Playing baby chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Sandy drove in silence. She was deep in thought and it troubled her.It had been a tough couple of weeks and she was glad go get out of the house for a while, still some thought would not go away. Would her daughter really want to stay a baby forever? That certainly couldn’t happen. Still the thought nipped at her mind like a dripping faucet that would not let go. She began to have images cross her mind of her daughter. She saw her daughter graduating high school and getting married still in diapers. The thought made her shutter. She needed to be sure that Sarah would give up this idea by the end of summer. Sandy parked the car at the front door to the restaurant and headed inside. Violet was already seated and motioned for Sandy to join her. Soon Sandy was sitting across from her old friend. Sandy sat in silence and looked at Violet.
" Your oddly quiet this evening. " Violet commented.
" Lot on my mind. " Sandy responded.
" Like what?" Violet asked simply.
Sandy took a deep breath and let loose. She told her friend about her conversation with Keri and the concerns that Keri had raised. She expressed her concerns that her daughter may never want to give this up and the fear that this brought her. She even talked about the image of her daughter walking down the isle still in diapers.
Violet listened to her friend and thought for a moment. After a few minutes she looked Sandy straight in the eye and simply said. " So."
" what do you mean so?"
" I man the very thing you think I mean. If the summer ends and Sarah does not want to give this up then so be it. Its not the end of the world."
" Are you kidding me?"
" Not at all."
" Not the end of the world it would be disastrous."
" Why. "
" Well " Sandy stopped and tried to think of a reason. Truth be told nothing was coming to her mind.
" Listen up Sandy. Your my friend and I want whats best for you and for your daughter. Being an infantilist is not the end of the world. Sure its different but its not crazy or anything like that. The purpose of this summer is to help Sarah>
" Yes " Sandy interrupted. " to help her get rid of this desire to be a baby and grow up."
" No. " Violet said. " The purpose was to get her to be OK with what she is and wants. You hope that this is to give them up for good. That’s your feeling and it may in fact be hers. But she has to come to the decision all on her own. Otherwise it will do more harm than good in the long run. "
" But I don’t want my baby in diapers fro the rest of her life. "
" Your baby may in fact be in diapers for the rest of her life and that’s OK. At the end of the summer she will just have to learn how to take care of herself and not have you to help her. "
Sandy sat in silence and thought threw what Violet was saying. It made since to her in some manor and she was begging to see the light of of the conversation. As dinner was winding up Sandy remember something that Sarah and she did every year during fourth of July. An idea popped into her head. This would cure Sarah of her baby desire once and for all. Standing up Sandy looked at her friend. " I just can not have that in my life. She will give it up if I have to force it out of her. " She said with assurance and walked away. Violet grabbed the check and watched her friend leave. " God help her. " She thought as she reached into her purse to grab her credit card. A pacifier fell out onto the table. Violet quickly picked it up and went to pay the check.

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wow been awhile since last chapter. Thanks for coming back and continuing it though. Loved this chapter although short and really hope you continue. Thanks

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The last comment was double true awesome to see some continuation but sad to see it end so quickly we need more so please make the next chapter longer please