Pampered Pearl chapter 6

Don’t know if anyone remembers this story. It’s been ages since I posted chapter 5. Sorry about the looong delay, but my interest in this topic comes and goes. If you want to catch up, here are links to the other chapters:

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In this chapter Pearl becomes increasingly accident-prone, and John starts to adapt to his new role. Some of you might think this chapter is a bit too much. If so I’m sorry, but I felt this was where the story was going. There’s some adult content towards the end, but nothing too explicit (I hope). Enjoy.

Pampered Pearl

Chapter 6

After taking care of Pearl’s puddle and the milkshake disaster area, I turned my attention to footprints. Luckily, Pearl had dainty little feet. Work like this would normally have left me in a bad mood, but I found myself whistling quite cheerfully. Doing chores feels better when you’re doing it for someone else, I suppose.

While I was getting the last of the footprints, Pearl approached me.

“I’m sorry I made wee-wees on the floor,” she said solemlny. “I didn’t mean to.”

“I know honey.”

“I didn’t even know I made a tinkle. My panties got all cold and icky so I think maybe I went in my pants a little by accident, but after a bit the cold went away and I felt warm again and that happened some more times, but I think I only felt warm 'cause I made tinkle all over again but I don’t really know, and then I got very cold and I saw I’d gone pee-pee all over the floor and ruined my nice picture.”

“It’s okay little gem, but I’m glad you agreed to wear some protection. Just for now.”

“I know,” she said beaming, patting her crotch. “Cause sometimes I have to go and it comes really fast and I can’t help it and do it in my pants.”

“Yes, you do.”

“And sometimes I just tinkle a bit without knowing and get my panties wet.”

“You really enjoy saying that, don’t you Pearl?” I grinned. “You like saying the words.”

“Maybe,” she blushed. “I like talking to you about it. It makes me giddy and I tingle all over and it feels really nice. Is that okay?”

“Of course it’s okay honey. If it feels nice to be tingly then you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, 'cause your body doesn’t lie and it knows what you like even better than you do.”


“And if you wet in your pull-up it’s okay. Just tell me and I’ll make it all better.”

“But I don’t always know it when I do a pee,” Pearl protested.

“So I’ll check you every now and then, alright?”

“Okay,” she chirped.

Having taken care of the house I gave Pearl a glass of apple juice and settled down to read the paper. Normally I’d have read it by now, but things were busier with little Pearl around. While reading I noticed Pearl’s cell phone beep as text messages arrived, but Pearl herself seemed disinterested. Instead she was completely engrossed in some game she was playing. A game that seemed to consist of racing around the house with Spoink, squealing from time to time. After a while I decided to check on Pearl before making dinner.

“Are you wet honey?” I asked.

“Nope. Maybe. I don’t know,” Pearl said, peering down at her crotch. She looked so cute with the top of her pull-ups peeking up above those pink shorts.

“Hang on. I’ll check.”

She stood passive while I slipped my hand down the back of her pull-ups to see if she’d wet herself.

“Just a little damp. You’ll be fine.”

I made spaghetti for dinner, and Pearl’s ‘yummy!’ told me I made a good choice. While eating, she chatted away in her usual little-girl manner, and I told her about my run-in with Dean at the store which seemed to bore Pearl in her current state of mind.

At one point I heard a faint hissing noise followed shortly by a gasp from Pearl as her hand darted to her crotch. She squirmed and blushed deeply, pressing her slender thighs tightly together. I realized Pearl had less and less control her over bodily functions now, and pull-ups appeared to be necessary at this point. Although she’d told me she’d done this before, I was slightly worried that she’d have a hard time regaining control. She had seemed confident about this game though. I hoped she knew what she was doing.

For the rest of dinner, I couldn’t help but notice how Pearl started fidgeting and rocking gently back and forth on her chair, sometimes even sneaking her hand back down between her legs and rocking her hips against it. She didn’t seem very conscious about doing this. At first I thought she was uncomfortable in her wet pull-ups, but then I realized she must be enjoying the warm feeling of the wet padding between her legs. As we cleared the table I could see her pull-ups were puffy beneath the shorts, and Pearl definitely needed a new one.

“Come on Pearlie, let’s get you changed.”

