to return the rented wheelchair near the entrance so Steve got back on his crutches leaving Mitch’s hands free. It was at this point, while we were heading towards the exit, Jennifer said I’m tired. Mitch, do you think you could push the stroller for me for a bit?
I had been trying so hard all day not to stare at Mitch and to pretend I really was just a two year old little girl out for the day with her babysitter. Now the guy I like romantically might be pushing me around in a stroller. How humiliating.
Sure, No problem Mitch said I’d be happy to as he took control of the handles of the stroller. Now he was behind me, I couldn’t see his face and I was too afraid to talk to him because of my current situation so I just sat there as he pushed the stroller towards the parking lot.
Mitch started to swerve the stroller back and forth, zigging and zagging around imaginary obstacles. The more I tried to sit still in the seat, the sharper he made the turns so that I was off balance a few times. At one point he started to run while pushing me. I guess he was being playful but I was too embarrassed to enjoy it. He finally stopped as we neared the large black sedan. The driver was standing outside the car leaning against the passenger side of the car. As we approached, he opened the rear door and pushed a button on the key chain in his hand and the trunk popped open. Jennifer hugged Steve and was making her Good-byes when Mitch bent down, placed his hands on either side of my head, pursed his lips and leaned in to kiss me. I was so excited and nervous. I started to purse my lips as well only to realize I still had my pacifer in my mouth. I was about to spit it out when Mitch’s kiss landed squarely on my forehead.
He reached down further to unfasten the restraints that kept me tethered to the stroller and as he stood back up, he gave Jennifer a big hug, a peck on the cheek and waved at me saying Bye Bye Abby.
I felt so small at that moment. Mitch actually kissed me on the forehead like a real 2 year old little girl. How would he ever see me as someone he could take to the homecoming dance especially if he already knew that I was wearing a diaper and have used it on more than one occasion.
Once I was free of the stroller, I climbed out, feeling the butt plug in my anus shift as I moved again and I climbed into the back seat of the car and into the safety seat that I was strapped into on the way here. The driver folded up the stroller and placed it into the trunk with the diaper bag. Jennifer was still making her good byes to the boys then climbed into the car next to me and closed the door but opened the window as she waited for the driver to take his seat behind the wheel.
She continued to talk to the boys through the window and as we started to pull away, I heard the boys yelling Bye Jen and then to my horror, I heard Mitch yell Bye Bye Abby. My cheeks blushed and I turned away to hide my pacifier filled face.

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