Normalizing By:Long_Rifle

[size=12pt]Normalizing. By: Long_Rifle

Well this is a short on. Took a day to slap together. Written based on a drawing from a certain space born manatee. I recently joined a website. A certain “cushy” and “penned” site. It cost to join, but dam I’m a sucker for good art. Anyways. Mr. R. Manatee, you NEED to do a few more to make that a sequence. Please! And thanks for the motivation. I’m also working on the story with mushy tushy in it as well. Contains: diapers, female and male regression. And…. I don’t know, words. Enjoy!

Cue music intro.
Three, two, one, lets go!

“This is Nancy Yoman coming to you from outside the east coast’s most recent government lifestyle rehabilitation center. Or GLR as most people call them. There are many stories and myths that circulate the Internet about what really goes on inside. The only sure thing being that in the ten years since the practice was first started as a pilot program in Ohio, crime rates have dropped by half.” The camera panned from the beautiful woman towards a grey concrete building. Looking more like a prison then the hospital it was supposed to be. “It would be fair to say that we know more about the inner workings of the UN then we do of the GLR. Now, exclusively here on ABC7 we have been granted exclusive access inside. Staff, policies, even the treatment that seemingly has a one hundred percent success rate. We have been promised complete access.”

The camera panned back towards her face. “Get the story, tonight at eleven!” She waited till the broadcast light was off, then counted down five more seconds. “Are we out?”

The camera man nodded. “Link is down. Contact was good.” He smiled at her as he started taking down the camera. “As long as you don’t forget your name this is gonna be the biggest story this year.”

She started to check her makeup one last time, “Or this is a big nothing story. If there isn’t any bombshell in there then this is going nowhere.” She double checked the small black square pinned to the middle of her blouse. “And you’re sure this is good?”

He nodded again, camera down and ready for the truck, “I told you, it’s like google glass. Just a different location. Stand towards your target and we get everything, it lets you look where you want and not make millions throw up at home.”

“You know I’m more concerned about quality. Will the video be good?”

He was sliding everything back into the truck. “Fine. It will be fine. If you’re so concerned why don’t you let me in there with you. I can run the camera.”

Nancy dropped her makeup into a pocket and shook her head. “I want you outside.” She turned and looked back at the building. Something made her shiver. “Just in case I need some…. Help.”

The van door slammed shut with a click. “What the hell are you worried about? The whole town knows you’re going in there. And this is a hot story, nationals are rebroadcasting as well. What are they going to do? Erase everyone’s memory? Quit worrying and relax. This is going to be a great story, seriously just relax.”

She tried to smile, instead she weakly laughed. “Right. It’s just big story jitters. Just keep your eyes on the screen.” She double checked her watch. “Time to shine!” She turned and walked away, towards the large building. Ten feet away she turned back to the van, just in time to see the side door close, and the extra whip go up. The idea that everyone was watching made her suddenly feel much better. She turned back to the building with a real and easy smile on her face.

Thirty minutes later Nancy was staring through a frosted glass window in horror. “This can’t be real…” Se kept thinking. There is no way they could get away with this kind of program." But she was looking at it. The truth was right in front of her.

“At this point the retreads are shown to prospective parents. Sometimes they come in person, but mostly they watch through the camera behind you. We like to give the illusion of a real maternity wing, so we set up the final transport like you see.”

Nancy was sweating. There was no way this was going to be allowed to air. People would riot. “Why is Mary letting me see this?” She couldn’t ask that though. She cleared her throat. “So they are brought here after the sentence has been served?”

Mary smiled warmly. As if she was being questioned by a child. “No, this is before. All we do to them at this point is sedate them so they can be dressed and presented. We do the final sentence after family approval, and in their full view. Just in case they don’t like what they see.”

“Certainly.” It was already obvious to Nancy. The woman’s eyes were darting back and forth. She struggled and pulled at her restraints. But with her hands and feet attached to the plastic sides of her bin there was nothing she could do. “She looks very scared. Why not give her the same drug you give everyone else?”

Mary took a breath. “The rest of the clients are only getting a slight mental shift. Maybe getting a bad thumb sucking habit. Or bed wetting. Most of them get at least that. Hard to be a hard core criminal when you wear pull-ups to bed. Or suck your thumb when nervous. However these are special cases. We deal with them differently. Unless prospective parents request it, they are required to have one last dose of humility before they are adjusted and released into their mew parents care.”

