Overdue introductions

Hello there,

I have actually been a member here since September, but I have never properly said hello.

Some of you may have already seen the story Daniel’s secret that I finished yesterday.

I wanted to add something focused entirely on the DL part as there seemed to be a lot more AB stories.

I also noticed that a high proportion of stories involved forced diapering or if not, continence / bedwetting issues, so I wanted to write something about people wearing diapers just because they want to.

I have a couple more ideas, that I hope to write at some point in the future.



I saw your story. That one in particular isn’t my cup of tea, but I do like the idea of something entirely DL.

Thank you!

To be honest, you probably won’t like my other ideas when I get them down either, all my ideas are quite thematically similar.

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