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Note for all authors about formatting issues

If you see any formatting issues with your posted story please PM me and let me know. There were likely a few translation issues with the automated bot that is posting the stories if your story was written in MS word. There’s a bunch of error checking in it but it’s not perfect at catching some of the formatting issues, like the breaks between paragraphs.

NOTE: Scene breaks using certain characters like # or ~ being switched with the HR bbcode are not errors. Those were done deliberately as some entrants have unique ways of formatting their scene breaks thus making who the author is a bit obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Note for all authors about formatting issues

Which Word Processor(s) do you recommend for formatting? Which ones do your bots prefer?

Re: Note for all authors about formatting issues

The boy prefers HTML or bbcode. The board itself will take care of those without issue. Personally if you have it Scrivener compiled to XHTML (not HTML) anything else saving as HTML would be ideal but it can handle word formats going back to original DOS formats.

About the only thing it can’t handle is WordPerfect 3 or earlier. Seriously don’t send me those. Oh and MS Works prior to version 6 won’t work very well. I can get the text but all the formatting gets lost

Pure RTFs I can work with directly. The bot has issues with them though.

If you do BBCODE save as plain text. The bot does get mildly confused by BBCODE in other formats. Especially the .docx versions from office 2016.