One of the Family by VNL

Chapter 1

The first summer after I started college I was given an opportunity to go stay with a family I had grown close to. I would stay with them over the summer and help out around the house, because the husband/father had been called to active duty in the army reserve. I had stayed with them for up to a week before and we were all good friends – I even called them Mom and Dad, and the little girls I called my sisters, and likewise they called and treated me like part of their family. I readily agreed to spend the summer there.

There was only one problem. Over the year I had been experimenting quite a bit with something I had always had an interest in – wearing and using diapers. I had done it so much that I was now diapered every night – not just because I wanted to, but because now I HAD to. When I tried a couple nights to go without diapers, I always woke up in a wet bed.

So, when I packed up and went to my summer home, one suitcase I brought was nearly filled with diapers and changing supplies. I had planned on just keeping them in my room and slipping them on before bed, but I soon found out that this was near impossible with two little “curious” little sisters around. Tina was 8 and Pam was 11, and both (having only grown up with a sister and no brothers) were very open and had no qualms about coming into my bedroom. A few times I was nearly caught with my pants down – literally – and my diapers in view.

Finally, I decided to tell “Mom” about my “problem”. Of course I did not bring up how I had acquired this problem. I just acted like it was quite common for a person my age to wet the bed. She was concerned about her sheets and the mattress until I told her that I wore diapers every night. She thought about that for a moment with a strange look on her face, then finally asked me if I trusted her as a “parent”?

I told her of course I did, and she said, “Good. Well, I was thinking about the girls. They look up to you, and it is good for them to have good role models. But you don’t really have any rules to follow, and they need to see you have some guidelines to follow, don’t you agree?”

Guidelines? What was she talking about? “Umm – yeah, I guess so…” I ventured non-committally (or so I thought).

“So would you like me to set some rules for you? Would you like to be just like one of the kids in the house, for real?”

I was starting to see where this was going, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it. On the other hand, I didn’t so much NOT like it either. In many ways I was jealous of the girls, though I loved them both as sisters. I slowly nodded my head. “Okay…”

“Good, it is settled then. From now on, you’ll be treated no differently than your sisters.” She smiled at this thought, then went on, “This means we need to have a little family meeting about your problem,” she went on.

I was SO embarrassed now! Did she mean that I had to tell the girls that I was a bedwetter? They were both so much younger than me – how could I ever look at them the same again if they found out about this? Sure enough, after dinner Mom called me and Tina and Pam into the Living Room for a family meeting.

She started off by telling the girls that since I had agreed to live with them, she and I had a little talk, and I had agreed that while I was there I should live by the same rules as the girls.

Tina giggled right away as she asked, “Does that mean he hasta wear a dress for church on Sundays?”

Her mother rolled her eyes at her, and said, “Okay, the same rules with a few modifications.” She took a breath and then went on. “He also told me that he has a little problem. Now remember – family meeting business STAYS in the family.” Both girls vowed secrecy. “He has a wetting problem at night.” At this, they couldn’t help it – Tina and Pam both started to giggle. Mom waited for them to calm down and then continued, “And he has handled the problem just as it should be. He wears diapers.” The giggles came again, this time more from Pam. Tina was starting to look worried.

“That’s enough, now, Pam. You wouldn’t want him to laugh at you,” her mother scolded. “He’s done the right thing by agreeing to wear diapers. That should be the rule in this house – all children who don’t make it to the potty should wear diapers. Don’t you girls think that should be the rule?” She watched carefully, as Pam agreed quickly. Tina turned red and finally mumbled out an agreement.

“Well, I am glad to hear you agree with that, Tina. In a few minutes, you and I will go to the store, and you can be thinking about whether you want Huggies, Pampers, or Luvs, since from now on you’ll be put back in diapers as well.” Tina started to object and whine, but her mother would hear none of it. Finally she silenced her by warning her that she was going to ger a spanking if she didn’t settle down. “And remember, spankings are done in front of your siblings – and that includes you too,” she warned me.

“Now, Tina and I are going to the store, and while we are gone, I want you to get your diapers and changing supplies together and stack them out here in the Living Room,” she told me. “While I am gone, Pam is in charge, since she is the only one old enough and mature enough to be potty trained.”

I glanced at Pam and saw she had a grin worthy of the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Most of the time she was a quiet, good girl, but I had also seen with her sister, she could have a mean streak sometimes. I wasn’t sure what I should expect., now that an eleven year old was “in charge” of me.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 2

As soon as Mom and Tina were out of the driveway (Tina had begun crying before they left), Pam informed me that I better finish my work quickly, because as soon as I finished we were going to play “house”. Before when I gave in and played she wanted me to be the “Daddy”; I had a feeling that wasn’t her plan this time.

I wasn’t in a big hurry to play house, so I took my time getting all my diapers and stacking them in a basket Mom had left in the corner for me. They didn’t all fit, so I had to make a couple stacks beside it, and also slipped baby powder and baby wipes into the basket. Pam continued to nag me to go faster, although she watched from the couch and enjoyed the show, giggling each time I walked by with more supplies.

“Somebody sure expected to need an awful lot of diapers!” she teased after my third trip. “Maybe you brought extra in case you needed them for daytime too!”

More to shut her up than anything else, I searched for something to say to occupy her mind. I realized there was one big thing that had been bothering me since the family meeting. “Why is Tina being put back in diapers?” I asked.

“Oh, that!” Pam giggled. “She started wetting the bed a few months ago. Mom has tried everything to help her stop, but really it only got worse. Mom thinks it has to do with Dad being gone.” She rolled her eyes as she voiced the explanation. “You don’t see ME wetting the bed over it.”

“Do you want to?” I asked absent-mindedly, before thinking about it.

“Want to what? Wet the bed?? Eww - of course not! Who would want to wet the bed?” she asked. Her eyes widened a bit and her mouth dropped open as I blushed, realizing what I had just said. "Do y . . . "

“So when did your Mom first mention using diapers for it?” I asked, cutting her off.

“This evening,” she said. “Looks like YOU gave her the idea yourself. Nice goin! Not that I have anything to worry about.”

“Worry? What worry?” I asked her.

She grinned at this. “Oh, you’ll see soon enough. I remember when Mom was trying to get Tina out of night diapers the first time. I’d say she has more in mind than just making sure you two are diapered before you go to bed!”

Great. NOW I really was worried. And worse yet, I was finished stacking the diapers. “All done?” Pam chirped when she noticed I had paused and was just stopping down close to the pile.

I sighed. "Yeah – I guess so. I don’t really want to play house though, Pam. . . "

“Too bad,” she said. “Remember, I’M in charge.” Wonderful - there are not many things more irritating than an eleven year old girl on a power trip. “So we are gonna play that I am the Mommy and YOU are the baby - no big change there,” she teased.

She looked at the stack of diapers. “Hmm – I’d love to, but Mom would probably kill me,” she commented, more to herself than me. “Oh! I know!” She dashed out to the kitchen. I sat down on the couch as I heard her rummaging around in the cupboards, and wondered what diabolical plan she had come up with now. I didn’t have long to wait, as five minutes later she re-emerged, hands behind her back.

She approached me on the couch, then showed me her hands. She was holding a baby bottle full of what appeared to be apple juice, and a big baby bib. “Turn around so I can put this on you,” she ordered.

“Oh come ON, Pam!” I said, annoyed. “You know I am not about to let you tie a bib on me and feed me a baby bottle!”

Pam yawned and said, “Okay, that’s fine. I’ll just give Nikki a call and see if she wants to come over for a bit tonight. Or maybe Amy. Oh, wait, I know! Brittney has been bothering me to have a sleepover - maybe it could be a slumber party!”

“This is blackmail, you know,” I sighed, as I turned around on the couch.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 3

The large bib was then draped over my chest and I felt her pull it up around my neck. “It doesn’t ‘tie’ anyway,” she told me, as I heard and felt two snaps at the base of my neck. I looked down at it and noticed how embarrassing this bib really was. It might have been left over from when Tina was a baby. Being that there were only girls, the only baby items in the house were baby girl items. The bib was pink checked and proclaimed in big bold letters that the wearer was “Mommy’s Baby Girl”.

“Mom’s just going to LOVE this,” Pam said to no one in particular, seating herself at the end of the couch and putting a pillow in her lap. “Okay, now lay back,” she said to me, using the same tone one might with a real baby. “That’s it, what a good bo – er – girl!” she teased. “Good Baby!” I rolled my eyes and lay down with my head on the pillow. “No eye rolling, or maybe I WILL call Nikki,” Pam warned me.

When I opened my mouth to answer her, she slipped the nipple of the pink baby bottle into my mouth. “What a good baby girl!” she praised. “Opened right up for her ba-ba. Maybe she LIKES this!” Her saying that wouldn’t have been half as bad, had it not been true. As embarrassed as I was to be fed a bottle by her, it was not exactly horrible. There are a lot worse ways to spend an evening. Her saying that, though, pointed it out and brought the reality of the situation home.

Pam’s referral to her friends was also something I had failed to consider earlier. Pam’s and Tina’s friends were almost a permanent fixture at the house. Few days went by that at least one didn’t show up – usually more than that. How would they miss the diapers in the Living Room when they came over? And even more alarming – sleepovers were commonplace as well! The thought of several giggling girls seeing me in diapers made me cringe – it was bad enough that Tina and Pam would see them.

I continued to suckle on the bottle, and at one point actually almost fell asleep. As I heard the sound of air being sucked inside the bottle and realized I finished the whole thing, I heard the front door open. My eyes flew open wide and I looked up to see Mom smiling at the scene before her. Dang – I hadn’t even heard the car pull up!

