Op Lighthouse: Nexus Chapter 13a

Chapter 13a
Her Feelings - Part 1

It’s turning out to be one hell of a day, Aileron thought to himself as they crossed over the shoreline several thousand feet below.

“Feet wet,” he radioed, indicating that they were now flying over the ocean. Looking over his shoulder, the young pilot rechecked the positions of the other two aircraft in his flight. To his left Skylar’s Su-34 floated harmoniously in perfect echelon formation, guarding his tail. To his right, the somewhat less graceful looking MiG-42 was on station, it’s head looking back and forth, scanning for threats.

“Looks like that’s all the action we’ll be seeing for now,” Aileron said.

“Sure hope so,” Skylar replied, “we don’t want to waste too much fuel turnin’ and burnin’ with GC fighters. Hopefully we gave 'em the slip.”

“That would be nice,” Chuck Lang agreed, “but don’t let your guard down, not even for a second. Those transports are relying on us to provide cover.”

Aileron looked over to his left at the two C-27 Spartans floating several hundred meters abreast of their formation. Under the cover of PSS they would be undetectable by radar, but it was still possible the enemy could spot them visually. Thinking of all the people in those two planes, and of his squadron, he forced himself to be more vigilant. He scanned the horizon all around his plane, looking up and down for any signs of enemy aircraft. They couldn’t use their radars because it would give the enemy something to track, so they were relegated to only using the short range passive sensors.

Craning his neck to get a good view of the airspace behind him, Aileron’s eyes met with Katrina’s. She had been so uncharacteristically quiet back there that he had all but forgotten she was along for the ride. Keying the ICS with his left hand, Aileron spoke up.

“How ya doin’ back there, Kat?” he asked. The ICS was a secure line of communication between them that the other pilots couldn’t hear.

“I’m okay,” Katrina replied in a soft, reserved voice. Aileron felt one of his eyebrows raise reflexively. When Katrina acted reserved something was clearly amiss.

“You sure?” Aileron asked with narrowed eyes.

“Yeah. Just…” Katrina said, hesitating. Now Aileron knew something was wrong.

“What is it, Kat?”

“Could you,” she paused, “do me a favor?”

“A favor?” Aileron echoed. He hesitated a moment, wondering what she would ask of him this time. “Oh…kay.”

“Fly a little higher,” Katrina requested.

“Excuse me?” Aileron asked, turning in his seat to get a better glance at his passenger.

“Fly higher… above the others.”


“I wanna… change,” Katrina said, lowering her head in embarrassment.


“Yeah… I’m really wet,” she replied. Aileron could somehow hear her blush.

“Oh,” he said, his eyebrows climbing. Aileron recalled Katrina telling him earlier, in the midst of crazy and death-defying maneuvers that she had had an accident. He wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth before, but this pretty much confirmed it.

“But, we’re flying level with the others and… I don’t want them to see.”

“I understand, Kat,” Aileron replied in a gentle voice. “Hang on a sec.”

At present they were leading the other planes. If Aileron flew higher, they were likely to follow him. He keyed the mike.

“Hey, boss,” Aileron radioed to Lang. “Mind takin’ charge of the formation?”

There was a brief pause before Lang replied.

“Sure thing, Aile,” he said, though his voice reflected his suspicion. It was a bit of a strange request, but without asking any questions Lang went ahead and took the lead. Aileron dropped back to the trailing position as the MiG-42 moved up front. Once they were situated behind the other planes, Aileron gently climbed a bit higher, just over the head sensors of the -42. He waited a few seconds, but it didn’t look like the others would follow him.

“I think you’re all set,” Aileron said over the ICS.

“Thanks, Aile. I owe you one,” a subdued Katrina replied.

“Meh, join the club,” Aileron said, sighing and shaking his head.

As soon as Aileron gave her the go-ahead, Katrina got right down to business. It wouldn’t be an easy task, changing a wet diaper in the back seat of a fighter, but Katrina had had a while to think about how she was going to accomplish it.

Firstly, she disarmed the ejection seat. It was a simple matter of putting the large pin in the handle. Once that was done, she took off her restraints, working herself free of their grasp. Then, she unzipped her flight suit.

“You okay back there?” Aileron asked. Katrina switched the mike to voice activation.

“Yeah,” she said, “just make sure you warn me if we’re going to be flying upside down. I’m not strapped in.”

“I promise I’ll advise you well prior to the execution of any maneuvers,” Aileron said in an uncomfortable voice, “and I also promise I won’t peek.”

Katrina looked up and into the front cockpit. There were three rear view mirrors situated around the sides of the canopy, and in them she could see Aile’s face. He was looking up and away, for the life of him trying to avoid even glancing back at his passenger. Katrina smiled at his sincerity.

“It’s okay, Aile,” she said. “I just didn’t want the others to see. It’s okay if you do.”

Aileron keyed the ICS and tried to respond, but only managed a stammering reply.

