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Announcing Supersoft Sleepwells, a unique and innovative approach to night time care and protection.

Following the tremendous reception to the magnificent Supersoft Fluffies the research scientists at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com have been working hard to invent a new paradigm in comfortable protection. Supersoft Sleepwells introduce a new registered design that incorporates favourite features of Supersoft Fluffies then boosts functional excellence further through new and exciting options for carers and wearers alike.

In response to strong demand for overnight protection guaranteed not to leak Supersoft Sleepwells discard legacy diaper design and focus on extensive absorbency and elimination of traditional egress points. That’s right, the new Supersoft Sleepwells dispense entirely with openings at the top of the legs, instead extending right down to cover the legs and feet. Naturally an overnight garment will be worn lying down so the waistband represented a further risk vector and has also been removed. Instead Supersoft Sleepwells enfold the wearer right up to the neck, fastening across the shoulders with the same patent pending Eletabs(R) that have proven so popular on Supersoft Fluffies.

While competing products have opted for a waterproof sleeping bag style design the Supersoft Sleepwells exhibit the attention to comfort and practicality our customers demand through inclusion of sophisticated components that address potential challenges. To retain that leakproof shoulder fastening Supersoft Sleepwells feature integrated sleeves into which the wearer’s arms can be inserted. These allow a range of movement on the inside to prevent cramping but are carefully constructed to keep hands safely away from the shoulder openings or genital areas.

In addition to this early research swiftly discovered that wearers were struggling to sleep in the absence of a thick diaper between their legs, requiring the physical feedback of secure and thirsty absorbent material to reassure them that they were safe and secure overnight. Supersoft Sleepwells thus provide that feedback through extensive absorbent padding between the thighs, offering several inches of width and depth that provide a constant reminder to the wearer of their secure protection.

That security is further assured by the Eletabs(R) fingerprint and DNA matching that validates that it is a carer providing a change. Powered by the same chemical transformations as Supersoft Fluffies the Supersoft Sleepwells share the medicinal coating that promises a ready supply of liquid fuel through temporary incontinence. Harnessing the greater internal surface area of Supersoft Sleepwells that medicinal coating has been supplemented with a new muscle relaxant that encourages restful sleep. Although carefully controlled to wear off overnight to allow a bright and active daytime the muscle relaxant has been observed to impact on rear sphincter muscles but our carers tell us it’s great to assure solids are eliminated overnight as this gives them an easier job during the day.

Obviously in a recumbent position gravity itself works to prevent straightforward release of the bladder, risking discomforting retention of unwanted liquids. To support the Eletabs(R) we’ve built in a new and expanded suite of paper thin electronics that not only power the fingerprint and DNA sensors but can now also actuate micromotors carefully embedded at the front and rear of Supersoft Sleepwells. These micromotors provide a vibrating sensation below the rib cage and from the kidneys down the posterior that simulates the rubbing a medical professional would use to express the bladder and encourage release of the bowels. In addition to the medical benefits of delivering painless and assured elimination of all waste products this approach provides a pleasurable massage to the wearer, boosting their satisfaction and aiding swift sleep.

Demonstrating a commitment to care and risk reduction the embedded electronics also include vital monitoring with automated notification to the carer and medical authorities should the wearer require assistance.

Although thoroughly covered in a choice of decorative and waterproof NoTears[tm] rip-proof plastic some carers expressed concern that a wriggling wearer may damage their Supersoft Sleepwells or (if circumstances prevent use of bed rails) themselves so at the top of each arm and at the toes there are strong loops that can be safely fastened to the bed or any standard hospital restraint system. Although this will prevent the wearer from getting up to go to the toilet that’s not going to be a problem when they’re wearing Supersoft Sleepwells.

In fact, not only are these our warmest ever diaper, all Supersoft Sleepwells come with a ‘Return and replace’ warranty that they will not leak within the first three days of continuous wear.

Order now at all major adult medical suppliers (and a few minor ones) or read our customer testimonials to find out how they feel about Supersoft Sleepwells.

Customer Testimonials

Our very first testimonial came from Fatima in Arizona, who writes, “My roommate signed me up to help test your new Supersoft Sleepwells and now demands that I go to bed in one every night. She’s told me I can go back to Supersoft Fluffies if I can go a whole night without messing but that hasn’t happened yet. Why are you doing this to me?”

Trent in Wisconsin wrote to tell us, “I didn’t believe your three day warranty so my wife Julie hasn’t been changed now for 83 hours. She keeps begging for a clean diaper but there hasn’t been even a suggestion of a leak. These things are amazing!”

More praise from Lilian who wrote to us all the way from England, which is in England. She tells us, “My girlfriend Kelly had problems sleeping so I suggested Supersoft Sleepwells and she agreed to give them a try. It’s fun watching her try and walk with all that padding between her legs before the muscle relaxant kicks in and she collapses helplessly onto the bed. Cleaning her in the morning is yucky but it’s worth it for how that built in massager keeps her on the edge all night. I might have to try these myself!”

Validation of our health monitoring came from Frank in Texas. He let us know that, “I managed to get into it but found my arms were trapped and I couldn’t get back out. Two days later I was going delirious from dehydration when paramedics broke into my house and told me they’d had an automated emergency call. I’m ok now, or will be when they stop putting me in Supersoft Sleepwells and release me from this secure hospital. Can you tell them it was all just an accident?”

But we think Kirsten from Florida says it best, recognising the warmth and comfort promised with every Supersoft Sleepwells, “Ohhh mi godd this si soo hawt like i just cant!!!111”

So order yours online today at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com or Like us on InstaTwitFace for a free sample pack.

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