planned humiliation pranking

John and Todd were best friends since childhood. They didn’t realize they both liked to be humiliated. John decided he wanted to have a birthday party for Todd’s 30th birthday at his house. He invited Todd over and said he would also spend a week at his house.

Todd took advantage of the invitation and figured he would try to get humiliated in a big way. He bought laxatives, abdl diapers, diuretics, and sleeping powder.

The day of the party, Todd mentioned to John about pranking and just acted like he was joking about it. John then saw the supplies that Todd brought, and thought they were going to be used on him, so when Todd wasn’t looking, John snuck the sleeping powder, laxatives and diuretics into Todd’s drink.

Todd knew this but didn’t let on since he wanted to be humiliated.

An hour later, Todd fell asleep, and John put the diaper on him. He stuck a pacifier in John’s mouth, and waited for the fun to begin. To help the process, John’s hand was put in warm water. As soon as this was done, a hissing sound could be heard…the diaper was filling with pee. Later a farting sound was heard. John was pooping in the diaper!

Todd took plenty of pictures for posting online. Then he woke John up.

John was humiliated, but enjoyed it. After seeing the pictures, he admitted to Todd he hoped his “planned prank” would be pulled on himself, and was glad it was.

The two of them then discussed ways they could possibly humiliate each other in diapers in public.

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Succinct and uses English properly (as did your previous story).

It just feels a bit empty. Brevity is admirable but if you’d allowed yourself the luxury of a couple of thousand words you could have made it feel more relatable. What do John and Todd look like, what’s John’s house like and who else was at the party?

We could use some conversation; you’ve mentioned verbal interactions but don’t tell us they’ve happened, write them happening. Is there humour between the two of them, careful verbal jousting, a difference between words and body language. Are other people listening, who’s around when John spikes Todd’s drink and does anybody notice.

After Todd falls asleep he’s diapered then everything ‘bad’ happens to John. I suspect that’s an accidental error, perhaps from a rewrite.

When the victim wakes up what are his thought processes. He’s humiliated, but how? Is it his situation, is it the realisation he’s now famous online, is there someone mocking him or looking at him disdainfully?

Creative writing is fun, so take your time, enjoy it, let the story unfold organically. At the moment it feels breathlessly rushed, so relax, bring the reader along with you through the night.