“Ah…uh… I…” he said. Katrina’s smile widened. She shook her head, then got back to her task. After the flight suit was unzipped, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves and, pushing herself up with her legs and shoulders, worked it all the way down around her knees. Resting back on the seat, she examined her very wet disposable. She frowned at the discolored area in the crotch, remembering that she had only gotten diapered as a precaution. She hadn’t intended to use the diaper at all, but her fear of flying coupled with Aileron’s circus-like way of fighting had frightened her into it. She sighed, shaking her head at herself. Sure, she really liked wearing, and even using, diapers. However, needing them, being unable to control herself, made her just feel pathetic. She sighed again and got back to changing.

Finding her backpack, she unzipped it and fished around inside. She found everything she would need: a new diaper, some powder, wipes and a plastic bag. She unfolded the adult-sized diaper, feeling it’s softness. The sound of crinkling plastic put her at ease for some reason, and she had to smile a little despite herself. She placed the new diaper underneath her so she was sitting on it. Then, she untaped the used one. Carefully, she pulled the front portion away from her skin and surveyed the damage. Her well taken care of skin was feeling rather clammy, but for the most part looked and felt okay. She pulled the used diaper from underneath her, resting on the new one, and balled it up. She put it in the plastic bag, then set it inside her backpack. Then, she took a few wipes from her container and cleaned herself up, front and back. She put the used wipes in the same plastic bag as the used diaper, then sealed it and stuffed it to the bottom of her backpack. For a moment after that she just rested, letting her skin get some air. She didn’t want to waste too much time, but being able to relax a bit would go a long way in making this trip bearable. Taking a deep breath, she straightened up a little, then applied a generous helping of baby powder, spreading it lovingly across her skin. Then, she pulled the diaper snugly into position, adjusted it a bit for comfort, and taped it up. Sighing heavily, Katrina felt immensely relieved to be in a fresh diaper.

“You can look now, Aile,” Katrina said. Aileron reflexively glanced back in the mirror, looking away immediately when he realized Katrina was just in a shirt and diaper back there. Katrina smiled at him again, then got to work getting her flight suit back on. Once it was again zipped up she strapped back in, gathered her supplies back into her backpack, and then finally rearmed the ejection seat.

“All done,” Katrina said. Aileron looked back at her, and she shifted back and forth in her seat to emphasize her point. Of course, with the engines running there was no way Aileron could hear the crinkling of her diaper, but he could easily imagine it. On top of that, he could smell the faint scent of baby powder circulating through the cockpit. It reminded him of being with Elise, which put him at ease. How he longed to be with her again.

“Everything okay?” Aileron asked.

“Yeah, it is now,” Katrina said with a deep sigh.

“Good,” Aileron said, then took a deep breath. He slowly dropped back down into perfect formation with the other aircraft.

“Thanks, Aile,” Katrina said again.

“Don’t mention it, Kat,” Aileron said.

“Even if it was your fault,” Katrina added.

“Sorry for that,” Aileron said, knowing what she was referring to, “but I had to do that to save Skylar.”

“I know,” Katrina said in a serious voice, “but it’s still your fault. If I have nightmares over that you are so changing me afterward.”

Aileron merely rolled his eyes.

“I heard that,” Katrina said. Aileron chuckled, shaking his head.

Come to think of it, Aileron thought, Katrina is the third girl to wet herself in the back of this plane. Lovingly, Aileron patted the central multi-function-display with his left hand.

I love you, Wraith.

Finally, after another two hours of flying, they were on approach to land in the Republic of Via. In fact, it was the same airbase that Aileron had taken off from earlier that morning. First, they let the C-27s land. Once the runway was clear, Skylar landed his Su-34. While Aileron was on approach, Lang was landing the MiG-42 in a field near the runway.

Wraith’s main mounts met the runway, producing a screech and a puff of gray smoke. The MiG-29UB/AP proceeded down the length of the runway, dropping gradually in speed until the nose gear touched down as well. Aileron slowed his aircraft, then turned off the runway. Once he was near the hangars Aileron shut down his weary fighter and left her in the capable hands of the ground crew. Dismounting the plane, Aileron’s feet met solid ground once again. Having been in a sitting position for so long he felt a little weak in the knees.

Katrina got out of the cockpit and onto the LERX. Shouldering her backpack, she sat down on the LERX and carefully let herself down. It was still a bit of a drop, and as soon as her feet met the ground her knees gave out and she fell.

“Ahh!” she cried in surprise. Aileron caught her, but because of his own weak legs, he just fell with her.

“Oof!” Aileron grunted as he landed on his back, Katrina atop him.

“Ow…” Katrina said, sitting up. Aileron felt his head lighten. Katrina was straddling him, sitting on his lap and flinging back her hair.

“If I didn’t know better,” Aileron said, gulping as he felt the soft material of Katrina’s diaper against his lap, “I’d think you planned that.”

