Poem: Empty Promises

Empty Promises

Lies and Slander!
Empty words!
Useless Gestures!
You mean well, but you don’t.

“I’ll never hurt you,” you say.
But you will.
“I’ll never leave you,” you say.
But you did.

Temperance lost,
insanty’s cost.
I do it over and over,
hoping for a difference.

A promise is a grain of sand and the desire to be a castle.
It’s destiny is to drown in the sea of time.
It becomes hollow glass, and eventually turns to rime.

A deep black empty swallows all.
And I am to forever fall.

Falling, tumbling, crashing.
Never safe, never sorry.
I am indicted by my own mind,
never to stop my sorrow and hatred.

The sand becomes wet, shaped.
Sturdy as it looks, safe as it feels,
it is no castle.
It crumbles from the pressures of time and despair.

What is one to do but turn to sand?
Dissolve, and become one with the sea.
Dissolve and move on, but never forget me.