“Well, isn’t THIS a darling picture!” she exclaimed. “I wish I had a camera.”

“And she – I mean he – finished the whole bottle for me too,” Pam said proudly, wanting to show off her “babysitting” skills, but almost giving away that she had been teasing me by making me be a girl baby. “Such a good baby,” she cooed at me.

“Does he have his diapers on yet?” Mom asked. Pam shook her head. “Well that’s good,” she said. “I know I didn’t say it, but I don’t want you changing him, at least not yet. And he is not to be changing himself either,” she said, looking me in the eye. “Understood?” Neither of us knew which of us she was speaking to, so we both nodded.

At this point, Tina came in, struggling with a couple bags. “Just put them down right here,” Mom told her. The bags were set on the floor, and I saw they were from a nearby Walmart. Mom reached in the bag and pulled out a large changing pad, and spread it on the floor.

“Okay, you two,” she said, addressing Tina and I. “Here are the rules. You are both to be diapered every night – no exceptions – until you can go a week with no wet beds. After the week, you’ll be put into Goodnights for another week. If you wet the goodnights, you’ll get a spanking and have to start all over again in diapers. Wet diapers are not punished, since babies are expected to wet their diapers. There will be a few other rules as time goes on, but that’s enough for now,” she said. The rules she already told us had my heart beating fast enough – the “other” rules she hadn’t gone into yet filled me with a sense of dread.

“Okay, you’re first,” Mom said, looking at me. Bring me a diaper and your baby powder and lay down on the pad. I didn’t know my ears could burn that hot, and I was sure they were going to melt right off my head as I handed her the supplies and submissively lay down in front of three pairs of female eyes. Even Tina, who would be joining me in humiliation in a few minutes couldn’t peel her eyes away as my belt was unbuckled and my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Once I was completely undressed however, the curiosity was replaced with embarrassment and shyness.

I was midway between the two feelings. Extreme embarrassment at being diapered in front of my two “little sisters”, but the heaven of having someone else lovingly diaper me just as though I was a real baby. Baby powder was applied all over my diaper area, my legs were lifted, and a diaper slid under me. Then it was pulled up and snug, and fastened securely. She wouldn’t let me help with any of it, but treated me just like a baby. When she was done I was sent to a chair – in just my diapers and t-shirt, and Tina was called to take my place.

“Tina got Luvs,” her mother said, taking the package from the bag. “She felt they were the least babyish – Pampers and Huggies do sound much more infantile – but of course they are still diapers!” She took one from the bag and held it up for us all to see. Then Tina was undressed just as I was. Pam watched gleefully as her sister was put in diapers, but even though Tina had watched my entire diapering, I looked away until she was covered by the diaper. After all, I was older and more mature – well, not that you could tell from my attire, but still. . .

I felt really bad for Tina at this point. I was wearing a diaper right now because at some point, on some level, I wanted to. For Tina, however, it was different. The poor kid didn’t start wetting her bed out of a want to wear diapers, yet that was still the end result. As I watched her laying on the changing pad being returned to a diapered babyhood that she didn’t wish to return to, I pledged that I would learn to stop wetting the bed, so that I could help her to stop as well. Once she saw that it was possible to stop and she got back on the right track, I could always return if I wanted to.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 4

I didn’t stay dry the first night. I didn’t really expect to, after the bottle Pam gave me and the fact that I didn’t get a chance to use the bathroom before I got diapered. I got out of bed and felt the diaper sag just a bit from the weight. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I went to the kitchen to look for Mom.

On the way down the hall I almost ran into Tina, who was coming up from her bedroom. The house looked very small from outside – and when it was first built I am sure it was small. It was a ranch style house with three bedrooms – one of which I now occupied (usually their guest bedroom – it actually had pink walls), and one of which was the study. I know what you are thinking – if assumedly the parents occupied the third bedroom, where did the girls sleep? The house also had a full finished basement which included an outer sitting room with a TV and couches, a laundry area, a huge and fully stocked pantry (looked like they were ready for Y2K. . . ), and three bedrooms. I often wondered if the basement wasn’t a little bigger than the rest of the house – it sure seemed like it. (Note: this is a fiction story, but based on some fact. My description of the house is completely factual.)

Anyway, it was common in the morning to almost get hit by the door leading downstairs as one of the girls rushed upstairs to the bathroom. This time no one was rushing to the bathroom, however. I took one look at Tina and saw she was attired just as I was – in a wet diaper.

Poor Tina had it a lot worse than me. I was used to wet diapers; she was not. She looked as though she found it quite uncomfortable (although it had to be better than waking up in a wet bed!) Her diapers also seemed to expand a bit more than mine did when wet, and she had to walk with a pronounced “diaper waddle”. The only part that might have been better for her was the fact that her diaper had a cloth cover and mine didn’t, so she didn’t make a “crinkle” noise when she walked. Of course, I COULD have bought cloth cover adult diapers, but honestly I detested them.

We found Mom and Pam both in the kitchen. One look at us caused Pam to burst out in uncontrolled giggles. Mom was hanging a calendar – upon closer inspection I noticed the calendar was a photography calendar of baby pictures, with a piece of poster board attached to the top that had doodles of babies in diapers, diaper pins, and a few other nursery items drawn on it (I assumed this was Pam’s artwork). Also on the poster board were the words: “Bedwetting Progress”. Each day on the calendar was split in two, with a V and a T on respective halves.

I felt my face flush, and looked at Tina to see we had matching blushes as well as matching diaper conditions. Every time I thought Mom had gone as far as she would ever go in embarrassing us, she pushed it a little further. I knew deep down, she thought she was helping us. I had met her parents, and knew that were strict with her and her sisters as they grew up, and that they had been spanked well past the common age that usually ends. Briefly I wondered if either she or one of her sisters had ever been diaper punished.

Mom took notice of us and even though it was totally unnecessary made a big production out of checking our diapers. We were each pronounced “wet babies” and a big black W was placed for the day on the calendar. Pam didn’t miss a single chance to tease or embarrass us, and asked at that point, “Mom, can Nikki come over tonight and stay over?”

“Pam – I think it is too soon for that,” Mom said.

“But Mom, what will my friends think when I tell them they can’t come over now?” Pam complained.

“You can tell them Tina is being punished,” Mom said. I noticed she didn’t give permission to say I was also being punished, and thanked her silently for small favors.

“But Mom – they always come over during the day at least and if they do, they’ll see the diapers in the Living Room anyway!” Pam whined. “Besides, it isn’t fair to punish me just cause THEY wet the bed.” She glared in our direction.

Mom had been pushed enough. “Well maybe if you were a little nicer and tried to help them, instead of constantly laughing and making fun of them, things would go a little better for you!” she told her.

“But you said they should be embarrassed!” Pam argued. Sometimes Pam didn’t know when to shut up.

“Embarrassed is one thing, constant teasing is completely another,” Mom said. “And you better watch your step, young lady, or you’ll end up getting some ‘sensitivity training’ I guarantee you will NOT enjoy!” Given that threat, Pam got up and stalked out of the kitchen, threw herself down on the sofa in the Living Room, crossed her arms, and proceeded to sulk as only an 11 year old girl can.

Mom sighed and turned to me. “I trust you can get out of your wet diapers and clean up yourself. Get one of the baby wipes containers from the Living Room – there are two there, one pink and one purple. You can change in your bedroom – I am going to take care of your sister in the Living Room.”

I got the baby wipes container and tried to get out of the room unscathed by Pam’s still-sulking looks. I thought to myself that this looked like it might signal a change in the humiliation we had been subjected to up til this point. Maybe it was going to end now. How wrong I was.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 5

“I have a deal to make with you two,” Mom said after she sat down with Tina and I in the downstairs sitting room. It was the second day of our “treatment” – Tina had been dry this morning while I had been wet again. Pam was still moping around and bemoaning that she was going to lose all her friends because they could no longer come over to the house.

“We don’t really know for sure how long you two will be in diapers, and it isn’t fair to your sister that her friends suddenly can’t come over any more.” Mom went on. Tina suddenly looked very scared, and I felt a cold lump in the pit of my stomach. “Don’t look so nervous,” she said at our looks. “I’m not going to diaper you in front of them – unless you choose that option. As I said, I have a deal to make. You can continue with how things are now – the diapering in the living room and your calendar in the kitchen – or it can all be moved into the empty bedroom down here – with a few changes.”

Tina looked relieved, but I was still wary. What exactly were these “changes” she was talking about? Before I could fully think that out, Tina quickly answered, “We’ll take the second choice! Move it down here!” I gave her a look – why are eight year olds always in such a hurry to do things, without giving thought to the possible consequences of their actions?

“What changes?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Mom said. "Of course, if you’d rather be diapered in front of Pam and her friends, I’m sure that can be arranged. Maybe they’ll want to help. . . "

Surely the changes she mentioned couldn’t be as bad as the alternative. “She’s right,” I said, referring to Tina. “We’ll take the second option.” Mom seemed pleased with our decision, and directed us to go upstairs and get the diapers and bring them down to the bedroom.

We scrambled to do this, and were confronted by Pam as we made our way back down the hall to carry our first load downstairs. “And just what do you two think you’re doing?” she asked, eyeing the armloads of diapers we were carrying. Lately Pam was taking on an air of superiority, acting like the “Big sister” since she did not have to wear diapers like us. Of course, Tina was used to it having always been the little sister, but I was not. It was wearing a little thin on me.

