On the Run CH 11

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Chapter 11

Just after 8 the next morning, John is awakened by the beep of the monitor, he rolls over I bed and turns the screen on, to see Emmi out of her bed, and walking sweetly awkwardly towards the door.
A minute later she is in his room
“What’s wrong sugar?” he asked
“My diaper is very wet daddy”
“Well that what they are for sugar, do you feel wet?”
She looks sad
“No, but it feels bigger and heavier”
John smiles at her
“Well you go back to your room, or back to bed and daddy will come in a while when he is up OK?”
She does not look sure but says “OK daddy” and waddles off back to her room.
He turns on the monitor again and watches her in her room, she first sits at her play table, then squats on the play mat with her new zoo set.
John decide to leave her for a bit, and browses some online ads on the phone, and then gets up and go’s to the washroom, shaves, and washes before he gets dressed.
By this time about 45 minutes have passed.
He then goes to Emmi’s room, and says he will change her now.
He puts her on the change table and pulls off the plastic panties, then peels off the tabs of her now heavy diaper, and lifting her legs up pulls it from under her.
He tosses it with a thunk into the diaper pail
“Oh you were wet, but I think it got it all, and kept it from your precious skin”
Emmi says quietly
“I had to go again after I woke you daddy, and could not hold it so I did it in my diaper, sorry daddy, that’s why I came”
John kisses her tummy as he says “That is OK sweetie, when you are in a diaper it’s OK to just use it, that is what it is for”
He snuggles with her.
“Now you try to use your potty chair, while I run you a bath, as you skipped it last night”
A few minutes later she comes into the bathroom, and John pulls her nightie off over her head, and asks her,
“Do you want your Barbie bubble bath and shampoo?”
Emmi replies
“Oh yes please daddy”
He washes her hair, and bathes her and then takes her to her room, still wrapped up and dries her hair, and brushes it.
He gives her another pair of the lined training panties, this time with a teddy bear on them, to put on.
He gets her new shortalls with the strawberry decal and its stripy top. He slips the top over her head and then helps her on with the shortalls.
Then white ruffled ankle socks and her pink jelly sandals.
He gets a red bow hair clip, but Emmi wants the white one, so he clips that on top of her head.
He puts her new “Emily” jewelry on her and kisses her, telling her she is his angel.
He scoots her with a pat on her behind out for her breakfast.
“Daddy was hoping you would sleep late this morning, as he wanted to watch the sports results on TV before you were up”
He continues
“So you can either eat at the table by yourself, have breakfasts in your room or sit over with daddy while he watches”
Emmi says she wants to sit with daddy
John takes her chair and puts it by the side of the sofa, facing away from TV, but not in front of it
Then he gets her some juice in a sippy bottle, and porridge with honey in a bowl.
He sits her in her chair and then attaches the tray on the front of it.
He gives her the bowl and a thick handled spoon and puts a bib on her.
“Eat your yummy breakfast honey while daddy watches the sports results”
She starts eating hungrily, and a little messily as he watches TV, and also enjoying the sight of his pretty 19 year old, going on 8 toddler so happy.
When Emmi is done, she just sits in her chair for w while then asks to go play.
John says” Just wait a minute, I want to tell you something”
When the commercials come on he continues
“With all the shopping for you I did not get to get some things for myself, clothes, new shoes etc., so I have to go shopping today, but boring shopping” He smiles
“Now you can either come with me but you will be mostly just waiting, or you can go back to Aunt Cathy’s for a few hours, I think she has more children today and your friend Susie from last night will be there”
Emmi thinks and says
“I want to see Aunt Cathy and Susie again”
John smiles as it sound more like auntie catty
“Are you sure you don’t want to come sit in your stroller while daddy tries on pants and shoes?”
“NO daddy” she giggles
“OK sweetheart, now you go play in your room, and then later I’ll drop you off at auntie Cathy’s and when I come back, I might bring a present, and later we will go see a movie, “Finding Dory” is on at the cinema in town.”
He lifts her down and with a soft pat on the bottom sends her off to play.
While she is playing he opens his laptop and from a USB key takes some notes for later.
Just after 11 he tells Emmi to go potty, and get her jacket to take in case Aunt Cathy takes her out again.
John drops her off at the day care with the usual instructions and that as Emmi has so much sugar yesterday to give her some healthy snacks today.
Emmi runs off happily to greet Susie, and meet the other children.
John leave son his errands after getting kiss goodbye from Emmi
Actually his errands are not just shopping, he does that in an hour then heads 60 miles west, and visits the first of two people, who from the information he had from his old like with assist.
First he goes to a jeweler and sells a few of the diamonds having the money transferred to his Cayman Islands account.
Second is to a big car dealer ship, whose owner his sources told him ran a big car theft and chop shop operation.
Using a name he would know, to get him in, he meets with the owner and makes clear he is not trying to shake him down. But that he has a proposition for him
John knew that when he and Emmi settled down, john would need a job, but he did not want to have do much.
So he proposed that the dealer gives him a job, car sales maybe, and pay him say $6000 a month, but John would ensure that $8000 a month would be paid to the dealers off shore account.
So he made $2000 a month and also had a way to hide cash.
He agreed in principle and they arranged to settle the details once John had need of the cover.

