New Short Fantasy: Pampers Freelady by Bonsai

My personal idea of one of the most common fantasies.

The conference room was crowded, and was the biggest one available. The sound produced by all that waiting people, the major part sit but also many standing near the bottom wall, was similar that of a very loud colony of penguins. There still were five minutes to wait and they were thrilled. Over the desert podium there was a huge logo that said PAMPERS, and nothing else. The target of the press conference vas to present a new line of products and there were rumors about larger diapers thought for teenagers. That was a good reason to be impatient.

There were some very nervous people also on the other side of the curtains and stupid jokes like “do you feel to need the new product right now?” were practiced against the more involved ones. This project was huge, lot of money went for R&D and the budget forecasted to spend a lot of more money. It had not to be a flop.

Finally the first speaker appeared and the stall slowly began to calm down. There were few camera flashes and a TV camera was switched on. The man took a microphone and used it: "Good evening, ladies and gentleman. I am Steven Grant, the person in charge for the commercialization of Pampers newest line of products, Pampers Freelady. The product is thought as a protective underwear for teenagers who suffer for the Goldstein syndrome or similar diseases. We surely took advantage of the great experience that Pampers has in diapers for babies, but then we developed something completely new, designed for the very specific exigencies of our target. The name of the product, Pampers Freelady, has inside the idea we wanted to realize: give back to the girls the freedom that the trouble took them. But I can do better than just speaking, I will show you this revolutionary product. "While Mr. Grant was saying the last words of the speech, the illumination got lower and a screen sheet started to unload noisily.

<The video is a two minutes commercial of the product. It had been a very hard task to realize it, but the final effect was quite perfect. The main problem was to give a completely different image from the products for infants, so there was a first part where a great blond girl explained her particular situation. It opens with her face (very serious expression) and her voice: “Unfortunately, I have the Goldstein syndrome.”

While the shot slowly get enlarges, we discover that she is walking in a corridor (we see shoulders and breasts). “Since not much time ago, my life was a living hell. The protection I needed to use was uncomfortable when I had to move and was taking away all my dignity. It was so obvious that I had it on, everybody knew it just looking at me. Then it wasn’t safe. Do you know the feel of shame when you discover a damp spot on your trousers? What do you do when all the people around stare at you wordlessly?”

Around her other boys and girls are passing doing their own affairs and that gives the idea of a school. “Now I finally got back my freedom” there is anger in her voice. We are now in front of what seem to be the bathroom doors. “Now I have the life that a girl of my age should have.”
The girl reach the door of a stall, opens it and get inside.

“Now…I use Pampers Freelady!” and the stall door get closed, leaving the camera outside.

Then follows the description of the product with an animated 3-D rotating image. The shape is similar to the one of a diaper for infants, but many particulars make clear that it’s not. The color crosses many tonalities of blue and red, with sober designs. An outfield voice explains: “It has velcro tapes like a diaper and you can wear it in that way. But then, the elastic texture of the sides allows slipping it down like normal underwear. The material inside is soft and anallergic and contains a cream that prevents diaper rashes, the particular shape consent to have a very active and sportful life avoiding contracting unpleasant irritations. While the dryness and safeness is guaranteed by super absorbent core and by the elastic barriers, the thinness of the pad and the unrustling outside material consent to maintain the maximum direction.”

Then comes the ending slogan: “Pampers Freelady, to get back your freedom!”>

Note: the Goldstein syndrome, once a very rare disease, is becoming very common. It affects only women and shows immediately after the first menstruation. Symptoms are enuresis and frequent and unbearable urge to pee during the day. Has a cyclic course and reaches the maximum intensity right after the end of each menstruation cycle. The problem can be solved with a very simple surgical operation, but only when the patient stop to grow.