“Aw, do we have to?” she sulked, hand cupping her crotch. “I just did a little wee-wee and I’m not cold or anything. It feels kind of nice and warm.”

“Yes we do. Now come on Pearl, off we go.”

“Okay then,” she grumbled, following me to the bathroom.

She lay down dutifully and I ripped the sides of her wet pull-ups and slid them out from under her. As I was digging out the wipes to clean her, another tiny trickle of pee escaped her, making its way down between her bum-cheeks and onto the towel beneath. I don’t think Pearl even realized. As I wiped her clean she played with her toothbrush again, chomping down on the bristle before gently feeling it with her lips. She really seemed like an inquisitive little girl.

All cleaned up and in a fresh, dry pull-up, Pearl followed me back into the living room.

“Tell you what,” I said. “Why don’t I make us some pop-corn and we’ll watch the movie I got you?”


“But after that it’s bedtime. Alright?”

“Okay. Can I have soda too?”

“Sure honey.”

“You’re the BEST!” She hugged me tight and I kissed the top of her head.

After placing the pop-corn and soda on the living room table I settled on the couch and started the film. I felt proud and happy as a warm little Pearl snuggled safely down in my lap. Soon she was gulping down the soda and gobbling pop-corn as she stared intently at the screen. As Cinderella made her way closer to the prince’s heart I found myself enjoying the sensation of having Pearl so close to me. I breathed deeply her clean, soapy smell and marvelled at her smooth skin and delicate features. Pearl was so cute it made my heart ache. Her hair tickled my nose so I stroked her head, and she sighed contently and leaned back against me.

I was surprised by the concentration she could muster over a film she must have seen a dozen times before. When the evil step-mother made an appearance on the screen, Pearl was so engrossed that she jumped and I felt a small surge of warmth against my thigh as her excited little body released control over her bladder yet again. Oblivious little Pearl just wriggled a bit to get more comfortable, curling up to me seeking safety.

As the film went on, Pearl settled into a gentle, rhythmic rocking against my thigh, just like she had during dinner. She obviously enjoyed the sensation of wet pull-ups. A sudden surge of warmth told me she was wetting again, and when Pearl realized that she tensed and gave a funny little snort as she tried to hold it. Then she just gave in and snuggled back up against me as she emptied the rest of her helpless little bladder into the pull-ups. Too much soda I suppose.

“I think I maybe…” Pearl muttered.



“Did you go tinkle in your pull-ups honey?”

“I think maybe I went a little bit.”

“That’s alright. We’ll just change you later. Before bedtime. No need to spoil the film.”

“Thanks,” she said, resuming her rhythmic movements against my thigh.

As the film drew towards the end Pearl had started moving against me more eagerly, her breath more heavy as her excitement seemed to rise. Her tummy gurgled, and a while a wet, bubbly fart emerged as well.

“My, you have a rumbly tummy,” I said stroking her flat belly beneath the lacy white slip.


Pearl was starting to really squirm now, and I watched as her cheeks grew more hectic and flushed. She was rubbing against my thigh in earnest, biting her lower lip and grunting softly. Every once in a while she’d whisper very softly to herself - things like: ‘Oh no, I wet my pants!’ and ‘I’m going pee-pee in my pants and I can’t stop.’ - repeating it over and over like some excited teen-baby mantra. Several more farts bubbled up from her pull-up as she was grinding her crotch against me, grunting softly and drawing sharp breaths through her nose.

On the TV screen the credits were rolling, but none of us were watching anymore. I stared in fascination as Pearl brought herself closer and closer to climax, both hands now pressed against her shorts and the warm pull-up beneath.

Pearl’s body stiffened then spasmed in my lap as she brought herself off, pushing her hot, wet pull-ups hard against her sex. Her face was deeply flushed and her lips swollen as she huffed and whimpered, quivering with pleasure. I knew she’d been chasing that feeling most of the day, and I watched her with love as she finally caught up with it. She looked beautiful, vulnerable and wonderful as she came.

Immediately a loud, much more urgent sounding fart erupted and Pearl gasped and sprang from my lap like a coil spring. Her orgasm must have left her a bit weak, because she seemed decidedly wobbly on her feet.

