Hi. I’m new around these parts. Been “active” on the Internet community for less than a year and I think of myself as a writer of sorts.

I noticed a few familiar call signs and stories and wanted to jump in on the fun. If I can find even one good story here that I haven’t read, then this will be worth it. The same goes for making and meeting new friends with fellow writers and readers with a critical eye.


P.S. Is it bad form to post up stories I’ve already completed before becoming a member? I’m really bad with protocol.

Re: Personalias

Hey! Happy to see you found your way over here!

You wouldn’t be the first to post stories that were finished before becoming a member. Just bear in mind that people around here will critique whatever you post. Its kind of a big part of this forum.

Enjoy your stay buddy!

Re: Personalias

Speaking of familiar faces… :slight_smile:

If I didn’t want feedback I wouldn’t post. Thanks for the fair warning, all the same. :-\