Page View Stats for July 8th, 2020 through July 15th, 2020 and why stories rarely get responses.

Sharing this because I wanted to make a point about something. A lot of people get upset that their stories have a high views count but low responses. This graph shows why that is.

See those huge light blue sections on each day? That’s every guest view that isn’t a web crawler of some type. The dark blue is signed in users. Need I say more?

Well, that kind of makes sense. After all, it’s kind of hard to leave a comment if you’re not registered. And registering is a bit of a hurdle. I’m pretty sure I lurked here anonymously for quite a while before creating a user. Admitting to yourself that you like the subject matter can be a big step that many people don’t feel ready to take.

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I didn’t register until I’d written a story that I wanted to share.

Now that I am registered I do try and give people feedback and let them know someone’s reading their work, but I still only manage to respond to a very small number of stories.

I’ve posted a few of my own that have had no replies at all. I don’t mind, this is the wrong genre to be seeking public acclaim.

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I was a lurker for years too, it’s really hard putting yourself out there even under a nome de plume as it were

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I was a lurker for a few years. Given this particular fetish, it can be intimidating and nerve wracking just making an account.

I understand it can be disappointing when your stories don’t get a reply- as a writer, it’s always nice to hear what people think of your story, their favorite part/ favorite character/ what they want to see more of. Or any constructive criticisms- any inconsistencies/ illogical moments/ flat characters/ nonsensical plot, etc. (though some people do seem to get a massive case of butt hurt when the latter is pointed out. International felonies aren’t cool, kiddos. No matter how much one’s delicate fee-fees got hurt by someone pointing out their mistakes with the intention of helping them learn/ do better in the future). The constructive criticism is what I like about this board, it’s helped me grow as a writer.

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