“Mom says we can be diapered downstairs from now on, so that you can have friends over,” Tina answered her. It almost sounded like she should have stuck her tongue out at the end, but she refrained.

Pam looked blank for a minute, then suddenly a look of understanding came over her face. “Oohh – so THAT’S what Mom was doing in the extra bedroom this afternoon,” she said, almost to herself.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Tina asked.

Pam chuckled. “Never mind, little sis,” she said, actually patting Tina on the head. “You’ll find out soon enough.” I was starting to not like all these references to how we would “find out soon enough”.

We passed Pam and went down the stairs. Mom was waiting for us in the bedroom. I had been in there only once or twice – mostly they used it for storage. I was sort of wondering where there would be enough room to spread out the changing pad so that we could stretch out on it to be diapered.

Tina stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway, involuntarily dropping all the diapers she was carrying and making me run into her. “Hey – what are you doing?” I asked. "Don’t stop right in the doorway like tha. . . " My voice trailed off as she swung the door open wider and I got a good look into the room.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 6

The first thing I saw was two wind-up mobiles hanging from the ceiling. It didn’t take long to realize they were hanging above two cribs – a pink crib and a white one. “Sure am glad now that Pam was too little for a bed yet when Tina was born, and we ended up with two cribs,” Mom said from inside the room.

I poked my head around the door and looked around the room. There were a couple of dressers in there as well, but aside from the cribs and dressers, not much else aside from a wide-mouth diaper genie was in the room.

“I wanted to put the diaper changing table in here,” Mom said, “but it would be too small for either of you now, and might collapse under you. We’ll just use your cribs.”

Tina still hadn’t moved or said anything. I think the poor kid was in shock. I wasn’t far from it myself. “Excuse me,” I said. “OUR cribs?”

“That’s right,” Mom said. “You made a deal. Either be diapered in the Living Room no matter who is there, or be diapered down here, with some changes. I will spare you the embarrassment of being diapered in front of Pam’s friends, but there needs to be a trade-off somewhere. If you aren’t getting any punishment, you won’t be motivated to stop wetting the bed. And another thing – I didn’t let either of the girls get a big girl bed until they were out of night diapers. Seems like if you are back in diapers, you should be back in the crib,” she said to Tina, then turning to me, “and you agreed to go by the same rules as her.”

Tina finally sighed and looked longingly back at her bedroom. I knew she has taken special pains in decorating it just how she wanted it last Spring, and again felt bad for her – this was partially my fault after all. I was the one who gave Mom the idea to use diapers at night. “Don’t be so sad,” Mom said. “Just two dry weeks, and you’ll be right back in your old bed in your old bedroom.”

It was just a change of guestrooms for me, in a way. The bed was going to take a lot of getting used to, but it wasn’t really all that much worse than what we were already subjected to. Pam teased us a little more, but she already did so much we were almost numb to it.

The cribs caused some setback to Tina. I would say to me as well, but I hadn’t made any progress yet. We found that we couldn’t get out of the cribs once we were “tucked in” for the night. There were a couple nights Tina woke up and WOULD have made it to the bathroom if she had been able to get out of her crib. I finally brought these concerns to Mom, and she came up with a solution.

She put a baby monitor in the room, and if either of us had to get up, we would call her with the monitor, and she would come and let us out of the crib so we could go. This worked for both of us as Tina progressed almost a whole week with dry diapers, and even I finally made it a couple nights. Whereas I once had pledged to become dry at night so I could help Tina, she was now encouraging me.

Mom would come with us to the bathroom and remove the diapers for us, then put them back on when we were done. Thank God for refastenable tapes. Once or twice I heard her mutter something about being happy when we made it to Goodnights and could pull them up and down by ourselves. Finally she got tired of it, and put the monitor in Pam’s room, instructing her to take care of us if we needed it. She promised to take the monitor back to her room whenever Pam had friends overnight.

Putting the monitor in Pam’s room brought several problems. . .

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 7

I definitely did not want Pam removing my diaper or putting it back on for me, and to be honest she wasn’t overjoyed at the prospect either. I don’t think Mom even thought about that part – she was just tired of climbing down the stairs every night to let us out of our cribs, going back up to the bathroom, coming back down with us and putting us back in the cribs, and going back up again to her bedroom. If Tina and I had to go at different times, she had to make 8 trips on those stairs every night.

I had no idea of the change until the first night. Tina needed to go, and called out that she had to toward the monitor. A few minutes later Pam wandered into the room. “What are you doing?” Tina asked her.

“Mom’s giving me extra allowance to take you to the potty at night,” Pam answered, lowering her crib rail. Tina shrugged and got out, then Pam turned and put mine down too. “C’mon, you’re going too,” she informed me.

“What? I don’t hafta go,” I said.

“Well, you’re going to try anyway,” Pam said. I felt her finger suddenly in the elastic of my diaper. “Your diaper is still dry, and I’m not gonna get up more than once a night, so let’s go,” she commanded. She took my hand and pulled me out of the crib to my feet. Of course, being bigger than her I could have resisted, but I allowed her to do it rather than make a fuss.

It wasn’t until we got upstairs that the first problem became apparent. She herded us both into the bathroom (another thing I wasn’t used to), and I turned around so that Tina could go. “So, go,” Pam urged her.

“You gotta take the diaper off,” Tina now said, causing nearly identical expressions on Pam’s and my faces.

“What?” Pam exclaimed. “Oh for heaven’s sake! Mom didn’t mention THAT part!” She went over to Tina and began to undo the tapes on the diaper. “You too?” she asked, looking toward me.

“Umm – well, Mom usually does,” I said, feeling very nervous now.

“But – you CAN do it yourself, right?” Pam asked. "I mean, you were wearing diapers before you got here. . . " she went on.

I nodded, but Tina said, “Mom says he doesn’t do a very good job of it by himself.” I sighed. Mom HAD said that, but I didn’t think it was entirely true. I had been diapering myself fine for quite awhile. Although it DID feel snugger when Mom diapered me. And I hadn’t had any leaky diapers yet.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Pam said, walking out of my sight again. I realized Tina had finished and Pam was rediapering her. “You take the diaper off and go, then you lay back down and pull the diaper over yourself – then let me know when you are ready and I’ll fasten it for you.”

That sounded ok to me – way better than the alternative anyway," so that is what we did. And I have to admit, Pam did a better job fastening the diaper than I would have myself. But that was just the first problem we encountered.

The second came on the last morning that Tina had to wear diapers. She had made it seven mornings in dry diapers. I had only made it to my third, and that was thanks to Pam making me get up every night when Tina went.

One of Pam’s friends came over and they were in her bedroom. Mom was in the nursery checking our diapers, and the monitor was on. Luckily Pam noticed this before her friend got in the room, and she flipped the monitor off and hid it in her dresser drawer. Unfortunately, she forgot about it after that, and went to bed without turning it back on.

Tina had to go that night (as did I). Try as we might, we couldn’t rouse Pam. Both of us ended up wetting our diapers – well, for Tina, it was a Goodnight. The next morning Mom was very angry with Tina for wetting her Goodnight. “Only one night out of diapers and already I have to put you back in them!” she scolded. This was what I woke to, and I heard Tina try to explain what had happened, but Mom thought she was just making excuses. I rolled over in the crib in time to see Mom yank Tina’s Goodnight down and pull her over her knee for a spanking.

“Mom, wait!” I said. She gave me a “This better be good” look. I explained to her that we had called and called, but Pam never came (it was later that we found out why). Mom was mad about that and gave us both a free night, then went to Pam’s bedroom. Tina and I tried to hear, but we couldn’t get too close or we would be caught. We only heard bits and pieces, but Mom gave Pam a choice. Either she could wear a diaper until she wet in it, and therefore she would experience a wet diaper the same as she made us have to deal with, or she could be spanked. Instead of the sound of Tina’s bottom being spanked that morning, we heard Pam instead. Then she was made to apologize to both of us. To her credit, it sounded legitimate.

After this, Mom came up with a new plan. She once again would take care of it, but she put a potty training chair in our nursery. This also ended Pam getting me up, since Mom wanted us to get up on our own if we had to go, not be dependant on someone getting us up during the night to go. However, I realized that this was working, so whenever Tina had to go, I went as well.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 8

Things went reasonably well for a week. Now I was on my fourth night in Goodnights, and Tina got to go back to her room and sleep in her own bed again since she made it a whole week and stayed dry. It was relatively short for her – less than a month – though her Mom said she had to wear the Goodnights for another two weeks, just to be sure. She was allowed to get ready for bed herself though, and no more sleeping in the nursery.

I hadn’t thought about it, but this now posed a problem for me. Here I had been planning on getting myself out of diapers within a couple weeks so that I could help Tina, but now Tina was out of diapers before me. I hadn’t realized just how much of my potty training I had actually lost. The real problem was that as long as Tina had been in the nursery, I was woken up each night when she got up and was able to use the potty. Now, the first night with her gone, I slept through the whole night.

As you can guess, I woke up in a wet Goodnight. And this time it wasn’t Pam’s fault! I could offer no excuse when Mom found me with a wet Goodnight, and I knew what the penalty was. Being spanked and going all the way back to the beginning, starting all over again in diapers.

She decided to begin my spanking on my wet Goodnight, symbolically allowing me to feel the spanks through the wet, babyish garment. This stung a little, but the goodnight was protecting my bottom for the most part and taking a lot of the shock of her spanks. It was exceedingly noisy however, and drew my sisters’ attention. They scampered from their bedrooms to a hiding place behind the couch in the basement’s outer room. Mom had me facing away from the door, providing them with an excellent view of my padded rear getting swatted.