“Special cases…” Nancy felt herself relax. “So she has a large rap sheet?”

Mary actually laughed. “No, just really cute and she fit a given profile. Then we contact the buyers and go from there.”

Nancy almost threw up in her mouth, “What? She didn’t commit any heinous crime?”

“No. She was caught shoplifting. She was sentenced here.”

“But what about her rights?” Nancy almost screamed the question. She was trying to control herself, but there was an obvious edge to her voice now. “Not a single complaint from parents or the ACLU?”

Mary walked closer to the glass, with practiced precision she moved her hand to a metal plate on the wall next to it and drew a small symbol with her finger. Instantly the smokey quality of the glass changed to crystal clear. The young ladies eyes instantly locked onto Nancy’s. It was obvious she was moving her mouth, saying something to them. But all sounds were muffled. “It’s part of the process. Normalizing. Once the NSA started their projects we were latched on.” She waved at the woman in the cot as she continued. “If an agency can see all web traffic, it should be obvious they can add or adjust it as well. We do that in these cases.” She motioned towards Nancy who still looked shocked. “Lets get a little closer to her. Then you’ll understand.”

Nancy followed her out another doorway, and into a small hallway with several doors. Mary picked one and entered. Nancy was close behind. “I don’t see what this will show, why don’t we continue on with the rest of the tour?” She asked. Wanting nothing more then to leave and never come back.

Mary opened another door, this time the air from inside felt different. Warmer, moister. When the reporter took a breath the smell of stale urine almost made her gag. Mary had been watching, and seemed to enjoy the responce. “We keep it warm in here. And the scent keeps them all reminded of what is about to happen.”

They were inside the room behind the glass window. Nancy swung her body to have the video take in several bins aligned along the wall. Empty, save for padding and blankets. Waiting for their next victims. She shuddered. The woman in the plastic tub had gone quiet as they entered. But sensing she wasn’t about to be regressed she started pleading again.

“Please! This is all a mistake! I didn’t do anything that bad! I don’t want to be a baby! Call my parents they’ll tell you! I’m not bad! I’m not-”. Her final words were muffled when Mary jammed a pacifier in her mouth and strapped it in place. She looked at Nancy to see if she had any questions.

Nancy was speechless. When she failed to say anything Mary took a small folder from behind the cot and opened it. “Well…. Lets see… Her name is, well her old name is really not important. She’s going to be Lizzy now. Seems she was an honor student. Made a four point one average.” She reached out and patted her on the head at that. “A little smarty pants. Held down a job, saved for college. But on a dare she got caught stealing.”

“Lizzy? She’s an honor student? But why do this to her? What about the loss-”.

Mary cut her off. “She was an honor student, she was going to college, she was walking and talking and wiping her own ass. Now she’s going to be spending some time thinking about peer pressure and why she should have ignored it. A few decades at least.”

Nancy had gone white. She had stopped sweating even in the much warmer room and was slipping into placid shock. It was to much. “And she will need diapers?” Was all she could think to say.

Another laugh, the cruelest so far, “Only for the rest of her life.”

The figure in the cot jerked at that. Nancy noticed and tried to sooth her. “It’s okay, you’ll be nice and relaxed soon. Just a cute little baby girl!” Nancy knew this video would never make it out, now she hoped she could trick Mary into at least letting her go. “It’s for the best, I bet you’ll really enjoy yourself.”

The door they had entered through opened. A woman in a white uniform had entered with a syringe in her hand. She looked at Mary, and when she nodded she walked to Lizzy and opened her diaper. A dab with alcohol and the syringe was in and emptied. The diaper was quickly retaped and the nurse turned on her heels and left.

Mary started to talk, almost in a monotone. “It takes a few minutes to really work. You’ll notice her diaper start to discolour as her body loses the ability to control its bladder and bowels. Thankfully they are usually to bound up for a BM, but if she had loose stools you’d smell that as well.”

As she finished nancy watched the diaper start to change. A slight discolourimg between her legs billowed out, then started to spread upwards. “She’s really pissing herself?!” She said shocked to see it actually happen.

Mary rolled her eyes. “Obviously. Now watch the hands and feet. You’ll see them visibly relax. That’s the que that her nerves have been hit.”