Katrina stuck her tongue out at Aileron while smiling.

“Ahem,” Lang, who had walked up, cleared his throat loudly. The two teens on the ground looked up at him, “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“Ack!” Aileron said, trying to get up. Katrina just stayed put.

“Nope,” she said.

“Damn it, Kat, get offa me!” a red faced Aileron demanded. Katrina laughed, then hesitantly got up. She reached down and offered her hand to Aileron, who cautiously took it and let her help him to his feet.

“What’s up, boss?” Katrina asked.

“I know you’re both tired, but there’s a ton of stuff to do. Aile, I was wondering if you would help with supply and maintenance.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Aileron replied.

“And Kat, could you give them a hand at the C-27s. There’s a lot of gear to off load and plenty of people to get situated.”

“You got it,” Katrina replied with a thumbs up. She turned to Aileron and said, “hey, I’ll see you later. Thanks again.”

“Yeah,” Aileron replied. Katrina scampered off to help out and for the first time Aileron realized that Katrina, despite her difficult attitude, was a really diligent worker. It was no wonder she was among people like Skylar and Lang. After Katrina disappeared around the corner Aileron turned back to Lang.

“Let’s roll,” he said.

There was indeed much work to be done, and it ended up taking up the better part of the day. Finally, after everything was taken care of, Aileron, Katrina, Lang and the rest of the workers adjourned to the mess hall for a bite to eat.

Sitting back in his chair, Lang popped open a can of beer and took a long drink. Sighing his weariness away, he set the can down on the table affront him and relaxed.

“Hell of a day,” Aileron said.

“Hell of a day,” Lang replied, nodding in agreement. “We’re out of a job,” he added with a heavy sigh.

“Perfect,” Aileron lamented, “just when I needed it, too.”

“What are we going to do now?” Katrina asked.

“I don’t know,” Lang replied, shaking his head somberly. Aileron and Katrina both frowned in unison. Usually their boss and fearless leader always had the right answer. He was always on top of things, one step ahead of everyone else. However, today was the first time they had seen him at a complete loss. The weariness on his face, coupled with his discontented gaze made him seem no different from them. They were silent a moment until Skylar walked up carrying a tray.

“Mind if I join you cats?” Skylar asked.

“You’re always welcomed at this table, Skye,” Lang said, motioning to the empty seat beside his.

“Thanks, boss,” Skylar said, taking his seat.

“What’s up, Skylar?” Aileron asked.

“Not much. Been contemplating what we’re all going to do from here on out. Hey, Lang, you have a lot of contacts here in Via, right? Any chance you can work out something?”

“I’ve been wondering that myself,” Lang said. “Aside from putting our pilots to work for the regular military here I’m not sure. I’m going to have to talk to some people, but that can wait until Monday. Right now we should all just be resting.”

“Yeah, I heard that,” Skylar replied.

“What I’m curious about,” Aileron began, “is how I’m going to get back to school.”

“Is it really that important to you, Aile?” Skylar asked. He knew very well that Aileron understood the full weight of the situation they had gotten themselves into.

“Yeah, it really is. I can’t leave my friends… and especially my girl. There’s just no way.”
“Getting to the states from Via isn’t going to be easy,” Skylar pointed out, “there’s an embargo… we can’t just fly there without running into trouble.”

“I know,” Aileron replied, “which is what’s bothering me so much. I haven’t quite figured a way back just yet.”
“Well,” Lang chimed in, “there’s one way. In fact, I need a pilot to run a mission back to the states as it is.”

“Hmm?” Aileron inquired.

“Lina Vihkrov is stranded without support. I’m worried that it’ll be only a matter of time before she runs into trouble, so I want to pull her out.”

“I’ll go,” Aileron volunteered.

“The problem is that you wouldn’t be able to stay, Aile,” Lang replied, “Lina isn’t a pilot. You’d have to fly back and then you’d be in the same predicament.”

“Good point,” Aileron said, his confidence deflating.

“No problem there, I’ll go too,” Skylar offered. “That way Aileron can stay and I’ll come back with agent Vihkrov.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lang said. “I’ll have to make a few calls, but we’ll try to commence the operation on Monday. That’s the soonest it’ll be viable.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Aileron said, feeling better that he had come upon a way back to the states. It would be later than he planned, but at least he would be able to return to his beloved Elise in just a couple more days.

Op Lighthouse: Nexus Chapter 13a

Chapter 13 is being split into two pieces because it’s taking me waaay too long to get it done. I apologize for the wait, but I’ll try my best to get something up sooner this time. Hope you guys (and girls?) enjoy!

Op Lighthouse: Nexus Chapter 13a

Where the heck have you been, RT!! It is about time, I thought you had fallen of the face of the Earth!! Great to see you back & writing!! Thanks for the new part!!

Op Lighthouse: Nexus Chapter 13a

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I’ll wait for part two to judge =D

Op Lighthouse: Nexus Chapter 13a

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