At least they thought they were hidden. Whether Mom knew they were already watching or not I do not know, but after a minute she reached out with her foot and kicked the door closed before tugging the wet Goodnight down and continuing my spanking on the bare bottom. The girls had to be content with just hearing and imagining the rest of my spanking. I, on the other hand, had to experience first-hand how adept she was at spanking. Whereas it wasn’t too bad on the Goodnight, with nothing now to absorb the spanking but my skin, I felt the heat build up rather quickly, and before long I was kicking my feet and squirming in a futile effort to escape. A few swats beyond that brought the ever-popular promises of good behavior for life, and beyond that – to my ultimate humiliation and chagrin – actual crying.

After my spanking I had to stand in the corner for 10 minutes. I was promised that I was going to be returned to diapers at sleep times now for at least another week. My thoughts turned toward that idea and I realized that as long as I stayed in diapers, I would not have to worry about having an accident in Goodnights and getting spanked again. Tina was trained now, so there wasn’t any pressing need for me to get out of diapers (and apparently there never really HAD been), besides the presence of a little teasing from Pam. Perhaps it would be best if I just stayed in diapers now.

Little did I realize that Mom had already prepared for one or both of us taking this view. She was going to take the training to more intense levels if no improvement was shown. Of course she was not so dumb as to not realize that my “improvement” was directly linked to Tina’s, and she told me this later. Since I had shown no real improvement on my own, my training needed to be intensified a bit.

It was 4:30 in the afternoon when Mom directed that I was in need of a nap. She wanted to check and make sure my “problem” wasn’t just linked to not getting enough sleep, she said. Her sister’s daughter had experienced the same problem, and when they made her bedtime an hour earlier it had cleared up in no time.

Of course I had my doubts, but I wasn’t about to argue, and besides, I had agreed to follow the rules. Reluctantly I trudged downstairs to the nursery. As soon as I walked in I sensed the set-up – Mom was standing beside my crib holding one of my diapers.

“Why do you have that out now?” I asked. I was afraid I already knew the answer, even though up until a second ago it never crossed my mind that I would have to deal with being diapered again until much later in the evening.

“I told you this morning,” she said to me. “The rules are that you will wear diapers whenever you are sleeping until you are able to stay dry for a whole week. You are about to take a nap now, so that means you need to be diapered.”

The logic of it was obvious and I couldn’t really argue the point. Besides, she was right in a way – if somehow I DID sleep during this nap, I could possibly wet myself. Grimacing, I pushed my pants and underwear down and lay on the changing pad she had spread out in the crib. She made quick work of powdering me and getting the thick diaper on me, then raised the side of the crib until it locked in place. My pants were never returned, and I was left in the crib for an afternoon nap, dressed only in my diaper and t-shirt.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 9

Things definitely had taken a turn downhill for me since that morning when I had been spanked. Now I had to spend an hour in the crib in the middle of the afternoon, already in diapers. You can most likely already guess some of what the rest of the day had in store for me.

There was a ground-level basement window in the nursery, and the sun was shining through it in the afternoon to make it hot and too bright to actually get any sleep. When Mom finally came back to get me an hour later, I really only wasted an hour tossing and turning in the crib. If anything it only served to make me more tired. To top it off, I had heard the girls with some of their friends playing out in the front yard. Once or twice a ball had rolled right up to the window and was retrieved by one of them, and I was very concerned that one of the friends would look down through the window and see me in my diaper in the crib.

When Mom got me up, she checked my diaper and praised me for staying dry. She said it was time for supper, so I sat up and began to remove the diaper. “No, I didn’t buy those diapers so they could be wasted,” she scolded me. I bit back the urge to point out that she hadn’t bought these diapers at all – I had brought them with me. “You leave it on for now.” With that, she turned and left the nursery. By the time I noticed an obvious article of clothing – my pants – were missing, she was already on the stairs. I searched all over the nursery, then even in the laundry room and sitting room in the basement, and couldn’t find a pair of my pants anywhere.

To make matters worse, I was now being called from upstairs and told to hurry up and get up there as supper was waiting. Had I been small enough at this point, I would have borrowed a pair of Pam’s jeans, but I knew they would never fit – ESPECIALLY over my diaper. Caught between a rock and a hard place, I just went up the stairs in nothing but the T-shirt and diaper.

You may think things couldn’t get any worse at this point. I had been spanked, made to take a nap, diapered in the afternoon, forced to stay diapered, and now couldn’t find any pants – what more could go wrong? Of course you should never ask that question – and if you did think things couldn’t get much worse, you are wrong. They got much worse for me as soon as I walked into the kitchen.

I said before – Tina and Pam had a lot of friends, and they were almost a permanent fixture at the house. I had no idea that Pam had chosen that day to have her 11 year old friend, Britney, come over for a sleepover. I found out too late as soon as I walked into the kitchen. They were all waiting for me, already seated at the table, and Britney of course just HAD to be facing the entryway as I walked in.

As soon as she saw me, her mouth dropped open and her hand shot up to muffle a high-pitched shriek of laughter. Pam of course also laughed, and even Tina couldn’t help but giggle at this predicament. Even Mom wore a smile as she said, “Well come on and sit down then!”

My seat was next to Britney and as I sat down, she stared, unable it seemed to take her eyes off my diaper. As I picked up my fork and took my first bite of the spaghetti we were having, suddenly Pam asked in an innocent voice, “Shouldn’t he have a bib?” Mom thought about it for a minute, then got up from the table and went to a kitchen cabinet. I recognized already that this was the same one Pam had been going through the first night Tina and I had been diapered. From the cabinet Mom pulled out the same bib and baby bottle. My drink was poured into the bottle and the bib was tied around my neck, and the rest of supper was filled with Britney’s staring, Pam’s and Tina’s giggling, and my blushing.

Of course I was very upset about this and asked Mom afterwards why she had hidden my pants from me. She denied that she had done so and told me she had only put them in the wash because they were dirty. I had plenty of clean pants I could have worn. I told her I hadn’t seen any and she said they were all still in the clothes dryer where I had left them. “I told you last night your clothes had been washed,” she said. “You follow the same rules as Pam and Tina – when your clothes are dry, you get them from the dryer, fold them, and put them away.” What was more – I ended up having to stand in the corner for 15 minutes for not getting my clothes from the dryer like I was supposed to, and then spent the rest of the evening without any pants to wear over the diaper.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 10

The rest of the evening still didn’t make my day much better, as Britney couldn’t seem to stop staring at my diaper. At one point Pam started teasing her by saying she must have a crush on me. While I was in the corner I could hear them talking about me.

“I know you SAID he was going to be wearing a diaper, but I didn’t really believe you were SERIOUS!” Britney said. “Why is he wearing them?”

“Mom says he has to follow rules while he is here, and that includes rules about bedwetting. Can you believe it? He actually wets the bed!” Pam laughed. “Doesn’t he look ridiculous?”

"I guess. . . " Britney answered. Then after a minute she added, “But also kinda cute.” That was when Pam started teasing her about liking me.

Of course the evening was not going to end without me wetting the diaper. I began having a bit of trouble as early as 6:00. At one point I did finally ask about using the toilet, at which point Mom of course said what you all already know she was going to say: “That’s what your diaper is for.”

Alternately, Pam and Britney were both given permission to feed me a bottle. This of course only served to make me have to go even more (and sealed the fate that I would, in fact, wet my diaper overnight again). Britney was ecstatic to get the chance to feed me a bottle, and kept giggling the whole time. She also kept jiggling her legs, which shook the pillow on her lap on which I was laying. I have to admit, as far as bottle-feeding goes, Pam was very good.

Mom let me stay up late as we all watched movies. I don’t know if she was being nice, or if it was her intent that I wet my diaper in front of everybody. Pam was feeding me my bottle and I actually fell asleep in her lap. When I woke up, the baby bottle had been replaced by a pacifier. I felt something warm and realized that I had awakened right in the middle of wetting my diaper. I let it finish (it was no use trying to stop now) and continued to suck on the pacifier and watch the movie like nothing had happened.

Britney was apparently watching for this, as only a couple minutes went by before she leaned over and whispered something in Pam’s ear. Pam looked at my diaper area, giggled slightly, and whispered something to Mom. The movie was close to the end, so she didn’t do anything right away. When the movie was over, she said, “I think somebody needs his diaper changed and to be put in his crib for the night.”

“He sleeps in a crib, too?” Britney blurted out. Immediately she blushed, but no one seemed to think much of it.

“Of course; all babies sleep in cribs,” Mom said, patting my diapered bottom. She helped me up and lead me by the hand to the stairs, all three young girls giggling behind us.

Britney shyly asked if she could help get me ready for bed. Mom gave consideration to this, and then replied that she would call Britney to come down and help after my diaper was changed. “Okay!” Britney chirped happily to this compromise. I was relieved she wasn’t going to let Britney help change my diaper, but at the same time I wondered what else was left. Usually Mom just sent me to bed in the diaper and a t-shirt.

Upon arriving downstairs, I saw that Mom had already been down here and straightened up, as well as folding my clothes and putting them in here for me. I also couldn’t help but notice there was a new package of diapers on top of the dresser, and I realized that now Mom WAS buying the diapers for me. She had chosen Attends, which was my favorite brand. She had me lay in the crib and she removed the wet diaper, cleaned me with baby wipes, and even used baby powder. While doing this, she told me that as long as I was in diapers, she was going to start giving me my baths now.