Nancy poked at the sodden diaper. She was horrified at what she was watching. “This is like an execution.” She said.

Mary grabbed her hand and roughly put it to the woman’s sweaty chest. “Hardly. Feel her breathing. Feel her heart? She’s very much alive. And will remain so.” She stopped speaking for a few seconds, then let go and pointed to her hands. “See? She’s losing control right now.” They watched as her hands opened and closed several times. Becoming looser and looser every time. After the sixth attempt all she could do was twitch them with no control. Mary stuck her finger in one of the loose fists, Nancy was surprised when it closed tightly on it. Then slowly opened again, letting it free. “Almost done here.” Mary said wiping her hand off on her shirt.

As Nancy watched the woman’s body grew tense, every muscle and tendon sharp against her skin. Her back arched, pushing her chest out lewdly. Then as if she was a popped ballon she flopped loosely down into the cot. Rhythmically sucking at the pacifier in her mouth, and staring at the ceiling with an odd detached look on her face.

“That…. That’s it?” She waved her hand in front of the woman’s face. “She’s really gone?”

“Gone? What do you mean? She’s still right here you silly girl.” She unlocked the wheels and started to roll her towards the back of the room. A section of the wall moved back a few inches and slid away, revealing a larger room with more people moving about. Another cot looked to be occupied. And they were busy undressing the unlucky occupant. Cutting away a shirt, and trimming short hair even shorter. Nancy followed Mary, keeping her and the cot in front of her and hopefully still in her video. Mary handed her a diaper, then started to unbuckle all the restraints before picking Lizzy up and sliding her onto a large soft padded table. “Unless you mean her diapey, then yes, she definitely went.”

Nancy could barely speak. “I mean… She’s not there anymore…. In…. In her mind? It’s all gone?” She started looking for exit signs. Hoping she could make a run for it, praying that her camera man could make it there fast enough to save her. “She’s just a baby now?”

The diaper tapes opened with a loud rip, “What? Of course not! That really would be an execution. No, she’s all in there right now. She’s just detached at the moment. In an hour or so she’ll be back, the adjustment releases a ton of endomorphs into the blood. The little thing is high as a kite right now.”

Nancy’s skin went red. “You mean she’s going to remember everything!” The smell of fresh urine hit her nose. She looked down at the soaked diaper between the woman’s legs. “That’s like torture!”

Mary started to whistle while she worked. “Maybe. Not my call. And besides its only torture if we do something that’s physically scarring. Isn’t that that new definition now? I don’t think this qualifies.” She pulled the wet diaper out from under her bum and rolled it up. Nancy held the diaper she had been given earlier out to her. Mary pushed it back. “Oh no honey. That’s your diaper.”

Nancy’s head spun as she heard the words. She reached out for balance, almost falling to the floor. A strong set of hands guided her to the still warm cot Lizzy had just been in. “This. This is wrong!” Was all she could say. Slowly warmth filled her panties and ran down her legs as she pissed herself in fear. “It’s fucking evil!” She murmured.

Mary tisked at the mess, then went back to changing Lizzy. “It may be wrong. It may not be. This program has lowered crime across the country, and with the sales of certain desirable people, it has not cost Americans a single dime.”

Nancy felt like throwing up, actually tasted the acid in her mouth. There was the sound of something being rolled up next to her, she looked towards it and screeched. “Dave!” Inside another plastic tub was her camera man. His hair cut short, already dressed in an infantile shirt, and a fresh disposable diaper. He looked more pissed then scared, and she could almost make out his curses behind the pacifier strapped to his face. “Nooooo! Dave!” The sight of her last hope strapped and diapered into an overgrown bassinet finally told her it was time to run.

She jumped to her feet and started towards the only door she could see. Her body slammed against it. But the knob would not turn. She started to claw at the door. Screaming at the top of her lungs. She backed up for a kick, but felt several hands grab her and pull her off her feet. She thrashed and tore at anything she could see, even biting her own shirt in the process. But found herself strapped into one of theirs pods next to the table holding Lizzy. The diaper she had been holding was now in Mary’s hands.

She thoughtfully smacked it against her palm a few times. “I think that qualifies as being naughty little lady.”