Back at the day care Emmi is playing with Susie and the children, and has milk and cookie for her snack.
Cathy remind hers after a couple of hours to go potty as John has told her of her accidents.
Just before 2Pm Cathy puts a DVD of Mary Poppins on for a few of the kids to watch.
At 3Pm she tells Emmi it’s her nap time.
Emmi pouts and says
“No I want to watch the movie!”
Cathy says he daddy has said 3PM for her nap.
Emmi still refuses saying she is not tired, and the movie will be over in not long.
Cathy gently but firmly takes the still whining and complaining child, back to the nursery area, and takes off her shoes.
Cathy puts Emmi in a crib bed and takes her paci from Emmi’s little purse and puts it in saying
: I don’t want to hear another word from you, or I will tell your daddy you can’t come again:
Then she smiles
“You have to understand little girl’s need their rest, and looking after, and you can take the DVD and watch the end later.”
Emmi lays there wondering if this is what she wants, it seems so wrong, unfair, but so right and within minutes is asleep, her cheeks wet from tears.
Just before 5PM john returns and after talking to Cathy, wakes Emmi, and takes her back to the suite.
“Auntie Cathy tells me you misbehaved, and would not go for your nap”
Emmi looks down
“I wanted to watch the movie!!”
“Well, you have to learn that when a grown up tells you something, you have to do it, and obviously you did need your nap, as you did go to sleep”
Emmi pots and says “
“Yes daddy, I will try better”
“Now .I have to punish you and I think a fitting one is …no movie tonight, I was going to take you, and you could have had popcorn and drinks, but instead you will stay home and I think an early night is in order!”
Emmi whimpers
“But daddyyyyy, I want to see it”
Her lisp more prevalent as she whines
“No, you have to learn, maybe another day if you are good”
He sends her to her room to play while he puts away his purchases, letting her see a large package from toys r us.
He prepares her dinner of spaghetti and meat balls, and a large drink of cranberry juice.
After she has eaten and he has taken off her now messy bib, she asks if she can play outside on the swings as Susie is out there with her parents sitting nearby.
He tells her yes, but she is to behave and not to leave the play area under any circumstances,
She agrees and john takes her over and leave she playing with Susie, her parents are happy Susie has friend and John chats for prevaricating on some issues, like Emmi’s school saying her mother dealt with that.
John returned to watch TV and do some work on few things,
40 minutes later there a knock on the door, and John opens it to see Susie parents, Susie, and a mud covered Emmi
“When we left with Susie, she ran out of the pay area, and across the grass to the car park, as Susie had left her hair band. But she tripped and fell into the mud puddle. She is OK, just very muddy… kids eh?”
John thanks them and they leave
Josh takes Emmi by the arm, and drags her over to the kitchen area.
“So what do you have to say??” he asks angrily
“Sorry daddy, I wanted to give her her hair band, and I tripped’
John glared
“And what did I tell you, just before you went?’
Emmi replies very quietly
“Not to go out the play area”
John answers
“SO why did you?”
Emmi says
“I did not think daddy”
John picks her up lays her over his knee and swats her bottom 6 times with his hand
Emmi seems shocked by this, but through the padding it just stung a bit
John awaited her reaction to being spanked
She cried, and he took her and held her,
“I did not want to do that, but you need to learn to do as you are told”
“Now let’s get you in a bath, and clean, then even though it’s early I will get you dressed for bed “
He takes her to the bathroom, takes off the muddy clothing and bathes her, washes her hair and dries it.
He lays her on the diaper table and put her paci in her mouth, and puts cream allover her bottom, and then lots of baby powder.
“If you act like a baby, and don’t do as you are told, then I treat you like one”
He takes three of the pink cloth diapers from the cupboard and puts all 3 on her with soaker pad between her legs and pink plastic panties to hold it all in.
Lastly a white Winnie the pooh footed sleeper with a hood, and mittens.
It is bit small but he gets it on her over her thick diaper.

He lifts her down and tells her to go out to the lounge,
She has trouble walking both in the extras padded diaper and the slippery soles of the sleeper
He carries her out and lays her on the mat while he sets up the playpen from cupboard.
He puts her in with some toys and a bottle of juice.
“You will stay in there and play quietly till bed time, I don’t want to hear one word from you OK?”

Emmi nods miserably
John settles down with his book to read, occasional looking at his Emmi in her playpen playing with the toys made more awkward as she cannot stand just crawl, and the mittens meaning she has to grip with whole hand, now seeming more happy.

An hour later Emmi whimpers a bit, and he asks whats wrong, leaning down and taking her paci
“I need potty daddy”
“Its OK sweetie, I told you when you are in a diaper,its OK to use it”
And he pops her paci back in and goes back to his book,
At 8Pm he gets her bedtime bottle of formula and takes her room, but instead of the princess bed he puts her in the white wooden crib, and once she has finished her bottle, he kissed her good night and raises the rail on the side.
After resetting the angle on the monitor camera, he turns out the light, and leaves.
He reads another 30 minutes and then checks on her, and she is sleeping…
He heads over to the restaurant to meet Cathy for dinner.
Once during dinner the beeper sounds on the monitor, and he checks but she is wriggling around in her sleepyhead wetting.
Just before midnight he returns and there is a note on the door, opening it he reads it is from Susie’s parents. Susie is having a party tomorrow, and she wanted to invite Emmi. It gives the time and place and phone number to confirm. And while not mandatory there is a frozen theme.
Thinking about the party John gives her a bottle as usual, then sets his alarm for 4am to give her another.

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