I watched as she prepared my night diaper. As something new, she placed one of the Luvs diapers that had been left over from Tina inside the Attends diaper, after putting several slits in the Luvs cover. She said she was doing this because I was a heavy wetter anyways, and after the bottles I had tonight I was bound to wet even more than usual.

As soon as she had the diaper pulled up over me, she called Britney, and that girl must have been waiting on the stairs because she was in the nursery before Mom even finished taping the diaper. Mom told her to look in the second dresser drawer and pick out something for me to wear. Now I realized that she must have packed some clothes into the dresser drawers.

Britney rummaged around for a minute, giggled a bit, and finally pulled out an ultra-short nightie. Mom turned to see what she had. "Oh! Not that dresser – that one was for Ti. . . " Mom stopped, not really willing to expose Tina now that she was out of diapers. “That will be fine,” Mom said, and watched as Britney put it on me. It was entirely too small, but that made it all the cuter as almost my entire diaper was visible.

“Two cribs?” Britney enquired, looking over to the pink one.

“Yes – we’re storing the other one in here too,” Mom answered.

“It has sheets on it,” Britney pointed out, obviously not believing the story. Mom didn’t say anything more, effectively ending Britney’s questioning, so she just shrugged. Mom put the side up on my crib and was ready to leave with Britney. “Umm – I could stay the night in here and watch the baby for you,” Britney suddenly offered. “I could just sleep in the other crib – with the side down of course.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “Of course,” she repeated. “Are you sure you want to do that?” Britney nodded, so Mom relented to it. They went back upstairs, Britney intending to return later.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 11

Mom told Britney what needed to be done – if I awoke and needed to “potty”, I was to be let out of the crib so I could use the training potty. Mom told Britney, however, to come get her and not to try taking my diaper off herself. Pam got herself in trouble when she commented none of that was going to be necessary anyway, as I would inevitably wet the diaper. I could hear all this discussion going on from my nursery, as they were in the basement outer room.

After a few minutes, Britney came quietly into the nursery. She peered over at me, obviously trying to tell whether or not I was awake. I pretended to be asleep. After a minute when I was sure she was satisfied I was asleep, I opened my eyes again. I could see she had already changed into her pajamas, which turned out to be a nightie much like the one she had pulled out for me. Hers was pretty short as well, and I had a feeling had she known I was awake and could see her in it, she would have been embarrassed.

She didn’t bother turning on the baby monitor, since she was going to be sleeping in here to “take care of the baby”. Instead she climbed into the crib (exposing her panties as she did so) and pulled the light sheep up over herself. I wondered if it would take her long to get used to the plastic covered crib mattress or the feeling of bars on all but one side.

After a few minutes, she whispered, “Are you awake?”

She sounded like she sincerely hoped for an affirmative answer, so I decided to come clean. “Yeah.”

She was quiet for a minute and I was beginning to think maybe that was all she was going to say, when she suddenly said, “What’s it like?”

“What’s it like!?! You mean all this babying?” I asked. “It’s embarrassing, that’s what it’s like!”

“Well – yeah – that’s not what I meant,” she said, obviously a bit embarrassed. “Umm – well, what I meant was, what is it . . . what do they FEEL like?”

I was surprised and didn’t answer for a minute. I wanted to approach it very carefully since I didn’t know if she was a budding TB/DL, or if this was mere curiosity. I suspected the later. Britney took my silence as me being upset. “I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she said.

“No – it’s okay,” I assured her. “They feel kind of . . . good, actually.”

“Really?” Britney sounded very interested.

“Well, yeah. They are comfortable, with all the padding, and even the tightness is kind of comforting. They are warm and soft – and it is loads better than waking up in a wet bed.” I could see her nod understandingly in the dark.

“Do you . . . umm . . . gosh this is embarrassing. Promise you’ll never tell a living soul about this?” she requested.

“Okay – but is that trust reciprocative?” I asked.


I smiled – even I wasn’t sure if that was a real word or not. “If I promise not to tell, will you also not tell what you’ve seen here tonight?”

“Who would BELIEVE me?” she said.

"Britney. . . "

“OKAY, okay. I promise.” She hesitated, then went on, “Do you think anyone would notice just one extra diaper missing?”

“Most likely not,” I answered, silently trying to mentally calculate how many diapers were probably in this room.

Britney slid out of the crib and padded over to the dresser, pulling one of the Attends diapers from the package. “Remember – you promised!” she reminded me, as she went back to the crib. She began to pull her nightie up, then stopped. “Can you see me?” she asked timidly.

I tried hard not to laugh. “Not really. But if it will make you feel better, I’ll turn around,” I answered, turning in the crib to face the wall.

“Thanks.” I heard some movement, then the rustling of the diaper as it was unfolded and positioned. Then the unmistakable sound of tapes. “Shoot,” she finally said.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t get this dumb thing on right.” I turned back around, and in what light was afforded, I could see a rather crooked job. I bit back another laugh.

“Would you like some help?”

Britney was too embarrassed to speak, and just nodded her head. She had to come put the side of my crib down first, then she lay down on my crib mattress. I quickly undid the tapes, pulled the diaper straight, and taped it back up nice and snug, all while never taking her dignity.
“Thank you,” she said sincerely, getting back up and putting my crib side back into position. She crinkled all the way back to her crib.

That was basically the last thing I remembered before suddenly hearing birds and seeing sunlight in the room. Also noticing I was wearing a very wet diaper. I looked over and saw Britney was asleep – sucking on a pacifier. "Britney. . . " I called. She didn’t stir. “Britney!” She still didn’t move. I picked up a stuffed teddy bear and launched it at her.

It bounced off her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and she tried to focus on me. “Hmm? Wha. . . ?”

“You might want to get rid of the diaper,” I told her.

"Oh. . . " She pulled the sheet up and peered down, as though she was checking to make sure it was still there. Under the sheet, she popped the tapes open.

“Still dry?” I asked her.

“Eww! Of course!” she giggled. She pulled the diaper from under the sheet and rolled it inside its cover.

“What did you think?” I asked.

“It’s okay I guess. But I wouldn’t want all that embarrassment that comes with it,” she said. I nodded – her curiosity had been satisfied. “But I STILL think you’re kinda cute in them,” she said. Then she pushed the diaper through the diaper genie, while I blushed.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 12

Mom didn’t mention anything more about the diapers in the morning, merely removing the wet one I was wearing (once Britney left) and leaving me to clean up and get dressed. At breakfast, Pam started teasing Britney again.

“So, did you have fun sleeping in the BABY room last night?” she said. “I still can’t believe you wouldn’t sleep in my room!”

“I ALWAYS sleep in your room, Pam,” Britney said. “I thought taking care of the baby would be fun.”

“And was it. . . ?” Pam leaned in close.

Britney just smiled. “I think maybe you’re jealous,” she commented.

“NUH –UH!” Pam sat back in her chair and sulked. Britney had one-upped her this time. Pam wasn’t ready to let that stand. “He’s my BROTHER,” she stated as an explanation. “That’s gross!”

“Not really though,” Britney said. She giggled; “You could marry him if you wanted!”

“Hrmph! And change diapers all day? No thanks,” she said.

“I only need diapers at night,” I defended myself. Both girls gave me an amused look, and I realized that was really not the best defense. "Umm - for now. . . " I finished weakly.

That gave Pam an opening, which she gladly took. “Yeah, for now. Soon you’ll be needing them all the time, just like a little baby,” she teased.

Mom was tired of the teasing. “I know one little girl - actually two - in this room who begged me to buy a baby bottle for them in the store when they were seven years old, and they drank from it all day in public,” she said. Pam and Britney looked at each other and blushed.

“I forgot all about that,” Britney said.

“I bet Pamela didn’t,” Mom went on. “Tina used a bottle until she was two, and they kept disappearing.” Pam turned a brighter red. “Whenever one of the baby bottles came up missing, I knew to check Pam’s room. She was almost five then - we finally bought her her own bottle!” Britney, Tina, and I all had a laugh at Pam’s expense, and it cut down on her teasing for quite awhile.

When Britney went home later that day, instead of feeling relieved I actually felt a little sad to see her go. I also realized that my first assumptions on this were all wrong – whereas I had thought anyone would naturally make fun of someone my age wearing diapers, out of three girls so far, two had been very nice about it. They had teased a little, but it wasn’t overbearing.

Before Britney left, however, I learned that I would see her again soon. Plans were made to spend the following Friday somewhere I had been looking forward to that we went to every summer – Dollywood. It is a small amusement park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Usually the girls were each allowed to invite one of their friends along, and Pam invited Britney. Tina ended up inviting her cousin, Chelsea, along. Chelsea was nine at the time. USUALLY they got along well . . . okay, usually they tolerated each other when together. When they were apart, they thought they were best friends.

Strangely enough, even with Mom having intensified my “training” (or “punishment”, depending on how you looked at it), and even though she had increased the amount of time I wore diapers to more than half the day now, it never once occurred to me that this might affect our trip in any way.

We went through Thursday following the same pattern that had been established. Every morning my diaper was wet, ensuring at least seven more diapered nights. Every afternoon I was sentenced to take an hour long nap in the crib, wearing my diapers. Every afternoon following my nap, I was told to just stay diapered the rest of the evening, and was changed at bedtime. Once I wet during the nap to see if it would get me out of diapers before bedtime, but Mom simply changed my diaper after my nap, commenting that now maybe I could see the wisdom in wearing nap-time diapers.