Nancy shook her head violently, the acid taste in her mouth returned, and in an instant she was puking all over herself, even managing to spatter poor Lizzy as well. She spit several times to clear the foul taste from her mouth, “You’ll never get away with this! The whole world knows I’m in here! You can’t adjust them all!”

Mary stopped smacking her palm with the diaper, “We don’t have to silly girl.” She looked up and away from her and nodded.

Nancy found herself instantly surrounded by several people. Two worked at her feet, removing socks and shoes. While more cut and removed her pants and ruined panties. Another set worked on her blouse. Nancy almost felt good about that, the warm puke was starting to make her nauseous again. She closed her eyes when the hair cutting started. To afraid to see the pixie cut she was being given. Then moist towels rubbed her body, removing all traces of her previous accidents. It only took one command and a jab to make her raise her bum for the diaper. She sneezed when the powder was puffed on, and the diaper was taped in place. Then with the shirt being worked on she finally started to cry. Great loud sobs came forth, moving her whole body with their force.

Mary let her cry. “That’s a girl. Just let that all out. Can’t have you crying like that in front of the parents. They won’t like that.” Several more moments of sobbing and it started to taper off. Mary nodded, “Okay, move her.”

Nancy felt the cot moving. It gently rocked her body in its straps. She was rolled through a doorway and was surrounded by the warmth and stale pee tinged air from before. She saw the window. Just a mirrored surface now. And the cot containing her camera man. Her reporters instincts kicked in now as she divorced herself from the situation and took everything in. She could still hear his mumbling behind his pacifier. “Hey, why didn’t they put one in my mouth?” She said out loud.

“Because we need to hear your answer silly.” Mary said. Then, as she got up next to Nancy’s cot she started to push it off to the side against a wall away from the window. “I know you’re kind of slow. And maybe a life of laying around shitting your pants might be something to look forward to. But the boss has a question for you first.”

Nancy remained silent. Then as the sounds of Dave struggling seemed to become louder another plastic bin was rolled in. From where she was laying Nancy couldn’t see inside it. “What, triplets? You’re going to sell us all?” Nancy asked.

Mary lightly slapped the top of her head. “Wait for it.”

Nancy just wanted it to be over. She tried to move her head so she could see Mary one last time. But the woman grabbed her head and rotated it forward. “What?!” Nancy yelled. “What the hell do you want to do now? See my new baby sibling? You’re sick!” But when she looked inside the cot she stopped struggling. Shock stopped her from being able to even scream.

Mary was grinning, “Well that shut baby up. Maybe now she will just keep that mouth closed and she might end up keeping her teeth.” She pushed Nancy’s cot towards the new arrival. Nancy was still speechless, so Mary decided to introduce her. “Nancy this is Leah. Leah, this little bundle of joy is Nancy.”

Nancy finally managed to speak. “Leah…… My…. My boss! You can’t do this! We’ll be missed!” She was shut up by having a pacifier finally shoved in her mouth.

“Baby should learn to speak when spoken too.” Mary sneered. “Now listen up Nancy. This will only be offered once. We need one female today. It’s either you or your boss. Say the word and she goes home gurgling, to a wonderful but strict set of parents. With her twin Dav-, no. He’s Nick now. And you can go to her old office. With the strict rule that no negative stories EVER come past your desk. Or you can join her in Pampers. We don’t care.”

Nancy looked from Mary’s eyes to her bosses face. The look on it was obvious. Shock, shame, fear. But nancy couldn’t look her in the eyes. She spoke out, mumbling wetly around the pacifier. “I’ll take her office. You have my word.”

Mary smiled, she looked up at the window and started to pull Nancy’s cot away from the other two. When they were against the wall she started to whisper in her ear. “This is the best part.” The lights in the room got brighter. And the window suddenly became crystal clear. This time the buyers where there. In person. “They do the girls first.” Nancy watched as her former boss had her diaper opened. And was injected. Just like the first time she was freely pissing her diaper soon after. Next came her camera man. “I love watching these ones. Sometimes they get so hard they can’t pee. Then as they lose control of their bodies they soften and out it comes. Literally. One last time.” His diaper was opened. And he was injected as well.

Nancy blushed as she looked at his penis. Wondering if it would get hard, as if in answer he almost immediately started to dribble. The diaper was barely back on in time. “Opps, I guess he was a bit premature. Hah!” Mary quipped. Nancy watched over a period of several minutes while the rest of the drug worked its magic on them.

