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Nominations Rules

I thought we were running really late this year, but got a nice surprise when I saw we are actually 2 weeks ahead of where we were on it last year! At any rate, it seems only right to continue in the vein of having the SOTY this year, even though submissions were down. There have still been some good new stories, and they deserve recognition.

There is no limit on the number of stories you may nominate, provided the nominations adhere to these guidelines:

1.) Stories must have at least 5 chapters or 10 single-spaced pages (whichever is larger) posted in 2011. Stories which won the 2010 Story of the Year contest or were entered into the 2011 Short Story contest are not eligible.

2.) Authors may have up to two stories in the contest. If an author has more than two stories nominated, (s)he will choose which two to enter.

3.) Nominated stories must have been developed on this forum. Non-Member Stories are not eligible.

4.) Self-nominations are not permitted.

5.) Nominations will be accepted through Feb. 1.

6.) Voting will take place from Feb. 2 through Valentines Day (Feb. 14). Details about the voting process will follow when nominations are completed.

7.) Nominations and voting are open to members only. Non Members can not see this board (nor post on any board).

Re: Nominations Rules

This really, really narrows the field. I’m not aware of anything in the completed/member sections that is complete, had at least 5 chapters/10 pages posted in 2011, and was actually developed on this forum, as opposed to having been developed elsewhere and crossposted here.

(edit) just noticed that “in progress” works are eligible. Still, the field is pretty tiny…

Re: Nominations Rules

Not really it isn’t. I have noted 7 pages of topics in the Story Board from this year - which is more than we had for last year. Some of these of course are just replies from earlier stories, some will be too short and unfinished, and some will just be BAD …. but the field is not “tiny”.