What this basically did was decrease my time in which I used the bathroom regularly to only about 7 hours a day. I found myself using the diapers very easily in the evening, and once or twice found myself in a wet diaper and not remembering when I wet it. This caused a little concern to me, and made it easier for me to accept a plan Mom mentioned Thursday night.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 13

Britney and Chelsea both had supper and stayed overnight with us Thursday, so we could get an early start the next day. At least by now I had learned to keep track of Mom’s laundry days, and when I came up for supper after my nap, I had pants to cover my diaper. Of course Britney already knew, and I saw her check quickly with her eyes and give a satisfied knowing smile. Chelsea had no idea, as far as I knew, and barely gave me a second look other than to say hi, which was her usual notice of me.

If one knew or suspected I was wearing diapers under the pants, it would not be too hard to recognize. The diapers made a slight bulge and crinkled. Even if one didn’t have reason to suspect, but they were familiar with such things, such as a young mother would be, they could pick up on it. Chelsea had neither of these qualities, so the signals just went right by her. I found out later that her mother, who WAS a young mother, picked up on them quickly, but that’s another story.

Thankfully, Pam didn’t resort to her teasing at all during dinner. Maybe Mom told her to cool it, but she never mentioned a bib or bottle or anything in relation to me and baby items. Neither Britney nor Tina mentioned it either, although I never thought they would anyway.

Chelsea has two younger brothers, and as a result of being the eldest, she is quite bossy sometimes. Tonight she was already in rare form. As I already said, she and Tina could tolerate each other. Tina is a youngest sister, used to being bossed around, and this probably had a lot to do with that. What I didn’t mention is that Pam, being an eldest child and therefore used to getting her own way herself, usually did NOT tolerate Chelsea. Britney, being an only child, also did not appreciate Chelsea’s bossiness. (Actually, it was amazing that Pam and Britney got along so well. . . )

Have you ever ate a meal at a table with four pre-teen girls? If you haven’t, count it as one of the blessings in your life. It can be a harrowing experience. (Ed. Note: I once ate a meal at a table with 10 girls, ranging in age from 8-16. That was rather scary. They say girls eat less and have better table manners – anyone who says that has obviously never had a meal wherein most of those at the table were young girls.) By the end of the meal I was convinced that it was not I who should be using a bib and baby bottle. Two of them managed to spill their drinks, and they all managed to get food somewhere other than in their mouths.

Chelsea, being her usual domineering self, decided that they were all going to play hide-and-seek in the basement. The other three girls already knew this was a bad idea because of the nursery being down there, but she insisted, leading the way down the stairs. After a few minutes I didn’t hear anything, except for bursts of laughter and shrieking from time to time, and I realized that Chelsea got her way and they were playing hide-and-seek. Later, I found out that Tina had made up an excuse that the cribs were there because her mother babysat sometimes. Chelsea bought it for then.

Later, it finally did become clear to her. I heard them talking in the hallway as I was in the Living Room. Pam had said they should all sleep in the upstairs guest room since it was bigger than either of the girls’ downstairs bedrooms, and they could all fit in it. Chelsea, confused, asked wasn’t that my bedroom. Without thinking about it, Tina answered her, “No, he sleeps downstairs now.”

Then she suddenly realized what she said and her eyes widened a bit as there was a thick silence lasting about ten seconds. Chelsea broke that silence by saying, "But, the only rooms down there are yours, Pam’s, and. . . " She trailed off as the reality struck her. “Oh my GOSH! I thought those diapers looked awful big!” She began laughing while I blushed in the other room.

From that point on, I became a focal point of Chelsea’s attention. Of course I knew this was because it was new to her and eventually her interest in it would die down just like the other girls - I hoped. She kept watching me, and whenever I had to walk by her my diapers seemed to betray me by rustling a lot louder than usual. “Crinkle, crinkle,” I heard her giggle to Tina as I passed by once. “He sounds just like my baby brother when he walks!”

I faced yet another obstacle that evening. Around 9 PM, Mom took me by the hand and led me toward the bathroom, saying that it was time for my bath. I saw four pairs of female eyes immediately begin to meet each other, as though they were communicating in some silent way, and I didn’t like what they seemed to be saying. Mom put a stop to it as we went through the door, saying, "And if I see any little girls anywhere near this bathroom door, they’ll be getting exactly the same treatment, and put to bed in the other crib. . . " she looked at Britney, “with the side UP.”

Unfortunately, even though they couldn’t see, Mom made sure to leave the bathroom door open and the girls could hear everything, from the sounds of the splashing water to the sounds my diaper made as she removed it. Not only did I have to deal with the intimacy of being bathed, but I had to deal with the girls knowing about it as well.

Soon, I could hear whispering and giggling from the Living Room. It sounded like a plan was being made. Then I heard Chelsea’s voice. “Umm, Aunt Raye? I have to go to the bathroom!”

“I’m sure you can wait a few minutes,” was Mom’s curt reply.

"But I REALLY have to go. . . " Chelsea’s voice took on a whining quality, which while it may have been cute when she was little, was now becoming annoying. I had the added advantage of seeing Mom’s face and being able to tell she was annoyed as well. Abruptly she stood and walked out into the hallway.

“Fine,” she said. “If you are so bad off that you couldn’t tell you had to go before, and you can’t wait a few more minutes, then we’ll just have to have Pam take you down to the nursery and you can use the potty chair down there.”

“The potty chair?? I don’t want to use that!” Chelsea protested.

“Then Pam can put you in a diaper and you can use that,” Mom told her, putting her hands on her hips. “Or were you lying when you said you had to go so bad?” Chelsea was forced into silence, and had to allow Pam to come and lead her downstairs.

“Umm – do you really want me to diaper her?” Pam asked timidly.

“Only if she doesn’t use the potty,” Mom told her. “And bring a new diaper for him up with you when you finish.”

“I TOLD you it wouldn’t work,” I heard Pam say as they started down the stairs. As much as I would like to report that Chelsea got put in diapers, she was able to force herself to use the training potty and escape that embarrassment. She wasn’t able to escape the teasing she occasionally got from the other girls for it – even up until now.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 14

After my bath Mom used baby powder all over me – far too much in my opinion. As she put the diaper that Pam had brought up from the nursery on me, she told me about her idea for the next day.

“You know your control is getting worse, not better,” she said. I blushed and couldn’t look her in the eye, knowing this was true. “I don’t mind keeping you in diapers, and maybe you can be potty trained later,” she told me.

I was a little confused. I had thought the crib and the diapering and naps and other things she was doing was supposed to be punishment for bedwetting, but now she was acting as though this were normal as long as I had to wear diapers, and she was doing it all as a favor to me. I voiced this confusion.

Mom shook her head. “At FIRST, when you and Tina both needed it, I had hoped to embarrass both of you out of bedwetting. With Tina it worked, but not with you. I don’t think you can help it, so now these things are just practical. It’s obvious you need them.”

“Not all of this!” I protested. "I don’t need you to give me a bath. . . "

“I didn’t see you moving to take one yourself tonight,” Mom said. “Did you take one last night?” I hadn’t, because she had me diapered already in the evening and wouldn’t let me go use the bathroom. I knew arguing this wouldn’t do any good though, so I decided to try another point.

“Well – what about the crib?” I asked.

“What about it? When Pam and Tina were little, they were told they had to be able to stay dry all night before getting a big girl bed. You agreed to go by the same rules they do. Besides, what if your diapers leak at night?”

“I don’t need a bib or a bottle,” I argued.

Mom smiled. “Those,” she countered, “You never complained about. I could only assume you liked them.” I thought about it and realized she was right – I never actually stated that I didn’t want to use a bib or baby bottle. With the way I ended up laying in Pam’s and in Britney’s laps a few nights ago finishing a whole bottle for each of them, plus the way I had been drinking the bottle for Pam the first night Mom diapered me, what else COULD she believe. It wasn’t like I did hate it anyways.

“There’s just one problem,” Mom said. I wanted to argue my point more, but couldn’t seem to come up with anything else at the moment. “With you getting worse, tomorrow could be a problem for you. We could be standing in line for a ride and you suddenly have to go, or we may be too far from a restroom for you to make it. If you wet your pants it will be embarrassing and may ruin everybody’s fun. You don’t want to ruin anybody’s fun, do you?”

Had I been paying more attention to what she was saying, I may have answered differently. Her voice had gone to a soothing quality as she had pulled the diaper into place and taped it snugly on me, and that, coupled with my head still spinning from what she had said already, sort of put me in a hypnotic state. I found myself merely shaking my head along with her when she suggested I didn’t want to ruin anybody’s fun.

“Good,” she said suddenly, snapping my mind back to reality. “Then it’s settled.” I was confused again – what was settled. Before I could ask, she went on, answering the question. “You’ll wear diapers to the park tomorrow.”

She said this last part close to the door, and with a louder voice so that the girls heard. “He’s going to wear diapers to Dollywood tomorrow?” Britney asked in a disbelieving voice. The other girls giggled at the idea.

I was less than amused. "But. . . " I started, only to be muffled as Mom pulled a long T-shirt over my head. I looked down the front and saw it was purple with the word “Princess” scrawled across the front in glitter. Forgetting my point about the amusement park, I asked the obvious. “What’s this?”

“Pam’s grandmother bought it for her, but she got an adult extra large instead of a child’s – I don’t know WHAT she could have been thinking. You don’t have any other shirts that big and if Pam wears this it just falls off. I thought it would make a good nightshirt for you.”