When it was over the window frosted over again and the lights dimmed. “Well sunshine. I guess it’s time to finish these two up and make sure you understand exactly what you agreed to.” Mary said as the two adult infants were wheeled out. Followed by Nancy and Mary.

Nancy sniffed the air. A new rank smell seemed to surround them now. “What happened?” She asked, almost immediately regretting opening her mouth.

But Mary was already moving away from her towards the two cots. She checked Mary’s diaper and almost seemed to recoil from it. Then she checked her eyes. She motioned to one of the techs in the room and walked back to Nancy. “That was close. She almost rolled all the way.” Nancy’s face took on a concerned look. Mary just smiled, “It means she almost went totally, if she had taken anymore of that stuff she would have lost her mind and we would have probably put you in her place anyways!”

Nancy didn’t know what to say. She kept her mouth closed as she watched both adults get prepared for their new life’s. As she watched she became aware of another tech mixing something in a bowl next to her chair. She watched transfixed as the thick white substance was poured into two molds. She snapped out of her trance when she was told to open her mouth. “Why?” Was all she got before one, and then the other was shoved in.

“Don’t try to talk for a few minutes. We need to get a good mold.” She was told.

After the few minutes she was instructed to open her mouth and the molds were removed. Mary was over quickly to inspect them. She nodded her head and turned to Nancy, another syringe in her hand. “Now for that discussion I was talking about.” Mary pulled the diaper to one side and jabbed the needle into her inner thigh.

“But…. You said I was going to be okay!” Nancy whined. Almost before the diaper snapped back in place she felt the warmth pour out. Her head felt heavy as a surge of pleasure made her body sing. She tried to say something else, something too complicated. She giggled, smiled, then cooed as she fell quickly to sleep.

Hours, days, or weeks later Nancy blinked awake. She stared at a large spinning mobile over her head while she slowly sat up and started to blick away the crust around her eyes. She yawned to stretch her mouth, only to feel something very wrong. She probed her mouth with her tongue, finding all her teeth gone. “Waaaaaaa?!” She screamed.

Immediately the lights in the room blazed on. Nancy pulled the blankets up to cover herself. But the bars surrounding her made her feel even more naked. “I see the baby is up. I swear, it’s almost like you wanted to stay that way it took so long.”

Nancy tried to talk, “Maaa. Teeffff….” And managed to drool down her shirt.

Mary handed her something, “Try these on girl. They might help.” She was trying not to laugh. Nancy looked at what she was holding. Dentures. She was holding dentures. Without waiting she slid them into her mouth. “Get them in place and bite down. They should hold.”

Nancy did as she was told. They seemed to stay in place. Though it felt odd, her mouth felt much better now. Her anger came in a wave, “Why the fuck did you take my teeth?!” She yelled.

Mary stood up and tossed a diaper into the crib with her, then lowered the front rails so Nancy could get out. “The same reason we made you a bed wetter, and gave you a weak bladder. To remind you who owns you, and what happens if you make a mistake.”

Nancy took the hint, her anger cooled, she changed the sodden diaper she was wearing without further comment. The entire time Mary watched silently. Nancy stared daggers at her when she had it on, “Fine. Is it over now?” She asked as she stood up on shaky legs, the crinkle of the diaper like gun shots.

Mary grinned as she took her in, “You’ll been on vacation for the last three weeks. Your boss was fired while you were gone, and the camera man eloped with her. You’ve been promoted and will take over next week.” She tossed a bag into the crib behind her. “There’s your clothes. All dry and clean from your little accident. We’ll have a tech drive you home and hang around a few days while you get settled in.” She tossed a four by six picture at her. “Put this next to your bed. Look at it every night,and every morning. If you ever get discouraged just remember it can be a lot worse.”

Nancy took the picture in her hands. Then almost dropped it when she saw who was shown. “I… I won’t forget….” She said as she looked down at the sprawled out form of her former boss. The soiled diaper under her onsie as obvious as the boiling anger in her eyes. She felt herself lose control and dribble into her diaper. “Thank you. I… I…” She lowered her head in shame before continuing, “I’ll be good! I promise!”

Mary walked towards her, and patted her diapered behind. “I know sweety. I know.”[/size]