Poem: No Trust, Only Pain

People see sadness.
They see sorrow, anguish and pain.
They see agony, death, and the lame.

Where is strength?
Where is happiness?

The blood on my arms will never wash away.
I scrub with steel,
I clean with fervency.
But once cut never to recover, never to be trusted

How oft is a cry for help ignored until its too late?
How frequent is creation mistaken for lament?

Melancholy, I write and I form my emotions.
Resolve is strength,
let down the black, lightless ink.
Let it scroll, let it twirl, let it dance.

Catharsis, a momentary respite for my brain.
It sweats and bleeds with anxiety.
I let it bleed the words to form a bandage.

But people only see sadness.
Only see sorrow, anguish and pain.
Only see agony, death and the lame.

When they should see strength.
Strength to scribe, strength to create.
Strength to motivate.

I am me. No one else.
My mind, filled with electric fear,
it pushes onward.
Steeled with the quill of genesis
I push onward.

Nay to those who see Sadness.
Nay to those who see sorrow, Anguish and Pain.
Nay to those who see agony, death and the lame.

I create with my heart. I scribe with my brain.
I am strength, I am resolve.

I will never be tamed.