She helped me stand and I realized it hung low enough to cover my entire diaper. That made me not quite sure about whether this was a good thing or not – at least my diapers were covered, but, “PRINCESS”?

I remembered then that I wanted to argue about going to Dollywood in diapers. It was too late though, as Mom had led me out of the bathroom by the hand, and the girls were getting a look at my “new pajamas”. Though it wasn’t nearly as bad as what Britney had chosen for me, her laughter was present, more or less being fueled by Chelsea’s, which was as bad as it had been when she first figured out I was wearing diapers. Apparently she was over her embarrassment of being made to use the baby potty. Pam was giving me her “teasing” look. Tina actually looked sorry for me. As I sat down on the couch next to her, she sighed and shook her head and patted my arm sympathetically.

We watched one more movie, during which I caught a part of Britney and Chelsea whispering in conversation.

“. . . was really hoping to see his diapers,” Chelsea was saying.

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you will,” Britney answered her. “And he’s kinda cute in them too!” Both girls giggled. Britney turned out to be right – when the movie was over, Mom stood me up, and in front of everyone she pulled my nightshirt up and felt my diaper to see if it was dry (which it was).

I was taken downstairs and I slid into my crib. Mom covered me with a sheet, but before she turned the light out, Britney appeared at the door. "I – umm – brought something for him. . . " she said. Her face turned to color of her hair. Mom left, telling her not to be long and to turn out the light when she left. Britney came over to the crib and held out a small stuffed teddy bear to me.

"Here. I saw him in the store next to a box of diapers and . . . well, I kinda thought about you. . . " It was my turn to blush when she said that. "Anyway, I couldn’t just leave him there so I got him . . . for you. . . " I took the teddy bear from her, and smiled and thanked her. Somehow, it made me feel better. Britney smiled back and then left the nursery, saying goodnight to me as she turned the light off. I was left in the dark to contemplate the idea of being dressed in diapers 24/7, at least through tomorrow and tomorrow night, and wondering if I would ever use a toilet again. Worse yet, on a deeper level, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to. Being in diapers constantly had been my fantasy, but fantasy and reality rarely come together right. My fantasy of wearing diapers all the time had not quite been like this. I rolled over, my diapers and the plastic covered mattress crinkling under me as I did so, and cuddled my teddy bear as my thumb found its way into my mouth.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 15

When I awoke, I found my thumb had been replaced by something rubber. I reached up and pulled it from my mouth, and realized it was a purple pacifier. As I stared at it in confusion, I heard a giggle above me.

I rolled over, jumping a bit, and saw Britney standing, peering down at me in the crib. It gave me a definite eerie feeling that made it seem as if she was actually bigger than me. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you,” she said. “Your Mom said I could come down and check on you – I’ve been watching you sleep for about five minutes.”

Without answering, I looked at the pacifier again. “I knew you’d wonder about that,” she said. “Truth is, I ALSO checked on you last night when we went to bed. You were sleeping and sucking your thumb . . . don’t worry, I didn’t tell Pam or Chelsea. Not like they need any more information to tease you about. Anyway, you remember the night I slept down here a couple days ago? When you woke me up, did you notice anything. . . ?”

“I saw the pacifier,” I said. “I forgot all about that, though I wondered where you got it at the time.”

“I didn’t tell you about something,” she confessed. “Pam and Tina already know. At night, I grind my teeth. You CAN get teeth guards to protect your teeth if you happen to do that at night, but my dentist told my parents that a pacifier works just as good and is ten times cheaper.”

“This is yours?” I asked, slightly grossed out.

“No – it’s yours,” she answered. “Don’t worry – it’s brand new. I took it from its package last night. Mom thought I needed a new one so she slipped it in my bag before I left. I just used my old one and gave the new one to you.”

"Oh. . . " I wasn’t sure what to say next. It seemed a weird thing to say thank you for, but that’s what I did anyway. She smiled as she noticed I was still holding the teddy bear.

“Have you named him yet?” she asked, pointing to the bear.

I looked at him thoughtfully for a minute. “Roland,” I finally said.

“Roland?” Britney looked amused. “Why Roland?”

“Cause that’s his name,” I answered as though everyone in the world should understand that. I blushed as I realized how childish that sounded and it made Britney giggle.

“Of course, what was I thinking?” she said, very much in the same tone you would use when speaking to a small child.

Deciding it was safe to act that way with Britney at least, I decided to play along a bit more. “Duh,” I said, imitating what I had seen “Michele” do on “Full House”.

“‘Duh?’” Britney asked. “‘Duh’? I’ll give you ‘duh’!” And before I knew it, she was tickling me. This drew giggles that I didn’t know were in me. Finally, she stopped (after making me call her “Aunty Britney”. . . ), her eyes falling on my exposed diaper.

“Is it wet?” she asked, reaching her hand out toward it. She stopped a few inches from actually touching the diaper, our eyes meeting for a minute. “Sorry,” she said, pulling her hand back and blushing. I wondered if she was more sorry she started to reach for it to check it, or more sorry that she stopped. “I can tell it is by looking anyway,” she said after a short silence.

I looked down and realized she was right. There was a faint yellow tinge to the diaper and it drooped a bit. Apparently I wet it a lot during the night. I moved a bit more and tugged my nightshirt down over the diaper.

Britney moved from the side of the crib to the dresser and grabbed a diaper, baby wipes, and baby powder from the top. She lay them beside the crib on a nightstand. “You wait here and I’ll go tell Raye you’re awake and your diaper needs changed,” she said to me, leaving the nursery.

“You wait here?” I thought? Like I had a choice. I had tried to release the crib side once and realized it was situated in such a way there was no way you could do it from inside the crib. I supposed I could climb over the top. I also supposed I could get in trouble for doing so, and having already experienced one spanking from Mom earlier that week, I was in no hurry to get another. Ever.

So I waited in the crib and presently Mom did come. She pulled my nightshirt off, tickling me a bit in the process. She smiled at me as she had me lie back then. “Did baby have a bit too much liquids last night?” she asked, checking the condition of my diaper. I didn’t answer, just waiting to be changed. She smiled and untaped the diaper, then lifted up my legs and pulled the wet garment out from under me. She cleaned me up with baby wipes, then turned to the diaper for a moment.

I saw she was holding a pair of scissors in her hand. She moved down the length of the diaper, cutting slits in the plastic cover along the wetness indicator every inch or so. When she finished, she powdered me and put that diaper on me. As she fastened it, she told me, “We’re going to be out for awhile and may not be able to get to a restroom as much, so I think it is best to double diaper you for now.” With that she grabbed another diaper from the shelf and pulled it snugly over the first one.

It felt to me like I was sitting on a pillow. Once she helped me stand, I realized it also felt like a pillow was pulled between my legs – I couldn’t get them together. Walking was going to be interesting, it seemed. Mom then showed me another X-large t-shirt, this one just plain blue. “I bought this one for you myself,” she said, showing me the bottom of it. She had taken and attached snaps in the middle at the bottom of the t-shirt. She slipped it over my head and pulled it down over my diaper, snapping the snaps over the bulk in the crotch of the diaper. “This way, we can keep your shirt from coming up and showing off your diaper to everyone,” she told me. “Also, it will keep your diaper from sagging too low when it is wet, but make sure you let me know when you are too wet, so I can change your diaper.”

Change me? I suddenly realized Mom was going to have to change me at the park. The more time passed, the less great this idea seemed, and the more I realized wearing diapers constantly wasn’t all that wonderful. I also noticed she had bought a Disney diaper bag with Tinkerbelle on it, and this was already packed and sitting by the doorway.

“Mom?” Pam’s voice suddenly rang down the stairs. “I think you better come up here. I think the toaster is broke again.”

“Why does that mean I have to come up right now, Pam?” Mom called back. “I’m busy dressing the baby (‘The baby?’ I thought?) right now.”

"Well, cause Chelsea’s pop-tart is on fire. . . " Pam answered. This resulted in Mom moving a lot faster than I thought she was capable. I looked down at my present attire and considered whether I was needed to help or not. As it turned out, the situation was easily handled since Pam already unplugged the toaster. Mom just picked it up with oven mitts (the fire was pretty small) and took the whole thing out to the driveway to burn itself out. She sent Britney down to help me finish dressing.

Once Britney got over her annoying exclamations of how “adorable” my “onesie” was, she pulled a pair of shortalls from the closet for me. When I protested, she pointed out that these were the only thing I had that would fit over that many diapers, unless I would rather wear one of Mom’s skirts? I submitted to the shortalls under that threat, feeling very odd as Britney pulled them up over my diaper and fastened them for me. “All ready now!” she chirped perkily, giving me a pat on the bottom. That caused me to jump, to which she reacted by giggling and racing from the room. “Don’t forget to bring up your diaper bag,” she called out to me, already at the top of the stairs.

Acutely aware of the extra bulk between my legs, I walked as best I could from the nursery, grabbing my diaper bag on the way, and heading up the steps to see what this new day would bring.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 16

When we got in the van, I ended up in the back with Chelsea beside me and Tina beside her. Mom opened the back of the van and put a plastic bag that appeared to have something heavy in it next to my diaper bag.

“We’re going to take this toaster back to Walmart,” she said. “It’s only two months old, there is no way it should break that quickly!” I thought about it and it occurred to me that it COULD break that quickly if it had been used the way it had been by Tina last month. She had attempted to make French Toast - after dipping the bread in the batter, she was putting it in the toaster. I had helped her clean it up and hadn’t told on her, but that probably had a lot to do with its early demise. I glanced over to Tina and could tell she was thinking pretty much the same thing. I decided not to mention this. If PAM had done it, I probably would have mentioned it.