“Oh no! I can’t… I… Ungh…” Pearl grunted helplessly. Just as she reached behind to grab her own butt I heard a muffled crackle and watched as the back of Pearl’s little pink shorts started to slowly bulge. I realized the little girl was helplessly pooping her pants. Bow-legged and red-faced, Pearl stuck her butt out and grunted as she pushed the rest of her poop into the seat of her pull-ups. Inevitably she wet too, a stream of pee hissing into the poor, over-used pull-ups. I was amazed they held up.

“Are you okay Pearl?” I asked. It was obvious what was going on, but I also knew she wanted to tell me herself.

“I… um… I think I… um… went poo-poo in my pants,” she mumbled miserably, her hand fumbling with the bulge in the straining seat of her little pink shorts.

“Did you now.”

“I guess so. I was just… you know… feeling all tingly like I said before, and then I got the best tingly feeling EVER and suddenly the poop just started coming and I couldn’t stop it and I went in my pants. I’m sorry?”

“Well, you really should know better Pearl,” I sighed. “I mean - messing yourself like that? You’re not THAT little any more. But if you got the best tingly feeling ever, I suppose you think it’s worth it?”

“Oh yes! I wanted to stop it, but it was too late and if feeling like that makes me go in my pants I don’t mind 'cause it felt AWESOME!”

“I bet. But you’re not the one who has to clean you up, are you? So, come along now and well get you into a proper diaper for the night.”

“A diaper? Do we have to?” Pearl protested weakly. I suppose the bulge in the seat of her pants told her this wasn’t a fight she could win. She probably didn’t even want to. “I already went number two so I don’t have to anymore and I like the pull-ups and I don’t mind them so I think you should let me use them and maybe I’ll be dry anyway and not use them at all.”

“Listen. If you’re a good girl and wear the diapers I’ll let you sleep in my bed tonight, okay? And if you’re dry in the morning we’ll go back to the pull-ups again and see how that goes. But for now we’re sticking with proper diapers.”

“Alright. So it’s just for tonight then 'cause I’ll be dry tomorrow morning just you wait and see,” Pearl stated confidently.

“Sure you will,” I sighed.

I may have dreaded the cleanup, but it wasn’t as bad as all that. It wasn’t a huge load. Maybe I was still on a buzz from watching Pearl, but I didn’t mind it. I kept thinking to myself how amazing it was that she’d trusted me with this. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as close to anyone as I did to Pearl as I cleaned up her passive body. She was a messy girl and she needed me. I suppose I needed her too.

After I’d showered and dried her, I put Pearl in a pair of diapers. I had to try once or twice before I got the tapes right, but in the end it fit snugly. The diapers looked really thick and bulky after the pull-ups, and Pearl’s content face told me this was where we had been heading all day.

Pearl held her arms up and I slipped a pink nightie on her, adorned with a snoring Snoopy on the front. Pearl kept yawning and seemed really sleepy and relaxed, and I was surprised she actually seemed ready for bed at such an early hour. Few teenagers go to bed at eight.

She kept twirling in front of the mirror to admire her diapered bottom while brushing her teeth.

“I look silly,” she giggled. “But kind of cute too.” She wiggled her bum at the mirror.

Laughing, I patted her bulky behind and sent her waddling off to bed. She looked adorable with those thick, white diapers sticking out beneath her nightie. I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight, but she was already half asleep. As I turned off the lights I looked back at her, and she was peacefully sucking her thumb. She must have drifted off to sleep within minutes. It had been an eventful day for little Pearl. She didn’t even ask for a story.

Pampered Pearl chapter 6

I think it was good actually - not too much at all.

Maybe we’ll get another couple of chapters? I remember enjoying this story.

Pampered Pearl chapter 6

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Pampered Pearl chapter 6

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Pampered Pearl chapter 6

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Pampered Pearl chapter 6

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Pampered Pearl chapter 6

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Pampered Pearl chapter 6

Hi, and thank you all for your comments. I’m so glad some of you remember this story. I know how frustrating it is when you’re following a story and it just stops. You’re unsure if the author got bored or just disappeared all together. Unfortunately, I can only write stories like this when I’m in the mood and as I said, it comes and goes. However, I’m attached to both the story and characters and I have the final chapters figured out, so I’m convinced I’ll manage complete it. Hopefully I’ll manage to tie up the loose ends and write a satisfying conclusion.