Phantom User(s)?

Having just joined, I was skimming the forums and noticed something odd. Several threads show a “Kita Sparkles” as the last poster, but no post bi them exists in the thread. I can’t find any mention of them being banned or something, and I have to wonder what causes this and if there are other, less obvious examples…

Sorry, but due to the nature of this issue it cannot be commented on publicly or privately.

Now that the source of that issue has been taken care of I can explain what happened.

There were some… issues… back in late September/early October involving that person and their account. They requested their account be deleted, but due to some potential legal issues I couldn’t actually honor the request at that time so I had to set their account to be in vBulletin’s Global Ignore list which effectively hides the posts. With the move to Discourse the exact reason the posts couldn’t be removed no longer exists and I was able to remove the account as requested.

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