We made the trip to Walmart pretty quickly. When Mom went in, Chelsea said she had to get something too. This of course caused a chorus of others saying they also wanted to go in the store, but Mom said Chelsea asked first and that was it. She stopped any further complaining (out loud anyway) by pointing out that if we ALL went in the store we would get to Dollywood a lot later.

When they returned to the car (Mom bearing a new toaster), I found out pretty quickly why Chelsea had gone in the store. Apparently the night before, Britney had told the other girls about her present to me and my reaction to it. Not being one who allowed herself to be outdone, EVER, Chelsea went and got a present for me as well. She removed from the bag a pacifier clip. It was the kind with a ribbon on it you tie around the pacifier, and a clip on the other end to put on the baby’s clothing so that the pacifier will not be lost and the baby can easily get ahold of it again. This one had a purple bunny on it, and she clipped it right on the strap of my shortalls. From the diaper bag she pulled the pacifier Britney has given to me and fastened it on the other end. Oh well - at least it was cute.

Mom rolled her eyes at the antics, but she didn’t tell the girls to stop. Later, she told me that it was obvious to her that I was enjoying the attention, and the girls were enjoying dishing it out, so no harm was being done and she saw no reason to put any stop to it. I think she overestimated my feelings concerning this. Well, maybe.

The orange juice I had at breakfast was starting to seem like not a good idea already. I didn’t know Pam had used a special orange drink loaded with electrolytes for me, knowing that would make me have to pee a lot more. I ended up wetting the diaper before we even got to the park, and it was only about an hour and a half drive (two with the stop at Walmart). I tried to look nonchalant about it, as though I was just looking out the window. As I finished wetting the diaper, I saw Tina watching me with a slight smirk. Because of the double diaper Mom used that morning, it was all quickly absorbed and I hardly noticed it.

We finally got there and parked, and rode the little cart thing to the gates. I noticed a lot of reactions people were having towards me that really started to irritate me. When I sat down, the boy sitting beside me moved as far as he could away from me, as though he might catch something from me. Some people stared at me, while a few others would stare at me when they THOUGHT I didn’t notice and then look quickly away when I looked at them. Others whispered about me as though I wouldn’t know what they were talking about me, and last, a few tried to pretend I didn’t exist at all, making a special effort to look everywhere but at me. I wondered if this was how handicapped people felt, and if so, how they dealt with it.

It had certain benefits as well. When we went through the gate, I ended up getting charged only half price. The guard stopped us on the other side and quickly looked through the diaper bag. As he handed the bag to Mom, his eyes scanned the four girls, as though trying to figure out which one was in diapers, and finally rested on me. I quickly followed Mom, trying to get away from what I felt was a very suspicious glare.

I had forgotten one big thing about Dollywood, which now was going to become a problem. Most of the rides are water-based rides. Water and disposable diapers don’t mix very well. We found this out pretty quickly after making the waterslide our first ride. This one wasn’t TOO wet, but enough for my diaper to swell a bit as it sucked in the water. Britney giggled at my walk as it became a waddle, my movements hampered by the thickening diaper.

Tina fell into step beside me, and waited until no one else was paying attention. Then she confided quietly to me that a couple years ago she had wet her shorts, and no one knew because they were already wet from the rides. This revelation caused me to wonder again about Mom’s real reason for talking me into wearing diapers for this trip.

One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

Chapter 17

It was a good thing I was wearing the onesie. The longer I stayed in that double diaper, the heavier it got. I wore it until lunchtime, and by then it was obvious to about anyone who looked my way that I was wearing a diaper. Mom decided to change me before we ate.

Pam, Britney, and Chelsea all complained that they had already been to the restroom and didn’t need to go, and really didn’t want to wait while we stood in line for the family restroom. Mom told them to stay together, and they could go to the arcade and wait for us there. Then me, her, and Tina stood in line (again with people staring at me).

When our turn came, Mom ushered Tina and I both into the restroom. I realized that she intended to change me with Tina there and I protested, but Mom said, “She’s only eight! I can’t leave her out there all alone!” She told Tina to use the potty while my diaper was changed.

This was my first time being changed in a public restroom. Actually it was my first time being out somewhere and wearing diapers all day. Mom pulled the changing table down and spread my changing pad out on it, then turned to me and undid the straps on my shortalls. I had my back to the toilet, but I heard Tina giggle as Mom slipped them down and my huge, drooping diaper stuck out around the onesie.

Mom then helped me get up on the table, and she unsnapped the onesie and gently undid the tapes on the diapers. As she pulled them off I felt a cool draft and shivered a bit, jumping more at the cold wipe she then used to clean me. In no time at all I was dry and snugly taped in a new diaper. Mom said it was sort of pointless to use double diapers when they would only suck up all the water around me, so instead she just used a single diaper. It felt very strange, as she pulled my shortalls back up and did the straps, as I noticed that in this case, my diaper area was dry while the rest of me was wet.

Mom washed her hands, and as we turned to leave and I saw Tina standing by the door, watching. I wondered how much of my diaper change she had been watching. Later, she DID boast to Chelsea that she should have gone with us to the restroom, and she would have got to see me have my diaper changed.

We went by and picked up the others from the arcade, then stopped at one of the food stands. Tina, Chelsea, and I stayed with Mom while she ordered, while the older girls told Mom what they wanted and then found us a table for us to sit at. By the time we got to them with the food, they had already dug through the diaper bag and found a bib and baby bottle to use on me. At least Mom drew the line when Chelsea mentioned she thought there might be high chairs available.

After eating, we went back to the arcade a little while and then did “Greased Lightning”, which was a mild ride using a huge movie screen and seats that tilted, so you felt like you were moving. Mom didn’t want to do anything too fast right after eating like that. We did one more water ride, Daredevil Falls, during which the little girls tricked me and Mom into the front seat. We got them back by ducking when we hit the water at the bottom, and Tina and Chelsea ended up getting soaked instead of us. Pam and Britney were in the next cart. We also ended up going on the tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, bumper cars, and ferris wheel, and some of the rides we had done in the morning again, before going.

We stopped one more time at the restroom on our way out. This time only Mom and I used the family restroom, while all the girls lined up for the ladies’ room. After Mom changed my diaper, a repeat of the earlier experience sans Tina, Mom ushered me out of the restroom to be watched by Pam and Britney, while she used it herself.

Pam showed me that they had bought something. It looked like a folder at first, but she opened it up and there was a picture of me, Mom, Chelsea, and Tina going down on Daredevil’s Falls. Easily seen in the picture was my pacifier pinned to my shortalls, and something I hadn’t noticed - the way I was sitting, the diaper peaked out the leg opening. I reached for it, but Pam flipped it closed, pulling it away from me. “I don’t think so,” she giggled. "This will be very good for us to have in the future I think. She opened it so she and Britney could look at it again. “Did you wet your diaper on the way down?” she teased. Actually, she wasn’t wrong about that.

On the way home, Mom stopped at a McDonald’s. It must have been at an off-peak hour, because there were very few people there. Perhaps that was why she actually allowed Chelsea to get a high chair for me this time. I felt extremely conspicuous as I sat in it, with the tray locked on the front. They made me keep my hands under it, while they fed me my Happy Meal. They had also gone so far as to get a Ronald McDonald bib for me (actually asked at the counter if they had any, causing giggles from the girls working there). They didn’t put my drink in the baby bottle because it was a milkshake, and Mom told them it would be too thick.

The last thing to do was drop off Chelsea and Britney at their respective homes. By the time we got back to the house, I was very sleepy, even though it wasn’t all that late. Mom said it was because I hadn’t had my nap. I didn’t complain as she took me in the bathroom for my bath almost as soon as we got home. After bathing me, she put my diaper on me, and I realized I was actually enjoying it rather than being embarrassed this time. She pulled my nightshirt on me as well, and took me right to the nursery.

Pam was watching as Mom took me in the nursery, and I could have sworn she looked a little jealous at the attention I was receiving. I climbed in my crib, reached for my bear that Britney gave me, and asked for my pacifier. Mom had already taken it off the pacifier clip and had it ready for me, but she stopped me before I could put it in my mouth.

“Did you have fun today?” she asked. I thought about it, and nodded my head. “So even with the baby clothes, diapers, and being treated like a baby, you still had a lot of fun?” she pressed. I admitted to her that this was so. “Well, here’s what I think. Your bedwetting isn’t getting any better; if anything it is worse. I think we should just take the last step, and keep you in diapers full time for awhile. Later on, when you think you are ready, we can try to potty train you all over again. I think that’s what we need to try, don’t you?”

I looked at her and knew that there was really no way I was going to get around Mom’s strong personality. That was where the girls had got theirs from. I also thought about the fact that when I first came there, I wanted to wear diapers. Despite the initial embarrassment (and I was under no illusion that Pam and Chelsea would stop teasing me, Tina would stop trying to “help” me, or Britney would stop doting on me), it was still fun. If I truly hated it, I could always say I was ready to be potty trained - surely it wouldn’t be that hard, I thought, as a warm trickle of pee escaped into my diaper.

“Whatever you think is best - Mommy,” I said. She smiled and put the pacifier in my mouth, kissed me goodnight on the forehead, and I was already drifting into sleep as I heard the crib bars click into place.


One of the Family by Victoriah Nichole Little

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